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2021-10-31 How to Pray 如何祷告(5)

发表于 2024-01-08

earts and on earth; 让耶稣在我们心中和地上掌权作王; We looked at daily bread and forgiveness. 我们还讲了日用的饮食饶恕 Now, it comes the teaching about praying against temptation.  今天,我们来分享祷告不遇见试探的教导。 Matt 6:13, And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one.  不叫我们遇见试探,救我们脱离凶恶(或作脱离恶者)。


1, What does it mean? 经文的含义


Firstly, 首先, a question arises from this verse, 这节经文生发一个问题: how does a good God lead us into temptation? Of course, 良善的神怎么会引导我们进入试探呢? He doesn’t. 当然祂不会。 James 1:13-14 says, 说: when tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me”. God doesn’t tempt anyone, but each one is tempted, when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. 人被试探,不可说:我是被 神试探;因为 神不能被恶试探,他也不试探人。但各人被试探,乃是被自己的私欲牵引、诱惑的。 The Greek word “peirasmos” translated here as temptation, 希腊语peirasmos这个词在这里被翻译成试探 it can be translated as test or trial as well. 它也可以翻译成考验试验 It depends on the context. 这取决于上下文。 For example, 例如,James 1:12 , Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial (peirasmos), because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.  忍受试探的人是有福的,因为他经过试验以后,必得生命的冠冕,这是主应许给那些爱他之人的。 It means if you overcome peirasoms (temptation or trial) just as Jesus did, 意思是说,如果你能像耶稣那样胜过试探或考验,you will receive the crown of life. 你就必得生命的冠冕。This is talking about an eternal reward – 这里所讲的是一个永恒的奖赏—the victor’s crown, 得胜者的冠冕,which is ONLY given to those who have stood the test, 单给那些经受了试验、overcome temptation, 胜过了试探、and become mature sons like Jesus.并成为像耶稣那样成熟儿子的人。Because v. 3-4 tells us, 因为3-4节告诉我们: because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 因为知道你们的信心经过试验,就生忍耐。但忍耐也当成功,使你们成全完备,毫无缺欠。When we go through trials or temptations, 当我们经历试验或试探时,and if we fail the test like Adam did, 如果像亚当那样在考试中失败, we’ll stay where we are and unable to grow and mature just like Adam.  我们就会和亚当一样,生命停滞、不能长大成熟。


So when we ask God to not lead us into temptation, 所以当我们求神不叫我们遇见试探的时候,we’re asking God to keep us from situations where we may be tempted to sin. 我们是 求神带我们脱离 因被试探而犯罪的环境 It’s not just talking about temptation, like sexual sin or loving money. 并不是单指 淫乱或贪财等的诱惑。 It’s talking about being enticed to reject God 而是指人被引诱而不听神的、and listen to Satan due to our own desires like Adam did. 因自己的私欲而听信撒但,如同亚当一样。


That’s why 1 Peter 5:8 says, 这就是为什么彼前58如此说:Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 务要谨守、警醒,因为你们的仇敌魔鬼,如同吼叫的狮子,遍地游行,寻找可吞吃的人。In other words, 换句话说,don’t be deceived, 不要被欺骗了we’re in a spiritual battle. 我们正处于一场属灵争战中。 We’re born again into the Kingdom of God for battle. 我们重生进入神的国度正是为了这争战。We’re a generation with a historical mission. 我们是肩负历史使命的一代。Satan enticed the original son of God Adam to fail; 撒旦引诱神的儿子亚当跌倒失败;The NT tells us, 新约圣经告诉我们,Esau lost his inheritance rights due to falling into temptation over a single meal. 以扫因为一碗红豆汤而失去了长子继承权。A single meal can be a little bit of money一碗红豆汤可以是一点点钱的诱惑,or a small desire of the flesh. 或是一点点肉体的私欲。That can entice us to bow down before Satan to sin against God. 它却能引诱我们向撒但俯伏、得罪神。The peace and the promise of blessing and inheritance Jesus gave us 耶稣所给我们的平安,祝福和产业的应许,can be stolen due to sin. 会因人犯罪而被偷走的。


So after teaching us to ask for forgiveness as often as for our daily needs, 所以在教导我们如同祈求日用所需一样祈求饶恕之后,Jesus reminds us that we have spiritual enemies, 耶稣提醒我们,我们有属灵的仇敌,who try to destroy our destiny 它竭力要毁坏我们的命定,and cause us to fail like Adam. 让我们像亚当一样的去失败。We’ve gotta rely on the sovereign God 我们必须倚靠至高的神,and the weapons He has given in Christ to overcome Satan and His schemes.  用祂在基督里所赐的武器胜过撒但和牠的诡计。



2, Why does Jesus teach us to ask this petition? 为何主耶稣教导我们这样祈求?

Remember? Jesus said to Peter, 记得吗?耶稣曾对彼得说: “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. Luke 22:31” Luke 22:31】主又说:西门,西门!撒但想要得着你们,好筛你们像筛麦子一样。” Since Satan asked to sift Peter, 既然撒但想要筛彼得,he’ll also have asked to sift everyone who belongs to Jesus, 牠也必要筛凡属耶稣的人, including you and me. 包括你和我。And the result of the test will show who is the winner. 试验的结果将显明谁是赢家。Satan? Or those who rely on Jesus who has overcome? 撒旦?还是那些倚靠耶稣得胜的人?


16 years ago, when the home church had just been established, 16年前,当家里的教会刚刚建立时,I experienced lots of misunderstandings, mockery, and slander. 我经历了许多误解、嘲笑和诽谤。You may think that a person who had just become a Christian thirty days ago 你也许认为,一个人三十天前才成为基督徒and formed a church by the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders, 靠着圣灵的能力、用神迹奇事建立了教会,that that person would be honoured by people. 这个人会受人尊敬。But it’s just the opposite. 然而事实恰恰相反。Whenever we respond to God’s call to advance His Kingdom, 每当我们回应神的呼召扩展祂的国度,opposition will come. 就会有反对的声音出来。In the very beginning, 最初的时候,when I heard people falsely speak evil about me, 当我听到有人诽谤我, just because what God had instructed me to say became true, 只因为神叫我所说的话成就了,my heart was hurt 我就很受伤,and feeling that I had been unfairly treated, 觉得自己被不公平对待了, I begged God, 我祈求神:“Don’t choose me to say anything for You anymore, please...” “求你不要再找我去为你说话了……”


At that time, I didn’t understand spiritual warfare. 那时,我还不懂属灵争战。I didn’t even know 我甚至不知道,that the enemy had outwitted me through the slanders I had responded to in my heart. 仇敌已经藉着我内心对诽谤而起的反应胜过我。My heart was hurt and I wanted to give up. 我很受伤,就想放弃。In the night, I heard the Holy Spirit say, 那天晚上,我听见圣灵说: “get up and read the book of Nehemiah.” “起来,去读尼希米记。” I quickly got up, and read through it, 我就立刻起来去读尼希米记,then, my faith was strengthened, 然后我的信心被坚固了, my eyes were opened to see the enemy’s work. 我的眼睛被打开了,看见了仇敌的工作。


Whenever we try to accomplish anything significant for the Lord, 每当我们要去完成主召我们做的大事时, we face strong opposition. 我们都会遭遇强烈的反对。 Nehemiah was called to lead the Jews who returned from Babylon as captives当尼希米被召率领被掳的犹太人从巴比伦返回, to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, which had been ruined for more than a half-century. 重建被毁坏了半个多世纪的耶路撒冷城墙。The bible says, 圣经说,when Sanballat and Tobian the Ammonite heard that they were rebuilding the wall, 参巴拉和亚扪人多比雅听见他们重修城墙, they were furious and very angry, 就大发烈怒,极其恼怒, and they mocked the Jews, 还嗤笑犹太人说: “What are these feeble (weak) Jews doing? “这些软弱的犹太人做什么呢? Will they really be able to restore their wall? 他们真的能修复城墙吗?Will they really be able to offer sacrifices? 他们真的能献祭吗? Will they really be able to complete it?... 他们真的能完成吗?… even a little fox can break down the wall they’re building...” 恐怕一只小狐狸都能踩倒他们筑的墙吧……”


The enemy uses mockery, threat, fear, judgment, and discouragement trying to get you to give up. 仇敌用嘲讽、恐吓、惧怕、论断和灰心来让你放弃。But Nehemiah set a godly example for us, 但是尼希米为我们树立了一个敬虔的榜样,he didn’t respond to his enemies, 他没有和仇敌去吵架, rather, he responded to God with prayer, 相反,他向祷告神,asking the sovereign God for help, 向至高的神寻求帮助,and continued to work watchfully. 并继续警醒做工。

Whenever someone is trying to seek to fulfil God’s purposes 每当有人竭力寻求成就神的旨意、and advance His Kingdom, 要扩张祂的国度时,spiritual warfare breaks out. 属灵争战就会爆发。God doesn’t remove the opposition, 神不将敌对势力挪去,because He wants us to rely on Him to overcome it. 因为祂要我们去倚靠祂而得胜。Don’t blame others不要责怪他人, don’t be distracted不要被分心, your goal is to overcome and mature in the Lord 你的目标是得胜和在基督长大。


When we look at Jesus’ ministry, 我们从主耶稣的事工看到, whenever He went to heal or deliver, 每当祂去做医治释放,the opposition was there to challenge or criticise Him. 总是有敌对的人在那里挑衅、挑剔他。Even when he raised dead Lazarus, 甚至当他叫拉撒路从死里复活了,they tried to kill him. 他们也想要杀他。 But Jesus didn’t respond with feelings of discouragement or rejection or frustration which the enemy tried to put on him. 但是,耶稣没有如仇敌所愿,对此回应,就发出沮丧、拒绝感或挫败感, Instead, Jesus responded to the word of God相反,主耶稣向神的话活, to defeat Satan and its schemes.  从而击败了撒但和它的诡计。Christ’s complete obedience to the Father’s will gave Satan a fatal blow. 基督的完全顺服父的旨意给了撒但致命的一击。 Think about our own situation, 想想我们自己的环境,people have asked me, 有人问我: “Why do I always fail, “为什么我总是失败,and flare up, whenever my children or my spouse doesn’t listen to me?” 每当我的孩子或配偶不听我的时候,我就生气?” We’ve gotta ask the Holy Spirit, 我们需要求问圣灵,what was your goal at that time? 你当时的目标是什么? Did you want people to listen to you? 你想让人听你的话吗?Did you want control? 你想要操纵控制吗? Or do you wanna listen to God 还是你愿意听神的话,and let go of the control, 放下操纵控制,so that you can grow in faith? 让你的信心增长? In those circumstances, 在这些环境里,who do you respond to? 你要向谁去回应?Your own desires? 你自己的私欲?The sense of rejection that causes you anger? 让你感到愤怒的拒绝感?Or do you respond to God’s Word? 还是向神的话的活? You’ve gotta always ask the Holy Spirit to remind you你当常求圣灵提醒你, “what do you want to achieve”?你想成就什么?


The enemy isn’t afraid, if you go to church, 仇敌不怕你去教会, or read the bible and pray, 不怕你读经祷告,but if you start to respond to the word of God, 但如果你开始向神的话活, instead of with natural reactions to the circumstances, 面对环境不再是天然人的反应, he’ll fear you. 牠就会害怕。 Difficult circumstances are for us to ask God to deliver us from fear, 困难的环境是为让我们去祈求神把我们从惧怕中拯救出来,and seek God’s power over our own sinful desires, 寻求神的能力胜过我们罪的私欲,“Lord, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one”, 不叫我们遇见试探,救我们脱离凶恶,  so that we may grow into maturity 使我们长大成熟,and overcome spiritual warfare 得胜属灵争战,and fulfil the eternal purpose God has for our lives. 成就神对我们的生命永恒的旨意。


3, How to overcome temptation?怎样胜过试探?

Think about Joseph from the OT, 想想旧约的约瑟,when he was enticed by his boss’ wife who wanted to sin with him, 当主人的妻引诱他犯罪时,Joseph ran away from the tempting situation. 他马上逃离了那个引诱的环境。If you ask God to help you avoid temptation, 你若求神不叫你遇见试探,then, you should also be alert and stay away from tempting situations. 就当警醒并远离试探的环境。For example, 比如,if your weakness is anger, 假如你的弱点是容易发怒,when you realise conflict is breaking out between you and your family during a conversation, 那么,当你和家人说话时感到马上要起冲突了,you should immediately stop arguing, 就当立即止住争论,coz your enemy is not flesh and blood, 因你的仇敌不是属血气的,but sin and spiritual enemies. 而是罪和属灵气的仇敌。You should run away from the situation and ask God to deliver you from evil. 你当逃离那环境,并求神救你脱离罪恶。


In the same way, 同样的,flee from computes, 你当逃离电脑,flee from food, 逃离食物,flee from…逃离……whatever entices you to sin against God, 引诱你犯罪的一切事物,run away from the situation and go into your room, 逃离那样的环境,回到内室,pray to your Father. 祷告天父。Jesus said, 耶稣说,then Your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 你父在暗中察看,必然报答你。Whenever our thoughts are in line with Jesus’, 当我们的心思意念与耶稣合一时,we’re delivered.  我们就得释放了。Satan won’t trouble you. 撒旦不会找你麻烦,You can go to church你可以去教会、and even pray and read your Bible, 甚至你可以读经祷告,and he won’t mind.他都不介意。But the minute you wake up from your spiritual slumber, 但当你从属灵的麻木中醒过来的那一刻开始,when you try to shake off the worldly mindset, 当你尝试摆脱属世界的思想,and commit yourself to radical obedience to Jesus Christ, 要将自己交托耶稣全然顺服的那一刻开始,he will be busy trying to get you to back to where you were. 牠就忙活起来,想方设法的要使你回到原样。Ruth has a recent story, she is happy to share with us. Ruth很高兴分享她最近有过的经历。


A couple of weeks ago, 几周前,Ruth experienced severe spiritual warfare. Ruth经历了激烈的属灵争战。She wasn’t aware that the moment when she gave up disciplining herself, 她没有意识到,当她不再约束自己的那一刻,to do a bit of cooking for herself, 自己吃的饭也不肯做一餐,and to save a bit of money for special occasions, 把钱全花光也不为任何需要存一点点,the day she went back to her old lifestyle, 自从回到从前的生活方式的那一刻起,she was captured by the demons again. 就再次被恶者捉住了。Then her heart was filled with hatred, 她的心里又充满了仇恨、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、self-pity, 自卑自怜、laziness, 懒惰、and greed again. 贪心。


She hated Jane just as she used to hate her family members, 她恨Jane,就像她过去恨自己的家人,coz Jane pointed out her sins just like her brothers had done. Jane指正她的罪,好像她哥哥曾经指正她那样。But we have a great Deliverer, 但我们有一位大能的拯救者,for the Kingdom, the power, and the glory are all His. 国度、能力、荣耀都属于祂,He doesn’t only convict us of sin but delivers us from evil. 祂不单光照我们的罪,还要救我们脱离凶恶。


Last Sunday, 上周主日,after hours of talking and praying, 经过几小时的交通和祷告,Ruth recognised that she had fallen into temptation again, Ruth意识到原来她再次落入试探中,the moment her heart turned, 当她的心一回转,she was set free from captivity again. 就立刻从被掳中得释放。Now she has her strength back to live a new lifestyle again, 现在她又得力可以过新生活,and her face looks radiant, 她的脸上有光了,and her heart is full of joy and peace. 心里充满喜乐平安Praise the Lord赞美主. But the battle is ongoing但争战还在继续。


When we pray, 当我们祷告说“Lord, lead us not into temptation, “主啊,不叫我遇见试探,but deliver us from the evil one.” 救我们脱离凶恶We’re reminded that sin and Satan are right there waiting for an opportunity to get us. 主在提醒我们,罪和撒旦正在找机会得着我们。How do we overcome?我们要怎样胜过? A, Seek to understand the Word of God and meditate on it and live in it by the power of the Holy Spirit 寻求明白神的话,默想神的话,靠圣灵的能力活出神的话。(Luke  4:1-13). B, Stop taking pleasure in sin even for a short moment, 停止享受短暂的罪中之乐, but make every effort to subdue it for righteousness’ sake 而是竭尽全力制服罪顺服义 (Matt 5:29-30). C, Identify your own weakness, 认出自己的软弱之处,ask the Holy Spirit to help you acknowledge the enticing voice of the enemy, and overcome next time when you face a similar situation. 求圣灵帮助你识别出仇敌试探的声音,下次遇到类似情况时可以胜过;D, Take off the old self, 脱去救人,and put on the new, 穿上新人,walk in the Spirit of truth. 行在真理的圣灵里。flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart 1Tim 提后2:22】你要逃避少年的私欲,同那清心祷告主的人追求公义、信德、仁爱、和平。


The key to overcome temptation is to walk in the Spirit of truth 胜过试探的关键是行在真理里,not in the desires of the flesh. 不行在旧人私欲里。But it’s not enough only to deny ungodly desires, 单单不去顺服私欲是不够的,“I don’t watch that, “我没有看了” I don’t  hate him.” “我没有恨他 That’s not enough. 那还不够。We must get changed我们必须改变,and let His attitude become ours, 以基督的心成为我们的心,and let His truth and divine character reign in us! 让祂的真理和属天性情在我们里面掌权!(Col 西3:9-10). So we must also find our godly desires fulfilled in the Lord, 因此当找出并靠主成就 我们里面属神的愿望,like King David said, 就如大卫王所说,take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” 又要以耶和华为乐,他就将你心里所求的赐给你。【Psa 37:4

God gave the desire to Nehemiah to build the wall of Jerusalem. 神赐给尼希米建造耶路撒冷城墙的愿望。Whenever Nehemiah faced opposition, 每次尼希米遇到反对,he didn’t respond to the enemy, 他都没有回应仇敌去吵架,but called upon God for help, 而是呼求神的帮助,and he overcame the enemy, 他胜过仇敌,and he finished the work he was called to do. 完成了神召他要去行的。We’re also called to build the invisible new Jerusalem within us. 我们也蒙召在我们里面建造那看不见的新耶路撒冷。


Paul said, 保罗说,“You are God’s field, God’s building.”你们是 神所耕种的田地,所建造的房屋。God is building himself into us, 神正在将自己建在我们里面,and we’re being built into Him. 并将我们建在祂里面。Revelation 21 tells us that the New City of Jerusalem is us who are being prepared by the Lord as His bride (v.2). 启示录21章说新耶路撒冷圣城就是我们这些被主预备成为祂新妇的人(2),It says, 这里说,the New city of Jerusalem reflects the glory of God, 新耶路撒冷城有神的荣耀,and it is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, 被建造在使徒和先知的根基上,with Christ Jesus as the chief cornerstone 有耶稣基督为房角石。(v.11-14). This is not a literal, physical city, 她不是实物的、物质的城,it’s His church, 她是耶稣的教会,the people of Christ. 是基督的子民。We’re being transformed into the likeness of His divine nature. 我们正在被更新成为有基督属天性情的样式。


Rev 21:17says, he (the angel) measured its wall: 144 cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel.又量了城墙,按着人的尺寸,就是天使的尺寸,共有一百四十四肘。

 Who is this ‘man and Messenger” of God? 这里所说神的人和使者是谁?Jesus Christ! 是耶稣基督自己!Fully man and Fully God. 祂是完全的人、完全的神。12 times 12 is 144. 1212等于144The number 12 in the bible symbolize perfection or completion. 12这个数字在圣经里预表完全或完成, For instance, 比如,the 12 tribes of Israel; the 12 apostles. 以色列12个支派,12使徒。So v.17 is saying that all those who are being built as the New Jerusalem within them will be measured according to Jesus’ standards. 因此17节说,所有内里被建造为新耶路撒冷的人都要按照耶稣这个标准来量。In other words 换句话说, Trials come to measure us 试炼会来,为要量我们,and expose whether we are like Jesus or like Adam. 并显明我们像耶稣还是像亚当。


Jesus said主说Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect. 所以你们要完全,像你们的天父完全一样。 The word ‘perfect’ here, 当耶稣说到完全” Jesus is referring to “loving your enemies”, 他指的是爱仇敌”. Overcoming offence, 得胜冒犯感and loving those who offend you with the love Jesus gave you leads you into the perfection of Christ. 和用基督的爱去爱那些冒犯你的人领你进入基督的完全。


Satan never wants us to become like Jesus, 撒旦不愿我们像耶稣,nor does he want us to rely on Jesus. 不愿我们倚靠耶稣,He will come and tempt us 他就来试探我们,– With the old ways of thinking, .  用我们熟悉的旧人的思维方式、and the old ways of spending on time and money, 旧人使用时间和金钱的方式、the old ways of doing life, that we’re familiar with. 我们所熟悉的旧人的生活方式……If we rely on our own strength, 我们若倚靠自己的力量,we’ll absolutely fall into temptation毫无疑问必落入试探。


But the New Jerusalem is new! 但新耶路撒冷是全新的!The Spirit of God who makes everything new is within us! 神的灵将我们里面的一切都更新了! The sovereign King says, 至高的王说, I will lead the blind by ways they have not known; along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things will I do; I will not forsake them. 我要引瞎子行不认识的道,领他们走不知道的路;在他们面前使黑暗变为光明,使弯曲变为平直。这些事我都要行,并不离弃他们。【Isa 42:16


Do you admit that you’re blind? 你承认自己是瞎子吗?And you’re not familiar with righteous paths? 你承认自己不认识义路吗?Blessed are those who confess that they’re blind and not familiar with the paths toward spiritual success, 那些承认自己瞎眼、承认不认识属灵通达之路的有福了,who cry out to God daily, 他们日日祈求神,:


“Lord, ”  “主啊, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. 不叫我们遇见试探,救我们脱离凶恶 The sovereign King of kings will reply 万王之王、至高主会回答说“I will lead you; “我要引领你,I will guide you; 我要带领你,It is I who is able to subdue your enemies and turn the darkness into light. 唯有我能制服你的仇敌,使黑暗变为光明。I was dead, 我死过,and behold, 看哪, I am alive for ever and ever! 现在我又活了,直活到永永远远!And I hold the keys of death and Hades. 并且拿着死亡和阴间的钥匙,Victory rests in Me.得胜属于我。


“Yes, Lord, “是的,主啊,You alone are our banner, 唯有你是我们的旌旗,You alone are our victory, 唯有你是得胜,and You alone overcome temptation. 唯有你胜过试探。Lord Jesus, 主耶稣,teach us to rely on You daily, 教导我们每日倚靠你,lead us not into temptation, 不叫我们遇见试探,but deliver us from the evil one.”就我们脱离凶恶。



Concluding Prayer:  结束祷告:

Yes Lord, You alone are the King of kings, and the Lord of lords; 是的,主啊,只惟有你是万王之王,万主之主。You alone are victorious over all things! 惟有你全然得胜!You alone are victorious over sin and death. 惟有你胜过罪恶和死亡。You alone overcome Satan and temptation. 惟有你胜过撒旦和诱惑。We praise You Lord, 我们赞美你主,for Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever!  因为国度,权柄,荣耀,全是你的,直到永远!


Thank You Lord, 主啊感谢你,for pouring out yourself for us on the cross, 在十字架上你为我们倾倒你自己,and thank You for loving us in that way to tell us that You’ve overcome the spiritual battle which Adam lost. 感谢你十架的爱,告诉我们亚当失败的,你已得胜 Thank You for giving us Your Spirit to live within us. 谢谢你赐你的圣灵在我们里面与我们同住。Thank You for reminding us that we’re in a spiritual battle through Your teaching of the Lord’s prayer. 感谢你借着主祷文的教导提醒我们,我们正身处在属灵战场中。


Would you please thank Him on your own? 要不要自己开口,献上感恩感谢祂?Thank Him for what He has done for you…感谢祂为你所做的一切…thank Him for the access to heavenly resources you’ve been given through Jesus’ death and resurrection…感谢祂借着耶稣的死和复活,使你可以进入一切属灵的祝福。Thank Him that the Spiritual battle has already been overcome for you 感谢祂,为你在属灵争战上的得胜,so that you don’t have to rely on your own strength but just need to rely on Him….所以你就不必依靠自己的力量,而只需单单依靠祂。


Stop blaming your son, 停止责怪你的儿子,stop blaming your daughter,停止责怪你的女儿,stop blaming your husband, 停止责怪你的丈夫,your wife, 你的妻子,your friend, 你的朋友,your colleagues…你的同事… it’s a spiritual battle…这是一场属灵争战…We’re called to fix our eyes on Jesus…我们被呼召单单定睛耶稣...don’t respond to people who disagree with you,不要对反对你意见的人回应恼怒, or don’t listen to you, 或者对不听你的人,or oppose you with anger, 或反对你的人回应恼怒, in those circumstances you need to respond to God’s Word. 在那时,你需要的是对神的话做出回应。  You can tell God, 你可以告诉神,if you struggle with anger, rejection, unforgiveness, and disappointment, 如果你在愤怒、拒绝感,不饶恕和在感到失望中挣扎,whatever negative emotions in your relationship, you can cry out Him:  无论你在人际关系中产生什么负面情绪,你都可以呼求祂:


“Lord, I lift my heart up to You. “主啊,我的心仰望你。Forgive me, 赦免我,I failed the test because in those circumstances, 赦免我,在这些环境里,我考试失败了,I focused on what I wanted to achieve, 我只专注在我自己想要得到的, rather than on my eternal purpose which is to grow and mature in Christ, 而没有专注在你为我设定的永恒旨意上,就是在基督里不断长大成熟,and to overcome sin and temptation through Christ.借着基督胜过罪和试探。


Holy Spirit, engrave Your truth on the tablet of my heart, 圣灵,求你把你的真理刻在我心版上, I’m in a Spiritual warfare, 我身处属灵争战中,my enemy is not people of the flesh and blood, 我的仇敌不是属血气的人,it is my own desires which needs to be brought under the rule of the Spirit of God, 而是我的私欲,需要争战使它被神的灵管制,and it’s Satan that need to be bound by the authority You give me in Your name. 我的仇敌是撒旦,需要用你所赐给我的权柄去捆绑。


Lord, today, I choose to rise up against it. 主啊,今天我要起来跟我的仇敌争战。I come in Jesus’ name, 我奉耶稣的名, I declare Jesus Christ has overcome my failures.  我宣告耶稣基督已经在我失败的地方得胜了。Jesus is my Lord. 耶稣是我的主。 Where the Spirit of Jesus is, 耶稣的灵在哪里,there is freedom. 那里就有自由。 Now in Jesus’ name, 现在,奉耶稣的名,I break all agreement with the strongholds of fear and control, rejection, shame, and bitterness, witchcraft and sorcery and addictions, 我断开我所有坚固营垒的捆绑,砍断与惧怕和掌控、拒绝、羞耻、苦毒、巫术、邪术和上瘾这些坚固营垒立的约, in the name of Jesus I break all the evil spirits and lies behind them奉耶稣的名,我砍断所有坚固营垒背后的邪灵和谎言与我的连接,I break my agreement now我弃绝跟牠们所立的约,I command you now to leave me我现在命令你们离开我。I belong to Jesus我属于耶稣。Jesus is my King耶稣是我的王. Thank You Lord感谢你主。Help me to remember and live in what I heard today.帮助我记住并活在我今天听到的真理里。


We thank You Lord, 我们感谢你主,for Your presence with us. 感谢你与我们同在。Thank You for setting us free through the power of Your Word and Your wonderful name. 感谢你借着你的道和你奇妙名的大能,释放我们得自由。The bible says, “He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” 圣经上说:那在你们心里动了善工的,必成全这工,直到耶稣基督的日子。”You’re our redeemer and Hope. 你是我们的救赎主和盼望。 You alone bestow victory to those who put their trust in You. 惟有你将得胜赐给那些信靠你的人。We praise You our Rock and our banner, 我们赞美你,我们的磐石、我们的旌旗,train our hands for war, 教导我们的手争战,and our fingers for battle, 教导我们的指头打仗,let Satan’s kingdom and its schemes fall at our feet 让撒旦的国度和它的计谋被踏在我们的脚下through the wisdom of Your Word and Your glorious name we’re given in Christ! 借着在基督里,你赐给我们你真理的智慧和你荣耀的圣名,And bring glory to You. 愿你得着一切的荣耀。Amen 阿门!



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