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2021-11-28 Understand the Kingdom 明白神的国(3)

发表于 2024-01-08

Last Sunday we learnt that God’s Kingdom coming into this present time 上周我们分享了神的国在这世代来到,is to prepare and transform us and make us a fruitful life, 是为了预备和更新我们成为结果子的生命,so that we may escape corruption and reflect the character of Jesus progressively, 使我们脱离败坏,渐渐活出耶稣的性情,and to fulfil God’s original plan, 成就神最初造人的计划,to share in His rulership on earth when Jesus returns. 当耶稣再来的时候与祂一同在地上掌权。And we’re told to be diligent and cooperate with the Holy Spirit. 神教导我们当殷勤与圣灵同工。


Is it easy to walk with God, and grow in His Character? 与神同行、长成祂的性情容易吗?No. it’s not easy. 不容易。That’s why Jesus put His Spirit in our hearts. 因此耶稣把祂的灵赐在我们心里。“Where the Spirit of Jesus is, there’s freedom”. 主的灵在哪里,那里就得以自由。 The power of God is to set us free from all kinds of lies, 神的大能释放我们脱离各样谎言,heal our wounds, 医治伤口, and shape our character to be more like Him. 塑造我们更像祂。Today, 今天,we’re talking about growing in the Kingdom character – humble and shame-free. 我们来分享在属神国的性情中成长——无羞耻感的谦卑。Let’s read让我们来读: Luke 22:24-30, Now there was also a dispute among them, as to which of them should be considered the greatest. 25 And He said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those who exercise authority over them are called ‘benefactors.’ 26 But not so among you; on the contrary, he who is greatest among you, let him be as the younger, and he who governs as he who serves. 27 For who is greater, he who sits at the table, or he who serves? Is it not he who sits at the table? Yet I am among you as the One who serves. 28 “But you are those who have continued with Me in My trials. 29 And I bestow upon you a kingdom, just as My Father bestowed one upon Me, 30 that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”门徒起了争论:他们中间哪一个可算为大。耶稣说:外邦人有君王为主治理他们,那掌权管他们的称为恩主。但你们不可这样。你们里头为大的,倒要像年幼的;为首领的,倒要像服侍人的。是谁为大?是坐席的呢?是服侍人的呢?不是坐席的大吗?然而,我在你们中间如同服侍人的。我在磨炼之中,常和我同在的就是你们。我将国赐给你们,正如我父赐给我一样,叫你们在我国里,坐在我的席上吃喝,并且坐在宝座上,审判以色列十二个支派。


1, A Dispute Over Greatness 争论谁为大.


It was just after the last Supper, 最后的晚餐刚结束,the Twelve started to argue

who was the greatest amongst them. 十二门徒中就起了争论:他们中间哪一个可算为大。“You’re the greatest, really?” “你最大?是吗?” “Do you think you’re better than the rest of us?” “你比我们其他人好吗?”This wasn’t the first time that the disciples got into this sort of argument. 这种争论在门徒里已经不是头一次。In Mark 9:33-35, they argued about who was the greatest. 他们也争论过谁为大。On another occasion, 还有一次,the mother of James and John asked Jesus to allow her sons to sit at Jesus’ right and left in His Kingdom, 雅各和约翰的母亲求耶稣让她的儿子们在祂国里坐在耶稣的左右,this made the rest of them angry at them, 其余门徒听见就很恼怒,“What? Then what about us?” “什么?那我们坐哪里?”

Interesting! 有意思!The Jewish followers were very passionate about who would be greatest and be able to sit beside Jesus in His Kingdom. 跟从耶稣的犹太人对于谁为大,以及在神国里谁坐在耶稣旁边的事非常热心,However, their hope wasn’t wrong. 但他们的期望没有错,Their understanding of God’s Kingdom reigning on earth was absolutely right.他们对于神国度在地上掌权的理解也完全正确。They believed what God had promised King David, 他们相信神对大卫王的应许:“I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, who will come from your own body, and I will establish his kingdom…and I’ll establish the throne of his kingdom forever.” 1Sam撒下7:12-13】你寿数满足,与你列祖同睡的时候,我必使你的后裔接续你的位,我也必坚定他的国。他必为我的名建造殿宇,我必坚定他的国位,直到永远。


Apparently, 显然,it’s not talking about Solomon’s kingdom, 这里说的不是所罗门的国度,but the Messiah’s. 而是弥赛亚的国度。So they eagerly desired to see, 因此他们热切盼望可以看到and be in partnership with the Lord in His kingdom to reign on earth. 并有份与主基督的国在地上掌权的事。


In the book of Acts, 在使徒行传,after Jesus had spent 40 days talking about the Kingdom of God before His ascension, 耶稣在升天前和门徒40昼夜谈论神的国,they still asked Jesus: 门徒们仍然问: “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the Kingdom to Israel?”主啊,你复兴以色列国就在这时候吗? Their understanding of the literal Kingdom of God coming and reigning on the earth was right. 他们对神的国将来真实降临到地上 并执掌王权的理解是正确的,But they had missed out the point 但他们漏掉了一点,that without going through a preparation and a process of being transformed into Christ’s character, 就是若不经过更新改变像基督的这一预备过程,they were unable to reign with Christ. 他们就不能与基督一同做王。


But by the grace of God, 但借着神的恩典,and their faith in cooperating with the Spirit of Jesus, 藉着信与耶稣的灵同工,the disciples were totally changed, 门徒们完全被改变了,and they made their call and election sure. 他们在所蒙的恩召和拣选上坚定不移。Now we’re on the way! 现在我们正走在这条路上!We have the same Jesus and the same Holy Spirit within us. 我们也同有一个耶稣,同有一个圣灵在我们里面,Now it’s our turn to get changed of our inner beliefs. 是我们该改换内里心志的时候了。


In V. 25 -26, the key words are 25-26节的关键词是 “authority, benefactors, greatness, servanthood” “权柄、恩主、尊大、做仆人”。First of all, 首先,we’ ve gotta understand that the disciples lived under the influence of the ancient Roman world. 我们要知道,门徒们所处的世代正受着古罗马文化的影响。The ancient Roman world was an honour-shame culture. 古罗马的社会文化是荣辱文化,The word “benefactors” is applied to one who bestows “favor” on another. “恩主”这个词是某人施恩与他人;Jesus saying was referring to the fact that 主耶稣这话是指, “the Roman emperors or top leaders in power当时罗马皇帝和领袖们, sought out recognition and honour in their territories, which made them look like the greatest.寻求他们管辖领土上的人民对他们的认同和称赞,使他们显为尊大”。But these are the concepts of the dark Kingdom. 但这些都是黑暗国度的观念,If you believe it, it could keep you in slavery. 你若相信,就成为其奴仆。Now we belong to the Kingdom of Light. 现在我们属于光明国度,We shouldn’t follow the ways of the world. 不当跟从世界的法则;We need to change our beliefs about what honour and shame are, 我们需要改换自己所信的荣辱观,and what it really means to be greater and honoured in the Kingdom of God. 去认识什么是神国里被称为大和荣耀的。Then, in v.26, 接着,在26节,Jesus gave them an idea of who is the greatest, 耶稣就告诉他们谁为大,which was completely the opposite. 是完全相反的看法。


he who is greatest among you, let him be as the younger, and he who governs as he who serves. 你们里头为大的,倒要像年幼的;为首领的,倒要像服侍人的 In Matt 18:4Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven所以,凡自己谦卑像这小孩子的,他在天国里就是最大的。Matt 23:11-12, The greatest among you will be your servant. 12 For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. 你们中间谁为大,谁就要作你们的用人。凡自高的,必降为卑;自卑的,必升为高。 In these verses we see 这些经文里我们看见The Key words for greatness in the Kingdom of God are, Humility, and servanthood. 神国度里“尊大”的关键词是:谦卑、做仆人。


2, Grow in the King’s Character of Humility and push back shame.在王谦卑的性情里成长,拒绝羞耻感


27 For who is greater, he who sits at the table, or he who serves? Is it not he who sits at the table? Yet I am among you as the One who serves. 是谁为大?是坐席的呢?是服侍人的呢?不是坐席的大吗?然而,我在你们中间如同服侍人的。


Jesus was saying, 耶稣是在说:“In a worldly view, “在世人眼里,those kings sitting at the table are greater than those who are serving them. 坐在席上的君王,比服事他们的人尊大;But I’m the King, 但我是王,the King of kings and the Lord of lords, 万王之王,万主之主,I’ve come among you to serve.” 我来到你们当中服事人。”In Mark10:45Jesus says, 耶稣说,The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”因为人子来,并不是要受人的服侍,乃是要服侍人,并且要舍命,作多人的赎价。


Not only did Jesus serve, 耶稣不但来服事人,but also, He poured out his blood to wash us clean. 并且他流血洗净我们。In the Greek-Roman culture back in Jesus’ days, 回到耶稣所处的希腊-罗马时代,only the lowest servants were hired by a host to wash his guests’ feet, 主人会雇佣最卑贱的奴仆为客人洗脚,but Jesus purposely humbled himself to wash His disciples’ feet. 耶稣却特意降卑自己为门徒洗脚。Jesus calls us to follow His example of humility. 耶稣呼召我们跟从祂谦卑的样式,Because this’s a key quality to possess the Kingdom of Heaven. 因谦卑是承受天国的关键品质。“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “虚心的人有福了,因为天国是他们的。【Matt 5:3 Without this quality, we’re unable to inherit the Kingdom. 没有这谦卑的品质,就不能承受神国。What does “poor in spirit” mean? “灵里贫穷”是什么意思?How do “the poor in spirit” end up inheriting the Kingdom? 为什么“灵里贫穷”导致继承天国呢?


They’re those who consider themselves nothing, 谦卑是那些他们看自己什么都不是,they empty themselves, 他们倒空自己,so they don’t lean on their own understanding but rely on God with all their heart 以至于不再倚靠自己的聪明,而是全心信靠神(Pro 3:5-6).  As a result, 其结果就是,they grow in Christ’s Character of humility 他们在耶稣的谦卑的性情中成长,and feeling no shame in admitting that they’re nobody in the eyes of man. 并对在人眼中看他们是小人物,并不感到羞耻。They’re true followers of Jesus他们是真正跟随耶稣的门徒们.

But today, our society teaches us to aim to “become somebody else.” 但现今的社会,教导我们追求“成为大人物”。We wanna have the best-paying job, 我们希望得高收入的工作,we wanna have the highest position; 希望得高位,we wanna be recognised; 希望被认同,we wanna “become somebody else’. 希望成为“某个人物”。


Why? 为什么?Because when you look around, 因当你看身边的人,you find people around you have something, you don’t have. 发现他们有了什么,你却没有。The enemy comes and puts a sense of shame in you, 仇敌就来将羞耻感放进来,“They all have it, . “他们都有,I don’t have that, 我却没有,something is wrong with me, 我有问题,I’m different, 我和别人不一样,so I’m shamed, 这是我的羞辱,I wanna become like them.” 我要和他们一样。”If you don’t push it back, 如果不把它抵挡出去,if you accept it, 如果接受了它,you become a victim of shame, 你就成为羞耻感的受害者,not victorious over shame不能胜过羞耻感。Last Thursday I was shocked when I heard a story, 上周四我听说一件事,让我很震惊,a sister said that she had raised her daughter in Hong Kong, 一位姊妹说她的女儿在香港长大,in a Chinese environment 在中文的环境,where both parents spoke Mandarin, 父母都说普通话,the grandparents spoke Mandarin. 爷爷奶奶也说普通话。The whole community spoke Cantonese, 整个社区说广东话,but her daughter was trained to speak English as her first language. 但她的女儿却被训练以英语为第一语言。


I was shocked at how powerfully rejection and shame and fear had influenced their lives. 看到拒绝感、羞耻感和惧怕深深地影响他们的生活,我很震惊。 “Something is wrong with me as a Chinese, “作中国人不好, I’m ashamed to speak Mandarin, 我对说普通话感到羞耻,I must do something to cover it up. 我得想办法掩盖。I’m sick of being despised. 我不想被人看不起。I must do something to conceal who I am. 我得想办法掩盖我的真实身份……Now, my next generation will become someone else, 现在,我的下一代要成为不一样的人了,whose first language is English (or French, or...)” 他的母语是英语 (或法语 …..)


But the reality is even if your first language is English, 但现实是,即使你的第一语言是英语,it counts as nothing, 也算不得什么, you can’t change your identity as a Chinese, 你还是无法改变你是中国人的身份, or as the one God made you to be, 也无法改变你受造成为的那个人, despite what language you speak 无论你说什么语言,or where you were born. 无论你在哪里出生。


Michael Jackson was successful in his career, 迈克尔杰克逊的事业很成功 his first language was English他的母语是英语,so what那又怎样? Because he couldn’t accept himself just as he was因他不能接纳自己的本相, he made every effort to change his out appearance他竭尽全力去改变自己的外表, it didn’t work.那是没有用的 If you can’t accept yourself the way God made you若你不能接纳神所造的你, if you can’t be yourself,若你不能做回真实的你 and you try to become someone else你把自己装成另一个人, even if you struggle for it until die就算你为此奋斗到死, it didn’t work也没有用. Michael died in the torment of shame and grief 麦克尔在羞耻感和悲痛的折磨中死去。His success and his perfect English ability didn’t give him hope他的成功和讲的完美英文没有给他人生盼望. So people of God,神的子民 we’re to be wise! 我们当有智慧!Don’t listen to lies. 不要听信谎言。


God delights in making you different from others, 神喜悦造你与别人不同,“My appearance is different from yours我的外貌与你不同, my first language is different from yours我的母语与你不同, my gifts are different from yours我的恩赐与你不同 I’m proud that I was created differently from you in the image of our Creator, 我为在造物主的形象中,与你造的不同而感到自豪  because it reflects the Beauty and Richness of the Creator. 因为这是为显明造物主的荣美和丰富It’s not all about “me”. 这不是只关乎我。It’s about the glory of the Creator. 这是关乎造物主的荣耀, that we may use the differences to serve one another使我们可以使用这不同来彼此服侍 and to build up the body of Christ 建立基督的身体。


But the enemy has twisted the truth, 但仇敌却扭曲了这真理:“It’s shameful to be different, “与别人不同是害羞的,you should become like them. 你应该和他们一样。” If you listen to the lies and come into agreement with the devil, 如果你听信并接受这魔鬼的谎言, if you feel ashamed of yourself, 如果你对自己感到羞耻,and you begin to conceal who you really are, 并开始掩盖自己的真实身份,you’re not in agreement with God but with the spirit of shame. 你就不是与神合一,而是与羞耻的邪灵合一。Shame steals our identity 羞耻感偷窃我们的真实身份,and destroys our health and our relationships. 毁坏我们的健康和人际关系。Shame causes you to not value the difference God gives you, 羞耻感让你不看重神造你的不同,but to compare yourself with others, 让你去和别人比较,then you blame, 然后就责怪,and you feel angry, 感到愤怒、scared, 惧怕、anxious, 忧虑、unacceptable. 不接纳。You’ll try to exalt yourself in your own way. 你想用自己的方法高举自己。Like Adam and Eve, 如同亚当和夏娃,when they listened to the enemy, 当他们听信了仇敌的话, they made clothes with their own hands to cover themselves. 就用自己的手做衣服来遮羞。You wanna perform well to cover the sense of shame 你希望用做事做的好,来掩盖羞耻感 rather than allow your inner man to be healed而不是让你内心得着医治。


The fruit of shame is performance. 羞耻感的果子就是要“做事做好”。“I feel ashamed and angry with myself as I didn’t perform well…“我就感到羞耻、对自己生气,因我没有做好这事……I feel terrified when someone knows my weakness.” 若有人知道了我的弱点,我会感到惧怕。”Shame causes us to conceal ourselves, 羞耻感使我们隐藏自己,and blocks us from growing in Christ’s character of Humility. 拦阻我们长成基督里谦卑的品格。For it comes from pride. 因为羞耻感来自于骄傲。Pro11:2when pride comes, then comes shame, but with humility comes wisdom. 骄傲来,羞耻也来,谦逊人却有智慧。【Jame4:6 God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  神阻挡骄傲的人,赐恩给谦卑的人。In other words, 换句话说,if you give yourself in to shame, 如果你顺从羞耻感,it separates you from the wisdom and humility and Grace of God. 你就与神的智慧、谦卑和恩典隔绝了。


Jesus coming into us, 耶稣进到我们里面, the Kingdom of God coming into us, 神的国进入我们里面, is not to change our environment. 并不是为改变我们的环境。He comes to change what’s inside of us. 他来是为改变我们的内心。Rom3:23“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”因为世人都犯了罪,亏缺了 神的荣耀。

Jesus also says主耶稣也说, what defiles a person is from the heart污秽人的是从心里出来的, for out of the heart comes evil thoughts因为从心里出来的是恶念(Matt 15:18-19)


Shame is the fruit of sin羞耻感是犯罪的果子. No one can avoid this problem. 没有人可以避开这问题But Jesus came to accept us just as we are.但主耶稣来接纳我们的本相 it doesn’t mean we should stay in where we are这不意味着我们该呆在本相里, Jesus willingly humbled himself to be stripped of his clothes and his dignity祂甘愿谦卑自己,被剥去衣服和尊荣. He was naked to bear our shame on that cross 他赤身露体在十架上担当我们的羞辱. We should follow in His footsteps to accept ourselves and others, but die to sin and shame, so that we may grow in His humility. 1 Peter 5:6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. 所以你们要自卑,服在 神大能的手下,到了时候,他必叫你们升高 In other words换句话说we must change our inner beliefs and concepts我们必须更新内在的信和观念, believe in Jesus’ way of humility through repentance, forgiveness, and trusting in God藉着悔改、饶恕、倚靠神,信从耶稣的谦卑之道. Because exaltation from God 因为高举从神而来。


3, Grow in the King’s Character: shame-free. 在王的无羞耻感的性情中成长


Luke22:28“But you are those who have continued with Me in My trials. 我在磨炼之中,常和我同在的就是你们。Jesus is our Lord and our leader. 耶稣是我们的主、我们的领袖。 He leads by the example of humility and serving voluntarily. 他以谦卑和甘心的服侍为我们作了榜样。 Jesus was saying to the disciples, 耶稣对门徒说: “You all have witnessed my trials.” “你们都见证了我的磨炼。”What does that mean? 这是什么意思? It means that He came to be an example about how to become a mature son of God, 这是说,祂来给我们作了怎样成为完全的神儿子的榜样, so that we’ll be qualified to inherit the Kingdom. 使我们可以去承受神的国。He said,他说:Luke22:29-3029“I grant you the Kingdom which the Father has granted me.” 30 that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”29我将国赐给你们,正如我父赐给我一样,30叫你们在我国里,坐在我的席上吃喝,并且坐在宝座上,审判以色列十二个支派。” Clearly, v.30 is not talking about being saved and going to heaven (Eph 2:8-9), 显然,第30节并不是在谈论“得救和上天堂(2:8-9) but talking about the rewards for overcomers or full-grown sons in the image of Christ. 而是在讲赏赐那些得胜者,或是成长基督身量的人。Jesus made it clear in 耶稣说得很清楚 Matt19:27-2827 Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you! What then will there be for us?” 28 Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 彼得就对他说:看哪,我们已经撇下所有的跟从你,将来我们要得什么呢?耶稣说:我实在告诉你们:你们这跟从我的人,到复兴的时候,人子坐在他荣耀的宝座上,你们也要坐在十二个宝座上,审判以色列十二个支派。


Sitting on His glorious throne and judging the twelve tribes of Israel 坐在祂荣耀的宝座上,审判以色列十二个支派,is linked to what will be given to us in the future, 是和我们将来得赏赐有关, as a result of giving up everything, 这是需要我们放下一切,and making the Kingdom our priority 将神国放在首位,to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. 跟随耶稣的脚踪行。Jesus gave up everything he had, 耶稣放下他一切所有,He left his heavenly glory and majesty, 离开祂天上的荣耀和威严, became like the lowest servant, 成了最卑微的仆人 Phi2:7says, He made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant,反倒虚己,取了奴仆的形像,成为人的样式。【Isa 52:14His appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man and his form marred beyond human likeness.许多人因他(原文作)惊奇(他的面貌比别人憔悴,他的形容比世人枯槁) Isa 53:2He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.他在耶和华面前生长如嫩芽,像根出于干地。他无佳形美容,我们看见他的时候,也无美貌使我们羡慕他。 In other words, 换句话说,He deliberately chose an ugly appearance, 他故意选择了丑陋的相貌,not handsome, 没有英俊,no good job, 没有好工作, no education…没有好教育……I feel left behind, “我感觉被遗弃了,I feel worthless, 我觉得自己没用, I feel ashamed…”我觉得羞耻  No, 不, Christ never felt that way. 基督从来没有接受那感觉。Because He knew who He was, 因祂知道自己是谁, he trusted in the Father, 他信靠天父, and his strength and comfort didn’t come from whether people honoured or dishonoured him, 他的力量和安慰不是来自人是否尊重他, but from his inner connection with the Father. 而是来自他内在与天父的关系。


If your inner man is attached to shame, 如果你内心顺从羞耻感, anger will be a major fruit that you can’t get over, 其结果就是你常常发怒,无法胜过 you need to break the attachment to shame. 你需要砍断与羞耻感的连结。Because whatever you’ve experienced that caused you to feel shame, 无论你经历过怎样的事,让你感到羞耻,maybe it’s because you were ashamed by your family background, 或许是你对你家庭背景感到羞耻,or maybe it was your own failure, 或许是你对自己做的不好,感到羞耻 or whatever it was. 或者任何别的原因。


Jesus bore our shame, 主耶稣担当了我们一切的羞辱, instead of praising the Creator, 人不颂赞造物主,people shouted at Him, 反而对祂大喊:“crucify Him, crucify Him.” “钉他十字架,钉他十字架!” But He cried, 祂却大声说: “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they do.” “父啊,赦免他们!因为他们所作的,他们不晓得。”“It is finished.” “成了!”Forgiveness set us free from the pain and grief of shame. 主的饶恕将我们从羞耻感的痛和难过中释放出来。The Son of God didn’t need to suffer shame and rejection. 神的儿子本不必承受羞辱和拒绝。 For the Kingdom was His. 因为国度是属于祂的。But for the sake of you and me, 但是为了你我的缘故,“I grant you the Kingdom, “我将国赐给你们” for us to be qualified to share in His kingship in the future when He returns. 是为祂再来时,我们可以与祂一同掌权有份。


Jesus Christ came to go through the process of trials, 耶稣基督来经历磨炼, modelling for us 是为给我们树立榜样,that it’s necessary to overcome shame and rejection and fear; 就是我们需要胜过羞耻感、拒绝感和惧怕; it’s necessary to change our inner beliefs, 我们需要改变内在的信,because what we really believe reflects who we are.  因为我们里面真实所信的,才显出我们的身份。How we see ourselves, and how we see God and others to the truth, 如何在真理里面看待自己、看待神、看待他人。


“I am a new creation in Christ.” “我在基督里是新造的人。”“I am a co-heir with Christ.” “我与基督同作后嗣。”“I need to change and grow in Christ’s Character “我需要改变,在基督的性情里成长,of being shame-free and humble, 成为无羞耻感、谦卑的人, to attain full sonship in the image of Christ.” 照基督的样式成为完全的儿子。” Yes, this is what we were born for. 是的,这就是我们被造的目的。 This is what the enemy tries to steal away from us. 这也是仇敌极力想从我们身上偷去的。But this is what God wants us to be, 但这是神要我们成为的样子, and this has already been made possible for us in Christ, 在基督里这一切都已经成为可能,to grow in His Character 在祂的性情中成长,of being shame-free and humble. 不存羞耻感的谦卑。




Concluding Prayer: 结束祷告:


Thank You Lord, for Your amazing Grace. 主啊,感谢你的奇异恩典。Thank You for loving us. 谢你爱我们。Thank You for hanging on that cross and bearing all our sin and shame. 谢你挂在十字架上,亲身担当了我们的罪和羞Thank You for valuing us to the point of shedding Your own blood. 谢你看重我们的生命,为我们尽你的宝血。We can be washed clean. 我们的罪洗除净尽We now can stand unashamed. 现在我们可以无羞无愧地站立在你面前Let’s open our mouths with our eyes closed and thank Him!  让我们闭上眼睛,张开,感谢

The greatest God, 至尊大的神,the Lord of lords became the lowest servant to die for you, 万主之主降卑成为最卑微的奴仆为你死在十字架上,and to give you a new identity. 给你一个新的身份。What priceless love it is! 这是何等无价的爱啊!Thank Him for valuing you to such a point.感谢祂看重你如此的地步。 We don’t deserve it, 我们实在不配but He loves us so much. 祂却如此的爱我们。He is not concerned about your failures. 祂从不把你的失败放在心上He doesn’t place shame on the things You feel ashamed about. 对你所羞事,祂从不感到羞He wants you to open up yourself, turn to Him, and allow Him to heal you… 你做的就是,敞开你的心扉,转向,让来医治你。


Are there internal struggles within you? 你的内心挣扎吗 When you find you’re different or you’re inferior to others? 当你发现自己和别人不一样,你不如别人时? Is there anger within you when you don’t perform well?  当你做的不好时,你的内心有愤怒吗?Or others don’t perform well? 或别人做的不好时,你愤怒吗?Do you feel ashamed when you’re corrected? 当你被纠正时,你会感到羞愧吗? Do you feel ashamed when you feel that others around you are praised and honoured, while you aren’t? 当你身边的人得到赞扬和尊敬,而你没有,你感到羞吗? Are you afraid that people may really know your weaknesses? 是否担心,人知道你的弱点?Are you trying to become someone else to prove that you’re valuable? 你正想成为某类的人来证明你是有价值的? Let’s become honest and cry out to God: 让我们诚心诚意“Holy Spirit, help me. “圣灵,帮助我。I wanna change my inner beliefs. 我想改变我内心所信的I wanna be made more like Your character of Humility and free of shame. 我想被改变,更像你的样式:没有羞耻感的谦卑 Jesus, forgive me for believing that glory and honour are bestowed by people. 耶稣,求你赦免我相信荣耀和尊荣是人予的。All people have sinned. 所有世人都犯了罪。 All people need Your forgiveness.” 都需要你的赦免


Perhaps you have come into agreement with lies, 也许你信了谎言,and shame has got attached to your life. 羞耻感已成了你生命的一部分Maybe shame came from your family background, 也许羞耻感来自你的家庭背景,you were compared to others by your parents, 父母拿你和别人比较,or your family was compared with others’, 或者你的家庭被拿来和人家庭比较,or your mum or dad was compared with others, 或者你的父母被拿来和别人父母比较,or maybe it was in school…或者在你上学时被比较


whatever it was, 不管是什么,Jesus has paid the price to set you free from that shame. 耶稣已经付了代价,使可以摆脱羞耻Declare that you forgive them…饶恕他们……declare forgiveness over yourself. 也宣告饶恕你自己。You’re not a mistake. 的受造不是一个错误You’re wonderfully and uniquely made by the amazing Creator. 你的受造是造物主奇妙和独特的作品,In Jesus’ love, shame is breakable! 在基督里,羞耻感可以破除。


In the name of Jesus, 耶稣的名,I break free of any place shame has got attached to my life! 砍断羞耻感在我生命中的连结I disconnect any agreement with lies and shame. 开我向谎言和羞耻感的认同。Let go shame and anger, fear and grief. 斥责羞愧感、愤怒、惧怕和伤心感离开我Fill me, Holy Spirit. 圣灵,求你满我。I believe in Your truth. 我相信你的真理。When pride comes, shame comes. 骄傲来,羞耻也来。 When I rely on myself, shame comes. 当我依靠自己的时候,羞耻就来了。Teach me to rely on You. 求你教导我依靠你。I’m accepted, I’m loved. 我被接,我被爱。I’m willing to change. 我愿意改变。My life is hidden with Christ in God. 我的生命与基督一同藏在神里面。Jesus is my glory and covering. 耶稣是我的荣耀和批戴I don’t have to become like anyone else.我不需要成为某种人物Lord Jesus主耶稣, change me to become more like You 改变我更像你. No Longer the self不再是自己, But let Your humility and free of shame reign in me让你的无羞耻感的谦卑在我里面掌权….


Thank You Lord, for Your greatest love for us. 主啊,感谢你无比大爱。 Thank you for changing our inner beliefs of what greatness is in Your Kingdom. 谢你改变我们内在的信,明白什么是你度里最尊大的Those who humble themselves, trust in You and wait for You will be honoured in Your everlasting Kingdom. 那些谦卑自己,信你,仰望你的人,在你永远的国里将得到荣耀。Those who are proud will receive shame. 那些骄傲的人将会到羞辱。Shame comes when we exalt ourselves. 当我们高举自己,耻辱随之而来。Honour comes when we empty the self and put our trust in You. 当我们空虚自,信尊荣也随之而来。 “In You, we’re loved, we’re accepted.“在你里面,我们被爱,我们被接 We’re new creations. 我们是新造的人We’re chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. 是被拣选的君尊的祭司,神的国 In You, we’re living stones, 你里面,我们是活石,we’re being built into a spiritual house to be a priesthood, and we’re being made into the Son’s Character of humility and servanthood.” 我们正在被建造成为灵宫,成为祭司,变成为神儿子谦卑和仆人的性Lord, guide us live out our true identity in Christ to glorify Your name on earth. Amen!  ”主,求你引导我们活出基督里的真实身份,在地上荣耀你的名。阿门


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