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2021-02-14 Signs of the Last Days 末世的预兆(2)

发表于 2024-01-08

Matt 24: 10,12-13, and 2 Tim提后 3:1-5 )


The Sunday before we went through Matt 24 and Rev 6, 上上个主日,我们看了马太福音24章和启示录第六章 and we recognised where were in the biblical timeline, 使我们知道我们正处在圣经时间什么阶段were living in the end period at the beginning of the birth pains, 我们产难起头的末尾阶段, leading to the sixth seal being opened, 正引向第六个印被开,when the Sun, the moon, and the stars will get dark. 那时太阳、月亮和星辰将要In the last days, therell be very difficult times. 末世,会有非常艰难日子Weve seen deception, 我们已经看到,迷惑wars and rumours of wars, 打仗和打仗的风声 famines, 饥荒、pandemic diseases, 瘟疫, earthquakes,地震, and persecution逼迫which are all in the world.正在全世界各地发生We need to be strong in faith when difficult times come, 艰难的日子来到的时候,我们需要在信心里 so we can stand firm in the Lord.才能在主里站立得稳Today, 今天,well continue to look at another two signs in Matt 24: 10,12-13, and 2 Tim 3:1-5,我们将继续分享另外两个预兆24:10,12-132提后31-5


1、The love of many will grow cold.许多人的爱心渐渐

10 And then many will be offended (GNT: many will give up their faith at that time), will betray one another, and will hate one another. 10那时,必有许多人跌倒(好消息版本:许多人会在那个时候放弃他们的信仰),彼此陷害,彼此恨12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many (NIV: most) will grow cold. 12只因不法的事增多,许多人(NIV:大多数)的爱心才渐渐冷淡了13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved. 13惟有忍耐到底的必得救。

This is a distinctive sign for the last days, 这是末世的一个非常突出的迹象, that the love of most will grow cold. 就是大多数人的爱心都会渐渐冷淡。Here the word “love” is translated from the well-known Greek word “agape” 在这里,“爱”这个词是从众所周知的希腊词“爱加倍”中翻译出来的– the divine, sacrificial, and unconditional love of God.agape”是指上帝的神圣、牺牲和无条件的爱。So Jesus is not talking about unbelievers but believers in churches, 所以耶稣所说的不是不信的人,而是教会的信徒,whom God has called into relationship with Him, 神已经呼召了他们与祂建立关系,and to reach the broken with agape love.用神爱加倍的爱去触摸那些受伤的人群In other words, 换句话说,in the last days even the believers’ passion for Jesus will grow cold, 在末世,即使是信徒,对耶稣的热情也会渐渐冷淡, you’ll hardly find “agape” love in God’s church.你会很难在上帝的教会里再找到“爱加倍”的爱。That’s serious! 那是严重的!


In Gal 5:13 As for you, my friends, you were called to be free. 加拉太书 5:13 弟兄们,你们蒙召是要得自由,But do not let this freedom become an excuse for letting your physical desires control you. 只是不可将你们的自由当作放纵情欲的机会,Instead, let love make you serve one another. 总要用爱心互相服侍。In the last days, many people of God will desire to do what the world does, 在末世,许多上帝的子民会渴望做世界上的人所做的事,but their passion to serve one another will grow cold. 而他们彼此服事的热情会渐渐冷淡。In other words, 换句话说,they will be bound by natural desires and lose the freedom to serve one another with love.他们被肉体的欲望捆绑,失去了用爱心互相服事的自由。Why? 为什么because lawlessness will increase. 因为不法的事增多。What does lawlessness mean? 不法的事是什么意思?1 John 3:4, everyone who sins breaks the law, in fact, sin is lawlessness.1约翰福音34,凡犯罪的,都是犯法的,其实所有犯罪都是无法的。When Satan tempted Jesus, 当撒旦诱惑耶稣时,“You can do whatever you want, “你可以做任何你想做的事,throw yourself down, you won’t die.把自己扔下去,你不会死的。God loves you, and He will save you.上帝爱你,他会救你的。” Doesn’t it sound familiar to us? “我们听起来不熟悉吗?” Have you ever heard anybody say to you? 你听过别人对你说的吗?“Telling a Lie?”“说谎?” No worries, God will forgive you. 不用担心,上帝会原谅你的。The law? 法律?don’t worry about the law, you’re NT Christians, 不要担心法律,你是新约基督徒You’re free你自由了” Were called to be free to serve one another with love, not to be free to sin我们被呼召是自由在爱里彼此服侍,不是自由去得罪神. Satan is the origin lawlessness who shows no regard for God’s commands but exalts his own desires. 撒旦是不法的源头,牠无视神的命令,只高举自己的欲望。Lawlessness is a disregard for God’s laws, commands and authority, 不法无法是对上帝的律法、命令和权柄的藐视,which is shown by independence and rebellion. 这表现在不信靠神和悖逆上。


But the love for God is shown by our willingness to do what God says. 但爱神是表现在我们愿意照神所吩咐的话去行。Jesus says, 耶稣说,Whoever has my commandments, and keeps them is the one who loves me John 14:21.有了我的命令又遵守的,这人是爱我的In other words,换句话说 “You love to be touched by the love of God through singing, reading and praying, “你喜欢借着唱歌、阅读和祷告被神的爱触摸,you love hear other people’s testimonies, 你喜欢听别人的见证,and they encourage you to trust in God’s Word, 他们鼓励你信靠神的话,but you’ve gotta develop your own personal relationship with Jesus by obeying His commands in your daily life, 但你必须要在生活中遵守耶稣的命令,来建立你自己与祂的个人关系,so that the love of God in you won’t be diminished by lawless acts. 这样你对神的爱就不会因无法的行为而减少。”


2, Another sign – lovers of themselves (2 Tim 提后3:1-5) 另一个预兆-专顾自己


Paul the apostle also warned 使徒保罗也警告说,that people will become lovers of themselves in the last days. 末后的日子,人会专顾自己。 In Tim 3: 1-5, But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. 【提后3:1-5】你该知道,末世必有危险的日子来到。2因为那时人要专顾自己、贪爱钱财、自夸、狂傲、谤讟、违背父母、忘恩负义、心不圣洁、3无亲情、不解怨、好说谗言、不能自约、性情凶暴、不爱良善、4卖主卖友、任意妄为、自高自大、爱宴乐、不爱 神, 5有敬虔的外貌,却背了敬虔的实意,这等人你要躲开。


You think he’s talking about the world. 你以为他在讲世界, But actually, he’s not. 其实不然。From verse 5, we clearly see that he’s talking about the Church. 从第5节我们清楚地看到他在说教会。 The Church will be filled with a large crowd of people, 教会将被有很多这样的人:who have a form of godliness, 有敬虔的外貌,reading, 读经,praying祷告,and even giving their tithes, 甚至奉献十一, like the Pharisees did, 如同法利赛人所行的,but they resist the Holy Spirit from convicting them of ongoing sin, 然而他们却抗拒圣灵光照他们的罪,so that they resist the transformative power of the gospel to correct them and change them. 因而就抵挡福音更新生命的大能来继续纠正和改变他们。


Verse 3, 3节,the word “unloving’ literally means no natural family love, “无亲情”一词字面上意为没有原生家庭的爱,families will become lacking in love for one another. 家人之间彼此缺乏爱。People will become unforgiving. 人心里不饶恕。Then what will happen? 这样会发生什么事?I read a report recently, 我最近读了一篇报道,that about 60 percent of people who claim to be Christians but rarely attend church in the US have been divorced. 在美国,自称是基督徒却很少去教会的人中有60%离了婚。38 percent of people who attend church regularly have been divorced 经常去教堂礼拜的人中有38%离婚,including pastors and leaders of churches. 其中还包括牧师和教会领袖。This statistic doesn’t include Christians who have been divorced 这个数据并不包括那些已经离了婚but still pretend they are in a covenant of marriage. 但还假装仍在婚约之内的基督徒。A pastor from the US told me 一位来自美国的牧师告诉我,that as far as he knew 据他所知,this phenomenon does exist in society. 社会上确实存在这种现象。


Unforgiveness breaks covenantal relationships, 不饶恕破坏了盟约关系,marriage is one of them. 婚姻就是其中之一。Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins, 耶稣为赦免我们的罪死在十字架上, therefore He brought us into a covenantal relationship with Him, 因此祂带我们进入和祂的盟约关系中, and under this covenant He commands us to love one another. 在这约之下祂给我们命令要彼此相爱。The love of the-self results in an unwillingness to forgive others. 人若爱老自己,就不愿饶恕他人。Whenever we refuse to forgive others, 我们何时拒绝饶恕他人,we exalt the self 何时就是高举自己,and show no love to Jesus. 不爱耶稣。The love of the self produces greed, 爱自己会导致贪婪、idolatry, 拜偶像、pride, 骄傲、self-indulgence, 自我放纵 and so many other sins. 和许多其它的罪。


Actually, the impact of the love of the self will spread from families to churches. 专顾自己,会从家庭蔓延到教会。There will be many self-obsessed and narcissistic people in God’s churches, 神的教会中会有许多自恋的人,who continuously refuse to repent and to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit不断地拒绝悔改、结不出圣灵的果子, but instead exalt the self and boast. 反而自高自夸。 “I’m good, “我很好, I’ve always done a great job…” 我做得不错 why so many Americans who are Christians love this voice? 为什么这么多美国基督徒喜欢这个声音? It proves what the bible warns about is already present in the world. 这证明圣经所警戒的事已出现在这世界上。


People already tend to become self-obsessed and self-approving, 人变得自恋和自我肯定, rather than making the effort to seek God’s approval. 却不努力寻求神的称许。In the last days, 在末后的日子, an increase in lawlessness 不法的事增多、and the love of the self人的专顾自己 will be deeply connected to families必将深刻影响我们的家庭 and how we raise our children. 和我们对孩子的教养。As parents作为父母, if we don’t tell our kids when things are wrong and need to be changed in their lives, 我们若不指出孩子生活中的错误、并需要改正,and if we don’t help them to live with healthy boundaries, 我们若不帮助他们去设定该有的界限,what they should do and what they shouldn’t do according to the teaching of the bible, 照着圣经的教导去告诉他们什么该做、神那么不该做,and help them to learn respect for authority 若不教导他们学会尊重权柄、and the fear of God, 敬畏神, then they learn lawlessness, 他们必学无法之路, “nothing can stop me. 说“没有什么能拦阻我,I can do what I want, 我想干嘛就干嘛, when I want, I must get it.” 我想要的,就必须要得到。”


If you fear that your children will get angry with you, 如果你怕孩子恼怒你,then you’ll allow them to do whatever they want, 就允许他们任意妄为,rather than hold to your teachings on the truth, 却不持守在真理的教导、 and patiently correct them with a forgiving attitude, 不持饶恕的态度耐心地纠正他们、 and pray for them, 为他们祷告,then you are training them in lawlessness. 你就是在训练他们无法无天。


When they grow up, 等他们长大了,they won’t respect authority 就不会尊重权柄,and won’t respect you as well. 也不会尊重你。Unforgiveness, disobedience and disrespect 不饶恕、不顺服和不尊重hold people under the influence of family generational curses, 使人陷于家族咒诅的影响中, such as generational physical diseases, 比如家族遗传的身体疾病、or marriage issues, 婚姻问题、or financial issues, 经济问题or whatever. 或其它。


On the 15th January115日,a sister who is connected with our Thursday bible study got someone to ask me a question, 一位与我们周四查经连线的姊妹让别人来问我一个问题, because I don’t know her. 因为我不认识她 “Why can’t her husband always get paid after a job has been done? 为什么她丈夫总是在工作后却拿不到报酬? he is a builder. 他是做工程的。It seems he has been in a strange cycle 他似乎陷于一个奇怪的循环中,and the family is running out of money. 家里的钱快花光了。They have three kids. 他们还要养三个孩子  A bible verse Deut 28:15 appeared in my heart, 一节经文申命记28:15出现在我心里: 15 However, if you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you. 15你若不听从耶和华你 神的话,不谨守遵行他的一切诫命律例,就是我今日所吩咐你的,这以下的咒诅都必追随你,临到你身上。So I told the one who asked me, 所以我告诉那来问我的肢体,“it’s because of disobedience and unforgiveness. 这是因为不顺服和不饶恕。 he needs to forgive those in authority, 丈夫要去饶恕他的权柄, and she needs to forgive妻子也当去饶恕、 and obey God’s commands too. 遵行神的命令”。Because they’re all Christians. 他们都是基督徒。


Last Tuesday, 上周二,two days right before the Chinese Lunar New Year 也就是中国农历新年的前两天,after he had finished some prayers of confession and forgiveness, 在丈夫做了些认罪和饶恕的祷告,and she had obeyed God’s Word. 妻子也顺服行神的话后。 Out of blue, 意想不到的事发生了,her husband received 100,000 yuan, 她丈夫那天收到了10万元,which enabled them to get what they needed for the New Year. 足够供应他们过年的需要。


They learned through real experience他们从真实的经历中学到, that disobedience and unforgiveness kept them under the influence of a financial curse. 不顺服和不饶恕使他们一直陷于经济诅咒的影响中。 But God is merciful, 但神是充满怜悯的, when they turned to God 当他们转向神,by doing what was right in His eyes, 做祂眼中看为正的事,their problems were resolved 他们的问题解决了,and they experienced God’s faithfulness. 他们经历了神的信实。That’s why God warns us, 这就是为什么神警戒我们,have nothing to do with such people.” “这等人你要躲开。” In other words, 也就是说,“don’t learn and follow those who practice lawlessness. 不要效法和跟随那些无视神律法的人。” Root yourself in the Word of God, 扎根在神的话语里,if you obey Jesus commands, 你若遵行主耶稣的命令,you’ll remain in God’s love.    就必住在神的爱里。


3, Avoid being self-lovers by living in Him continuously. (Col西 2:6)持续住在主里,就不专顾自己


Our theme for this year is 我们今年的主题是Col 2: 6-7, So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. 6你们既然接受了主基督耶稣,就当遵他而行, 7在他里面生根建造,信心坚固,正如你们所领的教训,感谢的心也更增长了。(西26-7How can we avoid practicing lawlessness? 怎样避免行无法的事? A, continue to live your lives in Him. 持续住在主里;B, Rooted and built up in him. 在主里生根建造。 In other words, 换句话说,make Jesus and His words number one priority in our life. 要将耶稣和祂的话放在生命中的第一位。Read and meditate on His words every day, 每天祷读默想祂的话,and carefully do what you’ve been given through the indwelling Spirit. 借着圣灵留心去行神的话。  We can call Jesus “Lord, Lord.” 我们可以称耶稣“主啊,主啊”, But that doesn’t mean that He is Lord. 但不代表祂就是我们的主,Unless we come under His Lordship除非我们服从祂的主权,and do what He says遵行祂的命令,and are committed to follow His footsteps.并坚定跟从祂的脚踪去行。


John 15:10 If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love. 11 I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. 12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 10你们若遵守我的命令,就常在我的爱里,正如我遵守了我父的命令,常在他的爱里11这些事我已经对你们说了,是要叫我的喜乐存在你们心里,并叫你们的喜乐可以满足 12你们要彼此相爱,像我爱你们一样;这就是我的命令(约15:10-12In other words, 换句话说, if you don’t obey my commands, 你若不遵守我的命令,and if you don’t love each other as I have loved you, 若不像我爱你那样去彼此相爱,you will lack love你就缺乏爱, A life that lacks love lack everything生命缺乏爱就一切缺乏, and you’ll remain in rejection, 就住在拒绝、anger, 怒气、judgement, 论断、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、shame, 羞耻感、greed, 贪心、 disobedience, 悖逆、 ingratitude, and so on, 不感恩……等等里面,you’ll lose joy but have many worries and griefs.你就失去喜乐,你所得的只有愁苦。


Because Psa 16:4a tells us,因诗篇164上说, “Troubles multiply for those who chase after other gods. 4以别神代替耶和华的,他们的愁苦必加增;(诗164上)” Jesus’ command is to love each other as he has loved us. 主耶稣的命令是要我们彼此相爱,就如祂爱我们一样。What holds us back from loving each other? 什么使我们无法彼此相爱?Unforgiveness! 不饶恕! It’s a strong and effective weapon that Satan uses to stop God’s people from remaining in God’s love这是撒旦的有力武器,使神子民不能住在主的爱里,but stay in rejection and loneliness instead. 却只能住在被拒绝感和孤独中。Colossians 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 13倘若这人与那人有嫌隙,总要彼此包容,彼此饶恕;主怎样饶恕了你们,你们也要怎样饶恕人。 (西313 Bearing with each other means to make allowance for each other’s faults, 彼此包容,意思是允许对方犯错,we should allow others to make mistakes because we too make mistakes. 我们自己犯错,也当允许别人犯错。 Forgive people who offend you for whatever reason, and no matter how many times, 饶恕得罪你的人,不讲理由、不论次数, just as the Lord forgave you for whatever reason and no matter how many times. 就如主不讲理由,无数次的饶恕你一样。


Remember, 记住这一点很重要, this is important forgiving others isn’t something you do for them, 饶恕人不是你为别人做的,but something you do for yourself. 而是你为自己做的。 Eph 4:26 “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold. 26生气却不要犯罪;不可含怒到日落, 27也不可给魔鬼留地步。(弗426-27 Unforgiveness is related to anger. 不饶恕导致生气, Unresolved anger is linked to giving the devil a foothold to attack you. 余留生气导致给魔鬼留地步攻击你。Anger, 生气、blame, 责怪、and resentment have to do with addictions. 怨恨又会导致上瘾。 All addictions are idols, 所有上瘾的事都是偶像,and all idols are addictive. 拜偶像会上瘾What is an idol? 什么是偶像? Simply, what or who do you rely on? 很简单,你依赖什么人或物?What do you turn to when you’re stressed, or sad, or lonely or hurting? 当你紧张、忧伤、孤独或受伤时,你转向什么? Some turn to alcohol, or drugs, or gambling. 有的人转去喝酒、吸毒、赌博, Some may turn to movies, or games instead of turning to God. 有的人则狂看电影、狂打游戏,却不转向神。Do you wanna be free from addictions 你想要戒掉上瘾的事吗Get rid of unforgiveness first. 你需要先除去不饶恕。Unforgiveness also goes along with mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. 不饶恕还导致诸如抑郁焦虑之类的精神疾病。Forgiveness is the only way to set us free, 唯有饶恕使我们得自由,That’s why the Son of God died on the Cross for us这就是为什么神的儿子为我们死在十字架上。  If we remain angry at the people who offended us, 若我们一直对得罪我们的人生气, we’ll inflict new pain on ourselves, 我们就在不断伤害我们自己,and we keep ourselves from the blessings of God. 并使我们自己失去神的祝福。We see this not only happen to individuals but also to a group of people. 这不止单发生在个人身上,还发生在一个民族的人身上。


Last Sunday, 上个主日, we had a combined service talking about Waitangi Day. 我们为怀唐依日举行联合聚会。Some may think, 有人会想,“ “that has nothing to do with me. 这和我没啥关系But we’re called to love each other. 我们蒙召彼此相爱。When you practice agape to others by denying the desires of yourself, 当你操练否定己意,操练那神的爱,God’s power of agape will first satisfy you, 神爱的大能首先会使你得满足, then flow from you to others. 再经你流淌到他人那里。Recently, 最近,after digging deeper into the signing of the treaty of Waitangi, 当我更深入了解怀唐依条约时 I’ve got a bit more understanding of why, 我对毛利人为什么会这样更多了点认识,why Maori people have worse educational achievement, 为什么毛利人的教育学历低,higher rates of poverty and housing difficulties, 贫穷程度更高,居住状况更恶劣, a higher risk of health problems, 更容易患病、and greater involvement in criminal offending刑事犯罪率更高, and higher rates of psychiatric disorders. 精神病比率也更高。 Māori make up 50 per cent of New Zealand’s prison population, 新西兰的在囚人数中的50%是毛利人, despite only accounting for 15 per cent of the population. 尽管后者只占新西兰总人口的15% And right now, one in every 142 Māori New Zealanders is in prison. 目前,每142个毛利人中就有一个在监牢。


Why? 为什么?They like every human being were wonderfully and beautifully made by the same Creator. 他们同样是照着造物主的形象所造,他们的受造同样奇妙可畏。 Why? 可是为什么呢Because all the Maori people are kept in a victim mentality due to unforgiveness and anger. 原来这是由于毛利人因不饶恕和愤怒,活在受害者心态中所导致。 “You owe me... “你们欠我的……you stole our land…你们偷走我们的土地……You took advantage of us…”你们利用了我们……”This is a victim mentality. 这就是受害者心态。


Unforgiveness and a victim mentality keeps people living under the influence of generational curses, 不饶恕和受害者心态使人活在家族咒诅之下,which ruins our relationships and lives, 破坏我们的人际关系和生活,ruin families and marriages, 它毁坏家庭,毁坏婚姻,even a group of people. 甚至毁坏一个民族。Throughout the last 16 years of being called to do deliverance ministry, 在过去十六年释放医治的经历中, I’ve witnessed the reality of God’s Word. 我见证了神话语的真实。People with a victim mentality tend to blame others and tell stories of their grievances. 受害者心理的人倾向于责怪他人,老是述说他们伤心事。When we’re hurt, 我们受伤了,we want the whole world to know how we’ve been offended by someone who is bad. 就想要全世界都知道有人得罪了我们,他很坏, “he bullied me…“他欺负人……he took advantage of me…”他利用我……” when we keep meditating on our offenders’ faults, 当我们不断默想那得罪我们的人的过错, or telling others about it, 又和人不停述说这事,we present ourselves as helpless and weak victims, 我们自己就好像是软弱无助的受害者,and we cast Jesus’ footsteps of forgiveness and trusting the Father’s judgement out of our hearts. 就从心里弃掉了耶稣饶恕的脚踪,并不再把自己交给按公义审判人的父。


Yes, 是,the mistakes in the translation of the treaty of Waitangi were made. 怀唐依条约是在翻译时出了错误。 The Maori ancients thought that the British Crown would only take over the governance of this land, 毛利人祖先以为只是让英国王室接管这片土地的管理, but in the English version, 但英文版的条约中,signing the Treaty gave their sovereignty away to the Crown. 签订条约是将主权让给了英国王室。Because there wasn’t a word “sovereignty” in the Maori language, 因毛利语里没有“主权”对应的词汇, it was translated as “governance”. 于是就翻译成“管理权”,Governance means to allow the British Crown to govern the people in the land but not to give away the land. 管理权是让英国王室管理这片土地的居民,而不是给予土地所有权。These two words actually have different meanings. 这两个词含义上是不同的。Anyway, mistakes were made, 无论如何,错已经犯了, God has His own plan for the land that is to reconcile all of us as one people in Him. 神对这片土地有祂的计划,要使我们所有人在祂里面和睦成为祂的一个民。


In our own lives, someone might have hurt us in the past, 在我们自己的生活中,过去或许有人伤害过我们,a mistake has been made. 错已铸成,If we continue to count other’s faults and retell or think repeatedly about our grievance stories with unresolved anger, 我们若继续计算他人的错、反复述说、反复思想这些伤心事,心里愤愤不平, a foothold is opened for the devil to come in, 就给魔鬼留了地步,让他进来under the influence of the Father of lies, 于是落在谎言之父的权下,we begin to exaggerate the offense in our minds, 就在心里夸大所受的冒犯, which takes us deeper into pain, 并更加觉得伤害;as the pain grows, 随着痛楚加增,strongholds of bitterness, rejection, judgemental thoughts, lies that misinterpret people’s words and actions, 苦毒、被拒绝、论断、曲解他人言行的谎言营垒就建立起来,a victim mentality is formed, 形成了受害者心态,which gives Satan more power to ruin our lives.给撒旦更多能力破坏我们的生活。That’s why, Jesus says in Matt 24, in the last days,因此,主耶稣在马太福音24章说,在末后的日子, many (of the God’s people) will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another (v.10). 10那时,必有许多人跌倒,也要彼此陷害,彼此恨恶; 


Brother and sister, 弟兄姊妹,forgiveness turns us into conquerors. 饶恕使我们得胜, Christ Jesus died on the Cross not as a victim but as a victor! 死在十字架上的基督耶稣,不是受害者,而是得胜者!He completely yielded to the Father’s will, 他完全顺服天父旨意, His agape love overcame sin, death and Satan. 他的大爱胜过了罪,胜过了死亡,胜过了撒旦。Yes, he was killed but is resurrected! 是的,他被宰了,但祂复活了! He has given us all he has! 他把所有的给了我们!And His forgiveness made it possible for us to be victorious in Him! 他的饶恕让我们在祂里面可以得胜!What else do you need? 你还需要什么? Obey God’s commands! 遵行神的命令!Never again, we’re victims. 我们再也不是受害者。“They tread us forever as foreigners…“他们老把我们当成外国人……They’re not friendly to me…”他们对我不友好……” “Satan, get behind of me. “撒旦,退我后面去。I’m not called to sit there waiting for anyone to love me, 我蒙召不是坐着等别人来爱我,and so, get disappointed and feel sad…于是伤心失望……no! I don’t allow a victim mentality to bully me so that I’ll live like a victim. 不!我不容受害者心态欺压我使我变成受害者。 I know who I am, 我知道我是谁,I’m a new creation in Christ, 我在基督里是新造的人,I’m fully accepted by Jesus who paid the price to bring me back, 主耶稣完全接纳我,他付代价将我寻回, I’m willing to obey God’s commands to forgive and love others…我甘心乐意遵行神命令,饶恕他人,爱他人……even though there’s pain in my heart, 哪怕我心里还有伤痛,Your love is more powerful than the pain, 你的爱比痛更大,when I choose to obey Your Word, I’m remain in Your love. 当我选择行你命令,我住在你的爱中Your love makes me strong你的爱使我刚强Would you please stand up and pray on your own, and then we’ll sing the last song.你愿意站起来自己祷告,然后我们来唱最后一首诗歌吗?


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