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2022-05-08 Intimacy with Jesus 与耶稣建立亲密的关系(2)

发表于 2024-01-08

Last time we shared a message about intimacy with Jesus上次我们分享了与耶稣建立亲密关系, in these last days在末后的日子, there are so many things that can trouble us有太大的事可以叫我们忧愁, where is a saft place to go 哪里是我们的安居之所?The answer is always Jesus 答案永远都是在耶稣里。So today, we’ll continue to look at the topic “intimacy with Jesus” through Psa 27:1-6. 今天,我们将藉诗27:1-6继续探讨“与耶稣建立亲密关系”的话题。1,The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? 2 When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes, who will stumble and fall. 3 Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident. 4 One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord, all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. 5 For in the day of trouble, he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock. 6 Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at his sacred tent I will sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord. 【诗27:1-6】耶和华是我的亮光,是我的拯救,我还怕谁呢?耶和华是我性命的保障(“保障”或作“力量”),我还惧谁呢?2那作恶的,就是我的仇敌,前来吃我肉的时候,就绊跌仆倒。3虽有军兵安营攻击我,我的心也不害怕;虽然兴起刀兵攻击我,我必仍旧安稳。4有一件事,我曾求耶和华,我仍要寻求:就是一生一世住在耶和华的殿中,瞻仰他的荣美,在他的殿里求问。5因为我遭遇患难,他必暗暗地保守我;在他亭子里,把我藏在他帐幕的隐密处,将我高举在磐石上。6现在我得以昂首,高过四面的仇敌;我要在他的帐幕里欢然献祭,我要唱诗歌颂耶和华。

King David was the greatest king in Israelite history, 大卫王是以色列历史上最伟大的国王,and he is famous for his personal relationship with God. 他因与上帝亲密的个人关系而闻名。From him we may learn how to cultivate a close relationship with God. 从他身上我们可以学习如何与神建立亲密的关系。Coz Our God is unchangeable, 因为我们的神永不改变, and His word remains the same.  祂的话也不更改。

1, Salvation - the foundation of our relationship with Jesus  救恩是与耶稣建立亲密关系的基础

In v.1-2, David said, 1节,大卫说: “The Lord is my light and my salvation…The Lord is the stronghold of my life, whom shall I fear? “耶和华是我的亮光,是我的拯救……耶和华是我性命的保障,我还惧谁呢?” When King David said this, 大卫王说这话的时候,it wasn’t at an easy time 并不是在没事的时候Instead, it was during a very difficult time 相反,他正处于非常艰难的时期,when an army was besieging him and trying to kill him. 正有军兵围困他、想要杀死他。Imagine 想一下what if we were in Mariupol, a city in Ukraine 若我们身处乌克兰的城市马里乌波尔,where bombs might hit our houses at any time, 炸弹随时可能击中我们的家,and we and our families might die at any moment. 我们和家人随时可能丧命。Would we still feel peace then? 我们还会有平安吗?In time of trouble 在患难的日子,king David said 大卫王说: The Lord will keep me safe in His dwelling (v.5) 他必暗暗地保守我(5. In the midst of the storms of life David held steadfast to God’s salvation. 在人生的风暴雨中 大卫所坚定抓的是神的拯救。David had an experience with Goliath, when God delivered him 大卫在与歌利亚的交锋中经历过神的拯救。So his personal experience with God’s salvation gave him the faith 因此,他亲身经历神的救恩给了他信心,to keep looking to God in times of trouble 使他在患难中仍然仰望神What about us? 那你我呢?We also have the fact of salvation that Jesus died for our sins 我们也有救恩的实际,就是主耶稣为我们的罪舍命,to reconcile our relationship with Him and with others 使我们得以与祂、与人和好。Where do you look for safety in your hard time?  患难中你去哪里寻求安全?

2, The result of intimacy with God. 与神建立亲密关系的果效

a,  Survive. 幸免于难First, the result of intimacy with God is to help us survive in times of trouble. 与神有亲密关系的结果首先就是帮我们在困境中避难。He will hide me in the secret place (v.5). 祂必藏我在隐密处(5节)What is this secret place and how do we get there? 这隐秘之处在哪里?我们如何能去到那里?The Hebrew word here for “secret” is “satar”. 希伯来语中表示“隐秘”的词是satarIt means a hiding place. 意思是藏身之处。We see the same thing in Psa 91:1 我们在诗91:1也看到 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. 【诗91:1】住在至高者隐密处的,必住在全能者的荫下。The Hebrew word “Satar” is made of three letters: Samek, Taw, and Resh. 希伯来语单词Satar由三个字母组成的:SamekTawReshSamek means a small, round vessel with a cover Samek意思是带盖的小圆器皿,which represents the heart of God 预表神的心. It means that when you get into His heart, 意思是当你进入祂的心意,you’re covered and protected 你就被遮盖和保护。Taw refers to the truth and knowledge of God. Taw是指神的真理和知识。and Resh represents the Holy Spirit.  Resh代表圣灵。It means that when we let go of fear, worry, and anxiety, 意思是当我们放下惧怕、担心和忧虑,let go of shame and bad feelings, 放下羞愧和不良情绪,how people speak about us, 不在意人如何说我们,when we surrender ourselves to the truth (heart or will) of God because we wanna grow in the knowledge of Jesus, 因着渴慕在耶稣的知识上有长进,我们向神的真理(祂的心或旨意)降服, the Holy Spirit will guide us into the secret place of God. 圣灵就必引导我们进入神的隐秘处。In fact, 事实上,only in the secret place, 惟有在那隐秘处 we’ll truly know that we’re known by God intimately我们才能真知道神知道我们的一切

In Pas 139:15, David said 在诗篇13915大卫说 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. 【诗139:15】我在暗中受造,在地的深处被联络When David encountered God in the secret place当大卫在隐秘处遇见神, he started to know from his heart that God knew him much better than he knew himself他开始从心里知道神认识他,胜过他认识他自己, God even had known him before he was formed in his mother’s womb 神甚至在他还没有在母腹里成形时已经知道他 Then he started to realise from the heart that God knew his situation and whatever his needs 他开始从心里意识到神知道他的处境和需要. The knowing of God’s omniscient and love from David’s heart through revelation gave him faith to overcome fear 借着得着的启示,大卫从心里真明白上帝的全知和爱,这使他有信心克服惧怕。This’s what we all need. 这是我们都需要的.

b. Overcome. 得胜。 The following result of intimacy is overcoming. 与主亲密接下来的果子就是得胜。He will set me high upon a rock. Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me (v.5-6). 将我高举在磐石上。现在我得以昂首,高过四面的仇敌;(5-6节)Only God gives us victory over our enemies 只有神赐得胜使我们胜过仇敌。In Psa 24, 在诗篇24章,David said who can ascend the mountain of the Lord?  大卫说,谁能登耶和华的山? Who can be exalted above the enemies? 谁能高过他的仇敌? David desired Jesus’ victory over his enemies, 大卫渴慕像主耶稣那样的胜过仇敌,but he knew that the honour of victory only came from having an intimately relationship with God但他知道得胜的荣耀来自于与神的好关系, in other words换句话说, it comes from being of one mind with God 来自于与神的同心。

3, How to cultivate intimacy with Jesus? 如何与主耶稣建立亲密的关系?

From v.4, 4节, One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, And to inquire in His temple. 有一件事,我曾耶和华,我仍要寻求:就是一生一世住在耶和华的殿中,瞻仰他的荣美,在他的殿里求问There’re five things that we can learn from David to cultivate a closer relationship with God. 我们可以从大卫身上学到五件事来与神建立更亲密的关系。A, desiring. A,渴求。King David had only one desire, 大卫王只有一个所求, that was the Lord. 那就是主耶和华。David’s desire wasn’t money, 大卫所求的不是钱财,or to be praised by people 不是被人称赞,or even problems that could be sorted 也不是问题得着解决。“Lord, give me the answer to my problems; “主啊,求你回答我的问题;Get my problems sorted 解决我的问题。” If that’s the reason why you pray若这是你为什么去祷告, you’ll find, 然后,你会发现,you’re stuck in problems. 你还是陷入一大堆问题。And problems will never cease而且问题还会不断的来. If we find we’ve got so many problems in life 若我们发现生活里出现很多问题and we’ve lost our peace and we’re in trouble 失去了平安并且陷在麻烦中 we’ve gotta ask ourselves 就得问问自己,“Am I having a problem with my priorities?” 我是不是把不该放第一位的放了第一位?King David prioritized intimacy with the Lord as number one in his life. 大卫把与主的亲密关系放在他生命的第一位。Intimacy with Jesus means becoming of one mind, one heart with Jesus. 与耶稣关系亲密意味着与耶稣同心合意。David desired the presence of God 大卫渴慕神的同在。What does it mean to be in the presence of God? 与神同在是什么意思? We see a wide range of meanings. 这包括了很多含义。

First of all, 首先,the presence of God means holiness and light. 神的同在意味着圣洁和光明。 In the OT, 在旧约中,when Adam and Eve sinned against God, 当亚当和夏娃得罪了神,they were hidden from God’s presence. 他们就离开神的面隐藏了。 In the NT, 在新约中,God still says, 神仍然说: “be holy, because I am holy.” “你们要圣洁,因为我是圣洁的。” Coming into the presence of God, 来到神面前,we need to be humble our hearts. 我们需要谦卑自己的心。Repentance in faith is required. 在信中悔改是必需的。

Then第二,God's presence provides comfort, peace, rest, strength, counselling, safety, encouragement, healing, and deliverance in times of trouble 神的同在供应我们的需要,就是在患难中的安慰、平安、安息、力量、劝勉、安全、鼓励、医治和释放。That’s why God said to Moses, 所以神对摩西说: “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. Exo 33:14” “我必亲自和你同去,使你得安息。” (出33:14 When He called Moses to do a very tough task 当祂召摩西去完成一项艰巨的任务,delivering the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians. 将以色列人从埃及人的手中拯救出来,Moses replied, 摩西回答说:  “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” “你若不亲自和我同去,就不要把我们从这里领上去。 Moses knew that without the presence of God with them, 摩西知道,若没有神与他们同在,to perform signs and wonders and show that God was the living God, 没有神迹奇事随着显明祂是永活的神,he wouldn’t be able to fulfil his task. 他就不能完成使命。In the NT, 新约里,the presence of God empowered Jesus Christ to save sinners 神的同在赋予耶稣基督有能力拯救罪人、healed the sick, 医治病人and set people free 使人得自由释放。We all need that 我们都需要神的同在 when losing the flow of the presence of God, 若失去了神同在的恩膏涌流,church becomes dry and religiously legalistic. 教会必然进入枯干和宗教律法。

B, Dwelling. 居住。 Where do you dwell 你住在哪里?David said that he might dwell in the house of the Lord大卫说,他要住在神的殿中.  Where is the house of the Lord? 耶和华的殿在哪里?In the NT, both “The house of the Lord”, and his temple, refer to us. 新约圣经里“神的殿” 是指我们。We are the temple of God 我们是神的殿,where God’s Spirit dwells in us (1 Cor 3:16). 神的灵住在我们里面(林前3:16)So to dwell in the house of the Lord means to live by the Spirit of God 所以住在耶和华的殿中,就是靠神的灵而活,and abide in the word of God 住在神的话里。

David asked for one thing 大卫只求一件事,that He might abide in and meditate on the Word of God, 就是住在神的话里默想神的话,his thoughts and mind to be transformed and intimately connecting to God’s heart, 让他的心思意念得以转变和神的心意联合,to know more about God’s Beauty and Sovereignty去认识神更多的荣美和权能and to inquire and wait for God’s voice to be heard. 并寻求、等候听见神的声音。That’s the kind of “one thing” David desired 这就是大卫所求的那“一件事”,and he practiced this throughout his whole life 也是他一生所操练的,to cultivate his intimacy with God. 为与神建立亲密的关系。

C, Unremitting. C, 坚持不懈。 David said, 大卫说 “All the days of my life”. “一生一世”。It’s not just one day这不是一天, I dwell in the word of God and surrender to His commands一天住在祂的话里,听祂而行. David desired a lifetime to listen to Him and do whatever God’s said 大卫渴望用一生的时间来听神的话,遵祂而行。So cultivating intimacy with Jesus is not just a prayer. 与耶稣建立亲密的关系不只是一时的祷告。It’s perpetual. 而是恒久、持续不断的, It’s a lifelong commitment. 是一生的委身。To study the word of God; 学习神的话语;to cultivate devotional habits; 培养灵修的习惯;to put yourself under by serving. 藉服事操练放下自己。And to build an altar in your heart. 建造你心中的祭坛。Practicing praising and prayer in our hearts is about coming near to Jesus, 当我们在心里赞美和祷告那是来靠近耶稣and to get strength to surrender to Him.是来获取力量去顺服祂 Our constant surrender leads to our victory in Christ. 我们的不断的降服可以使我们在基督里得胜Before David had overcome Goliath在大卫胜过歌利亚前, he asked, “What’s in it for me?”他问,“胜过了能得什么赏赐?” The people answered him人就告诉他, “You’ll get to marry the king’s daughter and your entire family will be free of taxes. 你就可以娶王的女儿为妻,并且你父家可以免税。” “Wow, that sounds great. Let’s do it. 哇这太好了,来行动吧。” After David killed Goliath by the help of the Lord当大卫在神的帮助下杀了歌利亚, instead of enjoying the happiness of marriage不单没有享受到新婚的快乐, he was persecuted and hunted down in the wilderness by King Saul for more than 10 years还被扫罗王在旷野逼迫,追杀十几年, yet he learnt how to constantly surrender himself to God’s timing and God’s judgement但他学会了不断的去降服神的时间和神的断定, and he deepened intimacy with God through constant surrender 借着不断的降服他加深了和神的亲密关系. David’s constant surrender to God leads to his victory over his enemies. 大卫的不断的降服与神使他得胜了仇敌。

C, Beholding.注视神 It means to look and see, 意思是定睛观看,to learn to wait for God in faith, 学会在信心中等候神,let go of control and fear. 并除去掌控和惧怕。 In Psa 37:7, David said, 大卫说Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes你当默然倚靠耶和华,耐性等候他。不要因那道路通达的和那恶谋成就的心怀不平。It says, don’t let your thoughts fret, 这里说,不要心怀不平,or remain angry; 也不要愤恨发怒,or count other’s faults, 不要计算他人的恶,or remain jealous. 不要嫉妒,“Be still before the Lord.” “要在主前安息”。Despite your circumstances, look up! 任何环境中都单仰望神!Turn your heart to Jesus, 让心转向耶稣,don’t allow the devil to magnify your negative feelings. 不要让恶者夸大负面的感觉感受。In David’s experience, he seemed to say, 在大卫的经历中,他像是说,“I won’t allow the situation to disconnect me from my intimacy with God, 我绝不让任何环境断开我和神的亲密相交,because my God is much more powerful than what I can see 因神的能力过于眼所能见”。Paul the apostle also said, 使徒保罗也说,he preached the unsearchable riches of Christ among the Gentiles 他把基督那测不透的丰盛传给外邦人 (Eph 3:8). The word “unsearchable” means we can’t fathom it. “测不透”的意思是无法测度,His riches are beyond our comprehension and what we can explore 祂的丰富是深不可测的,不可穷尽的,

They’re fathomless. 是超乎人所能尺度的。It would take a life time, even eternity 就是用尽我们的一生、乃至永恒,to experience and explore都经历不完、认识不尽基督那测不透的、不可想象的丰富,how unsearchable the riches of Christ our Lord are. 我们的主基督是何等的丰富呢!So how much do we know Him? 那么我们认识祂多少呢?How much of the unsearchable riches of Christ have you already experienced? 我们已经历这测不透的丰富又有多少呢?I desire to know Him more. 我渴望更多更多的认识祂。But there’s always a price但更多认识祂是要付代价的。

D Inquiring求问神. David knew that there was no other solution but God. 大卫深知除神以外别无出路,And it’s always linked to salvation, the deep mystery of Christ Jesus.而耶稣基督极深的奥秘总归是关乎拯救。And the best way to have that was to be in a personal, intimate relationship with God. 得着这奥秘的最佳之路,莫过于和神有个人的、亲密的关系。Through the Holy Spirit, 藉着圣灵,he could talk to God and hear from God. 大卫得以向神倾述,并听到神对他说话。In Luke 10:38-41, both Mary and Martha were believers, 玛丽亚和马大都是信徒,and made Jesus welcome. 她们都接待耶稣。Mary sat at Jesus’ feet listening to what he said 玛丽亚坐在耶稣脚前听他的话。(v.39). In other words, 换句话说,Mary humbled herself to follow Jesus by listening to His words first. 玛丽亚的谦卑跟随表现在她先听,Then to act obediently on what He said. 然后顺从去行所听到的。Having intimacy with Jesus is all about listening and responding 与主有亲密关系全关乎如何听和如何去行。Mary listened to Jesus’ voice carefully. 玛丽亚仔细地听耶稣说的,“Listening” is fundamental to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. “听”是与耶稣建立个人关系的基础,Over and over Jesus says in the bible, 乃至耶稣在圣经里不断说:“he who has ears, let him hear.” 有耳可听的,就应当听。(Matt 11:15, 13:9, Mark 4:9, 23, 7:16…)

If the heart has issues 如果心有问题,like pride, wilful thoughts, 如有骄傲、顽梗,or a stronghold of judgement, 或者有论断的营垒,or unresolved wounds, 或未医治的伤害,there’ll be issues which prevent listening就会在听上出问题。We can become deaf or dull of hearing. 我们可以变成聋子,或听力迟钝。This is my own story, 我有个故事,during the first week of our holiday in Brisbane, 当在布里斯班度假的第一周,I was getting up around 8am, 我每天早上8点起床,busy with cooking brunch. 就开始忙活着准备早午餐。

Then, one day直到有一天,our daughter came to me and said, Susie跟我说:“Mum, I’ve got to talk to you. “妈妈,我得和你谈一谈,You know, we really want you to have a good holiday, 我们很想你好好地休个假,can you please stop cooking and take a rest? 你可不可以停下来休息不要做饭啊?We want you to get a good rest. 我们想你能好好休息,And we can together enjoy the holiday by eating out...” 咱们可以一起出去吃东西……”Raymond said Raymond也说:“Your mum seems to be deaf 你妈好像聋了,I told her not to cook. 我告诉她别煮了,But she couldn’t hear me. 可她好像听不见似的。”These words struck my heart, 这些话触动了我的心,my heart cried out to the Lord, 我心里呼求主,“Yes, Lord, “是啊,主,how come I couldn’t hear Raymond stopping me? 我怎么会听不到Raymond叫停的话呢?What caused me to be like Martha 是什么让我像马大,distracted by serving so that I couldn’t listen to Your voice?” 忙着服事,以至于听不到你的声音呢?” Then, I heard a small voice say 然后我听到一个微小的声音说,“You feel you owe your child你感到亏欠孩子,when she was a teenager, 她十几岁的时候,you spent most of your time on the home church你因服事家里的教会,没时间管她,now on your holiday, you wanted to make up for it by your hands现在你想在放假的时候,靠自己的手来弥补。” God knows our deep thoughts. 神知道我们最深的意念。Then, Susie patted my shoulder and said, 然后,Susie拍拍我肩膀说:

“Mum, don’t take the burden onto yourself  妈妈,不要给自己加担子,my childhood was happy 我的童年很快乐,God has given me a lot. 神给了我很多很多。I believe God doesn’t want you to cook for me, 我相信这次神不是要你为我煮饭,but wants you to enjoy the holiday with me…而是要你和我一起享受假期……By the way, mum, your cooking skills are umm…haha...” 还有啊,妈妈,你煮的饭……嗯嗯……哈哈……” I was laughing with her in tears 我也含着眼泪和她笑起来,my heart was comforted, 我的心也得着安慰,“Jesus, forgive me…” “主啊,赦免我……” I prayed and thanked Him for allowing me to experience the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus 我心里感谢耶稣,让我经历祂测不透的智慧和启示,through delivering me from this hidden and unresolved burden, 藉着救我脱离这隐藏的未全然释放的重担  a sense of guilt towards my only child 对自己独生女儿的这一丝负疚感,at such an unexpected time 竟在这意想不到的时候得了医治。Then we had an extremely beautiful time together during the holiday 那之后我们度过了一个极美好的假期, because the presence of God was there with us 因神与我们同在。

Jesus is powerful enough to keep us safe and make us victorious in Him in times of difficulty 主有足够的大能,能在各样患难中保守我们,使我们经历得胜。He is always there like the Father of the prodigal son waiting for us to desire Him, 祂像那浪子的父亲,总在等候我们渴慕祂,to dwell in Him, 住在祂里面,to behold His Beauty constantly, 去瞻仰祂的荣美,and to inquire of Him. 并求问祂so that He can deliver us from our burdens and fill us with joy.因此祂可以拯救我们脱离重担, 并赐我们喜乐and we may be changed in our inner being to be more like Him 以至于我们内里能改变像祂,and to be able to represent Him on earth properly like the Son Christ did, 能像基督那样在地上将祂表明出来。Is that the desire you’re carrying? 这是否也是你的渴慕呢?


Concluding Prayer: 结束祷告:

Yes Lord, we need You. 是的,主啊,我们需要你,Just like the way David needed You in the wilderness, 像大卫在旷野那样需要你,we need You in our lives. 一生一世我们需要你。Thank You for Your amazing love for each of us. 感谢你赐给每个人你那奇妙的爱,Thank You for calling us to desire one thing.  感谢你呼召我们只渴慕一件事。The one thing can make us know more about You and also make us know how much You know about us intimately. 这一件事 可以使我们认识你更多,也使我们可以真知道你对我们何等的认识,so that we won’t be afraid of the things around us 使我们可以胜过惧怕.

If that’s your cry to the Lord, 如果这就是你向主的呼求,let’s call upon His name on our own. 让我们各人自己来求告祂的名。He is waiting for us to go into the secret place to encounter Him…祂在等候我们进到隐秘处遇到祂,in the depths of the heart, 在心灵深处,He desires to strengthen us with His power of love through His Spirit…圣灵渴慕以爱的大能坚固我们……It’s for the sake of His own glory, 为祂自己的荣耀的缘故,He desires to help us overcome our fears祂渴望帮助我们去胜过惧怕 to show that the God of David will never change, 要表明大卫的神永不更改,He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever more.  从昨日、今日、直到永远。

Yes Lord, 是的,主啊,One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, And to inquire in His temple. 有一件事,我曾求耶和华,我仍要寻求:就是一生一世住在耶和华的殿中,瞻仰他的荣美,在他的殿里求问。

Lord, I desire the beautiful relationship King David had with You. 主啊,我渴望像大卫那样和你有美好的关系,I long to be hidden in Your secret place, 我渴望藏在你的隐秘处,to communicate with You in times of trouble.在各样患难中我忘与你联结。

“Lord, help me change my priorities, 主啊,求你帮助我改变我的优先次序,help me to prioritize intimacy with You (becoming one mind with You) as number one in my life. 帮助我把追求与你的亲密关系(与你心意合一)放在生命中的第一位,Help me to desire Your presence rather than just desire getting my problems sorted. 帮助我渴慕你的同在胜过只是让我的困难得着解决,Because You’re much bigger than my problems, 因你比我的困难更大。You’re the solution to my problems. 唯有你是我所有难题的解决。 Your presence offers comfort, peace, and rest; 你的同在,带给我安慰,平安和安息;Your presence provides strength, wisdom, counselling, and encouragement. 你的同在,带给我力量、智慧、谋略和鼓励;Your presence brings me healing and deliverance. 你的同在,带给我医治和拯救;In Your presence there’s victory and joy. 在你的同在中我有得胜和喜乐。

Perhaps there’s something within us that hiders us from hearing the voice of God from our hearts? 或许我们里面有什么阻拦了我们听到神的声音?perhaps there’s voices of condemnation you’ve listened, 或许我们听从了控告定罪的声音,“I’m not good enough.” 说“我不够好”,Which has caused you to focus on yourself rather than on the transformative work of Jesus within you. 以至于我们定睛与自己,而不是耶稣更新内里生命的工作;Or someone or something may have offended you, 或许是什么人什么事冒犯了你,or grieved you, or disappointed you, 使你忧伤,感到灰心,these things can stop us being sensitive to God’s voice. 以至于我们对神的声音迟钝起来,So let’s ask the Lord, 现在让我们来求问主,whatever they are you need to bring them to the Lord, 不论它们是什么,我们都需要带到主面前,to disconnect them from you. 断开与它们的联结。Let’s pray on our own.我们各人来向祂祷告。


Lord, touch my heart, 主啊,求你触摸我的心,bring to the surface what is hidden, 将隐藏的事显明出来,let me deal with it before You. 让我们带到你面前得医治。I’m willing to forgive, 我愿意饶恕,I’m willing to let go of the control, 我愿意放手,I surrender control. 我愿意交出自己的操纵控制。

Lord, forgive me for allowing my thoughts to dwell in worry, fear, disappointment and restlessness, 主啊,赦免我让自己的心思住在忧虑、惧怕、灰心和不安全感中,which has given the enemy opportunity to ruin my relationship with You. 让仇敌有机会毁坏我们之间的关系。Now by the blood of Jesus, 现在求主耶稣用宝血,I’m asking You to cleanse me and renew me...洁净我,更新我……

I take the authority You give me, 我拿起你赐的权柄,in the name of Jesus, 奉主耶稣的名,to break the limitation on my life 断开对我生命的限制,I take the authority You give me in Jesus’ name, 我奉主耶稣的名,I break my agreement with fear. 断开我与惧怕的联结,I break my agreement with anxieties, worries, shame, rejection, lies… 断开与焦虑、忧虑、羞耻感、被拒绝感、谎言……的联结。Lord, fill me with joy, peace and hope 主啊,求你用喜乐、平安、盼望充满我,instead of sadness and disappointment 代替忧伤失望,guide me to bring glory to You through what I think and do…求你引导我,让我的心思意念、行事为人都荣耀你……


Thank You Lord for Your presence with us. 感谢主你与我们同在;Thank You Jesus for revealing Your heart to us through Psalm 27, 感谢主耶稣借着诗篇27章显明你的心,that You long for us to desire one thing, 就是你渴望我们只盼望一件事,which is to put You first in our lives, 就是把你放在生命的首位,to dwell in Your words, 住在你的话语里,not in our own feelings; 不再住在外面的感觉里;and to fix our eyes on You, 就是注视你,not on ourselves or situations; 而不注视自己和环境;and to communicate and be communion with You alone. 就是单单向你倾诉,与你交通。Therefore, we may overcome fear, and be free to cultivate intimacy with You like King David did, 如此,我们就胜过惧怕,也可以自由地与你建立亲密关系,好像大卫王那样,to become one mind with You, 心思意念与你合一,and to grow mature in the life of Jesus Christ. 生命也在耶稣基督里成熟长大。And in times of trouble, 在各样患难中,we may be hidden in Your secret place 让我们得以藏身在你的隐秘处,and able to trample over our enemies 并践踏一切仇敌,to fulfil what we’re called to be and to do. 成为你召我们所是的,完成你召我们所做的。Thank You Lord. Continue to strengthen us! 主,我们感谢你,求你继续坚固我们!We pray in Jesus’ name. 奉主耶稣基督的名。


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