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2020-11-29 The Church in the Last Days (1) 教会在末后的日子(1)

发表于 2024-01-08

(Revelation 12启示录12)

Today we’re coming into Advent, 今天我们进入基督降临节节期, and it’ll end on Christmas Eve.直到圣诞夜结束。 Advent is a time for us to reflect and prepare for the Nativity of Christ and the second coming of Christ. 降临节是我们反思和预备基督诞生和基督再来的时期 I’m going to take you through Revelation chapter 12 to 13 over the next two Sundays. 接下来的两个主日,我将带大家看启示录第1213章。You know why?为什么分享这两章? Because as many of us already know, 因为你们中许多人已经知道的,on 28th October Wednesday afternoon (just a month ago), 1028日周三下午(大概一个月前),after a prayer, 祷告结束后,I heard a voice say to me, 我听到一个声音说,“he (Trump) did evil to the poor, 川普向穷人行了恶事,he divided the nation, 他分裂国家,divided the people, 分裂民族,and discriminated against the people of colour whom God created. 歧视上帝所造的有色人种。As a president he didn’t make every effort to stop the spreading of the virus which has caused so many people to suffer…作为总统,他没有尽力来阻止病毒的传播,这种病毒让很多人遭受痛苦…God will depose him as a ruler. 神必废掉他做王 


I actually hadn’t read any relevant news about the election at the time I heard the voice. 在我听到这个声音前,我没有看过任何有关选举的新闻So I prayed about it and was convinced that it was from God. 我就为这事祷告,并且确信是出于神 Since then, 那之后,I’ve been praying about what’s God’s will in telling me this. 我一直在祷告神告诉这些有什么旨意。Because I know there must have a reason for it. 因为神说话必有祂的旨意。God is not like a magic performer. 神不像那些魔术师。Whenever He speaks, 任何时候祂说话,He speaks for a reason.都是有原因的。 God speaks for a purpose. 神说话有祂的旨意。 What does He want us to know? 他想让我们明白什么呢?Definitely, 显然的,it’s always about the truth.是关于真理的。 The Word of God. 神的话。It’s always about His Kingdom to come.总是关乎神国度降临。Let’s read 让我们来读Relation 12, 启示录12A great sign appeared in heaven: 天上现出大异象来:a woman clothed with the sun有一个妇人,身披日头。


The book of Revelation is the vision from Jesus Christ (Re 1:1), 启示录是关于耶稣基督的启示It reveals what is going to happen on earth before Jesus’ return to rule His Kingdom on earth, 它揭示了在耶稣再来,以祂的国度统管全地前,在地上将要发生的事情,so that His Church may know how to prepare for His return. 叫祂的教会知道怎样为祂的再来作准备And it’s crucial for us to understand that the gospel is not just about Jesus who died and resurrected to save sinners, 理解福音不只是耶稣死里复活救罪人,but also about His kingdom on earth. 更是带下祂的国度在地上,这是至关重要的。Why is it so crucial? 为什么?Because before the Kingdom of Christ comes in perfection and fullness to rule on earth when Jesus returns, 因为当基督的国完全来到地上,在主再来前,the kingdom of darkness won’t give up flighting against the Kingdom of light. 黑暗的国度会一直与光明国度来争战。God’s Kingdom has nothing to do with the governments of this world. 神国度与这个世界的政权无关。The battlefield for the two Kingdoms is in people’s hearts. 两国的战场在人们心中Is there Sin, 是罪,selfishness, 是自私or pride, 骄傲or unforgiveness, 不饶恕,or manipulation 是操纵or self-righteousness that rule in our hearts? 自义在我们心中掌权?Or Jesus’ righteousness, 还是耶稣和他的公义、love, 爱、joy, 喜乐、and peace和平 that rule in our hearts?在我们心中掌权? 


1, Who is the woman, the child, and the dragon? v.1-6谁是那女人,男孩,和龙?1-6 


Now let’s look at, 让我们来读V1-6, And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. 2 She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth... 天上现出大异象来:有一个妇人身披日头,脚踏月亮,头戴十二星的冠冕。她怀了孕,在生产的艰难中疼痛呼叫。天上又现出异象来:有一条大红龙,七头十角;七头上戴着七个冠冕。它的尾巴拖拉着天上星辰的三分之一,摔在地上。龙就站在那将要生产的妇人面前,等她生产之后,要吞吃她的孩子。妇人生了一个男孩子,是将来要用铁杖辖管(辖管:原文是牧)万国的;她的孩子被提到 神宝座那里去了。妇人就逃到旷野,在那里有 神给她预备的地方,使她被养活一千二百六十天。( 12:1-6) 


Here comes a question, in the book of Revelation 12, 在启示录第十二章中who is the woman, the child, and the dragon? 谁是女人,孩子和龙? Apparently, the dragon is Satan, the devil, 显然,龙是撒但,魔鬼,coz verse 9 clearly tells us this.因为第9节清楚地告诉了我们这一点。And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world (Re 12:9). 大龙就是那古蛇,名叫魔鬼,又叫撒但,是迷惑普天下的。它被摔在地上,它的使者也一同被摔下去。( 12:9)  But who is the child? 但这孩子是谁?It’s also obvious. 这也很明显。The child refers to Jesus Christ. 孩子指的就是耶稣基督。Because in verse 5, 因为在第5节中, it tells us the woman gave birth to a son, 也告诉我们这妇人生了一个儿子,who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.这儿子将用铁杖管辖万国。 


We see this in Revelation chapter 19, 在第19章里when it mentions the King of kings and the Lord of lords,当提到万王之王,万主之主 v.14 says, ‘He will rule them with an iron scepter.” 14节说,祂将用铁杖管辖万国That’s Jesus.那就是耶稣。 The prophet Isaiah also tells us this concerning Jesus’ birth,旧约的先知以赛亚也这样的讲到过耶稣 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. 因有一婴孩为我们而生;有一子赐给我们。政权必担在他的肩头上; ( 9:6)  The boy was born for a purpose to save His people from their sins, 这男孩出世的目的就是为了拯救他的子民脱离罪恶,which is the good news at Christmas. 这是圣诞节的好消息。And the boy was also born to rule all the nations with divine power and authority. 这个男孩也是为用神的权柄统管万国而出生的。The boy is the King of kings and the Lord of lords - Jesus. 这男孩是万王之王和万主之主-耶稣。Now, we’re looking at who the woman is in verse one. 现在,我们来看看这妇人是谁。Some say, it’s Mary. 有人说,是玛丽亚。Some say it’s the Church. 有人说这是教会。Because in the bible the church is described as the bride of Christ – ‘the woman’. 因为在圣经中,教会被形容为基督的新妇- 就是“妇人”。But the Church can’t give birth to Jesus. 但教会不能生耶稣。It’s the other way around. 相反,是耶稣生了教会。So the woman in verse one can’t be the church. 所以第一节中的妇人就不能是教会。 And it also can’t be Mary. 而且也不是玛丽亚。The woman only could be Israel at this stage, who represents God’s kingdom on earth. 这个妇人在这个阶段只能是以色列, 它代表神的国度在地上In the OT, Israel is often described as a woman. 在旧约中,以色列经常被描述为女人。


For example 比如, Jeremiah 3:20, But like a woman unfaithful to her husband, so you, Israel, have been unfaithful to me,” declares the Lord. 以色列家,你们向我行诡诈,真像妻子行诡诈离开她丈夫一样。( 3:20) And v.1 says, 1节说,a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars”. 有一个妇人身披日头,脚踏月亮,头戴十二星的冠冕。According to Joseph’s dream in Genesis 37:9-10, 根据约瑟在( 37:9-10)做的梦,Listen,” he said, “I had another dream, and this time the sun and moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me.” 10 When he told his father as well as his brothers, his father rebuked him and said, “What is this dream you had? Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow down to the ground before you?”  后来他又做了一梦,也告诉他的哥哥们说:“看哪,我又做了一梦,梦见太阳、月亮,与十一个星向我下拜。”约瑟将这梦告诉他父亲和他哥哥们,他父亲就责备他说:“你做的这是什么梦!难道我和你母亲、你弟兄果然要来俯伏在地,向你下拜吗?”  The sun here is interpreted to represent Jacob, 这里的太阳被解释为代表雅各, the moon Joseph’s mum Rachel, 月亮代表约瑟的妈妈拉结,and the eleven stars are the sons of Israel. 十一颗星星是以色列的11 个儿子。 If Joseph is added, 如果加上约瑟,there are twelve stars which represent the twelve tribes of Israel. 就是十二颗星代表以色列的十二个支派。 Therefore, 因此,the woman in verse one before Jesus was born refers to Israel在耶稣出生之前的第一节经文中的妇人 就是指以色列- God’s Kingdom on earth in the OT. - 是旧约时代 神的国度在人间。The bible also tells us,圣经也告诉我们 for salvation is from the Jews.” 救恩从以色列而出。It means the nation of Israel was chosen to give birth to Christ, 这意味着以色列是神拣选的国生下基督,and Jesus’ earthly identity was a Galilean Jew. 而耶稣在地上的身份是加利利犹太人。But later in this chapter, 但是在本章的后面, from verse 10-11, and verse 17, 从第10-11节和第17节,we see that the woman after Jesus was born includes the Church我们看到耶稣出生后的妇人,就包括了教会- God’s Kingdom on earth in the NT. - 在新约里,神的国度在地上。Because it is involved in spiritual warfare between the dragon and the rest of the woman’s offspring因为这里牵涉到了龙与妇人的后代之间的属灵争战, who hold fast to their testimony about Jesus. 龙和妇女其余的儿女去争战,就是为耶稣作见证的。


It’s clear that the woman is both Israel, 显然,这妇女既是以色列,the community of faith which gave birth to Christ, 一个诞生基督的旧约的神的会众and the Church, the community of faith which is redeemed by the blood of Christ. 和借着基督的宝血赎回的新约的神的教会。They are one in the Kingdom of God. 他们在神国度里是合一的。And one day, when the time has come, 有一天,时间到了,we’ll see Abraham, Moses, King David and all the OT Saints in the Kingdom of God. 我们将看到神国中的亚伯拉罕,摩西,大卫王和所有旧约圣徒。And you’ll be able to chat with them. 你将可以和他们聊天。So we’ve gotta pray for Israel that God’s promise to them will be done. 所以,我们要为以色列祈求,愿神对他们的应许成就。 Coz Romans 11:25-26 tells us, 因为罗马书 1125-26告诉我们, that after the full number of the Gentiles has come in, 在外邦人得救的数目添满了后, all Israel will be saved. 所有的以色列人都将得救。Like us, 像我们一样,when the time comes God will save Israel by grace.  当时候来到,神将以恩典拯救以色列。 


2, War on earth now. (v.7-12) 现在争战在地上 

7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 7 使 使 8 Here the bible clearly tells us about the existence of the spiritual warfare. 在这里,圣经清楚地告诉我们有关属灵争战的存在。And it starts in the heavenly realm. 它从天上开始。Michael is the archangel. 米迦勒是天使长。He and his angels defeated Satan and his followers in the heavenly realm. 他和他的天使们在天上打败了撒但和他的跟随者。Satan was defeated in heaven and cast out from heaven, 撒但被打败了,并且从天上被赶出去,which Jesus himself also testified in Luke 10:18, 主耶稣也在路加福音1018节见证说,“I saw Satan fall like lighting from heaven.” 我曾看见撒但从天上坠落,好像闪电一样。V.8 says, 8说, they lost their place in heaven. 并没有得胜,天上再没有他们的位置 

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, 借着耶稣的死里复活,the kingdom of God has started its rule on earth through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in believers’ hearts. 神的国度借着圣灵居住在信徒的心中,开始了它在地上的掌权。 That’s why we need to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. 这就是为什么我们需要先求神的国和神的义。It means to start seeking the King’s will and His character to reign in our hearts这意味着我们开始 寻求这位王的旨意和品格在我们心中掌权10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. 我听见在天上有大声音说:“我 神的救恩、能力、国度,并他基督的权柄,现在都来到了!Yes, it has already happened. 是的,这已经发生了。The Kingdom of God and the power and the authority of Christ has come! 神的国度、能力和基督的权柄,现在都来到了!Satan’s time is running out. 撒旦的时间不多了,And he is under the sovereign rule of God. 他也在神的掌管之下!Because Jesus’ full obedience to the Father’s will, 因耶稣完全顺服天父的旨意,even to the point of death completely defeated Satan’s rebellion. 顺服以至于死,打败了撒旦的悖逆。 


Col 2:15 tells us, (西 2:15) 也说, “He (Jesus) disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in him.” 既将一切执政的、掌权的掳来,明显给众人看,就仗着十字架夸胜。(西 2:15) ‘Disarm’ means to take weapons away from someone else. “掳来”的意思是解除他人的武装,In other words, 换句话说, the demonic hosts were ashamed, 魔鬼的军队被羞辱,and their weapons were stripped away, 武器被夺去,and they were triumphed over by Christ Jesus the Son of God who is fully man and fully God.神儿子耶稣基督,他是完全神,完全人,胜过了他们 V.12 tells us, Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! “He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short. 所以,诸天和住在其中的,你们都快乐吧!只是地与海有祸了!因为魔鬼知道自己的时候不多,就气忿忿地下到你们那里去了。”( 12:12)  Satan’s future end is certain, 撒旦的结局已经定了,but it doesn’t mean he is rolling over or waving a white flag to God’s people但不表示他就会向神子民举旗投降, whose sinful nature is his slave. 因他还是我们旧人的主。The battle is continuing. 争战仍在持续。Satan lost his place in heaven and was cast down to the earth. 撒旦从天上逐出,被赶到地上,And now his battleground has shifted from heaven to earth.他的战场也从天上转到地上。Have you noticed?你发现了吗?When verse 10 explains the nature of the devil,10节在解释魔鬼的性情 For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. 因为那在我们 神面前昼夜控告我们弟兄的,已经被摔下去了。  It uses present simple tense – “accuses”. 这里用的时态是一般现在时,It means he won’t stop accusing, 意思是他不会停止控告he accuses God, 他控告神,that God doesn’t love you; 神不爱你;he accuses you, 他控告你, so that you feel shame and guilt about yourself; 让你觉得有羞愧感和负罪感;he accuses others, 他控告别人,so that you may not forgive others. 让你不能饶恕他们。 He will continue to do his destructive work他会持续做拆毁的工作,before being bound for a thousand years when Jesus’ return for his millennial reign on earthsee Revelation 20直到耶稣再临和千年国度来到时,才被捆绑。In v. 12, …He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short…因为魔鬼知道自己的时候不多,就气忿忿地下到你们那里去了( 12:12)  


The bible doesn’t tell us, 圣经没有说, that Satan was filled with fury, 他曾发怒了’,but uses the present simple tense “is”. 而是用一般现在时,He is filled with fury. 气忿忿地 When he lost his battle against Michael, 当他败给米迦勒,when he didn’t win, 当他输了,he was extremely angry. 他就大大发怒。And he is still filled with extreme anger. 并且他仍在一直气忿忿。That’s Satan’s nature.这就是撒旦的性情。When you look at Trump, 当你看看川普,how did he react to his loss 他对输了是如何反应的? He couldn’t stop spreading baseless accusations of voter fraud furiously, 他不能停止气忿忿地散播无根据的控告,although none of them stood, 尽管无一站得住脚, he is still accusing. 可他还在继续控告。But the Lamb of God didn’t accuse anyone else神羔羊不控告任何人, but entrusted himself to the Father, 只把自己交给天父,even when he seemed to lose on the Cross. 纵然人看他被钉十字架好像是输了。Accusing is Satan’s nature. 控告是撒旦的性情。 


It’s shocking why so many Christians don’t see the fruit令人震惊的是为什么这么多基督徒不看果子,rather than blindly believe that Trump is chosen by God for the next four years. 而是盲目相信川普是上帝为接下来的四年拣选的那位。I heard people say, 我听人说, the reason they support Trump is just because he supports anti-abortion and anti-transgender policies, 他们支持川普只是因为川普支持反堕胎法、反变性法,and other polices which are contradictory to God’s law. 还反对其他一些与神的律法相违背的法例。 


Is that God’s will? 那是上帝的旨意吗?Does God want to control the fallen world with His law? 上帝会用祂的律法来辖制地上的罪人吗?When Jesus came, 耶稣来到地上,he didn’t use anyone in power to control sinners to do what they want. 他没有利用在位的人,来辖制罪人不可做这,不可做那。Every choice people make has a consequence. 每个人都要承受自己选择的后果。God saves and God judges. 神拯救,神审判。Jesus came to call the world to repent to God, 耶稣来是叫世界悔改转向神,he never wants sinners to follow God's law. 祂从来没有叫罪人行祂的律法Do not do this or that…不可做这不可做那…” 


As Christians we need to put our trust in God and pray for the salvation of the world, 作为基督徒,我们当信靠神,并为世人得拯救而祷告,rather than put our hope in someone who is in power that can use God’s law to control the fallen world to do what we want them to do. 而不是把希望寄于某个掌权者身上去控制堕落的世界,去做我们想叫世人做的。I’m not talking about which worldly political Parties are right or wrong. 我不在说世上政治党派哪个对哪个错, Coz Jesus said, 因耶稣说,My Kingdom is not of this world.” 「我的国不属这世界;」(约 18:36 Daniel also saw in his vision, that the Kingdom of Christ will crush all the kingdoms但以理在异象中看到基督的国度打碎所有地上的国度,and then it will last forever. 并存到永远。 


In Revelation 17在启示录17章,A religious - political system which deceives people to worship it as a god will eventually be defeated by the Kingdom of Christ 一个宗教政治结合的体系引诱人把它当神一样去拜的,最终要被基督的国击败。The system once appeared during the Roman Empire这宗教政治体系曾出现在罗马帝国 now is clearly seen in the US.如何在美国清晰再现。 God’s people, we should be rooted in God’s Word神子民应当扎根在神的话语上, rather than in anything that is temporary, 而不是扎根在任何暂存的事物上, so that in the last days we won’t be deceived and defeated by the spiritual warfare.使我们在末后的属灵争战上不至于被欺骗、被仇敌胜过。 


3. Call to overcome in Christ. (v.11,17) 在基督里得胜的呼召(1117节) 


Paul the apostle tells us in使徒保罗在以弗所书告诉我们: Ephesians 6:12, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 6:12】因我们并不是与属血气的争战,乃是与那些执政的、掌权的、管辖这幽暗世界的,以及天空属灵气的恶魔争战(两“争战”原文都作“摔跤”)。‘Flesh and blood’ represent people. “属血气的”指人。Our enemy isn’t people, 我们的仇敌不是人,but Satan and his schemes, 而是撒但和牠的诡计。 Deception goes with the idea, “I’m right, he is wrong...”谎言的意念“我是对的,他是错的…” Jesus never thinks that way.耶稣从不那样想。 When people think this way,当人这样想 “I’m right, you’re wrong...” “我是对的,你是错的…” , You can see divisions occur everywhere, 你可以看到纷争无处不在, at home, 在家、 in the workplace, 在工作场所、 in different nations, 在不同的国家, when people fight against people, 当人们彼此争斗,that’s Satan’s scheme. 就是中了撒但的诡计。When you fight against people, 当你与人争斗时, you are out, 你已经失败了, Satan wins over you.撒但胜了你。You know why? 为什么?Because you walk away from faith in God’s word. 因为你离弃了对神话语的信心。 we wrestle not against flesh and blood, 我们不是与属血气的争战,but love people hate evil. 而是要爱人、恨恶邪恶。 


When you find you’ve done wrong, 当你发现自己错了,Satan whispers, 牠会悄悄对你说: “you’ve failed God so many times, “你辜负神好多次了, you’re so dirty, 你太脏了,God doesn’t love you anymore…”神不再爱你了…” v.11 says, 11节说, they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb. “弟兄胜过它,是因羔羊的血。”And Eph 6:16 says, take up the shield of faith.以弗所书6:16拿着信德当作盾牌。

Firstly, we overcome Satan’s scheme by faith in the blood of Christ, not in our own works. 首先,我们胜过撒但的诡计,是因对基督宝血的信靠,不是靠自己的行为。 “Satan, get behind me. “撒但,退我后边去! God’s love for me is everlasting.” 神对我的爱永不改变!”“you’re not good enough.” “你不够好。” “Yes, my flesh is sinful, “是的,我的旧人是有罪, but Jesus accepts me 但耶稣接纳了我,by shedding his blood for me, 为我流血,my hope is in him 我的盼望在祂里面,not in the fallen self. 不在堕落的肉体! And I’m being transformed into His-likeness by faith…”我因信而改变更像祂。”  “yes, I’ve done wrong because at that moment I didn’t rely on God, “是的,我失败,是因为那一刻我没有倚靠神。 my failure reminds me 我的失败提醒我,that I need to abide in Jesus and his truth, 我需要住在主耶稣和祂的真理里,because only Jesus has triumphed over sin and death…” 唯有耶稣已经战胜罪恶和死亡的权势……” We’ve gotta take the helmet of salvation with us all the time 我们当每时每刻戴好救恩的头盔,to fight against the enemy’s accusations.与仇敌的控告争战到底。


Secondly, v.11 says, we conquer Satan by the word of our testimony. 第二,11节说,我们胜过它是因自己所见证的道。One of Satan’s primary weapons is telling lies. 撒但的一个主要武器就是说谎。Jesus says, 耶稣说, he is a liar and the Father of lies (John 8:44b). 【约8:44下】因他本来是说谎的,也是说谎之人的父。He will do his best to deceive people 它绞尽脑汁迷惑骗人,into believing what he wants them to believe. 叫人去信 它想让人信的。 He sets up standards of honour and shame, 撒旦制造面子观、what is right or wrong, 对错观 what is good or bad. 好坏观。He tries in every way to deceive Christians, 它千方百计欺骗基督徒,so that they may lose the battle, 使他们在争战中失败,and can’t receive what God has promised them as reward. 拿不到神所应许给他们的赏赐。 Lies can give you a moment of hope and excitement. 谎言可以给你带来片刻的盼望和兴奋。 


That’s why when Trump pledged, 这就是为什么当特朗普承诺说,“We’re going to make America great again.” “我们要美国再次为大。” Yeah! people gave him a great shout of applause. 喔喔!民众报以热烈的掌声。You know why? 你知道为什么?Because people are failed to realise that God has only promised 因为人不能识别神的应许,that the Kingdom of Christ will be made Great. 神的应许是唯让基督的国度成为大!They love this voice 人们喜欢这个声音,because it’s in line with the fallen nature’s, 因为它迎合堕落的肉体, which is full of arrogance and pride.  堕落的肉体里充满了自大和骄傲。Why did people build the Tower of Babel? 人为什么要造巴别塔? “Because we want make us great!” “因为我们要成为大!” What did Satan say to Jesus when he was in the wildness to be tempted for 40 days? 当耶稣在旷野被试探40天时,撒但对祂说了什么? “If you worship me, I can make you great!” “你若拜我,我就使你为大。” “yay, yay, I wanna be great!” 是的,我想做大people love to become great. 人们喜欢自己为大But Jesus says, 但耶稣说,the principle in the Kingdom of God is the other way around.神国度的法则与之相反。Matt 23:11-12, The greatest among you will be your servant. 12 For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. 【太23:11-12】你们中间谁为大,谁就要作你们的用人。12凡自高的,必降为卑;自卑的,必升为高。Jesus was the greatest, 主耶稣是最大的, yet He deliberately humbled himself .祂却存心谦卑自己,and became the lowest servant to serve us. 成为最卑微的仆人来服侍我们。 So far, 直到今日,he is still ministering to us, 祂仍在服侍我们,although He is the King. 虽然祂是王。Are you struggling and hurting because your voice is not heard?  你是否因没有人听你,而挣扎受伤害 


Why don’t you change the way you think and believe: 为什么不改变你思想来信: “if my voice is from God, “如果我的声音是出于神, God’s voice must be heard, 神的声音必会被听见,but my own voice must become less我的声音必当衰微。Praise God for giving me the opportunity感谢神给我机会,to crucify my own voice on the cross through the situation where I seemed to be brought low.让我在自己似乎被降卑的环境中,把自己的声音钉上十字架。 


The cross gives me the freedom to follow Jesus, 十字架让我可以自由地跟随耶稣,the cross ends the self 十字架终结自我,and opens up a new life in Christ, 开启了在基督里的新生命,the cross enables me to embrace His meekness and humility, 十字架让我可以拥抱祂的温柔和谦卑,so that I can overcome Satan使我有能力胜过撒旦, and get more intimacy with God.与神的关系更加亲密。Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.” 【太6:33】你们要先求他的国和他的义,这些东西都要加给你们了。 

Brothers and sisters, 兄弟姐妹们,we’re in the last days, 如今我们正处于末世 and we’re in the battle我们处在这场争战中,which started in the Garden on earth,这属灵争战始于地上的伊甸园,along with the nation of Israel, 一路跟着以色列,until in the end. 直到世界末了。Yes, they all failed. 是的,他们都失败了。Will all the NT believers win?我们新约的信徒能得胜吗? If Trump and his supporters are born again Christians, 如果川普和他的支持者是重生的基督徒,unfortunately, 很不幸,from their reaction to the loss从他们对失败的回应, it’s clearly seen that they failed in the spiritual warfare. 可以清楚的看见他们在这场属灵争战中失败了But will we win? 但我们能得胜吗?There’s no one who won over Satan in human history, 在人类历史上,没有人可以胜过撒但,only Jesus Christ the Son of God who overcame sin and death! 唯有神的儿子耶稣基督胜过了罪恶和死亡! In our own strength 若凭我们自己的力量,we’re doomed to lose the battle.我们注定会输掉这场争战。


Only by abiding in Christ. 唯有住在基督里。We overcome Satan by the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony我们因耶稣的宝血和自己所作见证的道,and humbly obedience to God unto death.顺服神以至于死,就能胜过撒但。 Our testimony is more powerful than our words. 我们的见证比说话更有力量。 What’s your most recent testimony of life transformation? 你最近有什么生命改变的见证?What’s your most recent testimony of reconciling relationships through forgiveness?有什么因饶恕而修复了人际关系的见证? This gives Satan a fatal blow. 这给撒但致命一击The battle is ongoing. 这些都还在继续True intimacy with God comes from humble obedience to God as a living sacrifice overcomes Satan’s boasts and arrogance. 来自于谦卑降服,成为活祭的与神的好关系,才能胜过撒但的自夸和傲慢。Now I must stop here, 今天我只能讲到这里, and we will continue the message next Sunday. 下个主日继续分享。Let’s sing the last song, 我们来唱最后一首诗歌。 “O praise the name.” 



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