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2021-02-21 Live by Faith 凭信而活(1)

发表于 2024-01-08

(Col 西2:6-7, Matt 14:22-28)  


In this Lent season, were gonna talk about faith. 在这个大斋节期间,我们要谈谈信心。After receiving Jesus, we all want be richly blessed, don’t we?当我们接受耶稣后,我们都希望得大大祝福,不是吗?Actually, God our Father wants us to be blessed, 事实上,神是要我们得福,and to be blessed abundantly.大大的得福。However Gods blessings are covenantal. 照着祂所立的约来祝福的。


In the bible, 在圣经中, there are lots of covenants, 有很多的约, such as the Mosaic covenant, 摩西之约,the Abrahamic covenant. 亚伯拉罕约。In the NT, Jesus said this, This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you. 在新,耶稣说:“这杯是用我血所立的新约,是为你们流出来的。” The shedding of Jesus blood brings us into the new covenant, 耶稣流出宝血把我们入新约,in which we receive blessings.我们因此蒙福。But receiving Gods covenantal blessings including earthly blessings clearly has conditions. 要得到神圣约祝福,包括得地上的祝福,显然是有条件的。


In the OT, 旧约中, the Israelites are required to obey Gods Word, 以色列人必须的话语,so that they will receive the blessings Gods promised. 他们会得到所应许的祝福。In the NT, Col 2:6-7, So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. 在新 歌罗西书 2:6 你们既然接受了主基督耶稣,就当遵他而行,2:7 在他里面生根建造,信心坚固,正如你们所领的教训,感谢的心也更增长了


Thats our theme for this year, 这是我们教会今年的主题, which also requires us to continue to live our lives in Him.这也要求我们要持续的活在祂里面。In other words, 换句话说,we should continue to know His Word,我们应当不断持续的认识祂的话语,and live by His Word, 照祂的话语行事为人so that well have changed lives in Christ and be richly blessed.这样我们的生命就会在基督里面被改变,并得到丰盛的祝福。Peter the apostle, wrote these words in 2 Peter 1 to teach us, 使徒彼得在《彼得书》第一章教导我们that as believers if we dont continue to make every effort to grow from faith to faith, “作为信徒,如果我们不分外的殷勤,在信上不断成长 to produce goodness, 充充足足的结出德行knowledge, 知识、self-control, 节制perseverance, 忍耐mutual affection and love in increasing measure, 弟兄的爱和爱众人的爱well be ineffective and unproductive in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus.我们就会在认识我们主耶稣基督上闲懒不结果子In other words, 换句话说, youll hear other peoples wonderful stories, 你会听到别人的精彩见证, but you yourselves will be unable to taste the full covenantal blessings God promises in Christ.但你自己却无法品尝到在基督里所应许我们的全部的祝福。What a shame! 那是何等遗憾的事啊!Roman 1:17 says, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last…“The righteous will live by faith.罗马书117节说:“是本于信,以至于信......”义人必因信得生 What holds back us from living by faith? 是什么阻止了我们因信而活Lets look at a story in Matt 14:22-33, 让我们看看马太福音1422-33


1, Hold on to God’s Word rather than doubt. 抓住上帝的话,而不疑惑。


Matt 14:22-33马太福音1422-33 This is a popular bible story,这是一个非常著名的圣经故事,after feeding the five thousand, 喂饱了五千人之后,Jesus sent his disciples away to the other side in a boat.耶稣催门徒上船先渡到那边去In the early morning before dawn, 在黎明前的清晨,when he was walking on the lake, the disciples were terrified because they thought it was a ghost.看见耶稣走在湖面上的,门徒们惊慌起来以为那是一个鬼怪 Jesus told them, It is I. 耶稣对他们说:“是我。” Then Peter asked the Lord to allow him to walk on the water as well. 彼得就求主容他在水上行走。Jesus said, come. 耶稣说:“来吧。” Then Peter walked on the water very well towards Jesus. 彼得在水面上走得很好,向耶稣走去。But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and beginning to sink, cried out, Lord, save me! 但是当他看到风甚大害怕,将要沉下去便喊着说:“主啊,救我!” 31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. 耶稣赶紧伸手拉住他。 You of little faith, he said, 说:“你这小的人啊,“why did you doubt?你为什么疑惑呢?” Here Peter was afraid, terrified, 这里看到彼得害怕,惊慌but Jesus didnt say, why did you fear?但耶稣没有说:“你为什么害怕?” Instead, he said, why did you doubt? 相反,说,“你为什么疑惑呢?” What did Peter doubt? 彼得疑惑什么? 32 And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down. 32他们上船,风就了。33 Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, Truly you are the Son of God. 33船上的人就拜他说:“你是神的儿子 People in the boat saw Jesus power over the wind, 船上的人看到耶稣掌管风暴 and they believed that Christ was the Son of God.他们相信了基督是神的儿子。But Peter doubted in the storm, 但是彼得在暴风中疑惑 it seems Jesus was saying, 耶稣似乎在说: why dont you believe that Im the Son of God? “你为什么不相信我是的儿子呢?Why do you doubt who I am? 你为什么怀疑我是谁(的身份)?” Holding on to who Jesus is gives us strength to overcome storms in life. 持守信耶稣是谁 给我们力量胜过生活中的风暴。


We all face storms in life. 我们每一个人都面临生活中的风暴。God never promises us a trouble-free life, 神从来没有应许我们信主后不再有烦恼,but He promises us peace to overcome troubles.但祂应许我们平安战胜忧虑The storms in life are inevitable whether we are believers or not, 无论我们是不是信徒,生活风暴都是不可避免的,its just a part of life.它是生活的一部分。But how we react to them matters. 我们如何应对才是关键From Peters experience we see that we shouldnt waste our lives in doubt and fears. 从彼得的经中,我们看到我们不应该在疑惑和恐惧中浪费我们的生命。Would you please say to the person beside you请你对你身边的人说一句– dont waste your life in doubt and fears! -“不要浪费你的生命在疑惑和恐惧中!” They are just making you waste your life! 他们只是在让你荒废你的生命!When we have Jesus in our life, 当有耶稣在我们生命中the storms of life are just opportunities for us to experience Gods ongoing salvation, healing, and deliverance, His goodness, his power, and reality. 生活中的所有风暴只是我们反复的经历神不断的拯救、医治释放经历祂良善大能真实的机会而已


 lost a job? “失业丢了工作? Got a problem in your life? 你生活中有麻烦?In your marriage? 你的婚姻出问题Or whatever. 或者别的什么。This bible passage shows us three things to apply, 经文告诉我们有三点可以应用在我们的生活里which help us to overcome:帮助我们得胜 A, Go back to God’s Word. (v.29). 回到的话语。(v. 29). B, Pray (v.30b). B. 祷告(v.30b)C, Hold fast to Who Jesus is (v.31).紧紧抓住耶稣是谁(v.31) (He is the maker of the Universe. He is…祂是宇宙的创造主,祂...)


2, How to be strong from start to finish. 从始至终坚定的信心。


In the story, 在这个事件中,Peter started with a strong faith 彼得起初有坚定的信心,but ended up with a little faith. 却以小信告终。Why? 这是为什么?Romans 10:17 says, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). 【罗10:17】可见信道是从听道来的,听道是从基督的话来的。 In the beginning, 起初,Peter asked Jesus to enable him to walk on the water, 彼得请求耶稣让他能在水面上行走,Jesus said, “come.” 耶稣说:“你来吧。” By believing in Jesus’ word 凭信靠耶稣的话Peter started to walk on the water. 彼得开始在水面上走。 That’s awesome. 好棒Faith is not to believe that we can, 信心不是信我们能做什么, but believe what Jesus says.而是信耶稣的话。Peter started with a strong faith in Jesus’ word, 彼得起初坚信耶稣的话,and he did something he couldn’t do with his own ability. 他就做了凭自己的能力无法做到的事。


But starting strong doesn’t mean finishing strong. 但最初信心坚定,不等于可以坚持到最后。We all may have the experience of starting something with enthusiasm, 我们可能都有过这样的经历: 开始时充满热情, like, I’m gonna lose weight this year…比如,我今年要减肥…I’m gonna read the bible through this year…我今年要把整本《圣经》读一遍…starting with strong faith 以坚定的信心开始,but ending up leaving it unfinished. 最后却半途而废。 Why? 这是为什么?


In this story, 在这个事件中,Peter ended up with little faith. 彼得却以小信告终。Because Jesus said, 因为耶稣说,“you of little faith.” “你这小信的人哪,”Why? 为什么? because这是因为 when he saw the wind, he was afraid and began to sink.只因见风甚大,就害怕,将要沉下去When he got his eyes off Jesus, 当他的眼睛不再注视耶稣, because of the wind, 只看见风很大,he began to sink. 就开始下沉。


In God’s kingdom, 在神的国度里, a wind, a circumstance, or a trouble is just a test of faith, 风、环境或患难,都是对信心的试验,to see whether we will shift our eyes from Jesus to circumstances or to people. 试验我们是否从注视耶稣 转向看环境或看人。During the time I was writing down this sermon, 在预备这篇讲章的时候,I was exhausted physically我感到筋疲力尽, so Tuesday night after the zoom prayer meeting, 所以周二晚上zoom祷告会后,I quickly went to bed. 我很快就上床睡觉了。


Next morning one minute before I woke up, 第二天早上醒来的前一刻,in the dream, I rebuked, 我在梦中斥责说:“I don’t allow you, the evil spirit to bully me, “不许你这邪灵欺负我! in Jesus’ name, I command you to go.”我奉耶稣的名命令你离开!” Then I woke up, 然后我醒了, strangely, 感到很奇怪,I asked God why, 我求问神这是为什么。then it was as if the Holy Spirit was telling me, 好像圣灵在对我说:“get your eyes off the situation, “不要看环境, and look to Me. 要看我。 Otherwise, you will sink. 否则,你就会下沉。 Complaints will replace your joy.” 抱怨会取代你的喜乐。” I praised Him and prayed 我就起来赞美、祷告,and noticed that the busyness I had been in was a test of my faith.  并意识到近期的忙碌是神对我信心的试验。But Jesus knows everything. 但主耶稣无所不知。Physical fatigue can result in mental exhaustion, 祂知道身体的疲劳会导致精神的疲惫,which can get our eyes off Jesus on to the things we’re doing. 使我们的眼睛从耶稣身上转移到我们所做的事情上。 If we continue focus on them, 如果我们继续定睛在这些事物上,it may produce complaints or anger or other negative emotions 就会引发抱怨、恼怒或其它的负面情绪,and cause us to lose the joy we have in Christ. 使我们失去在基督里的喜乐。


When fear or worry comes in当惧怕和忧虑进来, our consciousness of God goes out我们在环境里不再有神, then we’ll start to think然后就开始思想 “ooh, the problem is big, 哦这个问题很大,I've gotta fix the problem我要怎么去解决…I wanna run away我想逃…I’m alone我好孤单…” Fear hinders us from seeing the reality that God is so much bigger than our problems, 惧怕让我们看不到真实,就是神远远大过我们的困难,and He loves us! 并且祂爱我们!He is you Father, 祂是你的爸爸 God has got you back祂会扶持你。


When Peter the apostle focused on the wind, 当使徒彼得定睛于风大, he couldn’t see the greatness of Jesus 他就看不到耶稣是何等伟大,that He is the Lord of the wind and the ocean! 祂是风和海的主! Remember, 记住,the storms in life are just opportunities for us 生命中的风雨不过是神给我们机会,to renew our faith and experience God’s greatness. 要更新我们的信心和让我们经历祂的伟大。Three things we’ve gotta do immediately, if we don’t wanna sink, when we’re struggling. 当我们挣扎的时候,如果我们不想下沉,我们需要立即做这三件事。Go back to what you believed in the very beginning…回到你起初所信的. …take up your bible, seek His words…拿起圣经寻求祂的话…read, and pray… 读经、祷告…and hold fast to Who He Is…紧紧抓住祂是谁…until your heart is filled with Jesus’ promises and His peace. 直到你的心被主耶稣的应许和祂的平安所充满When you're a little kid, 当你是个孩子 if someone bully you, 若有人欺负你,what will you do你会怎么做Call your Dad come to tell him off…叫你爸来帮你, then you feel safe你就感到安全了. Now, God is your big Daddy现在神是你最大的爸爸, He is unchangeable祂不会改变, if you have the faith to know He has your back若你有信心知道祂会帮你, you won’t try to fix the problem by you own你不会自己想办法去解决问题,but will call upon Him first而是第一时间去祷告。His Word gives us faith祂的话赐人信心! He has promised,记住,祂已经应许: When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you; your troubles will not overwhelm you. When you pass through fire, you will not be burned; the hard trials that come will not hurt you (Isa 43:2).“你从水中经过,我必与你同在;你趟过江河,水必不漫过你;你从火中行过,必不被烧,火焰也不着在你身上。”(赛43:2


Jesus is our Saviour! 主耶稣是我们的救主!He is alive and faithful! 祂活着,祂是信实的!His Holy Spirit is our ever-present help. 祂的圣灵是我们永远的帮助。If we continue to live a lifestyle in Him like that, 如果我们在祂里面持守那样的生活方式,despite ups and downs, 那么无论顺境逆境,we’ll still be strong from start to finish, 我们都会始终如一地坚定,like the disciples were.  像门徒们一样。


3, Get rid of the stronghold of fear. 除去惧怕的营垒


However, we can’t ignore the existence of spiritual warfare. 然而,我们不能忽视属灵争战的存在。 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; 5 Casting down imaginations (arguments), and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Cor 10:4-5我们争战的兵器,本不是属血气的,乃是在 神面前有能力,可以攻破坚固的营垒, 5各样的计谋,各样拦阻人认识 神的那些自高之事一概攻破了,又将人所有的心意夺回,使他都顺服基督。(林后10:4-5It tells us 这段话告诉我们,that as Christians we’ve gotta pray in faith 作为基督徒我们需要在信心中祷告to cast down strongholds. 以攻破坚固的营垒。 A stronghold is an unbelieving mindset, “坚固营垒”是一种不信的心态,a way of thinking, a way of behaving which are made of imaginations, lies, and arguments 一种掺杂了想象、谎言和争论的思维模式、行为方式,which hinder us from growing in the knowledge of God. 拦阻我们更多认识神。Actually, 事实上, strongholds have been established over a period of time 经过一段时间,坚固营垒被建立起来,that we’ve gotten used to living with them. 我们已经习惯了它们的存在。


“What if I don’t have income tomorrow…“如果我明天没有收入怎么办…what if I can’t pay the house loan…如果我没钱交房贷怎么办…what if my children…”如果我的孩子怎么办 “what if they don’t like me…”如果他们不喜欢我…With imaginations being in our minds当思想里充满各种想象, we start to imagine something that is not true but a lie我们开始想象并不是真实的事只是谎言. Believing lies cause us to fear信谎言让我们惧怕. But believing the truth gives us peace. 信神的真理给我们平安。


Every one of our fear is a lie. 我们每个惧怕的点都是因信谎言。When lies come in当谎言进来 we start to get rejected by people我们就开始感受到被拒绝, we start to get worried and afraid about tomorrow, 我们就开始为明天忧虑、惧怕, or get worried about our children 或者为孩子忧虑,and try to manipulate them to do what we want them to do, 就想操纵他们去做我们想要他们做的事,and forget that God is in charge of our tomorrows. 忘记了神掌管我们的明天。Worry, fear and doubt are all lying evil powers behind strongholds, 忧虑、惧怕和不信都是因坚固营垒后有说谎的邪恶势力,which prevent us from being obedient to Christ. 阻挡我们不能顺服基督。2 Tim 1:7, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 【提后1:7】因为 神赐给我们不是胆怯的心(灵),乃是刚强、仁爱、谨守的心(灵)。It says that fear is a spirit, which has power. 这里说惧怕是一个灵,它是有能力的,But what God has given us is a spirit of love但神赐给我们的是爱的灵,which overcomes fear. 可胜过胆怯惧怕。Because God is Spirit, who is Love. 神是个灵,祂是爱 But why do we still fear in so many ways? 但我们为什么仍然充满各种惧怕?


I John 5:4, this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith. 4使我们胜了世界的,就是我们的信心。(约一54下) In other words, 换句话说, it’s all about faith. 这全都关乎信。 What we really believe determines whether we overcome fear or not. 我们真正信的是什么,决定了我们能否胜过胆怯惧怕。When Peter focused on the wind, 当彼得定睛在风浪上,he believed he would drown, 他信他会被淹死,he was overwhelmed by fear. 就被惧怕淹没了。 But when he looked to Jesus, 但当他注目耶稣, he believed Jesus’ Word, 他信耶稣的话, he overcame fear. 于是胜过了惧怕。 The same for us. 对我们也一样。 How can we live in no fear of what we’re seeing or hearing in the visible world? 怎样活出在可见世界中却不惧怕眼见耳闻的样式? 


a, Seek God first. 第一要寻求神 Spend time with God by reading and praying and meditating on His words. 要花时间读经、祷告、默想神的话。King David said,大卫说, I sought the Lord, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears (Ps. 34:4) 4我曾寻求耶和华,他就应允我,救我脱离了一切的恐惧。(诗344. Focus first on the invisible kingdom第一件事是定睛看不见的国度,and the big end of everything – Jesus, 定睛耶稣万物的归靠者,rather than give your minds in to fear or imaginations of what will happen next. 不容你的心因惧怕去想象接下来会发生什么, “What if I lose my job…”“要是我失去工作……”“Stop! Enough! I don’t allow myself to be bullied by you - evil spirits! “停!够了!我不会被你这邪灵欺压!I put my trust in God, 我信靠神,He holds my tomorrows…”神掌管明天……” The righteous will live by faith.义人必因信得生。(罗117 Not by sight. 不凭眼见,Don’t give room for the spirits of lie and fear to ruin your life. 不要给谎言和惧怕的灵留地步,容他们摧毁你的生命。Give? or not give? 容或不容? It’s up to you.是你的选择。


B, Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what your fears are all about 求圣灵显明所惧怕的是什么. Fear of death? 是怕死? Fear of diseases? 怕生病? Fear of spirits? 怕灵?Fear of being rejected? 是怕被拒绝?Fear of failures? 怕失败?Fear of the future? 害怕未来?Fear of financial problems? 怕财务出状况?Or whatever. 不管怕什么,Ask God to reveal the roots of them. 求神启示这里面的根。 And if there is any pain, 里面要是有心痛,forgive the people who hurt you, 就去饶恕伤害你的人, and you’ll be forgiven.你就得赦免。 When you’re forgiven, 你被赦免了,you’re free. 就得了释放。He who is forgiven much, loves much. 赦免的多 爱也多The more you love, the less you fear爱越多,就赶出惧怕。Because perfect love drives out fear. Fear has to do with believing lies. 惧怕和信谎言有关,And it also has to do with unforgiveness.惧怕也和不饶恕有关。


C, Continue to live a lifestyle filling your mind with the Word and the love of God让心里充满神的话和神的爱,持续这种生活方式. Love others instead of judging. 爱他人,而不论断人。If you judge people with your own standards, 你若以自己的标准论断他人, you’ll have no room to love them, 心里就无地容爱, rather, your room will be filled with fear. 反之会被惧怕充满。 Because 1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. 18爱里没有惧怕;爱既完全,就把惧怕除去。因为惧怕里含着刑罚(约一418上) Punishment has to do with sin, judgement, and condemnation. 刑罚与罪、审判和定罪有关。 When you judge others with your own eyes, 你若以自己的眼光审判论断他人,you fall under the same judgement (Luke 6:37) . 你也落在审判之下,Then, you will be seized by fear. 就被惧怕捉住。Because Fear has to do with judgement, condemnation and unforgiveness. 因惧怕和论断、定罪、不饶恕有关。But if you accept and forgive others just as the Lord accepted and forgave you, 你若接纳饶恕他人,如同主接纳饶恕了你,you’re free from fear. 你就能脱离惧怕。But after we’re free, 但我们若得以脱离we must continue to live in that lifestyle.,仍须持守在这种生活方式里。


In the last days, 在末后的日子, even though darkness and lies are everywhere, 尽管处处是黑暗和谎言,yet, God’s heart will never change! 然而,神的心永不改变! Ephesians 3:10 tells us, through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. 10为要藉着教会使天上执政的、掌权的,现在得知 神百般的智慧。(弗310 This is our goal, 这是我们的目标, that through faith in Jesus, 藉着信靠主耶稣,we’ve gotta reveal the manifold wisdom of God to the dark kingdom. 我们当向黑暗世界显明神百般智慧。 Our enemy is the old self, sin, Satan and his kingdom not people. 旧人,罪,撒旦和撒旦的国度是我们的仇敌,不是人。To win them is to allow God’s manifold wisdom to be revealed through us who are willing to deny the self. 让神藉着我们否定自己显明祂百般智慧,就可胜过仇敌。So we’re not just called to come to attend a church service. 因此,我们蒙召不是只参加个教会聚会,We’re called to overcome sin, 我们蒙召是为胜过罪, and to overcome the invisible enemy in whatever aspect of life he has robbed from us. 是要去胜过,生命中方方面面被仇敌所掳的看不见的地土。


When we look at the communities around us, 看看我们周围的社区, we look at the broken lives, 到处是破碎的生命,the alcohol, and the addictions, 酒精和毒品蔓延,and the broken families, 到处是破碎的家庭,we’re called to set them free. 我们蒙召为叫人得自由。You may think, 你也许会说, “oh, that’s not me. 哦,那不是我,I’m not good enough. I’m timid.” 我不够好,我胆小不敢。”


In the book of Judges, a timid person called Gideon士师记里记载了一个胆小的人基甸,was threshing wheat hiding himself behind a winepress. 他躲在酒醡后面打麦子。When God appeared to him, and called him, 当神向他显现并呼召他: “mighty warrior. The Lord is with you.” 大能的勇士啊,耶和华与你同在。Gideon then become a real warrior, 基甸就成了一个真正的勇士, through him God delivered the Israelites from their oppressor’s hand. 耶和华藉着他救以色列人脱离了仇敌的手。God is always looking for people who have ears to hear in every generation, 神在每一个时代都在寻求有能听的耳的百姓that He can use them to deliver His people from their oppressors. 可以被祂使用去释放被掳的人。


You’re the ones God has called out of your families神将你从你家族中呼召出来, to be the generation to arise in faith为要使你成为因信兴起的世代, and to bring a breakthrough to your families, 为要给你的家庭带来突破, to your marriages, 给你的婚姻带来突破, to your communities. 给你的社区带来突破。


Don’t waste your life to listen to lies, so that you’re limited to do what you’re able to do. 不要荒废生命去信谎言,以至于你被限制住,做不了你当做的。 God is with us! 主与我们同在!We need to believe what we are who God says we are, 我们当信,神称我们是什么,我们就是什么like Gideon. 就如基甸那样。


“Sons and daughters of the Almighty God…全能者的儿女…… God is with you…耶和华与你们同在……You died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God…你死了,你的生命如今与基督一同藏在神里面“You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” 你们不是自己的人,是重价买来的,所以 要在身子上荣耀神you’re able to love…你有爱的能力……you’re able to serve…你有服事的能力……God is with you.” 耶和华与你同在。Yes! That’s our identity. 是!这就是我们的身份。


Let’s turn our eyes from people or circumstances to God! 让我们不看环境不看别人,单单看神! Let us cry out to God, 让我们向神来呼求,would you like to stand up and cry out to God right now 可不可以大家站起来,一起来祷告神:

“God, I want a fresh encounter with You…“神啊,我要和你有活泼的经历……I want a fresh awareness of the call and purpose on my life... 我要清楚地知道你对我生命的呼召和旨意……Lord, I turn to You…主啊,我转向你……I don’t have to live with that stronghold of fear and doubt anymore…我不要再受惧怕和怀疑的营垒辖制……Jesus, You paid the price for me, 主耶稣,你为我付了赎价,You have conquered that fear for me…你已为我胜过惧怕……Lord, I turn to You…主,我转向你……




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