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2021-10-17 How to Pray 如何祷告(4)

发表于 2024-01-08

We’ve been learning how to pray according to the Lord’s prayer. 最近我们一直在学习如何照主祷文的教导祷告。Today, we’ll look at the fourth petition, 今天,我们要分享第四个祈求“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Matt 6:12 (kjv)”  免我们的债,如同我们免了人的债 马太612(KJV)    NLT: "and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us." NLT版:赦免我们的罪,正我们饶恕了得我们的人Some may ask, 有人会问,if Jesus died on the cross to pay off our debts, 如果耶稣死在十字架上已经偿还我们的债,then we’ve been forgiven. 那么我们的罪债已经被免除了。 Why should we still ask Him to forgive us? 为什么我们仍求祂赦免我们呢?v.14 explains why, 14解释为什么,For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 你们饶恕人的过犯,你们的天父也必饶恕你们的过犯;(Matt 6:14)15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.  你们不饶恕人的过犯,你们的天父也必不饶恕你们的过犯。 We’re living in a fallen world, 我们生活在一个堕落的世界里,brokenness and offense is everywhere, 和冒犯无处不在,we fail to forgive others quite often我们常因不饶恕而得罪神that’s why we need forgiveness continuously.所以我们需要继续祈求饶恕。


James  3:2 tells us, We all make many mistakes. If anyone does not make a mistake with his tongue by saying the wrong things, he is a perfect man.告诉我们, 原来我们在许多事上都有过失;若有人在话语上没有过失,他就是完全人。【Luke 6:37“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. 你们不要论断人,就不被论断;你们不要定人的罪,就不被定罪;你们要饶恕人,就必蒙饶恕(饶恕原文作释放)。


Why do we get angry and judge? 为什么我们发怒和论断?Because people don’t meet our own standards因为人不符合我们的标准. Anger is a big issue in hurt relationships发怒是受伤人际关系中的一个大问题. Right after asking for our daily bread刚祈求完每日的饮食, Jesus taught us to ask for forgiveness耶稣立即教导我们祈求饶, for we need forgiveness as often as we need daily bread因为我们每天都需要宽恕,就像我们每天需要饮食一样. Do you realise that? 你意识到这点了吗?Do you pray to acknowledge and crucify your own standards on the cross every single day? 你为认出自己的标准,并将它们钉十字架每天都祷告了吗So that you can be set free from anger?以至于你可以从发怒中得释放? Practicing ongoing forgiveness is crucial to the process of spiritual growth and sanctification after we’re saved by grace,在我们蒙恩得救后,操练饶恕是属灵成长和成圣的关键 no matter what level of maturity we have.不管我们的属灵生命在什么程度 If we don’t forgive others who sin against us若我们不饶恕得罪我们人的过犯, the Father will not forgive us. 父就不会恕我们的过犯


1, What happens when we don’t forgive others? 当我们不饶恕人时会发生什么呢


Forgiveness is directly related to salvation. 直接关乎到神的救恩。When God forgives us, 神饶恕我们过犯时,we’re safe and living in the protection of salvation. 我们就活在救恩的保护中,我们就安全。But when we don’t forgive others,但当我们不饶恕别人, God won’t forgive us, 神也饶恕我们then what will happen? 那会发生什么呢? Immediately, we walk outside of the protection of salvation, 我们就立马从救恩的保护中出来了,and expose ourselves to the attack by the evil one. 把自己暴露在恶者的攻击之下。We’re tormented mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. 、身体和经济上都受到摧残折磨。In Matt 18, Jesus told a story, 在太18章,耶稣讲了一个故事,that the servant whose debts had been cancelled didn’t forgive his own debtor and was handed over to Satan to be tortured. 那个被免了债的仆人,没有怜悯、免欠自己债人,被主人交给撒旦(掌刑的)折磨。Then He said他就说, “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart. Matt 18:35你们各人若不从心里饶恕你的弟兄, 我天父也要这样待你们了” During my ministry在我服事里, I’ve ministered to hundreds of Christians我服侍过数百人who had various problems他们有各种问题problems in relationships人际关系问题or mental or physical issues情绪或身体问题or financial issues经济上出问题but after being led in prayers of forgiveness但被带做饶恕祷告后God set them free from that torment caused by not forgiving authority figures or other people in their lives.神将他们从折磨中释放出来,其原因就是不饶恕各种权柄人物或他人 Anyone who does not love remains in death 没有爱心的,仍住在死中。【1John 约一3:14. Unforgiveness is equal to sickness and death不饶恕等于疾病和死亡. Research shows that unforgiveness causes health issues including研究表明,不饶恕会导致健康问题,包括Cancer癌症 - 61% of cancer patients have forgiveness issues. 61%的患者有不饶恕的问题 Suppressed anger 被压抑的怒气- People often get angry associated with unforgiveness人们常会因不饶恕而感到愤怒. Low self-esteem自我形象低落 – People often feel they’re not good enough经常觉得自己不够好, or compared with others或与别人比, because they don’t forgive or accept themselves因为他们不饶恕或不接纳自己. Bitterness苦毒 - increases the risk of depression and anxiety and mental illness会增加患抑郁、焦虑和精神疾病的风险. Blood pressure高血压. Heart disease心脏病。


26 years ago26年前 as soon as I held a grudge against my elder brother就在那天我决定不饶恕我哥哥immediately I went into manic depression就立即进入狂躁症No medication could heal me没有药可以医治我until the day I was forgiven直到被神饶恕Immediately立即I was healed得了医治And I’m totally healed并完全得医治From the ‘immediate” results, 从这两个‘立即’事件中I learned that forgiveness matters我认识到饶恕的重要性Jesus said,耶稣说 Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you. 不要再犯罪,恐怕你遭遇的更加利害。」【John 5:14” Last week上周a sister from our home church testified,家里教会的一个姊妹说 that for more than 10 years十多年she’s been rebellious她一直在悖逆中she didn’t pay attention to what she needed to repent of没有真正听了神的指正就去悔改so she suffered a lot,受了很多苦 relationships-broken人际关系破裂horrible pains due to tumours in her uterus,经受子宫瘤的疼痛 and financial issues经济遭了咒诅She became a debtor成了一个欠债的Since her heart softened a little bit 2 years ago,2年前她的心开始有点转回 she has now paid off her debts and also has savings.她不单还了债,还有存款了 God is faithful!  是信实的Only forgiveness heals our souls,唯有饶恕医治我的心灵 our bodies身体our relationships人际关系and our finances和我们的财物Whenever we hold grudges against anyone else任何时候我们不饶恕人we are asking for trouble for ourselves and our families就是叫自己和自己的家遭倒霉Because that’s the way of the kingdom of darkness因为这是黑暗国度的道路stealing偷窃killing杀害and destroying毁坏。


2, How to forgive?怎样饶恕


Forgiving other is not just a simple prayer, and saying, 饶恕不是简单地祷告说 “Lord, I forgive him.” 主啊,我饶恕他There’re steps to forgiveness. 饶恕有几个步骤。 A, Acknowledge the pain 承认伤痛– ask the Holy Spirit to help us to see who or what it is that we need to forgive and why.求圣灵帮助我们看到要饶恕的人并显明原因 He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. 遮掩自己罪过的,必不亨通; 承认离弃罪过的,必蒙怜恤。【Pro  28:13Joseph from the OT, was betrayed, rejected, and sold into slavery by his brothers. 旧约中记载约瑟被哥哥们拒绝,卖到埃及当奴隶。


Many years later, 很多年后,when God’s dream became true, 当神的异梦成就,and his brothers went down to Egypt and bowed down before him, 哥哥们下到埃及,在他面前下拜,Joseph didn’t immediately say ‘I’ve forgiven you’. 约瑟没有立即说我饶恕你们Rather, he acknowledged all the past wounds. 相反他意识到自己的过往的伤痛。When he saw them, 当约瑟看到哥哥们,all the past grievances came back to him, 他想起过往所受的伤痛,so he turned away from them and began to weep. 就离开他们去痛哭。He wept four times. 他一共哭了四次,Joseph wasn’t weeping out of self-pity, 约瑟不是自卑自怜地哭,but to bring the past pain to the Lord in order to cancel their debts. 而是把所有过去的苦楚带到神面前,为要免去哥哥们对他的亏负。We must not deny the existence of our feelings. 我们不能否定自己是有情绪的If we easily get angry with others, 若我们很容易因他人生气,“He lied to me.” “他骗我 “They didn’t respect me.” “他们不尊重我 “I hate his attitude towards me.” 我讨厌他对我的态度We need the Holy Spirit to show us what the root cause of this anger is, 就需要求圣灵显出导致生气的根源,where the resentful feelings initially came from. 这些愤怒最早是从哪里来的,And we need to forgive that person at that specific point.然后我们需要在那件特定的事上饶恕那人。


B, Pray and bring it back to the cross and cancel the debts.祷告,回到十字架,免去人的亏负 Pro 19:11, A man's discretion makes him slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression. 人有见识,就不轻易发怒,宽恕人的过犯,便是自己的荣耀Godly discretion results in getting angry slowly when you get offended. 属神的见识使你在被得罪后,不会轻易发怒Why?为什么 Because you’ll try to understand your offender in prayer因为你会在祷告里去理解那冒犯你的人. The Cross of Jesus tells us that God understands us主耶稣的十字架见证祂理解我们. He knows that we were powerless to fear, sin and death祂知道我们对惧怕,罪和死无能为力.


Once一次, I was very hurt by a group of people who spoke words trying to push me down我被一群人试图用言语将我推倒的人伤害了. During my prayer在祷告中, I went to the cross of Jesus, 我来到基督的十字架where as if God told me,神仿佛在那里对我说 when I was afraid,当我惧怕时 I turned to my own way我就转向自己, when they feared当他们惧怕时, they turned to their ways他们也转向自己, it’s all because of fear都是由于惧怕, when I came to understand their situation当我理解了他们的处境, I wept我哭了 and I confessed that we would react similarly in the flesh并承认我们在肉体中都会作类似的反应, but Jesus died on the cross for us但耶稣在十字架上为我们舍命, mercy filled my heart,怜悯充满了我的心 I blessed those who hurt me in love我在爱中祝福了他们The cross of Jesus gives us the wisdom to understand ourselves and others’ situations and help us to overlook offenses.  主耶稣的十字架给我们智慧去理解自己和他人的处境,使我们能去宽恕人的过犯。


C, Reconcile with your enemy.  与仇敌和好

God didn’t just forgive us in Christ, 神不但在基督里饶恕我们,but also reconciled us, His enemies, to Him, 祂还与我们这些与神为仇的人和好,and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. 并将使人与神和好的职分赐给我们。Joseph didn’t just forgive his brothers, 约瑟不但饶恕哥哥们,but also reconciled with them, 还与他们和好,and blessed them, 并祝福他们,he said to them,他这样说, “Don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me here…不要因把我卖到这里自忧自恨……you should forgive yourselves for doing wrong… 你们要饶恕自己的错误……You intended to harm me, 你们的意思是要害我,but God intended it for good. 但神的意思是好的,Because it was to save lives.” 为要保全性命。Forgiveness creates room for God to save lives. 饶恕为神救人创造空间。Do you want your family members to be saved? 你愿你的家人得救吗?God is able to bring something beautiful out of the tragedy.神可以使悲惨事件变成美事。But we’ve gotta do what is right in God’s eyes但你要做神眼中对的事。


3, What is hidden in the OT about cancelling debts? 旧约关于免债隐藏之启示


God asks us to forgive, 神吩咐我们饶恕,which is not just for us to be set free, 不单是要我们得释放,but also for us to inherit all He has if we can mature like the Son. 还要我们像基督的身量可以承受全部产业。'be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is prefect.” 你们要完全,像你们的天父完全一样。Matt  5:48 Last Sunday, 上周主日,we looked at Leviticus 25:1-7 about daily bread. 我们查考利未记251-7,关于日用饮食。Today, we’ll continue to look at v. 8-11 for the hidden meaning in forgiveness. 今天,我们进一步查考8-11节中关于饶恕的隐含意义。8 “‘Count off seven sabbath years—seven times seven years—so that the seven sabbath years amount to a period of forty-nine years. 9 Then have the trumpet sounded everywhere on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land. 10 Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each of you is to return to your family property and to your own clan. 11 The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines. 8 「你要计算七个安息年,就是七七年。这便为你成了七个安息年,共是四十九年。 9 当年七月初十日,你要大发角声;这日就是赎罪日,要在遍地发出角声。 10 第五十年,你们要当作圣年,在遍地给一切的居民宣告自由。这年必为你们的禧年,各人要归自己的产业,各归本家。 11 第五十年要作为你们的禧年。这年不可耕种;地中自长的,不可收割;没有修理的葡萄树也不可摘取葡萄。【Lev 25:8-11

This is a law that God gave Israel to observe a year of Jubilee. 这是神吩咐以色列人遵守禧年的律法。God proclaimed that every seventh year would be a sabbath for the land, 神宣告每七年是土地的安息年,when they weren’t allowed to sow and reap, 这一年不能耕种收割,and they had to live on what God had already provided beforehand  以色列人要倚靠神在之前年份的供应(Levi2520-22),and what was produced without cultivation 和无耕种年份的出产(Levi 25: 6-7). Actually, 实际上,they would have had more than enough if they had really listened to God他们若真听从神的吩咐,所得的定超过所需用的 After seven sabbath years came a year of Jubilee, 七个安息年之后是禧年,which along with being a Sabbath for the land, was called a “year of liberty” 同时也是土地的安息年,又被称为释放之年


Why did God set this law? 神为什么设立这条律法?What’s the purpose of the year of Jubilee? 禧年的目的是什么?The word “Jubilee” is from the Hebrew word “Yowbel”, “jubilee”一词来自希伯来文“Yowbel” a word for the “ram’s horn” used to proclaim the year. 意思是用来宣告禧年的公羊之角Back in those days, 在那个时代,people relied on the crops for their daily bread, 人们倚靠土地收成过日子,if a family had a bad harvest and ran out of food, 如收成不好或者食物短缺,they were forced to go into debt by selling their land, 他们就不得不因欠债卖地,or even selling themselves into slavery. 甚至卖身为奴。But God never wanted any Israelite to be another Israelites’ slaves. 但神从不愿以色列人做本族弟兄的奴隶,So the Jubilee meant that all Israelites who had gone into debt, 禧年则意味着所有欠债的以色列民、or lost their land, 或失去土地的、or were in bondage, 或被囚的以色列人,were set free, 都要被释放;and all debts were forgiven, 欠债被免除,and their property would be returned to them. 他们的财产也归还给他们。And the year of Jubilee was to be the year that people returned to their families and their loved ones.在禧年,人将重归自己的家和所爱的家人中间。


Moreover, 除此之外,the coming of the Messiah King and the Millennial Kingdom was hidden in the imagery of the year of Jubilee. 弥赛亚和千年国度的到来也隐含在禧年的景象中。Luke 4:18-19, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, 19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” 18 主的灵在我身上, 因为他用膏膏我, 叫我传福音给贫穷的人; 差遣我报告: 被掳的得释放, 瞎眼的得看见, 叫那受压制的得自由, 19 报告神悦纳人的禧年。【Luke 4:18-19 --- the year of Jubilee. ——禧年。Jesus came to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom, 耶稣来传讲神国福音,bring people to His Kingdom. 将人带到祂的国里。In the world, 在世上,people are groaning under人们叹息劳苦,承受: Spiritual poverty属灵贫穷---Broken heartedness 心灵破碎–- Bondage捆绑 – Spiritual blindness属灵的瞎眼 –- Sadness忧伤 –- debts of sin罪债 -- dying死亡 Jesus came to proclaim the year of Jubilee. 耶稣来传讲禧年,The “year of the Lord’s favor” 神悦纳人的禧年for all who have been enslaved because of their debts是为所有欠债被囚之人, to be able to go home and start a new life, 可以归回家,可以开始新生活,and to give them great joy可以得着极大的喜乐。


Then you shall cause the trumpet of the Jubilee, on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land 你要大发角声;这日就是赎罪日,要在遍地发出角声。【Lev  25:9When Jesus began his ministry in Luke 4, 4章,耶稣开始服事,after reading the passage from Isaiah 61 in the synagogue, he said, 他在会堂读完赛61章后,说,Today, this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” 「今天这经应验在你们耳中了。」【Luke 4:21This is the true trumpet of the Jubilee, 这是禧年真正的角声,and Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. 耶稣就是为我们的罪献上的赎罪祭,This good news should be heard all over the earth! 这福音要传遍地极!Throughout Jesus’ ministry 贯穿耶稣的服事,we see the images of the year of Jubilee following him wherever He goes, 我们看到禧年的景象发生在他所到之处,the poor were set free, 穷人被释放,those who were in debt, 那些欠债的、paralysed, 瘫痪的、or had sold themselves as prostitutes, 自卖为妓女的,the King said, ‘Your sins are forgiven.” 王对他们说你们的罪赦了Jesus declared complete forgiveness of debts. 耶稣宣告罪债完全得着赦免。


The picture of Jubilee is the greatest picture of God’s Grace revealed to us through Christ Jesus. 禧年的场景,是神藉着耶稣基督所施恩典的最伟大的场景。Through the work of Jesus on the cross, 藉着耶稣在十字架上的工作,our debts are paid off, 我们的罪债被偿还,our land can be returned to us. 我们的土地归还给我们。Where is the promised land we’re called to occupy? 哪里是我们蒙召进入的应许之地?It’s the land of our hearts. 就是我们的心田。The land once was inhabited by rejection, bitterness, and jealousy; 这地曾被拒绝感、苦毒、嫉妒所占据;greed, lust, disobedience, and stubbornness; 被贪心、情欲、不顺服、顽梗所占据;lies, pride and criticism, ingratitude, and so many other unclean things. 被谎言、骄傲、指摘、不感恩等等不洁思想所占据。Now we’re able to cast them out, 现在我们可以赶出它们,and to be occupied by the King’s character. 让王的性情进驻。


Jesus teaches us to pray: 耶稣教导我们祷告,“Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” 免我们的债, 如同我们免了人的债。【Matt  6:12“Forgive and you will be forgiven. 「你们饶恕人的过犯,你们的天父也必饶恕你们的过犯; It not just about forgiveness itself. 这不单是饶恕本身The “year of the Lord’s favor has already come, yet it hasn’t come fully! 神悦纳人的禧年已到来,但仍未完全来到!the law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming. 律法既是将来美事的影儿【Heb10:1 The year of Jubilee also refers to Jesus’ Millennial reign on earth. 禧年也指耶稣在地上的千年国度。Romans 8 tells us, 罗马书8章说,the whole of creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed, 万有切望等候神的众子显现,because the earth is suffering a curse due to the fall of the original son, Adam.  都因全地自神起初的儿子亚当堕落而承受咒诅。In Rev 19:11-16before the thousand Years reign of Christ on earth, 在基督千年国度到来前,in other words, before the true Jubilee of the earth comes, 换句话说,在真正的禧年到来前,something is gonna happen in Heaven, 天上有事发生,v.14, the armies of heaven were following him在天上的众军骑着白马who are they? 他们是谁?Who are following Him wherever He goes? 羔羊无论往哪里去,跟随祂的是谁?Rev 14:4-5 These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among mankind and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. 5 No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless. 这些人未曾沾染妇女,他们原是童身。羔羊无论往哪里去,他们都跟随他。他们是从人间买来的,作初熟的果子归与神和羔羊。 5 在他们口中察不出谎言来;他们是没有瑕疵的。【Rev 14:4-5They’re the faithful followers who have been refined to become pure and clean, 他们被试炼成为纯净,忠心跟随耶稣,in other words, they’re the ‘five wise virgins’,换句话说,他们是五个聪明的童女who are all overcomers of Jesus.是跟随耶稣的得胜者。


So to put it altogether, 所以总而言之,it means, 它的意思就是,that throughout history, 贯穿整个历史, God has been preparing His people to be mature sons, 神一直在预备祂的子民成为成熟的儿子,who are going to manifest at an appointed time, 他们将在预定的时候显出来,to do a specific job 要做一件特别的事,to disempower and displace the evil powers which currently rule the nations. 就是赶出并取代现今统治世界各国的邪恶力量。Right after that, 在那之后,in Rev 20, 启示录20章, it comes the greatest season on earth, 全地最伟大的时期将要来到,the year of the true Jubilee 就是真禧年——the Millennial Kingdom of Christ reigning on earth. 基督掌管全地的千年国度。 By that time the earth will be set free from its curse following the original sin of the son of God, Adam, 到那时,全地将从神的儿子亚当的原罪的诅咒中释放出来,because the overcoming sons of God will come with Jesus to restore creation! 因为神得胜的众子将与耶稣一同来恢复神的创造!Its economic systems, 经济制度,its political systems, 政治制度,its agricultural system, 农业制度,everything will be restored when the year of the true ‘Jubilee’ comes to earth!  当真正的禧年到来,一切都要恢复! 


That’s what the whole of creation is eagerly waiting for. 这是一切受造之物所切望等候的。That’s the great hope God gives us to live for. 这是神赐给我们的极大盼望。The Church has this great hope to live for. 这也是教会的极大盼望。 The Church worldwide needs to hear that! 教会要听见这盼望!And live for it. 并为此而活。Because we were born for this great hope因我们重生就是为这大盼望Unfortunately, the Church has lost her way很不幸,教会迷失了反向. We need to prepare and seek the reign of Christ’s character in our hearts我们当预备和追求让基督的性情在心中掌权 So, practicing the continuous process of forgiveness因此,不断地操练饶恕 is just part of the preparation for us to get ready for what is to come. 是我们为将来要发生的,所做预备的一部分。

Do you think just a small debt was cancelled? 你觉得你只被赦免一点点罪吗?Or do you realise that a huge debt has been cancelled 或你意识到你被赦免了巨大的罪债,and you still have debts every day which need to be cancelled? 并且你每天仍有罪债需要被赦免? So that you fall at Jesus feet 以至于你愿意俯伏在耶稣的脚前 to love and follow His commands more than love the standards of the self? 爱遵行祂的命令胜过爱自己的标准?“Father, forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” “免我们的债,如同我们免了人的债。



Concluding prayer:  结束祷告


Yes Lord Jesus是的,主耶稣 I’ll fall at Your feet 我在你脚前下拜, I’ll fall at Your feet我在你脚前下拜, for Your grace is enough因你的恩典够用, more than I need超过我所求. Thank You Lord, for Your love谢谢你的爱,thank You for the cross where Your love poured out for each of us 谢谢你 在十字架上倾倒你的大爱,Come Lord, reign in us with Your grace主啊,求你的恩典在我们里面掌权, reign in us with the power of Your forgiveness求你的饶恕大能在我们里面掌权 


Let’s open our mouths with our eyes closed and pray, 让我们开口,闭上眼睛来祷告,ask for His reign in you, 求祂在你里面掌管你,His power of forgiveness and mercy to reign in you. 求祂赦免和怜悯的能力掌管你。ask for His power of love to reign in you…求祂爱的能力在你里面作王…And thank Him for cancelling your debts freely…感谢祂免了你的债…thank Him for the pain of betrayal and rejection, 感谢祂为你承受了背叛和拒绝的痛苦,suffering humiliation and the punishment for sin He took for you, 祂为你担当了羞辱和罪的刑罚的痛苦,and the peace, the joy and the hope He freely gives you by Grace… 藉恩典赐下平安、喜乐和盼望。Let’s give Him thanks 让我们感谢祂,until your heart is filled with gratitude!... 直到你的心充满感恩!…it is important to fill your heart with sweetness…让你的心充满甘甜,这很重要


Jesus, 主耶稣,You teach us to pray, 你教导我们这样祷告: “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” “免我们的债,如同我们免了人的债。” This afternoon, 今天下午,we come to You, 我们来到你面前,and we open our hearts 敞开我们的心,for Your Holy Spirit to touch us with Your love; 求圣灵用你的爱来触摸我们;we ask Your Holy Spirit to minister to us…. 求你的圣灵来帮助我们…thank You Lord….感谢主


Let’s be honest to the Lord…让我们诚实面对主…You may have a certain anger that you can’t get over, 你可能会有某种无法胜过的怒气, it could be related to ‘your own standards’ not being met, 这可能和没有达成你自己的标准有关,or due to unsettled hurt or pain that you need to deal with. 或许可能源于你未处理的伤害或痛苦。 Whenever the intangible idols are touched -每当这看不见的偶像被触动了—— your own standards aren’t met, 没有满足你的标准,you get angry…你就生气


Would you ask God, 你可以求问神,who or what that you need to forgive? 你需要饶恕什么人或什么事? It could be your parents, 可能是生活中你的父母,it could be yourself, 可能是你自己,it could be a person in your family, 可能是你的家人,or a leader in your life, 或者你的领导, they did things not according to your way, 他们没按你的方式做事,or you felt offended by what they said or did…或者你因他们的言语或行为而感到被冒犯


Would you ask the Holy Spirit to help you to acknowledge it…你可以求圣灵来帮助你认出这问题…and you’ve gotta make a decision 你需要做一个决定,to forgive them or yourself, 饶恕他们或饶恕你自己,and let go of the sense of rejection and anger, 放下被拒绝感和怒气, and ask the love of God to fill you…求上帝的爱充满你


Perhaps it’s the situation within your family, 或许这怒气来自你家庭里,maybe you hold grudges against your mum and Dad, 或许你还有对父母不解怨, because you may have felt rejection from them, 因你可能感到被他们拒绝,or you may have abused, 或许你被骂被打or when they were angry with you during your childhood, 或许你小时候他们对你发怒,because their ‘own standards” weren’t met, 因为你没有达到他们自己的标准you got hurt, 你受了伤害,and you judged them, 就论断他们,now you became like them, 可现在你和他们一样,and you do exactly the same thing to your kids 你对你的孩子做同样的事,just as your parents did to you, 和你的父母对你一样。ask the Holy Spirit what it is? 求问圣灵到底那是什么? What happened at that time 那时发生了什么事,which caused you to be angry with them 使你生他们的气,or angry with yourself? 或生你自己的气? Bring it to the Lord, 把这些带到神的面前,He understands you, 祂了解你,and He also understands your mum and dad. 也了解你的父母。 He became a sin offering on the cross to forgive you, 祂在十架上作了赎罪祭来赦免你,and He is able to help you understand your debtors 祂能帮助你理解那些欠你债的人,who are just like you, 他们和你一样,broken and powerless to overcome sin. 破碎、无力胜过罪。


Perhaps you’ve misunderstood them, 或许你误解了他们,perhaps you required them to give you perfect love, 或许你要他们给你完全的爱, but you can’t do it yourself….但你自己也无法做到

“Forgive me Lord, 主啊,赦免我!I receive Your forgiveness from the cross of Jesus, 我接受耶稣你十字架上的饶恕,to forgive myself, 饶恕我自己,and to forgive…饶恕…let go of the anger, the shame, the bitterness, and the judgement, 放下愤怒、羞耻感、苦毒和论断, I don’t wanna continue to be kept under the family cycles….” 我不愿继续在家族咒诅的循环中被辖制


Let forgiveness set you free…让饶恕释放你…and thank God for your parents, 为你的父母感谢神,thank God for the way they raised you and gave you a family and an education…为他们养育你、给你一个家、供你受教育而感谢神…thank God for the way they looked after you and gave you your daily bread…为他们照顾你、供你生活所需而感谢神…thank God for the way they loved you 为他们对你付出的爱而感谢神,even if it may not have been what you wanted 虽然这爱可能不是以你想要的方式,but they are just broken-hearted people…因他们也是心灵破碎的人…Forgive them and accept them just as they are…照他们的本相饶恕和接纳他们…because Jesus accepted you that way….. 因主耶稣正是这样接纳了你…let go of all unforgiveness and grievances…放下一切的不饶恕和怨恨I choose to love them……我选择爱他们”


“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they do.” 父啊,赦免他们!因为他们所作的,他们不晓得。”Yes, Lord, 是的,主啊, if we knew we had sinned and were put under a curse, 我们若晓得自己犯罪了并在咒诅之下,we wouldn’t do it. 我们就不会那样做。Same to our debtors. 欠我们债的人也是一样。We all thought we were right, 我们都以为自己是对的,we all like sheep had gone astray. 我们都如羊走迷。Lord Jesus, 主耶稣,thank You for Your cross,为你的十字架而感谢你, which brings us forgiveness, healing, deliverance, freedom and great Hope. 因十字架带给我们饶恕、医治、释放、自由和极大的盼望。

Thank You for inspiring us with Your words, 感谢你用你的话语激励我们,help us to look to the joy of victory that Christ set before us, 帮助我们仰望那基督摆在我们前面得胜的喜乐,to endure the cross, 忍受十字架,to imitate Your faith, 效法你的信, to forgive our debtors every day and every moment, 每日每时饶恕欠我们债的人,guide us to choose to respond in a Godly way: 引导我们以敬虔的方式回应:releasing grace, not judgement, 释放恩典而不是论断, releasing grace, not blame. 释放恩典而不是责怪。 Let the cycle of sowing and reaping from unforgiveness be broken in this generation, 让播撒和收割不饶恕的循环在这一代被打破,let Your blessing flow through our lives 让你的祝福流淌在我们的生命中,to bless our families, 祝福我们的家庭、 our communities and wherever we go. 我们的社区和一切我们所到之地。Amen. 阿们。


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