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2022-07-24 属灵争战和坚固营垒(5)

发表于 2024-01-08

Last time we talked a little bit about generational iniquity. 上周我们分享了一点点家族性的罪. In the bible在圣经中,Daniel confessed his ancestors’ sins and his own in his prayer但以理在祷告中承认了他祖先的罪和自己的罪,and he acknowledged that the iniquities were passed down from fathers to sons他承认祖先有的罪,他们也有,and he asked God for forgiveness and mercy (Dan9:4-17). 他求神饶恕和怜悯。Nehemiah also confessed the sin of Israel before he asked for God’s favor尼希米在求神的恩惠之前,也承认了以色列人的罪,and he said“I and my father’s house have sinned. 他说:我和我父亲的家都犯罪了。We have acted very wickedly toward You. 我们向你所行的甚是邪恶…”(Neh. 1:6b-7a)Generational iniquity is something that we need to recognize and renounce,我们需要认识并弃绝累代的罪,so that we can grow in faith freely. 这样我们才能在信心中自由成长。Todaywe’ll continue to look at generational sins, curses, and the solution. 今天,我们将继续分享累代的罪、诅咒和解决办法。

1.Biblical foundation. 真理根基。

Exodus 20:3), “You shall have no other gods before me. “除了我之外,你不可有别的神。4 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image不可为自己雕刻偶像,-any likeness of anything that is in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.也不可做什么形象仿佛上天、下地、和地底下、水中的百物。5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; 不可跪拜那些像,也不可侍奉它, for I the Lord you God am a jealous God 因为我耶和华---你的神是忌邪的神,and I visit the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me,恨我的,我必追讨他的罪,自父及子,直到三代、四代, 6 but show mercy to thousands who love Me and keep My commandments.爱我、守我诫命的,我必向你们发慈爱,直到千代。

In verse 3 to 5,在第3节到第5节中,God is particularly pointing out idolatry神特别指出了偶像崇拜 and spiritual adultery. 和属灵上的淫乱。God sees the relationship between us and Him as a covenant. 神把我们和他之间的关系看作是一种盟约。Like a marriage covenant,就如一个婚约,God was saying,神说,“You shall not have other lovers before Me. “你不应该在我之外还有其他的爱人。I’m the God who provides for you.”我是供应你的神。” God seeks a unified relationship with us 神要与我们建立一种合一的关系,just as the Father is in Christ,正如父在基督里,and Christ is in Him基督在他里面, and they are one.正如他们是原为一。God loves us with all His heart and with all He has. 神是全心的和用祂一切来爱我们。Jesus poured out everything for us.耶稣为我们倾倒了一切。He laid down all His heavenly glory and majesty,他撇下他天上所有的荣耀和威严,and even His life on the cross甚至舍命十字架上,in exchange for our lives 来换回我们的生命。He wants us to be one with Him in love. 他想让我们在爱里与祂合一。

V.5 “I visit the iniquity of the fathers” 我必追讨他的罪(从他的父辈们开始)Iniquity is sin passed down from previous generations.” 罪是从前几代传下来的。God was saying 神说: “I am Holy and hate sin我是圣洁的,我恨恶罪,I’m like a jealous husband 我是一个忌邪的丈夫,if you’re faithful to the covenant 如果你诚实守约,and do what I say 行我所说的,your faithfulness will impact a thousand generations. 你的忠心会影响你后面的千代。” I’ll show love to your descendants,我要向你们的子孙千代施慈爱,and they will be blessed. 他们就会得福。If you’re not faithful,如果你不忠心,if you keep idols in your heart,如果你心存偶像,and you bow down to them如果你向他们下拜,there will be consequences,就会有恶果,and the impact of that idolatry will last for generations. 而这种偶像崇拜的影响将会持续几代人。The three or four generations after you will be enslaved by the enemy. 在你之后的三四代人将会被仇敌奴役。” The consequences of sin impacts one generation after another.” 罪的后果影响着一代又一代。Our sins impact our children or our grandchildren. 我们的罪会影响到我们的孩子或孙辈。Your son is quite like you你的儿子和你很像,he gets hurt easily.他很容易受伤。” “Your daughter is quite like you你的女儿和你很一样,she loves money very much. 她很爱钱。” When you bow down to covetousness, fear, arrogance, sexual sin, or whatever当你顺从贪婪、恐惧、自大、淫乱等罪,it will impact your families for another three or four generations. 它将影响你的家庭三四代的后裔。But God is merciful. 神是何等怜悯。He will show His love to a thousand generations祂会施慈爱到千代, if we love Him and do what He says through the Holy Spirit. 若我们爱神并靠圣灵行祂吩咐的。And He’ll only punish our families for three or four generations但祂只会向我们后代的三四代追讨罪, if we bow down to idols and ignore Jesus’ words若我们向偶像下拜,不理会耶稣的话. Whoa, how do you say about it? 你如何感受?For myself对我来说,this bible passage hugely inspired me to practice dying to myself这段经文大大地激励了我去操练向己死,and living out God’s will, 向神旨意去活 from the very first day when I read it. 从读到它的第一天开始。Because I hope that from this generation on 因为我希望从我这一代开始,my dependents can be blessed through my faithfulness and obedience to God. 我的后代可以因我的忠心顺服神而得到祝福。

In Mark 9 马可福音9章中,there’s a story, 有一个故事,they brought Jesus a child,他们把一个孩子带到耶稣面前, v.20When the spirit saw Jesus it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around foaming at the mouth. 21 Jesus asked the boy’s father “How long has he been like this?” “From childhood” he answered. 22 “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. 【可9:20-22上】20他们就带了他来。他一见耶稣,鬼便叫他重重地抽风,倒在地上,翻来覆去,口中流沫。21耶稣问他父亲说:他得这病有多少日子呢?回答说:从小的时候。22鬼屡次把他扔在火里、水里,要灭他。The English word “childhood” is translated from Greek word: παιδιόθεν (paidiothen) 英语单词”childhood”是由希腊语单词παιδιοθεν翻译而来的,which means “from childhood” 意思是从童年开始 “from early boyhood” 从早期童年开始 “from infancy”. “从婴幼儿开始From when the boy was a little kid,从这个男孩很小的时候起,an evil spirit had entered him and tried to kill him. 就有邪灵入侵他,想要杀死他。 Clearly 显然,it’s the family that opened the doorways for demons to come in and torture the next generation. 是这个家族开了门给魔鬼进来折磨下一代。 In the bible 在圣经中,we see John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit when he was in his mother’s womb.我们看到施洗约翰在母腹中就被圣灵充满。 In the same way同样地,a child can be filled with evil spirits when he is in his mother’s womb.  一个孩子在母腹中也可以被邪灵充满。

But we must distinguish between what is bad behaviour and what is demonic oppression. 但我们需要分辨什么是行为不好,什么是邪灵欺压的表现。Some children behave badly coz they haven’t been disciplined. 有些孩子行为不好是因为缺乏管教。But some can be oppressed. 有些可以是被邪灵捆绑。7 years ago, 7年前,I met a boy who was very unusual,我见到一个非常不寻常的男孩,when I was a volunteer for an afterschool program. 那时我在做一个课外项目的志愿者。He caused problems frequently他常制造麻烦,and had violent and sexually offensive behaviour. 并有暴力和淫乱动作。

I enquired of God about him. 我为他求问神。That night,那天晚上,I dreamed a dream 我做了一个梦,in which I saw a giant fallen angel living inside the boy 我看到一个高大的堕落天使正住在这个男孩的里面, causing trouble for the family and the people around him. 给他的家人和周围的人带来麻烦。The people were angry with him人们都对他很生气,he was rejected and hurt. 他被拒绝,也被伤害。 That’s the devil’s scheme 那是魔鬼的计谋,to destroy life through generational iniquity. 藉着家族的罪来毁坏人的生命。From this bible passage, 这段圣经里,we see why this happened to a family who were God’s people? 为什么这样的事会发生在神子民的家庭中?the father said,这位父亲说,”I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!””我信!但我信不足,求主帮助!” Because he didn’t believe in God with all his heart. 他没有全心信靠神。 Unbelief opens a door to idolatry. 不信就给拜偶像开了门。

2. Idolatry affects people generationally.  拜偶像对人世世代代的影响

Idolatry is when people worship, bow down to idols. 拜偶像是指人向偶像下拜。They could be tangible or intangible idols. 偶像可能是有形的或无形的。In Judges 6,在士师记6章中,God called Gideon to deliver the Israelites from the hands of the Amorites 上帝呼召基甸把以色列人从亚摩利人手中拯救出来,because they were so unlucky,因为他们当时非常倒霉、poor and insecure at that time. 贫穷,也没有安全感 Judge 6:8 “This is what the Lord the God of Israel says: I brought you up out of Egyptout of the land of slavery. 9 I rescued you from the hand of the Egyptians. And I delivered you from the hand of all your oppressors; I drove them out before you and gave you their land. 10 I said to you ‘I am the Lord your God; do not worship the gods of the Amorites in whose land you live.’ But you have not listened to me.” 【士6:8-108耶和华就差遣先知到以色列人那里,对他们说:耶和华以色列的 神如此说:我曾领你们从埃及上来,出了为奴之家,9救你们脱离埃及人的手,并脱离一切欺压你们之人的手,把他们从你们面前赶出,将他们的地赐给你们。’10又对你们说:我是耶和华你们的 神。你们住在亚摩利人的地,不可敬畏他们的神。你们竟不听从我的话。’” God is saying,神说,I’m your God 我是你们的神,the source of your Provision and your Provider. 是供应你们的源头。But you don’t worship Me 但你们不敬拜我,you worship the idols of the Amorites,却拜亚摩利人的偶像,I therefore have given you into the hands of the Amorites to be defeated,所以我把你们交给亚摩利人被打败,because you didn’t listen to Me. 因你们不听从我的话。Now you’re suffering from the curse of disobedience”. 现在你们正遭受悖逆的诅咒。” The Generational iniquity of idolatry brings people into generational curses. 家族拜偶像的罪使人陷入家族的诅咒中。

Generational curses are a sign that generation after another has been defeated by the enemy家族诅咒是一代又一代人被仇敌击败的记号,for example,比如, people suffer from repeated failure in marriage,人遭遇代代的婚姻失败, in finances财务倒霉,  or in whatever或其他, because they don’t listen to God因为人不听从神的话。In Deuteronomy 28 在申命记28章,God said to His people神对祂的子民说,if you listen to me, 你们若听从我的话, the following blessings will follow you. 以下的祝福必临到你们。But if you don’t listen to Me,若不听从,these curses will follow you.’ 这些咒诅必临到你们. According to Exo 20, 按照出埃及记20章,if people bow down to disobedience and idolatry, 人若顺从悖逆和拜偶像,if they don’t listen to God却不顺服神,the impact of curses will last for three or four generations. 诅咒的影响将持续三、四代。 In Deute 28:15-68 申命记2815-68fifty-three verses list generational curses due to disobedience. 有五十三节经文列举出悖逆神带来的家族诅咒。I list some of the symptoms of the curses: 我列出了这些诅咒的一些症状:Generational Poverty; 代代的贫穷;Mental illness; 精神疾病;Genetic sickness; 遗传疾病;(These are chronic sicknesses that pass down from generation to generation,这些都是代代相传的慢性疾病,repeated sicknesses that impact one generation after another ,是影响一代又一代、反复出现的疾病,like cancer如癌症、skin diseases皮肤病、nervous breakdownsetc. 神经衰弱等。

Barrenness (or a tendency to miscarry) and problems with menstruation. 不孕(或倾向流产)以及和月经有关的病。In my ministry 在我的服事中,I’ve witnessed that many sisters who had had period pain,我目睹了许多遭受痛经、or miscarriages, 流产or barrenness were healed, 或不孕的姊妹 after confessing their ancestors’ sins and their own sins and being forgiven by Jesus.); 在为祖先认罪、为自己认罪、被主耶稣饶恕后病得了医治;Divorce; 离婚;Oppression; 压制;Failure; 失败;Child abuse; 虐待儿童;Sexual abuse; 性侵犯;Domestic violence; 家庭暴力;Alcoholism; 酗酒;Drug addiction; 药物成瘾; Immorality; 情欲;Adultery; 奸淫;frequent accidents 经常遭遇意外 Perversion; 逆性;Depression;抑郁; Confusion; 混乱;Fear;惧怕;Indecision; 作决定犹豫; Panic attacks; 恐惧症;Suicide; 自杀; God’s disfavour. 没得神的恩惠 (We’ll look at these in detail sometime later. 我们再找时间来仔细看这些。)

Back to Gideon’s story. 回到基甸的故事。Before Gideon had the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome the Amorites, 在基甸得着圣灵的能力去胜过亚摩利人以先,God had asked him to deal with his family generational iniquity. 神让他先处理家族的罪。Judges6:25-26 That same night the Lord said to him “Take the second bull from your father’s herd the one seven years old. Tear down your father’s altar to Baal and cut down the Asherah pole beside it. 当那夜,耶和华吩咐基甸说:你取你父亲的牛来,就是(或作)那七岁的第二只牛,并拆毁你父亲为巴力所筑的坛,砍下坛旁的木偶。26 Then build a proper kind of altar to the Lord your God on the top of this height. Using the wood of the Asherah pole that you cut down offer the second bull as a burnt offering.” 26在这磐石(原文作保障)上,整整齐齐地为耶和华你的 神筑一座坛,将第二只牛献为燔祭,用你所砍下的木偶作柴。 God told Gideon to tear down the family idols 神让基甸去拆毁家族的偶像,and rededicate the family to God. 把这信神的家族重新奉献给神。Before he could go forward and win the battle to deliver the others,在他能去争战得胜、拯救他人之前,he had to first go back and deal with his family generational iniquity and idolatry. 他要先回去处理他自己家族的罪和偶像。The same for us. 我们也是一样。

 Before we can go on with Jesus to set others free, 在我们与主耶稣同行、可以去释放他人之前,we need to recognise our own generational defeat,我们需要先认出自己家族的失败,deal with our own family idolatry,先处理我们自己的家族偶像,remove any physical objects 除清一切的物件which may link us to an false god 和拜偶像有关的or a former relationship 或与过去男女关系有关的break the family curse from us, through repentance, renunciation, and forgiveness 藉着悔改、弃绝和饶恕,砍断家族的咒诅,and live in alignment with Jesus. 活出听从耶稣的样子。

3.Idolatry is assocated with occult involvement and sexual sin. 拜偶像和异端,淫乱关联

Idolatry opens doorways to demons. 拜偶像给魔鬼开了门. It’s often associated with fortune tellingsorcerydivinationoccult involvement and even sexual sin. 它通常与算命、巫术、占卜、异端,甚至淫乱的罪有关。 God asked Gideon to tear down his father’s altar to Baal. 神要基甸拆毁他父亲拜巴力的祭坛。 Who is this Baal? 巴力是谁? God led the people out of Egypt into the Promised land of Canaan. 神带领百姓离开埃及,进入应许之地。Baal means “lord”. 巴力的意思是 Baal was the king of all the gods of Canaan. 巴力是迦南所有众神的王。 Baal was considered as the god of fertility who would produce crops and give people children. 巴力被认为是生育之神,掌管农业,赐人生育。In the days of Elijah在以利亚时代, the prophet confronted 450 false prophets of Baal, 先知面对450个巴力的假先知,  and called fire down from heaven to show that the Lord is God. 祷告从天上降下火,见证耶和华是神。 Baal’s worshipers offered sacrifices to him, 巴力的敬拜者献祭给它usually animals, such as sheep or bulls (1 Kings 列上18:23). 通常是献公牛和羊, They even sacrificed their children to Baal to ask for personal prosperity. 他们甚至把自己的孩子献给巴力,为自己求福。

In Asia在亚洲,some people dedicate their children to idols or false gods 有些人把他们的孩子献给偶像或假神,or burn their descendants’ names to their dead ancestors 或者把他们的后代的名字烧给他们死去的祖先,asking for blessings. 来祈求祝福。Many years ago 多年前, a teenage boy came to our home church with his mom one day,一天,一个十几岁的男孩和他的妈妈来到家里的教会,at the gate of the building在大楼门口,the boy screamed 那男大叫:”Mom, stop, a woman before us went in through the wall妈妈,停下来,前面有个女人穿过墙而过,didn’t you see that? 你看到吗?” He was terrified and shaking. 他吓得浑身发抖。 Mom said, “no I didn’t. 妈妈说,“没有啊,看不到啊。” During prayerthe mom was reminded that they had dedicated their son to idols, 在祷告中,母亲想起来他们曾把儿子献给偶像,which opened doors for demons to trouble the boy. 这为魔鬼来搅扰那孩子开了门. After the mom repented and renounced and cancelled the agreement with evil spirits 在母亲悔改,宣告放弃砍断与那些邪灵的联合后, the boy didn’t see any frightening things anymore. 那男孩就再也没有看到任何可怕的东西了。So if we know of anything like this in our families, 如果我们知道在我们的家族中有这样的事情,we need to confess our ancestors’ sins before Jesus and forgive them, 我们需要在耶稣面前承认我们的祖先的罪过,并饶恕他们,so that the door to evil spirits can be shut. 这样就可以向邪灵关门。

Asherah was honoured as the fertility goddess. 亚舍拉被尊为生育女神。The sexual union of Baal and Asherah was believed to produce fertility. 巴力和亚舍拉的结合被认为能产生生育能力。Idolatry is spiritual adultery拜偶像是灵里的淫乱,which is the root of sexual sin. 这是性犯罪的根源。Romans1:24-25 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 所以, 神任凭他们逞着心里的情欲行污秽的事,以致彼此玷辱自己的身体。25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. 25他们将 神的真实变为虚谎,去敬拜侍奉受造之物,不敬奉那造物的主。主乃是可称颂的,直到永远。阿们! It explains why people struggle with sexual sins,它解释了为什么人会犯淫乱的罪,because they bow down to something but not to the truth. 因为他们拜了真理以外的东西。It could be tangible or intangible idols它可以是有形的或无形的偶像 moneyor people, or fameor other desires of the self. 名利,或人,或其他自我的欲望。

When our ancestors were involved in idol worship,当我们的祖先拜偶像,or involved in the occult,或进入异端邪教,they made agreements with idols,他们就是向偶像下拜, or a spirit of divination, of fortune telling, or religious legalism. 或者是和占卜的灵、算命或 和宗教律法主义连结。In western culture 在西方文化中,freemasonry, Mormons, or other cults bring people problems. 共济会, 摩门教, 或其他异端给人带来问题。They all expose their descendants to the spirit of lust due to spiritual adultery. 他们都使他们的后代暴露在属灵的淫乱之中。Sexual sin opens legal doorways for evil spirits to come in 性犯罪为邪灵进入打开了合法的大门,and bind ungodly soul ties to the two people through two becoming one. 藉着二人合为一体,使两个人产生不敬虔的魂节。Sexual sin always ends up in sorrow, pain, grief, 性犯罪总是以悲伤、痛苦、忧愁告终, even some people may be tortured by suicidal tendencies. 有些人甚至会产生自杀倾向。“ I wish I was dead.”“我真希望我死了。“Death wishes and inner vows and judgements and other sins may cause more problems. 盼望去死、内在誓言、论断和其他的罪可能会造成更多的问题。

Who can break the chains? 谁能打破这些锁链呢? Who can set us free? 谁能释放我们呢?The Son of God came to die on that cross for the forgiveness of our sins. 神的儿子来到地上,为我们罪得赦免死在十字架上,He became a curse for us to redeem us from the curse of the Law他为我们成为被咒诅的,救赎我们脱离律法的诅咒, if we confess and forgive, He’ll forgive us. 我们若悔改并饶恕,他就会赦免我们的罪。But God’s plan is more than that. 但神的计划远不止于此, Gideon would never have known God’s bigger plan for him before he was called. 基甸蒙召前,永远不会知道神对他有更大的计划。He was an imperfect man like us 他和我们一样是不完美的人,but by the grace of God 但因神的恩典,he was able to tear down his family altar to idols 他拆了家里的偶像的祭坛,and became a warrior of God to be able to deliver the nation of Israel from the enemy’s hand. 成为神大能勇士,并把以色列人从敌人的手中拯救出来。

We’re also called to go with Jesus to set the prisoners free,我们也蒙召和耶稣一起去释放被囚的,but before we go forward to set others free, 但在我们去释放别人以先, we need to go back and deal with our own problems我们需要去处理自己的问题,and the problems that passed down from our fathers和家族里传下来的问题, so that our tents can be cleansed and be filled with the power of God. 让我们的帐篷可以被洁净,和充满神的能力 Did hear His calling this afternoon? 今天下午你听见祂 的呼召了吗 what is your response to God when He calls you? 当神呼召你,你的回应是什么?


Concluding prayer: 总结祷告:

Yes Lord You break the chains. 是的,主啊,你砍断了锁链,You break the chains of generational iniquity and ungodly soul ties; 你断开了累代的罪和不敬虔的魂节;You break every chain of generational curses and set us free. 你打破了每一个累代的诅咒,使我们得自由。You came to destroy the power of death. 你来摧毁死亡权势。Your resurrection brings us hope. 你的复活给我们带来了盼望。 It’s all about the blood of Jesus Christ. 一切都是关于耶稣基督的宝血。We give You all the honour and thanks. 我们将一切荣耀、感谢归给你。

Jesus, You paid the price to rescue us from cursing主耶稣,你付了代价救赎我们脱离咒诅, so that we could be positioned for blessing使我们可以进入祝福。If you paid the price to redeem us from the curses若你付了代价赎出我们脱离咒诅,the curses might be very true这咒诅一定是非常的真实。If you paid the price for us to be blessed若你付了代价使我们可以得祝福, the blessing might be very true这祝福也必定是非常真实。

We choose to listen to Your Word, Jesus. 我们选择信你的话,主耶稣。 Thank You for calling us to become warriors of Your Kingdom of light. 感谢你呼召我们成为你们的光明国度的勇士。Holy Spiritcome and minister to us. 圣灵,求你来,洁净我们。We want You to come and reveal to us the secrets in our family lines. 求你来向我们显明我们家族的隐秘事。

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit what are the areas of generational iniquities in your family lines? 让我们求问圣灵,在你的家族中有哪些累代的罪孽?Are there any Idol worship 有没有拜偶像,ancestors’ worship 拜祖先,occult involvement 秘术, like the practice of sorcery 比如巫术,divination 占卜,fortune telling 算命,religious legalism 宗教律法主义,or Freemasonry 共济会,Mormon or whatever? 摩门教等等? Are there any sign of curses in your family line? 你的家族有任何诅咒的迹象吗?All curses are associated with Idolatry. 所有咒诅都与拜偶像有关。They all show that our ancestors didn’t listen to God  to some degree 它们都表明,我们的祖先在某种程度上没有听从神的话,whether they were Christians or not.不管他们是不是基督徒。

Lord Jesus 主耶稣,I confess the sins and iniquities of my parents 我承认我父母的罪孽(name specific sins if known) (如果知道的话说出特定的罪孽)grandparents (name specific sins if known) 祖父母(如果知道的话说出特定的罪孽)and all other ancestors. 和所有其他祖先的罪孽。 I repent of all my sins and my ancestors sins 我悔改我所有的罪和我祖先的罪,that have brought us into generational defeat. 它们使我们陷入了世代的失败。I repent of all disobedience 我为所有的不顺从、rebellion (witchcraft) 悖逆(巫术)、perversion 变态、idolatry 拜偶像、lust 情欲,adultery 通奸、fornication 淫乱、mistreatment of others 虐待、murder 谋杀、cheating 欺骗、lying 撒谎、judgments and vows. 论断和内在誓言而悔改。I renounce break and loose myself from any involvement with charms 我弃绝并断开我与咒语、old wives tales 老妇荒渺的言语,tarot cards 塔罗牌,fortune telling 算命,I ask you for Your forgiveness and cleansing through Your precious blood.求神藉着宝血,赐我饶恕和清洁。I receive Your forgiveness to forgive them 我接受你的饶恕来饶恕他们,for whatever wrong things they have done to me 无论他们对我做了什么错事,I choose to forgive 我都选择饶恕,because I also do wrong things to them and others.因为我也对别人做这样的事。Thank You for forgiving us. 谢谢你的赦免和帮助。

 I renounce break and loose myself and my family 我弃绝并断开我自己和我的家人,from any curses of sickness and disease and mental illness that have been put onto my family. 脱离任何疾病和精神疾病的咒诅。I break the curses of heart disease of blood disease of cancer and lung disease and kidney disease in the mighty name of Jesus. 奉耶稣的名,破除心脏病、血液病、癌症、肺癌和肾病的诅咒。I renounce break and loose myself and my family from all curses that have come upon me as a result of sexual sin and adultery in the name of Jesus. 我弃绝并断开我自己和我的家人因性犯罪和通奸而降临在我身上的一切诅咒。

in the name of Jesus I loose myself from any ungodly soul ties with my ancestors. 以耶稣的名,我脱离了与祖先的灵魂联系。I cancel the agreement of Idolatry and its influence on me from my ancestors. 我撤回来自祖先拜偶像对我的影响。I now loose myself and my future generations from any bondages passed down to me from my ancestors through Idolatry and disobedience. 我现在释放我自己和后代脱离我的祖先拜偶像和不顺服带给我的捆绑中。 I’m free in Jesus Christ.在耶稣基督里我得了自由。 Lord I recommit my life to You. 主啊,我重新把自己交给你。 Your truth has set me free. 你的真理让我得自由。


Thank you, Jesus, 谢谢你,耶稣,You break the chains of our generational curses through Your own work on the cross. 藉着你在十字架上的工作,你打破了我们累代诅咒的锁链。 We belong to You. 我们属于你。 We no longer live under the influence of generational iniquities but under the power of Your Word. 我们不再活在祖先的罪的影响下,而是生活在你话语的力量之下。 Your Word is eternal. 你的话语存到永远。 Help us to be rooted deeply in Your Word and bear fruit abundantly above. 求你帮助我们深深扎根于你的话语之中,并在上面结出丰盛的果实。 Prepare us like Gideon to be vessels of deliverance to deliver more who are in need. 装备我们如同你装备基甸,成为医治释放的器皿,拯救更多有需要的人。 Amen.阿们。


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