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2018-10-28 Ask, Seek, Knock 祈求就得到

发表于 2024-01-08

 (Matt 7: 7-12)(太77-12

Today, we will continue to look at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount我们今天继续分享山上宝训, (Matthew 7:7-12,太77-12)

“Ask, and it will be given you你们祈求,就给你们; Seek, and you will find寻找,就寻见; Knock, and it will be opened for you叩门,就给你们开门.” For everyone who asks receives因为凡祈求的,就得着; the one who seeks finds寻找的,就寻见; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened叩门的,就给他开门. 9 “Which of you, if your son asks for bread你们中间谁有儿子求饼, will give him a stone反给他石头呢? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake求鱼,反给他蛇呢? 11 If you, then, though you are evil你们虽然不好, know how to give good gifts to your children尚且知道拿好东西给儿女, how much more will your Father in heaven何况你们在天上的父 give good gifts to those who ask him岂不更把好东西给求他的人! 12 So in everything无论何事, do to others what you would have them do to you你们愿意人怎样待你们,你们也要怎样待人, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets因为这就是律法和先知的道理.

1, Prayer (asking and seeking) is unity with God, not magic 祷告不是魔法,是与神的联合.

What a wonderful promise it is这应许真棒!! Our Lord Jesus also used a metaphor to tell us主耶稣打了个比喻, though we are evil我们虽然不好, we know how to give our children good things还知道把好东西给儿女. How much more will our Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him更何况天父,岂不更把好东西给求他的人吗! In other words换句话说, who asks, receives有求必得! In John 14:13(约1413, Jesus says主耶稣说, “and I will do whatever you ask in My name你们奉我的名无论求什么,我必成就, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father叫父因儿子得荣耀. This promise sounds amazing, doesn’t it这个应许是不是很好啊? Is it like a magic spell像不像玩魔法? Whatever you ask不管你开口要啥, such as就像 “I ask to be a billionaire我要变成亿万富翁…I ask be a president我要成为总统…in Jesus’ name奉主耶稣的名…I ask, and I will receive祈求,就得着…” Is God like the Genie in a Lamp to grant any wishes we desire是不是不管求什么,神都使我们愿望都成真、好像阿拉丁神灯的精灵吗? There are some churches all over the world teaching a sort of “name it or claim it” theology全世界有些教会教导这样“信心宣告”的神学“you name it or claim it, and you will receive what you believe.”就是只要你说出来,宣告成就就必成 therefore, some people when they get sick有些人生了病, they refuse to see doctor拒绝看医生, they claim this every single day他们每天宣告: “by His stripes I’m healed因祂的鞭伤我得医治”. Eventually, some of them die最后有的人就死了. The rest have to see doctor anyway before they do die其他人就不得不去看医生.

Faith is not the belief that God will do what we want信仰不是信神照我们的想法行事, it is the belief that God will do what He wants or what He says而是信神照祂的旨意或祂怎样说来行. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts神的意念不是我们的意念, nor are His ways ours祂的道路不是我们的道路, and His ways for us are all for the benefit of eternity祂为我们命定的道关乎我们永生的益处. That’s why our Lord Jesus didn’t just say所以主耶稣没有只说, “Ask, it will be given you,你们祈求,就给你们” but also teaches us to seek God’s will in our circumstances还指教我们,在环境中要寻求神的旨意. For example比如, Paul the apostle asked for healing使徒保罗求神医治, for he was tormented by a thorn in his flesh他因身体里有根刺受苦, which was absolutely uncomfortable当然很难受了. But God didn’t give him what he asked for但神没有准允保罗所求, rather, God said却说, “My grace is sufficient for you我的恩典够你用的, for my power is made perfect in weakness因为我的能力是在人的软弱上显得完全.”2Cor 129,林后129Through hardships and difficulties借着困苦患难, God gave Paul the strength to endure it神赐保罗忍受力. So that he might gain the full reward in the second coming of the Lord让保罗可在基督第二次降临的时候得着完全的赏赐. God’s intention is to give us what is best for us in eternity神要给我们永恒的益处, but it may not look like the best in our own eyes却可能和我们认为最好的大不相同! We’d like to see instant healing我们喜欢快速医治, rather than seek the will of God constantly and endure hardships而不喜欢持续寻求神旨意而去忍受苦难. But if we wanna have our prayers answered但我们若想祷告蒙垂听, we need to align our wills with God’s will就需要将心意对齐. But if we pray in God’s will我们若照着神的心意祷告祈求, He will answer us immediately祂就会快快回应.

A week before上周, after the Mandarin bible group中文查经结束后, I heard Raymond cry loudly, Raymond好大声地喊我, “Jane, come here你快来这里, something weird is happening怪事啊” A little boy took off his clothes and shouted一个小男孩脱了衣服在那儿大叫, “I’m too hot好热啊! My body is itching好痒啊…” In fact, the temperature in the room was around 13 degrees可室内温度才13, it wasn’t that hot怎么会热呢. And then the boy couldn’t stop scratching接着小男孩开始不停地抠痒, when he was half way through taking off his pants裤子都脱掉一半, he tried to show me how itchy it was要给我看有多痒, I stopped him我止住他. And he was freaking out because of the unbearable itching因这奇痒无比使他情绪快崩溃了. I was told that he used to have eczema别人告诉我他曾有湿疹. So his body was full of scratchy scars身体上到处有抓伤的疤痕. Immediately, I received a revelation我马上得到启示, so I led him in a prayer of forgiveness就带着他做了一个饶恕的祷告, and prayed over him又为他祷告. The boy immediately went back to normal小孩子立即就回复正常, and the itching was gone那痕痒也止住了. At night, the boy’s dad had a dream小孩子的爸爸那天晚上有一个梦, which was unusual for him这对他很不寻常, in which he saw that a sister brought her son who had eczema to see me梦里是一个姊妹带着她有湿疹的孩子来找我. And that sister said并且她说, “there is no God in our church我们教会没有神.” the dream was over梦就结束了. I was so amazed at God’s work我惊叹神的工作. That was the first time this boy experienced the healing power of Jesus那是那男孩第一次经历耶稣的医治. So the boy said, “Jesus healed me!”他说“是耶稣医治了我” But God’s intention wasn’t just to heal him但神的旨意不是单要医治他, but was to tell the boy’s dad that another family would come而是告诉他另外一个人要来. and he should pray for God’s will to be done!他需要为此祷告,让神旨意成就

That is a long story that five years ago God foretold me that I would be their pastor to lead them in the power of the Spirit to the way they should go这是一个很长的故事,5年前神告诉我,我要成为他们的牧师在圣灵的大能里引导他们走当走的路. Now God is showing His power to confirm His prophesy现在神正用大能显明祂的预言. God’s will is irresistible上帝的旨意不可阻挡! Pray according to His will, you will receive 照神的旨意祷告,就能得着Pro 28:13(箴2813, he who conceals his sins does not prosper遮掩自己罪过的,必不亨通, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy承认并离弃罪过的,必蒙怜恤.

2, Prayer is to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking祷告是持续的祈求、寻找、叩门.

What should we ask那我们该求些什么? What should we seek该找什么? Where should we knock该在哪里叩门? If we recall what Jesus taught in the previous chapters让我们回忆一下主耶稣在前一章教导了什么, we will get more information about what God wants us to keep asking, seeking and knocking for就会多了解神,该求什么、找什么、叩什么门. Matt 6:1(太61 ─ Don’t act like hypocrites不假冒的施舍 / Matt 6:5(太65 ─ Don’t pray like hypocrites不假冒的祷告 / Matt 6:16(太616 ─ Don’t fast like hypocrites不假冒的禁食 / Matt 6:19(太619 ─ Don’t store up treasures on earth不要积攒财宝在地上 / Matt 6:24(太624 – Don’t serve both God and Money不要既侍奉神又侍奉玛门 / Matt 6:25(太625 ─ Don’t worry about physical needs不要为物质需要忧虑 / Matt 7:1(太71 ─ Don’t judge不要论断 / Matt 7:6(太76 ─ Don’t give holy things to dogs不要把圣物给狗  (discernment in the Spirit 要靠圣灵分辨) In the middle of these examples Jesus says中途主耶稣还说了, “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness你们要先求他的国和他的义, and all these things will be given to you as well这些东西都要加给你们了” (Matthew 6: 33,太633).

Obviously, our Lord wants us to keep asking, seeking and knocking for His kingdom and His righteous life to rule in our hearts and minds主耶稣要我们为让祂的国和义的生命在我们心里掌权, 不住祈求、寻找、叩门,for seeking our values in this world will remain nothing for us when we leave from this body因为当我们离世时,我们在世界里追求存在的价值将毫无存留. Seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness is an act of faith and repentance寻求神的国和义是信心和悔改的行动when we keep asking, seeking and knocking in His way当我们不住地祈求、寻找、叩神的门, we are telling God就是在对神说, “we need you我们需要你, we are not fine on our own我们靠自己不行…” Even in the OT甚至在《旧约》里, the prophet Jeremiah wrote this先知耶利米这样写到, “This is what the Lord says耶和华如此说: Stand at the crossroads and look你们当站在路上查看; ask for the ancient paths访问古道, ask where the good way is哪是善道, and walk in it 便行在其间and you will find rest for your souls这样,你们心里必得安息” (Jeremiah 6: 16,耶616)

What does God want the people of Israel to ask for神要以色列民求什么? To ask for which way they should go求问该走哪条道路? The way of self-righteousness是自义之道? Or the way of trusting in God, and even taking risks还是交托神甚至于为信心冒险之道? God not only wants people to ask神不单要我们祈求, but also wants His people to walk in His way还要神子民行在其间, so that they may receive His rest, peace, and joy使神子民得着安息、平安、喜乐。 

Our God is an unchangeable God我们的神永远不变! In this context Jesus also promises if you ask in this way这段上下文里,主耶稣应许,我们若这样求, you will receive就会得到, seek and you will find这样寻找,就要找到, knock and the door will open这样叩门,就给我们开门. This promise is for all those who seek the kingdom and the righteousness of God to rule in them这应许是给所有求神的国和神的义在里面掌权的人, because God wants to give us the fullness of Himself因神愿赐我们祂的丰盛完全.

12 years ago十二年前, God gave me visions about the home church神赐下关于家里教会的异象, but after a year of fasting and praying constantly我为此定期禁食祷告了一年时间, nothing had changed可什么都没改变. I was little bit frustrated我是有点沮丧, then I read a story可后来读到一篇故事, which changed the focus of my devotional prayers它改变了我祷告的焦点. Here is the story故事是这样: Once upon a time从前有个人, a man was called by God to push against a rock with all his strength神叫他用力推一块石头. He did his best day after day于是他每天尽力去推, the rock didn’t move石头纹丝不动. He was discouraged and felt that he was a failure那人就灰心了,自觉很失败. But when he questioned God他去质问神, God responded compassionately神的回答却充满怜悯, “My child孩子, I told you that your task was not to move the rock我给你的任务不是移开石头, but to push against it with all your strength而是用力推那块石头. You have done your task你已经完成任务了, look at yourself看看你自己, your whole body is strong and muscled你的身体现在强壮有力. Through opposition借着对抗, you have grown much你成长了很多, Now, I’ll move the rock现在,让我来移开石头.” In the same way同样, our calling is to trust in God with persistence in asking, seeking and knocking我们的呼召也是信靠神,不住祈求、寻找、叩门, when we really lay down our own wills to be obedient to Him当我们真放下我们的意思去顺服祂旨意, He will do whatever we ask for.祂就会做我们所祈求的Jesus Christ the Son of God神儿子耶稣基督无罪, who has no sin in the garden of Gethsemane expressed his own wish他在客西马尼园表明自己的欲望, “If it is possible倘若可行, may this cup be taken from me求你叫这杯离开我.”Matt26:39,26:39 That would have been easier for him那样的话,对他来说就容易了, but he immediately turned to the Father’s will但他马上转向父的旨意, “Yet not what I will, but what you will然而,不要从我的意思,只要从你的意思.” Matt26:39,26:39The Son of God prayed persistently until his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground神儿子不住祈求,祷告到汗珠如大血点,滴在地上. It shows us that there will be obstacles to overcome when we pray这表明我们祷告时要克服阻碍. Prayer is like wresting against our enemies祷告就像和仇敌摔跤. The enemy could be our own wills仇敌可以是我们的私欲, and it also could be the dark power也可以是黑暗权势 (see Eph 6:12,弗612). That’s why we need the Holy Spirit to help us to pray所以我们需要圣灵帮助我们祷告.

3, The promise of the filling of the Holy Spirit圣灵充满的应许.

In Luke 11《路加福音》11, Jesus talked about a man who asked for three loaves from his friend neighbourhood to host another friend at midnight耶稣谈到有个人半夜向邻舍借三个饼,来招待自己的朋友, because of his persistence因为他情词迫切地直求, his friend gave him what he wanted邻舍就借给了他. And Jesus added主耶稣补充说, “because of the man’s persistence但因他情词迫切地直求, he will get up and give him as much as he needs就起来照他所需用的给他. v.8b,路118 Then, Jesus promised然后主应许说, “ask, it will be given to you你们祈求,就给你们; seek and you will find寻找,就寻见; knock and the door will be opened to you叩门,就给你们开门.” What does God want us to ask for here那么神要我们求什么呢? Jesus clearly says主就明明白白地说, “though you are evil你们虽然不好, know how to give good gifts to your children尚且知道拿好东西给儿女, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him何况天父,岂不更将圣灵给求他的人吗?. Luke 11:13(路1113Since we have been born again by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit从我们因圣灵内驻而重生开始, we are put into a battle就被放进一场争战中, where we are commanded to be filled with the Holy Spirit 神吩咐我们要被圣灵充满 (see Eph 5:18,弗518), Even the Son of God who has no sin甚至耶稣身为神儿子,没有罪, before he started his ministry在开始公开传道前, he was full of the Holy Spirit都要被圣灵充满, to be tempted by the devil接受魔鬼的试探. and He defeated the devil祂胜过魔鬼. Therefore, we all need the filling of the Holy Spirit所以我们都需要被圣灵充满.

What are the results of being filled圣灵充满后会怎样?

A, We are able to effectively live a different lifestyle of worshipping God and to overcome temptations 我们将能够实在的活出一种不同的、敬拜神的生活,并胜过试探 (see Luke 4,见《路加福音》4). If we aren’t filled with the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus若没有圣灵充满, our souls will quickly turn to looking for other things instead of seeking and walking in the word of God我们的心灵很快就会转向其它东西,无兴趣寻求并行在神的话语中.

B, Be able to glorify God in every aspect of our lives, in our family 能在生活中、家庭中各个层面荣耀神 (Eph 5:21-6:4,弗521-64), and in our work places在职场荣耀神 (Eph 6:5-9,弗65-9).

C, Be able to share the gospel powerfully能够大有能力地传福音作见证 (Acts 1:8,徒18).  God has promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to every believer of Jesus Christ神应许将圣灵赐给每个信徒, in every land赐给每块土地, every race每个种族, and every nation on the face of the earth地上每个国家! God has promised in the book of Joel神在《约珥书》中应许说, “and afterward以后, I will pour out my Spirit on all people我要将我的灵浇灌凡有血气的, your sons and daughters will prophesy你们的儿女要说预言, your old men will dream dreams你们的老年人要作异梦, and your young men will see visions少年人要见异象. V 2:28(珥228Initially, this came to pass in the age of the early church这应许起初成就在初期教会时代, which was described in the book of Acts并记录在《使徒行转》中. And this promise is still being accomplished now现在还在成就. People coming to this service have started to dream dreams来到我们这个聚会的人开始有异梦, and to see visions and to experience deliverance and healing见异象,经历医治释放. But we still need to keep asking, seeking and knocking我们仍需要不住祈求、寻找、叩门, for God gives His Spirit without limit 因为神赐圣灵给他,是没有限量的(see John 3:34b,约334).

Signs and wonders are to encourage us to put our trust in God 神迹奇事为要鼓励我们信靠神and to follow the footsteps of Christ Jesus obediently顺服跟从耶稣基督的脚踪. Some people say有人会说, “I wanna have more of the Holy Spirit我想要多点圣灵.” Actually, it’s not that we have more of the Holy Spirit实际上不是我们多有点圣灵, but that we allow the Holy Spirit to have more of us而是我们允许圣灵多点拥有我们! We are to surrender to Him是我们要降服于圣灵. Look at Jesus Christ从耶稣基督身上看到, we can see that to be filled with the Spirit is to be controlled by God and His truth被圣灵充满就是被神和真理掌管.

How to be filled with the Holy Spirit怎样被圣灵充满?

1, Ask, seek, and knock祈求、寻找、叩门. God has promised that if we keep asking, seeking, and knocking to be filled with the Holy Spirit神的应许是我们若求圣灵充满,不住祈求、寻找、叩门, He will do it for us祂就为我们行事. Please listen请听, this wouldn’t be the normal state of believers unless we desire God’s promise, to ask, seek and knock圣灵充满不可能是信徒的常态,除非信徒渴慕神的应许,去不住祈求、寻找、叩门. Actually, many believers live in the power of the flesh and do whatever they think is right in their eyes实际上,很多信徒住在旧人的权势中,照着自己看为正的行事为人. But for those who do want to love Jesus and do God’s will但对那些想爱主遵行神旨意的信徒, and keep asking, seeking, knocking不住地祈求、寻找、叩门, God has promised that the Father in heaven will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him神的应许是:天父会将圣灵赐给那求祂的人.

2, Repent, Renounce, and Surrender悔改、离弃罪、降服神. We are called not to grieve the Holy Spirit我们蒙召不是叫圣灵担忧 (Eph 4:30,弗430) What can grieve the Spirit of God什么使圣灵担忧? Our disobedience and sins不顺服和罪! Sin works through the desires of the flesh罪借着肉体私欲作工. When Jesus was led by the Spirit to the desert to be tempted by the devil耶稣被圣灵引到旷野,被魔鬼试探, the bible says, that Jesus ate nothing经上说,耶稣没有吃东西. This implies that he fed the desires of the flesh nothing意味着耶稣完全没有喂养肉体. In other words换言之, he emptied himself of the wishes of the flesh他倒空自己, and was controlled by the Spirit of truth被圣灵掌管, that’s why Christ overcame因此得胜. Repentance is not just staying in the attitude of confession悔改不只是个态度上的认罪, saying, “Lord, forgive me主啊,赦免我, I did something wrong我做错了.” Repentance is an ongoing process of practicing our faith悔改是持续操练信心的过程. It starts from godly sorrow for our sins by the convicting work of the Holy Spirit in our minds 悔改始于圣灵光照出罪,我们照着神的意思忧愁 (see 2Corinthians 7:10, Acts 2:37,林后710,徒237), to the confession of our mouths然后口里承认, and to the yielding fruits of the Holy Spirit in our actions并在行动中结出圣灵的果子. It requires fully surrender to God这需要完全对神降服! So asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to ask for spiritual revival and awakening求圣灵充满,就是求复兴和苏醒.


Revival is an outpouring of God复兴是圣灵浇灌 (the outpouring power of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit圣灵能力的显露) on His people when Christians发生在基督徒身上,当他们:

Repent of sin 为罪悔改.

Renew their love for God 恢复向神的爱.

Recommit themselves to God’s purposes 再次将自己交付神的旨意.

Invest extended time in prayer, communion with God, meditation and花更多时间祷告、交通、默想

Experience blessings in Christian service.经历服事神的祝福

Don’t seek the hand of God in miracles不为看见神迹, seek the heart of God in intimacy 乃为在与神的亲密关系中寻求神的心


A story见证:During the decade of the 1890s在十九世纪九十年代, church membership in Wales had significantly declined across different denominations in Wales威尔士各教派教会的人数都在明显下降, like it has today here in Christchurch就象今天的基督城. Sunday services were poorly attended both in Non-denominational churches and the Anglican Church there不论是无宗派教会或圣公会,参加主日崇拜的人数寥寥无几. People turned to seeking enjoyment in their earthly lives like today rather than seeking for the Kingdom to come人们不再寻求神的国降临,转而追逐地上的享受.  And yet there was a hunger for God among a few believers and leaders in God’s church但教会中仍有一些信徒和领袖渴慕神, who started asking and seeking and knocking for a spiritual revival他们开始为复兴祈求、寻找、叩门 (the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,圣灵浇灌).

Brothers and sisters弟兄姊妹, if you find that churches are powerless and dry你若发现教会枯干无力, it’s not for you to complain or judge这不是要你抱怨论断, but for you to pray而是要你祷告 - get on your knees for God’s promise跪在神的应许上! A spiritual awakening always starts with a small group of people灵魂苏醒总是先发生在一小群人身上, and if they confess all known sins如果他们承认所有已知的罪, and give God all 完全奉献给神– not part, but all of their time不是部分时间,而是奉献全部的时间, they will experience spiritual revival就要经历灵里的复兴. In 1904 Wales一九零四年的威尔士, Evan Roberts埃文罗伯茨, who was a 26 year old ordinary labouring young man一个二十六岁的年青工人, was in a pre-breakfast meeting在一次早餐前的祷告会, where he heard somebody cry out他听到有人哭求说, “Lord, bend us 主啊,使我们降伏你.” he eventually cried out后来他也哭求, “Lord主啊, bend me使我降服你! Bend me使我降服! Bend us使我们降服!’ when people started to sing当唱诗开始, he wept and was filled with God’s compassion and love他流泪并被神的怜悯和爱充满. God broke out a great revival through this young man神借着这个年青人引爆了一场大复兴. There were about 150,000 people converted to Jesus Christ大约十五万人信主. Lives were transformed生命被更新! Lifestyles were changed生活方式被改变! Homes and families were healed家庭被医治! Churches were packed and on fire with fervour and zeal教会挤满了人,热情高涨! It was reported like this新闻报道说: “Drunkenness was immediately cut in half酗酒的人数减少了一半, and many pubs went bankrupt很多酒馆因此关门. Crime was so diminished that judges went on holidays犯罪率下降,法官只好去度假, because there were no cases of murder, assault, rape or robbery因连一例谋杀、殴打、强奸、抢劫都没发生. The police became unemployed in many districts多区警察失业. Horses stopped work at coal mines 煤矿的马匹不听使唤because people changed their filthy language to normal words因工人开始使用正常语言,不再说污言秽语, so that the working horses couldn’t understand what was being said to them马匹就听不懂指令了. Hallelujah哈利路亚! Society was changed社会改变了, and Wales became a God-fearing nation威尔士成了敬畏神的城邦.

That’s the true visitation of the Holy God who flooded Wales at that period那次是圣洁神真实的显现!祂淹没了威尔士。 That’s what the coming of Kingdom of God on earth looks like神的国降临在地上就是这样! Not only in Wales不仅在威尔士! This revival extended to many other western countries这场复兴扩展到其他西方国家, even to India, Korea and China甚至还影响到印度、南韩、中国. What is the secret of revival复兴的秘诀是什么?” Evan Roberts wrote this埃文罗伯茨这样写到:  Confess all known sins to God向神承认所有已知的罪. Put away all doubtful habits抛弃所有不洁的生活习惯. Obey the Holy Spirit promptly即刻顺服圣灵. Confess Christ publicly公开承认基督. “It is only, ‘Ask, and receive.’只需要:祈求,就得着

Actually, we have seen a spark of revival emerging here实际上我们已经看到复兴的火苗. Recently, people who attended 11:30am prayer meeting on Sunday have been touched by the love of God weeping最近,参加主日午餐祷告会的人因被神的爱摸着,而哭泣, when they were confessing and interceding他们认罪、代求. Dreams and visions were sent to us异梦异象赐给了我们, deliverance and healing were found here医治释放也赐给我们, we need to keep asking, seeking, and knocking我们需要不住祈求、寻找、叩门, not only for ourselves不单为自己, but also for the nation还为国家, for society为社会, for people who are in darkness为黑暗中的人群.

In 2016, at Good Friday’s service二零一六年复活节期间的周五聚会中, three times, a vision was sent to me同一个异象三次出现, in which I saw that people were packed in a land异象中很多人挤在一个地方, the place were too small for them to stay以至于那地方容不下所有人. Followed by bible verses经上说, “Isa 49:19-20(赛4919-20, though you were ruined and made desolate and your land laid waste至于你荒废凄凉之处,并你毁坏之地, now you will be too small for your people现今众民居住必显为太窄, and those who devoured you will be far away吞灭你的必离你遥远. The children born during your bereavement will yet say in your hearing你必听见丧子之后所生的儿女说, “this place is too small for us这地方我居住太窄, give us more space to live求你给我地方居住.

I believe that this is God promise我信这应许, and that He will expand His kingdom in this place神必在这地扩张自己的国度! This is what we need to pray for我们需为此祷告! In 2017二零一七年, I had a dream我作了个梦, in which I saw that a group of kiwis were waiting for the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit to cleanse them梦里有群新西兰人(白人)在等候被洁净, and waited for a while等了一会儿, God’s powerful visitation came神的大能的到访就来到了. The dream was over梦就没了. They are all talking about that God’s church will flourish again这些都在讲述神的教会要再一次复兴, when the promised Holy Spirit pours out powerfully 当那应许的圣灵浇灌下来Don’t look at how dead a church is不要去看教会有何等的死! But look at God’s promise要去看神的应许! His mercy and His salvation祂的怜悯和拯救

We are God’s priests我们是神的祭司! When we pray我们祷告, and kneel on God’s promises跪在神的应许上, the door of heaven will open天上的门将要打开! Blessings will pour out祝福将倾倒下来! The blind will see瞎子要看见, the deaf will hear聋子要听到! The name of the Son of God will be heard神儿子的名被听见! The word of God will spread神的话语被传扬! God’s kingdom will come powerful神的国度大有能力地来临!  Do you believe?你信吗?

Ask, receive; seek, find, knock, the door will be opened to you祈求,就得着;寻找,就寻见;叩门,就给你们开门.


God defend New Zealand                         上帝保佑新西兰


God of Nations at Thy feet,                       各国聚集在上帝脚下

In the bonds of love we meet,                   在祂爱中我们相聚

Hear our voices, we entreat,                      恳求垂听我们呼求

God defend our free land.                         上帝保佑这自由之地

Guard Pacific’s triple star                           看守南北和周围群岛

From the shafts of strife and war,              远离争斗和战争纷扰

Make her praises heard afar,                     使她美名传向远方

God defend New Zealand.                         上帝保佑新西兰


Men of every creed and race,                    各个民族信仰的人

Gather here before Thy face,                     来聚集在上帝面前

Asking Thee to bless this place,                 为新西兰祈求祝福

God defend our free land.                          上帝保佑这自由之地                         

From dissension, envy, hate,                      远离纷争,嫉妒和仇恨

And corruption guard our state,                远离腐败保守这国

Make our country good and great,            使她美好又强盛

God defend New Zealand.                         上帝保佑新西兰


Peace, not war, shall be our boast,             和平无战争为我们所望

But, should foes assail our coast,                但若有仇敌来攻打

Make us then a mighty host,                       求使这国军队强大

God defend our free land.                          上帝保佑这自由之地                             

Lord of battles in Thy might,                        在得胜上帝的大能中

Put our enemies to flight,                            让我们的仇敌逃跑

Let our cause be just and right,                  使我们公平又正直

God defend New Zealand.                           上帝保佑新西兰


Let our love for Thee increase,                   使爱你的心加增

May Thy blessings never cease,                 愿主爱永不止息

Give us plenty, give us peace,                    赐我们丰盛和平安

God defend our free land.                         上帝保佑这自由之地

From dishonour and from shame,             远离羞耻和羞辱

Guard our country’s spotless name,           使我们的国家成为圣洁

Crown her with immortal fame,                 使她戴上不朽美名冠冕

God defend New Zealand.                         上帝保佑新西兰                            


May our mountains ever be                       愿我们的山脉永存

Freedom’s ramparts on the sea,                 愿我们的海境自由

Make us faithful unto Thee,                        使我们忠心与你

God defend our free land.                         上帝保佑我们自由之地

Guide her in the nations’ van,                    引导这国走正路                                     

Preaching love and truth to man,              向人传讲爱和真理

Working out Thy glorious plan,                  完成你荣耀计划

God defend New Zealand.                         上帝保佑新西兰


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