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2020-08-23 The Hope of Sonship (2) 得儿子名分的盼望(2)

发表于 2024-01-08



Last Sunday we talked about sonship. 上周我们分享了关于儿子名分的道。We are created and redeemed to be sons of God, and to manifest God’s glory on earth. 我们被造、被赎回,为做神的儿子,好在地上显明神的荣耀。For this hope, we need to fight for our faith. 因这盼望,我们要为着信心打这属灵的仗。Paul the apostle testified, 使徒保罗作证说, that he didn’t fight like a boxer beating the air, 他打拳不像打空气,he knew how to fight a good fight.他知道如何打美好的仗There’s a Chinese proverb saying, 中国谚语说,“Know your enemy, know yourself, and your victory won’t stand in doubt.” “知己知彼,百战百胜。”


Last Sunday, 上周日,we mentioned a little about the original betrayer Lucifer who’s become Satan, 我们讲到天使路西弗起头背叛神成为撒旦,he wants us to be like him and to be disobedient, 他想要我们像他一样不顺服神, ““I’ll我要………I want…我要……who dares stop me, I must…”谁敢阻止我,我一定要…” “So he will try in every way to destroy our relationships with God our Father and with people. 所以他会想尽一切办法来破坏我们与天父、和人之间的关系。


How 怎么做呢? He works through our emotions, 他会通过我们的情绪做工if we’re disconnected from the truth and the love of Father God, 如果我们不连于天父的真理和爱,and if we turn to negativity, 我们会像他一样变得负面、 fear, 惧怕、 bitterness, 苦毒、anger, 愤怒、and fits of rage like him, 像他那样时常发怒,the devil wins魔鬼就胜过了我们But God is a strategic God. 但我们的神是有谋略的神。His name is Jehovah Nissi 他的名是耶和华尼西The Lord is my banner (Exodus 17:15). 耶和华是我的旌旗(出埃及记1715It means that if we’ allow God to lead the way in our battles, 就是说如果我们在属灵争战中让神做我们的头,we’re assured of success.我们就一定会得胜。 But if we rely on our own strength, 但若凭己力,we’re defeated.我们必定失败So we need to stick to God’s strategy that’s His word to overcome spiritual warfare. 所以我们要倚靠神的策略,那就是靠着他的话语得去胜。Today, we’re taking a glimpse at how our other enemy 今天我们来看看我们其它的仇敌– the old self, 这个老我,works in our lives through an orphan mindset, 借着孤儿的心态运行在我们生命中,or a mentality which blocks us from being transformed into His Son’s likeness. 或是借孤儿心理来拦阻我们改变成为神儿子的样子。


Because J is going to give us his testimony因为J弟兄要作见证,so today I’ll only share the first point – an orphan mindset vs sonship所以,我今天只和大家分享第一点,孤儿心态和儿子的心态的对比, the other two will leave for next Sunday 其他两点下周再分享。


John 14:18, 20-21 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you…20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. 21 Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.” 约翰福音1418,20-21 我不撇下你们为孤儿,我必到你们这里来。到那日你们就知道我在父里面,你们在我里面,我也在你们里面。有了我的命令又遵守的,这人就是爱我的;爱我的必蒙我父爱他,我也要爱他,并且要向他显现。Romans 8:14-15, because those who are led by the Holy Spirit are sons of God. For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” (Romans 8:15)罗马书814-15,因为凡被神的灵引导的,都是神的儿子。你们所受的不是奴仆的心,仍旧害怕;所受的乃是儿子的心,因此我们呼叫:“阿爸,父!”


An orphan mindset vs sonship.孤儿心态和儿子的心的对比


Jesus says, “I’ll not leave you as orphans.” 耶稣说,我不撇下你们为孤儿。To be an Orphan means fatherless, 孤儿就是无父亲的,a child without parents.没父母的孩子。When you’re an orphan, 当你是孤儿时,you’ probably think like this,你就会想,“I have to live on my own…我只能自力更生…No one will provide for me…没人会供养我…I have no guide…没人会引导我…I must rely on myself…我必须靠自己… We once were spiritual orphans. 我们也曾都是属灵孤儿。We used to live on our own. 曾都自力更生靠自己,So an orphan mentality was formed through our old habits. 所以孤儿心态就这样在习惯中长成形。That’s why after opening doors for attacks by bad emotions, 这就是为什么在向负面情绪开门后, like feeling offended, or rejection or anger, or whatever peace disrupting thoughts让被冒犯、拒绝、愤怒、或者任何不平安的意念进来,we don’t pray until afterwards. 直到受了攻击后,我们才想起祷告神。That’s the result of the impact of an orphan mindset in our lives. 这就是受孤儿心态影响的结果。


But when we  look at Christ the Son, 但是看看神的儿子耶稣基督,when he was rejected by people who didn’t believe in his words, 当人不信他的话拒绝他时,he wasn’t offended, 他不生气,rather, he immediately recognised the Father’s good will by giving thanks,反而,他立刻意识到这有父的美好旨意并为此献上感谢。 “Praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Matt 11:25马太福音1125“父啊,天地的主,我感谢你!因为你将这些事向聪明通达人就藏起来,向婴孩就显出来。This is the Son’s heart, 这是一颗神儿子的心,that the Son always believes that His Father is in control, 因神儿子总相信父掌权,whether things are going the Son’s way or not.无论事情是不是照着他的意思发展。


To be honest, 实话说,churches are full of people who have orphan mindsets, 教会里充满了孤儿心态的人,even though we’ve accepted Jesus as the Father God, 即使我们已经接受了耶稣作我们的父神,we still can live as orphans. 我们仍可以像孤儿一样的生活着。We can still live on our own. 我们仍然还是可以自力更生,靠自己去活着。You may call God Father, 你可能称父神为父,but in your heart, 但在你心底,you may not feel that, you may feel a little awkward. 你并不这么觉得,可能还觉得叫神爸爸很别扭。That’s an orphan heart. 这就是孤儿的心。We need the Holy Spirit to lead us into the reality of sonship. 我们需要圣灵引导我们进到儿子名分的实际当中。So one way for us to change from an orphan mindset to be like sons’ is  when we listen to the word of God, 所以让我们从孤儿心态转变成儿子心态的一个方法就是当我们听神的话时we change our old habitual way of listening from,  转变我们听道的习惯,‘I know this…” 从“我知道了(听过了) to responding to the word of God in our hearts, 到从心底里接收神的话语,“Yes, Father,是的天父,I receive this, 我领受了,I believe it…我相信,guide me to walk in it…带我进入…” Because He is alive. 因为他是又真又活的。


We’re not just listening to the words themselves, 我们不是仅仅听道听一个信息,but through the words we’re expecting the Father to communicate with us, 而是要通过听道遇见神对我们说话,and He is there waiting to speak to each of us through His words. 他在那里等候我们通过听道来对我们说话。


Christ the Son says, 基督神子说,“I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.我在父里,父在我里面。 I rely on Him for my every move on earth. 我在地上凡事倚靠他。I’m communicating with my Father to get advice for every move I make on earth.我在地上行事为人靠着的就是从父那里领受的。 This is what the Son’s mindset looks like. 这是一个神儿子应有的心态。


And we’re called to have the same mindset as Christ Jesus (see Phi 2:5). 我们被呼召当以基督耶稣的心为心。(腓立比书25God our Father is waiting for us to grow, 天父在等候我们成长,so that one day, 直到有一天,as we walk in the way the Son walked, 我们像神儿子那样行事,we’ll be  very sure that what Jesus said, 我们就能清楚领受耶稣说过“I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you我在父里面,你们在我里面,我也在你们里面。 is true. 是真实可信的。And then you’ll fear nothing, 这样你们就一无所惧,because if you have complete confidence that the Father of Christ is literally with you, 因你们深信基督的父确实与你们同在,what will you fear? 还怕什么呢? Today, to keep my message short, 今天,我得讲短点,I’ll stop here, and will continue the message next week. 就讲到这里,下周继续, Because J has a wonderful experience of God’s grace to share with us. J弟兄要告诉我们一个神美好的见证, I’ll give time for him to share.  下面的时间留给他来分享。


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