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2021-03-14 Live by Faith 凭信而活(3)

发表于 2024-01-08

Matt 8: 5-10


We’re continuing to talk about faith in this season of Lent.  在这个大斋季节,我们继续分享信心。Faith is the only channel for us to enter into the presence of God and receive blessings.信心是我们进入神同在和领受祝福的唯一途径。 The deeper we develop in our faith, 信心根基越深,the better we will taste the fullness of God. 我们就越能品尝到神的丰满。In the four gospels, there’re only two people whom Jesus considered as having great faith. 在四福音书中,只有两个人,是被耶稣称为信心是大的。Last time, we looked at the Canaanite woman’s great faith.上上主日,我们分享了迦南妇人的大信心。Today, we’ll go through Matt 8:5-10, 今天,我们要来学习马太福音85-10to learn about the Gentile centurion’s great faith. 去认识这位外邦百夫长的大信心。 And late on, we’ll check with verse 11-13. 之后我们会查考第11-13节。


The story happened in Capernaum, 故事发生在迦百农。which was a wealthy city on the North side of the Sea of Galilee.  迦百农是加利利海北侧的一个富裕城市。 Where most people rejected Jesus (Matt 11:23). 但那里的大多数人拒绝了耶稣But here we’re told that a centurion came to Jesus and asked for help.在这里,我们读到一个百夫长来到耶稣那里寻求帮助。A centurion was a junior Roman officer in charge of a hundred soldiers. 百夫长是一位初级罗马军官,负责管理一百名士兵。In fact, in the NT, 事实上,在新约中there were many people who came to Jesus with sickness or carrying the sick to receive healing.有许多人带着病或带着病人耶稣那里得着医治And they all seemed to have faith in Jesus.  他们似乎都耶稣有信心But what is so remarkable about the centurion’s faith?  但百夫长的信有什么了不起的呢? So that Jesus marvelled and said, 以致于耶稣就希奇说:I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.  这么大的信心,就是在以色列中,我都没有见过”。


1, Great faith requires understanding authority. (v,5-10) 大信心需要认识权柄问题(5-10)


In verse 8, 在第8节中, we notice that he said, 我们看到他说:All you have to do is to say a word and my servant will be healed.” “你所要做的就是:你只要说一句话,我的仆人就必好了。” It seemed to say, 它似乎说:“I just need a word from you, “我只需要你说一句话, because I know there’s supreme power in Your Word over sickness and death.因为我知道你的话语有超越一切疾病和死亡的权势And all power is subject to Your Word.” 所有的权势都服你的话语下面


Again, we see, faith comes from hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17).  “再一次,我们看见信心是从听神的话而来的(罗马书1017)。Without immersing ourselves in the word of God, 如果我们不让自己沉浸在的话语里面it’s impossible to grow in faith.我们的信心就不可能成长。 Then he said something remarkable to Jesus, 这百夫长对耶稣说了不一般的话, “For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and that one, ‘Come,’ and he comes. I say to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” 8:9 因为我在人的权下,也有兵在我以下,对这个说,‘去’,他就去;对那个说,‘来’,他就来;对我的仆人说,‘你作这事’,他就去作。10 When Jesus heard this, he was amazed… I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.” 10 耶稣听见就希奇,对跟从的人说:“我实在告诉你们:这么大的信心,就是在以色列中,我也没有遇见过。


This centurion has great faith, 这个百夫长有大的信心,because he understands authority. 因为他认识权柄。He was saying, “I know the power in Your word because I recognise Your authority.” 他说:“我知道你的话有能力,你是有权柄的。”But why did this man recognise authority, 但是,为什么这个人能认出基督的权柄Because he himself was a person under authority. 因为他自己就是一个在别人的人。He said he had a leader over him, 他说他有领导在他以上and he had soldiers under him.而也有士兵在他以下 He understood the principles of authority. 懂得权柄则。


Brothers and sisters, 兄弟姐妹们,to understand the Kingdom of God, 我们搞明白神的国and to grow in faith, 在信中成长,we must understand authority. 我们就必须柄问题If we don’t understand authority, we won’t grow in faith,如果你不明白,你的信心就不会成长, then you’ll be unable to receive the full blessings that God planned for you. 就无法得到神给你的全部祝福。Because authority is the key to a kingdom.因为神国度的关键是权柄。If there is no authority, there is no kingdom.没有权柄,就没有国 Will Trump dare to say he is king now? 川普现在敢称王吗? no! Because he has lost authority. 不敢了!因为他已经失去了权柄A king without authority is not a king anymore. 一个没有权柄的王就不再是一个王了。When Jesus said to his disciple Peter, 当耶稣对他的门徒彼得说,I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. (Matt 16:19)”  我要把天国的钥匙给你,凡你在地上所捆绑的,在天上也要捆绑;凡你在地上所释放的,在天上也要释放。”( 16:19)

Giving the keys, 给钥匙,is talking about giving Peter the authority to access the Kingdom of Heaven, 给彼得天国的权柄and to operate something on behalf of that Kingdom on earth. 并代表神的度在地行事The keys are the authority that Jesus gives to His disciples to access heaven and to do something on earth.  钥匙是耶稣赐给祂的门徒天国的权柄并在地上行使权力。


all authority comes from God. Romans 13:1 “所有的权柄出于神 131 At the end of the Lord’s prayer, we say, “for Yours is the Kingdom and power and the glory forever. Amen.” 在主祷文的结尾,我们说:“因为国、权柄、荣耀,全是你的、直到永远, 阿门!The universe is formed by God’s authority. 宇宙万有都是由的权能而造的In the beginning God said, “Let there be light”, 起初,说,“有光”,。and there was light. 就有The word coming out of God’s mouth stands for Authority.  口中说出的代表权柄God had authority over everything. 神用权柄统管万有


And then In Genesis 2, 在创世纪2中,God said, “Let us give authority to humans,说:“让我们把权柄给人so that they can rule over the earth on our behalf.”让他们代表我们管理全地。 But why then has evil been so active on earth? 但为什么那么快邪恶在地球上就猖獗起来Because the authority God gave to humans was taken by the evil one. 因为神赐给人类的权柄去了In Romans 5:12, Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned--.罗马书 5:12 这就如罪是从一人入了世界,死又是从罪来的;于是死就临到众人,因为众人都犯了罪。 19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous. 5:19 因一人的悖逆,众人成为罪人;照样,因一人的顺从,众人也成为义了。 In other words, 换句话说,ever since Adam disobeyed the word of God, 自从亚当悖逆神的话,he lost authority, 他失去了权柄,and he passed the authority of ruling over the earth onto Satan, 他把管理全地的权柄交给了撒旦,then the king of sin and death reigned in the world. 罪和死自此就在世界做了王。 That’s why we fear death. 人怕死就因为这个原因。 But it says, 但经上又说,through Christ’s obedience we now are able to overcome in life, 藉着基督的顺服,众人现在得以在生命中做王,the gift of righteousness shall reign in life. 义得以在生命中做王。


Jesus actually came to restore to us the kingdom authority, 耶稣为恢复我们失落的权柄来到地上, which we lost in Genesis 3. 那是人在创世纪3章失落的, We didn’t just lose blessings but lost authority我们不单失去祝福,还失去了权柄, and became the slaves of sin and death. 成了罪和死的奴仆。 But Jesus’ death and resurrection brought us back on track again. 但耶稣从死里复活把我们再一次带回起初的道路。We see this clearly in Matt 28, after the resurrection, Jesus said to His disciples,马太福音28章清楚记载了耶稣复活后对门徒说的话:All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.Matt 28:18天上地下所有的权柄都赐给我了。(太2818 He said, “All authority.” 主说的是所有的权柄 All authority and power to govern and rule is subject to Jesus because of His complete obedience to the Father. 因他完全顺服父,一切掌权的、执政的都归服于他。 He said, 主说, “all authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. “天上地下所有权柄都赐给我了, now go. Go, make disciples of all nations. 你们去,去使万民作我的门徒。” Actually, 主在说,we all are called to go! 我们众人都蒙召为主而去!Go into our schools, 去到我们的学校, into our workplaces, 去到工作单位,go into our communities…去到我们的社区……Go, into every place, 去到每一个地方, to bring hope and restoration to the lost! 将盼望和复兴带给失丧的人! Because the authority of driving out the kingdom of darkness has been given to us through the indwelling Spirit.因圣灵内住,赶逐黑暗国度的权柄已赐给了我们。


Last Sunday, at the combined service, 上周联合聚会中,Julie and I discussed these two pictures. Julie和我谈到两个画面。 OTBC was a church sending missionaries and actively doing mission work. OTBC曾是差传的教会,是积极宣教的教会, We all actually are full-time ambassadors. 我们就像是全职大使, We all are called to go into the world to tell the good news. 都蒙召向这世界传递神救人的福音,We all are authorised to pray and change the atmosphere; 每个人都有祷告和改变属灵气氛的权柄,We all are authorised to pray and drive out demons and set people free. 每个人都有祷告、赶鬼、释放人的权柄,We all have the authority to do it!每个人都被赋予权柄做这事!


But why do we lack the power and authority to do it? 但我们为什么行不出这权能? “oh, I lack faith to do that.” 哦,我信心小,做不了。How much faith do we need to have so that we can do it?我们要多大的信心才可以做这些事?Jesus says, 主说,“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you (Luke 176) 6“你们若有信心像一粒芥菜种,就是对这棵桑树说:‘你要连根拔起,栽在海里’,它也会听从你们。”(路176We don’t even have faith as small as a mustard seed. 我们连芥菜籽那么大的信心都没有。 You know why? 为什么? If we don’t know that having such faith requires understanding authority, 如果你不明白权柄问题,你不可能有这信心we’ll lack the willingness to position ourselves under authority. 你也不能甘心情愿地顺服权柄。In other words, 换句话说, if you want the mulberry tree to obey your command, 你若想桑树听你的吩咐, if you wanna operate in the Kingdom authority, 你若想行出天国的权柄, if you want your children to obey you, 你若想儿女听你的话, and if you don’t wanna weaken your faith and see your blessings stolen, 你若不想你信心软弱,并因此被偷去祝福, you’ve gotta obey authority, 你就必须要顺服权柄,rather than judge or challenge or disobey authority.不去论断权柄、不挑战权柄、也不悖逆权柄。


2, Great faith requires obeying authority (v, 5-10)得大信心必须顺服权柄(5-10节)


The reason the Gentile centurion was commented on by Jesus as having great faith, 主之所以说这百夫长的信心是大的,was because he recognised authority, 因百夫长认出主的权柄,and he willingly put himself under authority, 他伏在权柄之下,He said,他这样说, For I also am a man under authority, having soldiers under me. And I say to this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes; and to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” 9因为我在人的权下,也有兵在我以下;对这个说去!他就去;对那个说来!他就来;对我的仆人说:你做这事!他就去做。  He seemed to say to Jesus, 他似乎是对耶稣说: “I see You’re also a man under authority, 我看出你也伏在权柄之下,under supreme authority, 伏在至高的权柄之下, you obey that authority, 你服从那权柄, so you’re able to operate in that authority. 所以你能行出这权能来。 Now you just say a word,你现在只要说一句话, and the authority over sickness will flow from you.” 这大过疾病的权能就会从你身上流出来。


“whoa”, Jesus marvelled,   哇!主耶稣大为惊叹,“what great faith! 如此大的信心!The centurion understood the principle of authority, 百夫长认识权柄运行的法则,and he recognised that Jesus had authority because he was a man under authority, 他认出耶稣拥有权柄是因为耶稣是伏在权柄以下,just like himself.就像百夫长自己也在人以下一样 He had a commander over him, 他在元帅的权柄之下,and he had soldiers under him. 有士兵在他的权柄之下, Great faith requires obeying authority.得大信心必须顺服权柄。But the world teaches us to challenge, 但这世界教导人挑战权柄、 or to be critical, 挑剔权柄、or to be disobedient or to rebel. 不服权柄、悖逆权柄。 “Why should I obey leaders? 为什么要我顺服领导?Why should I obey my parents when they are wrong?” 我父母不对,为什么还要我顺服他们?The devil whispers, 魔鬼轻声说,“yes, they’re wrong!就是,他们不对! Don’t obey them. 别听他们的。 But the truth teaches us to obey authority. 但真理教导我们:要顺服权柄。 God has placed all of us under His delegated authority. 神把我们每个人放在祂设立的权柄之下,Like submitting to parents (Eph 6:1-3), 就如顺服父母,to bosses (Col 西3:22) 顺服老板,to government leaders (Romans 13:1-2, Titus 3:1), 顺服在上掌权者,to pastors (Heb 13:17), 顺服牧师,and to husbands (Eph 5:22), etc.顺服丈夫,等等。


God has placed us in relationships under authority神把我们放在各种关系的人权下 to see whether we obey authority or challenge (or judge or rebel) authority 看我们是否是顺服权柄,还是论断,悖逆权柄,as a process of maturing our faith.以此作为我们信心成熟长大的必经过程。


If we disobey, 我们若不服,because we say, 因我们说“they’re wrong, why should I obey?”他们都不对,为什么我要听他们的?our faith will be weakened. 我们的信心就会被削弱了。God's authority is always reflected through people. 神的权柄总是显明在权柄人物身上。 How we respond to authority figures我们应对权柄人物的态度,determines whether our faith will grow or weaken. 决定了我们的信心会长大还是会消弱, And of course, 当然, it also determines whether we see more blessings in our lives or discipline in our lives.也决定了我们得到的是更多祝福或是更多管教。For instance,圣经里有个例子 1 Peter 3:5 For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful. They were submissive to their own husbands, 3:6 like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her master. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear. 5因为古时仰赖 神的圣洁妇人正是以此为妆饰,顺服自己的丈夫, 6就如撒拉听从亚伯拉罕,称他为主。你们若行善,不因恐吓而害怕,便是撒拉的女儿了。(彼前35-6When Sarah was taken by Abimelech, 当撒拉被亚比米勒带走时, she didn’t disobey her husband and say, 撒拉没有悖逆丈夫,说“You’re so wrong,你太离谱了, you sold me out because of your fear. 竟然因为害怕就出卖我。 I won’t go with him. 我不会跟他去, I’ll tell him that I’m your wife. 我要告诉他,我是你老婆。 No, 不,Sarah didn’t give herself in to fear, but was taken by the men submissively, 撒拉没有顺从惧怕,反而顺从地被人带走, because she put her hope in God. 但她仰赖神,That’s the key for obedience. 这是顺服的关键。“Yes, my husband did something wrong, 是,我丈夫做错了,But God , You’re alive, and You’re able to right the wrongs if I lay down myself to submit to Your commands.” 但神啊,你活着,只要我放下自己,顺服你的命令,你会纠正错误。 God saw her faith, 神看到撒拉的信,He said to the man in the night, 夜里对那人说话,“Give her back to her husband.”将这妇人还给她丈夫。


The next morning 第二天,Sarah was returned, 撒拉被送回来了,and she was given bonus too. 而且还得了好处。The family therefore received lots of money, sheep, and cattle. 亚伯拉罕一家得到很多金银、牛羊。What! 什么!That’s unfair! 这不公平!The husband made mistake! 丈夫不是做错事了吗?!Yes, 是,but because of the wife’s obedience to God by denying the self, 但因妻子否定自己,顺服神,the family received blessing not cursing, 全家非但没受咒诅,还得了祝福, even though the husband made mistake. 尽管丈夫的确犯了错. Obedience opens the door to God’s blessings. 顺服却带下了祝福。


Our brother Calvin will give us his recent testimony about understanding authority next Sunday, 下周Calvin弟兄要分享他认识权柄的见证, which is really thought-provoking. 很启发人,We’re looking forward to that. 很盼望听到这个见证。Last Tuesday, 上周二, Li testified that right after he and Shannon became members of OTBC which they had struggled with for two years, 郑立弟兄见证他和Shannon经过两年的挣扎,终于成为OTBC会员, just last Monday, 就在上周一, his business was blessed in an unexpected way.神就出乎意料的祝福了他的生意。I’m not saying that becoming a member will increase your income. 我不是说成为教会会员就可以增加收入,What I’m saying is我想说的是,whether we obey God’s delegated authority是否顺服神设定的权柄,determines whether we see more of God’s extraordinary work in our lives or not. 决定了我们是否更多经历神奇妙的作为。 Because that’s what exactly the centurion’s great faith reveals to us.因这就是百夫长的信心所开启的真理。 1 Tim 1:19, holding on to faith and a good conscience, some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked their faith. 19常存信心和无亏的良心。有人丢弃良心,就在真道上如同船破坏了一般。(提前119


Why is your faith broken like a shipwreck? 信心为什么会像船破了洞? Overwhelmed by fear or troubles? 会被惧怕和倒霉事多多而压倒?And you’re no longer being protected. 并且你失去了保护, And you start to face lots of trouble in your life. 你开始遇麻烦一个接一个。 Because when we challenge God’s delegated authority, 因我们挑战神设定的权柄,we judge it, 我们论断权柄,we judge God, 就是论断神, we’re not holding on to faith, 就没有持守信心,we expose ourselves to attack because of disobedience like Adam, 而是将自己暴露在攻击之下,因像亚当悖逆神,our children also will lose any protection, 我们的孩子也失去保护,life won’t go well with us.我们的日子就不好过了。As a result, 结果就是, our faith will be weakened. 我们的信心软弱了。 “Where is God?神在哪里? I’ve lost the passion to spend time with Jesus…”我失去了与主亲近的热情……” Come back to repentance and forgiveness, 回到主前,悔改,饶恕,practicing humility and submission to God’s delegated authority in your life, 操练谦卑顺服神为你设定的权柄,pray for them mercifully, 为他们怜悯代祷,which can restore the wide breach in your life, 就能补上生命的大破口,and your faith level will increase.你的信心会再次提升。

3, Christ’s example of a man under authority. 基督顺服权柄的样式


In fact, 实际上,being submissive to God’s authority is not just about being protected, 顺服权柄不只关乎得着保守, it’s much more than that, 远不止于此,it’s about whether we’re able to exercise the Kingdom authority He gives us through the indwelling Holy Spirit to fulfil our call. 它还关乎是否能行出天国的权能,完成呼召,这权能是神藉圣灵内驻赐给我们的It’s about whether we’re able to see God’s blessing flow through our lives这关乎我们能否让神的祝福从我们的生命中涌流出来,to touch others like ambassadors as God desired. 如同神向我们所要的,做神国大使去触摸他人。We see Christ was a men under authority over his whole lifetime on earth. 我们看到基督在地上的一生,都是伏在权柄下的。


a, Christ was under his earthly parents’ authority.基督服在肉身父母的权下。 When he was 12 years old in the temple, 12岁时在圣殿里, his earthly parents came to look for him, 他的父母来找他,“Son, we’ve looked for you anxiously.” “我儿,我们伤心来找你。”Christ the boy said, 童年的基督说, “don’t you understand I must be in My Father’s house? “岂不知我应当以我父的事为念吗?” no, 不, his earthly parents didn’t understand, 基督肉身的父母不明白, they just wanted Jesus to go back home with them. 他们只想他和他们回家去。 Jesus didn’t say, “you’re wrong.” 耶稣没说“你们错了”, But he obeyed them. 而是顺服了父母。


Imagine that, 想想看,God the Son obeyed sinful parents for so many years on earth.耶稣神儿子在地上的时候,顺服了罪人的父母那么多年。Why? 为什么? Because the Father put Christ under authority figures, 因天父将基督放在权柄人物下, as a process of preparation for his ministry. 作为他将来服事的预备的过程。And Christ himself had such great faith to be positioned under God’s delegated authority. 基督本人就拥有这大信心,愿意被放在神所设的人的权柄以下,The Son showed honour to the Father by obeying his earthly parents, 神儿子顺服肉身父母,荣耀了天父, and then, the bible says,然后,经上就说, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men (Luke 2:52) 52耶稣的智慧和身量(身量或作年纪),并 神和人喜爱他的心,都一齐增长。(路252. In other words, 换句话说, if we wanna grow in wisdom and in favour with God and men, 我们若想智慧、神和人的喜爱都加增,we need to please God in this way, 就要这样讨神喜悦,when we face conflict, 当我们面对冲突,we’ve gotta pray to deny the pride of the self我们当祷告否定老我的骄傲,and submit to the Word of God in submitting to authority figures, our parents, or bosses, or leaders, 去顺服神的话伏在权柄人物、父母、老板、领袖之下,even if they’re not right in our eyes, 哪怕我们觉得他们不对, God will deal with them. 信神会管他们。We’ve gotta pray for them mercifully. 我们当怜悯为权柄人物代求By doing that, we honour God, 我们如此行,就是荣耀神,and we ourselves will grow in faith, in wisdom and in favour.我们的信心、智慧、并神和人的喜爱就得以成长。Of course, if they ask us to break the law, 当然,他们若要我们犯罪,then, “we must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). 那么我们当顺从神,不顺从人529


B, Christ put himself under the authority of a man – John the Baptist. 基督把自己置于施洗约翰的权柄之下。Jesus deliberately went to John the Baptist, 当耶稣去到施洗约翰那里,asking for baptism, 要受他的洗, John said, 约翰说: “no, I should be baptised by you, “不,我当受你的洗, coz You’re the Son of God, 因为你是神的儿子,I’m just merely a man.” 我不过是一个人。” But Jesus said, 但耶稣说: “it’s proper for me to be baptised by you, “我理当受你的洗, which is to fulfil all righteousness.” 尽诸般的义。” 1 John 3: 7, Little children, let no one deceive you. Whoever practices righteousness is righteous, as he is righteous. 【约壹3:7】小子们哪,不要被人诱惑。行义的才是义人,正如主是义的一样。Jesus exemplified, 耶稣的这个事例表明, that to fulfil righteousness is to surrender to God’s plan行义是因要降伏神的旨意,in submitting ourselves under the authority of man. 就降服在人的权柄之下。Even when it causes suffering or injustice, 即便遭受痛苦或遭遇不公,leave room for the Father to judge.仍将审判的权力交给父。See? Jesus himself suffered injustice看到吗?耶稣自己为义受了苦. Actually, in the bible,事实上,在圣经里 all men of God suffered injustice 所有的神人都遭遇不公义的事but overcame it through forgiving and putting their hope in God.但他们都借着饶恕和仰望神胜过了不公平感Injustice is part of the maturing process that God allows to happen in our lives,神许可不公义的事 在我们生命里发生 to shape the character of Christ in us (Romans 8:28). 是为了要塑造基督的生命在我们里面 If we don’t learn to overcome it, 若我们不去操练胜过这委屈感we will never grow into maturity我们断不能成熟, and we will end up being defiled and judgemental并会被污秽而常论断。


We can’t just go, 我们不能说: “ok, I don’t like to be put under anyone’s authority or ministry, “我不喜欢受制于任何人的权柄或别人的事工,I can just go online to do online teaching, 我可以去网上教导人, or go to an online church.” 或只参加网上的崇拜。”God put us in relationships, 神把我们放在各种关系中, our faith grows in relationships with God and with people. 我们的信心在与神、与人的关系中成长。Being a man under authority 成为一个在权柄之下的人is a part of the maturing process God plans for us to grow in our faith. 是神对我们的计划,是我们信心、成熟长大过程中的一部分。If we run away from that, we can’t grow. 我们若逃避,就不能成长。


Joseph didn’t run away from that, 约瑟没有逃避,King David didn’t run away from that, 大卫王没有逃避, Christ himself didn’t run away from that.基督自己也没有逃避。In fact, God uses people to shape us to be more like Him, 事实上,神用人来塑造我们,使我们更像祂。 that’s why when the centurion saw Jesus, he said, 这就是为什么当百夫长见到耶稣时,他说: “I’m a man under authority, “我在人的权下, I understand you're under authority, 我知道你也在权柄之下,you can exercise supreme power because you’re under that authority.” 你可以行使至高的权柄 是因为你伏在那权柄之下As the Son of God, 作为神的儿子,Christ was still under God’s delegated authority. 基督也被放在神所设立的人的权柄之下。


C, Christ was under authority when paying taxes. 基督纳税是在权柄之下。 When he was required to pay taxes, 当祂被要求纳税时, he obeyed the authority of Roman government. 祂顺服罗马政府的权柄。D, Christ was under Roman soldiers authority to be mocked and flogged and crucified. 基督在罗马兵丁的权下被羞辱,被鞭打,被钉十字架。 Jesus’ example shows us耶稣的例子告诉我们, if we wanna exercise the Kingdom authority 如果我们想要行使国度的权柄to pray and then cast out demons, 祷告就把鬼赶出去, to pray and then  change atmospheres, 祷告属灵空气就发生改变, and bring the Kingdom on earth, 将国度带到地上,we need to submit ourselves to authority, 我们需要顺服权柄,even when it hurts. 尽管有时候很痛。 Obedience opens the door to God’s blessings! 顺服打开神赐福的门!


Jesus Christ the Son of God was a person under authority, 神的儿子耶稣基督曾被放在人权下,and he acted as a powerful ambassador of God. 祂活出了大能的神国使者的样子。 And Jesus Christ himself had such great faith, 并且耶稣基督自己是大信心的人, that he completely laid down himself and submitted to authority,  他完全放下自己来顺服权柄,so he operated in the power of God’s authority on earth. 因此他能在地上权能侍奉。Do you want walk in the power of God? 你想行在神的大能之中吗? Do you wanna act as a powerful ambassador of God? 你想活出大能的神国使者的样子吗?Do you wanna have great faith and so bring blessing to others? 你想成为大有信心的人,给人带来祝福吗? You’ve gotta understand authority, 你需要认识权柄,and you’ve gotta obey God’s delegated authority as Jesus did. 并效法耶稣去顺服神所设立的权柄。


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