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2024-05-19 Two Types of Faith 两种信心 (讲员 Preacher:Alan)

发表于 2024-06-20

(讲员 PreacherAlan

I have been reflecting on the Sermons we have heard this year, 我回顾了今年的几次讲道, starting with the series on “5 Kingdom principles” to help grow our faith to a new level.  从年初5次分享了神国法则来提升我们的信心开始。Followed by “Closing Doors and Entering a New Realm of Life” 接着是关门,进入新生命and last week “Let go of Harmful Connections”. 到上周除去有害的连结

As I have been working through closing doorways to the evil one, 我一边操练向恶者关门,I have also been reminded 另一边也被提醒,about my need to grow that deeper personal relationship with God, 我需要与神建立更深的个人关系,because without Him, I can do nothing.  离了祂我什么也做不了。What is the point of closing doorways 如果我只是向恶者关门,if I do not grow my personal relationship with God.  与神的关系却不能前进,又有什么意义呢?But how? 但我该怎样做呢?

Then last week as Pastor Jane called us to respond at the end of her Sermon 上周在讲道结尾时,we were encouraged to mediate on the words “I love you Lord”. Jane鼓励大家默想我爱主我的神这句话。And I felt the Lord remind me 我有个感动,that our relationship with the Lord must begin with faith in Him. 就是我们与主的关系的起点是信祂。Before we can love Him.  在我们能爱祂之前,We must have faith in Him, 我们必须信祂,a faith that leads to love. 要有这生发仁爱的信心。As love comes from faith 爱始于信,and faith can bring forth love. 信生出爱。

Recently the Lord has been taking me on a faith journey 最近,主一直带领我经历一段信心的旅程,which I will share later in the sermon, 我会在后半部分和大家分享,but first let’s consider the two types of faith. 在此之前,我们先来看两种信心。


1, The first type of faith: Crossing the Red Sea  第一种信:过红海的信心

So, faith requires action 这样,信心需要行为来成全。Let's first examine what this first step of faith looks like. 我们来看第一步的信是怎样的信。

Exodus 14:21-2229-30 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, 21摩西向海伸杖,耶和华便用大东风,使海水一夜退去,水便分开,海就成了干地。22 and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left. 22以色列人下海中走干地,水在他们的左右作了墙垣….”29 But the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left. 以色列人却在海中走干地,水在他们的左右作了墙垣。30 That day the Lord saved Israel from the hands of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians lying dead on the shore. 当日,耶和华这样拯救以色列人脱离埃及人的手,以色列人看见埃及人的死尸都在海边了。

So, we see the first type of faith is the faith to cross the Red Sea. 这样,第一种信是过红海的信。Moses believed in the word of God 因摩西的信,信神的话,and stretched out his hand over the sea, 向海举杖,God acted. 神就做工了。

The Israelites walked through the Red Sea and was redeemed because of God’s Grace. 以色列民走过红海,得救了是因为神的恩典。Ehp 2:8 says, For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. 2:8,你们得救是本乎恩,也因着信;这并不是出于自己,乃是 神所赐的;Like the Israelites, we did nothing, 像以色列民, 我们什么也没做, but Christ died on the cross for us, 基督却为我们死在十字架上,we just received the free gift of salvation by God’s grace. 我们白白领受了神的救恩。

After that, 在那之后,the Israelites entered the wilderness. 以色列民进入旷野In the wildness, 在旷野里,the Israelites complained all the time, 以色列民一路都在抱怨,“what are we to drink?” “我们喝什么?“what are we to eat? 我们吃什么?we want meat.” 我们想吃肉。” The faith that allowed them to walk through the Red Sea cannot help them overcome challenges. 那叫他们走过红海的信心不能叫他们得胜挑战。They need to grow in faith.他们当在信心上成长。We’re the same.我们也一样。Despite being Christian for 20 years, 尽管信主二十年,I was like this before I came to this Church.我就一直是那样,直到来这个教会。How many Brother and Sisters are in a similar situation now?  我们有多少弟兄姊妹有类似的处境?

In 1 Corinthians 10:6-7, we’re warned, 林前10:6-7警戒我们:"Now these things took place as examples for us, that we might not desire evil as they did…6这些事都是我们的鉴戒,叫我们不要贪恋恶事,像他们那样贪恋的;7, the people sat down to eat and drink and got up to indulge in pagan revelry.” 7也不要拜偶像,像他们有人拜的。如经上所记:百姓坐下吃喝,起来玩耍。We’re called to grow in faith我们蒙召要在信心上成长, and not to follow their footsteps不要去效法他们。

2, The second type of faith: the faith to cross the Jordan River 第二种信:过约旦河的信

Just as God promised the Israelites to enter the land of Canaan, 就如同神应许以色列民进入迦南美地,today, God also promises us the land flowing with milk and honey 今天,神也赐下应许,进入流奶与蜜之地,as we abide with Jesus. 当住在耶稣里。But the bible tells us, 但经上说,we have adversities 我们有敌人,who will do their best to block us from entering the promised land. 要拦阻我们进入应许之地。And the greatest enemy is our old selves, 最大的敌人就是我们的老自己our fleshly desires, 我们的肉体私欲,where we prioritise our own gain, protect our interests, 看重的利益得失,and guard our pride and possessions. 护着自己的骄傲和老自己。But we also have the new self, 但有一个新人在我们里面,where the Holy Spirit dwells, 圣灵内驻在我们里面,whenever we yield to the word of God 每逢我们降服于神的话,through the leading of the Holy Spirit, 藉着圣灵的引导,we grow in truth, 就能在真理中成熟长大,and abide in Jesus. 并住在耶稣里。

In the bible, we see, 圣经说,to enter the Canaan land, 若要进入迦南美地,to step into the second level of faith, 若要迈进下一个级别的信,we must have the faith to cross the Jordan River 先要有过约旦河的信。Let's read Joshua 3:13-16: "13 And as soon as the priests who carry the ark of the LORD- the Lord of all the earth- set foot in the Jordan, its waters flowing downstream will be cut off and stand up in a heap. 等到抬普天下主耶和华约柜的祭司把脚站在约旦河水里,约旦河的水,就是从上往下流的水,必然断绝,立起成垒。”14 So when the people broke camp to cross the Jordan, the priests carrying the ark of the covenant went ahead of them. 14百姓离开帐棚,要过约旦河的时候,抬约柜的祭司乃在百姓的前头。15 Now the Jordan is at flood stage all during harvest. Yet as soon as the priests who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the water’s edge, 15他们到了约旦河,脚一入水(原来约旦河水在收割的日子涨过两岸),16 the water from upstream stopped flowing. It piled up in a heap a great distance away, at a town called Adam in the vicinity of Zarethan, while the water flowing down to the Sea of the Arabah (that is, the Dead Sea) was completely cut off. So, the people crossed over opposite Jericho. 16 那从上往下流的水,便在极远之地、撒拉但旁的亚当城那里停住,立起成垒;那往亚拉巴的海,就是盐海,下流的水全然断绝。于是百姓在耶利哥的对面过去了。

Before the people crossed the Jordan River, 在以色列民过约旦河前, they actually were told to allow God to go before them, 他们被告知要让神走在他们前面,when we step into this new level of faith. 当我们迈入信心的更高层面时,We need to realise that we haven't walked this path before, 当知道这条路我们未曾走过,and we also need to allow the Lord to go ahead of us, 我们也一样需要主走在我们前面,showing us the way. 指示我们当行的路。

What does God want us to do before entering the Jordan River? 祂想我们在过约旦河前做什么? Joshua 1:6-8, "6 Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them. 你当刚强壮胆!因为你必使这百姓承受那地为业,就是我向他们列祖起誓应许赐给他们的地。7 “Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. 7只要刚强,大大壮胆,谨守遵行我仆人摩西所吩咐你的一切律法,不可偏离左右,使你无论往哪里去,都可以顺利。8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful." 8这律法书不可离开你的口,总要昼夜思想,好使你谨守遵行这书上所写的一切话。如此,你的道路就可以亨通,凡事顺利。

Here, God talks about two things: 在这里,神谈到两件事:first, to be strong and courageous. 第一,要刚强壮胆,Secondly,第二, in verse 8, keep the word of God and meditate on it 8节,昼夜思想神的话,遵行神的话。Why do many Christians get offended easily, while Christ Jesus didn’t? 为什么许多的基督很容易被冒犯,而基督却不会被冒犯而生气?Because he lived a life abiding in the Word of God. 因为他是住在神话语中。The Bible tells us in Psalm 119:11, 诗篇119:11"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." 我将你的话藏在心里,免得我得罪你。In Psalm 119:133, 119:133"Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me." 求你用你的话使我脚步稳当,不许什么罪孽辖制我。We need to hide God's word in our hearts. 我们需要将神的话藏在心里。If we want to enter the land of flowing milk and honey, 若我们想进入流奶与蜜之地,which is to abide in Christ’s love, peace joy, 就是与主的爱、平安、喜乐连结,we need to be diligent people, 就当殷勤,and this diligence comes from being diligent in God's word. 殷勤来自对神的话语殷勤地思想。For this purpose, 为此,we'll start two additional basic biblical study groups on Thursdays at 4pm - 5pm, 我们在每周四下午4-5点,多开办了两堂基要真理查经,one for adults and one for youth. 一堂是成人查经,另一堂是给青少年查经。all are welcome! 欢迎大家!

I am now going to share part of our, Kayla and my own, 现在我想和大家分享我和Kayla的见证,story of faith to cross the Jordan River. 关于我们过约旦河故事。

As I said my life was broken and lacking in abundance 就像我前面说的,我的生命破碎,毫无丰盛可言,before I came to this Church, 在来这个教会之前。But the Lord had His own plan to transform me 但主有自己的计划来更新我。I was a 20-year-old Christian 我信主20年,having experienced the Red Sea 我经历过我的红海,but while in the wilderness my faith was tested 但在旷野里,我的信心遇到了考试,and found wanting, 结果是不合格,as I was too self-centred, 因我非常自我中心,filled with pride 充满骄傲,and with pride comes shame.  骄傲来,羞耻就来。It was all about me, 那时的我,wondering how to become more Christlike, 不知道怎么才能更像基督,praying for things expecting God to provide more Clients, 我的祷告求的就是神给我多些客户,more money, 给我更多钱,relationship,跟人关系好,physical healing, 疾病得医治,getting frustrated and disappointed when this did not happen, grumbling.  但得不到这些,我就抱怨埋怨。Because I did not have the truth 因我没有真理,I was filled with: 我里面充满的就是:selfishness, 自私、pride, 骄傲、shame, 羞耻、judgement, 论断、fear, 惧怕、worry, 忧虑、anxiety, 焦虑、imagination 想象condemning myself, 自我控告,leading to broken relationships with self, family, ex-wife, 搞砸了我和自己、家人、前妻的关系,stress, 压力大,financial pain, 财务上挣扎,health issues, 健康出问题,all leading to death because my faith was in self instead of God. 所有事情都向着死的方向演变,因我信的是自己,不是神。However, 然而,I was unaware of the root of these problems 我并不知道这些问题的根,and how to practice living a life abiding in Jesus 也不知道如何操练住在耶里,until I came to this church. 直到我来到这家教会。

But the Lord allowed Kayla and I both to experience his Red Sea, 主允许Kayla和我经历红海,for me again and Kayla for the first time.  我是第二次,Kayla是第一次。As Pastor Jane discipled us, Jane牧师来牧养我们,we were encouraged to put effort into His word, 并鼓励我们在神的话语上下工夫,to pray individually and as a couple 不但有自己单独的祷告,也有夫妻同心的祷告,to build our personal and family altar, 建造自己和家庭的祭坛,to cultivate a personal intimidate relationship with God, 培植与神的亲密关系,to allow the word of God to help us acknowledge what was of the self, 让神的话帮助我们认识自己,and to lay down our selfish desires 放下肉体的私欲,and nail them to the cross, 把它们钉上十字架上,to change our thinking. 更新我们的心思意念。

Actually, it isn’t an easy path. 实际上,这条路不容易走,Sometimes it was painful, 有时甚至会痛,when I, or Kayla the same, when Jane pointed out something we needed to confess, 当我或者Kayla,被Jane指正需要悔改的事,something like, 例如," this is the work of yourself, “这是你自己肉体做工,this’s thoughts of self-centeredness, 这是自我中心,or thoughts of self-righteousness, 这是自义,or thoughts of self-reliance, 或者这是在靠自己,self-importance, 这是自高自大,or thoughts of independence from God…” 这是不靠神……”the initial moment when we heard this, 我们听到指正时,we were unhappy, 心情开始是不高兴的,but after she led us into prayers of relying on Jesus, 但当她带我们进入靠耶稣的祷告,peace came into our hearts, 我们心里就有了平安,we started to learn how to deny the thoughts of the self 我们开始学习怎样否定自我的想法,and step our feet into the Jordan river 把脚放进约旦河,which meant even though we didn’t see the good things, 意思是,即使满眼看到的是不好,or His promises, 看不到应许,but we tried to believe God’s word 但仍然相信神的话,rather than to  believe our feelings or what we saw with our eyes. 而不信自己的感觉感受和眼见耳闻。

I remember the first time Jane challenged us to spend more time with Jesus, rather than on movies,我记得第一次Jane挑战我们要花更多时间与耶稣在一起,而不是去看电影 TV shows, car content on youtube, or even watching sports电视,Youtube汽车栏目甚至观看体育比赛if we really wanted to go further with Jesus若我们真想与基督更多的同行。I said, 'What a boring life that would be without watching youtube, movies or sports programmes!' 我说:“生活中没有这些的话,这是会有怎样一个无聊人生啊?”Since we’ve decided to practice His truth in our everyday lives但自从我们下决心要在生活中操练祂的真理, we’ve become very busy with praying and reading His words,我们忙于读经,祷告,losing interest in our old hobbies.对过去的喜好不再有兴趣。As we have slowly been practising this over the last 1 and a half years, 在过去一年半里,我们慢慢地操练这个真理,with lots of stumbling and not without pain. 有很多次的跌倒,有不少痛的时候。Then, we started experiencing God reality in many good ways. 之后,我们开始在很多方面经历神的真实和赐福。Then, this year, 然后,到了今年,I experienced another testing of my faith to cross the Jordan River. 我遇到另一个过约旦河的信心考试。

It started on 20 February 这件事始于今年220日,when Jose and his family first came to the Free English Class. Jose和他全家来参加免费英文班,I remember passing by him he looked so tired and sad.  我还记得他又疲惫又忧伤的样子。Independently, 没有任何人告诉KaylaKayla felt the Holy Spirit asking her to talk with them.  Kayla就被圣灵感动要上前去和他说话。From this she invited them to Church 从那时起,她邀请Jose一家来教会,and their teenage girls, Elizabeth and Sophia to Youth Group that Thursday night.  邀请他们的女儿ElizabethSophia参加星期四晚的青年团契。While in NZ the girls have not been going to school. 这两个女孩从来到新西兰后就一直没学校可上。

We then invited them for dinner on 16 March 316日,我们邀请他们全家来家里吃晚饭,and the Holy Spirit stirred my heart 圣灵搅动了我的心,as I listened to Jose story, 当我听Jose讲他的经历,about his Visa running out soon, 18 May 讲到签证在518日就要到期,and still no job offers from an accredited employer.  但找不到有认证资格的雇主提供的担保工作。His background was in Finance and Accounting.  他过去从事过金融和会计工作。I opened my heart to the Lord 我敞开我的心对主说,and said I am willing if it is His will to explore whether I can employ him.  如果这是祂的旨意,我愿意去了解我是否能雇用他。We also shared with Pastor Jane their story, 我们也和牧者Jane分享这件事,and the next day Pastor Jane said 第二天Jane说,“What if you create marketing plans, in three languages – English, Spanish and Chinese? “你用英文、西班牙文和中文三语来打广告怎么样?If you attract Clients who speak Spanish, 如果你得到讲西班牙语的客户,you can involve Jose in the work 你就可以让Jose参加,and see if it’s God’s will to provide him a job through you.  由此看看神是否藉着你给他一份工作。If so, 如果是神的旨意,you’ll expand your territory to include Spanish and Mandarin speakers.” 你就可以把公司业务扩大到讲西班牙语和中文的客户。”

From this, two things occurred. 从这件事可以看到两点:

1.     This required me to step into the Jordan River,我需要先踏入约旦河,that was not without risk and potential for loss, 可能要冒险,甚至遭受损失,as this is a heavy burden for the business as to employ Jose we would need more Clients,因为公司如果雇佣Jose会有很大开销,就需要有更多客户,and并且,

2.     This required God to lead, 需要神在前面引导,as this path is one I have never walked before, 这是我从未走过的路;and to walk it, I need to be led by God Himself. 因为走这条路需要神亲自的引导。

So, stepping into the Jordan River, 接下来,我们踏入约旦河,we took the first step. 我们踏出了第一步。

On 20 March at 5.36pm 320日,下午5:36Kayla helped me submit an application to Immigration NZ to become an accredited Employer.  Kayla帮我的公司向新西兰移民局提交了一份申请,成为认证雇主。Note, this is after hours most Government Departments close at 5pm.  请注意这个时点,大部分政府部门5点都下班了。Applications are expected to take up to 8 weeks to get approved.  申请需要等8周后才会批。

On 22 March at 5.48pm 322日,下午5:48I received an email from Immigration NZ, 我收到一封移民局的电子邮件,the application is approved. 申请批准了,Within 48 hours. 只花了48小时。Praise the Lord.  Within 48 hours people.只花了48个小时,感谢赞美主。

Afterwards, we prayed and waited, 那之后,我们祷告等候神,nothing was happening. 但再也没有什么别的动静了。You can image that fear raised up in our hearts 你可以想象我们心里多么惶恐不安,that we needed to pray 我们需要每天祷告,and allow the peace the Christ to rule in our hearts day after day. 祷告到基督的平安掌管我们。I then went to see Jane, 于是我去找Jane

after the Sunday service on 24 March 324日的聚会后,and did a repentance prayer to continue the process of forgiving my Parents. 她带我做了一个悔改的祷告,继续饶恕我的父母。And Jane said a Client from God would show up in 2 weeks speaking Spanish. I told her that I needed 11 new clients to cover the expense to employ a new staff. Jane说两周后神会赐一个讲西班牙语的客户,我告诉她我需要11个新客户才能多请一个员工。

On Monday 25 March Kayla posted some Ads on Facebook. 325日,星期一,Kaylafacebook上发了几张广告。

On 4 April an old Client emailed me to catch up. 44日,一位过去的客户又通过Email找了我。

On 5 April received an email from a Spanish lady 45日,我接到一位说西班牙语的女士来信,needing some accounting help.  她需要会计帮助。We were very excited but it turned out this potentially was only a one-off opportunity, 我们很兴奋,但后来发现这只是个一次性的客户,so we continued to pray 于是我们继续祷告,as need Clients who could provide ongoing work.告诉神我们需要一些长期客户。

On 8 April an enquire from another potential Spanish Client turned up 48日,另一位潜在的西班牙语客户来找我,and we arranged to meet them on 10 April. 我们约好410日见面。Praise the Lord. 感谢赞美主。This Client was looking at a food business and would be a long-term Client.  这个客户从事食品生意,可以成为长期客户。They just needed to start their business, 他们即将开张,but it was the sign we were looking for 这是我们祷告所求的印证,to continue to walk this new path.  好让我们继续走下去。We prayed and handed to the Lord their business. 我们祷告并把他们的生意交托给主。They recently signed up as a Client 他们最近签了一个新客户,and last week they told us that they have been accepted into a Farmers Market to start trading. 上周他们告诉我们,农业市场允许他们进入做生意。Praise the Lord, 感谢赞美主,when we deny our selfish desires to help them 当我们否定自己自私自利的想法想去帮助人,and hand to the Lord, He does marvellous things.放胆交托给主,祂就行做奇妙事。

After debating whether to meet my old Client, a Bookkeeper, 我们讨论要不要见见一位做记账员的老客户,I sensed the Lord say to meet her so I reached out and met her on 11 April, 我有个感动,主好像在让我去见见她,我就主动联系她,并在411号会见她,from this meeting 开会后,she wanted to become a Client again 她想重新成为我的客户and wanted me to help her and 4 of her Clients do Financials Statements and Tax Returns, 她想让我帮她和她自己的四个客户,来做报表和税务申报,suddenly have 5 new potential Clients.突然之间,我多了5个潜在客户。

On 23 April, my old client confirmed all 4 of her clients wanted to come onboard. 423日,这位老客户确认她和她的四个客户要和我签约。Praise the Lord感谢主!

On 24 April, 424日,approached by one of my Client’s sons, 有个客户的儿子来找我,so met with him on 29 April 我们约好429日见了面,and he asked me if I would consider taking on his 5 Companies and 1 Trust, 他还请我接手他的五家公司和一家信托。Now they’re all in the process of signing up as my Clients. 现在他们也正在和我签约的过程中。

On 1st of May 51日,we offered Jose the position of Accountant 我们与Jose签约聘请他为我们的会计师;and applied for the Job Check on Friday 3 May .53日,星期五,我们申请了雇员的工作资质审查。

Jose started work on Monday 6 May, 56日,星期一,Jose开始工作了,and on the same day we received an enquiry from another potential Client. 同一天,我们接到另一位潜在的客户的电话咨询。

Now so far, 到目前为止,I’ve got 16 new Clients in total!! 我总共得了 16 个新客户!!!And we’re still in the process of signing up with some potential Clients并且我们还在和一些潜在客户谈合约。Which is more than I could have imagined, 这远远超出了我的想象,and more than the entire number of new Clients gained last year. 也超过了我去年获得的全部新客户的数量。 Actually, 事实上, God has already increased 50% of my profit last year. 神已经让我去年的利润增加了 50%I came to this church struggling with financial pain. 我是在经济痛苦的挣扎中来到这个教会的。But I was told not to pray for my finance, 但我被告知不要为我的财务祷告, but to pray to repent of my own ways of thinking and doing life, 而是要祷告悔改自己的思维方式和生活方式, and getting myself in alignment with the Word of God and attitude of Christ Jesus. 让自己与神的话语和基督耶稣的态度保持一致。

For example, 例如, practicing giving the weekly tithe to the church, 每周给教会十一奉献, contributing to the hospitality for weekly Tuesday English Classes, 为每周二的英语课提供招待费, and hosting people at our home, etc. 在家里接待客人等等。  When I started to practice it, 当我开始操练时, God faithfully blessed me in many aspects of my life, 神就在我生活的许多方面信实地祝福了我, including flourishing my business. 包括我源源不断地的生意。 Just as He says in 1 Cor 2:9, 正如他在林前 2:9 所说: No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. 神为爱他的人所预备的,是眼不能见,耳不能听,心不能想的。 Amen, 阿门。

 God is faithful indeed. 上帝的确是信实守约的。 So having stepped out in faith, 因此,我们凭着信心,into the Jordan River, 踏进了约旦河, willingly taking the risk when my eyes didn’t even see it, 在我的眼睛根本看不见的情况下甘愿冒险, fighting against the fear within my heart during my prayer, 在祷告中与自己内心的恐惧抗争, and seeking Gods guidance as I have never walked this path, 在我从未走过这条路的情况下寻求神的指引, we have experienced through the growing of our faith我们经历了信心不断地增强, through having his word in our hearts, 是通过将神的话铭记在心,we have started to enter our Canaan Land. 我们已经开始进入我们的迦南地。 Praise the Lord. 赞美主。But another testing of faith was coming without notice. 但是另一场信心考试却不期而至。

On 15th May, Jose’s Job Check was still in review at Immigration, 515日,移民局仍在审核 Jose 的工作资质, however Jose’s Working Holiday Visa ran out on Saturday 18 May, yesterday. 但是 Jose 的打工度假签证已于昨天(5 18 日)星期六到期 。So, on Wednesday night of 15th May, Jose and family and Kayla and I were at Jane and Raymond’s house 所以,星期三(515)晚上,Jose 和家人以及 Kayla 和我来到 Jane Raymond 的家中and we prayed again to the Lord in faith, 我们再次满怀信心地向主祷告,acknowledging our fear and repenting that we turned to the self and nailing this to the cross, 承认我们的恐惧,并悔改我们转向了自我,并将这一切钉在十字架上,we turned back to looking to Jesus and sort His direction. 我们转而仰望耶稣,寻求他的指引。

To cut the story short, by the wise guidance of God, 长话短说,在神的明智指引下,I then rang Immigration NZ on Thursday morning, 16th May我在16日周四早上打电话给新西兰移民局,they replied that the Job Check would take another 4 weeks. 他们回复说工作检查还需要 4 周时间 。By the guidance of God, I then wrote an email to Immigration NZ Escalation Team, 在神的指引下,我随后给新西兰移民局加急部门写了封电子邮件which Advisor said waste of time,而顾问说这是浪费时间。it was 1:28pm. 当时是下午 1:28  Then at 3:31pm, 然后在下午 3:31, I received an email from Immigration NZ, said that Job Check had been approved!! 我收到了移民局的电子邮件,说工作资质已获批准!!Jose didn’t have to leave NZ or apply for Visitor visa. Jose 不必离开新西兰或申请旅游签。On the last day before his visa expired, 在签证到期前的最后一天,he was eligible to apply for Work Visa and continue to work for the firm他有资格申请工作签证并继续为公司工作。Praise the Lord! 赞美主! That was an emotional time! 那真是一段感人的时刻!What a faithful God we have, 我们有一位多么信实的神,He is indeed living and in control of all things. 祂确实活着,祂掌管一切We shout joy for Him! 我们为祂欢呼!

To complete the story在这个故事的结尾, the same day we met the potential Client with 5 Companies and 1 Trust in the morning 同一天早上我们会见了5家公司和一个信托基金的潜在客户while we trying to deal with Immigration NZ当我们也在努力解决新西兰移民局的问题的时候。 Now he is in the process of signing up his 6 entities as my Clients. 现在这6个客户也正在和我签约的过程中。

Dear brothers and sisters, 亲爱的弟兄姊妹,the faith to step into the Jordan River is a faith to die with Christ. 踏入约旦河的信心就是与基督同死的信心。 Is there a risk in stepping into the Jordan River? 踏入约旦河有风险吗? Yes, 是的, there's a risk of being swept away by the water we see with our physical eyes. 有被我们肉眼所见的河水冲走的风险。 But God is faithful. 但上帝是信实的。 If you desire to know Him better, 如果你渴望更好地认识祂,you need to lay down what you see or what you feel, 你就需要放下你所看到的或你所感觉到的,but put your trust in the Word of God. 而把你的倚靠放在神的话语中。 Faith doesn‘t come by sight! 信心不是凭眼见,But by the Word of God! 而是靠神的话语! If you dare to lay down your pride, 如果你敢于放下你的骄傲、 your own thoughts, 你自己的想法、 your own feelings and imagination, 你自己的感觉和想象,to put your trust in God, 去信靠神, to love God with all your heart, 去全心爱神,you will experience His wonderfulness in a way where you never experience before! 你就会以一种前所未有的方式经历到祂的奇妙! You lose the old for His sake, 你会为神的缘故脱去旧的,you will gain an abundant life in Him. 你会在神里面获得丰盛的生命。

Now let’s sing the last song. 现在让我们一起唱最后一首歌。



Heavenly Father we thank for your gracious gift of life for like the Israelites, 亲爱的天父,我们感谢你赐予我们宝贵的生命,像以色列民一样,we did nothing,我们什么也没做, but Christ died on the cross for us, 但基督却为我们死在十字架上,we just received the free gift of salvation by God’s grace. 我们白白领受了神的救恩 。But you call us into a deeper faith但你呼召我们进入更深的信, a faith that requires us to cross the Jordan River一个需要我们渡过约旦河的信, where we have never gone before 这是我们从未经历过的地and that requires us to allow you to lead us, 需要我们让你来引领我 build an intimate relationship with You建立与你的亲密关.

 You call us to lay down our life你呼召我们放下我们的生, our desires 我们的私欲our thoughts 我们的思our fears我们的恐, pride and shame骄傲和羞 to build that intimate relationship with You 来建立与你的亲密关系and bring our old self to the Cross.  并将我们的老我钉上十字架

 So let’s take a minute to bring what is in our heart to the Lord and nail to the Cross所以,现在让我们花一点时间,把我们心中的一切带到主面前,并把它们钉上十字架。So heavenly Father through your Holy Spirit help us to build that intimate relationship with you天父,藉着你的圣灵,帮助我们建立与你的亲密关 so that we can step into the Jordan River 使我们能够迈入约旦and cross over from the wilderness to the land of milk and honey that You call us to, 从旷野进入你呼召我们的流奶与蜜之地,and be able to live a life glorify Your name并能活出荣耀你的人生。In Jesus name we believe and pray. 奉耶稣的名求AMEN.阿门。


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