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2020-09-06 The Hope of Sonship (4) 得儿子名份的盼望(4)

发表于 2024-01-08

Today, we’ll continue to look at the series on the gospel of sonship. 今天,我们继续来看关于得儿子名份系列的道。Let’s read John 17:20-26 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message…26….我们来读约翰福音1720-26的经文(PPT放经文)。

This is Jesus’ prayer right before the Cross, 这个祷告是在耶稣为我们上十字架前, we’ll look at three things that we’re called to do to grow into the sonship of God through this paragraph让我们从这段来看看成长神儿子身量要做的三件事。The biblical idea of sons has nothing to do with our gender.圣经提到的“儿子”的概念和我们的性别无关。It’s talking about a soul or a heart or the inner man within us that can yield to the Holy Spirit, 它指的是可以降服于圣灵的灵魂、心灵,或里面的人,so that we grow into the likeness of Christ the Son’s character. 使我们得以长成有基督的性情。Because Romans 8:14 says “those who are led by the holy Spirit are sons of God’. 罗马书814,“因为凡被神的灵引导的,都是神的儿子。”First,首先,

1, We’re called to an ongoing relationship with God and a unified relationship with people. v.20-23我们蒙召与神建立持续的关系并且与人合一 ,见20-23

Jesus here not only prayed for the twelve, 耶稣在这里不单是为12个门徒祷告, but also for all believers, 也为所有信徒,that they might be one in Him. 使他们都合而为一。Despite skin colour, 无论何种肤色,we’re called to be united in Christ just as he has unity with the Father. 我们都被呼召在基督里合一,就像他与父合一一样That’s why He graciously gives us His Holy Spirit to dwell in us and lead us to be united in Him. 这就是为什么祂开恩赏赐圣灵住在我们里面,引导我们在祂里面与祂联合In fact, 事实上,our personal relationship with God determines our unity with one another. 个人与神的关系决定了我们彼此是否合一 We see this from Jesus Christ’s earthly life. 我们从耶稣基督在地上的生活中看到了这一点。 The book of Hebrews says this about the Son, 希伯来书里这样谈到神儿子,Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom.神啊,你的宝座是永永远远的,你的国权是正直的。9 You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions 你喜爱公义,恨恶罪恶,所以神,就是你的神,用喜乐油膏你,胜过膏你的同伴.” (Heb 1:8-9)希伯来书 18-9”  Why does it say, “oh God, your throne,” and “therefore God, your God”? 为什么这里说“神啊,你的宝座”,又说“所以神,就是你的神”呢?  What does that mean? 是什么意思 This is God the Father speaking to God the Son. 这是父神对神子所说的。 The Father and the Son are co-equal and united within the Godhead. 在神的位格里,父与子同等、合一。 They share the same nature. 祂们有相同性情, They love righteousness and hate sin, 喜爱公义,恨恶罪恶, and they are One. 祂们本为一。

Because of the perfect and united relationship the Son has with the Father, 子因与父有完全合一的关系, there’s no problem for him with people. 子与人的关系也毫无破裂。 Because God is peace, and He is love. 因神是和睦,是爱。 When people hated Christ, 当人恨耶稣, he still loved them and tried to save them.耶稣还是爱他们,还要拯救他们。The OT tells us, 旧约里说, “the Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” Psalm 34:18. 耶和华靠近伤心的人,拯救灵性痛悔的人。(诗篇 34:18)He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. Psa 147:3他医好伤心的人,裹好他们的伤处。(诗篇 147:3) Jesus came to reveal God as father, 耶稣来显明神是父, but he also operated as a son. 同时他也以子的身份行事。

The Son welcomed everyone. 神儿子接待每一个人。 The Samaritan woman who had five husbands, 就如撒玛利亚妇人有五个丈夫, he didn’t judge her, 他不论断她说“you are dirty woman,” “你很脏”,but he welcomed her; 而是接待她; Those who were oppressed by demons, 对被污鬼压制的人, Jesus didn’t humiliate them and say, 耶稣没有羞辱他们说“You’re behaving bizarrely, “你怎么那么古怪, go away from me”, 离开我去吧”, no, 没有,he welcomed them and healed them with compassion; 他接待他们,怜悯医治他们; The lepers, 对大麻疯、 the paralyzed, 瘸腿的、the tax collectors, 税吏、 and multiple sinners with all kinds of diseases, 许多有病的罪人,Jesus welcomed them, 耶稣接待他们, and never judged them他全无论断, but spoke of the Kingdom to them.而是向他们传讲天国福音。He values people. 他以人为宝贵。 God’s central focus in the universe is people. 神在宇宙中所关注的是人。 His focus is you and me, him and her. 祂关注着你,我,他,她,God values people. 神看重的是人。 And Jesus never judges people according to what they have? 耶稣从不以人有什么来判断人,Rich or poor? 他们是富或穷? or whatever their lifestyle. 他们的生活方式如何? Drug dealers? 是毒贩? Murders? 是杀人犯? Yes, you’re welcome.来,我欢迎你们。

The Son Christ welcomes people but hates sin. 神子基督欢迎接待所有人,却恨恶罪恶。 He declares forgiveness and embraces people who repent of sins into the Kingdom. 他宣告赦免,拥抱迎接悔改的人进入神国。We’re also called to be sons of God. 我们也蒙召成为神的儿子, We’re called to follow him by welcoming people, 蒙召跟随他接待所有人, not judging them.不论断他们。Because James 4:11 say, “anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it. When you are judging the law, you are keeping it, but sitting in judgement on it. 弟兄们,你们不可彼此批评。人若批评弟兄,论断弟兄,就是批评律法,论断律法。你若论断律法,就不是遵行律法,乃是判断人的。 (雅各书 4:11) The enemy knows how to make us stumble. 仇敌知道怎么让我们跌倒, “see people with your own eyes, “用你自己的眼睛看人,see your spouses, 用你自己的眼睛看你的配偶,your children, 看你孩子,your parents, 看父母, your fathers (or mothers) in law, 看公婆岳父母, and the people around you with your own eyes, 看你周围的人, judge them; 论断他们;compare your strength to their weakness, 用你的长处比他们的短处, speak words against them…”讲点他们的坏话……”When we judge, 我们一论断, our relationship with God and with people are broken. 与神与人的关系就破裂了。 Because we’re no longer keeping the law but trying to be God. 因我们不再遵守律法而是想做神了。 The enemy wants to see this from us. 仇敌想看到我们这样做, But we’re gonna be wise in Christ. 但我们在基督里要有智慧,when God allow us to see others’ weakness当神让我们看见他人的弱点, what we need to do is to cry out to God, 我们所需要做的是当呼求神“Abba, Father, “阿爸,父, You’re the source of life, 你是生命的泉源, Your role is to provide, 你的职责是供应, Your role is to convict of sins and transform lives…你的职责是光照罪更新生命……I commit him to You…”我把他交给你……”

Only love ensures we pass from death to life (see 1 John 3:3). 只有爱能使我们出死入生(约一3:3)。 Love isn’t a feeling but an action. 爱不是感觉而是行动。This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters 1John 3:16”. 主为我们舍命,我们从此就知道何为爱;我们也当为弟兄舍命。 (约翰一书 3:16) It teaches us a way to apply love, 这句话教导我们如何行出爱, in order that we may experience the reality of passing from death to life. 使我们可经历出死入生的真实。  Jesus laid down his life for us, 耶稣为我们舍命,and he didn’t judge us, 祂不论断我们,when we were still sinning against God, 当我们还犯罪得罪神时, He welcomed us into His Kingdom.祂就迎接我们进入祂的国。If we lay down our own thoughts against others on the cross 如果我们放下自己对别人的想法 “he is wrong…I’m right”… ——“他是错的……我是对的……” 把这钉在十字架上and intercede for people’s weakness in love and in compassion, 并在爱和怜悯中为别人的软弱代求 rather than passing judgement on them, 而不是论断他们,we therefore are true worshippers who worship God in truth and in Spirit. 我们就是在真理和圣灵里真实的敬拜者。 Coming to church and raising our hands worshipping and singing 来教堂,举手敬拜唱诗,doesn’t really mean that we’re true worshippers in God’s eyes. 不意味着我们就是神眼中真正的敬拜者。 But how we treat people, 但我们如何待人,whether we show judgement or compassion是论断人还是怜悯人, reveals our personal relationship with God, 才能显出我们与神之间真实的关系, and it reveals how we know God. 显出我们到底认识神多少。 Because Jesus didn’t come to criticise people but to save. 因为耶稣来不是为批评人,乃是为拯救人。 When we’re walking in God’s commands through the Holy Spirit, 当我们靠着圣灵行在神的命令中, we therefore are true worshippers of God (see John 4:23), 我们就是真实敬拜神的人(见约翰福音4:23)and we’re growing in an intimate relationship with God我们就在与神亲密的关系中成长, and a united relationship with people. 与人的关系也开始合一。

2, We’re called to make God’s glory known. (v.24) 我们蒙召去显明神的荣耀(24节)

In verse 24, Jesus prayed, 24节主耶稣祷告说, 24 “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world. 【约17:24】父啊,我在哪里,愿你所赐给我的人也同我在那里,叫他们看见你所赐给我的荣耀;因为创立世界以前,你已经爱我了。

What is this ‘glory’ referring to? 这里的“荣耀”指什么? God has so many ways to reveal His glory. 神有许多方法来彰显祂的荣耀。His creation reveals His glory. 祂的创造显出祂的荣耀。The manifestation of His sons eventually will be revealed to glorify Him on the earth. 神的众子最终在地上的显现将显出祂的荣耀。When Jesus turned the water into wine, 当耶稣变水成酒,the bible says he revealed his glory. 圣经说祂显出祂的荣耀。 When Jesus raised Lazarus from death, 当耶稣叫拉撒路从死里复活, the bible says it was for God’s glory. 圣经说这是为荣耀神。But what is the ‘glory’ here Jesus mentioned? 但耶稣在这里所讲的“荣耀”是指什么呢?Christ asked the Father to allow his disciples to see his glory. 基督祈求天父让祂的门徒看见祂的荣耀。This is the prayer just a few hours before Christ Jesus went to the cross to die for the sins of His people.这是在基督耶稣上十字架前几小时,要为神子民的罪去舍命的一个祷告。 Remember? 还记得吗?right before the prayer, in John 12, 就在这祷告前,约翰福音12章, there were some Greeks who came to ask the disciples to introduce them to Jesus. 有几个希腊人来请门徒介绍他们认识耶稣。Why? 为什么?because the fame of Jesus had spread afar all the way to the region of the Greeks. 因为耶稣声名远扬,甚至传到了希腊人的地方。 Imagine that, 想象一下,how would you feel if your pastor’s fame spread far and wide? 如果你的牧师声名远扬,你会感觉怎样?  excited! 兴奋!proud. 骄傲。The Same for the disciples门徒们也一样。The bible says, 圣经说,“Philip went to tell Andrew,  Andrew and Philip in turn told Jesus.” 【约12:22】腓力去告诉安得烈,安得烈同腓力去告诉耶稣。 They’ were excited and felt honoured, 他们很兴奋,感到很有面子,because their teacher was honoured by the people from afar. 因为连那么远的人也来尊重他们的夫子。 In human’s eyes, 在人的眼中, we love to be honoured by people, 我们喜欢被人尊重,we believe that’s where our ‘face’ is, 相信那是我们的面子所在, and that’s where our value is. 那也是我们的价值所在。 But the glory Jesus mentioned here is different. 但耶稣在这里所讲的荣耀确不是那样。 He replied,祂回答说, “the hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. 24 Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds…26 Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me 人子得荣耀的时候到了。24我实实在在地告诉你们:一粒麦子不落在地里死了,仍旧是一粒;若是死了,就结出许多子粒来…26若有人服侍我,就当跟从我;我在哪里,服侍我的人也要在那里;若有人服侍我,我父必尊重他。

The glory here is referring to death on the cross. 这里的荣耀是指死在十字架上。The Son of God Christ, 神的儿子基督,was like a kernel of wheat who fell to the ground, 像一粒麦子落在地里,step down into the world, 祂降世为人,and died on the Cross to save sinners, 为救罪人死在十字架上, that’s God’s glory. 这是神的荣耀。Christ has no sin, 基督没有罪, but suffered rejection, betrayal and was wrongly judged by people;却被人拒绝、背叛、冤屈;He didn’t save himself but saved sinners, 祂没有救自己,却是救罪人,and he entrusted the Father to judge, 祂将一切交托父审判, that’s God’s glory. 这是神的荣耀。Under the pressure of being taken away from his earthly life, 在即将失去生命的重压下, he insisted, 他仍不改变: “Father, not my will, but Yours be done”, “父啊,不要成就我的意思,只要成就你的旨意。”the Son’s perfect obedience, 神儿子完全的顺服,even being obedient to the point of death, 顺服以至于死,brings the Father glory.使父得了荣耀。At the Son’s most painful time, 在神儿子最痛苦的时候,he didn’t turn bitter and say, 祂没有苦毒怨恨说: “you know who I am? You, sinners…”“你们知道我是谁吗?你们这些罪人…… he didn’t judge sinners, 祂没有审判罪人,but interceded for us in mercy, 却怜悯为罪人代求: “Father, forgive them, for them don’t know what they do”, “父啊,赦免他们,因为他们所作的,他们不晓得。” The Father’s perfect and good nature was revealed under the cruel persecution天父完全良善的性情在被严酷的逼迫下显明出来, this brings the Father glory. 这使父得了荣耀 This is the glory Jesus mentioned 这就是耶稣所讲的荣耀– “dying on the Cross for the Father’s will obediently, ——“顺服父的旨意死在十字架上, even at the cost of his own life”.甚至不惜牺牲自己的生命”。

Jesus said,耶稣说,26 Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me”. 【约12:26】若有人服侍我,就当跟从我;我在哪里,服侍我的人也要在那里;若有人服侍我,我父必尊重他。”In other words, 换句话说,he says, 他说: “Follow Me跟从我,people’s love and honour can’t really satisfy your heart. 人的爱和尊重不能真正满足你的心You need a fresh encounter with the Father’s love every single day每一天你都需要与天父的爱有新鲜的相交,to strengthen you as you continue to follow me使你能有力量继续跟随我, by taking up your cross 背起你的十字架,and do what I did. 做我所做的事。Then you’ll be honoured by My Father. 那样,你就必得着我父的尊重。” We say we serve Jesus 我们说服侍耶稣,must follow his footsteps. 就必须跟随祂的脚步。 If we’re not moving in a fresh encounter of God’s love, 我们若不是在与神新鲜的爱的相交中前行,if we’re carrying something that happened years ago, 若我们对神的经历只是陈年旧事,we’re living out of yesterday, 我们仍活在昨天,and we’re living in the past, 活在过去,then we’re not following him. 就是没有跟随神。Because our God is the ever-present God.因我们是神是随时做事的神 Our understanding and experience of God need to be fresh, renewable and ongoing. 我们需要每天有新鲜的,不断更新的,和持续的去经历神,并当对神有新的认识。

So Christ prayed,所以基督如此祷告: “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.【约17:24】父啊,我在哪里,愿你所赐给我的人也同我在那里,叫他们看见你所赐给我的荣耀;因为创立世界以前,你已经爱我了。He is saying 祂在说,that the assignment of dying on the cross he received from the Father is his glory, 祂从父所领受的死在十字架上的功课是祂的荣耀, he wants us His followers 祂盼望我们这些跟随祂的人to be renewed in our understanding of what God’s glory is. 能够更新我们对“神的荣耀”的认识。 Signs and wonders, 神迹奇事,yes, they’re God’s glory manifested to the world. 当然是神向世界所显现的荣耀。But only one thing, 但只有一件事, our changed inner man, 就是我们内里的改变,who lays down selfish desires, 放下私欲,chooses to do God’s will obediently, 选择顺服神的旨意,even to the point of paying the cost of life, 甚至付上性命的代价,reveals that we are no longer ourselves显明不再是我们、 but Christ the Son rules in us, 而是神儿子基督在我们里面掌权,then we’re true sons of God, 使我们真正成为神的众子,which brings glory to the Father forever, 这样才能永远荣耀父的名,and we’’ll be truly honoured and exalted by the Father forever.也将永远真正得着父的尊重和高举。That’s the value of this life. 这是此时的价值所在 “He who overcomes will inherit all this and I will be his God and he will be my son.” 【启21:7】得胜的,必承受这些为业。我要作他的 神,他要作我的儿子。

3, We’re called to fulfil our tasks. (v.25-26)我们蒙召完成任务(25-26节)

Jesus goes on with his prayer saying,耶稣继续祷告说, “Righteous Father, though the world does not know you, I know you, and they know that you have sent me. 26 I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.” 公义的父啊,世人未曾认识你,我却认识你;这些人也知道你差了我来。 我已将你的名指示他们,还要指示他们,使你所爱我的爱在他们里面,我也在他们里面。”(约翰福音 17:20-26)

The Son was sent by the Father into the world to do the Father’s work –父差遣子来到世上做神的工——preaching about the Kingdom, 传讲天国福音, binding up the broken-hearted, 裹好伤心的人, setting people free... 使人得自由…the church is also carrying this mission教会也得此使命…But one task for Christ the Son was to make the Father known to the world, 子其中一个任务是使世人认识父, and to show what the Father is like. 让人看到父的样式。The Father is righteous. 神是公义的,He has no sin and tells no lies. 在祂毫无罪恶谎言。He is kind, 祂良善、 loving, 慈爱、 and merciful. 充满怜悯。Christ showed us the Father’s nature and His power through his ministry. 借着服事基督向我们显明父的性情和权能。 And we’re also given tasks, 我们也领受任务,to reveal what God looks like through our daily lives.是在每天的生活中显明神的样式。

That’s why Jesus put His Spirit in us, 这是耶稣赐圣灵內驻的原因,so we may be able to reveal God’s love, 以使我们能向周围人显明神的慈爱、 joy, 喜乐、peace, 和平、patience, 忍耐、 longsuffering, 恒久忍耐and kindness to the people around us, 和良善,and continue to make the Father known to the world. 不断向世界显明父的样式。 Look at our own worlds, 看看我们自己, you may have already experienced family members who are non-believers, 你可能也有过这样的经历,就是不信主的家人 they don’t need you to do lots of talking, 他们可不要听你讲那么多,they want you to, 他们要的是“show me what Your God is like. “把你的神显给我看看, I want see God’s merciful, 让我看到你里面有神的怜悯、gracious, 恩慈、 longsuffering恒久忍耐、and abundant in goodness and truth nature in you, 丰盛的良善和真理, show me Your God’s power, 让我看到你的神的大能, let me see what you say.”让我看到你说的能做到。”

You know what longsuffering means? “恒久忍耐”是什么意思? It means God takes a long…long…long…long time to get angry. 就是神不轻易发怒,祂要等很长……很长……很长……很长的时间才发怒 God is not like us, 神不像我们, today, 今天, your kids do something good, 孩子做的好, you’re happy with them, 就喜欢他们, tomorrow, 明天, they do something wrong, 他们做的不好, you immediately get angry with them. 你马上就生气发火。 That’s not God’s nature. 这不是神的性情,you yourself make mistakes quiet often你自己常犯错, but you don’t allow others to make mistakes你却不许别人犯错, you criticise the one who is just like you你挑剔那和你一样的人, who are you representing?你在显明谁呢?God is full of mercy, 神充满怜悯, and he takes a long…long time to wait for us to repent. 祂会等很久很久很久,等我们悔改。 But it doesn’t mean we can abuse God’s love, 但不表示我们可滥用神的爱, if we abuse or rebel against God, 我们如果滥用神的爱或悖逆神,we suffer from the consequences of our disobedience, 就必承受悖逆的后果,no one can get away from that, 没人可以逃脱得了, even the great man King David suffered the consequences of his disobedience, 连伟人的大卫王也承受悖逆的苦果, even though God forgave his sins.即便神赦免了他。

God takes a long time to get angry with us and wait for us to repent. 神不轻易发怒,祂恒久忍耐等我们悔改。 That’s God’s mercy. 这是神的怜悯。We need to understand God’s heart and to express His heart to our kids, our spouses…我们要明白神的心,也当向我们的孩子配偶显出神的心……express righteousness, 显出祂的公义, that is to hate sin就是恨恶罪恶,, but show mercy and longsuffering by interceding for the people around us with a loving heart, 却是以怜悯和恒久忍耐的爱心为我们周围的人代求, and let God do something in their lives让神在他们的生命里做事, instead of pushing them to do what we want, 而不是逼他们做我们想要的, let them encounter God’s power and love themselves through our prayers. 借着我们的祷告让他们自己经历神的大能和慈爱。 This is a common task we’ve been given by the Father, 这是天父赐给我们的一项普遍任务,to make the Father known to the people around us.就是把父显明给我们周围的人。

How can we finish our task if we don’t have an ongoing relationship with God? 我们若没有与神持续相交的关系,如何能完成这项任务呢? how can we finish our task if we don’t have a fresh touch of God’s love and power in our life? 若在我们的生活中,不被神新鲜的爱和大能触摸,我们如何能完成任务呢?We need hunger for God, we need a daily encounter with God, 我们需要渴慕神,需要每天遇见神,we need to live in the movement of the Holy Spirit. 需要住在圣灵的运行中。But how? 怎么做到?One way is to meditate on God’s Word. 其中一个方法就是默想神的话。 This week, 这个星期, I recommend you meditate on Exodus 34: 6-7, 我建议大家默想出埃及记346-7these words are talking about God’s nature. 这段些经文讲述神的性情。 We always need a fresh revelation of God’s love to touch our hearts and strengthen our faith.我们常需要关于神的爱的新鲜启示,来摸着我们的心,来坚固我们的信心。

Because Jesus prayed this, 因耶稣的祷告这样说, “the love you have for me may be in them.你所爱我的爱在他们里面” In other words, 换句话说, “I can finish the work the Father assigned me to do, “我能完成父交付给我的工,  because I’m living in the revelation of His love in truth, 因我住在神启示给我的爱里,这爱在真理里, I know that I’m valued by Him, 我知道我为祂所宝贵, I don’t crave for the love of people, 我不求人的爱,so the devil can’t touch me. 因此魔鬼不能碰触到我。 The Father’s love ensures I resist all temptation from the world. ” 父的爱保守我可以抵挡世界的一切诱惑。”Jesus wants us to walk in the same love, 耶稣想我们行走在同样的爱中,because He knows因祂知道,that the craving for the love of people, and the feeding of some other stuff from the world to our souls gets us down. 渴望人的爱,或以这世界其他东西喂养灵魂,只会让我们失望沮丧。

That’s why He put His Spirit in us. 因此祂把圣灵放在我们里面,Because the knowledge in our heads can’t release power to help us overcome the self, the world and the devil. 因头脑里的知识不能释放出能力,叫我们可以去胜过肉体、世界和魔鬼。Jesus didn’t say, 耶稣没有说“I drives out demons by the knowledge I acquire”. “我靠着我拥有的知识赶出污鬼。”, It’s by the Holy Spirit. “If I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you. Matt 12:28 我若靠着 神的灵赶鬼,这就是 神的国临到你们了。 (马太福音 12:28) It’s the Holy Spirit who gives life (see John 6:63b) 他是靠圣灵的能力,圣灵赐生命(约翰6:63), when we meditate on the Word of God, 当我们默想神的话,when the Spirit releases revelation into our hearts, 当圣灵在我们心里释放启示, when God says in our hearts, 当神对我们的心说话 “you’re valued, “你是被我重视的,you’re loved, 你是蒙我爱的, you’re beautifully and uniquely made...”,你的受造美好独特……”We’ll receive the power to defeat lies我们就得着能力击退谎言,and be convinced of who we’re in Christ. 并能相信我们在基督里的身份。The Power of God brings breakthroughs! 神的能力带来突破When the Holy Spirit inside us says to us,当我们里面的圣灵对我们说,My son,我的孩子, don’t worry,不要忧虑, I’m your Shepherd,我是你的牧者, it’s my role to provide,我的职责是供应你, I’ll strengthen you,我会坚固你, I’ll direct you,我会引导你, and I’ll correct you because I treat you as My adopted son我会指正你,因我待你为收纳的儿子…” Our faith will be strengthened. 我们的信心会坚固,when the Spirit inside us says to us, “listen to my rebukes,你要听我的责备, don’t grieve the Holy Spirit,不要让圣灵担忧, turn to me,转向我, I’ll pour out my Spirit on you,我会用圣灵浇灌你, I’ll make my words known to you.我会以话语指示你。 I’ll never abandon nor forsake you…我永不丢弃你……to him who overcomes, 得胜的,I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, 我要赐他权柄坐在我宝座上,just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on His throne.就如我得了胜,在我父宝座上与祂同坐一般。”  When the Spirit of God moves in our hearts, and He releases revelation into our hearts, 当神的灵在心中运行并释放出启示,we’ll receive faith and power to stand up for His call in our lives. 我们就得着信心和能力持守生命的呼召,并站立得稳。We’re called to an ongoing relationship with Him, 我们蒙召与神建立持续的关系,we’re called to reveal what the Father looks like, 我们蒙召显明父的样式, we’re called to fulfil His tasks.我们蒙召来完成祂交付的任务。


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