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2022-11-20 Dealing With the Flesh – Sexual Sin 处理情欲

发表于 2022-11-20

Last Sunday, 上周,we learnt that being led by the Holy Spirit results in maturity, 我们分享了生命被圣灵引导而成熟长大,for those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God, 因为凡被 神的灵引导的,都是 神的儿子。 and how. 以及如何被圣灵引导. And we learnt not to grieve Him. 并且我们学了不要让圣灵担忧。Today, 今天,we’ll look at 我们来看 Gal 5:16-23,  to see what we need to deal with if we wanna live by the Spirit. 若要被圣灵引导则需要对付什么。 So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. 17 For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. 19 The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 我说:你们当顺着圣灵而行,就不放纵肉体的情欲了。17因为情欲和圣灵相争,圣灵和情欲相争,这两个是彼此相敌,使你们不能作所愿意作的。18但你们若被圣灵引导,就不在律法以下。19情欲的事都是显而易见的,就如奸淫、污秽、邪荡、20拜偶像、邪术、仇恨、争竞、忌恨、恼怒、结党、纷争、异端、21嫉妒(有古卷在此有凶杀二字)、醉酒、荒宴等类,我从前告诉你们,现在又告诉你们,行这样事的人必不能承受 神的国。22圣灵所结的果子,就是仁爱、喜乐、和平、忍耐、恩慈、良善、信实、23温柔、节制。这样的事,没有律法禁止。

1, The explanation of the passage. 这段经文的解释

When you read it carefully, 如果仔细地读,you’ll find that it gives us three contrasting pictures: 你会发现这段经文给了我们三组对照:A, gratifying the flesh or living by the Spirit (v.16). 放纵肉体或顺服圣灵(16节);B, Resulting in being under the law or becoming mature sons. (V.18). 其结果 落在律法以下或成为成熟的儿子(18节);C, Resulting in inheriting the Kingdom or not inheriting it (v.21). 其结局是承受神的国或不能承受神的国(21节)V.16 Paul starts to tell us, 16节,保罗告诉我们, that if we wanna be led by the Spirit, 我们若愿被圣灵引导,which results in becoming Huios (mature sons) of God, 要长成为基督的样子,we shouldn’t gratify the desires of the flesh. 就不当放纵肉体的情欲。Because it says, 因这里说,there is a war between the flesh and the Spirit within us. 我们里面进行着一场肉体和圣灵的争战。And v.18 says, 18节说,if we’re led by the Holy Spirit但你们若被圣灵引导,to produce the fruit of the Spirit, like love, joy, peace结出圣灵的果子,爱,喜乐,平安we aren’t under the law.就不在律法以下。 Otherwise, 不然,we’re still under the law. 我们仍在律法以下。If we’re under the law, 在律法以下的,we’re under the curse of the law. 就是在律法的咒诅以下,Because Gal 3:13 tells us, Gal 3:13 说, Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” 基督既为我们受了咒诅(原文作),就赎出我们脱离律法的咒诅,因为经上记着:凡挂在木头上都是被咒诅的。”  

As Christians, 作为基督徒,if we don’t deal with the desires of the flesh, 若我们不对付肉体的私欲,if we don’t deal with the issues of the heart, 若我们不处理内心的问题,if the heart is still bound by pride, 若我们的内心仍然被罪捆绑,如骄傲、fear, 惧怕、lust, 情欲、jealousy, 嫉妒、self-ambition, 纷争、and the like, 等等,as the bible verses mentioned, 如经上所说,even if we carry out Christian duties, 就算我们还在教会里做事,we’re still subject to cycles of defeat. 我们仍然会陷入失败的循环。That’s why recently a sister amongst us testified to me that 这就是为什么一个我们当中的姊妹见证说whenever she yielded to thoughts of jealousy or judgement,无论何时她顺服嫉妒或论断 she was tortured by demons她被邪灵折磨. It very terrifying and she couldn’t sleep in the night. 很可怕,晚上不得睡觉But whenever she repented and turned to the truth,但无论何时她悔改转向真理 peace came back to her.平安就临到她 God loves her 神爱她and He doesn’t want her to live in her cycles of defeat. 祂不要她活在过往的循环挫败中He is teaching her the path of righteousness through what she’s been undergoing. 借她所承受的正在教导她走义路。

Also, v.21 says, 并且,圣经还说,if our sinful character isn’t transformed into the divine character, 若我们属罪的性情不更新改变为属天的性情,we won’t qualify to inherit the Kingdom. 我们就不够资格承受神的国。Jesus’ message was always about the Kingdom. 主耶稣一路传讲的都是神的国。He came to share the gospel of the Kingdom with us. 他来到地上为向我们传扬天国的福音, In the Beatitudes, it says, 天国八福说,(Matt 5:5)blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. 温柔的人有福了,因为他们必承受地土。Jesus was talking about the character of the Kingdom, 耶稣在说属于天国的性情,"who is qualified to inherit the Kingdom? ” “谁可以承受神的国呢?” It says, the meek will inherit the earth. 这里说,柔和谦卑的要承受地土。In other words, 换句话说,if you wanna come to a place of having what Jesus has, 你若愿意得着耶稣所有的,the authority, 权柄、the power, 能力、the glory, 荣耀、sharing His Kingship with Him in His Kingdom on earth when He returns, 并在祂再来时,在地上与祂同掌王权,you’ve gotta prepare yourself, 就当预备自己,to become meek like Him. 像基督那样柔和谦卑。It’s talking about the importance of life transformation. 这是在说生命更新改变是何等重要,It’s talking about engaging in leadership of the Kingdom in the future 这是在说将来要在神国掌权requires being transformed into the character of Jesus as preparation in this life.需要在今生预备具备耶稣的性情。Jesus came to tell us about His Kingdom. 耶稣说的是他的国度,It’s not just a gospel of being saved. 这福音不仅仅关乎得救。It’s not just about that “Jesus is my Saviour.” 不仅仅是关于 耶稣是我的救主。” Yes, He is my Saviour是的,祂是我的救主but it’s more than that. 这话没错,但不只是如此。

Jesus brings a Kingdom. 主耶稣带下的是一个国度。A Kingdom where the King rules based on His truth and righteousness. 这国度的王凭真理和公义掌权,A King rules for His will to be done.这国度的王掌权为要祂的旨意成就。The gospel of the kingdom is all about trusting in the King, 天国福音关乎的是信靠这位王,obedience to authority顺服权柄,yielding to the Holy Spirit,降服于圣灵,character changes to produce the fruit of the Spirit, 关乎性情的转变,结出圣灵的果子,practicing sharing in Jesus’ kingship to cast out demons and set prisoners free, 关乎操练耶稣的王权,赶出污鬼,使被掳的得释放,and so on, 等等,as preparation of becoming overcomers for the fullness of the Kingdom to come. 为等候神的国完全降临,预备自己成为得胜者。Therefore, repentance in faith is just the start. 因此,信而悔改只是一个开始,“Whenever I stumble, “每当我跌倒,if I repent humbly and turn to God, 我若谦卑悔改转向神,I’m back in the process of preparation again”. 就又回到这个预备过程了。” Meekness and humility are dominant characteristics of Jesus, 柔和谦卑是耶稣的突出的性情,they result in us inheriting the earth, 其结果是承受地土,which means to share in His rulership on earth就是与祂同享地上的王权。

2. Dealing with matters of sexual sin 性犯罪的问题

v.19,The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity…情欲的事都是显而易见的,就如奸淫、污秽……Why is sexual sin mentioned ahead of other sins in this verse? 为什么在这一节中最先提到的是性犯罪? Why is it such a big deal? 为什么它如此重要? In the beginning, God created man and woman in His own image. 起初,上帝照自己的形象造男造女,He created Adam and Eve for intimate relationship with Him. 祂创造亚当和夏娃是为了和祂建立亲密的关系。This was God’s original design, 这是神最初的设计,that He wanted us to be intimate with Him, 就是祂想要我们与祂亲密;and out of that intimacy we would be able to express His character of love and meekness and the like to other people, including our spouses. 这种亲密使我们滋生出像祂那样的柔和谦卑爱他人,包括爱配偶的性情。

But Adam sinned and lost everything. 但亚当犯罪后失去了一切。Jesus came to bring us back to the original plan. 耶稣来到地上为要带我们回到最初的计划。The NT tells us how to act in a Christian marriage,  新约教导我们基督徒如何对待婚姻,it doesn’t tell us that marriage is about, 它没有说婚姻就是“giving me a happy life…“给我幸福生活…giving me love…给我爱…giving me this and that…” 给我这给我那…” If you suck the love from your spouse, 如果你从配偶那里吸爱,your marriage will fail. 你的婚姻就会失败。

Marriage is a covenantal relationship between a husband and a wife. 婚姻是丈夫和妻子之间的盟约关系。Eph 5:32-33 says, and the two will become one flesh.” 32 This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church. 为这个缘故,人要离开父母,与妻子连合,二人成为一体。32这是极大的奥秘,但我是指着基督和教会说的。The covenantal relationship between husband and wife should reflect the relationship God has with the church. 而夫妻在这盟约关系里当活出神和教会的关系。 the two will become one flesh tells us, 二人成为一体,that one form God has designed for intimacy in marriage 是神为婚姻里的亲密关系设计的,is through the sexual union of a husband and a wife, 藉着丈夫和妻子的性结合,which brings a bonding together 让他们之间连结在一起- the two become one. ——二人合而为一。You may think, 你可能会想,“it’s just a physical bonding”. “这只是身体上的结合。”But God didn’t say that 但神没有这样说。After Adam’s fall, 亚当坠落后,God asked him in the garden, 神在园子里问他: “who told you this?” “这是谁告诉你的?”We need to always trace the source of the voice we’re listening to. 我们总要操练去追溯听到的声音的来源。Is this from God and His truth? 这是从神和祂的真理来的?Or have I’ picked it up from the media or society? 还是我从媒体或社会上听来的? 1 Cor 林前6:18-20, Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. 19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 你们要逃避淫行。人所犯的,无论什么罪,都在身子以外;惟有行淫的,是得罪自己的身子。19岂不知你们的身子就是圣灵的殿吗?这圣灵是从 神而来,住在你们里头的;并且你们不是自己的人, 20因为你们是重价买来的,所以要在你们的身子上荣耀 神。

It teaches us to flee from sexual sin, 它教导我们要逃离性犯罪。Because Jesus paid the price for our redemption, 因耶稣付了代价赎买了我们,our bodies have become temples of the Spirit of God. 我们的身体就成了圣灵的殿。It says, sexual union with someone outside marriage is a sin against our own body. 这段话说,婚外发生的性关系是得罪自己的身子。It hugely grieves the Holy Spirit 它使圣灵大为担忧,and humiliates God with our bodies. 又以身体羞辱神。Because the opposite of honouring is humiliating. 因为荣耀的反面就是羞辱。In 1 Cor 林前6:16-17, Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”17 But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit. 岂不知与娼妓联合的,便是与她成为一体吗?因为主说:二人要成为一体。” 17但与主联合的,便是与主成为一灵。 The message is very clear that sexual union is not just physical 这个信息非常清楚,性的结合不仅仅是身体上的,but will end up with bonds in the realms of the soul and the spirit. 它必会进深到灵和魂层面的结合。It affects us in every way, 它全面影响着我们,mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically. 无论是情绪,精神,财务和身体等方方面面。Two become one means that a sexual union leads to a life exchange and sharing. “二人要成为一体。意味着性的结合会导致生命的交换和分享。You share with the person in family curses, family’ spirits, and so on. 你和那个人会共享家族累代的诅咒、家族邪灵追赶等等。In other words换句话说, if you have a ungodly sexual relationship with someone,若你和某人有不敬虔的性关系 you expose yourself under this person’s generational  curses. 你把自己暴露在那人的家族咒诅之下。I learnt this from the teaching of the Lord.  这是我从主的教导中学到的。

5 years ago, I had a dream, 5年前,我做了一个梦,in which I was desperately crying out to God for a believer, 在梦中,我为一个信徒拼命向神呼求: Lord, please turn the financial curse he has incurred to disciplining him, 主啊,求你除去他身上财务诅咒的管教,because he doesn't know the woman whom he sleeps with has a financial curse."因为他不知道和他睡觉的女人有累代财务咒诅。”I was crying and praying until I woke up. 我一直哭着祈祷,直到醒来。1 Cor 林前6:16-17 came to me. 然后林前6:16-17的话进入我心里,I was told by the Lord, 我得着启示,because the young man was sleeping with a woman who had a generational financial curse, 因为这个年轻人和一个有累代财务诅咒的女人上床,he had now incurred the same curse. 他现在也遭受了同样的诅咒。

I was amazed at the revelation I got. 我惊奇神的启示,Because first of all, I knew nothing about the young man’s situation. 因为首先,我对那个年轻人的情况一无所知;Secondly, I didn’t even know this bible passage had such a profound meaning behind it. 其次,我根本就不知道圣经中的这段话背后有如此深刻的含义。I confessed in my prayer first 我先在祷告里悔改because I realized that I didn't have such deep love for the young man, 因为我意识到我对那年轻人没有这么深的爱but the love of Christ was so strong.但基督的爱是那么强烈。Then I prayed to know how to reach out to that young man. 我祷告神,怎样才可以接触到那个年轻人。If it’s from God, God would be responsible. 若是从神那里来的,神就会负责。That evening, 就在那天晚上,the young man’s good friend came to visit me, 那个年轻人的好朋友来我家,I shared this dream with him. 我把这个梦告诉他。He said, “This’s from God. 他说:“这是从神来的。He was with me last night 他昨晚就和我在一起,crying that he wanted to stop the relationship he currently has but he couldn’t. 哭着说他想结束现在的关系,但他做不到。God knows that he needs help.”上帝知道他需要帮助。

In a few days, the young man came to see me, 过了几天,那个年轻人来见我,and confirmed what the dream revealed was exactly true. 证实了梦所揭示的一切都是真的。Ever Since the day he had started the sexual relationship with that woman, 自从他和那女人发生性关系的第一天起, he had seemed to be tormented emotionally, 他的情绪就很受折磨,he had grieved a lot, 很多的苦恼,and he had suffered financial shortage. 也开始缺钱The woman earned a lot but was never able to cover her own needs. 那个女人虽然赚很多钱,但总是不够用。And now he shared the same curse with her. 他也承受了同样的诅咒。He asked me for help because he felt there were evil powers behind the relationship, 他请我帮助他,因为他觉得这关系背后有股邪恶的力量,and he couldn’t get out of it in his own strength. 他被控制住了不能自拔。Every time when he closed his eyes, 每当他闭上眼睛,there were pictures, voices, and even jealousy forcing him to continue the relationship with her. 就会有画面、声音,甚至是嫉妒迫使他继续和她发生关系。That’s very true, 这是千真万确的,sexual sin and idolatry always go hand in hand. 性犯罪和偶像崇拜总是相伴而来,that’s why we see in Gal 5, 这就是为什么在加拉太书5章,after sexual immorality, impurity…idolatry followed. 跟在淫乱、污秽之后的就是偶像崇拜。After leading the young man in prayers of confession and repentance and forgiveness, 在带这年轻人做了认罪悔改和饶恕的祷告后 a total of twice on different days,一共先后两次He was set free from the bond in both the physical and the emotional realms by the grace and power of Jesus.他被耶稣的恩典和大能从身体和情绪的捆绑中释放了。

3, Deal with ungodly relationships  处理不敬虔的情侣关系

We’re called to inherit the Kingdom. 我们被呼召承受神的国。This is the Kingdom 在这个国度里,that the King rules according to His principles and ways. 王照着祂自己的法则和方式统治。God loves us 神爱我们,and He wants us to walk in His ways of doing life and marriage, 祂要我们行在合祂心意的生活和婚姻的道上,so that we can be transformed 使我们可以被改变,and get ready to inherit His possessions when He returns. 当祂再来时可以承受祂的产业。In the bible, we’re told that a husband and a wife both need to respect each other; Love each other; 圣经告诉我们,丈夫和妻子要彼此敬重、彼此相爱; A Christian husband loves his wife with a sacrificial love just as Jesus showed him; 基督徒丈夫当以牺牲的爱爱妻子,如同耶稣对他的爱;And the wife submits to her husband in submitting to God, 妻子当因着顺服神而去顺服丈夫,and trusting in God just as Sarah trusted God 如同撒拉那样信靠神,when Abraham handed her to another man because of fear, 当亚伯拉罕因惧怕把她给了别的男人时,she left room for God to work, 她让位给神来做工,so that eventually people see God’s reality and give praise to God. 最终让人看见神的真实并起来赞美神。And both husband and wife grow in love for God and mature in faith.  使夫妻二人在爱神的道上成长,并在信心上成熟。

So if a husband and a wife wanna grow together in love, 因此,夫妻若想要在爱里共同成长,we’ll have to deal with the problems left from being defiled by other relationships 我们需要处理被其他性关系玷污而遗留的问题。Two become one, 二人成为一体,means that any ungodly sexual relationship can bring us defiling memories and emotions and more sinful desires. 任何不敬虔的性关系都会给我们带来不洁的记忆、情感和更多的情欲。Because behind the sexual sin there is the movement of demonic spirits, 因为性犯罪的背后是邪灵的运行,like the spirit of lust, 像情欲的灵、the spirit of manipulation, 操纵的灵,the spirit of hatred, 仇恨的灵,the spirit of rejection and so on. 拒绝的灵等等。 That’s why the young man said he wasn’t able to get out of it in his own strength. 这就是为什么那年轻人说他靠自己的力量无法摆脱。

Only God’s power can deliver us from the power of Satan. 唯有神的能力可以救我们脱离撒旦的能力。The mission of the spirits is to destroy, steal and kill. 邪灵的任务就是毁坏、偷窃、杀害。When a lustful relationship breaks up, 当一段淫乱的关系结束时,it can cause even more problems, 它会导致更多的问题people get emotionally hurt, 使人在情感上受伤害,feel a deep sense of rejection, 感到深深的拒绝感、anger, 愤怒、sadness, 伤心、grief, 苦痛、disappointment, 失望,and can even attempt suicide. 甚至想自杀。And the spirit of death can be involved. 死亡之灵都会来攻击。

If you don’t deal with these by the power of God, 如果你不靠神的能力处理这些问题,they’ll follow when you enter your marriage to stir up all sorts of memories to defile the marriage. 当你进入婚姻时,它们就会伴随你,激起各样的回忆来污秽你的婚姻。Also, 此外,we need to get rid of all soul ties, 我们需要除去一切魂的连结,all objects in our homes or on the computers that are linked to the ungodly relationship. 弃绝家里或电脑上一切与这不敬虔关系有关的物品。Because they could be doorways for demons to come in. 因为它们会成为邪灵入侵的破口Many Christians testified to me that they had been disturbed by the spirit of lust in dreams until they removed the objects linked to their past ungodly relationships.  许多基督徒向我见证他们在梦中被情欲的灵干扰,直到他们把那些和过去的情欲关系的信物除掉了。Moreover, sexual sin could be generational. 另外,性犯罪可以是累代的。From King David we see that sexual sin can affect generations. 从大卫王的例子我们看到,性犯罪会影响几代人。Studies also have found 有研究也发现, that sexual sin adversely affects generations. 性犯罪会对后代产生不利的影响。Once I ministered to a young man in his 20’s, 我曾服事过一个20多岁的年轻人,who hadn’t experienced sexual union with anyone, 他没有和任何人发生过性关系,but ever since he was just three years, 但从他只有3岁开始,he had been tormented by sexual pictures. 就一直被色情图片折磨。He didn’t even know where they came from. 他甚至不知道它们从哪里来。After becoming a Christian, 成为基督徒后,whenever he worshipped God, 每当他敬拜神的时候,all those unclean pictures came back, 所有那些不洁的画面就回来了,he was tormented.他很受折磨。

During a prayer, 在一次祷告中,God showed me in a vision that it was generational. 在异象中神启示那是家族性的。And instructed that he needed to forgive his mum and his dad and all his ancestors, 并指示他需要饶恕父母和祖先,and to root his thoughts and mind in the word of God. 要把心思和意念根植于神的话语上。Healing is a journey. 医治是一个过程。Don’t assume one prayer solves all. 不要以为一次祷告就能解决所有的问题。It’s a journey to full freedom 完全的自由是一个旅程,and to become more like our Father who is Holy. 使我们更像圣洁的父是一个旅程。

Now how to deal with ungodly relationships from the past? 当如何处理过去的不敬虔关系呢?Repentance and forgiveness are key. 悔改和饶恕是关键。When we forgive others, 当我们饶恕别人的时候,we’re forgiven. 我们自己也被饶恕。Deal with all ungodly emotions, 藉着悔改来处理所有不虔诚的情绪,like bitterness, 如苦毒、sadness, 悲伤、rejection, 拒绝、disappointment and the like through repentance. 失望等。 Break all vows and agreement with that person. 破除与那人之间的一切誓言和约定。Bring your thoughts and mind to obey God’s Word. 让你的心思意念都来顺服神的话。 Get rid of all ungodly attachments, 从心里、家里和电脑里除去一切不敬虔的物品,any objects like pictures, or gifts from your heart and your house or from your computer. 比如照片或礼物等。Ask the Holy Spirit to heal you 求圣灵医治你,and restore you 恢复你,and guide you into all truth. 引导你进入一切的真理。


Would you please stand up on your feet? 请你可以站起来吗?The bible tells us,圣经说: 1John约壹 1:8-9If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 我们若说自己无罪,便是自欺,真理不在我们心里了; 9我们若认自己的罪, 神是信实的,是公义的,必要赦免我们的罪,洗净我们一切的不义;Only the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit can purify us, 只有耶稣的血和圣灵的能力才能洁净我们,cleanse us, 洗净我们,and remove all unclean bonds from us. 除去我们所有不洁净的捆绑,Let’s lift our voices to praise Him and thank Him, 让我们大声赞美、感谢他, coz the bible says, 因为经上说,in order to access His presence we need to give Him thanks and praise. 我们当以感谢进入祂的门,以赞美进入祂的院,For He inhabits the praises of His people.因为他以他百姓的赞美为居所。

 “Yes Lord Jesus, 是的,主耶稣,we give You thanks for only through the shedding of your blood can we be washed clean. 我们感谢你,因为只有借着你的宝血,我们才能得洁净。We thank You so much for the outpouring of Your amazing love on that cross. 何等感恩在十字架上你倾倒奇妙的爱,You poured out yourself on the cross in exchange for our lives. 你在十字架上牺牲了自己来换取我们的生命。We belong to You. 我们属于你。We no longer belong to the old self. 我们不再属于老自己。You want us to be one with You in Spirit. 你要我们在圣灵里与你合一。You want us to build our marital lives upon Your truth. 你希望我们的婚姻生活建立在你的真理之上。Husbands love wives just as Christ loved them; 丈夫爱妻子,正如基督爱了他们; wives submit to their husbands in submitting to the Lord, 妻子顺服丈夫如同顺服主, instead of judging their husbands, and leave room for God to judge what is wrong, what is right. And be prayerful…”而不是论断丈夫,留下空间让神判断。

So now let’s come to the Lord, be honest with the Lord. 所以现在让我们来到主面前,诚实面对他。 What are you struggling with? 你在纠结什么?Are you struggling with love or obedience? 你在为爱或顺从而纠结吗?Are you struggling with judgement? 你在为论断而纠结吗? Is there anything related to past ungodly relationships? 有没有什么和过去的不敬虔的关系有关?Is there anyone you need to forgive? 你有需要原谅的人吗?  Do you need to confess that you had a sexual relationship with anyone ? 你需要悔改你和谁发生过性关系吗? Or have you ever exposed yourself to any pornography that allowed the realm of your soul to be defiled? 或者你是否曾经接触过色情作品从而玷污了你的灵魂? Is there generational sexual sin in your family line that you need to stand as a representative to confess and repent for the family? 在你的家族中是否有世代相传的性犯罪,你要代表家族认罪悔改?

Let’s respond to God on our own. 现在你可以向主祷告,If there’s pain or rejection involved, 如果你感到伤痛或被拒绝,tell the Lord your true feelings and bring them to the cross.告诉主你的真实感受,并把它们带到十字架前。

You can tell the Lord, 你可以对主说: “Forgive me Jesus, “求你赦免我,主耶稣,for rushing into a relationship which wasn’t directed by You but by my own desires. 因为我急冲冲进入了一段不是由你,而是由我自己的欲望引导的关系。”I longed for love but that wasn’t true love. 我渴望爱,但那不是真爱。 I suffered from rejection, 我遭受了拒绝、sadness, 伤心、grief, 痛苦、disappointment, 失望、anger, 愤怒、fear, 恐惧、manipulation from the evil one, 邪恶势力的操纵,even attempted suicide. 甚至企图自杀。I reap what I sow. 种什么就收什么,Your words are true. 你的话是真的。

But thank You for not forsaking me and rejecting me. 但是谢谢你没有丢弃我, 也没有拒绝我。 Thank You for showing me what true love looks like through Your cross. 谢谢你藉着十字架告诉我什么是真爱。Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me Your Spirit to lead me, 感谢你赦免我的罪,并将你的灵赐给我,引导我,correct me, 纠正我,shape me, 塑造我,empower me, 赋予我力量, and mature me to be more like Your Son. 使我成熟,更像你的儿子。 I embrace Your love. 我拥抱你的大爱。 I receive Your forgiveness to forgive (…) who hurt me…. 我接受你的饶恕来原谅(…)伤害我的人...

If you’ve noticed there’re sexual sin in the family.若你发现家族里有淫乱的罪, you can tell the Lord,你可以告诉主 I forgive my family members…我饶恕我的家人,I pass forgiveness onto (…)… 我把饶恕传递给Any generational sins that have created generations of defilement.任何累代的罪,造成了累代的玷污。I  bring all of that to the cross as well. 我把这一切都带到十字架上。I ask Your forgiveness and the cleansing of Your blood to cleanse me. 我恳求你的饶恕,并求你的宝血来涂抹遮盖并洁净我。And cancel  the cycle of destruction through defilement, and bring it to an end. 撤消因污秽而造成的反复循环。

I break all the vows that I made with (….)…我奉主名破除我对(....)所做的所有誓言……I renounce all attachment to the person right now…我现在就弃绝对那个人的所有连结……I ask you Holy Spirit to release power into my body 我恳求圣灵在我的身体里释放大能大力,to break down the walls that have blocked my intimacy with God and with my spouse, 拆毁那些阻挡我与神和配偶亲密关系的墙,which were built through rejection, 这些墙是我在这段不洁的关系中因拒绝、bitterness, 痛苦、self-pity, 自怜、disappointment, 失望、anger, lies I received  through that unclean relationship.愤怒和谎言建立起来的。 I bring generational sexual sin, 我把累代的性犯罪,abuse, 虐待,perversion, 变态行为,to the cross as well. 带到十字架上。

In Jesus name, 奉主耶稣基督的圣名,I rebuke every unclean spirit that defiles my life to go out of my life. 我斥责一切污秽我生命的邪灵,离开我的生命。 I recommit my body, soul, spirit to Jesus, cleanse me and fill me Holy Spirit. 我把我的灵、魂、体,重新交给耶稣,求你洁净我,充满我。Guide me into all Your truth. 引导我进入你一切的真理中。Thank You Lord. Amen. 感谢主。阿们。


Thank You Lord for the opportunity to deal with the issues of the flesh, 感谢主给我们处理情欲的机会,so that more of the realm of our souls can be free to be led by Your Spirit. 使我们的身、心、灵有更多的领域可以自由地被你的灵所引导。Thank You for revealing Your truth to us 感谢您向我们揭示了您的真理,that sexual sin can defile not just the body but our soul and spirit 性犯罪不仅会玷污我们的身体,而且会玷污我们的灵魂和心灵,and create more trouble to hinder us from intimacy with You, 并制造更多的麻烦来阻碍我们与您的亲密关系,as result of not being able to grow into Your image 因为我们无法成长成你的形象,and carry the flow of Your love and power to reach out to the world. 无法将你的爱和能力传递给世界。That’s the enemy’s scheme. 那是仇敌的诡计。 Lord, pour out Your Spirit on us. 主,求你将你的灵浇灌我们。 we pray. 我们呼求你, And grant us more of Your Spirit of wisdom and revelation, 求你更多赐给我们智慧和启示的灵,so that we may know more of the hope of salvation 好叫我们带来认识救恩的盼望,and live for it to bring glory to You.  并活在其中荣耀你的名。


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