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2021-04-18 Maturity and Sonship 生命的成熟和儿子的名分(2)

发表于 2024-01-08

Last Sunday we kicked off on the topic of Maturity and Sonship.上周日,我们开始了生命的成熟和儿子的名分这个主题。 And we talked about two dimensions of life.是关于生的两个度。Firstly, we may have a new life,首先,我们会得到新生, which is to do with escaping from the second death (hell) ;这与离第二次死(脱离地狱)有关;Secondly, we may have it abundantly,其次,我们要追求得丰盛的生命, which will result in the great reward of sonship.这最终会让我们得着儿子名分里的巨大赏赐Today, we’ll continue to look at this topic in Romans 8:13-25   今天我们要在罗马书 813-25继续探讨这个主题  13 For if you live according to the flesh


In this passage, we’re looking at several things. 在这段文章中,我们将要来看件重要的事情Firstly, we’ve gotta understand the meaning of the different words, 首先,我们必须明白between ‘sons of God (in v.14)’, and ‘children of God’ (in v.16). 神的儿子”(14)神的儿女”(16)不同的含义。When you look at the Church all over the world,在世界各地的教会,you’ll find many of the people of God just don’t understand why they were born again into God’s family, 你会发现很多子民不明白 为什么使他们重生进入神家,they just live for the blessings of this life, 他们只是为得今生的祝福而活“God, heal my disease…bless me financially…”神啊医治我的疾病……祝福的财务……” Yes, there’ll be a period for us to just ask for earthly blessings.没错神允许我们有一段时间只求地上好处。 But we need to grow,但我们需要成长,if only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men. 1 Cor 15:19” 哥林多前书 15:19 我们若靠基督只在今生有指望,就算比众人更可怜Because our God is a God of eternity,因为我们的神是永, and most of His promises are linked to eternal rewards. 的大部分应许都与永恒的赏赐有关。 If we don’t prepare ourselves for receiving eternal rewards through undertaking the process of sonship obediently, 如果我们不能顺服神,在得儿子名分的这个磨练过程中,预备好自己领受永恒的赏赐 we’ll get lost as to why God has put us into His Family. 我们就会迷失,为什么神要把我们放在祂的家中。Secondly, we need to understand what ‘our adoption to sonship’ means in Roman Greek culture.其次,我们要明白我们收养成为儿子在罗马希腊背景下是什么意思。 Thirdly, we’re to understand the necessity of going through the process of adoption to full sonship.第三,我们要明白 收养达到完全长成的儿子 (基督) 身量过程的必要性。


Let’s first look at the two different words ‘children’ and ‘son’. 让我们先来看看两个不同的词儿女儿子”。 V.16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children (technon) 圣灵与我们的心同证我们是 神的儿女 . v.14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons (Huios) of God. 因为凡被神的灵引导的,都是神的儿子The words ‘children’ and ‘sons’ are translated from different Greek words, “technon”, and “Huios”. “儿女儿子翻译来自不同的希腊语“techenon”“Huios”They have different meanings. 它们有不同的含义。The word “technon”, refers to a kid and an immature child. “technon一词是指年幼和不成熟的孩子。He has been born into a family, he belongs to a family, and he has a father. 他出生在一个家庭,他属于一个家庭,他有一个父亲。In the same way, when we’re born again by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we call God, “Abba, Father”, 同样地,当我们因圣灵的住而重生时,我们呼叫神为,父therefore, we become children of God. 因此,我们成了神的儿女。But because ‘technon’ (children) are immature Christians, 但因为technon儿女)是不成熟的基督徒,at that point, we live according to the flesh and fall into temptation quite often. 在那时,我们随从肉体,经常掉进试探For example, the church of Corinth was described as immature and a mere infant in Christ by Paul the apostle (1 Cor 3:1-3), 例如,使徒保罗描述哥林多教会是基督里的婴儿(林前31-3),although they had all kinds of spiritual gifts to serve the church, 尽管他们有各种属灵的恩赐去服事教会,they still lived by the flesh. 但他们仍然肉体。 There were division, jealousy, and quarrelling in their midst. 他们中间有纷争、嫉妒和争吵。 Same for us, when we’re immature children of God, 我们也一样,当我们还处在不成熟的神儿女生命阶段时,we’re serving with spiritual gifts but are still carnal, 我们会属灵的恩赐服事,但仍然是肉体的,we think like children, “I…me…mine…” 我们像孩子一样想,我的……” and we’re unable to love when our old man gets poked.当我们的人被戳时,我们无法爱。


But the word “Huios” (sons) refers to a fully adult, and a mature son. “Huios” 这个词指的是完全成年的、长大成熟的儿子。 Romans 8: 14 says, those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. 因为凡被 神的灵引导的,都是 神的儿子(罗814 It clearly says, 这里说得很清楚,Huios (sons) are different to the children of God. 儿子不同于儿女;Huios have learnt to be led by the Spirit of God. 儿子已学会如何被神的灵引导。Apparently, 很显然,this doesn’t refer to gender but to a dynamic relationship with God. 这里的含义不是关乎性别,而是与神活泼的关系。Just as both men and women can be called the ‘Bride’ of Christ, 正如男人和女人都可被称为基督的新妇 both men and women can qualify to be called sons of God. 男人和女人也都有可以被称为神的儿子。


It’s about a mature relationship with God. 它关乎与神建立的、成熟的关系。 Being led by the Spirit means to be submissive to the correction, leading and instruction of the Spirit of truth. 被神的灵引导,意思就是降服于真理的灵的纠正、引领和指示。So maturity is the fruit of surrender to the Holy Spirit, 因此生命的成熟是顺从圣灵的果子,the deeper you surrender to God and His truth, 向神和真理降服的程度越深,the maturer you become in Christ.在基督里的生命就越成熟。


Now, we’re looking at what ‘our adoption to sonship’ means in Roman Greek Culture.现在我们来看收养称为神儿子在罗马希腊背景下是什么意思 15 The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship (the spirit of adoption, kjv). And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” 你们所受的,不是奴仆的心,仍旧害怕;所受的,乃是儿子的心(原文 收养成为儿子),因此我们呼叫:阿爸!父! What do you think the word ‘adoption’ means? 你认为收养这个词是什么意思?The original recipients knew what the meaning of ‘adoption’ was, 罗马书原始收信人明白收养指的是什么,because they were living in that culture, 因他们就活在那个背景之下,so you didn’t have to explain it to them. 因此用不着给他们多解释。But for us who are gentile believers, 但对我们这些外邦的信徒来说,whether we’re from the West or the East, 不论来自东方或西方,we have another picture in mind of adoption.收养有不同的理解。


We think like this: 我们会觉得收养就是:an orphan doesn’t have a mum nor a dad, 没有爸妈的孤儿,a kind couple adopt the child, 被一对善良的夫妻收养; and they take the child home, 他们把孩子带回家,and the child takes the dad’s surname, 并让孩子姓养父的姓;and he grows up in their family, 孩子在这个家里长大,and he calls them mum and dad. 称养父母爸爸妈妈That’s what we think adoption is. 这是我们认为的收养


But this is totally not what the bible refers here. 但这不是圣经里所说的收养 The word ‘adoption’ is translated from the Greek word, “Huiothesia”. 收养这个词来自希腊字“Huithesia”It consists of two words, “Huio” and “thesia”.“Huio”“thesia”两个字组成,“a mature son” and “placing or position”, 分别是成熟的儿子放、置于的意思,together means ‘A mature son Placement”. 合起来就是放在儿子的位置上


So v.15 means, 因此第15节的意思是,that the Holy Spirit places us into sonship. 圣灵将我们带进儿子的名分, It’s the positioning. 是给我们一个地位。 We receive the placement as sons through rebirth through the Holy Spirit. 我们被圣灵重生后就得到这儿子的地位。So the biblical view of "the adoption of a son" has nothing to do with the placement of an orphan into a foster home, 圣经里说的收养成为儿子,和孤儿被安置在寄养家庭的意思无关,instead, it has to do with a little child putting into a place of maturity, 相反,是指把小孩子放进使他长大成熟的环境,by which the full authority and resources of his father are bestowed upon him借此,他父亲的一切权柄和资源都被授予在儿子的身上。


This is quite different to our natural understanding of adoption. 这和我们天然人理解的收养太不相同了, It’s pretty much specific to Roman culture,收养成为儿子是罗马文化中特有的现象, because at that time the reason for adoption was usually for wealthy people to pass on their inheritance. 因在那个时期,收养通常都是因富人要找人继承产业, They brought someone into the family and placed him as a son. 他们把合适的人带进家,并给儿子的地位。


Then the son would go through a process of preparation, 然后这人经过一个预备的过程, until he fully became a mature son eligible to carry on the father’s business and look after the family. 直到真正成为有资格继承父亲的产业,并照看家庭的成熟的儿子。We’ll touch on this point in detail next Sunday. 下周我们会详细分享这个点。In the same way, we are predestined to receive placement as sons. 同样,神也预定我们得着儿子的地位(名分) In Eph 1:5, “In love, he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ.”  5又因爱我们,就按着自己的意旨所喜悦的,预定我们藉着耶稣基督得儿子的名分(弗15 It says, 这是说,through Christ Jesus, 藉着耶稣基督, we’re placed into sonship by rebirth through the Spirit. 我们重生后就被赐予儿子的地位。 In Him, we’re called to liberty from sin, 在基督里,神呼召我们脱离罪, we’re called to forgive others and love our enemies, 呼召我们饶恕他人并爱仇敌,and to serve one another in agape love; 在爱中彼此服事; In Christ, our faith needs to be proved true by going through trials. 在基督里,我们的信要被试炼而证实是真信。But we’ve gotta understand, 但我们必须知道,they are all just part of the process needed for us to reach our destiny, 它们都只是成就我们命定的过程中的一部分,that is to become overcoming sons in the image of Christ the Son. 这命定就是得胜成为基督的样式。 In other words, to be conformed to the likeness of Christ to reach our eternal purpose (Romans 8:29). 换句话说,就是被磨成基督的样式,成就神在永恒里向我们所怀的旨意(829


That’s why we’re born into the family of God! 这才是我们重生进入神家的原因!We’re not just born into God’s family to escape from hell, 我们重生不仅是为了逃脱地狱之火,but to reach our destiny to become overcoming sons, 更是为得胜成为儿子,完成我们的命定; there’re rewards for those who reach their destiny after going through trials of ‘water and fire’. 经过水与火的试炼,完成命定的,就必得奖赏。

If you read the book of Revelation carefully, 如果仔细去读《启示录》, you’ll discover all the rewards of the promise of sonship are linked to overcoming sons. 你会发现所有应许给儿子的奖赏,都和得胜的儿子有关。Revelation 21:7 He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son. 7得胜的,必承受这些为业:我要作他的 神,他要作我的儿子。(启217This is talking about that it is God, who will eventually reveal who will be his ‘huois’ (mature sons), 这里是说神最终会显明谁将成为祂的儿子(长大成熟的儿子),not for us to say who is mature. 并不是我们来判断谁成熟或不成熟 It says, only the overcoming sons will inherit His inheritance.只有得胜的儿子们才能承受产业。Revelation 3:21 To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne. 21得胜的,我要赐他在我宝座上与我同坐,就如我得了胜,在我父的宝座上与他同坐一般。(启321Revelation 2:26 To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations--:2:27 'He will rule them with an iron scepter; he will dash them to pieces like pottery' - 28 just as I have received authority from my Father. I will also give him the morning star. 29 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 26那得胜又遵守我命令到底的,我要赐给他权柄制伏列国; 27他必用铁杖辖管(辖管原文作)他们,将他们如同窑户的瓦器打得粉碎,像我从我父领受的权柄一样。 28我又要把晨星赐给他。 29圣灵向众教会所说的话,凡有耳的,就应当听!(启226-29


These verses clearly say, 这些经文清楚地说, in the Millennial Reign of the Kingdom on earth, 在地上千年国度时, there won’t only be Jesus’ reigning, 不只是耶稣掌权, but also those who are overcomers will become kings and sit with Christ on His throne to reign with Him.还有得胜者成为君王,在宝座上与基督一同掌权。In Heb 4:16, Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. 所以,我们只管坦然无惧地来到施恩的宝座前,为要得怜恤,蒙恩惠,作随时的帮助。 (416) we see that all Christians have access to the throne. 这里说所有基督徒都可以来到宝座前, But only the overcomers will be qualified to sit with Jesus on His throne and be given authority over the nations. 但只有得胜者才有资格与基督同坐宝座,并掌管列国。 In other words, the overcomers will be qualified to stay in the ‘white house” of God’s Kingdom. 换句话说,得胜者才有资格呆在神国度的白宫Wow, what a great hope for each Christian to pay the price to seek! 哇,何等值得基督徒付代价去追求的盼望!


This call is for every Christian! 这是对每一个基督徒的呼召!This is the destiny that every Christian is called to pay the price to become overcoming sons and inherit the Kingdom. 这是对每个基督徒的命定,神呼召我们为此付代价成为得胜的儿子们、继承神国产业。 The Key to reach this destiny is to be led by the Spirit! 成就命定的关键是要被圣灵引领!Those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God! 14因为凡被 神的灵引导的,都是 神的儿子。


It means to surrender! 意思是要降服!Yield to the Spirit! 降服于圣灵!Not to the flesh! 不顺从肉体!And there’s always a cost to pay to surrender! 但降服总是要付代价!Thirdly, there’s a process of adoption to full sonship. 第三,经收养达到完全长成基督身量是有过程的。V. 17 Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.  17既是儿女,便是后嗣,就是 神的后嗣,和基督同作后嗣。如果我们和他一同受苦,也必和他一同得荣耀。We all are positioned into sonship and co-heirs with Christ through our rebirth through the Holy Spirit. 藉着圣灵,我们重生后都被设为儿子,并和基督同作后嗣, But this is just the beginning, 但这只是开始,Because Eph 1:14 tells us, 114说,that the Holy Spirit is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance. 圣灵是保证我们得产业的定金 (中文翻成凭据或质) ‘a deposit’ means ‘a down payment.” 定金意思是首期款。We’ve only tasted a little down payment on our inheritance, 我们还只得到产业的一点首付款,a little portion of sonship. 那只是儿子名分的一小部分(权利),We’ve gotta hunger for more.我们当渴望得更多。So V.23 says, Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies. 23不但如此,就是我们这有圣灵初结果子的,也是自己心里叹息,等候得着儿子的名分,乃是我们的身体得赎。  If we still wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, 若我们还在切望等候得着儿子的名分,it has not finished yet.  就说明这事还没完成。The Holy Spirit placed us into sonship and as co-heirs with Christ, 圣灵带给我们儿子的名分,使我们与基督同为后嗣,but there’s a process of adoption as sons for us to go through, 但收养成为长大的儿子还有一个过程,so that we may be made God’s overcoming sons in the imagine of Jesus, 才能被磨成基督样式的得胜的儿子们, therefore, our adoption to sonship has not finished yet. 因此,我们被收养成为儿子的过程尚未结束。


I John 3:2-3, Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. 3 All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure. 2亲爱的弟兄啊,我们现在是 神的儿女,将来如何,还未显明;但我们知道,主若显现,我们必要像他,因为必得见他的真体。 3凡向他有这指望的,就洁净自己,像他洁净一样。(约一32-3 “Children’ here is the word “Teknon”, 这里的儿女用的是“Teknon”这个字,immature kids. 指不成熟的孩子。 It says, 这句话说, What immature kids of God will look like at the time Jesus appears hasn’t been made known yet. 现在未成熟的神的儿女在耶稣显现的时候会是什么样子,尚不可知。


Will you be fully like Him? 他们会完全像耶稣吗? or just a little bit? 还是只有像一点点?Or a half? 或是一半像祂?Or 80 percent? 80%像?We don’t know, only God knows! 我们不知道,只有神知道! Because we’re in the process of purification! 因我们正在这个洁净自己的过程中! 3 All who have this hope in him purify themselves3凡向他有这指望的,就洁净自己. We’ve gotta live out what we’re called to be and to do. 我们当活出神召我们所是的、和所当行的。


We must willingly allow God’s correcting and purifying work to transform us. 我们当甘心让神来纠正、洁净,使我们被更新。Malachi 3:2, But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner's fire or a launderer's soap. 2他来的日子,谁能当得起呢?他显现的时候,谁能立得住呢?因为他如炼金之人的火,如漂布之人的碱。(玛32 He is pure, He wanna purify us to be like Him. 祂是圣洁的,祂想使我们圣洁能像祂。That’s serious! 这是严肃的!Coz we all know that’s an uncomfortable process. 因我们都知道那会让人不舒服。


Some may run away from God’s plan of purification, 有些人会逃离神洁净自己的工作,to live a life according to the desires of the flesh. 照着肉体所愿的去活着。For example, in 2 Tim 4:10, 就像提后410提到, we’re told that Demas as one of Paul’s Christian companions, 保罗的一个同工底马,loved this world more than to respond to God’s call obediently, 爱世界却不愿再顺服神的呼召, he went about his own life. 就离开过自己的日子去了。He didn’t overcome the temptation of the world but failed. 他没有胜过世界的诱惑,失败了。


V. 17 says,17节说, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. 如果我们和他一同受苦,也必和他一同得荣耀。 The word “if” means it’s conditional.如果这词意味着这是有条件的。 The ‘if’ is emphasised by the word ‘indeed’. “indeed”(实在)这个字加重了如果的语气, It clearly says, 就是在说,sharing in Jesus’ glory, His reign, His throne, and His inheritance, 与基督同享荣耀、权柄、宝座、产业,is an outcome of sharing in His suffering. 实实在在是与基督一同受苦的结果。What does it mean to share in His suffering? 和他一同受苦是什么意思? It means to share in the pain and hardship that Christ went through in fulfilling his calling as a Son to the Father. 意思是我们必须去受基督所受过的痛和艰难,那是为顺服和完成父的呼召和使命。In other words, if we live a life fully obedient to the father there’ll be a cost for us to pay.换句话说,我们若全然顺服父旨意,就要付上代价。There’s a cost we need to pay for our maturity. 我们要长出基督的身量需要付代价, There’s a cost in humility; 谦卑需要付上代价,There’s a cost in forgiving; 饶恕需要付代价,there’s a cost in not being defiled by bitterness and judgemental thoughts; 不被苦毒和论断污秽需要付代价。 There’s always a cost in not reacting to people resentfully, but responding to God in the right way just as Christ did. 不发怒恨人、只像基督那样回应父,必须要付上代价;There’s always a cost in living out our calling and walking in our identity. 要活出这呼召、活出我们的身份,总是要付上代价。If we don’t wanna pay the cost to share in the pain Jesus went through in fulfilling his call as a Son to the Father, 若不想在基督为完成父呼召的受苦上有份,how will we grow into mature sons like Him? 我们怎能长大成为儿子如同基督?(Years ago, someone asked me, 多年前,有人问我how to grow into maturity?怎么才能成熟长大, I replied her, “pay the price.” 我告诉她,要付代价She gave me a black eye and walked away.她白了我一眼,走了。)


Why do we fear to pay the price? 我们为什么会惧怕付代价? Why do we fear to be misunderstood by people? 我们会怕被误解?  fear to be judged by people? 怕被论断? And fear to become poor?怕穷?…Because we don’t understand 那是因为我们不明白,that all the things which happen to us are part of the maturing process, 一切发生的事都是为训练我们长大成熟过程中的一部分,and to develop our endurance and character, 都是为培养我们的忍耐和品格, and to conform us to the image of Christ. 使我们效法基督的模样。The bible says, 圣经说,Joseph received a double portion of inheritance, 约瑟承受了双份的产业,and Job received more blessings than his beginning, 约伯领受了比从前更大的祝福, after they had endured the maturing process of their faith.  在他们胜过信心成熟的考试后。God’s will is always good! 神的旨意总是好的! God says, Look!神说:看! your present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in you.  你们现在的苦楚若比起将来要显于你们的荣耀,就不足介意了。The word ‘in’ tells us, it’s all about transforming the heart. “in”这个词告诉我们,一切都是关乎内心的改变16 years ago, 16年前,the message of ‘maturity and sonship (overcoming sons)’ was first entrusted to me神第一次将生命的成熟和儿子的名分(得胜者)的信息托付给我, by dreams along with the unfolding of His Words. 是藉着异梦和祂话语的开启。Meanwhile, 与此同时,we were commanded to sell our properties, 我们被带领卖掉财产、shares and investment funds, 股票和投资基金,and give the money to the poor 把钱分给穷人,to follow Him.去跟随祂。I obeyed happily我很高兴地顺服了, because I was just saved like Zacchaeus. 因我如同撒该一样得着了救恩。Later on, 后来,God sent me other two dreams, 神又给我两个梦,“sell your gold and diamond jewellery,卖掉你的黄金和钻石珠宝首饰, and give the money to the poor.”把钱分给穷人。” At that time, I cried sadly, 那一次,我伤心地哭了, and said to Him, 对主说: “God, these are just small things, “神啊,连这些小东西也要卖, why do You treat me so harshly?” 你为什么这样苛刻地对待我?”But during my prayer, 但是当我祷告的时候,I saw Jesus in front of me, 我看见主耶稣在我的面前,carrying his cross on the way to Calvary, 背着他的十字架去往髑髅地, I saw his blood, 我看见祂流出的血, it seemed like he was saying to me, 祂似乎在对我说,“I did this for you.我这样做是为了你。 Trust me信靠我, and hand over what you have to me, 把你所有的交给我,I’ll give you what I have.” 我会把我所有的给你。” I cried even louder, 我哭得更大声了,because I saw I myself of little faith, 因我看见自己是如此小信,even though God was doing miracles through my ministry 尽管那时候神正藉我的服事行很多神迹,to bless many people. 祝福许多人。 Anyway, 无论如何, by God’s grace, 靠着神的恩典,I obeyed God’s voice happily. 我还是喜乐地顺服了神的命令。 7 years ago, 7年前,before I started my ministry in NZ, 在我开始新西兰的事工之前,when I was studying in a bible college, 我在神学院读书时,He again instructed me to teach the same subject in a dream. 祂再一次再梦中指示我要传讲这相同的主题。In which my heart was burning within me when He repeated the subject three times. 当祂把这个主题反复对我说了三遍,我的心中感动火热。Then, I saw His finger pointing me to the heavens, 然后,我就看见他指着叫我看天上,where there was a glorious city. 在那里有个荣耀的城。I can’t describe how glorious it was, 我无法用语言来表达它是何等的荣耀, the city was pure gold, 那城是精金的, shining a golden light. 有金色的光芒照耀。Then, He said this, 然后祂说: “You’ll lose everything for My sake, “(在地上)你以后将一无所有,when you’ve done the will of God, 当你行完了神的旨意, you’ll receive this as your inheritance.” 这一切都将是你的产业。”The dream was over. 梦就没了。Instead of joy my heart was troubled, 我的心不但没有喜乐,反而忧愁起来。although we had been learning to surrender to His call to lay down ourselves for the past 10 years, 虽然在过往的10年来我们一直在学习放下自己、降服于祂的呼召,at that time I was still scared when I heard that I would lose everything. 但当我听到我将一无所有的时候,我的心还是惧怕。 But praise the Lord, 但是感谢主 after another 7 years of going through the purification process 经过了又一个7年的熬炼,and walking with Him in His power and love, 靠着祂的能力和爱与他同行, this fear has gone. 我不再惧怕为主成为一无所有。 God’s grace and His reality helps us to overcome fear. 神的恩典和祂的真实帮助我们胜过惧怕。


our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the sons (huios) of God to be revealed. 我们现在的苦楚若比起将来要显于我们的荣耀,就不足介意了。19受造之物切望等候 神的众子显出来。The glory has not yet been revealed! 这荣耀还未显出来!God’s people are living their lives in immaturity 神的子民仍活在不成熟中,because they step out of God’s maturing process when they feel pain. 因为当他们感到痛时,就走离神使他们成熟的过程。 But we’re called to fix our eyes on Jesus! 但我们被呼召,是要仰望耶稣! Here is the Hope! 这就是盼望! That there will be glory manifested through us who respond to the preparation process obediently. 我们若顺服地回应这个预备的过程,神的荣耀必藉着我们彰显! Don’t run away! 不要逃避!God’s grace is more powerful than painful feelings. 神的恩典比痛苦的感觉更有能力。The future glory far exceeds what we can think and imagine! 将来的荣耀远超过我们所思所想的! It says, 这话说,the whole creation is waiting for the “Huios” (mature sons) of God to be manifested! 一切受造之物都在等候神的“Huios”(成熟的儿子)显现! The whole creation here is not waiting for Christ to be revealed, 这里的一切受造之物不是等候基督的显现,but for the “Huios” 而是等候“Huios” – the mature sons of God to be revealed! ——神成熟的众子显现! Because it involves a process of life transformation for all the Saints throughout all the generations. 因这涉及到历世历代众圣徒生命的转变过程。Isn’t that fascinating? 多么令人向往!20 For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope 21 that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.  20 因为受造之物服在虚空之下,不是自己愿意,乃是因那叫他如此的。21 但受造之物仍然指望脱离败坏的辖制,得享 神儿女自由的荣耀。The whole of creation is groaning in frustration,受造之物在虚空中叹息, because the original son of God Adam failed, 是因神最初的儿子亚当失败了,he gave over his authority to rule over the earth to Satan, 他将管理全地的权柄交给了撒但,and the whole earth was put under a curse. 全地都被咒诅了。 Gen 3:17, Cursed is the ground because of you. 【创3:17】地必为你的缘故受咒诅。 The earth is groaning, 全地都在叹息,and longing for the appointed time to come, 正在盼望神预定的时间来到, when the (mature sons) of God are manifested, 当神成熟的众子显现出来, the whole of creation will be freed from corruption. 一切受造之物都将从败坏中脱离出来。In other words, 换句话说, the whole of creation is longing for a group of believers throughout all the generations, 一切受造之物正在等候盼望历世历代的一批信徒, who have been prepared and made ready 他们在被预备并且预备好了,to be manifested as the mature overcoming sons at the appointed time在神预定的时候作为神成熟得胜的众子们显出来, to bring redemption, restoration, and deliverance to the creation of the earth. 给全地上的万物带来拯救、复兴和释放。   Then, the whole earth will suddenly become highly productive. 那时,全地将瞬间进入极大的昌盛。Its economic system, 经济体系、 it’s agricultural system, 农业体系、 it’s political system, 政治体系… all of that will be reformed when Jesus returns to reign with His overcoming sons. 一切地上的,都将在主耶稣再来、和祂得胜的众子们执掌王权之时被更新了。Then, 那时, the glory of the knowledge of the Lord will fill the earth,认识耶和华的荣耀必充满全地, like the waters covers the sea. 好像水充满洋海一般。 Everything about creation, 一切关乎受造物的,like global warming, 比如地球变暖、 or wars or whatever, 战争或任何问题,will be sorted out, 都被解决了, because there will be many of the “Huios” of God to come with Christ. 因为将有许多神的成熟的儿子们与基督同来,and bring restoration, healing and redemption to the whole creation!为全地带来复兴, 医治和拯救!


And they won’t just reign for a thousand years on earth, 他们不但在地上作王一千年,but will reign forever in the new heavens and the new earth (Rev 22:3-5)! 将来在新天新地仍要作王直到永永远远(22:3-5)!That’s why we were born into the family of God, 这就是为什么我们重生进入神的家,and that’s why we were created! 这是为什么我们被造! And this is even what the creation is waiting for eagerly! 这也是所有受造之物所热切期盼的! It’s all about maturity and eternal destiny. 这都是关乎成熟的生命和永恒的命定。


Christian life is not just about that, 基督徒的生命不只是 “God, bless me with a healthy body,神啊,赐我健康的身体, God, bless me with more income, 神啊,赐我更多的收入,bless me with more houses…” 赐我更多的房子……”No! ! It’s all about eternal purpose! 生命是关于它永恒的意义!The creation is groaning and longing for you and me to be revealed as “huios” of God, 受造之物在叹息、盼望你和我成为神成熟的儿子被显出来,by then, the whole of creation will be delivered from the curse which caused by the fall of man. 那时,全地将从因人的堕落所带来的诅咒中被释放出来。 


What’s your response to this great hope? 什么是你对这巨大盼望的回应?The whole of creation is waiting! 所有受造之物都在等候God is waiting! 神在等候!Press on! 当竭力追求!Bring it on! 当迎接挑战!


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