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2021-07-18 Psalm 23 诗篇二十三(4) The Lord Set a Table before Me 主为我摆设

发表于 2024-01-08

 We’ve looked at verses one to four, 从第1到第4节,in which King David gives us a picture of the relationship between the Shepherd and His sheep. 大卫王给了我们一幅牧羊人和羊的关系的图画The Lord, the Highest God, is David’s Provider and Protector, and also ours. All the verbs referring to the works of the Shepherd in Psalm 23 are present simple tense. 诗篇23中所有提到牧羊人所作的动词都是一般现在He makes me使我们得安息He leads us; 祂带领我;He restores us; 苏醒我;He guides us.引导我He comforts me祂安慰我 It means that God does these things from generation to generation. 神一又一代地继续在做这些事。Today, we’re looking at今天,我们要来分享第5节 v.5, You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 5 在我敌人面前,你为我摆设筵席;你用油膏了我的头,使我的福杯满溢。


1, Original meaning of verse five. 第5节的原意。

In v.5在第5中,a remarkable change takes place发生了不同寻常变,but we may not notice it.但我们可能没有注意到。From v.1 to v.4 从1到4we see animal imagery of how the Shepherd leads我们看到的是一副牧羊人如何引导, provides and protects His sheep. 供和保护羊群的景象But v.5 comes up with another picture5节出现的是另一个画面in which we’re not sheep那里我们不是羊,but people created in His image.而是以神祂的形象创造的人。


What’s happening here? 这里发生了什么事?Why does God set a table before ‘me’?为什么神要在“我”面前摆设筵席? Is that for ‘me’ to sit down to eat and drink and rise up to enjoy this life? 这是“我”坐下吃喝,起来享吗?Let’s look deeper into the meaning of v.5 in the original words.  让我们更深入地了解5节中词中的含义。The Hebrew word for “in the presence of” is “neged”.希伯来语“在面前”是“neged”。It also means ‘opposite to’ or ‘against’. 是“敌对”或“反对”的意思 “Neged” often implies an adversarial situation. Neged”通常暗指敌对的况。The word for ‘before” is “lefanai”, 前”的希伯来语是“lefanai”,which means ‘in front of’ but not in a confrontational situation. 它也“面”,但不是在对抗的情况下  King David is saying, “God provides a table in front of me but also in front of my enemies. 大卫王说,“在我面前和敌人面前都摆设了筵席。But they are different. 但它们意思是不一样的。The change from “Lefanai” ‘before me,’, to ‘neged’ - ‘opposite/in front of’ explains what is really going on here. 从“Lefanai”“非对抗性”的我面前,‘neged’“对抗性的我面前”,这变化说明有事发生。


Let’s look at other bible verses to get a glimpse of what a table means in the bible. 让我们看看其他的圣经经文,关于摆设筵席的意义。In Isa 赛65:11, “But as for you who forsake the Lord, and forget my holy mountain, who spread a table for Fortune, and fill bowls of mixed wine for Destiny,” 但你们这些离弃耶和华,忘记我的圣山,给时运摆筵席(原文作“桌子”),给天命盛满调和酒的 Here, setting a table means to show respect to false gods. 在这里,摆设筵席,表示对的尊荣In Psa诗 78:19, They spoke against God; they said, “Can God really spread a table in the wilderness?  并且妄论 神说:“ 神在旷野岂能摆设筵席吗Setting table here refers to God’s sufficient provision to the Israelites even in the desert. 这里的摆设筵席是指旷野对以色列人的充足供So put them together, 所以放一起的意思是,King David was saying, 大卫王是说,“Lord, You provide me all I need to be respected and victorious before my enemies.”  “主阿,在我敌人面前,你赐我被尊荣和得胜仇敌的一切所需 


You anoint my head with oil”. 你用油膏了我的头”。We see everywhere in the OT, 我们在旧约很多地方都看someone anointed as king or priest or prophet, 人被膏为王、祭司或先知,the Hebrew word for anoint is “mashach”. 希伯来语中“膏”的意思是“马沙赫”。But here the word ‘anoint’ is translated from “dashen”. 但这里的“膏”一词是从“达森”翻译过来的。“Dashen” doesn’t mean ‘anoint’, “达”不是“膏”but means to “fatten” or “freshen”. 而是“使肥沃”或“新”的意思King David didn’t use “mashach” - ‘anoint’, 大卫王没有使用“马沙赫”-“”,but the word “Dashen”,  而是用“达”这个词,it says, “God, You fatten/freshen my head with oil.”  大卫在说,“神啊,你用肥油膏我的头。”What does that mean? “这是什么意思?”King David actually says, 大卫王是说:“Lord, You set a table of abundance before me for all I need to defeat my enemy. “主啊,你在我面前打败我的敌人You always pour fresh oil on my head to give me sufficient strength你总是在我头上倒新鲜的wisdom, power and authority to be victorious over my enemies.” 给我足够的力量大能、智慧、权柄来战胜我的敌人。”


2, The Lord prepares me a table to overcome. 主耶和华为我得胜摆设筵席 


In v.5在第5中,a change has occurred发生了. Sheep are near-sighted with a field of vision of around 300 degrees. 羊是300度近视眼的人所能看的范围They can’t see things a bit further away. 再远看不到了。We’re like sheep我们像羊, we wander away;常常如羊走迷We seek temporary satisfaction; 寻求暂时的满足; we need the Shepherd’s rod and staff to bring us back. 我们常常需要牧人的杖和把我们带回到到正路来。


In v.1-4在第1-4节中,the relationship between the Shepherd and His sheep牧人和羊的关系 is focused on the Shepherd who keeps us safe and well fed. 是聚焦在牧人的供应和保护上。But this is not the perfect relationship that God wants with us. 但这并不是想要的与我们的完美关系。In v.5在第5 the turning point comes, 转折点来了, this is a more meaningful relationship He wants with us. 这是想要和我们的更有意义的关系。Because what He wants from the beginning of the creation is 因为从起初创世,想要的就是:that He wants a house of sons to share in His rulership with Him. 许多的成熟的儿子祂同祂的王权That’s why He put Adam in the garden to be tempted, 这就是为什么把亚当放在伊甸园里被试探,because His intention for Adam was to overcome, 因为对亚当的旨意本是让亚当胜过试探so that Adam and his descendants could have exercised the authority they were given, 这样亚当和他的后裔就能行使所赐的权柄,to rule over the earth, 去管理全地,and to be representatives of the Creator King (Gen创 1:28). 并成为造物主的代表在地上。


In other words, Adam was created as a king to rule over the earth.  换句话说,亚当被创造的目的是作管理全地的王。We were created in His image as overcomers and kings, 我们以的形象被造是要做得胜者和王, because we were given authority to rule over the earth. 因为我们被赐权柄去管理全地。Yet, we lost everything. 然而,我们失去了一切。Because we all listened to the enemy’s voice. 因为我们都听了仇敌的声音。We became slaves to sin and Satan - the enemy of God. 我们都成了罪和撒旦的奴隶, 撒旦是神的仇敌。


That’s why when John the Apostle was exiled on the island of Patmos, 这就是为什么当使徒约翰被流放到拔摩岛时,he saw in the vision that no one was worthy to open the scroll and read it.他在异象中看到 没有配展开,配观看那书卷的(Rev启 5:4)  He was weeping and weeping, 约翰大哭, because human beings lost the opportunity to stand before Holy God to serve Him, 因全人类都失去在至圣者面前事奉的机会,and because we all have sinned. 也因我们都犯了罪。No one was worthy! 无人配得展开案卷!John was weeping and weeping. 约翰就大哭


Then, one of the Angels said to him,于是有位天使对他说:Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed.” “不要哭!看哪,犹大支派中的狮子,大卫的根,他已得胜,能以展开那书卷,揭开那七印。”(Rev 启 5:5) The Lamb of God was slain, 神羔羊被杀, but the Lamb was resurrected. 但祂又复活了。He is also the Lion, 祂是犹大狮子, the Overcoming King forever! 永远得胜的 君王!He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. 祂是万王之王、万主之主, His death and resurrection restored the position we lost due to sin. 祂从死里复活,恢复了我们因犯罪而失去的身份地位。So the angels praised Him, 因此天使赞美祂, You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth. Rev 启 5:9-10 你配拿书卷,配揭开七印;因为你曾被杀,用自己的血从各族、各方、各民、各国中买了人来,叫他们归于 神,又叫他们成为国民,作祭司归于 神,在地上执掌王权。” 


We’re told, 这里说,through Jesus’ blood, we were restored to relationship with God;  耶稣宝血恢复了我们与神的关系, We were restored to the position to be able to serve the Holy God; 恢复了我们得以事奉至高者的职分, We were restored to who we are. 恢复了我们受造的身份。 We’re now part of His Kingdom; 我们现在是基督国度中的一员, We’re priests of this Kingdom. 是国度里君尊的祭司; We’re given all we need to overcome our enemies like our Lord did, 神给我们一切胜过仇敌的能力,如同赐给基督的一样 so that we can live victorious lives, 因此我们可以活出得胜的生命,not a defeated life on earth like Adam did. 而不是像亚当那样在地上被打败的生命。


That’s the Shepherd’s deepest intention for the relationship with Him. 这是大牧人对我们与祂的关系所怀的深意Sheep stray selfishly and mindlessly. 羊会自私自利漫无目的地游走,But the relationship with God should mature. 但我们与神的关系当成熟起来。What does this mature relationship look like? 这种成熟的关系是怎样的呢?Jesus said, 主耶稣说, “he who sees Me sees Him who sent Me. 人看见我,就是看见那差我来的。 John12:45” People who see the Son see the Father. 人看见子,就是看见父。People who see us should see the Father. 人看见我们,就是看见父。 “You are in me, and I’m in You.” 是“你在我里面,我在你里面。”Not “You are in me, but I’m in myself.” 不是“你在我里面,我还是在我自己里面。” The OT Saint David knew God’s intention very well, 旧约的圣徒大卫深深认识神的心意, for he was man after God’s own heart. 因他是“合神心意的人”(寻求神的心的人)He knew, 他知道,“You set a table before me for all I need to defeat my enemies, “你在我面前摆设筵席,是给我打败仇敌一切所需的, now, it’s my job to battle my enemies, 现在是我 要去打败仇敌的时候了 by trusting in You and denying the self, 藉着信靠你否定自己, I can defeat lies, 我可以攻破谎言、 anxiety, 焦虑、 pride, 骄傲、 lust, 情欲、laziness, 懒惰、 greed, and other sins. 贪心和其他的罪; It’s my job to seek to be one with You,我要做的就是寻求与你合一,one in will, 意志相通、 one in attitude, 态度一致、one in thought and mind with You, 所思所想都一致, when I allow my Shepherd – King to rule in me, 若我让我的牧人做王在我里面掌权,my cup overflows.”我的福杯就必满溢。”


3, The Lord anoints my head with oil; my cup overflows 主用油膏了我的头,使我福杯满溢.


How does God set a table for us to overcome our enemies? 神是怎样摆设筵席使我胜过敌人? Eph 弗6:10-18, tells us, 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes…要拿起 神所赐的全副军装,好在磨难的日子抵挡仇敌,并且成就了一切,还能站立得住。There’re seven weapons to overcome spiritual warfare God provides for us through the Gospel, 藉着福音,神为我们准备了七种赢得属灵争战的兵器, truth 真理,righteousness公义, peace平安, faith信德, salvation救恩, the word of God神的话, prayer祷告。” It says这里说,God has given us full armor神赐给我们全副军装sufficient grace to defeat our enemies 充充足足的恩典可以胜过仇敌。 How many of us have the awareness to overcome something in everyday practice? 我们当中多少人在日常操练里有去得胜的意识? Many people don’t even recognise that we’re here on earth by divine purpose and design. 很多人甚至还没意识到人生在地上是有神的目的和旨意。That’s why people don’t like to face a challenging situation. 所以人就不愿意面对挑战的环境。 But how can we overcome without facing a challenge. 若没有挑战怎有胜过呢? 


In I Samuel 25 在撒上25章, we see David facing a challenge, 我们看到大卫面临着一个挑战,in the desert在旷野里David and his men had protected Nabal’s flock day and night (v.14-16). 大卫和跟随他的人日夜保护拿八的羊群(14-16节),Now at sheep shearing time, 到了剪羊毛的日子,there was a festival, 这是一个喜庆日 when the owner counted his flock and gave rewards to those who had protected his sheep, 羊的主人会数点羊群,并赐好处给保护羊群的人,David sent his men to Nabal for some provision大卫就差人到拿八那里取点供应。


But Nabal refused and insulted David, 拿八却拒绝了大卫的请求,并辱骂大卫说: “Who is David? “大卫是谁?Who is this rebellious man? 这个背叛主人的是谁?Why should I give my bread and meat to the one I don’t know where he comes from?” 我岂可将饼和肉给我不知道从哪里来的人呢? See? 看到吗?Nabal repaid David good with evil, 拿八以恶报善, and heaped insults on his head 恶语伤人。 David was irritated, 大卫被激怒了,and his heart burned with anger, 心里怒火燃烧, because he was humiliated, 因他被如此羞辱, so he took his men to retaliate. 于是召集跟随他的人要去报复拿八。 


When they were on the way to try to kill all the men in Nabal’s household, 正在他们前去灭拿八全家男丁的路上,Nabal’s wife Abigail got told what was happening. 拿八的妻亚比该得知了发生的事, She quickly sent servants to David to give some gifts. 迅速地差仆人准备好礼物去迎接大卫,Then, Abigail followed them and met David in a mountain ravine. 她紧随其后,既在山坡下遇见大卫,She bowed down before David and showed respect to him, 便急忙俯伏下拜表示敬意, then, she said this to David, 并对大卫说:My lord, let the blame be on me alone. Please let your servant speak to you; hear what your servant has to say. Please pay no attention to that wicked man Nabal. He is just like his name—his name means Fool, and folly goes with him. (1 Sa撒上 25:24-25) “我主啊,愿这罪归我!求你容婢女向你进言,更求你听婢女的话。 我主不要理这坏人拿八,他的性情与他的名相称;他名叫拿八(就是愚顽的意思),他为人果然愚顽。但我主所打发的仆人,婢女并没有看见。And then, she gave words of wisdom 于是,她说出智慧话to remind David that he needed to fix his eyes on the sovereign God’s promise提醒大卫当定睛于神的应许, and wait for Him to avenge, 等候神来伸冤,rather than getting back at the one who had hurt him. 而不去自己向伤害他的人报仇, Otherwise, 如若不然,he would feel regret or remorse for having taken revenge到了神应许大卫做以色列王的时候, at the time God’s promise of making him king of Israel came (v.30-31),他就会感到心里不安,觉得良心有亏。Immediately, David was alerted by Abigail’s wise exhortation. 大卫立即就接受了亚比该的劝告


Then, David praised the God of Israel (v.32-34), 于是大卫就赞美以色列的神(32-34节),for God had set a table of abundant grace before him in the presence of his enemies, 因神在他敌人面前摆放足够恩典的筵席,by sending Abigail to speak truth to him. 差了亚比该来对他讲真理。 When he had accepted the truth of correction and exhortation, 他接受真理的纠正和劝勉,and stopped going in his own way to repay evil with evil, 不再去走自己以恶报恶的老路, but leaving room for God to judge, 而是交托神来审判, he overcame the desires of the flesh and his enemy. 他就胜过了肉体私欲 也胜过了仇敌。


10 days later, 十天之后, God struck Nabal and he died. 神击打拿八,他就死了。God gave All Nabal’s possessions to David, including Abigail 神把拿八的产业都给了大卫,包括亚比该 See? 看见了吗David’s faith grew in the knowledge of God, 大卫在认识神上信心增长了,and his relationship with God became more intimate, 他和神的关系更加亲密, because his eyes saw the reality of His love, protection, and justice.因他亲眼看到神的爱、神的保守 、神的公义是真实的。Why do people who have been Christians for so many years have so many doubts about God? 为什么信很久的人还对神有那么多疑惑? Because they don’t obey what God says,因为他们不行神的命令 so that their faith hasn’t grown and is still like an infant’s.  以至于他们的信心不能增长,还和婴儿一样 In Psa 诗 141:5, David said, Let a righteous man strike me—it is a kindness; let him rebuke me—it is oil for my head; let my head not refuse it. 任凭义人击打我,这算为仁慈;任凭他责备我,这算为头上的膏油;我的头不要躲闪。In other words, 换句话说, he is saying, 他在说, “God set a table of abundant grace before me in front of my enemies, “在我敌人面前,神为我摆设丰盛的恩典筵席, when I am being tempted, 试探临到时, He sends people to speak truth to me, 祂差人来和我讲真理, when I turn at his rebuke, 我转向祂的责备,I’m filled with fresh oil, 我新鲜的充满 now, I’m able to defeat my enemies.”  现在,我得以打败仇敌。”


God’s table of abundance is for us to overcome our enemies and get transformed, 神摆设丰盛筵席,是为我们胜过仇敌,生命被改变,and to bring the Kingdom on earth. 是为我们将神的国度带到地上。And when people see us, they can see our God. 人看见我们,就看见了神。 Our ways of thinking determine who we are really following, 我们的思维观决定了我们真正在跟随什么,if you think the way everyone else in this world thinks, 你的想法若和世人一样, you’ll be like everyone else in this world. 你就和世人没有差别。 If you carry a kingdom mindset, 你若拥有天国的思维观,you’ll be able to bring His kingdom influence on others.就可以将神国度的影响力带给他人。Now let’s think about it, 现在让我们想一想, who is the “Nabal” in your life that you wanna repay for evil with evil? 谁是你生命里的拿八让你想去以恶报恶?I don’t want speak to him我不想和他讲话…I don’t want see him我不想见到他


 Our enemies are not “Nabals”, persons in your family or workplace or wherever, 我们的仇敌,不是在家里、单位或别处的拿八们,our enemy is not human,我们的仇敌不是人,but “fear, guilt, shame, pride, anger” that Satan is using to try to defeat us而是“惧怕、罪疚感,羞耻感,骄傲,怒气”,撒旦用这些来打败我们 and steal spiritual authority from us. 从我们手上偷走属灵权柄。 


Psa 诗 45:4 tells us, And in Your majesty ride prosperously (victoriously) because of truth, humility, and righteousness; And Your right hand shall teach You awesome things. 为真理、谦卑、公义赫然坐车前往,无不得胜;你的右手必显明可畏的事。In other words, 换句话说, “my head is anointed with oil, “你用油膏了我的头,because I follow in my Lord’s footsteps of humility. 因我跟随主谦卑的脚踪。By yielding to the truth, 藉着降服于真理, humbling oneself, 降卑自己, and getting rid of the will of the self, 除去老我的意思,I share in His victory”. 得着基督的得胜。That’s the key for King David always to be fattened with oil. 这是大卫王常得肥膏的关键。 


In John 13, 在约翰福音13章,before the Lord went to Calvary, 在主骷髅地之when he was having the last supper with his disciples, 当他和门徒一同吃最后的晚餐, we’re told, 我们看到, Jesus stood up from the table, 主耶稣从席上起身,and began to wash his disciples’ feet为门徒洗脚 (John 约13:4).  In the first century 在公元一世纪,since people reclined at low tables for meals, 人们是靠在矮桌上吃饭, they would get the lowest servants to wash their dirty feet due to walking in sandals on the dirt ground. 他们会叫最下等的奴隶来洗因穿凉鞋走路弄脏的脚。


The disciples must have been shocked at their Lord’s act of humility, 门徒们一定因主谦卑的举动感到震撼, because their Lord who commanded sea waves to be still, 因他们的主,吩咐风浪平静、 cast out evil spirits, 赶逐污鬼、 healed the sick, 医治病人、 and raised the dead, 使人死里复活的主,now was doing the lowest servant’s task, 竟然在做最低等奴隶该去做的事,bowing down, and washing his followers’ dirty feet.弯下腰为他的门徒洗脚。


This made Peter feel profoundly uncomfortable, 这使彼得感到极其的不舒服,because the disciples just had an argument among themselves who was the greatest. 因为就在刚刚门徒们还在一起争论谁最大。We think that the greatest should be honoured by people. 我们觉得谁最大谁就该被人尊敬。 So we argue over who is right, 所以我们争论谁是对的,who does better, 谁做得更好,who can be the most important person in our households, in our classes, in our work places…谁是家里、班级里、工作单位里最重要的人。But Pride comes nothing but strife但是骄傲只启争竞。It’s opposite to the core nature of the Kingdom of God. 这与神国度的核心本质是相违背的。 Blessed are the poor in spirit,(the humble) for theirs is the kingdom of heaven虚心(谦卑)的人有福了,因为天国是他们的。So the Lord explained, 所以主解释说: ‘no, you don’t understand the nature of the Kingdom of God. “不,你不明白神国的本质。In the Kingdom, 在神国里, whoever wants to be great, 谁要为大,he must be humble and serve. 就要谦卑服事人。”


Jesus says, 主耶稣说: ‘when you see me, you see the Father’. “你看见了我,就是看见了父。” when we see Jesus Christ washing feet,  所以,当我们看见基督在洗脚, it was God the Father washing feet.  那是父神在洗脚。How can someone who is the head of the house descend to do such lowly task? 怎么可能?神家之主居然如此屈身,做如此卑微的事? That’s the nature of the Kingdom.  然而这是神国的本质。Peter felt very uncomfortable and said, 彼得感到很不安,说:No, You should never wash my feet.” “你永不可洗我的脚。”Jesus answered, 耶稣回答说: “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.  “我若不洗你,你就与我无份了。”(John约13:8) 


Now he’s not talking about losing salvation, 这里他不是在说失去救恩,or getting into heaven, 不能进天堂,because Jesus said, 因为主耶稣说,‘you’ve had a bath, “你已经洗过澡, now you only need to wash your feet.” 现在只需要把脚洗干净。”He’s talking about our everyday lives towards sanctification.  他是在说,在追求成圣的过程中,当如何过每一天。Since we’re still walking in the world, 既然我们还活在世上,whenever we turn to pride, 无论何时我们顺从骄傲,we turn to selfish thoughts, 顺从自私的意念,we get offended and hurt, 我们感到被冒犯和伤害,we hold negative attitudes, 心负面、 and we pick up dirt 就弄脏了自己。We need humbly to turn to God and say, 我们需要谦卑转向神,说:“forgive me, “赦免我,I need washing, 我需要被洗,so that I can be part of You, 使我能与你有份,that means I can connect with You to bear fruit.”  使我可以与你连结并结出果子。” Then, Jesus said this, 然后主耶稣说: “You call Me Your Lord, yes, I am. “你们称呼我‘主’,没错,我是。But if I, your Lord, 但是如果我,你们的主,the Lord of the House, 一家之主,have washed your feet, 尚且洗你们的脚, you ought to do that for one another.” 你们也当彼此洗脚。” In other words, 换句话说,Jesus is calling 主耶稣在呼召


“Do you wanna drink the cup I drank? “你们想喝我所喝的杯吗?Do you wanna receive the honour I’ve received from my Father? 你们想得着我从父那里得着的荣耀吗? Follow the example I set for you.”  要效法我为你们设立的榜样。”


When your life is messy, 当你的生命一团糟, I stoop down to wash you, 我俯身洗净你, when your feet are dirty, 当你的脚脏了, I pour out my blood to wash you, 我倾倒我的血洗净你,when your thoughts are entangled with smelly things, 当你的意念充满了污秽臭气, I pour myself out to wash you; 我倾倒自己的生命来洁净你;Now look at the people around you who’re messy, dirty, and negative. 现在看看你身边那些一团糟的、不洁的、负面的人。Would you go and bend down with me to wash their dirt rather than blame them?  你愿意与我同去俯身洗净他们的污秽,而不是责怪他们吗? You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 在我敌人面前,你为我摆设筵席;你用油膏了我的头,使我的福杯满溢。



Concluding prayer: 结束祷告:

Yes, Your name is victory. 是的,你的名是得胜。All praise, glory and honour be to Christ, our King. 将一切颂赞、荣耀、尊贵都归与我们的王基督。Father, we praise You, 父啊,我们赞美你,we thank You for this afternoon. 为着今天下午我们向你献上感谢。 Thank You for all You’re doing in our lives. 感谢你在我们生命中所做的一切。 Yes, You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”. 是的,在敌人面前你为我摆设筵席。Everything happens in our lives 我们生命中发生的一切,for us to overcome and get changed, 都是为让我们可以得胜、可以改变, and for us to get back to the place where we should be with You in the highest place.  为让我们回到起初该站的地位,在至高之处与你同在。


Let our eyes be closed and hearts open to Him. 让我们闭上眼睛,向祂敞开心。 Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, 求圣灵对你说话,what’s the Holy Spirit speaking to you this afternoon? 今天下午圣灵会对你说什么? King David faced challenges in times of waiting for God’s promise to become true, 大卫王在等候神的应许实现的过程中面临挑战, we’re all on the journey of waiting for God’s promises to become true, 我们都走在等候神的应许实现的旅程中,so that we can grow into the Son’s likeness, 为长成神儿子的模样,and we all encounter challenges.   我们也遭遇很多挑战。


But David said: 但大卫说: v.5, You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 5在我敌人面前,你为我摆设筵席;你用油膏了我的头,使我的福杯满溢。 David listened to the truth of exhortation, 大卫听从了真理的劝勉,he stopped going his own way of judgement and retaliation, 放下自己的论断和报复,and he put his trust in God. 单单信靠神。Then, he saw God’s reality of love, protection and justice revealed. 接着他看到了上帝真实的爱、保护和公义的彰显。Therefore, he grew up in his salvation through grace and faith, 因此他在救恩里信心增长,and was empowered by the Holy Spirit with peace, joy, and strength to overcome his enemies.   并从圣灵得着平安、喜乐和胜过他仇敌的力量。


What about us? 我们呢? Do we seek to overcome negative feelings and pride in our everyday life? 我们是否在每天的生活中寻求胜过负面情绪和骄傲?Do you humbly turn to God when someone speaks the truth to you and tries to stop you doing something your flesh desires? 当有人对你说真话为阻止你顺从肉体的私欲时,你是否谦卑转向神呢?Or do you turn to unforgiveness against him? 还是对他不饶恕呢? Ask the Holy Spirit, 求问圣灵,is there a place which has been occupied by pride and arrogance, 是否有地土被骄傲自高所占据,so that I don’t allow anyone to talk into my life, like Nabal, 以至于 我如同拿八,不接受任何人对我说我不好的话,because I don’t wanna change?因我不想改变 Let’s bring it to the Lord 让我们把这一切带到主的面前and cry out to Him, 并向祂呼求:


“Lord, I need You to wash my feet, “主啊,我需要你洗我的脚,so that I can be part of You. 使我能与你有份。Forgive me for my pride, 赦免我的骄傲,forgive me for trying to change others, 赦免我总想改变别人,but my own heart and my attitude hadn’t changed to be in alignment with You, 但是自己的心态 却没有改变与你一致so that I easily got frustrated, I got upset, I got tired. 所以我就容易灰心沮丧、不开心、疲惫。But all the negative feelings showed that it was my own pride which stopped You from anointing my head with oil. 但所有的负面情绪都显明 是我自己的骄傲阻止了你用油膏我的头。


Right now, I turn to Your truth and humility.   现在,我愿转向你的真理和谦卑。Release Your resurrection power to tear down strongholds of pride and judgemental thoughts within me... 求你释放复活的大能拆毁我里面骄傲论断的营垒…I accept Your forgiveness to forgive those who are not ‘friendly’ to me…我接受你的饶恕,去饶恕那些对我不‘友好’的人…I release grace onto them, 我愿以恩典待他们,because You came down to wash my dirt, 因你降下来洗净我的污秽,I’m willing to die to my own pride and judgemental thoughts, 我愿意死了自己骄傲和论断的意念,and interceding for them in compassion…怜悯为他们代求… right now, you can pray on your own…现在你可以自己祷告…


Father, we thank You for Your Son Jesus Christ that he bent down to wash our feet with his precious blood. 天父,我们感谢你,因你的儿子耶稣基督用他的宝血俯身为我们洗脚。The table of abundance You set for us in the presence of our enemies is in Christ. 你在仇敌面前为我们摆设丰盛的筵席,那是在基督里。 Whenever we connect with Him, 无论何时我们与祂连结,we connect with His truth, 与祂的真理连结, we connect with His humility, 与祂的谦卑连结,we connect with His sacrificial love, 与祂牺牲的爱连结时,You anoint our heads with oil, 你用油膏我们的头,our enemies will see and flee.  使我们的仇敌看见必逃跑。Lord, thank for modelling how to defeat our enemies, 主啊,感谢你为我们树立榜样,教导我们如何战胜仇敌,that You came down from the highest place, 你从至高之处降下来, You came into this world to love people, 来爱世上的人,You walk with people, 你与人同行,You pray for people, 为人祷告,You serve people. 服侍人。You never criticize anyone who hurt You, 你没有指责埋怨任何伤害你的人,but shed Your own blood to wash their dirty feet. 却流出宝血洗净他们污秽的脚。 You leave room for the Just Father to Judge.  你将审判的主权交给父。Make us Your followers of foot washing in humility, 求你带领我们跟随你,去谦卑洗脚,so that we may powerfully bring a revelation of the Kingdom to the people around us. 使我们有能力将你的国度显明给身边的人。Let the cup of Grace we’re drinking from and with You run over to touch more souls, 让这我们与你同喝的恩典的杯,因信满溢出来,去触摸更多的灵魂,and bring them back to Your kingdom. Amen  并将他们带回到你的国度。阿们!


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