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2019-08-04 Faith, Forgiving, and Healing 信心,赦免和医治

发表于 2024-01-08

(Matt 9:1-8) (太918-26

We have heard lots of teaching about the healings of Jesus. 我们已经听过许多关于耶稣医治的教导。Some believe that Jesus still heals, 有些人相信耶稣仍会医治,so that they don’t need medicine anymore. 所以他们不再需要药物。Some believe that, 有些人这样相信,yes! Jesus still heals. 是的,耶稣仍会医治。It is never wrong to pray for healing, either for ourselves or others. 为自己或他人祈求病得医治没有问题。But healing doesn’t always occur, 但是不一定能得着,even to the NT biblical figures, 甚至对新约圣经中的人物也是一样,Paul wasn’t healed from a thorn in his flesh; 保罗身上的刺没有得医治;Timothy’s stomach was sick frequently (1 Tim 5:23); 提摩太时常胃痛(提前5:23)Paul left Trophimus sick in Miletus (2 Tim 4:20).  特罗非摩病了,保罗留他在米利都。(提后4:20)

I’ve witnessed lots of healings, that God healed people from various diseases through my ministry, including myself. 我亲眼见证神借我的服事医治各种各样的病,包括我自己。And also, 同时,I witnessed some people who weren’t healed by prayers until they went to see a doctor. 我还见到一些人祷告后并没有得医治,直到他们去看了医生。A preacher was sick many years ago, 多年前有一位牧师病了,but she refused to see a doctor, 但她拒绝看医生,for she believed that God would heal her. 因为她相信神会医治她。Unfortunately, 不幸的是,she developed so many complications from diabetes, that she was taken to intensive care. 她因糖尿病引发很多并发症而被送进了重症监护室。 I met her family last year, 去年我见到她的家人,and they told me, 他们对我说,“Do you know why we didn’t accept Jesus, 你知道我们为什么不愿意信耶稣吗?because we didn’t see God in her stubbornness as a pastor. 因她虽身为牧师,我们却没有从她的固执中看到神!If she had been treated earlier, 如果她早点接受治疗,she wouldn’t have had so many complications,就不会有这么多并发症,and now she will die at any time. 现在她随时会死。We are suffering from losing her…我们随时可能失去她,我们非常痛苦……” 

God cares about our well-being spiritually, mentally, and physically. 神关心我们灵魂体全面的健康。He is pleased when we have health and vigour. 祂很高兴我们有健康和活力。But in this world our bodies suffer decay and sickness. 但在这世上我们的身体会朽坏和生病。The bible tells us, 圣经告诉我们,that “our body is subject to death because of sin.” “我们的身体因罪而死。

Healing occurs sometimes dramatically after prayer, 有时我们祷告后奇妙地被神医治了,so it is right for us to rely on God and pray, 所以我们当倚靠神,向祂祷告。but healing doesn’t always occur in a miraculous way. 但医治并不总是以神迹的方式发生,The bible doesn’t tell us why, 圣经没有告诉我们为什么,but God has promised us the healing and freedom of our souls that we are to be made perfect as our heavenly Father who is perfect. 但是神应许赐给我们灵魂的医治和自由,因我们的天父是完全的,所以我们也要完全。God’s promise to us is eternal life. 神给我们的应许就是永生。To get more understanding of Jesus’ power about forgiveness and healing, 为了更多认识主耶稣饶恕和医治的能力,today, let’s look at Matt 9:1-9今天我们来看马太福音9:1-9

1, Faith, works and forgiveness. (v.1-2) 信心,行为和赦免(1-2节)

1 Jesus stepped into a boat, crossed over and came to his own town. 2 Some men brought to him a paralyzed man, lying on a mat. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven.” 耶稣上了船,渡过海,来到自己的城里。 有人用褥子抬着一个瘫子到耶稣跟前来。耶稣见他们的信心,就对瘫子说:“小子,放心吧!你的罪赦了。”  The scenario is that Jesus came back to Capernaeum across the Sea of Galilee after being rejected by the people of the Gadarenes. 故事情节是,耶稣被加大拉人拒绝后,穿过加利利海回到迦百农。In Mark 2:1-12, 马可福音2:1-12告诉我们,we are told that there were Four people carrying a paralyzed man on a mattress to Jesus.有四个人把一个瘫子放在褥子上,抬到耶稣那里。The same story is also written in Luke 5:18-26. V.2, it says, 同样的故事也写在路加福音5:18-26。第2节说,When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven.”. 耶稣见他们的信心,就对瘫子说:小子,放心吧!你的罪赦了。” It’s interesting to note that it’s not the man who was lying on the mat who had faith, 有趣的是,并不是躺在褥子上的那个人有信心,but the others’ faith that enabled him to be forgiven and healed. 而是其他人的信心使他得着饶恕和医治。We used to hear that we shouldn’t rely on someone else, 我们常被教导不要倚靠人,but rely only God, 而是单单倚靠神。yes but, there may be times that people need to “rely on” others who can point them to Jesus, 是的,但是,有时我们也需要倚靠他人把我们带到耶稣面前,like this paralyzed man “relying on” the four men to carry him to Jesus. 如同这个瘫子倚靠那四个人把他抬到耶稣面前一样。

You may have family members, friends, or colleagues, or classmates, 你可能有家人、朋友、同事或同学,who need you to come alongside them and bring them to Jesus, 他们需要你和他们一起去到耶稣面前,for you believe that God will save them from their sins. 因为你相信神会把他们从罪恶中拯救出来。This was the four men’s faith! 这就是那四个人的信心!What did they do that made Jesus marvel at their faith? 他们做了什么使耶稣称赞他们的信心?

From the book of Mark, we see that these four men couldn’t get through because there was no room left, 从马可福音我们看到,这四个人因没有地方空出来就不能过去。and they took the risk of opening a hole in the roof above Jesus, 他们就冒险在耶稣上面的屋顶挖了一个洞,and putting the mat with the paralytic down. 把瘫子连所躺卧的褥子都缒下去。Is it easy to exercise their faith?行出他们这样的信心容易吗?

What if the paralytic had fallen over from the mat in mid-air? 如果瘫子在半空中从褥子上掉下来了怎么办? “What would people have said about me if I was one of the four?” “如果我是其中之一,别人会怎么看我?” “Do I have to take responsibility for it if that had happened”? “如果真发生了那样的事,我是不是要承担责任?” Proving our faith in Jesus involves taking risk! 证明我们对耶稣的信心是需要冒险的! Our faith along with our acts result in our faith being made complete not just by what we say, 带着信心的行为使我们的信心得以完全,不单借我们所说的,but also by what we do. 乃是借我们所做的。

Our Lord Jesus was touched by the four men’s love for their paralysed friend. 主耶稣被这四个人对他们的瘫子朋友的爱所感动。Their faith moved Jesus to forgive the sick person’s sins. 他们的信心感动耶稣赦免了病人的罪。How often do our prayers for others move Jesus to meet others needs or get their sins forgiven? 有多少次,我们为别人献上的祷告感动了耶稣,就赐下那些人的需要,或使他们的罪得赦? How many “paralyzed people” in your circumstances receive blessings through your prayers? 在你身边有多少瘫子因你的祷告而蒙了祝福?

2, Spiritual healing vs Physical problems.v.3-6a.灵性的医治,身体的医治(3-6节上)

3 At this, some of the teachers of the law said to themselves, “This fellow is blaspheming!” 4 Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said, “Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts? 5 Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’? 6 But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” 有几个文士心里说:“这个人说僭妄的话了。” 耶稣知道他们的心意,就说:“你们为什么心里怀着恶念呢? 或说‘你的罪赦了’,或说‘你起来行走’,哪一样容易呢? 但要叫你们知道,人子在地上有赦罪的权柄”;

Unfortunately Jesus didn’t do what the four men asked for. 可惜耶稣没有照他们想要的去做。They brought the paralyzed men to Jesus for physical healing, 他们把瘫子抬到耶稣面前,希望耶稣医治瘫痪病,but instead Jesus declared a spiritual healing by forgiving his sins, 耶稣却宣告瘫子罪得赦免,说他的灵性被医治了,and He comforted the paralytic by saying “take heart”, 而且还安慰瘫子:放心吧,yet Jesus didn’t heal him at once. 却没有马上医治瘫痪病。 As though Jesus is asking us, 似乎主在问我们,“what do you want from me?” “你们要什么?”“What do you want from Jesus?” “你们要耶稣给你们什么?” The meaning of the name of Jesus is to save His people FROM THEIR SINS (Matt 1:21) “耶稣”这名的含义是将自己的百姓从罪恶中救出来(太121. The point here is that Jesus adjusted the people’s priorities by forgiving the man’s sins. 这里的重点是,耶稣以赦罪在先,来矫正人的优先次序。For in God’s eyes man’s spiritual problems are more important to deal with than their physical problems.  因神看灵性的疾病重于身体疾病。

We always have our priorities upside down, haven’t we? 我们总是颠倒次序,是不是? if we discover physical problems in doctors’ reports, 要是身体检查出有病,we may pray earnestly, “God, heal me.” 我们就会恳切祷告:神啊,救我。But do we really take our souls’ healings seriously? 可我们真的有认真对待灵里的医治吗?Have we prayed this prayer daily: 我们有没有每天祷告:

“Lord, search my heart, to see whether I still hold anything against anyone else? ...主啊,求你监察我心,看我里面有没有恨人讨厌人?…am I arrogant ? 我骄傲吗… whether I passed judgement on anyone else today? 我今天有没有论断人?or I would be condemning myself…不然我就在定自己的罪… If I don’t forgive others, I won’t be forgiven…我若不饶恕人,天父就不饶恕我…then I’m sick spiritually like this paralytic…我灵里就会像这瘫子…I’m paralyzed spiritually…灵里瘫痪……convict me of my sins…so that I will be forgiven…求光照我的罪,使我罪得赦免……

Remember, 请记住,the most important thing for Jesus is to forgive our sins, 对耶稣而言最重要的是赦免我们的罪,and the most important thing for us is to be forgiven. 对我们而言最重要的是我们的罪被赦免。Every day our souls need to be cleansed like our bodies needing to take shower! …每一天,我们的灵都要洗干净,就像我们的身体要洗澡一样!What do you spend most of your time praying about? 你花最多的时间祷告的是什么?

As for proclaiming forgiveness to the sick, 宣告这病人的罪赦了,we don’t see that the paralytic was healed immediately. 瘫子还是没有马上得医治。It takes a while from verse 3 moving to verse 6b, 这医治实在花了点时间,从第3节开始,直到第6节上,the paralytic stood up. 瘫子才站起来。Therefore, 所以,having been forgiven by God doesn’t mean that we can feel something else, 被神赦免,不表示人一定会有什么感觉感受,like physical healing immediately. 比如身体立刻被医治等等。

Perhaps we may或者你得医治, perhaps later on like this paralytic until Jesus said “get up ”, 或许像这摊子,要迟点直等到耶稣说“起来or perhaps we may never be healed physically in this life或许身体一辈子也没得医治 (like Nick Vujicic, he asked God to give him arms and legs, 像力克一样,他求神赐给他四肢,but God didn’t give them to him. 可神没有应允。He is still a person without limbs力克仍然没有四肢,but he is blessed with eternal life and is being used as a servant of the Most High神却赐给他永生,他成为至高者使用的仆人。).

Let’s get to the point, 回到主题,because there wasn’t a miracle taking place in front of the Pharisees, 因为什么神迹也没看见,after Jesus declared forgiveness over the paralytic,在主宣告罪得赦免后,they started judging in their hearts, 法利赛人心里就开始论断了“This man is blaspheming.” “这人说僭妄的话了”。

Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said to them, 耶稣知道他们的想法,就说: “why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts. V.4” “你们为什么心里怀着恶念呢?4节”There is no sin that can be hidden in the presence of Jesus. 任何罪都不能在耶稣面前隐藏。Christ Jesus was the omniscient God Himself, 耶稣基督就是全知的神自己, fully God and fully man. 他是完全神,又是完全人。He knows even what goes on in our hearts. 我们心里的想法祂全然知道。Sometimes, we may be like these Pharisees arguing, 有的时候我们会像法利赛人那样争辩说:“I haven’t done anything wrong!”我又没做坏事!

But what is a wrong-doing in Jesus eyes? 可在耶稣眼里什么是做坏事?“why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts”“ 你们为什么心里怀着恶念呢?” Entertain evil thoughts! 是心怀恶念!– holding lustful thoughts, 心里存着情欲、 judgemental thoughts, 论断、greedy thoughts, 贪念、proud thoughts, 骄傲、scornful thoughts and all negative thoughts藐视人、负面的意念,are entertaining evil thoughts in Jesus sight. 在耶稣眼里都是心怀恶念。

 “Do you feel terrible when the thoughts in your heart are exposed?” 你怕自己心里的想法曝光吗?Are you scared? 你感到害怕吗?Thank God for giving us time to turn our own thoughts which are from the old self to His truth.感谢神,给我们时间可以从自我转向真理。

Matt 5:8 blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. 清心的人有福了!因为他们必得见 神。(马太福音 58In other words换句话说, without a pure heart 心里不洁净, they lose their blessing to see God. 失去遇见神的祝福。They are unable to recognise God’s work! 就认不出神的工作。As a result 因此, nourishing the new nature and starving the old nature heals our souls and pleases God. 喂养新人、饿死旧人,就使我们的灵得医治,就讨神喜悦。

In v.5, 5节,Jesus again emphasized the point that He wasn’t just a physician, 耶稣再次强调,祂不仅仅是医生,but God himself, who has the authority to forgive sins. 更是神自己,有权柄赦免人的罪。He challenged the teachers of the law by saying祂问律法师,“Which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk”? 或说‘你的罪赦了’,或说‘你起来行走’,哪一样容易呢?

What are the main components of God’s salvation? 救恩的内容是什么?The son of God神的儿子,the Lamb of God, 神羔羊,Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive our sins! and give us eternal life! 耶稣基督死在十字架上使我们罪得赦免!赐给我们永生!

 Zachariah the father of John the Baptist prophesied in the Holy Spirit about his son, 施洗约翰的父亲撒迦利亚,在圣感动中预言 “and you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way of Him, to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins.”(Luk 1:76-77) 孩子啊!你要称为至高者的先知;因为你要行在主的前面,预备他的道路,叫他的百姓因罪得赦,就知道救恩。(路加福音 176—77

It clearly says清楚的说, that it is not through physical healing that we come to the knowledge of salvation, but through forgiveness– the healing of our souls. 不是借着我们身体的医治,而是借着罪得赦免,灵魂的医治,我们认识救恩。Do you pay much more attention to your soul’s healing or to your physical healing?  你更看重灵得医治,还是身体得医治呢?

3. The purpose of Healing. V.6b-8 医治的目的(6-8节)

6b, So he said to the paralyzed man, “Get up, take your mat and go home.” 就对瘫子说:起来!拿你的褥子回家去吧。7 Then the man got up and went home. 那人就起来,回家去了8 When the crowd saw this, they were filled with awe; and they praised God, who had given such authority to man众人看见都惊奇,就归荣耀与神,因为他将这样的权柄赐给人。

Do you notice? 你注意到了吗?That healing didn’t take place after Jesus declared forgiveness, 这次医治不是在耶稣宣告赦免,nor after Jesus had exposed the offensive thoughts of the Pharisees, 也不是在耶稣揭露法利赛人的诡诈,and had told them that He had the authority to forgive.并宣告祂有赦罪的权柄之后。But until He said, “Get up”. 而是直到耶稣说“起来”。What if He didn’t say “get up”? 如果耶稣没说这话会怎么样?Remember, in Jerusalem near the Sheep Gate a pool, 记得吗?在耶路撒冷羊门旁边有个池子,希伯来话叫做毕士大。there was a great number of disabled people, who were the blind, the lame, the paralyzed, 里面躺着瞎眼的、瘸腿的、血气枯干的许多病人,Jesus only healed the one who had been sick for thirty-eight years. 耶稣只医治了一个病了38年的人,Why? 为什么?We don’t know.我们不知道。But we know one thing that our God is a God of purpose! 但我们知道一件事,我们的神有祂的旨意。He created everything for a purpose!祂造万物有旨意。He created you and me for a purpose. 祂造你我也是有旨意的。He allows everything to happen to us for a purpose! 为着祂的旨意,祂允许每一件事发生在我们身上。Miraculous signs and wonders serve a purpose!神迹奇事也是有目的的。

What is the purpose in this context that Jesus healed the paralytic until the evil thoughts of the Pharisees having been exposed? 为什么耶稣要在法利赛人恶念显露出来的时候医治瘫痪的人?Why did God allow so many enemies around Jesus Christ to challenge him? 为什么神允许这么多的仇敌来挑战耶稣?Why does God allow people around us to challenge our faith or oppose our faith? 为什么神允许我们周围的人来挑战或反对我们的信仰?Does anyone like conflict? 有人喜欢冲突吗?Does anyone desire a hostile environment where there are so many people around who oppose you because of your faith? 有没有人渴望一个敌意的环境,那里有很多人反对你的信仰?Do you believe by that God can multiply His miraculous signs and wonders? 你信借此神要多行神迹奇事?For God says in Exodus 7:3因为神在出埃及记73But I will make Pharaoh’s heart stubborn so I can multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in the land of Egypt. “我要使法老的心刚硬,也要在埃及地多行神迹奇事。

When things get tough around us, 当我们周遭的环境变得恶劣,God is always in control! 我们的神仍掌权!When the Pharisees challenged Jesus wherever Jesus went; 当法利赛人到处挑战耶稣,God was in control! 神仍掌权!When Pharaoh opposed Moses, even though he had seen ten plagues, 尽管看到十灾,法老还是敌对摩西,God was in control!神仍掌权!Do you believe that God is gonna perform His miraculous signs and wonders in a situation where you are opposed because of your faith, 你相信在你的信仰被敌对的环境里,神会叫神迹奇事多起来吗,as long as you stay faithful to God’s commands, 只要你坚守神的命令,rather than taking offence at opposers or being afraid of them?不接受冒犯感或害怕,Our God is sovereign!我们的神是至高的神! In all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called to His purpose. Romans 8:28  罗马书828我们晓得万事都互相效力,叫爱神的人得益处,就是按他旨意被召的人。

14 years ago, 14年前,there were so many people around me to oppose what I preached and said. 很多人反对我所讲的道。That one day, I cried to God, 有一天,我哭着问神:“Why did you choose me? “为什么选我?”Please let me go…you can choose another one…” 求你放过我,你选其他人吧?“Then I clearly heard the Lord say, 然后我清楚的听到神说: “They aren’t opposing you but me.”他们不是反对你,是反对我”You die to yourself, and follow me…”“向你的己死,跟随我“。 and then He gave me Exodus 7:3. 接着神就给我(出73In front of those people, 在这些人面前,God multiplied His miraculous signs and wonders, 神显出祂的神迹奇事,dreams and visions, 异梦异象,healing and deliverance, 医治释放,demons-possessed people being healed, 鬼附的得医治,reconciliation and restoration, 关系被修复,those who saw and believed were saved and established their further relationship with the Lord!那些看到并信的人被拯救并建立了与神的关系。But those who had seen the miracles but still opposed His teaching were put into a dry land! 但那些见到神迹奇事但不信的就进入了枯干之地。

Jesus remains the same yesterday, today and forever! 耶稣是昔在今在以后永在的神!Miraculous signs and wonders are for the purpose of bringing people to God to receive salvation, so that they are filled with awe! 神迹奇事乃是为了把人带到神面前得救恩,并敬畏神。V.8 revealed this principle: 第八节告诉我们一个道理When the crowd saw this, they were filled with awe; and they praised God, who had given such authority to man. 众人看见都惊奇,就归荣耀与神,因为他将这样的权柄赐给人 。Miracles serve the purpose of bringing people to God, 神迹奇事把人带到神面前,so that they may put their trust in God and fear God!使他们信靠神,敬畏神。

Let’s not abuse God’s grace and His love! 我们不能滥用神的恩典和大爱,Yes, God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden (Romans 9:18). 是的,罗马书918说“神要怜悯谁就怜悯谁,要叫谁刚硬就叫谁刚硬。” We can’t blame God that it was Him who hardened the Pharisees or the Pharaoh’s hearts, 我们不能抱怨神,是神让法利赛人或法老的心刚硬。Hebrew 3:13 tells us, But exhort one another daily, while it is called Today; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. 希伯来书313告诉我们“总要趁着还有今日,天天彼此相劝,免得你们中间有人被罪迷惑,心里就刚硬了。Exhort means: “to try hard to persuade somebody to do something; or urge.”劝的意思是”努力说服某人做某事,或催促“ We are called to die to sin and to the desires of the self. 我们被呼召向罪死,向老我死。The book of Romans specifically tells us that “sin shall not have dominion over you” Rom 6:14b.  罗马书特别教导我们” 罪必不能作你们的主(罗614下) In light of Hebrew 3:13, in other words, it tells us that even believer’s hearts can be hardened, if we ignore exhortations. 希伯来书313告诉我们信徒的心也会变刚硬,如果忽略劝诫。

Therefore, don’t seek miracles alone, they won’t help to grow your faith! 所以不要单追求神迹,神迹不会加增你的信心。 But seek the will of God! 而是要来寻求神!His purpose is for us to be more like Jesus through undergoing everything. 祂的旨意是让我们在经历事情后更像耶稣。Conflicts or challenges are not to push us down, 冲突或挑战不是要把我们击垮,but to build us up,乃是要建造我们,if we continually look to Jesus in faith, 如果我们继续用信心仰望耶稣,and receive His grace to forgive and love, 接受祂的恩典去饶恕和爱,and do whatever he did, 做祂所做的,our souls will be healed and be made whole more and more.我们的灵魂会被医治并完全。Those who oppose you will see miraculous signs and wonders, 那些反对你的人将会看到神迹奇事,and those who are around you will be filled with awe, and turn to God!你身边的人会开始敬畏神,转向神!


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