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2022-11-27 Dealing With the Flesh-Witchcraft 处理情欲—巫术

发表于 2022-11-27

Last Sunday we looked at 上周我们分享了 Gal 5:16-23, Today, we’ll continue to look at the same passage. 我们今天继续分享这段经文: So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. 17 For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. 19 The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 我说:你们当顺着圣灵而行,就不放纵肉体的情欲了。17因为情欲和圣灵相争,圣灵和情欲相争,这两个是彼此相敌,使你们不能作所愿意作的。18但你们若被圣灵引导,就不在律法以下。19情欲的事都是显而易见的,就如奸淫、污秽、邪荡、20拜偶像、邪术、仇恨、争竞、忌恨、恼怒、结党、纷争、异端、21嫉妒(有古卷在此有凶杀二字)、醉酒、荒宴等类,我从前告诉你们,现在又告诉你们,行这样事的人必不能承受 神的国。22圣灵所结的果子,就是仁爱、喜乐、和平、忍耐、恩慈、良善、信实、23温柔、节制。这样的事,没有律法禁止。

1, The explanation of the passage这段话的解释

Last Sunday上主日, we looked at three contrasting pictures from it. 我们看了其中的三组对比图。The message is very clear that if you and me wanna flourish in the Kingdom of God, 这段话意思很清楚,你我若想在神的国里昌盛,we need to live in alignment with God’s truth, 就需要活出与神的真理合一的生命,not gratify the desires of the flesh. 不去放纵肉体的欲望。The bible tells us that the journey of faith starts with confession 圣经说我们信仰之程始于认罪悔改,and receiving the Holy Spirit through the blood of Jesus. 藉着耶稣流血舍命,我们又领受圣灵。Here, from v.16-21a, we’re told, 16-21上节开始说,that the journey of faith is about turning from the desires and acts of the flesh to being led by the Holy Spirit 这信心之旅关乎从顺服肉体的私欲转向被圣灵引导,and bearing the fruit of the Spirit in whatever we do. 并在我们所做的一切事情上结出圣灵的果子。And the purpose of the journey is to prepare and mature us into the image of Jesus. 因此,这段旅程的目的是预备我们成熟长大,成为耶稣的样式。Then v.21 tells us, 之后第21节告诉我们,that the destination of the journey is to inherit the Kingdom.这旅程的终点是承受天国。

The Holy Spirit is sent to help us reach the destination God has for us. 圣灵来是帮助我们去完成神给我们所设的命定。God’s original plan in creating Man was to have sons in the image of Himself 神造人的最初计划是得着更多按照祂的形象的儿子,to share in His rulership on earth, 与祂在地上同掌权,which wasn’t ruined by Adam’s fall. 这计划不能因亚当的堕落而毁坏。The word “sons” has nothing to do with gender,这里的儿子和性别无关 but to do with our character to be like the Son Christ.是说我们的性情像儿子基督 Jesus came to restore us to the original plan. 耶稣来是要让我们回到最初的计划,He redeemed us from the kingdom of the world, 他来救赎我们脱离世界的国度,and brought us into the kingdom of light. 把我们带入光明的国度。We’re called to live out the reality of where we are. 我们被呼召活出“我们在哪里”的真实。

You see this in the Garden, after Adam had sinned, 在伊甸园,当亚当犯罪之后,instead of questioning Adam, “what have you done?” 神没有问他: “你做了什么?”God asked Adam, “Where are you? 而是问:“你在哪里?”(Gen 3:9)” God is concerned about where we are. 神关注的是我们的心在哪里。This is a question about relationship not performance. 这个提问是关乎关系而不是外在表现。God wants a relationship with us not a performance from us. 神要的是和我们的亲密关系,而不是我们好的外在表现。We’re concerned about whether we’ve performed well or not. 我们关心的是自己的表现好不好,But God is concerned about where you are. 而神关心的是我们在哪里,“Where are you today? “你今天在哪里?”Where are you in your relationship to God? 你和神的关系在哪个阶段?Are you yielding to the Spirit of truth? 你是在顺服真理的灵吗?Or are you yielding to the flesh? 还是在顺从肉体? V.21 Says, those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. 21节说,行这样事的人必不能承受 神的国。God really wants us to inherit the Kingdom, 神实在是愿意我们去承受祂的国not just to enter the Kingdom不是单单进祂的国. But there’s a condition,但这有一个条件 that is to not live in the acts of the flesh就是不活在肉体的私欲里 but to live by the Holy Spirit 但要被圣灵引导and bear the fruit of the Spirit 结出圣灵的果子and become “Huios” (mature sons) of God 成为神的成熟的儿子(Romans 8:14). Inheriting the Kingdom means to share Jesus’ power, authority, and glory to reign with Him in His Kingdom. 承受神的国的意思是同享主耶稣的能力、权柄和荣耀,并在国里与祂同掌权。

Re 21:7 says, only those overcomers will inherit all Jesus has. 21:7说,只有那些得胜的人才能承受耶稣的一切Notice, all Christians are called. 请注意,所有基督徒都蒙这呼召。All Christians are invited to be in the process of preparation for the coming glory. 所有信徒都被邀请为将来的荣耀做预备。But not everyone will become overcomers – mature sons, 但不是每一位信徒都可能得胜because they may refuse to embrace the process of transformation for the coming glory.因为他们会拒绝为将来荣耀而设的生命改变过程 For it requires to pay the price to deny the self, 因为这需要付代价来舍己 which isn’t a comfortable process for the sinful nature这不是一个叫老我舒服的过程. That’s why in “The parable of the Sower” we’re told 这就是为什么在“撒种的比喻里”主告诉我们that some wouldn’t bear fruit for God. 有些人不能结果子Also, some would become unfaithful and lazy servants when Jesus returns to judge, 有些人在主再来审判的时候成了又懒又不忠心的仆人because they listen to the feelings and voices of the self因为他们听信自己的声音和感觉感受. But God’s grace is sufficient,但神的恩典够我们用。He gives us a whole lifetime to prepare. 神又怜悯又公正,祂给了我们一生的时间来预备。In this life we need to get rid of all the obstacles from the flesh and learn to be led by the Spirit to become mature.在今生,我们需要除去一切来自肉体的阻拦,学会在圣灵的引导下成熟长大。

2, A work of the flesh – witchcraft (v.20) 一种情欲的行为巫术(20节)

When Paul the apostle lists the works of the flesh in Gal 5:20, 使徒保罗在加5:20节列了一张属情欲的清单,he mentions “idolatry and witchcraft”. 其中提到拜偶像和行邪(巫)术The word “witchcraft” is translated from the Greek word “pharmakeia”. “邪(巫)术一词来自希腊词“pharmakeia”Pharmakeia is the obvious root word of the word “pharmacy”. “pharmakeia”“pharmacy”一词的字根,It means “the use or the administering of drugs.” 意思是使用或管理药物But in the bible, 但在圣经中,the word pharmakeia hints at sorcery,  demon worship, meddling with demons. pharmakeia这个词暗示着巫术,敬拜鬼魔,和邪灵相交。This raises a question, 这就提出了一个问题,how can the acts of the flesh be linked to the work of demons? 属情欲的事怎么能和魔鬼的工作联系起来? What is this witchcraft 什么是邪(巫)术?or what is the nature of this witchcraft that makes God to identify it with fallen humanity或者说邪术的本质是什么、使神把它与堕落的人性等同起来? 1 Samuel 撒上15:23 tells us this, for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. 悖逆的罪与行邪术的罪相等;顽梗的罪与拜虚神和偶像的罪相同。It reveals the truth to us, 它向我们揭示了一个真理:that when man rejects God, 当人们拒绝神,when people turn from God in rebellion, 悖逆神,and when they try to control life their own way, 当他们试图以自己的方式掌控生命时,the power that moves in them to control life is the same as witchcraft. 运行在他们里面那掌控的能力与行邪(巫)术背后的能力是一样的。

We see this in Matt 16, 我们在马太福音16章看到,when Peter tried to order Jesus not to suffer the cross according to the Father's will, 当彼得想阻挡耶稣不要按父的旨意上十字架的时候,Jesus rebuked Peter, 耶稣责备彼得说: “Get behind me, Satan!” “撒但,退到我后面去吧!”Because Jesus immediately realized that Peter’s words seemed to be for the good of his flesh, 因为耶稣马上意识到彼得说的话,好像是为他好,but behind the words was the power of Satan trying to control him to rebel against the Father’s will. 但背后是撒但的运行,想要控制他,使他违背天父旨意。Witchcraft works through rebellion. 邪术通过悖逆起功效。In other words, 换句话说,witchcraft works through independence from God. 邪(巫)术借人自己不靠神,靠自己而进入。 Apparently, 很显明the goal of witchcraft is to control life our own way, 目的是让我们以自我的方式掌控生命,and control others and get others to do what we want, 去控制他人、让他人做我们想要的事。For example, 比如why did you yell at your children? Or your spouse? 为什么你吼你的孩子和配偶?Or why did you keep silent as a weapon against your spouse?为什么你以沉默为武器去对抗你的配偶?You tried to control them to do what you wanted. 你想要掌控他们按照你的意思来. We need to give up the old way of control,我们当放下掌控操纵的老路 and learn to be obedient to God and grow in intimacy with God, 去学习顺服神,在与神的亲密关系中成长,and thereby love others with agape love.从而以神的爱去爱他人。

In Re 2:20-26, 在启2:20-26中,we see the person Jezebel has been dead for thousands of years. 我们看到耶洗别已经死了几千年,But Jesus warns the church in the last days to battle against the controlling power of Jezebel, 但主耶稣却警戒末后的教会,要与耶洗别掌控的势力争战,the power of witchcraft. 即与邪术的势力争战。What did Jezebel do in the OT? 在旧约中耶洗别做了什么? She seduced the people of God to worship substitutes for God; 她引诱神的子民敬拜别神,she caused confusion to the nation about who God was, and who they were, 她迷惑了整个民族,叫他们不认识神是谁、不知道自己是谁,and caused them end up in bondage; 叫使以色列民作了奴仆,She hated and killed the prophets of God 她憎恨先知,并杀害了神的先知,and shut down the prophetic and supernational movement of God 使来自于神的预言性的、超自然的工作停止运行,and raised up her own false prophets.并设立了自己的假先知。

In short, 总之the power (or the spirit) of witchcraft seduces people into self-promotion and self-focus. 这巫术的灵引诱人自我高举,和关注自我。It teaches people the wrong ways of thinking how to do life. 它错误教导人该如何活着。It’s all about me and what I do. 让人所有做的都是围绕着‘我’和‘我’做的事;“My position, 我的地位my title我的头衔, my rights,我的权力 my我的…I don’t allow anyone say “no” to me.我不允许任何人反对我 If you oppose me若你反对我, I'll get rid of you…我要除掉你…I won’t speak to you 我不和你讲话…” See? 看到吗?Jesus didn’t get rid of Judas the betrayer and the Pharisees around him,主耶稣不除掉出卖他的犹大,和身边反对他的法利赛人 yet he entrusted himself to the Father’s judgement and lived out the truth by the Spirit.他靠着圣灵活出真理,交托自己给天父审判 But the spirit of Jezebel teaches God’s people to control lives但耶西别的灵教导神子民掌控自己的生活, control others to listen to “me”.去控制他人听自己 If you obey it, 若你这么做you'll get into emotional turmoil, 你就陷入情绪反复无常broken relationships人际关系破裂, and a whole lot of issues, 和各种扰乱中。It not just affects you, 这不仅影响你这代but the next generation as well.也影响到你的下一代。

It seduces people away from seeking and doing Jesus’ will, 它引诱人远离寻求和遵行耶稣的旨意,so that they are unable to become one with Him in Spirit. 以致他们不能在灵里与神合二为一。This spirit of Jezebel seduces people to be independent from God. 耶洗别的灵引诱人们独立于神之外,Spiritual disloyalty to God gives Satan the opportunity to seduce God's people into sexual sin. 对神属灵的不忠使撒但有机会引诱神的子民进入性犯罪。And this doesn’t just affect one generation but all following generations. 这不仅会影响一代人,还会影响所有后代。That’s why God hates witchcraft so much.所以神如此憎恶邪(巫)术。

3, Doorways for the spirit of witchcraft and how to deal with them邪术之灵的入口和处理

What are the doorways for the spirit of witchcraft to gain access and come in? 邪灵有哪些入侵的入口? A, through cult worship 藉着异教崇拜. In the bible, 在圣经中,we see the person Jezebel seduced the people of God into worshipping Baal, 我们看到耶洗别引诱神的子民崇拜巴力。who was considered a god of weather, a god of war, and a god of fertility. 巴力被认为是掌管天气、战争和生育的神,The nation was introduced to sacrificing children, 以色列国被引诱于是出现以童子献祭、temple prostitution and committed idolatry. 庙妓和拜偶像的现象。Idolatry and witchcraft go hand in hand. 偶像和邪术总是相伴而来。So repentance of cult and idol worship or ancestors’ worship or fortune-telling, and so on is necessary to shut the door to witchcraft. 因此,如要关闭邪术的门,就要为进过异端邪教和偶像崇拜, 拜祖先,算命等悔改。

B, Through sexual sin 藉着性犯罪。 Samson was born to be a warrior of God to deliver the nation of Israel from the Philistines. 参孙出生为成为神大能的勇士,要救以色列人脱离非利士人的手。But when he had been manipulated by the woman Delilah and sinned, 但他既受了大利拉的引诱,犯了罪,then he lost his strength and anointing, 就失去了力量和膏油,he lost his vision and freedom and became a slave. 失去了异象和自由,成了奴仆。This is what the spirit of witchcraft wants God’s people to be. 这就是巫术之灵希望神的子民成为的样子。Until Samson repented and turned to God. 直到参孙悔改归向神,God then restored his strength.于是神恢复了他的力量。

C, Through unresolved fear and rejection and broken-heartedness.借着没有处理的惧怕、拒绝感和伤心。Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. 耶稣来医治伤心人,裹好他们的伤处。Because He knows that all traumas and hurt experiences leave us vulnerable to fear, we become fearful about getting hurt again. 因为他知道过往的创伤和伤害的经历让我们易惧怕,叫我们变得害怕再次受到伤害。When we fear, we wanna control. 当我们惧怕,就想掌控。“I don’t wanna be hurt anymore.” 我不想再受到伤害了。” Just now we said that we yelled at our family members, 刚才我们说我们对家人吼because we wanted to control,因为我们想掌控 but behind that there was fear.在掌控背后是惧怕 “I don’t wanna suffer loss anymore.” 我不想再受损了。“I’m in control, I feel safe…”在我的掌控中,我才会感到安全……” “If the situation is out of my control, 若环境不受我控制I feel self-pity,我就自怜 ‘God, you don’t love me’神不爱我…I blame God我责怪神…blame others责怪人Controlling gives you a false sense of peace. 控制给了你一种虚假的和平。 Whenever you feel you’re losing control, 每当你觉得自己失控的时候 you blow up. 你就发火。If you control,若你操纵掌控 fluctuating moods, anger, self-pity, and fear will follow you, 波动的情绪,愤怒,自怜和恐惧感会跟随你and youll feel stress and anxiety.你会倍感压力和焦虑。

All of these fruit show that you’re being manipulated by the spirit of Jezebel. 所有这些肉体的私欲都表明你被耶洗别的灵操控了。You need to get back your identity in Christ, 你需要重新回到你在基督里的身份,and repent of control, 为操纵而悔改,and let God be God in your life. 让神成为你生命中的主。“God is on control not me, 神在掌权,不是我what I need to do is to trust in Him.”我所当做的就是信靠他。

In our families, 在我们的家庭中, God wants us to build loving relationships in marriage. 神希望我们在婚姻中建立爱的关系。A controlling relationship is about one dominating the other in a self-seeking manner. 可是控制的关系是建立在一方在只想得着己意满意去支配另一方。It’s always about “me”. 一切都是关于“Listen to me…me…” 要听我的…………” When you try to control your spouse, 当你试图控制你的配偶,control your children to make them listen to you, 控制你的孩子,叫他们听你的话,rather than repenting and entrusting them in God’s hands, 而不是悔改,把他们交在神的手中,and maintain your position in prayer, 在祷告中站在你该站的地位,you start to come under the power of Jezebel. 你就开始被耶洗别的灵所控制。In controlling relationships, 在控制型的关系中,husbands try to control their wives by intimidating them with violence. 丈夫试图通过暴力恐吓来控制妻子。Wives try to control their husbands with tears or silence or anger, 妻子们试图用眼泪、沉默或发怒来控制丈夫, picking at their shortcomings, 挑剔他们的缺点, “you’re not good enough…”“你不够好……” If you do so, 如果你这样做,you come under the power of Jezebel, 你就会落入耶洗别灵的辖制中,you need to repent. 你需要悔改。In controlling relationships, 在控制型的关系中,wives use sex as a weapon to manipulate husbands, 妻子用性作为操纵丈夫的武器,and husbands utilise wives for physical release. 丈夫利用妻子发泄身体私欲。If you do so, 如果你这么做了,you introduce the spirit of witchcraft into your marriage. 你就把巫术操纵的灵引入了你的婚姻。That can cause lots of problems which do not just to affect the relationship between you and your spouse but affect the next generation. 这些问题不仅会影响你和配偶之间的关系,还会影响到下一代。

D, through rebellion, un-submitted. D,通过反抗,不屈服。 In the days of King Ahab, 在亚哈王的时候, the woman Jezebel controlled her husband, 耶洗别辖制了她的丈夫,she robbed her husband of spiritual authority as the leader of the family. 她夺去了她丈夫属灵的权柄,不作一家之主。The woman Jezebel ignored the God-ordained authority structures in the family, in the church, the workplace, and the government. 耶洗别无视神在家庭、教会、工作场所和生活中设立的权柄次序。She practiced rebellion, not submitting to God’s delegated authority, 她行为悖逆,不服从神设立的权柄,and she tried every way to gain recognition, power, dominion and “the praises of men".她想尽一切办法来获得认可、权力、占有和人的赞美All she did was for the desires of the SELF. 她所做的一切都是为了自我的欲望。She suffered from lack of peace. 她没有平安。

Jesus warns the church in the last days, 耶稣警告末后的教会, “don’t tolerate the spirit of Jezebel”, “不要容忍耶洗别操控的灵don’t allow your unresolved pain or rejection to fill you with fear, insecurity, jealousy, pride, judgement, self-focused thinking, 不要让你未处理的痛,或拒绝使你充满恐惧、不安全感、嫉妒、骄傲、论断、自我中心的想法,and to try to gain the recognition, power, and praise of men. 并想得人的认可、权力和赞美。The spirit of Jezebel is looking for opportunities to attack both man and woman in the Church who are filled with rejection and fear and try to control 耶洗别的灵正在寻找机会攻击那些心里充满拒绝感和惧怕并想操控的男女信徒。We need to stand up and fight against the spirit of control. 我们要起来,与耶洗别的灵来争战。

In everyday life, 在日常生活中, if you try to react to people in authority in these ways, 如果你试图用这样的方式来回应那些权柄人物,“Don’t talk to me in that tone of voice, “不要用那种口气对我说话,I’m not your slave, 我不是你的奴隶,I won’t do what you say…我不会按你说的做的……I’ll resign…我要辞职……I’ll leave…我要离开……I won’t talk to you anymore…”我不想再和你说话…” Rejection can cause rebellious or disobedient reactions that allow you to come under the attack of the spirit of control. 拒绝感会引发叛逆或不服, 让你受到巫术操纵的灵的攻击。Anger, resentment, unforgiveness, self-pity, fear, and all sorts of evil powers will come in, if you react in those ways.如果你以这些方式应对,愤怒、怨恨、不饶恕、自怜、惧怕以及各种邪灵都会进来。Then you and your home will suffer loss. 那么你和你的家都会蒙受损失。

Jesus was despised and rejected by men. 耶稣被人藐视,被人拒绝。 He was hung on that cross naked. 他被一丝不挂地挂在十字架上。He was the Creator God himself. 他是造物主。He had the ability to control everything, 他有能力控制一切,yet He laid down his right to control, 但他放弃了控制的权利,willingly suffered for our sins like a lamb to be slain. 甘愿为我们的罪受苦,好像被宰杀的羔羊。The pain of rejection, 被拒绝的痛,the pain of abandonment, 被抛弃的痛,the sorrow of a broken heart, 心碎的伤痛,the sorrow of being betrayed, 被背叛的伤痛, the sorrow of being abused and being put down were all laid upon him. 被鞭打和被钉十字架的痛,都落在了他的身上。

Instead of controlling, 基督耶稣没有掌控,Christ Jesus entrusted himself to the Father who judges justly. 而是把自己交托给那按公义审判的父。 Jesus’ action of faith, 主耶稣信心的行动,dying on the cross nullified the power of control. 死在十字架上,使控制的力量失效。 He was raised from the dead in three days! 他三日内从死里复活了! Jesus is the resurrected King over all other powers and authority. 耶稣是复活的君王,远超过一切权力和权威之上。

His love for us is as strong as death. 他对我们的爱如死之坚强。Jesus is calling, 耶稣在呼召, “take up your cross, deny your own desires, and follow me.” “背起你的十字架,舍己,来跟从我。”The cross is the only way for us to overcome the work of the flesh, the power of control (Jezebel, witchcraft).十字架是我们胜过肉体私欲,和耶洗别巫术掌控力量的唯一途径。 He is calling us to lay down everything we wanna control, 他呼召我们放下我们想要掌控的一切,and entrust it to the Father’s hand, 把它交托给父的手,He is the sovereign God who is in control. 他是掌管一切的至高的神。 In exchange, we receive peace, joy, blessings, and abundant life.  作为交换,我们得到的是和平、喜乐和丰盛的生命。


Would you please stand up on your feet? 请你站起来好吗? Would you please turn your hearts to Jesus 让你的心转向耶稣,and thank Him for what He has done for you? 感谢祂为你所做的一切。

“Thank You Jesus for Your understanding. 感谢耶稣理解我们。You understand us and You don’t accuse or condemn us for our weakness. 你理解我们,没有因我们软弱而控告、定罪我们。Rather, 相反,You stepped down into this broken world 你从天而降来到这破碎的世界,and humbly chose to suffer rejection and pain and death for us. 谦卑自己,甘愿为我们被拒绝、受痛苦、舍生命。Our hearts turn to You Lord. 主啊,让我们的心转向你。Our hearts need to be free from fear and pain and rejection….我们的心需要从惧怕、伤害和拒绝感中被释放出来....Yes Lord, the cross is a place of exchange. 是的主啊,十字架是交换的地方。The cross speaks of Your love towards me which is as strong as death. 十字架表达了你对我的爱是如死之坚强。My heart is open to Your love…” 我的心向你的爱敞开……”

Now you can ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart, 求圣灵鉴察你的心,and see if there are areas of brokenness in your heart, 看你心中是否有破碎,where you have broken relationships with family members, brothers or sisters, or parents, 在那里你与家人、与兄弟姐妹、与父母的关系破裂了,or you have broken relationships with someone else in your life, 或者与你生命中其他人的关系破裂了,previous teachers, 以前的老师、previous bosses, 以前的老板、 previous classmates, 以前的同学,whoever it may be, 无论是谁,that you felt rejected by them, or intimidated or manipulated by them…你觉得被他们拒绝、恐吓或操纵了……you can cry out to Him, 你可以向他呼求,

If there’s anything you need to repent of, 如果你有什么要悔改的, tell the Lord, 可以向主诉说:“Jesus, 主耶稣 heal me…求你来医治我…I repent of controlling the pain of rejection in my own way…我愿意悔改,我曾行在自己的道上去压制被拒绝的痛苦…Instead of following Jesus’ way of crucifying the self 却没有跟随耶稣来钉自己的旧人、and forgiving those who hurt me from the heart, 真心饶恕那些伤害我的人, I turned to my own way 我转向了自己的道路,and held bitter judgement and blamed others…带着苦毒去论断、责怪别人…I feared to be rejected again, 我害怕再被拒绝, I tried to control my life and others 我试图掌控自己的生活和他人,to gain a false sense of peace and security, 以获得虚假的平安与安全感, which has given the evil one opportunities to create more fear, anxiety, anger, control, jealousy, unforgiveness in my life, 以至于让那恶者有机会在我生命中制造更多惧怕、焦虑、恼怒、操纵、嫉妒、不饶恕and create more problems in my relationships with others…在我与他人相处的关系中制造更多的问题……I repent of taking the wrong way by being independent from God, 我愿意悔改,因没有倚靠神而行在错误的道上,which didn’t give me peace and joy and love…这没有给我带来平安、喜乐和爱…I repent of yielding to the spirit of rebellion 我愿意悔改,我顺从了悖逆的灵,which caused me to judge the leaders at home, at church, in the workplace, in the government…让我在家、在教会、在单位、在政府论断了权柄…I repent of agreeing with the spirit of witchcraft and control…我愿意悔改,我信从了巫术的灵去操纵控制…I put my trust in Your love and justice我来信靠你的爱和公义

In the name of Jesus, 我奉耶稣的名,I break the power of fear, witchcraft, control, and intimidation. 败坏惧怕、邪术、操纵和恐吓的权势。I submit my life, my thoughts, and my will to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 我把我的生命、我的意念和意志都交给主耶稣基督。Holy Spirit, 圣灵啊,come upon me, 求你来,fire of the Holy Spirit come upon me, 愿圣灵的火降在我身上,anoint me with Your fresh power of the Holy Spirit, 用你圣灵新鲜的能力膏抹我,and strengthen my inner man坚固我里面的人 I surrender to You, Jesus….我愿向你降服,耶稣....


Thank You Jesus that You are worthy of it all. 感谢耶稣,你是配得。You’re the hope of the world. 你是这世界的盼望。In this world, 在这世上,we will have trials, 我们会有试炼、 tests, 试验、temptation, 试探and all sorts of trouble. 和各样的烦恼。Yet, 然而,You have overcome the world. 你已经胜过了世界。Jesus, 耶稣, raise up Your people, 求你复兴你的百姓,to be strong in the Lord! 使我们在主里刚强!Raise us in Your resurrection power and Kingdom authority. 让我们靠着你复活的大能和国度的权柄得以活过来。Yes, You have given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions 是的,你已经赐给我们权柄可以践踏蛇和蝎子,and to overcome all the power of the enemy. 又胜过仇敌一切的能力。Holy Spirit, 圣灵啊,help us to not yield to the desires of the flesh, 求你帮助我们不顺从肉体的私欲,but to deny the desires of the flesh just as Christ the Son did, 而是像基督神儿子一样拒绝肉体的私欲,so that we may exercise the power and authority You’ve given us in the Spirit 好叫我们可以行使你在圣灵里所赐的能力和权柄,to overpower witchcraft and bring glory to Your name! 可以胜过巫术,荣耀你的名


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