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2021-06-28 Psalm 23 诗篇二十三(2) The Lord Restores and Guides主的修复和引导

发表于 2024-01-08

 Today, we’ll continue our series on Psalm 23: 2-3, 今天,我们将继续诗篇23系列,来看2-3He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 祂使我躺青草地上,领我在可安歇的边。3 he restores my soul. 3祂使我的灵魂苏醒,He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 自己的名,引导我走义路。Last Sunday we looked at verse 1, 上个主日我们分享了第一节,The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. 耶和华是我的牧,我必不至缺乏In the midst of David’s hardship, he considered the Most-high God as his Shepherd, his Provider and his Source. 在大卫的艰难中,他认至高的神的牧者,他生命,供应的Now in verse 2 to 3, he revealed three things that God wants to do in our lives, 在第2节到第3节中,大卫告诉我们神要在我们的生中做三件事,“rest (v.2), restoration (v3a) and redirection (v3b)”. 息(v.2),修复(v3a)和再引导(v3b


1, He makes me Rest in His word. (v.2)  祂使我们安息在祂的话语里面


v.2, He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters 祂使我躺青草地上,领我在可安歇的King David here mentioned two places, “green pastures and still waters”. 大卫王在这里提到了两个地方,青草地水边What comes to mind when you hear the word “green pastures”? 当你听到青草地,你心里出现什么画面? (Look at the screen看屏幕) Unfortunately很抱歉, throughout the land of Jordan, in the Judean Hills在约旦境内,在犹太山岗上it looks like rocky, barren hillsides. 它看起来像多岩石、净光的山。It’s such a dry place, 是一个很干的地方,only when rain comes down or dew is collected underneath a rock, 只有当下雨或露珠聚集在岩石下面时,a single tuft of grass can sprout.  一丛草会发芽。So it’s very hard to find ‘green pastures and quiet waters” in the land of Jordan. 所以在约旦境内很难找到青草地和安静的水域 Yet, David gives us a picture of trusting in God’s provision every single day, 然而,大卫给我们的是副每天信靠神供应的图画he said, 他说,He makes me lie down in the green pastures.”祂使我躺青草地 “Green pastures” can represent the word of God. 青草地 代表的话语 still waters”, the flow of the Holy Spirit. 安息的水边代表安息在圣灵里。 Because Jesus says, : ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. 因为耶稣说,活着不是单靠食物,乃是靠神口里所出的一切话John 6:35  Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. 耶稣说:我就是生命的粮,到我这里来的,必定不饿;信我的,永远不渴Lying down in “green pastures and beside quiet waters” for us青草地上,歇在安静的水 means to rest in the Word of Jesus from inner turmoil意味着我们要从心的翻腾中出来,and live a life of being dependent on His truth.进入耶稣的话语里得安息,并过依赖真理的生活。But here David said, “He makes...”  


但大卫说,使……”How does he make me lie down? 是怎么让我躺的?” What kind of ways will He use to make me rest in His word? 会用什么方法使我在的话里呢?when you look at your little kids, you’ll know kids resist getting a rest, 因为当你看你的孩子,你会知道孩子们不要休息。 “bedtime.” 要睡觉了“no, mum.” 不,妈妈。”The same for us, we don’t initially make the time to lie down. “对我们也一样,我们一开始也不会花时间躺下。So how? 神是如何让我们躺青草地上的It’s vital for us to know God’s ways. 对我们来说,知道神做事的方式至关重要。


Let’s look at King David’s example. 让我们来看看大卫王的例子。After the prophet Samuel had anointed the young David as the King of Israel, 先知撒母耳膏年轻的大卫为以色列王之后,David became a national hero under 20 years of age, 不到20岁的少年大卫成了人心中的民族英雄,because he slayed Goliath the Giant. 因为他杀死了巨人歌利亚。However the promise that he would become a king didn’t become true until he was 30 years old, 然而,直到他30岁,他将成为王的应许开始实现 (2 Samuel 撒上 5:4). What happened to David during that more than 10 years? 在那10多年里,大卫经历什么?The bible tells us, that instead of the promise coming true, 圣经记载,不仅作王的应许没有兑现,he was chased by king Saul in the wilderness for more than 10 years. 大卫还被扫罗王在旷野追了十多年。One story about David in the wilderness is that he escaped to the cave Adullam, where he wrote Psalm 57, 有一个关于大卫在旷野中的故事是,他逃到了亚杜兰洞,在那里他写了诗篇57above the whole poem, it explains, 在整首诗最上面有注解,Prayer for Safety from Enemies. 为安全逃避仇敌祷告,To the Chief Musician. 交与伶长,Set to “Do Not Destroy.”调用非要毁坏” A Michtam of David when he fled from Saul into the cave..大卫的金诗,是大卫逃避扫罗,藏在洞中所作 (miktam, in modern Hebrew means a short poem.) (miktam,在现代希伯来语中意思是精句,一首短诗。1 Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed. 2 I cry out to God Most High, to God, who vindicates me. 诗篇 57:1 神啊,求你怜悯我,怜悯我!因为我的心投靠你。我要投靠在你翅膀的荫下,等到灾害过去。57:2 我要求告至高的 神,就是为我成全诸事的 神


We see that David had anxiety, fear, loneliness and anticipation within his heart at the cave in the wilderness, 我们看到大卫在旷野的洞穴里,心里有焦虑、恐惧、挣扎和孤独,but he recognised that no one could help him. 但他意识到没有人能帮助他。God the Almighty was his only Helper, 全能的上帝是他唯一的帮助者and his resting place from his internal struggles. 也是惟一止息他内心争战的安息之处The wilderness experience is not pleasant for our flesh. 旷野的经历对我们的肉体来说是不好受的。


It’s a remote place emotionally or physically, 这是现实生活里,或精神上的独自一人的地方,where God allow us to go through difficulties and trials. 在那里上帝允许我们经历困境和考验。When feelings of discouragement, doubt, confusion, and even anger may arise. 那里有沮丧、怀疑、困惑甚至愤怒, “Why God?” 神啊,这是为什么?” We may experience misunderstanding from friends or our families我们可能会经历来自朋友或家人的误解, or we may experience financial hardship或经历经济的难处, or even sickness甚至经历疾病。


In the bible, we see that many people of faith have wilderness experiences. 在圣经中,我们看到许多信心伟人都有旷野的经历。Moses spent 40 years in Midian as a shepherd, 摩西在花了40时间在米甸作牧羊人why? 为什么?because God was using this wilderness experience to break down his pride and prepare him to be a leader for His children of Israel; 因为神使用这旷野的经,打破摩西的骄傲,预备使他成为以色列人的领袖。Joseph did. He was rejected by his brothers, sold into slavery, 约瑟也经历旷野。他被兄弟们拒绝了,被卖成奴隶,and he spent years in prison. 他在监狱里呆了很多年。


But God prepared him through his wilderness experience to be a blessing to the nation of Israel; 借着旷野经历,神预备约瑟成为以色列的祝福;John the Baptist, lived in wilderness; 施洗约翰住在旷野;Apostle Paul started his Christian journey in the wilderness…使徒保罗也是在旷野开始了他的基督徒之旅…All these great people of faith learned the secret key of relying on God alone through their wilderness experience. 但所有这些信伟人都借着他们旷野历,掌握了单单依靠神的秘诀。


In the wilderness, we have no one to look to, people, money, fame, whatever we thought could help becomes powerless, in that situation. 旷野中,我们没有人可以仰望,人,金钱,名声,任何我们认为可以帮到的东西,变得毫无能力 God creates our hunger for Him在那里神引发我们对的渴慕,in the wilderness在旷野,  we willingly lie down, 我们愿意放下, rest in His word, 安息在祂的话语里面and willingly want to change our own desires to be in alignment with His. 愿意放下我们自己的欲望,与祂的旨意去合一 Do you see God working in your wilderness experiences to create greater hunger in you for His Word, 你看上帝在你的旷野经历中动工,让你对他的话语产生更大的饥渴吗?so that you find rest from emotional turmoil? 以便你从情绪的翻腾中进入安息Through the repeated process of pain, self-denial prayer, and praise, 通过痛的反复过程、否认己意思的祷告和赞美, our relationship with God becomes closer and stronger. 我们与上帝的关系变得更加的亲密和坚固。From my own experience我自己的经历, So far, NZ has been the wilderness experience for me到如今,新西兰对我是旷野经历,lots of trials but also a preparation很多试炼但也是预备。Now I’m still serving humbly and waiting patiently for God’s dreams to come true现在谦卑服侍,耐心等候神的多个异象成就.


2, He restores. (v.3) 祂复兴


he restores my soul. 他使我的灵魂苏醒 The word ‘restore” here in Hebrew means to turn back, to return. 这里的恢复一词,希伯来文的意思是回转、归回, It’s someone going back to a place once enjoyed. 就是人回到以前该去的地位。 King David was saying, 大卫王曾说,“Through the wilderness, 藉着旷野,God makes me aware that nothing is more important in my life than Him. 神让我知道生命中没有任何事物比祂更重要。 In the wilderness, 在旷野中, through painful but loving discipline, 藉着痛却慈爱的管教,and the Holy Spirit who convicts me of sin, 藉着圣灵光照, I return to God constantly, 我不断回转向神,and He heals me, 祂就医治我, He restores my identity to who I am, 祂恢复我的身份,让我知道我是谁,so that I can live out the original plan for my life and reflect Him.” 让我们可以活出神造我时的旨意,并将神显明。


The word ‘restores” is present tense.恢复用的是一般现在时, It means God restores continuously, from generation to generation,意思是神持续的修复,一代又一代。Why do we need restoration? 我们为什么需要恢复?In Gen 3, Satan enticed Adam and Eve, 创世纪三章,撒旦引诱亚当和夏娃,eat the fruit, you will be like God, knowing how to judge good and evil. 5你们吃的日子眼睛就明亮了,你们便如 神能知道善恶。Gen35” They listened, and they ate it, 他们听从撒旦,就吃了那果子,and they rejected God, 他们离弃了神,then, they lost their relationship with God, 于是就失去了和神的亲密关系, they lost their connection with love, 失去和神之间的爱的联结, and they lost identity. 并失去了他们的身份。 What are the consequences of losing your identity and connection with God? 失去身份和与神的联结的后果是什么?Look at Adam and Eve, they immediately had emotional problems:亚当和夏娃的情绪立刻出了问题: fear, guilt, shame, insecurity, self-defensiveness, etc 惧怕、负罪感、羞愧、不安全感、自我保护,等等. In Gen39-10, But the Lord God called to the man, ‘Where are you?’ 10 He answered, ‘I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid (fear gets in) because I was naked(feel ashamed); so I hid (become self-defensive).9耶和华 神呼唤那人,对他说:你在哪里?” 10他说:我在园中听见你的声音,我就害怕(惧怕进来了);因为我赤身露体(感到羞愧),我便藏了(开始自我保护)。


V.7 says, when they felt shame, 7节说,他们一旦有了羞愧感, they immediately did something to cover themselves. 就立刻去做事情来掩藏自己。 “I need to be someone,我要成为某人, I’m gonna do something to become someone. 我要做点什么成为和他一样; I want a high academic qualification, 我要高学历, I wanna become rich, 我想富有, I wanna become like him.” 我想像那个人。 We try hard to define our identities by something we have achieved, 我们竭力去用自己的成功来定义自己的身份, yet our souls are still sick and bitter, 但我们的灵魂却仍然苦涩病态,because we stay separated from our Source, where we came from. 因为我们离开了源头,我们的造物主。


Jesus has come to restore who we are, 耶稣来恢复我们的身份,so that our souls, our hearts can rejoice in Him our Source.好让我们的心灵在祂里面喜乐。There’s a story in Exodus15: 22-26, 出埃及记里记载了一个故事,So Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea; then they went out into the Wilderness of Shur. And they went three days in the wilderness and found no water. 23 Now when they came to Marah, they could not drink the waters of Marah, for they were bitter. … 25 So he cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a tree. When he cast it into the waters, the waters were made sweet. 22 摩西领以色列人从红海往前行,到了书珥的旷野,在旷野走了三天,找不着水。23 到了玛拉,不能喝那里的水,因为水苦,所以那地名叫玛拉。……25 摩西呼求耶和华,耶和华指示他一棵树。他把树丢在水里,水就变甜了。耶和华在那里为他们定了律例,典章,在那里试验他们,26 又说,你若留意听耶和华你神的话,又行我眼中看为正的事,留心听我的诫命,守我一切的律例,我就不将所加与埃及人的疾病加在你身上,因为我耶和华是医治你的。This’s a story about the restoration of bitter water. 这是苦水被修复的故事。The people of God had been living in Egypt as slaves for 400 years. 神子民在埃及为奴400年; When they were slaves, 做奴隶的日子, they lived in lack, 他们缺乏,they lived in torment, 他们受折磨,and they lived in bitterness. 他们内心苦毒。But God promised that He would deliver them out of the bondage of the Egyptians and take them into the promised land. 但神应许救他们脱离埃及人的奴役,并将他们带进应许之地。


But after just 3 days in the wilderness, 但在旷野里才只走了三天, they hadn’t found water. 就没水喝, They became bitter, 以色列人就开始苦毒了。 when they were bitter, 当人苦毒时,they started to judge and complain, 他们就论断埋怨,they felt angry, hurt, and resentful. 他们就发怒、受伤、怨恨。They became bitter because their expectations weren’t met, 他们苦毒是因为他们的期望没有达成, “I want this…but you didn’t give me what I want, so You’re not good.” 我想要这个……你不给我,是你不好。


They started to challenge God’s authority due to bitterness. 苦毒使他们开始挑战神的权柄。They became bitter because this was their old way of thinking when they were in slavery, 苦毒是做奴仆时的思维方式,now even though they had become children of God, 尽管他们现在已经是神的儿女了,they still hadn’t learned how to trust their God their Shepherd. 可还是没学会怎样信靠神这大牧者。


This is the same for us. 我们也一样。Before Jesus becomes our God, 在未信主以前, we’re born into this world into slavery to sin. 我们生在世上为罪的奴仆,We don’t know who we are. 我们不知道我们是谁,We desire things that harm us. 我们贪一些东西却是害我们的, we have expectations of others that hurt us. 我们因对人期望就受伤,Our souls (our inner men) are hugely damaged by bitterness, anger, and resentment. 我们的灵魂(里面的人)被苦毒、怒气、怨恨深深地毁坏了。In John 5, there’s a story 5章记载了一个故事, Jesus came to the pool of Bethesda, 耶稣来到毕士大池子,where there were lots of sick people, 一大群患病的人躺在那里,the blind, the lame, and the paralyzed. 有瞎眼的、瘸腿的、瘫痪的。 People were waiting and hoping to be the first person to step into the pool where the water moved, 人人都等着水被搅动时第一个下到池子里, so that they could get healed. 叫自己病得医治。 Jesus saw a man who had been lying there for 38 years, 耶稣看到一个病了三十八年的人, and asked him, “Do you want to be made well?” 就问他:你要痊愈吗?


Instead of giving a simple reply, “yes” or “no”, 那人没有简单地回答不要 this man answered, 而是回答说,“oh, there’s no one who wants to help me. 没有人想要帮我,No one cares for me. 没有人关心我, When the water is stirred up, 水动的时候,people just go before me to the pool, no one helps me.”就有别人比我先下去,没人帮我。“Do you wanna go to Sunday worship with me?” 你和我一起去参加主日聚会吗?“oh, no one cares for me. No one loves me.”哦,没人关心我,没人爱我。 ‘Do you wanna go shopping?”想上街买东西吗? “oh, I haven’t bought new clothes for many years.”哦,我很多年没有买新衣服了。 “Do you wanna…”你想不想……” “oh, they don’t love me.” 哦,他们不爱我。


See, the paralysed think like a victim thinks. 你看,那个瘫子的思维方式就像一个受害者;A victim blames everyone else. 受害者埋怨他人, A victim finds excuses for himself to blame others, 并总为自己找到埋怨他人的理由, “it’s the woman you put there who gave me fruit to eat…你给我的那个女人把果子给我吃……oh, it’s my father who left us with this problem…哦,是我爸给我们造成这些麻烦……oh, you don’t understand, I come from a poor family, I don’t have any opportunities.” 哦,你不了解,我家里很穷,我没有任何机会。“Do you wanna be made well?” 你要痊愈吗?“oh, I’ve been in this situation for a long time.”哦,我在这状态里已经很久了。 The victim mindset makes God’s people slaves again to bitterness, 受害者心态再次让神子民成为苦毒、 judgement, 论断、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、 complaints, 抱怨、 restlessness and unbelief. 不安和不信的奴仆,The victim mindset makes God’s people lie down like the man who was paralysed and unable to walk. 受害者心态让神子民像那瘫子躺倒在地无法行动。 God doesn’t want us to lie down like that man. 神不愿我们像那瘫子躺倒在地, God want us to lie down in the fullness of Jesus Christ and be satisfied, 神愿我们躺卧在基督耶稣的完全里,得着满足,then get up and walk like the King did. 起来,行走像祂这位王。


We have the fundraising dinner on 24th July to raise money for stage two. 我们要作捐款晚餐来为二期募捐。 Actually, in the last three years事实上,在过去的3年中, we did different types of fundraising meal several times我们作了不同形式的捐款晚餐,some of us didn’t have the time to attend the dinner,我们当中有些人没有时间来吃饭,but still donated money但捐了钱。And people from other places connecting to our Thursday bible study also joined us each time我们周四查经连线的也参与了, and they will join us this year as well今年他们也要参与。It’s not about food or dinner这不是关于吃饭,it’s about participating in expanding God’s Kingdom in this place乃是参与神的国度扩张在这里。I’ll give the clipboard for you to tick after the message讲道后,我会传给你那板来画勾, precious people of God, I’m sure you’re able to support and help. 神爱的子民,我相信你可以来支持这事。


The journey of walking with Jesus is a journey of restoration for our souls through faith. 与主同行是一个凭着信、心灵被修复的历程It’s a journey of trusting in God, 是信靠神的历程,because He is always good. 因神永远良善。Even if there’s no water, 哪怕没有水, my God will provide it. 我的神必供应; even if there’s no water, 哪怕没有水,God is able to quench my thirst!神可以止息的我口渴!Because He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, the supreme ruler. 因祂是万王之王、万主之主,祂是至高的王。In the wilderness, 在旷野中,God will test us and draw out of us what’s really going on in our hearts. 神要试验我们,祂要将我们内心深处的意念想法显明出来, because He wants to restore our damaged souls.因神要修复我们受损的心灵。


3, He guides - in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. (v.3b) 祂引导,为祂的名引导我走义路(3下)


Resentful thoughts cause people to look for ways to get revenge. 怨恨的意念驱使人寻找报复的手段,Gossip, judgement, and criticism are some of the ways of revenge. 闲言、论断、挑剔都是手段之一。 But Heb1030, For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” and again, “The Lord will judge his people.”31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. 30 因为我们知道谁说,伸冤在我,我必报应。又说,主要审判他的百姓。31 落在永生神的手里真是可怕的。(来1030-31We’re taught to主教导我们 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. (Eph 4:32) 32并要以恩慈相待,存怜悯的心,彼此饶恕,正如 神在基督里饶恕了你们一样。Turning to the old ways of thinking may give us a moment of pleasure 旧的思维方式会让肉体片刻舒服,but leave us with endless grief and sorrow. 但却使我们承受无尽的困苦愁烦。The Israelites illustrated a lesson for us, 以色列人给我们一个教训,that in the wilderness they didn’t learn to trust in God, 在旷野里他们没学会信靠神,so they failed to get into the Promised Land. 以致于不能进入应许之地。Which way are we following? 我们在跟从什么道路呢?


King David said, 大卫王说,He guides me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake为自己的名引导我走义路。”. It’s for His name’s sake, 为了祂的名, that He guides us and never forsakes us. 祂引导我们,总不丢弃我们,Because His name is righteous and faithful. 因祂的名为信实公义, His name is Jehovah Jireh our Provider. 祂的名是耶和华以勒我们的供应者, His name is Jehovah Rapha our Healer. 祂的名是耶和华拉法我们的医治者,He will do it to us for His name’s sake.祂为自己的名必如此行。 In Habakkuk 2:14 God says: For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. 14 认识耶和华荣耀的知识,要充满遍地,好像水充满洋海一般。(哈214 What does it mean? 是什么意思?The glory of the Lord” simply means: the goodness of God, and the nature of God as He told Moses. “耶和华的荣耀意思就是祂向摩西启示的神的良善、神的本性。


Habakkuk declared that the goodness (nature) of God one day will manifest in a tangible way. 哈巴谷宣告神的良善和本性有一天会以可见的方式显明。God Created people in His image, 神按照自己的形象造人, He wants His glory to be manifested by His children. 祂盼望自己的荣耀在儿女身上显明But Adam failed the test. 但亚当失败了,The Israelites failed too.以色列人也失败了。But He never gives up His original design to restore His original purpose, 祂从没有放弃过对起初创造目的恢复,that His children be restored to a relationship with Him, 就是恢复祂的儿女与祂的关系trusting in Him, 信靠祂, representing Him and extending His Kingdom on earth. 代表祂将神的国带到地上。That’s our Father’s heart. 这是我们天父的心。God wants to restore us to be like His Son, 神要恢复我们像祂儿子,that we may participate in His divine nature. 使我们可以在祂的性情上有份。He guides us in the path of righteousness, 祂引导我们走义路,not the shortcut that Satan entices us to take: 不像撒旦引诱我们走捷径: “you’ll be like God, able to judge and take revenge.”你便如神那样能断是非行审判。  If you do so, you’ll be filled with bitterness. 若这样行就被苦毒充满。


In the flesh we always want to take shortcuts when we wish, 我们在肉体里就喜欢走捷径,that’s why we hurt so much. 这使我们受很多的苦。 King David could have taken a shortcut many times to be king as God promised. 大卫王本来有几次机会可以走捷径,成为神应许的王。One story was written in 1 Samuel 24, 撒母耳记上24章里发生一件事,when King Saul had been searching for David with His men, 当扫罗王和他的人寻索大卫的时候,he was resting in a cave, 他正在一个洞里休息, where David was also there. 卫也藏在那个洞里。  


Now David’s followers said to him, 跟随大卫的人对他说, that was a great opportunity to take Saul’s life, 这是杀扫罗的大好机会,and to fulfil God’s promise for him to be king. 可以实现神对作王的应许。 But after David cut off a piece of Saul’s robe, 但是,当大卫割下扫罗外袍的衣襟时, the bible tells us, 圣经告诉我们,David’s heart troubled him because he had cut Saul’s robe 1 Samuel 24:5. “随后大卫心中自责,因为割下扫罗的衣襟;” (撒上24:5David’s heart was troubled because he was sensitive to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, 大卫心中自责,因为他顺服圣灵的责备。 He revered God, 他敬畏神,and was willing to turn from his own desires to the guidance of the righteous God.  愿意放下自己的私欲,转向神公义的引导。Then, he still called after Saul, “my lord the king.” 于是他仍然称呼扫罗“我主我王”。Because he believed, 因为他相信,“Saul is the anointed one, “扫罗是神的受膏者, I shouldn’t judge God’s anointed ones, 我不可论断神的受膏者, I won’t hold resentful thoughts against God’s anointed ones, 我不可对神的受膏者怀恨在心, if they have done wrong, 如果他们做错了, God will deal with them, 神会处理,but if I judge them, 我若论断他们,I judge God, 就是论断神, then I’ll be in trouble…我就有祸了,and my family will be in trouble 我的家有祸了, so I choose to be guided by the path of righteousness, 我选择被义路引导, I choose to wait for God to judge, 我要选择等候神的判断,because I value my relationship with Him more than human power or titles or anything else…因我看重我与神的关系过于人的权利、头衔或任何其它…… so that I can walk with Him the way He wishes.”  这样 我就在祂命定的道中与祂同行。


Remember, in the wilderness of Shur, 记得在书珥旷野时, God showed Moses a tree, 神曾指示摩西一棵树,when He cast it into the waters, 当他把树丢在水里, the waters were made sweet. 水就变甜了。 I Peter 2:24, who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree (the cross). 【彼前2:24】他被挂在木头(十字架)上,亲身担当了我们的罪,The cross of Christ breaks the power of sin. 基督的十字架败坏了罪的权势。Jesus died on the cross to break the power of sin and curses for you and me. 主耶稣死在十字架上,为你我败坏了罪和咒诅的权势。When He brought the tree- the cross into the bitter waters, 当祂把这树——十字架丢在苦水里,the bitter waters were made sweet. 苦水就变甜了。Are you willing to take the tree - the cross and bring it into the bitter pool of your own heart when you’re grumpy or anger or blaming others? 当你发脾气、恼怒或责怪他人时,你愿意把那树——十字架,放入自己内心的苦水中吗?If you are, 若你愿意Then your bitter pool can be made sweet. 如此,你的苦水就会变甜。Your faith makes you well你的信叫你得健全. 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.23:3】他使我的灵魂苏醒,为自己的名引导我走义路。



Concluding prayer: 结束祷告:


Father, we thank You for Your amazing love, 天父,感谢你奇妙的爱,that You hold nothing back from us, 感谢你对我们毫无保留,but poured out Yourself for us. 为我们倾倒你自己。Thank You for the cross, 感谢祢的十字架, where You died on our behalf, 祢为我们死在十架上, so we can be set free.  使我们得自由释放。


Father, we close our eyes and open our hearts to receive Your truth, 天父,我们闭上眼睛,打开心门,接受你的真理,coz Your truth can set us free. 因你的真理使我们得自由。We ask You to bring revelation to each of our hearts. 求你开启我们每个人的心。 This afternoon, 今天下午,we ask for a flow of Your love from heaven into our hearts 我们祈求你的爱从天上流淌下来,流入我们的心,to bring healing and restoration. 带来医治和修复。Father, we thank You for Your love, we receive Your love. 天父,我们感谢你的爱,我们接受你的爱。 We wanna journey with You intimately in this life.  我们盼望今生和你一同走这亲密的旅程。


Thank You for telling us that once our souls were damaged by a victim mindset and bitterness. 谢谢你告诉我们,我们的灵魂曾被受害者的心理和苦毒所毁坏。 we once had lost our identity and didn’t know who we were. 我们曾丢失了身份,不知道自己是谁。We defined ourselves by what we had according to outward appearances. 我们按照自己外在所有的来定义自己, ‘I wanna be like him.” “我想像他那样。”we compared ourselves with others, 我们和别人比较, we drank bitter water for our souls. 灵魂喝着苦水。


We were lost but now we’re found! 前我失丧,今被寻回!You have promised us that You will never reject us nor forsake us. 你应许永不丢弃我们,也不离弃我们。You restore our souls and guide us in the paths of righteousness for Your own name’s sake.  你使我们的灵魂苏醒,为自己的名引导我们走义路。Would you like to cry out to Him right now?  你愿意此时就向神呼求吗?


“Father, I need Your restoration, 天父,我需要你的恢复,I need You to guide me…我需要你的引导……I need Your grace and truth to flow in my heart…我需要你的恩典和真理在我的心中流淌……You are good, 你是良善的,and Your intentions are good. 你的心意是美好的。 You wanna restore my relationship with You in my wilderness experience.  你盼望我走过旷野的经历,可以恢复与你的关系。


Ask God, 求问神,ask the Holy Spirit, 求问圣灵,was there a time when you were lonely, 你是否有过孤独的时候,or when things weren’t going your way, 或者事情不合你意, or when your expectations weren’t met, 或者没有达到你的预期,that you turned to negativity or a victim mindset? 你就变得负面,带着一个受害者的心态? So that you blamed others? 你就责怪人? You complained? 抱怨人? you judged others? 论断人? You held grudges against that person? 对那人怀恨在心?  You made an excuse to defend yourself rather than waiting for God to judge?  找借口为自己辩护,却不肯等候神来审判?


Father, forgive me for misunderstanding Your good purpose. 天父,赦免我不明白你美好的旨意。In my wilderness walks, 当我行在旷野中,Your good intent is to restore my soul, 你的美意是要修复我的灵魂,You wanna restore my way of thinking to be in alignment with You, 你要修复我的思维方式与你合一,to think like my Father the King, 如同我的王天父一样的思维, to think as Jesus , my King does.  如同我的王耶稣一样的思维。


Today, I’ve made a decision to place my bitterness, resentment, anger, unforgiveness and demands on the cross with You. 今天,我愿意把我的苦毒、怨恨、愤怒、不饶恕和一切“想要”都与你同钉上十字架!I choose to forgive; 我选择饶恕;I choose to show grace. 我选择以恩典待人。 I wanna be made whole, 我渴慕成为完全, and live out the original purpose You had for my life活出你对我生命创造起初的目的, so that I’ll no longer be defeated, 使我不再被罪所胜,and will allow You to guide me in the paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake…让你为你的名引导我走义路……


Father, thank You for releasing Your truth into our hearts. 天父,感谢祢释放祢的真理在我们心中。Thank You for calling us to think, stand, and confront ungodly ways of thinking. 感谢祢呼召我们去思想、起来,对抗一切不敬虔的思维方式。 We give You all the honour and Praise. 我们将一切荣耀颂赞都归给你。Thank You for leading each of us into the wilderness, 感谢你带领我们每个人进入旷野,where we’re challenged, 我们在那里接受挑战,and draw out of us what is going on in our hearts. 使我们内心的真实被显露出来。Your intention is to heal us and transform us from a slave-mentality to the King’s mentality.  你的心意是要医治我们,使我们奴仆的心改变成为王的心。Because You don’t want us to pass down a slave-mentality to our children因为你不愿意我们把奴仆的心理传递给我们的孩子, but leave them a legacy of freedom. 而是要把基督里的自由留给他们作遗产。Forgive us for our failure and our ignorance, 求你赦免我们的失败和无知, help us to trust in You obediently and wait for You patiently in every situation. 帮助我们在任何环境中都顺服你信靠你,忍耐等候你Give us kingdom eyes to see You at work.  赐给我们国度的眼光,使我们能看见你的作为。You’re able to make us whole. 你能使我们完全。 For You restore our souls and guide us in the paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake.  因为你使我们的灵魂苏醒,为你的名引导我们走义路。

Amen! 阿们!


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