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2019-05-04 Encountering the risen Jesus 遇见复活主

发表于 2024-01-08

(Luke 24: 28-43) (路2428-43

Last week, Andrew shared the message of Luke 24: 13-27 with us. 上周Andrew和我们分享了路2413-27I was blown away by reading v. 16 in English, 2416节的英文版圣经让我印象深刻,it says that they were kept from recognizing him. 它说这两个门徒被阻止不能认出耶稣But in Mandarin, 但在中文里告诉我们,we are told that they couldn’t recognise Him because they had blurred vision. “他们眼睛迷糊,不认识他“Having blurred vision” and “having been kept from recognizing him” have totally different meanings. “眼睛迷糊被阻止认不出他是完全不一样的意义啊。Therefore, I checked with the original words in Greek. 所以,我查了希腊文原文。

It is true that it implied that “their eyes were being restrained so as to not know Jesus.” 原来的意思就是他们的眼睛被限制了,所以认不出耶稣来That comes with the point about knowing Jesus, 这就带出一个认识耶稣的原则,that when we depend on our own wisdom or understanding we can’t recognise Jesus, 就是当我们靠自己的智慧或聪明,我们认不出耶稣,for it is a gift of grace from God. 因为认出耶稣是神赐的恩典。As a result, no one should boast of himself, 因此,人不可夸自己,or pass judgement onto others who doubt, or fail to recognize Jesus. 就论断那些疑惑,认不出耶稣作为的人。

From v.16, 16节,we learn that God has His timing and His ways of revealing Himself to each of us.我们知道神有祂自己启示我们认识祂的时间和方式。And his gradual revelation of his reality allows us to learn certain lessons about trusting in God’s promises. 并且,祂对我们认识祂的渐进的启示,是为让我们学习信心的功课, I’ve witnessed some cases, 我见过许多案例,in which wives or mothers eyes were opened, 那些案例中,妻子或妈妈的眼睛被打开了,so that they diligently studied the word of God, 她们就殷勤的读神的话,but their husbands or their children’s eyes were kept from recognizing Jesus, 但她们的丈夫或孩子的眼睛还没有被打开去认出耶稣的作为,although they were all Christians, 虽然大家都是基督徒,because they spent all their times watching movies or other activities instead of reading the bible. 他们却花时间去看电影,或玩 也不读圣经。What will you do? 你会怎么做?

Those wives and mothers started to manipulate them by saying negative words, 那些妻子和妈妈们就开始用一些负面的话去操纵他们,in order to push them to do what they were doing. 为了想叫他们和自己做一样的事。That’s totally not the point! 这是完全搞错了!Because God has a purpose for each of us that we all should learn certain lessons about trusting God. 因神对我们每一个人有计划,每人都当从中学习认识和信靠神。If our eyes have been opened, 若我们的眼睛被打开了,we should pray and wait in patience by crucifying our worries or anger or any negative thoughts towards others on the cross, 我们当借着将自己的着急,恼怒,和任何对他人的负面思想钉上十字架,and live in faith and in love.祷告去耐心等候神。For God has His timing and purpose for His people to learn the lesson of trusting in Him. 因神对我们和对那些被阻止认不出耶稣的人都有自己的时间和旨意,总意是要我们学习信靠神。Without the encounter of the risen Lord, the Eleven didn’t even believe that Jesus was alive. 若没有遇见复活的主, 就是11个门徒都不信耶稣活着。Therefore, if we claim that we have recognised the Lord, we should not judge any more, but pray with the same attitude as that of the Lord. 若文明说自己已经认出了耶稣,就该以基督的心去祷告代替论断。Today, we’ll continue to look at Luke 24: 28-43, …今天,我们来继续看路2428-43

1, Recognising Jesus from breaking bread. (v. 28-32) 从掰饼认出耶稣(28-32节)

28 As they approached the village to which they were going, Jesus continued on as if he were going farther. 將近他們所去的村子,耶穌好像還要往前行,29 But they urged him strongly, “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over.” So he went in to stay with them.他們卻強留他,說:「時候晚了,日頭已經平西了,請你同我們住下吧!」耶穌就進去,要同他們住下。

Although these two disciples didn’t recognize Jesus, 虽这两个门徒不能认出耶稣,they still didn’t give up doing good, 他们没有放弃行善,and they invited him to stay with them. 他们要耶稣和他们一起住。So Jesus stayed with them. 主耶稣留下了。Jesus never forces His way into our lives, 主耶稣没有逼迫我们去行祂的道路,He waits for our invitation. 但祂等候我们的邀请。When Jesus stayed with them, 当耶稣留下和他们一起,He opened their eyes to recognize Him. 祂打开了他们的眼睛让他们认出祂来。Similarly, we quite often fail to recognize Jesus and His work around us, 同样,我们很多时候认不出祂来,也认不出祂在我们身边的作为,we blame our circumstances and people, 我们就怪环境,怪他人,instead of changing our own perspective by trusting in God’s timing and ways, 不去因此信靠神的时间和祂的道而改变自己的想法;for we are so dominated by our own thoughts and concerns. 这是因为我们自己的观念和担忧主宰着我们的思想。

For example, when it comes to blessings, 例如,当我们说到祝福,we say that it is more blessed to receive than to give. 我们说,得比给出去更有福。If we receive more money, 若我们得了更多的钱,more academic qualifications, 更高的学历,or fame or anything else, 更多的名,或别的什么好事,we say that God loves and blesses us. 我们就说神爱我们并祝福了我们。On the contrary, the truth says, 但相反,真理告诉我们,that it is more blessed to give than to receive. 施必受更有福。You know why? 为什么?The blessing of God towards us is to set us free from fear and idolatry and al l kinds of sinful bondages, 因上帝赐的祝福是为叫我们从惧怕,拜偶像,和各种罪的捆绑中得自由,so that we may participate in His divine nature to be genuine successors of the Kingdom. 我们因此得以和祂的性情有份,被练成神国的继承人。God’s plan is so much bigger than what we imagine. 上帝计划实在是大过于我们所能想像的。

Last Thursday night, 周四的查经,we looked at the prophetic words of the last 7 years of tribulation, 我们查看了但以理书,和启示录里,关于末后7年大灾难,and the promise of the thousand years reign of the Kingdom of Christ with his overcomers in Jerusalem as Jesus returns in the book of Daniel and the book of revelation. 和基督国度再来耶路撒冷掌权的预言性的应许。And people recognised that understanding God’s promises about what will happen when the physical reign of the Kingdom of Christ comes was very important, 肢体认识到,明白神的对末后基督国度再来要发生的事的应许非常的重要,which could affect our ways to live differently for God’s purpose.  这可以影响我们为主旨意而活出不同他人的生活。

People may try to tell you who Jesus is and what He will do for you. 人也许会告诉你,耶稣是谁,祂要为你做什么。But only the author of the truth can help us to recognise who He is and what He gives rightly.但只有这位真理的主才能帮助我们正确的认出祂是谁,祂要给你什么。

30 When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. 到了坐席的時候,耶穌拿起餅來,祝謝了,擘開,遞給他們。 31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.  他們的眼睛明亮了,這才認出他來。忽然耶穌不見了。

Why did Jesus choose the time when taking communion with them to open their eyes? 为什么耶稣选择了圣餐的时候开门徒的眼睛?Despite claiming that He was the Son of God, 他不但说自己是神的儿子,Jesus also identified who He was in this way before his death and resurrection: 耶稣在受死和复活前这样定义了自己:

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.” John 6:51   我就是从天上降下来的生命的粮。人如果吃了这粮,就将活着,直到永远。我要赐的粮就是我的肉身,是为了世人的生命所赐的。约651

How often had the disciples seen Jesus break bread! 门徒们不是常常见到主掰饼吗!Probably the memory was still fresh from the last Passover meal before Jesus’ death, 也许对主被害前的逾越节筵席的还记忆很深,He once again broke bread, 祂再次将饼掰开,and gave it to them, saying,递给他们说 “This is my body”“这是我的身体And He shared the cup with them to represent His blood, 又与门徒一起喝代表祂血的杯,soon to be shed for the forgiveness of sins.那血不久后就要为罪得赦免流出。

When it comes to this particular moment of breaking bread, 来到掰饼的特别环节,the disciples’ eyes were opened. 门徒的眼被打开了。What does that mean to us? 这对我们有什么启示?There are times when we doubt, 有时我们疑惑,lack faith, 失去信心,and are disappointed, 灰心失望,and we can’t even get ourselves to believe that God is still at work in our lives. 甚至无法说服自己,神仍然在我们生命中作工,The fellowship communion in taking his broken bread may bring sight for us to recognise Jesus. 分饼领圣餐可帮我们认出耶稣来。“for the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. John 6:33” 因為神的糧就是那從天上降下來、賜生命給世界的。」約翰福音 6:33

The living bread can be recognised in the faces of the poor and the hungry when bread is broken. 当饼被擘开,这生命的粮就会在贫穷和饥渴的人面前被认出来。(In many cases, 很多次,when I was about to lead a person who was unable to forgive to do a prayer of forgiveness, 当我要带不能饶恕的人作饶恕的祷告时,I was commanded to lead him to the communion table first, 神吩咐我先带那人领圣餐,where that person encountered the sacrificial love of Jesus, 使他遇见耶稣牺牲的爱,and recognised what Jesus had done for him, 看到耶稣为他所做的事,as he received the power for the forgiveness of sins, 当他领受了饶恕己罪的能力,he could easily forgive.就容易饶恕他人了。

2, Recognising Jesus from the unfolding of the Scriptures alone with a burning heart (v.32-35) 以火热的心,从解开的话语认出耶稣

32 They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” 他們彼此說:「在路上,他和我們說話,給我們講解聖經的時候,我們的心豈不是火熱的嗎?」

God kept these two disciples from recognizing Jesus to convey a deep truth: 神阻止这两个门徒认不出他来,要传递一个深刻的真理:“Even if we encounter Jesus, 就算我们遇见耶稣,we may still not recognise nor trust in Him, 我们仍可能认不出祂,或不能信靠祂,when we are preoccupied with our own perspectives and concerns.若我们被自己的看法和担忧占据。Some may say that they have encountered the Holy Spirit, 有人说遇到过圣灵,but if it isn’t out of the unfolding of the Scriptures, 但若不是来自神话语的解开,they still don’t know the way of Jesus. 他们仍不能认识耶稣的道路。This will bring no change to their lives at all.生命也不会改变。For the unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple (Psa 119:130). 你的言語一解開就發出亮光, 使愚人通達。(詩篇 119:130

Apart from the opened Scriptures, 除非神的话语被解开,there is no light to direct our lives although we have Jesus in our lives. 就算耶稣在我们的生命中,仍然不会有领路的亮光。In other words,换句话说,our lives can’t be transformed without the unfolding of His words. 神的话语未被解开,生命就不会改变。  

Raymond has a testimony to share with you. Raymond有个见证。Since he came to NZ, 自从他来到新西兰,he has been struggling because of doing “low labour” work 就一直在为自己所做的低级工作挣扎,as if he was fulfilling the role of the wife of a pastor, 觉得自己好像在做师母,like staying at home, gardening, grocery shopping, 呆在家里除草、购杂货、 and cooking food for the family and the group, 为家里或小组作饭and so on等等. So many times, 很多次,he felt wronged and said,他感到委屈,说, “I’m highly educated, 我受过高等教育,with a level 8 postgraduate degree from HK university, 有香港大学 高于学士文凭的研究生学位证书8级,how come I’m doing this? 我怎么在做这些事?” Although he has been struggling all the time, 虽然一直有挣扎,he has still sacrificed his time and his energy to do what was needed. 他还是献上自己的时间精力做需要的服侍。But he didn’t joyfully accept the position he took. 但并非甘心乐意接受这个职分。

Last year, 去年,he got caught up in how to play the keyboard better. 他陷在怎样把琴弹的更好里面。So he didn’t have the heart to do anything else, 就没心思干别的,I was worried about him, 我有点担心,but all I could do was to pray for him, 但能做的就是为他祷告,for Raymond looked burdened and unhappy. 因他看上去又累又不开心。Thankfully, 感谢主,God is merciful enough. 神有丰盛的怜悯。He releases us from burdens, 祂使我们的重担脱落,if we insist on inviting Him and welcoming Him to speak to us through reading or meditating on His words, 只要我们不放弃借着读经和默想 邀请并欢迎祂来对我们说话,and are willing to change as we listen obediently和愿意顺服听从被改变。  

There’s always darkness before the dawn. 黎明前总是黑暗。Raymond testified that in the midst of his struggles, Raymond见证说,在他的挣扎中,the resurrected Lord Jesus mercifully opened his eyes through the bible verses复活的主耶稣怜悯他,向他开启圣经经文 1 Samuel 15:22b -23a, To obey is better than sacrifice... 23 For rebellion is like the sin of divination (witchcraft), and arrogance (stubbornness) like the evil of idolatry. (撒上 15:22-23上)聽命勝於獻祭……悖逆的罪與行邪術的罪相等; 頑梗的罪與拜虛神和偶像的罪相同。 

Although he had very good knowledge of these verses, 尽管他很知道这经文,when he came across the Living Lord with the opened Scriptures, 但当真实遇见活着的耶稣和祂开解的话语,his heart started to beat faster and his eyes were opened to recognise the Lord personally,他就心跳加速,眼被打开,就认出主来, that it was the resurrected Jesus who had put him in this position.原来是复活的主把他放在这个职分上。 Raymond testified to me, saying, 他告诉我“I had the knowledge in my head but it didn’t bring changes to my life.我对这话有头脑知识,但不能改变我的生命。 But when the Lord made these words alive to me personally, 当主用这经文向我说话时,my faith was built up at that time, 我的信心就被建立了,and the unhappy feeling was taken away. 那不开心感被挪去了。For I came to understand that what I wanted to do better in serving Him was just a sacrifice in His eyes, 我才明白我想把琴弹好来服事祂,在祂眼里只是献祭,and what He wanted from me was my obedience through laying down my own self-esteem and pride, 祂向我要的,是我的顺服,放下自己的自尊骄傲,to trust in His arrangement, 信靠祂的安排,now I’m resting in Him and feeling happy to do what I’m doing. 现在我可以安息在祂里面了,开开心心地做手头的事。For His purpose is to transform me through what I’m doing into His divine and loving Character. 因祂的旨意是将我改变成为祂属天仁爱的性情。Therefore, it doesn’t matter what I do, 因此,我做什么不重要,the matter is whether my heart is willing to obey Him, if my will is not His will. 重要的是我的意愿和祂旨意不同时,我的心是否甘心顺服。

This is a great way to read the bible, 这是读圣经的宝贵方法,that is to expect God to speak to us through His words, 就是盼望神借着祂的话对我们说话,and set fire to our hearts, 火热我们的心,so that the weak may be made strong. 使软弱的变刚强。As the Holy Spirit makes the word of God alive in us and sets our hearts on fire, 圣灵使字句变活,火热我们的心,so that we may not only recognise Jesus through the word, 我们就不单是借着字句认出耶稣,but also live the word like Jesus, 并能效法耶稣活在道中,for only the Living Bread transforms our lives! 因惟有这赐生命粮的主更新我们的生命!We can see this from v.33-35, 33-35节看到

33 They got up and returned at once to Jerusalem. There they found the Eleven and those with them, assembled together他們就立時起身,回 耶路撒冷 去,正遇見十一個使徒和他們的同人聚集在一處,34 and saying, “It is true! The Lord has risen and has appeared to Simon.” 說:「主果然復活,已經現給 西門 看了。」35 Then the two told what had happened on the way, and how Jesus was recognized by them when he broke the bread. 兩個人就把路上 所遇見 ,和擘餅的時候怎麼被他們認出來的事,都述說了一遍。 

These two disciples were changed! 这两个门徒被改变了!They immediately went back telling the good news to the Eleven. 他们立刻就回去报好消息给十一个门徒。That’s the powerful result of encountering the risen Jesus through His opened Scriptures! 那就是借着解开的话语认出复活的主,所产生的大能的果子!that people start to boldly share the good news to others. 从此他们开始勇敢地向人传福音。

3,  Jesus appears to the eleven. (v. 36-43) 耶稣向十一使徒显现(36-40节)

While they were still talking about the good news, Jesus himself appeared to them.当他们还在谈论这个好消息的时候,耶稣亲自向他们显现。 They were so frightened.他们吓坏了。 Why?为什么?Imagine, someone who had died in your presence suddenly appeared, how would you react?想象一下,一个在你面前死去的人突然出现了,你会有什么反应?Frightened.惊慌害怕。Because resurrection is really beyond human comprehension. 因为复活是超出人类理解范畴的。And it still hasn’t been fully comprehended. 即使到今天也无法完全被解释。The disciples were scared, because they didn’t know what to make of Jesus. 门徒害怕了,因为他们不知道耶稣是怎么回事。Was Jesus a Spirit?耶稣是圣灵吗?Or was he a real person like them?还是他像他们一样是个真实的人?

I think that we would have reacted the same way, if we had been there. 我想如果我们当时在场,也是一样的反应。Although it was too good to be true, so that the disciples still struggled to believe, Jesus remained compassionate. 这消息好得叫人难以置信,所以门徒仍然不敢信。但耶稣有怜悯。In verse 40, it says, “He showed them his hands and feet”, what a loving and forgiving Saviour we have! 在第40节里说,他就把手和脚给他们看,我们的主满有慈爱和宽容!He didn’t despise them for their unbelief, instead, He displayed his wounds to them.他没有因为他们的不信而轻看他们,相反,他把自己的伤口给他们看。

This reminds me of my mother’s journey of her faith throughout these last 14 years. 这让我想起了我母亲在过去14年中的信仰之旅。 After receiving Jesus, she still doubted the existence of God and God’s love, 在信主后,她仍对神的存在和神的爱存疑,especially when God’s judgement was contrary to her own opinions. 特别是神的判断和她的断定相反时。Due to the open door to unbelief, the enemy who steals, kills and destroys had legal rights to torture her emotionally and physically.由于不信开了破口,那来偷窃、杀害,毁坏的恶者在情绪和身体上折磨她。

But God was so merciful to her, 但神是如此慈爱,in the midst of her struggles, 在她的挣扎中,whenever she confessed her unbelief and received the gift of forgiveness from Christ, 当她承认自己的不信,接受基督的饶恕,to forgive herself or others, through reading or looking up to the cross依靠读经,定睛十架,饶恕自己和别人。She was healed from certain diseases immediately. 她立即便痊愈了。For Jesus was waiting for that moment to verify His existence and His love.因为耶稣正等着那一刻来向她显明祂的存在和祂的爱。Now she has no doubt about the existence of God, 现在她对上帝的存在毫不怀疑,Praise our Lord Jesus for His merciful patience and guidance! 赞美主耶稣的怜悯忍耐的引导!we also should show compassion to each other instead of passing judgment.  我们也当这样用彼此怜悯代替论断 。for no one is innocent. 因没有人是无罪的。we all need God’s forgiveness. 我们都需要神的饶恕。

“Peace be with you!愿你们平安!”This is the first greeting given by Jesus when He met His disciples after his resurrection, 这是耶稣复活后遇见门徒的第一次问安,and also given to us! 也是问我们的安!But this is too good to be true. 但这好的叫人难以置信。V39 Look at my hands and my feet. 39节:看看我的手和脚。It is I myself! 是我!Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have. 摸我看看,魂无骨无肉,你们看,我是有的。Jesus showed the wounds in his hands and feet to the Eleven, 耶稣把手和脚上的钉痕给十一使徒看,for they were clearly visible and touchable.因为它们是明明可见的,也是摸得着的。

In Christ, God became flesh to show us that He loves us fully, completely, and unchangeably. 在基督里,神成了肉身,向我们显明祂完全、永不改变的爱。

40, he asked them, “Do you have anything here to eat? 他问他们:你们这里有什么吃的吗?”42 They gave him a piece of broiled fish, 43 and he took it and ate it in their presence. 他们给他一条烤鱼、他就拿来、在他们面前吃了。

The Eleven witnessed that Jesus’ resurrected body had definite physical aspects这十一个人见证了耶稣复活的身体是有形体的– flesh, bones, the ability to eat food, —有骨有肉,能吃能喝,talk and walk for miles on a road.能说话,能走数里路。

But Jesus’s resurrected body is not limited to the physical, 但耶稣复活的身体并不局限于肉身,because he can appear and disappear at will, 因为他可以随心所欲地出现和消失,and it is not bound by space and time.也不受时空的限制。

We thank God for giving us the same hope of resurrection, 感谢主,叫我们一样有复活的盼望,that when Jesus returns, 当耶稣再来的时候,we will also be given imperishable bodies like our Lord! 我们也与我们的主一样,有那不朽坏的身体!

For this reason, 为此,we ask God that our eyes would be truly opened to the truth; 我们祈求上帝,开我们的眼认识真理;our minds be filled with understanding of the living word; 我们的心思意念明白那活的道;and our hearts set on fire with a burning determination to love and follow Jesus the risen Lord wholeheartedly. 用火热的心和坚定的决心,全心全意来爱和跟从活着的主耶稣。


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