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2019-12-15 the Abundant Kingdom of God 神丰盛的国度

发表于 2024-01-08

Today is the third Sunday of Advent. 今天是基督降临节的第三周。Within last two weeks, we lit two candles.在过去的两周里,我们点燃了两支蜡烛。One represented ‘Hope’, the other ‘Peace’.一支代表盼望,另一支代表和平Jesus is our Hope. 耶稣就是我们的盼望。And Jesus is our peace. 耶稣也是我们的和平。Jesus is called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 耶稣 祂名称为  奇妙策士,全能的神,永在的父,和平的君。(96)  What if all the work of your hands was blessed by the Lord? 若你手所作的,都蒙耶和华赐福呢?Your joy would be complete! 就会让你的喜乐得以满足!Jesus is also our Joy! 耶稣也是我们的喜乐!Because the bible tells us, ‘Splendour and majesty are before Him, strength and joy are in His dwelling place. 因为圣经告诉我们,尊荣和威严在祂面前,有能力和喜乐在祂的圣所。”(代上1627) No God, No joy! 没有神,没有喜乐!In the presence of God, 在神的面前there is Joy!就是喜乐 So today,今天 we’re going to light the third candle, 我们点第三根蜡烛which represents ‘Joy’. 代表喜乐Who would like to come up and light the third candle?谁愿意来点第三根蜡烛呢?


The world tells us about ‘happiness’. 世界教导我们的福乐是什么。If I had a good job, I’d be happy. 如果我有份好工作,我就会很高兴。If I had a big house, I’d be happy.如果我有一所大房子,我就会很高兴。If I had…I’d be happy.如果我有什么什么我就会很高兴。Really? 真的吗?If so, why do rich people commit suicide? 如果是的话,为何有钱人会自杀呢?Because their hearts are in despair. 因为他们的心都绝望了。The Author of the bible who made the heart tells us, ‘the precepts of the Lord are right, giving JOY to the heart. (Psa 19:8)圣经的作者,也是造我们的心上帝在诗篇198对我们说:主的训词正直,能快活人的心。’(诗篇 19:8’) King David in the Holy Spirit tells us the truth, ‘The king rejoice in your strength. 诗篇211,大卫王在圣灵里告诉我们真理,王必因你的能力而欢喜。’‘ Lord, How great is his joy in the victories you give! (Psa 21:1) ‘主啊,因你的救恩,他的快乐是何其大!’(诗篇211), Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.(Psa 21:6) 你使他有洪福,直到永远。又使他在你面前欢喜快乐(诗篇216)


PSA 216 King David said, ‘You give’, the Lord gave him joy, it says that joy is linked to the presence of God!(诗篇216)大卫王说:主你给予,主赐给他喜乐,就是说喜乐是跟神的同在联在一起!In other words, when the presence of God is with you, joy can be experienced! 换句话说,当上帝与你同在时,你就可以经历到喜乐!Joy is something to do with God! 喜乐是与上帝联系在一起的!Joy is to do with God’s salvation, restoration and redemption.喜乐是与上帝的救恩、恢复和救赎联系在一起的。Joy is something to do with God’s abundant Kingdom! 喜乐是与神丰盛的国度联系在一起的!


Let’s look at Isa 35: 1-10, In this third week of Advent, we’re going to look at the promise of abundant life in desert places, and the promise of a highway for the people of God to return safely and joyfully home to God.让我们来看看以赛亚书351-10节,在基督降临节的第三周,我们将看到上帝 对在荒漠之地 要有丰盛生命的应许,以及上帝的子民必安全喜乐地回归上帝家的应许。


1, The promise of abundant life in the wilderness.在旷野有丰盛生命的应许。

V. 1-2 In the context of the bible passage, the people of Judah were living in an age of uncertainty.在以赛亚书351-2经文当时的背景是,犹大人生活在一个不确定迷茫的时代。They were under constant attack from outside enemies. 他们不断受到外来敌人的攻击。They lost their temple, their land and their direction.他们失去了圣殿,失去了土地,也失去了方向。 They just didn’t know what was going to happen to them next,他们不知道下面会发生什么 and what tomorrow might bring. 明天会如何They were overwhelmed and lost. 他们不知所措,完全迷茫了。But our God但我们的上帝in His mercy有丰富的怜悯 He gave His people a vision in Isa 35在以赛35中给了祂子民一个异象, to lift their eyes up to see hope使他们举目看见盼望, and the joy of His salvation 和神拯救的喜乐 so that they might have strength to deal with an uncertain present.使他们有力量战胜当前的迷茫。


The desert will rejoice, and flowers will bloom in the wastelands. 旷野和干旱之地必然欢喜,沙漠也必快乐,又像玫瑰开花,必开花繁盛。 2 The desert will sing and shout for joy; it will be as beautiful as the Lebanon Mountains, and as fertile as the fields of Carmel and Sharon. 2旷野必欢乐歌唱,而且欢呼。黎巴嫩的荣耀并迦密与沙仑的华美,必赐给它。Everyone will see the Lord's splendor, see his greatness and power. 人都必看见耶和华的荣耀,我们神的华美。What is this talking about? 这是在说什么?Is it just a promise of restoration for the land? 这仅仅是收复失地的承诺吗?Does the gospel care about land? 福音所关心的是土地吗?No. 不。God cares about people! 上帝顾念的是人!The land of the hearts! 心灵之地土!The prophet is talking about the restoration of life. 先知在谈论复兴生命。The desert, the wastelands need water. 沙漠,荒地需要水。Without water there is no life, and no fruit. 没有水,就没有生命,也没有果子。


Jesus is the living water.耶稣是活水。In Jeremiah 2:13, God says, “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water. 因为我的百姓做了两件恶事,就是离弃我这活水的泉源,为自己凿出池子,是破裂不能存水的池子。 (耶利米书2:13)  It tells us that it is a sin to forsake God and reply on our own strength. 这里说离弃神,靠自己是罪。Water is a life-giving force. 水赋予生命活力。And our God Jesus is the spring of living water, and He is our life-giving source. 耶稣 神是活水的泉源,他是我们生命的源泉Whenever we judge or do things in our own strength 每当我们用自己的力量判断或做事情时 we forsake the spring of living water, 我们就离弃了活水的泉源 if we continue to walk that way,如果我们继续这样走下去we will become dry. 我们就会变成干涸。In this third Sunday of Advent, 在主耶稣降临节的第三个礼拜日 the Sunday of Joy意味着喜乐”的礼拜日, as we are waiting to celebrate Jesus在我们等待庆祝耶稣, the spring of living water这活水的泉源, birth in Bethlehem降生在伯利恒, we are reminded of about God’s mercy for us by giving us His Son Jesus Christ to be our living water. 我们想到上帝对我们的怜悯,甚至将祂的儿子耶稣基督赐给我们,作为我们的生命的活水。


Jesus declares, “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. 耶稣说:人若喝我所赐的水,就永远不渴。(约414aIndeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life. 我所赐的水要在祂里头成为泉源,直涌到永生。(约414b John 4:14  Do you know what made Jesus say that? 4:14,你知道耶稣为什么说这些话吗?


What happened? 发生了什么事?In John chapter four在约翰福音第4, Jesus deliberately went to meet the Samaritan woman, who was a religious worshiper of God.,耶稣故意去见一位撒玛利亚妇女,她是一位敬拜上帝的宗教徒。But she still lived in thirst. 但她的灵魂仍然干渴。She had had five men and was living with a sixth. 她曾有过五个丈夫,那时正和第六个男人同居。She desired love but couldn’t find love with any man.她渴望爱,却在男人那里没有找到爱。She came to get water in the heat of the day, because she still lived in shame, and she didn’t want people to know of her past. 在那天炎热的中午,她去打水,因为她仍然活在羞耻感之中,她不想让人们知道她的过去。


She worshipped God on the mountain, but her heart was still bound by rejection, shame and fear. 她在山上崇拜上帝,但她的心仍然被拒绝、羞愧和恐惧所束缚。But Jesus’ words were like living water that touched the woman’s heart which was like a desert and the parched land. 耶稣的话就像活水,触动了这女人的心,就像荒漠遇到了甘泉。Immediately she was glad and rejoiced立即她就欢喜快乐,leaving her water jar留下她的水罐子, to go back to the town往城里去, and tell people that Jesus was the Messiah who knew all about her stories with courage勇敢的告诉人们,这人是基督,是弥赛亚,知道她素来所行的一切事。Jesus is the glory of God and the source of Joy! 耶稣是神的荣耀和喜乐的源泉!Jesus says,耶稣说, ““I have told you this so that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete” ( may be made full) (John 15:11), “这些事我已经对你们说了,是要叫我的喜乐存在你们心里,并叫你们的喜乐可以满足。 (约翰福音 15:11) The world gives us so many standards to judge ourselves but they are always changing. 这世界给我们许许多多标准来判断我们自己,而这些标准总在变。By the standards of this world照着世界的标准,you will always feel shameful.你永远会感到羞耻Because you feel naked, 因你感到自己赤身露体,


I’m a loser comparing to him我比他失败,I have nothing我啥也没有…I’m not as rich as him我没他有钱…I’m not as smart as him我没他聪明…I’m not as good as him’ 我没他优秀…even if you catch up him, 就算你赶上他,there is always someone better than him还有人比他更优秀…you’ll find no joy in pursuing something that comes from what’s outside of Jesus. 你会发现,原来追求耶稣之外的东西根本不能带来喜乐。 Only our Lord Jesus and His standards is unchangeable! 唯有主耶稣和祂真理的标准永不改变! Remind in Him与祂连结,abide in His words, 住在祂的话语里,do His will, 遵行祂的旨意,our joy will be full!我们的喜乐就可以满足!


2, The promise of abundant in weakness. V.3-7 软弱中的丰盛应许,3-7

3 Give strength to hands that are tired and to knees that tremble with weakness. 4 Tell everyone who is discouraged, “Be strong and don't be afraid! God is coming to your rescue, coming to punish your enemies.” 5 The blind will be able to see, and the deaf will hear. 6 The lame will leap and dance, and those who cannot speak will shout for joy. Streams of water will flow through the desert; 7 the burning sand will become a lake, and dry land will be filled with springs. Where jackals used to live, marsh grass and reeds will grow. 你们要使软弱的手坚壮,无力的膝稳固。对胆怯的人说:你们要刚强,不要惧怕。看哪,你们的 神必来报仇,必来施行极大的报应;他必来拯救你们。那时,瞎子的眼必睁开;聋子的耳必开通。那时,瘸子必跳跃像鹿;哑巴的舌头必能歌唱。在旷野必有水发出;在沙漠必有河涌流。发光的沙(或译:蜃楼)要变为水池;干渴之地要变为泉源。在野狗躺卧之处,必有青草、芦苇,和蒲草。“be strong, 你们要刚强,and don’t be afraid. 不要惧怕,He will come to save you. 祂必来拯救你们。” This prophecy has been fulfilled but is still to be fulfilled. 这个预言已成就,并还要再成就。 Because Jesus has come, but is yet to come. 因耶稣已来到,还要再来。Jesus Christ came to take all of our sins upon himself, 耶稣基督来到世上,亲身担当我们的罪,and was crucified on the cross.并被钉在十字架上, We were forgiven! 使我们得赦免!Weakness can be made strong in Christ! 使软弱的在基督里变刚强


People, animals, plants, 人、动物、植物even the ground once were cursed because of Adam’s fall into sin, 甚至地土都因亚当犯罪受了咒诅but because of God’s goodness and mercy但因神的良善和恩典,He sent His Son to be our sin offering差祂的独生爱子成为赎罪祭, making peace through his blood藉着他的血成就和睦, through Chrst all things were reconciled to Him使万物因基督得以与神和好. The blind can see使瞎子看见 the deaf can hear聋子听见, the desperate will see hope and salvation!绝望的人有盼望 Joy, peace, healing, and hope is what Isaiah chapter 35 promises us喜乐、平安、医治、盼望是以赛亚书35章所应许给我们的。


However然而, we need to know what causes us to be blind我们需明白什么会让我们眼瞎. What causes our faith to be weakened什么会导致我们的信心软弱, so that we can avoid falling into the trap again免得我们再跌入坑里. “be strong, and don’t fear”!  “你们要刚强,不要惧怕!”Accepting fear weakens our faith! 惧怕削弱信心!If we accept fear如果我们接受惧怕, we accept rejection就接受被拒绝感, it attacks identity它扭曲身份认同感, who we are我们是谁, our identity can be attached to what people say about ‘me’, 我们的身份认同感就基于人怎么看”our identity can be attached to the possessions we have,我们的身份认同感就基于我们有多少财产 or attached to the things around us或者是我们拥有的东西, our positions像地位 or our titles头衔, or  whatever external but uncertain things we have.或是拥有的各种外在但不确定的东西。Fear and rejection pushes us to believe that identity comes from what’s outside of us惧怕和被拒绝感迫使我们相信我们的身份基于外在的东西 rather than what’s inside of us from the unchangeable God. 而不是基于从亘古不变的神而来赐在我们里面的


We can see this from in how Satan tempted Jesus这从撒旦怎样试探耶稣基督可以看到, and he said撒旦说,“if you are the son of God” “你若是神的儿子,” “The Son of God” is the identity of Jesus Christ, who he is.神的儿子就是耶稣基督的身份,即耶稣是谁。Satan tempted Jesus’ identity撒旦用身份认知试探耶稣, “if you are the Son of God, you do this and that…”“你若是神的儿子,你去做这做那” Satan tempted Jesus’s sense of identity by pushing Jesus to do something in his own strength which is  Satan’s way 撒旦用身份认同感去试探耶稣,想要他凭自己去做事,凭自己就是撒旦的道路In other words换句话说, he enticed Jesus to forsake God他引诱耶稣离弃,the spring of living water 活水的泉源 and to dig his own cisterns为自己凿出池子.


When we think about ourselves想想我们自己, we are always tempted to prove our identities in this way我们常受试探,要我们用这种方式去证明自己...“If you are smart enough你要是真的聪明, prove yourself by getting a good mark拿个高分来证明你行…prove yourself by earning more money赚更多的钱来证明你可以...prove yourself by gaining a high position升更高的职位来看看…” When we go on in that way一旦我们走在这条路上, we look for approval from people我们希望得人的赞赏, we look for recognition from people得人的肯定. And when we gain recognition当得了人的肯定, we feel ourselves to be important,我们觉得自己了不起 but when we lose that recognition or are criticised,当不被肯定或被批评 we feel overwhelmed就觉得受不了垮了, that leads to dryness and weakness这路导致我们枯干软弱!


Be strong, and don’t fear!”  “你们要刚强,不要惧怕!”In the season of Advent, 在耶稣降临节的日子 we again are reminded that our life is in Christ alone!我们再次要记得我们的生命单在基督里 Jesus promises us an abundant life!主耶稣应许我们丰盛的生命 In Christ alone, 单单在基督里we find abundant JOY!我们才有喜乐 turn from the focus on outside things to fixing our eyes on Jesus从关注外在事物转向定睛于耶稣, we’ll find abundant Joy.我们就有丰盛喜乐


3, A high way to the abundant kingdom of God.v.8-10 通向神丰盛国度的大道,8-10

8 There will be a highway there, called “The Road of Holiness.” No sinner will ever travel that road; no fools will mislead those who follow it. 9 No lions will be there; no fierce animals will pass that way. Those whom the Lord has rescued will travel home by that road. 10 They will reach Jerusalem with gladness, singing and shouting for joy. They will be happy forever, forever free from sorrow and grief. 在那里必有一条大道,称为圣路。污秽人不得经过,必专为赎民行走;行路的人虽愚昧,也不至失迷。在那里必没有狮子,猛兽也不登这路;在那里都遇不见,只有赎民在那里行走。并且耶和华救赎的民必归回,歌唱来到锡安;永乐必归到他们的头上;他们必得着欢喜快乐,忧愁叹息尽都逃避。


Back in Isaiah’s day再回到以赛亚的年代, in the passage在这段经文中 the people of Israel had turned their backs on the Lord who had redeemed them以色列人转背离开拯救他们的神and they were facing terrible discipline because of their sins and disobedience因罪和悖逆被严厉地管教 The whole nation was always under attack by the Assyrians整个民族处在亚述的攻击之下 In the midst of their troubles在苦难中, God spoke through Isaiah to call His people back to the safe way神藉着以赛亚说话,呼唤祂的子民回到平安的道中,which is the way of Holiness就是走圣洁的路, where there are “no lions” (evil power) to attack在那里没有狮子(即邪恶势力)攻击他们. This is the same call for us who are NT believers! 这也是对新约信徒的呼召!


But wait a minute不过,请等等,‘this way of Holiness’ is not ‘the way of holiness’ that the Pharisees displayed.这条圣路可不是法利赛人展现出的路。They did everything to be noticed by others, 他们做任何事都为让人看见,and loved to show outward signs of holiness, 喜欢表现外在的圣洁 like reading the bible and praying, giving offerings, and so on, 比如读经、祷告、奉献等等,but inside they were still unclean, 内心却不洁净,seized by fear, envy and other sins. 仍被惧怕、嫉妒和许多罪辖制。They judged themselves as holy and good他们断定自己是圣洁良善,to earn praise from man, 要从人那里得称赞,rather than waiting for God to justify. 却不等候神的判断。No! ! “the Way of Holiness” “A highway” Isaiah prophesied以赛亚所预言的圣路大道”refers to Jesus Christ! 是指耶稣基督!Jesus Christ is the Way of sovereign grace that redeems us from sin. 耶稣基督是拯救我们脱离罪恶的至高恩典之路! Jesus alone is holy! 唯有耶稣是圣洁的!He has no sin.祂没有罪God made him who had no sin to be sin offering, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Cor 5:21)神使那无罪的(无罪原文作不知罪),替我们成为罪,好叫我们在他里面成为 神的义。(林后5:21 In Christ we may become the righteousness of God! 在基督里我们可以成为神的义!Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life! 耶稣就是道路、真理、生命! He is the heavenly highway! 祂是通往天国的道路! No one can come to the Father expect through Him! 若不藉着祂,没有人能到父那里去!The journey of believing in Jesus is not just a one-minute action, 信靠耶稣的旅程并不是一分钟的信就完成了so then we can say, 然后说,“I’m done. 好了。I believe in Jesus, 我信耶稣Now I can go my own way. 现在我可以走自己的路了


No! ! We, the redeemed people of God, 我们这些蒙拯救的神的子民need to continue to walk in the Way of Holiness, 需要继续去走这条圣路,that is to Walk with Jesus! 就是要与耶稣同行!Walk through Jesus! 靠着耶稣去走!Walk in Jesus! 在耶稣里行走! And that is No longer do I live, 现在活着的不再是我,but Jesus lives in me, 乃是耶稣在我里面活,Jesus lives through me! 耶稣在我里面活出祂的生命!Less of the self! 我必衰微!More of Jesus!耶稣必兴旺!


Is it easy? 这容易吗? If it was easy, 如果容易,we wouldn’t need the Holy Spirit to help. 我们就不需要圣灵的帮助了 God gives us His Holy Spirit神赐给我们圣灵,to enable us to be sanctified (holy) through the truth in grace! 使我们能够藉真理、靠恩典成圣。 But it requires our obedience to God. 但这需要我们顺服神。The people of Israel suffered from their disobedience, 以色列民因不顺服而受苦,and they were terribly attacked by their enemies! 被仇敌大大攻击! “Stop going that way!” “离弃自己的路!”


God is also calling us back through the prophet Isaiah today! 今天神同样藉先知以赛亚呼召我们回转!When you feel you are being attacked by the enemy, 当你被仇敌攻击,turn back to the Heavenly Highway (Jesus’ way) by repenting and renouncing! 你当快快悔改、回转,转向这条天国耶稣的道Repentance is not shameful! 悔改这并不羞耻!God embraces the humble heart! 上帝拥抱谦卑的心!When you are struggling (feel stuck), 当你在困境中挣扎 turn back to the Heavenly Highway (Jesus’ way) by repentance and renouncing your own desires! 快快悔改,弃绝自己的私欲,回归天国耶稣的道!The joy of God’ salvation will fill you!神救恩的喜乐必充满你!


For only in His Way, 唯有在这条路,are there no lions (no enemies) to attack us. 没有狮子(仇敌)攻击我们。And only walking on Jesus’ highway of Holiness, 唯有走在耶稣的圣洁路上,will there be a place of peace and safety! 才能有真正的平安稳妥! And when we walk on Jesus’ highway of Holiness, 唯有走在耶稣的圣路上,may sin and disobedience which produce 那些因罪和不顺服而导致的worry, 忧虑、sadness, 悲伤、sorrow, 忧愁、grief and despair 困苦和绝望flee from us! 必逃离我们!We may come to the Lord 我们要来到主面前with gladness, 欢喜,singing 歌唱,and shouting with joy喜乐欢呼!


To finish最后,I have a testimony about joy to share with you和大家分享一个


喜乐的见证。Three weeks ago, 三周前的一天,when I asked God about selling our holiday house in Asia.寻求神关于出售我们在亚洲一栋度假屋的事 I heard a small voice say, 我听到一个微弱的声音说: “Today, a man will offer XXX amount of money to buy it.” “今天,有人要出XXX钱来买这房子”That evening, 当晚,Raymond told me Raymond就告诉我,that a man offered to buy that holiday house through an agent有个人通过中介要买那栋度假屋,at exactly the same price I had been given by the Lord. 出价正是我从主听见的那个价。But be careful of God’s voice, 但我们对神的声音要谨慎,for God is a God of purpose, 因为神是有旨意的神,He will not speak anything without purpose. 祂断不会无旨意而说话。So I prayed that God’s will be done.所以我祷告求神的旨意成就


The leader of the home church whom we had entrusted to sell the house for us我们一直把售房的事委托家里教会的领袖来处理,was doubtful in the beginning, when she heard about it, 她刚听到这消息,心里有些怀疑,she questioned, 她问: “Why didn’t you sell the house last year when someone offer NZD 50,000 higher than this price?” “为什么去年有人出比这高5万新币的价格,你们却不卖呢?”Last year, my answer was, 去年,我的回答是: “God hasn’t said anything, I can’t go ahead.” “神没有说话,我不能去做。


Last Tuesday, on the day of the signing of the contract, 上周二签订了售房合同,the agent said那位房产中介说,that she had gone to a bible study several weeks ago, 她几周前去参加圣经学习了,because she wanted to know more about Jesus. 因为她想更多认识耶稣。 What? 什么?We didn’t yet talk about God to her!我们还没有向她传福音 we see the purpose of God! 我们看见了神的旨意!


I testified to her how God wanted to bless her, 我们向她见证神是何等祝福她it’s because of the voice of God I had heard 我告诉她,因为收到神的启示 I therefore didn’t reply any other agents’ messages我就不再回其他中介的信息了although they really wanna introduce us some other buyers.尽管他们都想介绍买家给我们but God had chosen her…神却拣选了她When she heard this当听见这见证, she couldn’t stop saying, “thank God…”她不停的说 感谢主she was so overwhelmed with joy that God was for her! 她大大喜乐,因看见神帮她!” 


Raymond had seen something she wrote in WeChat before the contract was signed, 签订合同之前Raymond看见她的微信朋友圈里写道,“I’ve done what I can do, 我已做了我能做的,success is in God’s hands. 成败在神的手中。” A Christ seeker (investigator) declared her faith in God publicly 一个慕道友公开宣告她对上帝的信心!God satisfied her with joy and success, 神以喜乐和成功使她满足。although the sale won’t be finished before April next year, 虽然整个交易到明年4月才能完成,we’ve signed the contract. 但合同已经签好了。Actually, 事实上,the price we got was still the highest price among the sellers in that area. 我们的售价仍然是那个区域最高的。The agent told us that she would continue to attend the bible study. 经纪人说她会继续参加圣经学习。We were all full of joy to see God’s will of salvation for displayed.   看到神救恩的旨意成就,我们心中充满了喜乐。


The kingdom of God, 神的国, the abundant Kingdom of God 神丰盛的国is not a matter of eating and drinking, 不在乎吃喝,yet God is the giver of all, 神是赐万有的神, He provides our needs abundantly. 祂必赐给我们一切所需。We don’t have to worry. 我们不必忧虑。 The kingdom of God is a matter of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! 神的国只在乎公义、和平并圣灵中的喜乐!That is what we need to seek! 这是我们需要去寻求的! Walk on the Heavenly Highway, 让我们来走这天国道路,Jesus’ Way of Holiness, 走耶稣的圣洁道路,let gladness and joy overtake us!  让欢喜和快乐充满我们! Let sorrow and grief flee away from us! 让痛苦和忧伤远离我们!


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