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2020-03-01 Wisdom智慧

发表于 2024-01-08

Today, we are beginning the lent Series on our church calendar. 今天,我们要开始四旬期的系列讲道。Traditionally, Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, 传统上,这节开始于圣灰星期三,which is on 26 February this year,今年是226号,and ends at Palm Sunday. 到棕枝主日结束。It lasts about six weeks (40 days). 它持续约六周(40天)。Lent is a special time for us to pray, reflect on the word of God and the works of Jesus, 四旬期是我们祷告,默想神的话语和耶稣所作的事,and recommit ourselves to do good in God’s sight in preparation for the celebration of Easter. 并重新献上自己给神,并去作神眼中为美的事,来预备庆祝复活节的到来。This year, 今年,we are starting our Lent Series with Proverbs 3:13-18:我们将以箴言313-18开始我们的四旬期系列分享:


Why does wisdom matter? 为什么得智慧很重要? What do you think wisdom is?你认为智慧是什么? And what wisdom can bring you? 智慧能带给您什么?What comes to mind when people talk about the wisdom of this world? 人们谈到这个世界的智慧时会想到什么?To be well educated, 良好的教育,have a good job, 有一份好工作, be well-paid, wealthy and a good reputation? 有高薪,有钱,并有良好的声誉? They are all considered the end result for a person who has gained wisdom in this world. 这是被认为在这个世界上有智慧的人所拥有的。Can the wisdom of this world really give people a blessed and successful life?但拥有这世界的智慧真的能给人带来蒙福和成功的生活吗?When I googled for “disasters in the world of 2020” last week, 当我上周在Google搜索“ 2020年世界灾难时,it immediately showed that 9 disasters have already happened within the two months. 立即看见自2020年年初以来已经发生了9场灾难。 Let’s look at the screen.让我们看一下屏幕。 1, Taal Volcano Eruption. 塔尔火山爆发。  (The Taal volcanic eruption happened 60km south of Manila the capital of the Philippines).(塔尔火山喷发发生在菲律宾首都马尼拉以南60公里处)。2, Australia's deadly bushfires. 澳大利亚致命的森林大火。(Nearly 2200 homes have been destroyed and almost half a million animals have been killed by the fire). (近2200所房屋被摧毁,近50万的动物被大火夺去生命)3, Brown New Zealand Glaciers. 布朗新西兰冰川。(images show that Glaciers in New Zealand have turned brown due to the Aussie bushfires. 图片看见,由于澳大利亚的丛林大火,新西兰的冰川变成了褐色。This could cause the glaciers to melt by as much as 30%! 这可能导致冰川融化多达30%! Can you imagine what will happen then? 你能想象会发生什么事吗?How many cities will be flooded if that number of glaciers really melt? 如果那么多冰川融化,将会淹没多少座城市? Will Christchurch be safe then? 基督城会安全吗?


4, Vegetation in the Himalayas. 喜马拉雅山见植物。(the melting of Himalayan glaciers also is increasing the risk of flooding)(喜马拉雅冰川的融化也增加了洪水的风险)5, Floods in Dubai. 迪拜的洪水。 6, Flood in Indonesia.印尼洪灾。7, Storms in America's Deep South. 美国深南地区的风暴。  8, Ebola Outbreak. 埃博拉疫情爆发。(Since the beginning of the outbreak and as of 11 February 2020, 2253 people have died out of 3432 patients.(自爆发开始到2020211日,在3432名患者中有2253人死亡。 9, the out break of the Coronavirus in China. 是中国冠状病毒的爆发。(it has killed 2800 people, and nearly 80,000 have been infected so far.)(已经有2800人死于这病毒,有接近8万人得病)


1, Worldly wisdom vs Godly wisdom. (v.13-15) 世上的智慧与神的智慧,13-15

Everyone seeks the wisdom of this world, 每个人都在寻找这个世界的智慧, for we think that it can give us a high IQ and a high education, 因为我们认为智慧可以给我们一个高智商和高学历, therefore we are able to earn more money, 就可以多赚钱, and then we will have a blessed life. 然后我们会有一个蒙福的生活。But at the beginning of 2020, 但在2020年初, God has shown us the reality 上帝向我们展示了这样一个事实that worldly wisdom related to wealth is totally unrelated to safety, hope and a blessed life.和钱财息息相关的属世智慧,却与安全、盼望和蒙福人生毫无关系。Genesis 3 gives us understanding about what worldly wisdom eventually brings to us. 《创世纪》第3章告诉我们属世智慧最终会给我们带来什么。God made everything including humankind. 上帝创造了一切包括人类。And He is the true and only source of ALL blessings. 他是所有恩惠的供应,是真实的唯一的供应。Proverbs 2:6箴言26 says, For the Lord gives wisdom, from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.因为耶和华赐人智慧,知识和聪明都由他口而出。 But the enemy never gives up attempts to entice God’s people into sin, 但是仇敌总是引诱上帝的子民犯罪, so that he may have authority over them. 好统治他们。In Genesis 3, 在创世纪3章,the first man and woman Adam and Eve saw the fruit of the tree was desirable for gaining wisdom, and they ate it。 亚当和夏娃看见那树上的果子,以为可得智慧,就吃了(Gen 3:6). 创世纪36.


Had they really been like God knowing good and evil after eating the forbidden fruit? 他们吃了果子后真的像神那么能分辨善恶了吗?No, they hadn’t. 可惜没有Sadly,可悲的是, they lost godly wisdom.他们丧掉了从神来的智慧。 Humanity therefore became slaves to sin, fear and death. 人类因此成为罪、惧怕和死亡的奴隶。Worldly wisdom is charming and well dressed, 世上的智慧是迷惑人的,看着很好,it seems to give people gold and silver and hope, 似乎是带给人金银财宝和盼望,but when we chase after it, 但当我们追逐它时,we chase after the wind. 不过是捕风。King Solomon who was the wisest and richest man who ever lived in the world testified, 所罗门王是这世上最有智慧、最有钱的人,that all what we chase under the sun is meaningless, a chasing after the wind他见证说,我见日光之下所行的一切事,都是虚空,都是捕风 (see Ecclesiastes 1:14见传道书114. Kobe Bryant, one of the most successful basketball players, 科比·布莱恩特,最成功的篮球运动员之一died with his 13-year-old daughter and other people in an air crash a month ago. 在一个月前与他13岁的女儿和其他一些人一起死于空难。We sadly ask, 我们悲伤地问, “Did his 800 million Dollars give his 13-year-old daughter safety, hope and a blessed life?” “他的8亿美元给了他13岁的女儿安全、希望和幸福的生活吗?”No, she died as well. 并没有,她也死了。Let us be wise, people of God! 神的子民啊,让我们聪明起来!Chase worldly wisdom? 追逐世上的智慧吗? Chase after the wind.就是捕风。


Ecclesiastes 7:4 (传道书74)Someone who is always thinking about happiness is a fool. 愚昧人的心,在快乐之家,A wise person thinks about death.智慧人的心在遭丧之家。 In other words, 换言之,a fool always thinks about happiness in this life. 愚昧人老想着这生快活过。Because he doesn’t have the wisdom to know that this life is short.因他没有智慧,看见生命是短暂的。 But a wise person thinks about death, 但是一个有智慧的人思考死亡, and then he will get serious about his relationship with God. 他就会认真对待他与上帝的关系。 In the face of so many disasters that are happening all over the world in 2020,面对2020年世界各地发生的那么多灾难,we should wake up! 我们应该警醒了!This is a time for us to resist the lure of worldly wisdom, 这是我们抵制世俗智慧的诱惑, and to diligently seek out true wisdom. 努力寻求真正智慧的时刻。箴言313V.13, Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, 得智慧、得聪明的,这人便为有福。14 for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. 因为得智慧胜过得银子,其利益强如精金,15 She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.比珍珠宝贵,你一切所喜爱的,都不足与比较。 Let’s think about it, 试想想,what if God said it to you in a dream, 如果上帝在梦里对你说“ask for whatever you want me to give you.”向我求任何你想要的 “Give me success, Lord” 主啊让我功成名就。“make me rich Lord.“主啊,让我发财。 We would have so many things to ask for. 我们想要的东西很多。But King Solomon didn’t ask for silver and gold from God, 但是所罗门王没有向上帝要金银财宝, when God said this to him in a dream, 当神在梦中对所罗门王说这话的时候,Solomon knew that wisdom was more precious than silver and gold. 他知道智慧比金银更宝贵。 Wisdom is more costly than money and wealth. 智慧胜过金钱和财富。Nothing people desire in this earth can compare with wisdom. 在这个世界上,没有什么比智慧更能满足人们的欲望了。 So Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge from God. 所罗门王求神赐他智慧聪明King Solomon became famous for his wise judgments all over the ancient world. 所罗门王因他的智慧判断曾全球闻名For wisdom is a gift from God. 智慧是神给的恩赐。“for the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Pro 2:6 因为耶和华赐人智慧、知识和聪明,都由他口而出。箴 2:6’


 2, Ask and seek after wisdom. 祈求和寻求智慧

How can we gain wisdom? 我们怎样才能获得智慧 We must ask for and seek after it.我们必须去祈求和寻求它James 1:5 tells us, ‘If any of you lacks wisdom, 你们中间若有缺少智慧的,he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault,应当求那厚赐与众人、也不斥责人的神, and it will be given to him.’主就必赐给他。 In the context, 在这段上下文中,James is speaking of wisdom for a particular moment, 雅各谈到了我们在某个时刻需要智慧,when we don’t know what to do? 当我们不知道该怎么做的时候? Should I Go or not go? 我要不要去?Buy or not buy? 我要不要买?Do it or not? 做还是不做?Invest or not invest? 要不要做这个投资?When we don’t know what the best choice is? 当我们不知道怎样做 才是最好的选择?When we need to make decisions, 当我们需要做决定时we are used to asking people for advice.我们总是想听别人怎么说。But never ask people before you first ask God. 但是千万不要问人,要先问神。For God has promised to give us wisdom. 神已经应许要赐我们智慧。Asking for wisdom to guide us is an act of faith which testifies that we trust God rather than ourselves or other people. 祈求神用智慧来引导是我们信心的表现,它见证我们信上帝,而不是信自己或他人。For proverbs 28:26 says,箴言2826节说, he who trusts in himself is a fool, but one who walks in wisdom will be safe.心中自是的,便是愚昧人;凭智慧行事的,必蒙拯救。 Does anyone wants to be a fool?有人想做那愚拙之人吗? Easy! 那很容易!We can just trust in ourselves. 信自己就好了。But if anyone wanna be wise, 但若有人想要得智慧,and be kept safe,得保守, put your trust in God, 要信上帝,and He will give you wisdom and keep you safe! 他必赐你智慧保守你平安!Our God is a gracious God! 我们的神是充满恩典的神!He will listen to our cries, 他必听我们的呼求, and give us wisdom when we ask for it. 赐我们所需用的智慧。


(Sister V shared a testimony with us last Monday morning. V姐妹上周一早上跟我们分享了一个见证。Having bought an air ticket for China on January 2020 last year, 她妈去年买了一张20201月去中国的机票后,Vicky’s mum asked her to pray for God’s guidance.就让她祷告求神的指引 。Because she admitted that only God knew what lay before her. 因为她信只有上帝知道她面前的道路。If God didn’t allow her to go, 如果上帝不让她走,she said she would give up going. 她说她便不会去。This was a way of seeking God’s wisdom to guide her, 这是寻求上帝的智慧来指引她的一种方式,although she had bought the air ticket. 虽然她已经买了机票。After the prayer, 祷告后,something happened in their family, 家中发生了点事,and she was asked to stay in CHCH. 她也被要求留在基督城。She didn’t understand why, 她不明白为什么,and she initially felt angry, 一开始她很生气,“why am I not allowed to travel”. “为什么我不能去But a couple of weeks later, 但是几周过后,the news started to report the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in China, 新闻都在报道在中国蔓延的新冠状病毒疫情,and said that old people were deadly impacted by it. 报道说这疫情对老人有致命的影响。Then she said, 于是她说,‘Praise the Lord. 感谢赞美主。He has kept me safe 祂保全了我的安全We trust God and ask for wisdom, 我们信靠神祈求智慧,and we also need to accept what He gives us in reply to our prayers! 我们也需要接受神对我们祷告的回应。And lay down our own wishes and desires to believe that God knows what is best for us! 放下我们自己的想和私欲,信靠上帝的安排是最好的!


3, God’s Word Brings Wisdom (v.16-18)智慧来自神的话,16-18

16 Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. 17 Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. 8 She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her;  those who hold her fast will be blessed. 她右手有长寿,左手有富贵。她的道是安乐;她的路全是平安。她与持守她的作生命树;持定她的,俱各有福。(箴言 3:16-18)It reveals the benefits of godly wisdom: 这节经文启示了敬虔的智慧带来的益处有:“a blessed life, 蒙福人生, long life, 长寿,riches and honor, 富贵尊荣peace and safety平安、稳妥。”. When you hold onto godly wisdom, 当你持定这智慧,you’re taking hold of the tree of life, 你就抓住了生命树, not the tree of good and evil. 而不是判断善恶树。 And you may participate in an abundant life. 你就会与丰盛生命有份。 Isn’t that attractive to you? 对你有没有吸引力?Yes! This is what people actually want. 有!这就是人们真正想要的。


But we don’t have to strive for a blessed life in our own strength. 但我们无需靠自己的力量去争夺一个蒙福的人生,We don’t have to strive for a good reputation or to please people in our own strength. 无需靠自己的力量去争好名声或人的喜爱,We don’t have to fear the coronavirus or any virus that may harm us. 我们无需惧怕冠状病毒或其它病毒害到我们,Because if we embrace godly wisdom, 因为我们若得这敬虔的智慧,we’ll receive all of these promises in Christ.就会在基督里得着这一切的应许。1 Corinthians 1:30 says, (哥林多前书 1:30) “And because of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption.” 但你们得在基督耶稣里是本乎 神, 神又使他成为我们的智慧、公义、圣洁、救赎。Christ is our wisdom.基督是我们的智慧。Colossians 2:3 says in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. 所积蓄的一切智慧知识,都在他里面藏着。(歌罗西书 2:3) Wisdom can only be found in Christ. 惟有基督里才能寻得智慧。1 Corinthians 1:24 but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. 但在那蒙召的,无论是犹太人、希腊人,基督总为 神的能力, 神的智慧。(哥林多前书 1:24) Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God. 基督是神的能力,神的智慧。When we receive Christ Jesus to be our Saviour, 在接受耶稣基督为救主的同时,we receive the wisdom which is in Christ. 我们就接受了基督里的所藏的智慧。 When we receive Jesus Christ, 在接受耶稣基督的同时,we receive the power of God and the wisdom of God in our life. 我们就接受了神的能力和神的智慧进入我们的生命。 So we aren’t powerless. 所以我们不是软弱的, We aren’t victims of bad choices.  也不是总是做错事的牺牲品。


But why do we still make bad choices? 但我们为什么仍然会做很多错事?Why do we still regret and suffer from the result of the bad decisions we make?为什么仍然会后悔和承受错误决定的果子? proverbs 28:26 says, he who trusts in himself is a fool, but one who walks in wisdom will be safe. 心中自是的,便是愚昧人;凭智慧行事的,必蒙拯救。(箴言 28:26) Because we trust in ourselves; 因为我们信了自己;and because we don’t ask God for wisdom and guidance, 因为我们没有寻求神的智慧引导,we just do it according to our own wishes, 只是想怎么做就去做了,he who trusts in himself is a fool, 心中自是的,便是愚昧人; then we become fools and lose the wisdom of God, 于是我们成了傻瓜,失去神的智慧,we fail miserably.就凄惨地失败了。 We are to learn that before we act, 我们要操练在做事之前 we ask God for wisdom.我们向求神赐智慧。 We need to chase after Jesus Christ and follow His commands.需要寻求耶稣基督并跟从祂的命令。 2 Tim 3:15, These Scriptures are able to make you wise. And that wisdom leads to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 这圣经能使你因信基督耶稣,有得救的智慧。(提摩太后书 3:15) God’s Word is able to make us wise. 神的话能使我们有智慧。When we walk in the Word of God not our own ways for salvation,我们若行在神叫我们得救的话语中,不行己路, we walk in wisdom with Christ.就与基督一同行在智慧里。Psa 111:10 says, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To Him belongs eternal praise. 敬畏耶和华是智慧的开端; 凡遵行 他命令 的是聪明人。 耶和华是永远当赞美的!(诗篇 111:10  It tells us that if we don’t know the way of “the fear of the Lord”, 这里说,若我们知道敬畏神的道路,we don’t even go on the way of wisdom. 那么我们甚至连智慧之路都还没上呢。 When Isaiah prophesied the coming Messiah (Christ), 以赛亚预言将要来的弥赛亚(基督)时, he said in Isa 11:3, that Christ would delight in the fear of the Lord. (以赛亚113),他说基督以敬畏耶和华为乐。Because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 因敬畏耶和华是智慧的开端。


What does it mean to fear the Lord? 什么是敬畏耶和华? Proverbs 8:13a says, “To fear the Lord is to hate evil.” 敬畏耶和华在乎恨恶邪恶; (箴言 8:13) The fear of the Lord is to hate sin, 敬畏耶和华就是恨恶罪,but not to hate sinners. 但不是恨恶罪人。The book of Job is considered one of the wisdom books in the bible, 《约伯记》被认为是圣经中智慧书的其中一卷,Job chapter 28 verse 28 tells us, (约伯记 28:28)  说, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.”敬畏主就是智慧;远离恶便是聪明。It emphasizes that if a person doesn’t turn away from sin, 这里强调人若不远离罪,he doesn’t even have wisdom and understanding in God’s eyes.在神眼里就一点智慧和聪明也没有。


King Solomon gives us a conclusion for the book of Ecclesiastes like this: 所罗门王在《传道书》结尾这样总结:“fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. 12:13b” 敬畏 神,谨守他的诫命,这是人所当尽的本分(或译:这是众人的本分)。(传道书 12:13) Sin and the corrupted self keeps us from gaining heavenly wisdom. 罪和堕落的老我使我们得不着属天的智慧。 But when we turn away from the self and its sinful thoughts, 但当我们离弃老我和有罪的意念,to following the Word of God, 去跟从神的话,because we revere God, 因我们敬畏神, we have the wisdom to make right decisions. 就得着智慧可以做正确的决定。 Also, we have the wisdom to discern what is from God, and what is from the evil one. 并且我们也能得着智慧分辨哪些出于神或出于恶者。So in our daily prayers, 所以在日常祷告中,we aren’t just to ask God for wisdom, 我们不仅去求神赐智慧,but also we need to allow the Holy Spirit to expose our deep evil thoughts还要求圣灵显明我们深处的意念(selfish thoughts, or fear, 自私自利的想法,惧怕, or anger, or bitterness, 怒气,苦毒,or unforgiveness, or lust or whatever thoughts…不饶恕,情欲,等等……), so that we may deeply turn to God, 让我们能深深地转向神,and may have more godly wisdom.可以得着更多敬虔的智慧。


In the beginning of January this year, 今年一月初,I eventually could take a real holiday. 我终于可以真正休个假。 But bad news came from my family但家里却传来坏消息,that my dad might have had prostate cancer with stage 4. 说我爸可能患了前列腺癌4期。What? 什么?I talked to his doctor over the phone, 我和父亲的医生通了电话,and he couldn’t give me a certain answer. 但他无法给我肯定的答复。So I immediately searched Air New Zealand for an air ticket. 我立刻上新西兰航空公司查机票。But suddenly, 但突然, I realised that I needed to pray first. 我意识到我需要先祷告。So I confessed to the Lord我向主悔改,for allowing negative thoughts 因我允许负面的意念like worrying and anxiety to enter my heart比如担心忧虑等进入我的心,to drag my eyes away from focusing on Jesus.把我的视线从注目耶稣移开。 Then I prayed to cast them out of my heart, 然后我祷告将这些负面意念赶出去,and I started to meditate on what He had promised me, 开始默想神给我的应许,as well as Isa 28:16b, 比如【赛28:16下】 “the one who trust God will never be dismayed.” “信靠的人必不着急。”When I was focusing on Jesus 当我定睛于耶稣and His plan for me and my family, 和祂对我和家人的计划时,I heard a small voice say, 我听到一个微弱的声音说, “that’s the enemy’s scheme “那是仇敌的诡计, that he doesn’t wanna you to get some rest.” 他想让你不得休息。”It was like a beam of light shining into my heart. 这话如同一道光照入我心, Peace immediately filled my heart. 平安立刻充满了我。 So I made a decision that I wouldn’t go back to Shenzhen 所以我决定不回深圳 due to the small voice I got. 是因我听到了这微弱的声音That evening, they told me当晚,他们告诉我,that the doctor got something wrong from reading the report.是医生误读了检验报告。Actually, my father had a small surgery for a small problem, 结果我父亲只是因小问题做了个小手术,and now his body is as strong as normal. 现在他身体已恢复健康。


So brothers and sisters, 兄弟姐妹们, when we’re standing on the crossroads, 当我们站在十字路口,and we need to make decisions需要做决定,but we don’t know what to do, 却不知当如何行, if we deeply turn to trusting in God我们若完全转向信靠神,by driving out all negative thoughts祷告将一切负面的意念赶出去,and waiting on Him in our prayers, 等候祂,the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom to discern圣灵必赐我们智慧分辨 and to help us make right decisions.并帮我们做出正确的决定。For ALL wisdom and knowledge is in Christ. 因所有智慧和知识都在基督里and Christ is in us! 基督也在我们里面


To further explain these two types of wisdom, 为进一步解释这两种智慧,worldly wisdom vs godly wisdom, 属世的智慧和属神的智慧,James gives us a contrast in James 3:13 -18. 雅各书313-18讲到两者的对比:who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. 14 But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. 15 Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. 16 For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.17 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. 18 Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness. 【雅3:13-1813你们中间谁是有智慧、有见识的呢?他就当在智慧的温柔上显出他的善行来。14你们心里若怀着苦毒的嫉妒和纷争,就不可自夸,也不可说谎话抵挡真道。15这样的智慧不是从上头来的,乃是属地的、属情欲的、属鬼魔的。16在何处有嫉妒纷争,就在何处有扰乱和各样的坏事。17惟独从上头来的智慧,先是清洁,后是和平,温良柔顺,满有怜悯,多结善果,没有偏见,没有假冒。18并且使人和平的,是用和平所栽种的义果。


From this passage, 从这段经文,we see that true wisdom is associated with 我们看到真正的智慧关乎purity,清洁、humility, 谦卑、meekness, 温柔、submission, 顺服、forgiveness, 饶恕、compassion, 怜悯、love, 爱、 sincerity, 诚实、peacemaking 使人和平and all the good fruit from yielding to the Holy Spirit.  及一切顺服圣灵所结的果子。


While worldly wisdom is linked to而属世的智慧则与 envy, 嫉妒、comparisons, 比较、bitterness, 苦毒、 unforgiveness, 不饶恕、selfish ambition, 纷争、disorder,  扰乱、evil practices, 各样的坏事and demonic movements. 和鬼魔的运行相关联。


Wisdom reveals the great mystery of life: 智慧揭示出生命的极大奥秘:that living for our own interests and selfish-ambition 人若为自己的利益和自私的野心而活doesn’t satisfy, 是不能满足的,while living wholly for God惟有完全为神而活,and in obedience to His Word顺服祂的话, brings joy and peace 就会带来喜乐、平安and life in abundance. 和丰盛的生命。If we pursue purity and peace in Christ, 我们若追求基督里的清洁与平安,if we surrender ourselves 我们若放下自己to God’s judgement and forgive others, 降服于神的判断并饶恕他人,if we live by the Spirit of truth, 我们若在真理的灵里活着,heavenly wisdom will go before us! 属天的智慧必在我们前头行!The power of God and the wisdom of God will be displayed through us! 神的能力和智慧必藉我们彰显!And that gives glory to God!   神就因此得着荣耀!







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