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2021-08-08 Why Should We Pray? 为什么要祷告?

发表于 2024-01-08

We’ve entered the season of “prayer and self-denial” 2021. 我们已经进入了2021祷告和舍己的季节。 What do we normally do during this time? 在这段时间我们通常做什么? We pray for our missionaries overseas; 我们为差派到海外的宣教士祷告;we give up certain things we normally eat or drink during this month and give the amount of money to our Baptist Missionary Society. 这个月里我们通常放弃吃一些零食,把钱奉献给浸信会宣教协会。No matter how much you give, 不管你给多少,$5/week, 每周5刀,or $10/week, 或每周10刀,or more, 或更多,the money goes to support our missionaries who are working overseas. 钱都汇去支持我们在海外工作的宣教士。You can give on 29th August, 你可以在829日那天奉献,or you can give each week. 也可以每一周给But please notice, it’s for ‘self-denial’. 请注明是为“self-denial”的。

Our theme for this year is Col 2:6-7,我们今年的主题是西26-7 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness你们既然接受了主基督耶稣,就当遵他而行,2:7 在他里面生根建造,信心坚固,正如你们所领的教训,感谢的心也更增长了How can we continue to live our lives in him without cultivating a prayer lifestyle? 如果不培养一个祷告的生活方式,我们如何能遵祂而行呢Jesus says, 耶稣说,He is the true vine, 是真葡萄树,and we’re the branches, 我们是枝how can we say, “oh, yay, we remain in Him” 我们怎能说,哦,耶,我们住在祂里面yet without prayer and meditating on His commands?” 但没有祷告和默想祂的命令?I remember someone saying this, 我记得有人这样说,“Without developing a prayer lifestyle No one can be really humble in the eyes of God.” 如果没有养成祷告的生活方式,没有人是神眼中的真谦卑。The Son of God Jesus Christ, 神的儿子耶稣基督, who is fully man and fully God, 是完全的人,完全的is a man of prayer. 是一个祷告的人。As His followers, 作为随者,we can drink from one of the two sources of wells within us. 我们可以从我们里面的头得供应One is the well of ‘Marah’ out of the flesh, 一个是出自肉体的玛拉的水,the other is the well of living water out of the Spirit of Truth. 另一个出自真理的圣灵的活水的井。You can see this phenomenon in churches, 你可以在教里看到这种现象,the most judgemental and proud people in a church are those who have been serving for a long time. 里最喜欢论断骄傲的人,是那些常年服事的人。Why? 为什么?If people serve by the law of works of the flesh如果人的服事是靠肉体的律 they’re more like the elder brother of the prodigal son rather than like Christ’s character.他们就更像浪子哥哥的样子,而不像基督的品格。

In Paul’s epistles to the churches in Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, and Philippi, 保罗在写给林多、加拉、以弗所和腓立比教会的书信中,all pointed out this problem, 都指出了这个问题。and he taught Christians not to try to finish their Christian journey by means of the flesh. 他教导基督徒不要试图肉体来完成他们的基督徒旅程。In other words, don’t focus on doing good outwardly only, 换句话说,不要只关注在外做好事,but focus on connecting with God 而要关注里面与连接to be changed inwardly instead. 要让内心改变。

Therefore, in the last chapter of Colossae 因此,在歌罗西书的最后一章,after teaching people to do this and that, 在教导人们做这做那之后,Paul went on saying, 保罗继续说: “Devote yourself to prayer (niv), being watchful and thankful.” 西 4:2 你们要恒切祷告,在此警醒感恩(niv)Or “Continue earnestly in prayer (nkjv)”.不住的热切祷告(nkjv) In the Greek language it says, "continue steadfastly in prayer”. 在希腊语中,持续坚定地祷的意思In other words, 换句话说,persistence in prayer, 持续的祷告,or praying constantly 或不地祷告,is not an option for Christians. 这不是基督徒可做可不做的选择。Rather, it’s an order from the Lord.这是来自主的命令。Because our Lord Himself has left us an example of being a man of prayer. 因为我们的主自己给我们留下了一个榜样,如何作一个祷告的人。We’re commanded to pray earnestly and continuously. 神命令我们要恒切不住地祷Why should we pray? 为什么要祷告?

1, Jesus was a man of prayer. 耶稣是一个祷的人。

When Jesus called his disciples, He said, “follow me.” 耶稣呼召祂的门徒,说,跟随我。” And also, Jesus said, “whoever does not take his cross and Follow Me is not worthy of me. Matt 10:38” 耶稣说,凡不背着他的十字架跟随我不配的门徒 What footsteps of Jesus should we follow? 耶稣的什么脚踪我们应该跟随呢Some say, “we wanna follow Jesus’ footsteps of doing good things,有人说,我们想跟随耶稣的脚,做好事, like feeding the five thousand, 比如喂五千人,so that the poor won’t suffer lack of food.” 这样穷人就不会挨饿 The others say, “we wanna follow Jesus’ footsteps其他人说,我们要跟随耶稣的脚 by doing miracles of healing, so that they won’t suffer sickness.” 行神迹医治,这样人们就不会受疾病折磨”But when we take a careful look at Jesus’ ministry, 但当我们仔细思耶稣的事工时,he said, 说,For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45.”  因為人子來,不是要受人服事,而是要服事人,並且要捨命,作許多人的贖價。The Son of God came as a ransom, a sin offering 神儿子来到地上作赎价、成为赎罪祭so he was despised, betrayed, and crucified for the forgiveness of our sins. 因此祂藐视被出卖,为赦免我们的罪钉在十字架上。

Whatever he did was for people to know that they needed to turn away from sin and their own ways to God, 无论耶稣祂做什么,就是让人知道,人需要从罪和自己的道路转向神,so that they would be delivered from the torture of the kingdom of darkness, 这样就能从黑暗国折磨出来, and become a part of the kingdom of God. 神国有 The strength of Christ’s ministry is not the crowd,基督在地上事工有能力不是因为人多,the secret of Christ’s ministry is not the crowd; 基督事工的成功不是因为人多;It's not the miracles, signs, and wonders; 也不是因为神迹奇事The secret of Christ’s strength is his intimacy with God. 基督得力的秘密是在于他与的亲密合一关系。Christ went from persecution to persecution, 基督耶稣经历一个接一个的逼迫 he was persecuted by religious leaders; 他受到宗教领袖的逼迫he was rejected by his own people,  被自己的子民绝,and even his biological brothers mocked and misunderstood him (John 7:4).甚至他肉身的亲生兄弟也嘲笑和误解他74

But nothing could stop him from walking from strength to strength, 但没有什么能阻止他行走力上加力and no rejection and condemnation could steal his joy and peace, 任何拒绝和定罪都不能偷走他的乐和平and stop him from revealing what the Father looked like.并阻止他彰显父的荣耀。Now, throughout these 2000 years在这2000多年里, those who once rejected him have become his followers,那些曾经拒绝他的人成了他的门徒, those who once shouted ‘crucify him”, have become his disciples那些曾经喊钉他十字架的人也成了他的门徒, and those intellectuals who thought Christ was a man of low education have knelt before Him那些认为基督是没文化的知识分子 在他面前跪下.

Christ Jesus has defeated the enemy forever. 基督耶稣打败了仇敌直到永远The secret of Christ’s strength to overcome is not the crowd基督得胜的秘密不是因为人多, but his intimacy with God而是他和天父亲密的关系. It’s from his connection to the Holy Spirit是因为他与圣灵合一连结. Because the Son of God was a man of prayer因为神的儿子是一个祷告的人. The bible says圣经说, when Jesus was baptized当耶稣受洗时, “and as he was praying, heaven was opened当他正祷告的时候,天就开了…Luke 3:21What does it mean这是什么意思? About 700 years before the birth of Christ大约在基督诞生的七百年前, the Prophet Isaiah prayed in Isaiah 64:1, 先知以赛亚在641祷告说 Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down! 愿你裂天而降。When King Uzziah died, 乌西雅王去世之后,the nation Israel went into spiritual darkness, 以色列进入属灵的黑暗时期, the prophet Isaiah saw God in a vision. 先知以赛亚在异象中见到神。God was such a Holy God, 神是如此圣洁,holy, holy holy is the Lord Almighty圣哉!圣哉!圣哉!万军之耶和华;Isaiah saw that, 以赛亚又看到,the whole earth is full of His glory.”他的荣光充满全地!(Isa 6:3) But Isaiah was aware that although he was a prophet of God, 但以赛亚意识到,尽管他是先知,his lips were unclean, 他的嘴唇却是不洁, and he was living among unclean people. 又住在嘴唇不洁的民中。

He thought he would surely die in the holy presence of God. 在神圣洁同在中,他觉得自己必定要灭亡了。But God cleansed him by Grace. 但神恩典洁净了他。When Isaiah prayed for God to rend the heavens and come down, 当以赛亚祷告求神裂天而降,he was asking, 他是在求神: “Lord, the earth is full of sins, 主啊,全地满了罪恶,if the earth is going to be filled with Your glory, 你若要你的荣耀充满全地, You must rend the heavens, 你自己一定要裂天而降,and You must come down, 你一定要亲自降临, to wipe away sins, 好除去罪恶, and let Your glory fill the earth.”让你的荣光充满全地。

The prayer of Isaiah was answered! 神回应了以赛亚的祷告!God did rend the heavens and come down through Jesus Christ. 藉着耶稣基督,神的确裂天而降了。The body of Christ was crucified and resurrected, 因着基督被钉十字架,又从死里复活,God has rent the heavens神裂开了诸天,and made His dwelling place within us through the Holy Spirit. 将祂的居所藉着圣灵安置在我们里面。Today, all the riches and resources of God are available for us to take, 今天,神一切的丰盛和属天资源可以为我们所用if we follow Christ’s example in prayer.若我们跟随耶稣去祷告。I remember the day when I was baptised by water, 还记得我受水洗那天,I had been baptised by the Holy Spirit, 那时我已经受了圣灵的洗,and already was the founder and the pastor of the home church. 也已经建立并开始牧养家里的教会。I know it’s incredible, but it’s true. 这是有点难以置信,却是真的。On the day of my baptism我受洗的那天, a dozen people were baptised with me in the sea. 有近一打人信了就和我一同在海里受洗,It was a rainy day, 那天下着雨,when we were standing on the seashore, praying, 我们正站在海滩上祷告, a pastor from overseas shouted, “Heaven is open!” 听到从海外来的牧师大叫:天开了!because suddenly the raining was stopped, 因为雨突然停住了, and a beam of light shone on us from the sky. 一缕阳光从高空射下,照在我们身上。As if God was telling me, 神好像在告诉我,prayer opens heaven祷告可以将天打开!

There are problems only prayer can stop. 你有困难 唯有祷告才能解决, There are needs which only prayer can meet. 有需要 唯有祷告才能满足, There are hurts only prayer can heal. 有伤害 唯有祷告才能医治, There are battles only prayer can overcome. 有起伏 唯有祷告才能胜过, There are atmospheres only prayer can change. 有环境,唯有祷告才能改变, There are souls that only prayer can reach. 灵魂唯有祷告才能拯救。Do you want your family members to get saved? 你愿意家人得救吗? Pray patiently! 恒切祷告! Do you want your children to get changed? 你愿意孩子被改变吗? Pray ceaselessly! 祷告不停息!All the resources of heaven are available to you, 一切属天的资源都可为你所用,but only prayer in faith enables you to access them. 唯有信心的祷告让你支取到。

2, Prayer lifts burdens and brings joy.祷告除去重担带来喜乐Isa56:7

In the bible, Jesus never teaches his disciples how to preach, 圣经里从未记载耶稣教门徒怎么讲道, but teaches his disciples to pray. 他却教门徒如何祷告。 The disciples were amazed at Jesus’ actions, 耶稣让门徒感到惊讶, because he taught as one who had authority, 因他教训他们,正像有权柄的人, he healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead. 医病赶鬼,又叫死人复活。 The disciples were wondering where their teacher got the power and strength from. 门徒们希奇他们的夫子是从 哪里得这样的权柄能力,Soon, they found out the secret of Christ’s strength was on his knees. 没多久,他们就发现基督的能力来自祷告。

The bible says, after Jesus fed the five thousand,经上说,耶稣喂饱了五千人后,he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. 他就独自上山去祷告。(Matt 14:23). “In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed次日早晨,天未亮的时候,耶稣起来,到旷野地方去,在那里祷告。 (Mark 1:35)”. The Son of God kicked off his day with prayer. 神儿子是从祷告开始他的每一天。What about us? 我们呢? (Luke 5:16)tells us, 说, But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed耶稣却退到旷野去祷告。. The Son of God often withdrew from the crowd to pray on his own. 神儿子常常离开人群独自祷告。What about us? 我们呢?In the bible, God says, 经上说, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” 我的殿必称为祷告的殿”(Matt 21:13)It’s not a house called a house of having fun, 它不是说我的殿必称为来玩得开心的殿, but a house of prayer. 而是祷告的殿。 Where is the house of the Lord? 神的殿在哪里?(2 Cor林后 6:16) says, for we are the temple of the living God因为我们是永生 神的殿。

 (Isa 56:7), these I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”  我必领他们到我的圣山,使他们在祷告我的殿中喜乐。他们的燔祭和平安祭,在我坛上必蒙悦纳,因我的殿必称为万民祷告的殿。It says, 这是说,God will bring His enslaved people back to His holy presence and give them joy,神要将被掳的百姓带回祂圣洁同在中,并赐他们喜乐,if they obey His instruction to pray. 如果他们遵行神吩咐去祷告。God clearly defines the function of His church to be called a house of prayer, 神明明白白地说 教会的功用是祷告的殿, not to be called a club, 不是俱乐部, not a house of entertainment, 也不是娱乐场所, or a house of programmes, 或是一个做各种节目的场所,but a house of prayer, 而是祷告的殿,and it shall pray that all nations may encounter God. 要为万民经历神而祷告。

I give them joy in my house of prayer使他们在祷告我的殿中喜乐。. We’re living in a generation, 我们所处的世代,  where faith and hope are fading,是信心和盼望冷谈退却的世代,when Jesus taught in a parable that we should always pray and not give up in Luke 18, 路加福音18章,耶稣用比喻教训人要恒切祷告,不要放弃, in the end, he added these words, 末了他又加上一句: “however, when the of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” 然而,人子来的时候,遇得见世上有信德吗?”(Luke 18:8)

In other words, 换句话说, the nearer the second coming of Jesus, 越靠近耶稣再来, the less faith will be found on earth. 人就越信心冷谈。

We’re living in a generation, 我们所处的世代, where faith and hope are fading; 是信心和盼望消退的世代,a generation where it seems the flame of the Holy Spirit in the church is fading; 这是一个圣灵的火好像在教会里渐渐消退的世代,a generation where people take for granted the Grace of God是人们对恩典觉得理所当然、and pay less attention to God’s commands; 却越来越不留心神诫命的世代。 today in a church people have so much fear, 现今教会里充满着惧怕, even pastors carry lots of fear, 连牧师也带着各种惧怕, and there’s not much joy.教会里就没有多少喜乐。

8 years ago, I attended a Chinese Christian leader’s prayer meeting, 8年前,我参加过一次华人领袖祷告会,there were lots of prayers offered to God, 我们为很多事情祷告神, afterwards, you could feel the joy of Lord was there. 祷告完就感到充满神的喜乐。Recently the prayer meeting has become a meeting of chatting and eating. 最近那祷告会成了闲谈和茶点聚会。After the meeting, 聚会过后,concerns and fears were still there, 担忧惧怕仍在,nothing was turned into joy. 没啥好喜乐的。We’ve gotta turn back to God’s promise!我们当回转到神的应许里!I give them joy in my house of prayerTheir burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations我必使他们在祷告我的殿中喜乐。他们的燔祭和平安祭,在我坛上必蒙悦纳,因我的殿必称为万民祷告的殿。There’re so many things that can trouble us, 有许多事会烦扰我们,worry us, 令我们担忧,or affect our emotions. 影响我们的情绪。But in the midst of trouble, 但在困境中,God has promised joy and peace in His house of prayer. 神应许 祂必使人在祂祷告的殿中有喜乐平安。

Last year, 去年,I had concerns over the covid-19 vaccination just as lots of people did, 我和其他人一样 为打不打新冠疫苗而有顾虑,but according to但照着, (1 Peter彼前 5:7), I cast all my anxiety on Him, 我就把一切忧虑都卸给神,and asked for His will to be revealed for me and my family about the vaccination. 并求祂显明对我和家人的旨意。I prayed and waited for His reply. 我祷告等候候祂的回应。One day, when I was meditating on God’s word, 有一天当默想神的话时, it seemed that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through Mark 16:16-18 我感觉圣灵在用可1616-18 对我说话. it says, 经上说,these signs will accompany those who believe: …when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all.” 信的人必有神迹随着他们……若喝了什么毒物,也必不受害;”(Luke 16:17-18) I know it was a reply to my prayer about the vaccination. 我知道这是神对我打疫苗的祷告的回应。 Another verse was given to me as well,还有一句话也赐给了我, “each of us should please his neighbour for his good, to build him up.” 我们各人务要叫邻舍喜悦,使他得益处,建立德行。 (Rom 15:2)

It tells me, 它在说,‘you have a vaccination not just for you, 你打疫苗不是单为自己,but for other’s good, 而是为他人的益处, we’re called to be peacemakers, 我们蒙召成就和睦,not trouble makers 不是给社会制造麻烦。 When your prayers are answered, 当祷告得了回应, your heart is full of joy. 你心里就充满了喜乐。 No one can give you this joy. 没有什么可以给你这样的喜乐,The joy of the Lord is your strength.从神而来的喜乐是你的力量。

How can you get this joy? 如何能得着这喜乐?Build an altar in a secret place, 在隐秘处建造祭坛, where we humbly offer praise, honour, and worship to God. 在那里谦卑地赞美、尊崇、敬拜神。Where the Spirit of God will help you build your relationship with God through prayer. 在那里,神的灵会帮助你藉着祷告与神建立好关系。 God wants to set you free from all kinds of burdens 神要将你从各样的重担中释放出来,and bring joy to your life, 给你的生命带去喜乐,you can’t let go of the offense, bitterness, and resentment, which burden you, 你无法脱离那些缠累你的冒犯感、苦毒和怨恨,unless you sacrifice your time, 除非你愿意付上时间,spend your time with Him through prayer, 藉着祷告与祂亲近,and allow His love to fill you. 让祂的爱充满你。

3, prayer changes lives and enables us to see miracles. 祷告改变生命,使我们见神迹(Luke9:28-30

Luke 9:28, About eight days after Jesus said this, he took Peter, John and James with him and went up onto a mountain to pray. 29 As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning. 30 Two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared in glorious splendor, talking with Jesus. 9:28说了这话以后约有八天,耶稣带着彼得、约翰、雅各上山去祷告。29正祷告的时候,他的面貌就改变了,衣服洁白放光。30忽然有摩西、以利亚两个人,同耶稣说话。 It tells us, 这话告诉我们,while Jesus was praying, 当耶稣祷告的时候, something happened. 有事发生了His face changed, 他的面貌改变了,and his clothes became like brilliant light, 他的衣服发出耀眼的光,it was coming from the inside out. 这是从里到外发出来的。 In other words, 也就是说,as he prayed, 当他祷告的时候,the glory of God, 神的荣耀,the radiance of God’s glory was revealed through Christ’s body, 神荣耀的光辉藉着基督的身体显现出来,and as he prayed, 当他祷告的时候,he confirmed what would happen next.  他确知将要发生的事。So don’t allow worry to capture your heart, 所以不要让忧虑抓住你的心,get on your knees, 跪下来,and you will experience something God has stored for you wonderfully. 你必奇妙地经历神为你所存留的。Without prayer in faith constantly, 若没有在信心里恒切地祷告,we can’t experience changed lives, 我们就无法经历生命的改变,because through Christ’s example, 因为从基督所立的榜样,we see that the glory of God is revealed from the inside out.我们看见神的荣耀是从内而外彰显出来的。Jesus says, 主耶稣说:12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” 【约14:12-14】我实实在在地告诉你们:我所作的事,信我的人也要作;并且要作比这更大的事,因为我往父那里去。13你们奉我的名无论求什么,我必成就,叫父因儿子得荣耀。14你们若奉我的名求什么,我必成就。

Here, what does it mean to ‘believe in me’? “信我在这里是什么意思? Christ Jesus was a man of prayer. 基督耶稣是一个祷告的人。He wants us to believe in Him by actively following His footsteps in prayer. 要他我们因信而 活泼地跟随祂的脚踪去祷告。Christ Jesus didn’t do anything on his own, 基督耶稣从不自己做任何事, he always prayed throughout his ministry, 在他的服侍中他一直在祷告,although he was sinless.  虽然他是无罪的。God is an unchangeable God. 神是永不改变的神。

In His infinite Grace and mercy, 在祂无尽的恩典和怜悯中,God never stops trying to raise men or women of faith to pray 祂从未停止兴起有信心的信徒去祷告,and rekindle the flame in the church. 让教会重新点燃复兴之火。Because the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but power. 因为神的国不在乎言语,乃在乎权能。Only He is the source of all powers. 唯有祂是一切权能的源头。The power that changes lives, 改变生命的大能,the power that changes atmospheres, 改变环境的大能, the power that changes the world. 改变世界的大能。Do you wanna respond to God right now? 现在你愿意来回应神吗? Do you wanna say to the Lord, 你愿意对主说:“Yes, Lord, I wanna learn from You, 是的,主,我愿意学你的样式,because Your yoke is easy, 因为你的轭是容易的,and Your burden is light. 你的担子是轻省的。

Would you like to stand up and respond to God’s call right now? 现在你愿意站起来回应神的呼召吗? let’s cry out to Him: 让我们一同向祂呼求:

Concluding Prayer 结束祷告:

“Lord, You have called me to follow You, 主啊,你呼召我跟随你,today, You have called me to follow Your footsteps in prayer. 今天你呼召我跟随你的脚步去祷告。 Lord, take away all my ignorance, 主啊,求你除去我一切的无知,take away all the obstacles and barriers and the pride that hinders me from praying to You…除去一切 阻挡,拦阻我向你祷告的骄傲

Lord, Let the fire of Your Holy Spirit burn within me, 主啊,求祢圣灵的火在我里面燃烧,burn with a passion for You, and for Your kingdom to come. 让我为你、为你的国度降临而火热燃烧。 Make me a man or woman of prayer like You…求你使我成为像你一样祷告的人

Let’s cry out to Him on our own…我们各人向祂呼求

Let’s sing the last song. 我们来唱最后一首诗歌。

Yes Lord, You’re the way maker. 是的,主,你就是那开道路的。You’re the only One who is able to change hearts, 唯有你能改变人心,and grow our faith. 使我们的信心增长。 Prayer changes things that we can’t change by our human hands. 祷告可以改变 我们人手不能改变的事。Prayer brings us peace and the joy of Your presence from the inside out 祷告带给我们从里面发出的平安和喜乐which the things of the world can’t give us. 这是世界不能给我们的。Yes, Lord, we believe in Your truth. 是的,主,我们相信你的真理。

Today, Lord, release upon our life the spirit of prayer! 主啊,求你这一刻就释放祷告的灵在我们的生命中! Release upon our lives a spirit of faith. 释放信心的灵在我们的生命中, Lord, we’ve heard Your call, 主啊,我们已经听见你的呼召, for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.因我的殿必称为万民祷告的殿。

Lord, we pray for all nations who are suffering the fear of covid-19, 主啊,我们为一切在新冠疫情的恐惧中受苦的国家祷告:

Forgive the sins of all nations and heal the land; 求你赦免万民的罪,医治他们的地;forgive the sins of the churches in all nations, 求你赦免全地教会的罪,awaken Your people from spiritual slumber; 将你的子民从属灵的沉睡中唤醒;

Let Your people love righteousness and hate wickedness; 愿你的民喜爱公义、恨恶罪恶; Let the gospel of Your Son go forth; 愿神儿子的福音广传;Let doors be opened to the missionaries who are reaching out to the lost, the least, the poor, and the sick; 愿你给那些向失丧的、弱小的、贫穷的、有病的人传福音的宣教士开门;let the fatherless hear the good news and turn to You in the midst of the pandemic; 愿孤儿听见好消息,在这疫情中转向你;Let disaster be turned into blessing, 愿灾难变为祝福,and more people revere You 愿更多人敬畏你,and turn away from their own ways 转离自己的恶道,to Your path of righteousness. 跟随走你的义路。

Holy Spirit, urge us to pray with You, 圣灵啊,催促我们和你一同祷告,let our prayers be like a river of blessing 愿我们的祷告如同祝福的江河,flowing into our families, 流入我们的家庭,into our communities, 流入我们的社区, into our cities, 流入我们的城市,into our neighbourhoods, 流入我们的邻舍,into the schools, 流入学校, into our workplaces, 流入职场,everywhere we go. 流入一切我们所到之地。Everywhere we are, 无论我们身在何处,to destroy demonic activity, 要败坏魔鬼的作为,and bring Your kingdom down from heaven. 愿你的国从天而降。 Guide us to pray, 求你引导我们祷告,enlarge our territories. 扩张我们的境界。Increase our joy in Your house of prayer!  让我们在你祷告的殿中喜乐加增!Amen! 阿们!


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