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2022-10-30 Being led by the Holy Spirit 1被圣灵引导(1)

发表于 2022-10-30

After being baptised, 受洗后,some people become lost again, 有些基督徒又迷失了方向,“I’ve got access to heaven. 我已经可以进天堂了,Why should I read the bible every day? 为啥还要每天读圣经?Why should I serve in the church?” 为啥要我在教会服事?Because of poor understanding of the call to sonship, 因对儿子名份的呼召所知甚少,people go back to their own ways of doing life afterwards. 受洗后人又回到了自己的老路。In the bible, 在圣经中,God calls us to be led by the Holy Spirit, 神呼召我们要被圣灵引导,not by the flesh, 不要被肉体引导,so that we can become like the Son to inherit the kingdom. 使我们成长成为基督的身量去承受神的国。So today, we’re gonna look at why we should be led by the Spirit. 今天,我们首先来谈谈为什么要被圣灵引导。

1, The call to sonship. 得儿子名分的呼召 

Paul the apostle revealed to us the mystery of God’s will for adoption to sonship in Eph 1:4-5, 14-5使徒保罗向我们启示了神呼召我们得儿子名分的奥秘, for he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5 he predestined us for adoption to sonship (niv2011: to be adopted as sons) through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will. 1:4, 就如 神从创立世界以前,在基督里拣选了我们,使我们在他面前成为圣洁,无有瑕疵。5, 又因爱我们,就按着自己意旨所喜悦的,预定我们藉着耶稣基督得儿子的名分,The word “sons” is from the Greek word “Huiothesia”. 这里的儿子一词,来自希腊字“Huiothesia” It means to be placed as sons. 意思是设立成为儿子。This’s talking about the position, 这是在讲我们的地位, that God declared us legally adopted as His sons after we’ve been born into His family. 就是重生的基督徒被神收养成为儿子的合法身份地位。In a family, 在一个家里,babies can’t take the responsibility to look after the family. 婴孩承担不了照顾家庭的责任。The oldest brother looks after the younger ones. 通常由长子照顾小的,The younger ones always focus on themselves.而年幼孩子们常是只关注他们自己。The same for God’s family, 神的家里也是如此。We see in 1 Cor 3:1-3 林前3:1-3Paul addressed the problems of the church of Corinthian, 保罗提到哥林多教会的问题,he pointed out that they were infants in Christ, 指出他们是基督里的婴孩,because they acted carnally, 因他们按照肉体的样式行事,there was envy, 他们中间有嫉妒、strife 纷争、and divisions among them, 结党,they followed Jesus like they were running in a competition, 他们跟随耶稣像在竞赛一样,“I’m better than you.” 我比你好Immature Christians can’t show people what God’s patience, 不成熟的基督徒无法显明神的忍耐、mercy, 怜悯、love, 仁爱、and justice are like. 公义. When they feel offended, 当他们感到被冒犯了, they get angry immediately他们立即生气,and show no mercy to others.不能怜悯他人。 But we’re called to “be merciful, just as your father is merciful”. 但神呼召我们,你们要慈悲,像你们的父慈悲一样。

The word “sons” has nothing to do with our gender. 这里的儿子一词无关性别,It’s talking about Christ likeness, Jesus’ character likeness. 关乎的是基督的样式,或耶稣的性情。例如,For example, Matt 5:9, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons (Huios) of God. 5:9, 使人和睦的人有福了,因为他们必称为 神的儿子。 It’s nothing to do with your gender, 它与你的性别没有关系,it’s about your relationship with God是关于你和神的关系如何, it’s to do with your character, 而与你的品格有关,whether you’re like the mature Son Christ Jesus, 你是否成熟如同基督耶稣神的儿子,to be able to forgive and love and become a peacemaker. 充满饶恕、仁爱,使人和睦;Or you’re like the old man, stirring up dissension 还是你会像你的旧人挑起纷争,and causing problems amongst people whenever you get offended.被冒犯后就制造麻烦。Paul also teaches us in 保罗还教导说,Romans 8:12-14, Therefore, brothers, we have an obligation—but it is not to the sinful nature, to live according to it. 13 For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live. 14 because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. 15 For you didn’t receive a spirit that makes you slaves again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” 8:12, 弟兄们,这样看来,我们并不是欠肉体的债,去顺从肉体活着。13,你们若顺从肉体活着,必要死;若靠着圣灵治死身体的恶行,必要活着。14,因为凡被 神的灵引导的,都是 神的儿子。15,你们所受的不是奴仆的心,仍旧害怕;所受的乃是儿子的心,因此我们呼叫:阿爸,父!The word “sons” is from Greek word Huios, 儿子这个词来自希腊词Huiosmature sons. 是指成熟的儿子。It tells us, 这里说,that after being born again, we’re immediately in a battle. 我们重生后立即进入一场争战,The battleground is in our hearts. 战场在我们的心里,The battle is for whether our hearts, our minds, our actions 这是一场关乎我们的心思意念和行为,are led by the thoughts, desires, will of the flesh, 是被肉体的想法、欲望、意志引导,or by that of the Holy Spirit. 还是被圣灵的想法、欲望、意志所引导的一场争战。If you’re led by the desires of the sinful nature, 若你是被肉体的邪情私欲引导,it says you’ll die. 圣经说必要死。

It doesn’t mean we’ll be dead physically. 并非说我们的肉身会死。It means we’ll be like Adam, dead spiritually. 而是会像亚当那样灵性死亡。We won’t be sensitive to the Holy Spirit anymore. 对圣灵就不再敏感了。Then you’ll say, “Where is God?” 你会说神在哪里?You’ll get lost because you listen to another lord – the flesh, 你会因听从肉体这另一位主,not the Lord Jesus. 而不是主耶稣,就迷失了方向。So after being born again into God’s family, 因此,我们重生后,we just start our journey of faith. 只是信仰之旅的起头,Our goal is to become Christlike and finish His work we’ve been given.我们的目标是成为基督的样式,并完成神分赐我们各人的工作。

In other words, 换句话说,in this life 在今生,every Christian is placed in a process of placement, 每个基督徒被安置在一个实习生的过程中,to reach their destiny of becoming full grown and mature sons through life-changes and serving. 借着生命的改变和服事,去达到成为成熟儿子身量的命定。Without practicing serving we’re unable to grow. 若不去操练服侍,就不能成长When Christ Jesus was on the earth, 耶稣基督在地上时,he said, 他说,“anyone has seen me has seen the Father.” 14:9, 人看见了我,就是看见了父. The Son of God came to reveal to us what the Father looked like. 神的儿子向我们显明天父的样式。And we have the same mission, 我们也有同样的使命,“whoever sees you sees the Father”. 人看见了你,就是看见了父In our daily lives, 在我们的日常生活中,we always need to keep this in mind, 我们当常常存记在心里,“Do I reflect myself (Adam)? 我显明的是亚当?Or do I reflect the Father?”还是天父?Recently, a brother testified that 最近,有位弟兄见证说,ever since he started practicing repentance and forgiveness, 自从他开始操练悔改和饶恕,and building an altar in his heart, 在心里建立祭坛,acting on the truth by seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit, 凡事寻求圣灵引导,照真理行事为人,he has experienced healing and restoration, 他就经历到医治和复兴,and God’s instructions in dreams, etc. 经历神借着异梦对他的引领,等等。That’s the work of the Holy Spirit. 这就是圣灵的工作。

The Holy Spirit is our friend, 圣灵是我们的朋友,our teacher. 我们的老师,In fact, 事实上,the Holy Spirit is your best personal coach in this world and free of charge. 圣灵是我们在世上最好的私人教练,并且是免费的。We really need to love Him, 我们实在应当深深爱祂,not grieve Him. 而不是让圣灵担忧。V.15 tells us, 15节说,we’ve received the Spirit of sonship. 我们所受的是儿子的灵,The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of sonship. 就是圣灵。He is not a force or power, 祂不是一股力量或能力,but one Person of the Trinity. 而是三位一体中的一个位格。V.14, those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God. 8:14, 因为凡被 神的灵引导的,都是 神的儿子。 He comes to lead us into full sonship, 祂来要领我们进入儿子的丰满,and He corrects and transforms us into mature sons in the image of Christ Jesus. 祂纠正改变我们,使我们成为基督样式的成熟儿子。Christ shows us that only mature sons glorify God by overcoming the temptations of Satan, 基督向我们显明,唯有成熟长大的儿子能胜过撒旦试探荣耀神,to serve and love people humbly, and take on the Father’s business. 能谦卑服事和爱人,承担天父的事业。

2, Being led by the Spirit in the OT 旧约里圣灵的引导

The Holy Spirit is as gentle as a dove, 圣灵驯良如鸽子,He never forces us, 祂从不强迫我们,nor controls us in our decisions or actions, 也不控制我们的决策和行动,but gently leads us. 而是温柔引导我们。You’re the one who gets to make decisions. 你自己是那位做决定的人。But immature people always blame others or circumstances, 不成熟的人常常责怪他人和环境,“I’m feeling rejected because of him.” 因为他我受了拒绝。No, 不,you’re one who should be responsible for whom you’re listening to. 你当为自己听从了谁负责任。Blaming others only makes you a victim or a loser to the enemy. 怪责他人只会使你成为败于仇敌手中的受害者。But through the cross of Christ and being led by the Holy Spirit, 但借着基督的十字架,和圣灵的引导,we can become victorious. 我们可以得胜。The Holy Spirit won’t control you, 圣灵不会控制你。The Holy Spirit won’t tell you a formula to do things圣灵不会叫你去套公式做事, and control you like a robot. 像控制机器人一样(or puppet 傀儡)

The Holy Spirit doesn’t teach you to become a rigid robot. 圣灵不会教导你怎样成为僵硬的机器人。He is the Source of wisdom, 祂是智慧的泉源。If you’re led by the Spirit, 你若被圣灵引导,if you’re willing to be corrected and changed by the truth你若乐意被真理纠正和改变, and your life will show evidence of good fruit and wisdom. 你的生命就会显出智慧和好果子的印证。At church camp, 这次营会中,someone showed me a photo of a man and asked me what I thought about the man. 有人给我看了一张相片,并问我怎么看。Coz he was seeking a relationship with her. 因他正在追求她。 Immediately I got something in my heart, 我心里马上就有了一个领受,so I spoke it out, 于是说:“Be careful, 小心,he looks like a con man, 他看起来像骗子,who is trying to swindle money from you.” 要骗你的钱。In four days, 四天后,that happened, 这件事发生了,and he asked for money just as the Holy Spirit had revealed. 正像圣灵所说,那人来骗钱。So if we’re led by the Holy Spirit, 若被圣灵引领,we’ll lack no wisdom.你就不缺少智慧。

In the OT, 以西结书1章,the prophet Ezekiel had a vision in Ezekiel 1, 旧约先知以西结见到异象,when Ezekiel was about thirty years old, 那时他三十岁,living among the Jewish captives in the city of Babylon. 住在巴比伦被掳的犹太人中。He saw heaven open; 他看见天开了,he saw a whirlwind, 有一阵狂风,which was a symbol of God’s mighty presence; 狂风是神大能同在的标记;he saw the four living creatures before the throne. 有四个活物在神的宝座前。Each of them had four faces and four winds. 他们各有四个脸面和四个翅膀,One face was like a man, 前面像人,the right side was like a lion, 右面像狮子,the left side was like an ox, 左面像牛,and the other was like an eagle. 有一面像鹰。They all represented God’s creatures, 他们代表神创造的生命,but were also a symbolic of the person of Christ.又是基督的象征。 Ezekiel 1:12 says this about the living creature: 112这样说到四活物:Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went. 灵往哪里去,他们就往那里去,行走并不转身。

When the Jews were suffering from defeat and taken captive to Babylon due to disobedience. 当犹太人因悖逆神而战败,被掳到巴比伦时,God showed Ezekiel a vision, 神赐给以西结一个异象,how to be blessed and live in the powerful presence of God? 关于怎样可蒙福并活在神大能同在中,It’s through being led by the Holy Spirit 是借着圣灵引导,without turning right or left or turning back. 不偏左右,也不转身后退。

Wherever the Spirit goes, 无论圣灵去哪里, if you go with Him,若你跟着祂去, you’ll be protected 你就得保护,and His powerful presence will be with you as well并得享祂大能同在。Being led by the Holy Spirit is to follow Him, 被圣灵引导就是跟随祂, not follow the desires of the flesh不跟随肉体的私欲。If we’re led by the flesh若被肉体引导,we’ll remain in immaturity and defeat. 我们就停留在婴孩和属灵失败中。Maturity is the result of surrender to the Holy Spirit. 基督里的成熟是向圣灵降服的果子。We’ve gotta ask and seek Him, we’ve gotta listen to Him, we’ve gotta surrender to Him. 我们需要祷告寻求,需要听从,需要降服祂。

But there’s always a cost to surrender, 但降服常常要付代价,a cost to following Jesus, 跟随耶稣要付代价, a cost to submitting to the delegated authority, 顺服地上的权柄要付代价,a cost to forgiving, 饶恕要付代价,and loving your enemies, 爱仇敌要付代价,and serving humbly, 谦卑服事要付代价,a cost to walking in your new identity. 活出新的身份要付代价。If you don’t pay the cost to surrender as an act of faith, 你若不付代价,不行出信心的行为去降服,you won’t grow up spiritually. 属灵上就不能成长。God’s heart for His people to be led by His Spirit from the beginning to the end doesn’t change. 当被圣灵引导,神向神子民的心意由始至终都不会变。We see in Ex13, 我们来看出埃及记13章,when God was leading the Israelites in the desert,神在旷野引导以色列人,v.12 says, By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. 22 Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people. 13:21-22,日间,耶和华在云柱中领他们的路;夜间,在火柱中光照他们,使他们日夜都可以行走。22,日间云柱,夜间火柱,总不离开百姓的面前。

 Both the pillar of cloud and of fire were the leading by the Spirit of God. 云柱火柱都被圣灵引导。Can you imagine? 你能想象得到吗?When they saw the cloud move, 当以色列民看到云柱移动,they moved forward. 他们就向前;When the cloud stopped, 云柱停下来,they remained there camping. 他们就安营;If the cloud remained there for a year, 云柱若是停在那里一年,they wouldn’t journey on. 他们就一年都不前行。Think about it, what if they moved on when the cloud hadn’t moved? 想想 要是云柱未动而他们前行会怎样?They wouldn’t have experienced God’s protection and provision. 以色列民就失去神的保护和供应。See? 看到了吗?That’s why if we wanna experience the fullness of Christ 这就是为什么若我们想要经历基督的丰盛,we must learn to be led by the Spirit. 我们必须学习被圣灵引导。

3, Being led by the Spirit in the NT. 新约中的圣灵引导

Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
14:17因为 神的国不在乎吃喝,只在乎公义、和平并圣灵中的喜乐。It says这里说,the Kingdom of God is among us, 神的国在我们当中, and we’re to reveal what the kingdom character looks like to the world. 我们当向世人显明天国的品格。Righteousness, peace and joy have nothing to do with our nature but to do with the Holy Spirit. 公义、和平和喜乐与我们的天然人无关,是在圣灵里的。Without being led by the Holy Spirit, 若没有圣灵的引导,we show anger, pride, impatience, jealousy, fear, gossip, 而是表现出愤怒、骄傲,急躁、嫉妒、恐惧、八卦,and so many fruit of the flesh, by which we can’t inherit the kingdom of God (Gal 5:21)..以及肉体中的诸多坏果子,这与承受神的国无份。The Son of God came to show us that only by being led by the Spirit 神的儿子来告诉我们,只有被圣灵引导, can we grow in wisdom, joy and maturity.我们的智慧、喜乐和身量才能成长。

When Christ Jesus was twelve years old, 当基督耶稣十二岁的时候,his parents didn’t understand why the boy Jesus was at the temple courts, 他的父母不明白,为什么耶稣在圣殿中,sitting among the teachers, listening to them, and asking them questions. 坐在教师中间,一面听,一面问。And when they found him, 当他们找到他时,he said, 他说,didn’t you know that I must be about My Father’s business?岂不知我应当以我父的事为念吗? He was the Son of God, 他是神的独生爱子, he was the word that became flesh, 他道成肉身, He was full of truth, 他充满了真理,why did he sit among the teachers and ask them questions? 他为什么要坐在老师中间问他们问题呢?He is actually setting us an example, 他实际上是给我们立了一个榜样,as children of God, 作为神的儿女,we need to be taught by the word of God, 我们需要被神的话语来教导,being equipped and empowered under church leadership, 在教会的领导下,被装备,被授权,and learn to grow in obedience to the delegated authority in the leading of the Spirit to prepare us for full sonship. 学习顺服圣灵去顺服地上的权柄,预备我们成为成熟儿子。Jesus’ natural parents didn’t understand what it meant; 耶稣的肉身父母不可能明白他那样做的用意,they just wanted the boy to go back home with them. 他们只是想让孩子和他们一起回家。The boy Jesus wasn’t led by the flesh, 男孩耶稣没有顺从肉体引导, to judge them, 去论断他们, “You’re unspiritual, you don’t know what the Father’s plan is for me.” “你们不属灵,你们不知道父对我的计划是什么。”Instead, 相反,he humbly surrendered to his natural parents led by the Holy Spirit. 他被圣灵引导,谦卑地顺服肉身的父母, Then, 接下来,immediately the bible says, 圣经里立即说,And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.耶稣的智慧和身量,并神和人喜爱他的心,都一起增长In other words, 换言之,if you wanna grow in favor with God and man, 如果我想获得神和人的喜爱,and if you wanna grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity, 如果你想在智慧和灵命上成熟,you need to submit to the process of being trained for sonship. 你需要降服在训练成熟儿子的过程里,and do good in God’s eyes行神眼中为好的事。Yet challenges, 然而挑战、difficulties, 困难、even injustice, 甚至是不公平的事,are necessary 是必要的because they’re just part of God’s plan to mature us. 因他们只是神计划的一部分,叫我们可以成熟。Because God’s plan is to conform us into the image of Christ Jesus. Romans 8:29神的计划是磨我们成为基督耶稣的样子(829

Some people flee from God’s plan because it’s not easy. 有一些人逃离神的计划,因为这并不容易。If you don’t know what glorious hope and rewards God has promised to overcomers, 如果你不知道神应许给得胜者 是何等荣耀的盼望和奖赏,you’ll have no motivation to deny the self你就没有动力去舍己,and to love your enemies去爱你的仇敌,and to serve humbly and faithfully. 并谦卑和忠心的去服事。Hebrews 11:6 tells us, 希伯来书11章第6节告诉我们,faith is not just believing that God exists, 信心不仅仅是信神的存在, “I’m a Christian, Jesus is my God.” 我是基督徒,耶稣就是我的神。No, it’s more than that. 真正的信比这更多, We’ve gotta seek Him earnestly for His righteousness and His kingdom as an act of faith, 是要用信心的行为去寻求祂的国和义,because by this we show that we believe His promise of reward.因借此我们显出信祂赏赐的应许。 That’s the faith God wants from us. 这是神向我们要的信心So I encourage you to do your own study on God’s promises for overcomers in the book of revelation and in the four gospels, 所以我鼓励你自己去查考 神在启示录和四本福音书里对得胜者的应许,so that you may receive faith from your reading and meditating on His Word.  这样你就可以从读祂的话,并从默想祂的话中得信心。

Jesus will return as King on this earth基督耶稣将会再来在地上做王 and reign for a thousand years. 统治一千年。He is not going to rule on earth on His own. 他不会独自统治全地。 In this season, 在当下, He is preparing people to become Huios. 他在预备祂的百姓成为成熟的儿子,And He’ll return with them together to rule on earth. 他会带着他们一起回来掌管全地。Jesus has foretold us what’s gonna happen in the future, 主耶稣已经预言了未来会发生什么, the overcomers will sit with Jesus on His throne 那些得胜的将要和耶稣一同坐在宝座上 (Re 3:21) those who have laid down everything to follow him will sit on twelve thrones就是那些放下一切跟随他的人将坐在十二宝座上 (Matt 19:26-28); those faithful servants will be given ten cities or five cities to take charge of. 这些忠心的仆人将被赐十座城市或五座城市可以来管理 (Luke 19:12-26)

In other words, 换言之,they’re gonna become governors in Jesus’ millennial reign. 他们将在主耶稣的千年国度里的做州长。But as to those who don’t surrender to the Holy Spirit但对于那些不顺服圣灵的,and remain immature仍是不成熟的 and don’t finish what they’ve called to do, 也没有完成祂召他们做的工的,He will take away their stewardship and give it to the faithful ones. 他要把赐他们管家的权利夺回来,赐给那些忠心的仆人。I hope that none of us will be weeping and gnashing teeth, 我希望我们没有人会在将来的日子里哀哭切齿,but rejoicing in what is coming 而是为即将到来的事情而欢喜,because we have come through the process 因为我们经历了这个过程,and learnt how to be led by the Spirit of God.并学会了如何被神的灵引导。

Would you please stand on your feet? 请大家可以站起来吗?Let’s give Jesus our Lord a big clap. 让我们给主耶稣大大的掌声。Yes Lord, we reach out to You with thanks and praise. 是的主,我们向你发出感恩和赞美。Would you please give thanks to the Lord on your own? 大家好不好自己来感谢赞美祂?He is so good to us, 祂对我们真好, He is worthy of our praise. 祂配得一切的赞美。

Jesus, we thank You for the privilege of being born again into Your family. 主耶稣,感谢你赐我们重生的特权,得以进入你的家。Thank You for the sacrificial love You poured out on that cross for us, 感谢你牺牲的爱从十字架上为我们倾倒,so that we could be called children of God 使我们得以被称为神的儿女 and have the Spirit of sonship within us,并有儿子的灵在我们里面 which is not just to set us free from sins不是单为叫我们得自由, but also to correct us而且要纠正我们, teach us教训我们, guide us引导我们 and change us,改变我们 to be more like You to love our enemies and serve humbly and faithfully. 更像你去爱我们的仇敌和谦卑忠心的服侍。

Father, we’re asking You for fresh anointing and power to come upon us…父啊,我们祈求新的膏油和能力临到我们……

“Lord, Jesus, 主耶稣,release upon us a fresh anointing, 求你将新油释放在我们身上,release into our hearts a fresh love for You, a fresh hunger for You, 将对你全新的爱和渴慕释放在我们心里,release upon us a fresh fire of the Holy Spirit.” 将圣洁的灵火释放在我们当中。Let’s open our mouths to pray and with our eyes closed. 让我们闭上眼睛,开口祷告。He is listening. 祂在听。His presence is here to heal and deliver. 祂的同在在这里医治、释放。Let’s pray on our own. 我们各人自己祷告。

“Yes, Lord, 是的,主啊,I wanna be fully engaged in all you're doing. 我们愿意全然参与你一切的工。I surrender to Your Holy Spirit. 愿意降服于你的圣灵。I thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to be my friend, 感谢你差遣圣灵作我们的朋友、my comforter, 我们的安慰者、my leader and my personal coach. 我们的领袖和私人教练。I wanna fully surrender to Him. 我们愿意完全地降服于祂。Lord, 主啊,forgive me for the times when I didn’t listen, 求你赦免我不听从你的话,forgive me for the times when I practiced pride and disobedience, 赦免我悖逆和骄傲、and grieved the Holy Spirit…让圣灵担忧……Precious blood cover me…求主的宝血遮盖我……I embrace Your power of forgiveness, I choose to forgive…我接受你的饶恕,我选择饶恕……

Jesus, 主耶稣,thank You for letting me know that being led by the Holy Spirit is the key to my spiritual maturity. 感谢你让我知道,被圣灵引导是我属灵成熟的关键。I surrender to You. 我向你降服。

Right now, 现在,I take the authority You gave me in Christ, 我要拿起你在基督里赐给我的权柄,In the name of Jesus, 奉主耶稣的名,I break the power of disobedience, pride and unbelief off my life, 砍断悖逆骄傲不信的权势 离开我的生命,I break the power of control and fear off my life, 砍断、弃绝操纵和惧怕的权势离开我,I rebuke all evil powers to loose Your bondages in my life, 斥责一切邪恶的权势,断开你们对我生命的捆绑,the spirit of unforgiveness, loose now in Jesus name; 奉耶稣的名释放不饶恕的灵出去;the spirit of judgement, loose now, 释放论断的灵出去,the spirit of disappointment and grief, loose now, in Jesus name. 奉耶稣的名释放灰心沮丧、愁苦的灵出去。I recommit my life to You Jesus. 我再次把生命献给你,耶稣。Holy Spirit, fill me. 求圣灵充满我。a fresh fire come upon me to burn away the rubbish within me…求圣灵的新火临到我,烧尽我里面的垃圾……I embrace the Spirit of sonship. 我愿拥抱神儿子的灵。I yield my soul, 我将我的灵魂、my heart, my mind, my body, and my whole being to the Spirit of sonship, 我的心思、意念、身体、我的全人交托神儿子的灵,lead me and guide me into all Your truth.  求你带领、引导我进入你一切的真理。Thank You Lord…. 主啊感谢你……


Thank You Jesus for Your presence with us. 感谢主耶稣与我们同在。Thank You Father for Your wonderful plan 感谢天父奇妙的计划,to allow us to be born again into Your family through the shedding of Your son’s blood.藉着你儿子的宝血流出,让我们重生进入神家。Thank You Holy Spirit for Your renewing work within us this afternoon. 感谢圣灵今天在我们里面所做更新的工作。We ask You to continue to release the Spirit of wisdom and revelation into our hearts, 求你继续将智慧和启示的灵释放在我们心里,so that we may know You better, 使我们更多认识你,know Your call of sonship better, 更多认识你对我们的得儿子名分的呼召,and know from our hearts what is coming in the future when You return. 使我们从内心真知道你再来时将要发生的事。Help us to live out the great hope of the gospel in being led by Your Spirit, 求你帮助我们被你的圣灵引导,活出福音的盼望,and grow into Your Son’s likeness to reflect what You look like to the world around us, 长成你儿子的样式,在一切我们所到之处活出你的样子,fulfil our daily task in serving humbly and faithfully, 谦卑、忠心地服事,完成你每一天托付我们的工作,and bring glory to Your name. 荣耀你的名。Amen.  阿们。


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