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2022-11-13 How to be Led by the Spirit 怎样被圣灵引导

发表于 2022-11-13

 (Gal 4:1-7, Romans 8:13-14,17 41-7,罗813-1417)

Last time we talked about why we should be led by the Holy Spirit. 上个主日我们分享了为什么要被圣灵引导. Today, we’ll look at how to be led by the Spirit. 今天我们来看怎样被圣灵引导. Let’s read Gal 4:1-7, What I am saying is that as long as an heir is child, he is no different from a slave, although he owns the whole estate. 我说那承受产业的,虽然是全业的主人,但为孩童的时候,却与奴仆毫无分别,2 The heir is subject to guardians and trustees until the time set by his father. 2乃在师傅和管家的手下,直等他父亲预定的时候来到。3 So also, when we were children, we were in slavery under the basic principles of the world. 3我们为孩童的时候,受管于世俗小学之下,也是如此。4 But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, 4及至时候满足, 神就差遣他的儿子,为女子所生,且生在律法以下, 5 to redeem those under the law, that we might receive the full rights of sons (NIV 2011: adoption to sonship). 5要把律法以下的人赎出来,叫我们得着儿子的名分。6 Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” 6你们既为儿子, 神就差他儿子的灵进入你们(原文作我们)的心,呼叫:阿爸,父!” 7 So you are no longer a slave, but a son; God has made you also an heir. 7可见,从此以后,你不是奴仆,乃是儿子了。既是儿子,就靠着 神为后嗣。

V.5, the word “sons” is from the Greek word “Huiothesia”, “儿子这个词来自希腊单词“Huiothesia”which means to be positioned as sons. 意思是被设立为儿子,It’s talking about the position of sonship. 关乎的是儿子的地位。We’re positioned as sons of God through the Spirit of sonship we receive, 藉著我们所受的儿子的灵,我们被设立为神的儿子Like Eph 2:6 says, that we’re seated with Christ in the heavenly realms. 就像2:6,我们与基督一同坐在天上。This is just positional. 但这只是地位上的。But experientially, 但在实际体验上,“am I still sitting with Christ in the heavenly realms? “我还与基督同坐在天上吗? or have I dropped back onto the ground?” 还是我掉到地上了?”It depends on whether I yield to the Spirit of truth or to the flesh, 这要看我是顺服真理的圣灵,还是顺服肉体, and how I deal with pain, 看我如何处理伤害,or how I treat the people around me 或我如何对待身边的人。If I yield to the thoughts of the earth, 去顺从地上的思想,I blame people 我责怪人,I’m not forgiving people 我不饶恕人…I fall to the earth. 我就坠落到地上。But if I pray against the feelings of the self and allow Jesus’ love to fill me, 但若我祷告,去拒绝顺从自我的感受,并让耶稣的爱充满我, and I love my enemies and leave room for God to judge them, 去爱我的敌人,让神来审判,and I’m in alignment with Jesus,并和耶稣一致,I stay where I am in heaven.我就会持守在天上的位置。

V.1 tells us, 1节告诉我们,even if a child is positioned as a son, 即便小孩子被设立为儿子,if he still lives according to the principles of the world, 他若仍然按照世界的法则生活,he is not different from a slave. 他与奴隶并无区别。Years ago, 多年前,a sister said to me, 一位姊妹对我说: “I’ve already overcome, “我已经得胜了,because Jesus is in me.” 因为耶稣在我里面。”“yes, He is”,  “是的,他在你心里。”I said, “But what if your colleagues wronged you, 我说 但若你的同事冤枉了你,and you got fired and lost your job? 你被解雇了,丢了工作怎么办?How would you react?” 你会作何反应?”She said, “I would hate them.” 她说:“我会恨他们。”“Then, see?” I said, “那么,看到了吗?” 我说: “you haven’t overcome yet. “你还没有得胜 。Your reaction reflects the nature of Adam not the character of Jesus. 你的反应反映出了亚当的性情而不是耶稣的性情。We’re in the process of transformation”我们正处于转变的过程中。

The bible gives us two steps to reach full sonship. 圣经告诉我们得着儿子名份有两个步骤。Firstly, we’re positioned as sons, 第一,我们被设立为儿子,which is positional. 这是地位上的。Secondly, we have to undergo preparation to become mature sons in the image of Christ, 第二,我们需要进入预备才能成为有基督样式的成熟长大的儿子,which is experiential. 这是实际上的经历。The maturing process is a lifelong preparation. 成熟长大的过程贯穿一生。1 John 约壹3:2-3, Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. 亲爱的弟兄啊,我们现在是 神的儿女,将来如何,还未显明;但我们知道,主若显现,我们必要像他,因为必得见他的真体。3 All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure. 3凡向他有这指望的,就洁净自己,像他洁净一样。It says, now we’re children of God, 这里说,我们现在是神的孩子,but in the future, 但将来,“will I be like Jesus or still like Adam?” “我会像耶稣还是像亚当?” That hasn’t been revealed yet, 这一点还没有显明出来,until the day when the Father judges whether we’re mature enough not us. 要等到天父来判断我们是否足够成熟的那一天。So with this hope, 带着这个盼望,we’re told to eagerly desire the purification work of the Holy Spirit within us. 圣经教导我们当渴慕圣灵在我们里面的洁净工作。God wants us to be led by the Holy Spirit not the flesh, 神要我们被圣灵引导,而不是肉体引导,so that we can become like His Son. 这样我们就能像他的儿子 (Romans 8:13). But how? 但要怎样做?

1, Spend time in His word在神的话语上花时间

John 16:13, But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. 只等真理的圣灵来了,他要引导你们明白(原文作进入)一切的真理。One of the roles of the Holy Spirit is to guide our minds, thoughts, and actions into all the truth. 圣灵的工作之一就是引导我们的心思、想法和行动进入真理。Being led by the Holy Spirit被圣灵引导,is actually to be led into a lifestyle of living out all His truth. 实际上是被引导进入一种活出真理的生活方式。Do you wanna be sensitive to God’s voice? 你想对神的声音敏感吗?You need to be sensitive to the truth!你需要对真理敏感。That’s why in Joshua 1, 因此在约书亚书1章,God told Joshua,神这样对约书亚说,

“8 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. 这律法书不可离开你的口,总要昼夜思想,好使你谨守遵行这书上所写的一切话。如此,你的道路就可以亨通,凡事顺利。(Joshua1:8) He was saying, 神说, “if you wanna overcome your enemies and reach your destiny successfully, “你若想战胜仇敌,成就你的命定,you need to saturate your heart and mind and your whole being in My Word, 你就要把你的全人、全心、所有心思意念都浸透在我的话语里,not your own thoughts, 不是在你自己的思想里,but think My words over and over, 而要反复思想我的话,and submit to the Spirit of truth and do whatever I say, 听从圣灵的引导,行我所吩咐的,then, you’ll reach your destiny successfully”.这样,你就顺利达到命定目标。” So spending time in His Word is essential to sonship. 因此,在神的话语上下功夫是得儿子名份的基础步骤,Because full sonship is our destiny. 因我们的命定就是得着儿子的名份。

But how to meditate on His word? 但怎样默想神的话?I take John 16:13a as an example, 我以约16:13上半节为例, “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, 只等真理的圣灵来了。 Yes, when He 是的,当祂, He is God himself, 祂是神自己,He can talk; 祂会说话,He has thoughts, 祂有思想,His thoughts are all about the truth. 祂的想法都是关乎真理 he will guide you into all the truth. 他要引导你们明白(原文作进入)一切的真理。  Yes, You wanna guide me into all the truth. 是的,你要引导我进入一切真理。 You want me to become One with Your truth like Jesus. 你要我可以与你的真理合而为一,像耶稣一样。Holy Spirit, remind me when I hold any thoughts that aren’t the truth…圣灵,求你提醒我,当我有任何不合乎真理的想法…correct me through Your Spirit or Your people…让圣灵或借周围的人来纠正我…I’m willing to submit with all my heart, all my mind to Your truth, 我愿全心全意降服于真理,so that I can become one with You in love and in truth…” 以至于我可以在你爱和真理中与你合而为一…” If you practice meditating on His Word, 如果你操练默想,you actually build an altar in your heart, 你实际是在心中筑起祭坛,and make room for the Spirit to operate in your heart, 让圣灵可以在你心里运行,which can diminish the power of the flesh operating within you. 就能削弱在你里面运行的肉体的力量。So that when testing of faith comes, you won’t be defeated immediately. 这样当信心的考验来临时,你就不会立即被打败。

2,  Develop a lifestyle of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit 培养一种对圣灵敏锐的生活方式

Being led by the Spirit of God means to build a personal relationship with God through surrendering to His Spirit. 被圣灵引导意味着通过降服神的灵,建立与神的个人关系。The result of being led by the Spirit is to become Huios (mature sons) of God. 被圣灵引导的结果是成为神成熟的儿子。So if we wanna be led by the Spirit, 因此如果我们想被圣灵引导,we need to be sensitive to His voice. 我们就要来操练对圣灵声音的敏锐度;And if we wanna be sensitive to the Spirit of truth, 并且,如果我们想对真理的灵敏锐,we need to be sensitive to His truth,我们需要对他真理的敏感,and trust in His leading, 并信靠他的引领,no matter what it costs.不管付上什么代价。 In Matt 4:1, then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. 当时,耶稣被圣灵引到旷野,受魔鬼的试探。Jesus wasn’t led by the Holy Spirit into a cosy place to enjoy life, 耶稣并没有被圣灵引到一个舒适的地方去享受生活,but was led into the uncomfortable desert, 而是被引到一个让人不舒服的旷野,where he wasn’t given a feast, 在那里没有好吃的,but fasted 40 days and nights to be tempted by the devil. 而是禁食40昼夜被魔鬼诱惑。 Why? 为什么?Because he was led by the Spirit to be tested as a maturing process. 因为圣灵引导他去经历试探作为成熟的过程。James 1:3-4 tells us, 告诉我们, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 因为知道你们的信心经过试验,就生忍耐。Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 4但忍耐也当成功,使你们成全完备,毫无缺欠。

It says,他说,the purpose of trails and testing of our faith is for our maturity. 试炼我们的信心,是为了叫我们成熟。If we can stand firm after being tested, 如果我们能在经受考验后站稳脚跟,we’ll grow in perseverance and wholeness. 我们就会在毅力和完全上成长。then we won’t crave love or approval from man就不会渴望人的爱,人的认可,but will pour out love, peace, joy, wisdom, 而是会涌流出爱、和平、喜乐、智慧,and become sensitive to the leading of the Spirit to be able to  minister to others. 并对圣灵的引导敏锐起来,能够服事他人。God doesn’t want us to stay in our brokenness. 神不希望我们是破碎的心。

Recently, a brother went through a trial, 最近,一位兄弟经历了一次试炼。He is a nice man, 他是个好人,but that doesn’t mean he was faithful to God like the Son. 但这并不意味着他像圣子一样忠心于神。So, he was led into a situation,他被带入试炼,where his beloved one就是他心爱的人– a sister got into emotional turmoil due to self-pity, 姊妹因为陷入自悲自怜的情绪,and she took a pill box in front of him. 在他面前拿了放安眠药的盒子。 He grabbed the box coz he was afraid that she would take all the pills and die. 他抢过盒子,因他怕她会把所有的药都吃了而死。 But the Holy Spirit spoke to him through a person, 圣灵却借着一个人对他说: “leave the box to her, she won’t die. “把匣子交她,她不会死的。She needs to learn cope with the pain in God’s way. 她需要学会用神的方式来处理伤痛。You go and pray for her. 你走,去为她祷告。” He was shocked to hear that, 他听了很震惊,but he obeyed…但他还是听从了…to cut the story short, 长话短说,God worked out good things for both of them. 神使他们得益处。And the brother testified that he experienced peace 这弟兄见证说 他也体会到了平安,which he hadn’t had before when in similar situations.这是从前类似情况发生没有体验过的。So if you wanna be sensitive to the Spirit, 所以,如果你想对圣灵敏锐,you need to pay the price to deny the voice of the self你需要付上代价,否定自我的声音,put your worry or fear or thoughts of the self on the cross 将你的担忧或惧怕或其他旧人思想钉上十字架, and turn to believe in His truth. 转而信靠他的真理。

Don’t expect that the maturing process is comfortable to our sinful nature. 不要期望成熟的过程对我们旧人会舒适。It’s totally the opposite. 恰恰相反。But the Son of God shows us how to overcome Satan? 神的儿子在旷野告诉我们怎样胜过撒但. By rooting ourselves in the word of God. 是叫我们扎根在上帝的话语中。Adam failed the test 亚当在考试中失败了because he didn’t keep God’s word in his heart.因为他没有神的话在心中. The Holy Spirit will lead us into challenges or difficulties or even injustice.圣灵也同样引导我们进入试炼和困境甚至不公平的环境。Coz He wants us to overcome unforgiveness, 因为他要我们借着信真理胜过不饶恕、bitter judgement, 苦毒的论断、 feelings of fear, 害怕的感觉, or whatever by trusting in the truth. 或其他的负面情绪。 We may think these are bad things we don’t like, 我们认为这些都是我们不喜欢的坏事, but God says, 但神说: “These are a great chance for you to grow to be more like My Son.” “这是一个很好的机会,能让你成长,更像我的爱子。

3, Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit不要叫圣灵担忧

If we wanna learn to be led by the Spirit into maturity, 如果我们愿意学习被圣灵带领长大成熟,so that we’ll be qualified to share in His kingship, 使我们有资格与祂的王权有份,we first need to learn not to grieve the Holy Spirit. 我们首先要学会不叫圣灵担忧。You can’t say, 你不能说: “I’ll share in His glory when He returns, “当他再来时我要于祂同享荣耀,but in this life, I grieve His Spirit.” 但此生,我却整天叫圣灵担忧。”That’s impossible. 这是不可能同享荣耀的。 Romans 8:17 makes it very clear, 817讲得很清楚,“If”, it’s conditional. “如果,这是带条件的。If indeed, indeed highlights the word “if”. 确实是在强调如果If indeed we share in his sufferings, then, we may also share in his glory. 如果我们(确实)和他一同受苦,也必和他一同得荣耀。So the way of being led by the Spirit is the way of the cross. 所以被圣灵引导的道路就是十字架的道路。Without taking up your cross to follow Jesus, 若不背起你的十字架跟随耶稣,you can’t be led by the Holy Spirit. 你就不能被圣灵引导。Sharing in Jesus’ suffering means 同受耶稣的苦难是to share the same burden as Jesus according to the Spirit of sonship 被儿子的灵带领,与耶稣同负一轭,to live out what the Father wants you to become and to do 活出父要你成为的人和做成的事.

Eph 4:25 Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body. 所以你们要弃绝谎言,各人与邻舍说实话,因为我们是互相为肢体。 26 “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 26生气却不要犯罪,不可含怒到日落,27 and do not give the devil a foothold. 27也不可给魔鬼留地步。28 Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need. 28从前偷窃的,不要再偷。总要劳力,亲手作正经事,就可有余,分给那缺少的人。29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 29污秽的言语,一句不可出口,只要随事说造就人的好话,叫听见的人得益处。30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God. 30不要叫 神的圣灵担忧,你们原是受了他的印记,等候得赎的日子来到。

The Holy Spirit is a Person, 圣灵是一个位格,He feels sorrows when our thoughts and actions go against His truth. 当我们的思想和行为违背祂的真理时,祂会感到忧伤。Grieving the Holy Spirit means to cause Him sorrow and distress. 叫圣灵担忧就是使祂悲伤、难过。What can grieve the Holy Spirit? 什么会叫圣灵担忧? It says, 这里说,lying, 说谎,anger, 怒气, unforgiveness, 不饶恕,stealing, 偷窃,corrupt talk, etc. 污秽的言语等。It actually explains how the way we treat people, and react to life circumstances can grieve the Holy Spirit. 这里实际在解释,我们的待人方式和对环境的应对会让圣灵担忧。 V.26 says, 26节说,if we react to people with anger, 我们若以怒气待人,and if we embrace bitterness and unforgiveness in our hearts, 心中接受苦毒和不饶恕,and we don’t deal with it immediately, 并且不即刻处理,we actually open the door for evil spirits 我们就是给邪灵开门,to come in and destroy our fellowship with the Holy Spirit. 给它进来破坏我们与圣灵的好关系。No matter what good things you do outwardly, 无论你外在做了什么好事,you may preach the word, 你可以讲道,you may serve in the church, 可以服事教会,but if inside your personal life is grieving the Spirit of God constantly, 但如果你内在的生命继续叫神的灵担忧,you’ll be dead spiritually. 你就灵性上死了。

Recently, 最近,a sister has experienced a lot of God’s love and discipline, 一位姊妹经历了很多神的爱和管教,whenever she embraced feelings of hurt or anger, 每当她顺从受伤感或恼怒时,symptoms like dizziness or stomach-ache came, 就会出现头晕或胃痛等症状,but whenever she turned to God and asked for forgiveness in order to forgive others, 但每次她转向神,祈求饶恕、去饶恕他人时,the symptoms were gone immediately. 这些症状就立即消失。Psa 81:13, if my people would only listen to me, if Israel would only follow my ways, 甚愿我的民肯听从我,以色列肯行我的道,14 how quickly I would subdue their enemies and turn my hand against their foes. 14我便速速治服他们的仇敌,反手攻击他们的敌人。God’s heart for His people never changes. 神对祂子民的心永远不会改变。Through these physical reactions, 藉着这些身体上的反应,God is reminding us to close the door to demons quickly. 神在提醒我们快快向邪灵关门。You can’t stop others doing wrong, 你不能阻止别人做错事,but you can stop yourselves from reacting or treating people wrongly但你可以阻止自己做出不合神心意的对待他人的反应,so that you lose the battle. 以至于输掉这场争战。The Holy Spirit can be grieved by the way we treat or react to people. 圣灵会因我们怎样对待他人而担忧。Instead of grieving the Spirit, v.32 says, if we treat people with kindness and compassion, forgiveness and love, we please the Holy Spirit. 32节说,如果我们以恩慈、怜悯、饶恕和爱待人,我们就会讨圣灵的喜悦,而不是使圣灵担忧。 “32, Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. 【弗4:32】并要以恩慈相待,存怜悯的心,彼此饶恕,正如 神在基督里饶恕了你们一样。The Holy Spirit is sent to help us be compassionate to one another if we repent of our own ways and turn to his ways. 圣灵被差来帮助我们可以彼此怜恤,若我们悔改自己的道转向他的道。 He is sent to lead us into transformation, 圣灵被差来使我们被更新,and into relationship with Him 带领我们与祂建立关系. The Holy Spirit gives us tasks to fulfil并且给我们分派任务, and matures us. 使我们长大成熟。Whenever we yield to His words and pray, 每当我们向祂的话语降服并祷告时,He is able to help us overcome the issues in our hearts, 祂就帮助我们解决内心的问题,and pour out the love of Christ into our hearts during our suffering. 并在我们受苦时把基督的爱浇灌在我们心里。

I remember, 我记得,that right after I had been a Christian for a year, 当我才信主一年的时候,and was the founder and pastor of the home church, 那时我是家里教会的创始人、牧师,we were led by the Holy Spirit into a great test of our faith. 我们被圣灵引导进入了一个极大的信心考试。God instructed me vividly in a dream 神在梦中清楚地指示我,to help a group of people to set up their business in our commercial property. 要我们去帮助在我们的办公楼里开公司的一群人。He showed us that many would be saved. 祂告诉我们很多人会得救. So we helped them according to God’s instructions. 我们就照神的指示帮助他们。They became Christians. 他们信主了。But later on, 但后来,they left us with a huge pile of debts and ran away. 他们却留给我们一大堆债务,跑了。The police took Raymond into detention. 警察拘留了RaymondBecause the company was registered in his name 因为公司是以他的名义注册的,and in our commercial property. 地点是在我们的商业房产。To cut a long story short, 长话短说,if you really wanna be led by the Spirit like Christ was, 如果你真的愿意像基督一样被圣灵引导,it’ll cost you everything, 这代价是你的一切,your reputation can be at stake, 你的名誉会受到威胁,you can be misunderstood or misjudged by the people around you. 你会被周围的人误解、论断。At that time 那时 the Rhema of God came to me through但神的即时话语临到我借Psa 66:10-12”,  “For you, God, tested us; you refined us like silver.  神啊,你曾试验我们,熬炼我们,如熬炼银子一样。11 You brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs. 11你使我们进入网罗,把重担放在我们的身上。12 You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance. 12你使人坐车轧我们的头。我们经过水火,你却使我们到丰富之地。He was saying, 神应许说: “I’m taking you into a place of abundance, “我要把你带到生命丰盛之地,but you’ve gotta first experience challenges and difficulties. 但你必须先经历困难和挑战,And you’ve gotta stand firm in the test of your faith.” 并要在信心的试验中站立得住。

My heart was fearful 我心里怕怕的, so I fasted and prayed seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit with a little bit of faith. 但我禁食祷告,带着一丁点儿的信心,寻求圣灵的引导。In that case, I was threatened and told to give more money in exchange for my husband’s life…  我被人威胁,有人要我付更多的钱来买我丈夫的命……I was threatened that our daughter would be kidnapped 有人威胁我要绑架我们的女儿if I didn’t help the group to pay off their debts…如果我不帮他们还债……what did it mean to be led by the Holy Spirit at that time? 那个时刻,被圣灵引导是什么意思? Tribulation, 是患难,being threatened, 威胁,being wronged…被冤枉…God kept silent for those 14 days 神在那14天中却不说话…but filled me with His peace as I was confessing and denying the thoughts of the self in my prayer 但用祂的平安充满我 当我祷告承认并钉死己意,receiving forgiveness to forgive the ungrateful and wicked, and receiving love to love our enemies…接受饶恕去饶恕忘恩的和作恶的,接受神的爱去爱仇敌…… I made my mind up, 立定心志,“If we die, we die. “死就死吧,Lord, I only wanna die in Your arms through the leading of Your truth, 主啊,宁愿被真理引导,死在你怀里,not in the hands of Satan because of sin.” 不要因为罪死在撒但的手里。” In my hardest time God was so real, 在最艰难的时候,神是如此真实,more real than anything that I could touch or see. 比任何能摸到、看到的都真实,He gave me words, 祂赐话、dreams, 赐异梦、a spiritual song to encourage us.赐灵歌,来鼓励我们。

Eventually, 最终,Raymond was taken out of custody and declared innocent. Raymond被无罪释放. Everyone in the police station came to know 警察局所有人都知道了,that because of our belief in the living God, 是因我们对永生神的信仰,we had helped some people who didn’t deserve it. 我们帮助了一些不配得帮助的人。Two leaders of the police team asked me for bibles 两个警队官员向我要了圣经,and one of them said that he had already taken his son to church on Sundays其中一个说他已经在星期天带他儿子去教堂了。Many people who threatened me because of their financial loss, 许多人因经济受损来恐吓我的ended up accepting Jesus as their personal saviour in our home church. 在家里的教会里接受了耶稣成为他们生命的救主。

During Christmas that year, 那年圣诞节,the police team sent us a Christmas card with a photo of the Police Station, 他们给我们寄来一张圣诞卡片,上面有警察局的照片,and the words written on it: 写着: “May God be with you everywhere you go as you spread the gospel to the world.” (see picture on screen). 祝上帝伴你们左右,福音传播人间。”(见屏幕图片)It was just as God had declared that many would be saved. 这正如神所说,许多人将得救。In that case we lost NZD 70,000 to see souls saved. 那件事里,我们损失了7万新西兰元来拯救灵魂。It’s not according to our ways but His ways.不是照我们的方式却是祂的方式。In that case, I learnt what it meant to be led by the Holy Spirit. 但同时,我明白了被圣灵引导意味着什么,The cross is the power and glory of God! 十字架是神的能力和荣耀!Taking up the cross results in being led by the Holy Spirit into a place of abundance.背起十字架,就会被圣灵引导到生命丰盛之处。

Can you please stand up on your feet right now? 现在大家能站起来吗?We’re gonna respond to Jesus through prayer. 让我们以祷告来回应耶稣。


“Thank You Jesus, 感谢耶稣,for calling us into Your Kingdom through Your sacrificial love on that cross. 因你在十字架上用你牺牲的爱召我们进入你的国。Without the cross of denying yourself and 100% submitting to the Father’s will, 若没有舍己,若没有百分之百顺从天父旨意的十字架,we’d have no hope and no future…我们就没有盼望,也没有未来……the cross is the only way to free us from the bondage of the self 十字架是唯一能把我们从老我的捆绑中释放出来,and bring us into your resurrection power and abundant life. 并带我们进入你复活的大能和丰富生命的道路。What wisdom, power, and great love God has shown to us through the cross! 借着十字架,神向我们显明祂何等的智慧、能力和大爱!We give You thanks! 我们感谢你!

Can you please open your months with your eyes closed and give thanks to Him? 请闭上你的眼睛,开口感谢祂His love is great! 祂的爱何等伟大!The Holy Spirit is sent to be our friend, 圣灵被差来作我们的朋友,our mentor, 我们的导师,our personal coach 我们的私人教练,to lead us into sonship, to lead us into the fulfilment of our call. 引导我们得着儿子名分,引导我们完成我们的呼召。“We thank You, Holy Spirit…” “我们感谢你,圣灵……”

“Holy Spirit, I don’t wanna grieve You, “圣灵,我不愿让你担忧,and cause You sorrow by way I respond to people and life situations…也不愿因我对人对事的反应让你难过……You love me so much that You humbled yourself to live in me…你是如此爱我,你愿意谦卑自己住在我里面……whenever I yield to fleshly emotions, 每当我顺从于肉体的情绪,instead of turning to You for help, 而不是转向你的帮助,I hurt You, 我就伤害你,and I minimize my sensitivity to Your voice. 也减弱愿对你声音的敏感度。I thank You for Your patient endurance with me. 我感谢你恒久忍耐我。Today, I turn to You, 今天,我转向你,because I don’t wanna hurt Your love anymore, 因为我不想再伤害你的爱,I wanna love You too. 我也想爱你。I wanna treasure my relationship with You more than anything else. 我要看重与你的关系胜过一切。Coz without Your guidance I grope around like a blind man.因为若没有你的引导,我就像瞎子一样。

Forgive me for…原谅我… (whatever comes to mind, ! (无论你想到什么,you can tell the Lord…你都可以告诉主…whether there’s unforgiveness…无论有不原谅…bitterness…fear…worry…tell the Holy Spirit, 苦毒恐惧忧虑告诉圣灵,you receive His mercy and love to forgive others and have mercy on them. 你接受祂的怜悯和爱去饶恕别人,怜悯他们。)Holy Spirit, help me to love… 圣灵,帮助我去爱…Love conquers all爱能征服一切!

I take the authority that Jesus gives me, 我拿起耶稣赐给我的权柄,in the name of Jesus, 奉耶稣的名,I take down the altar of idol worship within my heart, 我拆毁心中偶像的祭坛,coz whenever I yield to fear, 因为每当我顺服恐惧,whenever I yield to bitterness, 顺服苦毒,self-pity, 自怜,unforgiveness, 不饶恕,judgement, 论断,worry…忧虑……时,they become idols I serve…他们就成为我拜的偶像,they become substitutes for God which I bow down to… 成为神的替代品让我下拜……Today, Holy Spirit, release Your resurrection power 今天,圣灵,求你释放你的复活能力,to tear down all the idol altars within me! 拆毁我心中所有的偶像祭坛,cast out all the evil powers behind my idols…赶出偶像背后一切邪恶的力量离开……I take captive all my thoughts to make them obedient to Christ…我将我所有心思意念夺回,使它们顺服基督……Holy Spirit, fire of the Holy Spirit, 圣灵,圣灵的火,come upon us!  求你降临在我们身上!I yield my ears I yield my inner man to You Holy Spirit, 我的耳,我里面的人要全然降服于你,to be led by You…求圣灵来引导

Father, we thank You for Your wonderful presence with us. 父啊,我们感谢你的奇妙同在。Today, we’ve heard Your message saying to us, 今天,我们已经听到你的话,告诉我们,that if we wanna be led by Your Spirit, 若想被你的灵引导,we need to spend time in Your word, 就需要花时间在你的话语中,develop sensitivity to the voice of the Spirit, 培养对圣灵声音的敏感度,and not grieve Your Spirit 不让你的灵担忧,but pay the price by submitting to Your leading. 并付出代价,顺服你的引导。Then, in return, Your wisdom, 然后,你的智慧、power over Satan, 胜过撒但的能力、love, 爱、peace, 和平、joy and Your abundant life will flow out of us 喜乐和你丰富的生命将从我们身上流淌出来,to bring change and blessing to the world around us!  为我们周围的世界带来改变和祝福! Yes, Lord, 是的,主,today, we embrace Your truth. 今天我们拥抱你的真理。Holy Spirit, continue to help us deepen our relationship with You, 圣灵,求你继续帮助我们加深与你的关系,and empower us to serve perseveringly and powerfully as we seek to grow into maturity. 并赐给我们力量,在成大基督身量的途中,坚持不懈、大有能力的服事。


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