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2022-04-03 Intimacy with Jesus 1 与耶稣建立亲密的关系(1)

发表于 2024-01-08

We’ve been walking through lots of challenges and changes throughout these last two years, 在过去的两年里,我们经历了许多挑战和变化,lockdowns 封锁、masks 口罩、vaccination passes 疫苗通行证、traffic lights 红绿黄灯系统、and online gatherings 和网上聚会。 And now, we’re learning to live with the virus. 现在,我们在学习与病毒共存。Have you ever asked this question to yourself - 你们有没有问过自己这样一个问题——“how can I come out of the pandemic “我怎样才能走出疫情后,not just surviving but overcoming?” 不单是幸存,而是可以得胜?” That was what I kept asking God in my prayers at the beginning of 2022. 这是我从2022年初一直祷告向上帝求问的。Then the word “intimacy” appeared in my heart. 那时,亲密这个词显明在我心里。So today, I wanna start a series about “intimacy with Jesus.” 所以今天,我要开始分享一个系列是关于与耶稣建立亲密的关系 Let’s read我们来读 Luke 4:  14-19 Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside. 15 He was teaching in their synagogues, and everyone praised him. 16 He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom. He stood up to read, 17 and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him. Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written: 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, 19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” 【路4:14-19】耶稣满有圣灵的能力,回到加利利,他的名声就传遍了四方。15他在各会堂里教训人,众人都称赞他。16耶稣来到拿撒勒,就是他长大的地方。在安息日,照他平常的规矩进了会堂,站起来要念圣经。17有人把先知以赛亚的书交给他,他就打开,找到一处写着说: 18“主的灵在我身上,因为他用膏膏我,叫我传福音给贫穷的人;差遣我报告:被掳的得释放,瞎眼的得看见,叫那受压制的得自由, 19报告 神悦纳人的禧年。


1, Intimacy brings the fulfilment of our calls. 亲密的关系使主的呼召成就在我们身上。

Right before v.14 in Luke chapter 4 路加福音414节前面,it tells us that Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 讲到耶稣被圣灵引到旷野受魔鬼的试探。 And Jesus overcame in every way, 耶稣胜过了方方面面的试探,the lust of the flesh, 就是肉体的情欲,the lust of the eyes, 眼目的情欲,and the pride of life. 和今生的骄傲。He came out of the wilderness in the power of the Holy Spirit. 祂走出旷野,满有圣灵的能力。The wilderness doesn’t feel good在旷野的感觉并不好 it may bring us loneliness, challenges, and frustration.  会让人感到孤独、挑战和挫败。During the wilderness experience, 在旷野的经历中,Adam screwed everything up, 亚当失落了,and Israel rebelled and grieved the Holy Spirit. 以色列人悖逆,使主的圣灵担忧。 But the true Son of God, Christ Jesus, 惟有神的真儿子基督耶稣, who is one Person of the Trinity, 三位一体中的一位,fully God and fully man, 是完全的神,也是完全的人,came out the wilderness in the power of the Holy Spirit 满有圣灵的能力出了旷野and he powerfully brought the Kingdom down on earth 大有能力地将国度带到地上


What caused Jesus to overcome while others failed? 是什么使耶稣得胜,而别人却失败? You may think你也许说, “He is the Son of God他是神的儿子. It’s easy for him to overcome当然很容易得胜.” But the bible says但圣经说, “he became like us, and he shared in our humanity他和我们一样有血肉之躯.” The key for him to overcome is to be led by the Spirit他得胜的关键是被圣灵引领. Namely 换句话说,his united (or intimate) relationship with the Holy Spirit enabled him to overcome. 他与圣灵的合一(或亲密)关系使他能够得胜。


In v.18, 18节,Jesus proclaimed his mission statement, 耶稣宣告了他的使命宣言  18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to… 18“主的灵在我身上,因为他用膏膏我…  Jesus is saying: 耶稣在说: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me “主的灵在我身上,for he has empowered me to fulfil the tasks the Father has given me. 因他使我有能力可以完成父给我的任务。My heart is not wounded by sin, 我的心没有被罪伤害,so I’m free to love the Father with all my heart, 所以我可以全心地爱父,there is no problem in surrendering within me, 我的心可以自由地向父降服,my personal intimacy with Him ensures the anointing power of the Spirit to flow from me 我与父个人的亲密关系,使圣灵的恩膏可以从我身上流出去to heal the sick and set people free.” 使人得着医治和释放。


In John 10:30 1030Jesus said 耶稣说: I and the Father are one. 我与父原为一。 It talks about the oneness and intimate relationship Jesus has with the Father. 这里讲的是耶稣与天父合一、亲密的关系。You can imagine, 你想想,without intimacy with the Father 如果没有与天父的亲密关系,was impossible for Jesus Christ to finish his tasks. 耶稣基督就不可能完成他的任务。The same for us. 我们也一样。 John 17:3, Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. 【约17:3】认识你独一的真神,并且认识你所差来的耶稣基督,这就是永生。The word “know” is the Greek word “Ginosko”, “认识这个词是希腊词Ginoskoit means personally, 意思是个人地intimately,  “亲密地experientially, “经历的or knowing something through personal experience 藉亲身经历了解


It’s also used to describe a close relationship between a husband and wife 这个词也用来形容丈夫和妻子之间的亲密关系。We’re called to be the Bride of Christ Jesus. 我们被呼召成为基督耶稣的新妇。Thus, we’re called to personal intimacy with Jesus. 因此,我们也被呼召与耶稣建立个人的亲密关系。This word “knowing” is not just a casual relationship like, “认识这个词不是在说很随意的关系,比如,“I turn up on Sunday, “我主日来了,someone talks about Jesus 有人讲耶稣的事,then, oh I know Jesus.”  然后,我就认识耶稣了。


No, 不是的,knowing God is much deeper than that. 认识上帝比这要深刻得多。It’s personal and interpersonal; 它是个人的,也是人与人之间的; it’s experiential and progressively deepening, 它是亲身经历的,并会日益深厚,yet it engages us to fulfil our calls faithfully and powerfully. 这关系使我们能够忠心而大有能力地完成我们的呼召。We see this from Christ Jesus, 我们从基督耶稣身上看到了这一点, v.4 he said,  4节,他说 “I’ve brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. John 17:4” 【约17:4】我在地上已经荣耀你,你所托付我的事,我已成全了。 The result of intimacy with the Father for Christ was the fulfilment of the call. 基督与天父亲密的关系,使他可以完成他的呼召。Intimacy with the Father didn’t just give Jesus a deep sense of identity about who he was, 与天父的亲密关系不仅使耶稣对自己的身份有深刻的认同感,to defeat the devil’s temptation, 使祂胜过了魔鬼的试探, but also brought the Father glory by finishing the works he was called to do, 并且让祂完成了祂的呼召而荣耀了天父,healing the sick 医治病人,forgiving the sinners on the cross, 在十字架上饶恕罪人and demonstrating the kingdom on earth powerfully. 大有能力将神国度显明在地上。


2, Intimacy develops the heart of Christ.亲密的关系使基督的心增长。


Years ago, 多年前,I heard someone say to me 我听到有人对我说: “every morning as I'm doing my devotional, I see angels.” “每天早晨我祷告时都看到天使。” See? 瞧?seeking personal intimacy with God can end up in very unhealthy self-focused experiences. 寻求个人与神的亲密关系可能使人陷入不健康的自我关注。So we always need to come back to the mission statement of Jesus which was passed down to today’s church, 所以我们需要时刻回到主耶稣向当今教会所传递的使命宣言,and we’re part of that. 而我们也是其中的一份子。Jesus said, 耶稣说:  “he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do. Because I go to the Father. John 14:12” 【约14:12】我所作的事,信我的人也要作;并且要作比这更大的事,因为我往父那里去。


In other words 也就是说,believing in Jesus results in doing what he did on earth 信耶稣的人能做祂在地上所做的事,sharing the gospel to the world把福音传给世人,binding up the wounds of the broken hearted 裹好伤心人的伤处,setting the oppressed free. 叫受压制的得着自由。To fulfil our tasks is something that we can’t do on our own 我们凭自己不能做成这工,if we put too much focus on the work itself, 如果我们专注做事,we’ll become goal oriented, 就会以目标为导向, then the work can crush us, 这事就会把我们压垮, and we’ll end up feeling dry and burdened 使我们感到枯干、劳苦重担,because of the lack of flow of the presence of God 因为会缺乏神同在的恩膏涌流。


In the bible, 在圣经中, King Saul achieved huge success in his work, 扫罗王在他所做的事上取得了极大的成功。 1 Samuel 14:47-48 So Saul established his sovereignty over Israel, and fought against all his enemies on every side, against Moab, against the people of Ammon, against Edom, against the kings of Zobah, and against the Philistines. Wherever he turned, he harassed them. 48 And he gathered an army and attacked the Amalekites, and delivered Israel from the hands of those who plundered them. 【撒上14:47-48】扫罗执掌以色列的国权,常常攻击他四围的一切仇敌,就是摩押人、亚扪人、以东人和琐巴诸王,并非利士人。他无论往何处去,都打败仇敌。48扫罗奋勇攻击亚玛力人,救了以色列人脱离抢掠他们之人的手。It says, 这里说,Saul fought against all the enemies of Israel successfully, 扫罗击败了以色列的一切仇敌,freed Israel from their enemies 救以色列脱离他们的手,and expanded Israel’s territories 扩张了以色列的领土,and drew the tribes of Israel into closer unity. 使以色列各部族团结在一起。Was he a successful man at work? 在做事上他成功吗?


Yes, 是的,he did something remarkable in man’s eyes 在人看来,他做的事很了不起。But he was rejected by God as a king, 但神却废了他作王,because he didn’t have the heart of God through developing intimacy with God in faith and repentance. 因他没有在信心和悔改中与神建立亲密的关系,以神的心为心。God had sought out a man after His own heart to replace Saul, 神找到一个合祂心意的人来代替扫罗, that’s a shame. 真是可惜。The bible tells us over and over, 圣经一遍又一遍地告诉我们,that the heart matters. 重要的是人的心。And we’ve gotta love our God with all our hearts.   我们当全心全意地爱我们的神。


Our theme verse for this year is 今年我们的主题经文是Romans 12: 2, Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. That you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 【罗12:2】不要效法这个世界,只要心意更新而变化,叫你们察验何为 神的善良、纯全、可喜悦的旨意。It shows 这话告诉我们,if we wanna know God’s will, 如果我们想要认识神的旨意、God’s heart, 认识神的心,we’ll face a war inwardly. 我们必将面临一场内心的争战。Are we being influenced by the views or values or culture of the world? 我们是否被世界的见解、价值观或文化所影响? Or are we being transformed in our hearts by the word of God? 还是我们的心因神的话而改变? Knowing God’s heart better means to have an intimate relationship with God. 更多认识神的心,意味着与神有亲密的关。And being one mind with God from within transforms us into the Character of Jesus, 内在与神的合一关系使我们改变成为耶稣的性情  which enables us to fulfil our calls successfully in God’s eyes 使我们能在神眼中成功地完成使命


King David is the greatest king of Israel. 大卫王是以色列最伟大的国王。He is called a man after God’s own heart. 他被称为合神心意的人 And Christ Jesus is called the son of David. 基督耶稣又称为大卫的子孙 King David’s success isn’t just for doing something good 大卫王的成功不只是因做事好,but also for knowing God’s heart. 更是因为他认识神的心。His intimate relationship with God laid the groundwork for God to fulfil His promises in him.  他与神亲密的关系为神在他身上成就应许奠定了基础。


In Psa 139:23-24 King David said, 大卫王在诗篇13923-24这样说: Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. 24 See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. 23神啊,求你鉴察我,知道我的心思;试炼我,知道我的意念,24看在我里面有什么恶行没有,引导我走永生的道路。 This is a prayer asking for intimacy. 这是一个祈求亲密关系的祷告, King David wanted God to purify his inner thoughts 大卫王切望神能洁净他的心思,“Let my heart become one with You”, “让我的心与你合一that’s intimacy. 那是亲密的关系。


I no longer conceal my fear, 我不再隐藏我的惧怕、my longings, 我的渴望、my anxieties, 我的忧虑、my struggle, 我的挣扎,and I’m willing to expose all of my vulnerability to you, 我愿意把这一切向你敞开,because I trust in Your healing and transformative work in me因我信靠你在我里面的医治和改变生命的工作 that brings about intimacy. 让我与你建立这亲密的关系。But it could be terrifying. 但这或许是可怕的。 Why? 为什么? Because King David sinned against God hugely. 因为大卫王大大地得罪了神。We also may fail, 我们也可能失败,or sin against God; 或得罪神;or God may send someone to correct us,或者上帝差人来纠正我们, when we may be surprised, 我们会感到惊讶,and say, 说:“no, I’m not. “不不,我不是。I’m not that person.” 我不是那种人。” But King David didn’t accept the feeling of condemnation or shame, 但是大卫王没有因接受定罪或羞耻感,so that he denied or concealed his mistakes, 而否认或隐藏自己的过犯, and said, : “no, I’m not.” “不,我不是。”   Rather David accepted God’s loving correction, 相反,大卫接受上帝爱的纠正,and David confessed and believed that evil in his heart could rise any time against God, 承认并相信他内心的恶随时可能起来与神为仇,and he asked God to renew his heart, 他请求上帝更新他的心,so that he could have an intimate relationship with God from the heart. 使他能从内心与上帝建立亲密的关系。Because God looks at the heart (1 Samuel撒上 16:7).因为神看人看心。


3, Unresolved heart problems hinder intimacy. 未处理的内心问题拦阻亲密关系的建立

But if our hearts remain wounded, 但如果我们的心存有伤害,we’ll have intimacy issues, 我们就无法与神建立亲密的关系,the result of which is independence, 这会导致我们离开神、or loneliness, 孤独、or disconnection. 与神隔绝。 Intimacy with God is not just about ‘my’ personal relationship with God, 与神的亲密不单关乎个人与上帝的关系,but also affects interpersonal relationships. 同样也会影响人与人之间的关系。


King Saul didn’t deal with his heart problems through God’s mercy, 扫罗王没有靠神的怜悯解决内心的问题, his heart was filled with insecurity, 他的心充满了不安全感,so when he heard people singing,  因此当他听到人们唱: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands. 1 Samuel 18:7”, 【撒上18:7 “扫罗杀死千千,大卫杀死万万。he was very angry and jealousy of David, 他又恼怒又嫉妒大卫,he tried every way to kill David. 千方百计要杀大卫。All these unresolved problems within his heart ruined his relationship with God and with the people. 所有这些未处理的内心问题毁坏了他与神、与人的关系。1 Samuel 16:14, Now the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him. 【撒上16:14】耶和华的灵离开扫罗,有恶魔从耶和华那里来扰乱他。 Without noticing the problem within his own heart, 因他疏忽了自己内心的问题,he lost the opportunity to repent and to be forgiven and to have his problems restored 就失去了悔改、得饶恕、让心得修复的机会,so the presence of God left 以至于神的同在离开他,and evil spirits came to torment him 有恶魔来扰乱他。


So we see unresolved issues of the heart 所以我们看到,未处理的内心问题,like resentment 如怨恨、anger 怒气、jealousy 嫉妒、 fear, and other sins 惧怕等罪,give demons the opportunity to torture us 给魔鬼有机会来折磨我们。Sadly 不幸的是,Saul was disconnected from the heart of God 扫罗与神的心隔绝了。 When Saul was blocked from developing intimacy with God due to the unresolved problems in his heart 扫罗未处理内心的问题,以至无法与神建立亲密的关系,he became independent from God and was disconnected from God’s presence as well. 也导致他脱离神、失去了神的同在。


It says圣经说 when Saul inquired of the Lord, the Lord didn’t answer him, either by dreams, or by Urim, or by prophets. 1 Samuel 28:6. 【撒上28:6】扫罗求问耶和华,耶和华却不藉梦,或乌陵,或先知回答他。As a result, 结果就是,unresolved heart problems hinder us from being one mind with Jesus’. 未处理的内心问题拦阻我们与基督合一。“If I feel lonely “如果我感到孤独,if I spend lots of time on movies, or games, or social medias 如果我花很多时间在电影、游戏和社交媒体上, if I’ve stopped developing my intimacy with Jesus through reading the bible and praying and doing what He says 如果我不靠读经、祷告、遵行祂的话去与主建立好关系,there must be heart problems that I need to deal with 我内心就必然有问题需要处理I’m not talking about physical heart problems 我指的并不是身上的心的问题,what I’m saying is heart problems 我说的是内心的问题,like unresolved past pain 比如未处理的过去的伤害、rejection 拒绝、bitterness 苦毒、unforgiveness 不饶恕、or other problems 或其它问题,which build walls and hold us back from developing one mind with Christ这些问题会筑起高墙,拦阻我们与基督合一。


We’re called to continue his mission on earth 我们被呼召继续他在地上的使命, to “bind up the wounds of the broken hearted” 裹好伤心人的伤处“to carry the healing and deliverance power of God to touch the broken world and set people free” “带着神医治释放的大能去触摸这破碎的世界,使人得释放


If we don’t open our hearts to the Holy Spirit at the deepest level 我们内心的最深处若不向圣灵敞开,there may reside anger 那里或许有怒气、 or rejection, 有拒绝伤害、or bitterness, 有苦毒、or judgment, or whatever. 论断等罪。  If we don’t experience the benefits of the gospel personally, 我们个人若没有真正经历福音的好处, to allow our broken hearts to be healed 使我们破碎的心得着医治、and filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, 被圣灵的膏油充满,how will the anointing power flow from within us 这膏油的能力怎能从我们里面流淌出去,to touch others broken hearts?  去触摸他人受伤的心灵?


Paul the apostle said, 使徒保罗说,the reason he could comfort those who were in trouble 他之所以能安慰那些遭患难的人,was because he received comfort from God when he was in trouble (see 2 Cor 1:4). 是因为他在患难中得着了神的安慰(林后1:4) In other words, 也就是说,he didn’t turn to negativity or complaints when he was in trouble, 他在遭患难的时候,没有转向消极和抱怨,because he opened his heart to be vulnerable at the deepest level, 因他将内心最深处的脆弱向神敞开, and allowed God to bring healing, 让神来医治他,and transform his heart into the heart of Christ. 使他的心改变成为基督的心。


Paul’s personal transformation保罗个人生命的改变, through building intimacy with God in the heart  是藉着内心与神建立亲密的关系,enabled him to continue the mission of Christ on earth with great power and testimony. 使他能够以大能的见证继续基督在地上的使命。We all need that, don’t we? 这也是我们所需要的,不是吗?


How many people think this way? 多少人有这样的想法? “I’m in 2022 now, “现在是2022年,I don’t wanna stay in 2022 the way I was, 我不想2022年仍和我以前一样, I want a breakthrough in my personal relationship with God and in my relationships with others. 我盼望能在与神、与人的关系上有突破。 Lord, I do wanna think and do things Your way, 主啊,我愿以你的方式去思想、去行事,not my own way. 不再以我的方式。


I’m available for You to work through my heart, 我已预备好让你在我心里做工,to reveal to me the broken parts and heal me, 让你显明我内心不完全的地方,并来医治我,I wanna make room for God to fill me with Your love and power, 我愿意腾出空间,让你的爱和能力来充满我,so that I can carry Your love and Your life to touch lost souls”. 让我可以带着你的爱和你的生命去触摸那失丧的灵魂。”Is that you? 是你吗? If that’s you, 如果是你, please stand on your feet right now, 请你现在站起来, let’s respond to God, 我们来回应神,let’s cry to God on our own. 让我们各人向神呼求。Then, we’ll sing the last song and take communion together. 然后我们一起唱最后一首诗歌、领圣餐。



Jesus, 主耶稣,“I need You. 我需要你,I thank You. You died on the cross for the penalty of my sins, 感谢你为我死在十字架上,担当我罪的刑罚;and You suffered the pain of death to deal with the pain of my sins, 你品尝死味,为除去我的痛苦;You destroyed the power of sin on that cross. 你在十字架上败坏了罪的权势,Your love for me is covenantal and eternal. Lord, I thank You.” 你对我的爱是誓约,是永恒。主啊,我感谢你。


Let’s open our mouth to thank Him on our own…让我们各人开口感谢祂……Thank Him for His mercy 感谢祂怜悯我们He doesn’t desire sacrifice but Mercy, 祂喜悦怜恤,不喜悦祭祀。He desires to heal祂愿意医治我们. His mercy leads us to repentance 祂的怜悯领我们悔改,it’s not a shameful thing, 悔改不羞耻,it’s God’s mercy to lead us to turning to Him, 是神的怜悯领我们悔改在祂面前。


“Father, I really desire a close relationship with You. “天父,我实在渴望和你有亲密的关系,but something is there to entangle me from spending time with You. 但总有什么缠绕我,使我不能花时间亲近你,I need You to take me into a breakthrough.” 我需要你,求你为我带来突破。


If that’s the case for you, 如果这正是你的处境,cry out to Him for help. 当切切呼求祂的帮助。Tell Him that you desire a close relationship with Him. 你告诉祂你渴望和祂有亲密关系,Ask Him to draw you near to Him.求祂吸引你靠近祂。


Are you entangled somewhere in your life? 是否有什么缠住你?He is willing to help. 祂乐意帮助你。Ask the Holy Spirit to search your life, 你求圣灵鉴察你的生命,search your heart, 鉴察你的心,and show you what you need to let go of; 求祂显明你有什么需要放手,or are there any areas of brokenness or defeat that you need to deal with? 有什么破口需要堵上,有什么被打败的需要起来处理?Or any disappointment ? 你是否有失望感?Unforgiveness? 或是不饶恕?Bitterness? 苦毒?laziness? Or whatever 懒惰……等等。Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal something to you that you need to deal with, 求圣灵显明你需要对付什么,and tell Him that you wanna make room for Him. 告诉耶稣你愿让祂带领你。He is able. 神有大能,Jesus is the resurrected King. 耶稣是复活的君王,He is able to resurrect our inner being. 祂足能复活我们里面的人,He is waiting for us to pour out our hearts before Him, 祂等候我们向祂倾心吐意,for Him once poured out himself for bringing us back to him.因祂为使我们回转曾倾倒生命。


Let’s lift our eyes up onto Jesus 让我们举目仰望耶稣,who has paid the price for our sins, 因祂已偿还罪的赎价,don’t let any pain of sin entangle us, 就不要再让罪的痛孽缠住你,


“Lord, I don’t wanna become like Saul who hardened his heart. 你说主啊,我不愿我心刚硬好像扫罗,Lord, soften my heart, 主啊,求你柔软我的心,I desire You in these last days, I need You…在这末后的日子我渴慕你,我需要你……Forgive me and renew me…求你赦免我,更新我……Now I take the authority of the blood of Jesus to break the entanglement of laziness from me 此时此刻我拿起耶稣宝血的权柄,砍断懒惰对我的捆绑Break the yoke off my live, 断开生命中的重轭,break the yoke of loneliness and sadness断开孤独伤心的重轭,Break the bitter expectations that cause me anger and control 断开带给我怒气和操纵的苦毒负面的期望Break my agreement with the lies and condemnation 断开谎言和定罪感, I rebuke any dark powers to go out of my life 我斥责黑暗权势离开我。Lord, I recommit myself to You. 主啊,我把自己再次献给你,Fill me with Your love and Your divine power. 求你用爱和属天的能力充满我,Draw me near to You. 吸引我靠近你。Thank You Lord. 我感谢你,You’re our hope. 你是我们的盼望……Now you may thank Him on your own as we’re preparing to take communion together. 现在你可以自己来感谢祂,在圣餐准备好前。


As we take this bread, 我们拿起这饼,we thank You, Lord, 主啊,感谢你


for taking the pain of sin and death for the forgiveness of our sins. 为我们罪得赦免,你亲身担当了罪和死的痛苦。You were wounded for our transgressions, 你为我们的过犯受害,and You were bruised for our iniquities, 为我们的罪孽压伤,and by Your stripes we are healed. 因你的鞭伤我们得医治。Let’s take the bread together. 让我们拿起饼来。


As we take this cup. 我们拿起这杯,We thank You Lord, for making peace for us with the Father through the shedding of your own blood. 主啊,我们感谢你,你流出宝血,使我们与天父和好,May Your sacrificial love encourage us to surrender our wills to You continuously. 愿你牺牲的爱激励我们不断向你降伏,Make us a people of one mind with Christ. 求你使我们与基督合为一。Let’s take the cup together. 让我们拿起杯来。


Thank You Jesus, for being attentive to us. 主耶稣,谢谢你向我们侧耳, Thank You for reminding us of what our priorities are. 感谢你提醒我们什么是最重要的,Intimacy with You brings the fulfilment of our calls. 唯有和你的亲密关系可使我们完成呼召,Intimacy develops the heart of Christ. 和你的亲密关系使我们渐渐有基督的心。Intimate relationship with You can be hindered by unresolved problems within the heart. 我们心里未处理的问题拦阻我们和你建立亲密关系,Help us to pay attention to look after our own hearts. 求你帮助我们,使我们关注内心。Continue to show us the hidden areas of brokenness within our hearts, 求你不断显明我们里面隐而未现的破口,guide us to bring them back to the Cross to be healed. 带领我们把它们带到十字架前得医治。And teach us to discover and fulfil Your calls on each of us this year, 求你今年教导我们明白你对我们各人的呼召,so that we may come out of 2022 not just surviving but overcoming, to bring You glory.  Amen. 帮助我们完成这呼召,使2022年我们不只是幸存,而是得胜,彰显你的荣耀。阿门!



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