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2019-03-03 The Cost of Discipleship 作门徒的代价

发表于 2024-01-08

 (Matt 8:18-22) (8:18-22)

We thank God for today that five people became members at OTBC, and Jing Smith was baptised into God’s family.  感谢主,今天有五个人成为OTBC的会员,而 Jing Smith将受洗归入主的名下。

We pray that God will continue to grow their faith as they continually root themselves in the truth and in love, and serve one another in the family.我们祈求神,借着他们不断的扎根于真理和在神家中的彼此服侍来加增他们的信心。

People are curious about the miracles that Jesus did and is still doing all over the world. 人们对耶稣过去所行的和现在仍在世界各地所行的神迹感到稀奇。How can we discern what is from the Holy Spirit, and what is from evil spirits (a false holy spirit), so that we may immediately close the door for them to steal, kill, and destroy our lives?我们该如何分辨圣灵或假扮圣灵的邪灵的工作呢?好让我们及时堵住破口,不叫我们的生命遭到偷窃,杀害,毁坏。

Some people are afraid of spiritual things, so they reject all kinds of spiritual things, but this doesn’t mean that they are safe spiritually.有人害怕属灵的事,所以他们回避一切属灵的事。但这样做不意味着在属灵上就安全了!Because God is a Spirit. 要知道神是个灵。And evil spirits exist and work in many ways! 而邪灵也到处存在并运行着。

As the bible foretold us圣经预先说 “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 1 Tim 4:1圣灵明说,在后来的时候,必有人离弃真道,听从那引诱人的 灵和鬼魔的道理。(提摩太前书 4:1 )

If we neglect God’s warning about the work of deceiving spirits, how can we discern God’s genuine work and follow Him? 如果我们轻忽神关于那引诱人的邪灵的警告,如何能真实分辨神的作为并跟从祂呢? We are warned that in the last days, people will not put up with sound doctrine, but神已经警告我们,在末后的日子,人们讨厌纯全的教导,而是will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2 Tim 4:3 耳朵发痒,就随从自己的情欲,增添好些师傅,(提摩太后书 4:3  )

Look around the church all over the world, in so many big churches, the way the preachers preach the gospel is to make it sound entertaining, enjoyable, and comfortable, without telling people about the need for ongoing repentance (turning from the way of the self to God’s way). 环顾现今的教会,在许多大教会里,传道人讲道要讲得有趣,让人听得津津有味、听着舒服,却不告诉人们需要持续的悔改的道(悔改是人从自己的道转向神的道)Instead, they say that God is going to make you happy, healthy, and wealthy, and God will require nothing from you, and He will give you everything. 相反,他们说上帝会让你快乐、健康和富有,上帝不要你任何东西(不会对你有要求),他会给你一切。

 Is this the gospel that Jesus brings to the world? 这是耶稣带给这个世界的福音吗?

Matt 8:18-22(马太福音 8:18-22 ), When Jesus saw the crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other side of the lake. 耶稣见许多人围着他,就吩咐渡到那边去。  19 Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” 有一个文士来,对他说:「夫子,你无论往哪里去,我要跟从你。」 20 Jesus replied, “Foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” 耶稣说:「狐狸有洞,天空的飞鸟有窝,人子却没有枕头的地方。」21 Another disciple said to him, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” 又有一个门徒对耶稣说:「主啊,容我先回去埋葬我的父亲。」22 But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” 。」 耶稣说:「任凭死人埋葬他们的死人;你跟从我吧!

Luke 9:57-62 57 (路加福音 9:57-62 )As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” 他们走路的时候,有一人对耶稣说:「你无论往哪里去,我要跟从你。」 58 Jesus replied, “Foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” 耶稣说:「狐狸有洞,天空的飞鸟有窝,只是人子没有枕头的地方。」  59 He said to another man, “Follow me.” 又对一个人说:「跟从我来!But he replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”那人说:「主,容我先回去埋葬我的父亲。」60 Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” 耶稣说:「任凭死人埋葬他们的死人,你只管去传扬 神国 的道 。」  61 Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.” 又有一人说:「主,我要跟从你,但容我先去辞别我家里的人。」  62 Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” 耶稣说:「手扶着犁向后看的,不配进 神的国。」

1, The benefit of following Jesus跟从耶稣的好处

V.19 When  a teacher of the law came to him and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” 有一个文士来,对他说:「夫子,你无论往哪里去,我要跟从你。」Probably this teacher of the law witnessed what exciting miracles Jesus was doing, and what huge crowds were drawn to Jesus.或许这位文士亲眼见到耶稣行了激动人心的神迹,也见到许许多多的人被耶稣吸引。He probably thought that his needs would be better supplied if he followed Jesus as a disciple.或许他认为,当耶稣的门徒得到的好处会更多。For in Jewish culture, as we see in the bible, when a teacher had some disciples, the students came to live with their teacher, and the teacher supplied their daily needs just like a parent. 因为在犹太文化中,正如圣经记载的,老师若收了门徒,学生就会和老师同住,老师就得像父母一样提供他们的日用所需。

So this man might have thought that since Jesus had the ability to perform miracles, and he had huge fans to support, if he followed Jesus, he would have a good quality of life, a good place to stay, or good food to eat or fine clothes to wear. 于是他或许想,既然耶稣有能力行神迹,又有这么多人支持他,如果他跟随耶稣,就能住上好房子,吃好的,穿好的。

Like people in this age, who think that following Jesus means a good quality of life, health, wealth and happiness! 就像这个世代的人一样,他们觉得跟随耶稣意味着过好日子、拥有健康、财富和幸福!But Jesus wasn’t trying to hide the difficulties of following him by making it easy.  但是耶稣从来不隐瞒跟随他的代价。Rather, He publicly said to this man, “Don’t expect a costly house to stay in if you follow me, 相反,他明明白白对这个人说:”你来跟从我不要期望住豪宅。foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head狐狸有洞,天空的飞鸟有窝,只是人子没有枕头的地方.” Jesus didn’t say, “If you follow me, I promise you that I will give you health and wealth, and whatever good things you desire in this life. 耶稣没有说:“你若跟从我,我应许你今生健康富足,心想事成” No, rather, he said that there is A COST you need to pay in following Him. 没有,正好相反,他说你跟从他是要付代价的。

 It doesn’t mean that we all have to lose our houses. 这不是说我们都要失去自己的房子。But there will be a time when we will be taken out of our comfort zones at some stage of our lives. 但一定会有从自己的安乐窝被赶出来的日子。And there is a cost to pay to follow Christ! 跟随基督是有代价的! But why should we pay the cost of following Jesus? What benefit will we receive from following Jesus? 那么,为什么要付代价跟从耶稣呢?跟从耶稣会有什么好处?

In John 8:31-32(约翰福音 8:31-32), Jesus says耶稣说,  “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  :「你们若常常遵守我的道,就真是我的门徒; 你们必晓得真理,真理必叫你们得以自由。」

In other words, if you don’t follow Jesus by abiding in God’s word, although you’ve been born again, you are still not His true disciples. 换句话说,如果你不跟从耶稣住在神的话语中,虽然你已经重生了,仍然不算是他真正的门徒。Even if you read the bible, you still won’t understand it. 就算你读了圣经,你也读不懂。

And if you don’t know the truth, you still will be bound by all kinds of lies, like being accused, “I’m not good enough…” or comparing yourself to others, “he is richer than me…”, and all kinds of worries, or anger, or grumbling, or even addictions, like still being addicted to alcohol, drugs or pornography, and so on. 你若不认识真理,就仍然会被各种谎言捆绑,被控告、我不够好......”、与他人比较、他比我有钱...”、被各种烦恼、愤怒或抱怨捆绑,甚至成瘾,仍然沉迷于酒精、毒品或色情制品等。

In other words, the reality of your life is still as a slave to sin, and as an overtaker by the enemy, not an overcomer of the evil powers, for there is a cost you must pay to follow Jesus. 换句话说,你生命的实质仍是:罪的奴仆,你被仇敌所胜,并不是胜过罪恶权势的得胜者。因你跟随耶稣必须付代价。

But if you pay the price to follow Jesus by abiding in His words, there are benefits to following Him: 但是,如果你付代价,跟从耶稣住在祂的话语里,就有好处随着你:

1) you are acknowledged by Jesus as His true disciples耶稣承认你是祂的真门徒, 2) will come to know the truth可以来认识真理, 3) will gain freedom in the truth在真理中得自由.

Being set free from the bondage of sin is conditional. 脱离罪的捆绑是有条件的。The condition is to follow Jesus by obeying His words. 条件是跟随耶稣,遵行他的话。That’s the way to follow Him. 这是跟随神的道。

In John 15 we see that whenever we abide in His words, we are becoming one with Him like branches connecting with the true vine, which means that we are in harmony (intimate) relationship with the Father just as the Son Christ is, then we receive benefits like these:  《约翰福音》15章说,我们若住在祂的话语中,就像枝子连在葡萄树上,就像耶稣基督那样与天父和睦同住,与神有亲密的关系,那样就收获好处:

4) bearing fruit, ask and it will be given to you结果子,并且祈求就给你成就 5), showing yourself to be His disciple by living in His love因住在祂的爱中,显明你是祂的真门徒 6) you also can hear the voice of the Father还可听到父的声音, 5) you may possess the authority and power of Christ to rebuke the evil spirits, and they will listen.可拥有基督的权柄能力斥责污鬼邪灵,鬼也要听你; 7) sharing in His victory and inheriting His kingdom 同享基督的得胜,并承受产业 (Re 17:14, 20:4-6,见 启示录17:14,20:4-6).

How many of you know that there is a cost to follow Jesus? 你们当中有多少人真知道跟从耶稣要付代价? Jesus demands faith from us to follow Him! 耶稣跟我们要信心 去跟从他! We are not talking about the first stage of being born again, but the second stage of following Him. 我们说的不是起初的重生,而是第二阶段的跟随主。This Faith needs us to take risks by denying the desires of the self. 这信仰需要否定自己并为此冒险。

8 years ago, a brother who came from another place saw a woman was set free from 18 years of the torment of being possessed by demons at the home church. 8年前,一个外地来家里教会的弟兄看到一个女人从18年的鬼附中得了释放。He testified to me, that he also had been invited to cast out demons from a woman, who was going mad and sat at a broken wall shouting, as he approached her by saying, “In the name of Jesus, I command you evil spirit out of this woman. 他向我作见证,说他也曾受邀为一个女人赶鬼。那女人疯了似的,坐在一道破墙上喊叫。于是他说,奉耶稣的命,我命令你从这个女人身上出来。” Guess what? 猜发生了什么事?

The woman laughed and said, “You, unclean man, do you want me to speak out what you do in your daily life? 女人大笑着说:”你,自己都不干净,要不要我把你干过的事情都抖出来?” he was so scared and he escaped. 他吓得逃跑了。Because he said that this mad woman didn’t even know him, so how she could have known that he was unclean. 因这个疯女人根本不认识他,是怎样知道他不洁净呢。For at that time he was working at a computer game store, and each night he stole a little bit of money there to buy supper for himself. 因为当时他在一家电脑游戏室工作,每晚他都会从店里偷点钱买宵夜吃。

See? 看见了吗? Even the enemy will despise those who don’t pay the cost to follow Jesus. 即使仇敌也看不起跟从耶稣却不付代价的人。

2, The cost to follow Jesus 跟从耶稣的代价

When you come to Jesus, it’s not the end of suffering, it’s not the end of troubles and not the end of paying a price! 当你信了主,不代表苦难从此不见了,难处从此不见了,以后再不用付代价了! No wonder the bible foretold us that so many people will follow deceiving spirits, because they don’t take seriously the cost of following Jesus, or they don’t even know that there is a cost in following Jesus, yet they want to hear the voice of the Holy God and to have an intimate relationship with Him, so that they can perform or experience signs and wonders. 难怪圣经预先告诉我们,将有许多人会被迷惑,原因是没把跟从耶稣要付的代价当真,或根本不知道跟从耶稣原来要付代价,却想听到至圣者的声音,与祂有亲密关系,让自己可以行神迹奇事……That’s impossible!这绝不可能! For God words say因神说,

“If anyone turns a deaf ear to the law, even his prayers are detestable. Pro 28:9转耳不听律法的, 他的祈祷也为可憎。(箴言 28:9)” John 9:31 (约翰福音 9:31) we know that God does not listen to sinners. He listen to the godly man who does His will. 我们知道 神不听罪人,惟有敬奉 神、遵行他旨意的, 神才听他。

In other words, God declares that He won’t listen to those people who want to perform or experience miracles while they don’t do what He says. 换句话说,神在宣告说,那些不听从祂命令,却想行神迹奇事的人,祂绝不会听。A cost is needed for everyone who wants to taste the glory of God. 无论何人,若想看见神的荣耀,就必须付代价。For Jesus took seriously the cost of redeeming us, and He also calls us to follow Him seriously as His disciples by paying a cost. 因耶稣为赎买我们付了代价,祂也同样呼召我们这些门徒真实地付代价跟从祂。

From today’s passage, we see that Jesus wasn’t interested in the crowd who followed him, he didn’t hide the difficulties from the crowd of being his true followers, and He wasn’t trying to make it easy. 从今天的经文中看到,虽然一大群人跟着耶稣,可他对此不感兴趣;他并不向这大群人隐瞒做他真门徒的难处,他没有让人误以为那是轻松的事。In fact, He clearly says, 事实上祂明明白白地说,“If anyone who would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Matt 16:24于是耶稣对门徒说:「若有人要跟从我,就当舍己,背起他的十字架来跟从我。(马太福音 16:24)”

The cross is a place to put the self to an end! Jesus Christ poured out himself on the cross to demonstrate His love for us. He laid down his life for His friends, 十字架是治死自我的地方!在那里,耶稣基督倾倒自己,表明向我们的爱。祂为朋友流血舍命。“Are you friends of Jesus?” Yes, we are! “你是耶稣的朋友吗?”对,我们是! But how does Jesus distinguish his friends? 可是,耶稣怎样标出祂的朋友? “You are my friend if you do what I command. John 15:14你们若遵行我所吩咐的,就是我的朋友了。(约翰福音 15:14 )”.

If you do what I command!行神命令的 who hinders us from following God’s commands? It’s not the devil. But the self! 阻挡我们遵行神命令的最大敌人是谁?不是魔鬼,而是我们自己(老我)! “the sinful mind is hostile to God. Romans 8:7a原来体贴肉体的,就是与 神为仇;(罗马书 8:7 )”

Taking up your cross means No more of yourself! No more self! No more of our desires, no more of our own timing, and of our own plans…we must let them go! 背起自己的十字架意味着没有你自己!是舍己!舍己私欲,舍己时间,舍己安排……我们必须放手交出! Instead, Jesus’ heart, and His desires, Jesus’ plans and His timing will become the first and the centre of our lives. 却让耶稣的心,祂的旨意,祂的计划,祂的时间成为我们生命的第一位和中心位。

3, The cost of prioritising the call of Jesus 将耶稣的呼召摆在第一位的代价

v.21 Another disciple said to him, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” 又有一个门徒对耶稣说:「主啊,容我先回去埋葬我的父亲。」

22 But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” 。」 耶稣说:「任凭死人埋葬他们的死人;你跟从我吧!

what had happened beforehand? 在此之前发生了什么事? In Luke 9: 59 we see that Jesus had called him, “follow me”, and he had replied, (9:59)节说,耶稣呼召那人,说:”跟从我来。那人回答说: “Lord, first let me go and bury my father. :「主啊,容我先回去埋葬我的父亲。」Then Jesus said to him, 然后耶稣说: 60 “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”「任凭死人埋葬他们的死人,你只管去传扬 神国 的道 。」  61 Still another said, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.” 又有一人说:「主,我要跟从你,但容我先去辞别我家里的人。」  62 Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” 耶稣说:「手扶着犁向后看的,不配进 神的国。」

Does Jesus forbit us from attending our parents’ funerals when they die? Or that Jesus doesn’t want us to say goodbye to our families? 耶稣不让我们参加父母的葬礼?或者祂不让我们和家人道别? No! 不是! Do you see what the disciple was saying?有没有看到门徒想说什么? He seems to be saying, “first let me do what’s on my mind to do.” 他像似在说:”我得先做了我想做的事。

But Jesus adjusted his priority, that the call of God should be the first than anything else  但耶稣调整他的优先次序,说,“你只管传扬神的道。” He seems to say, “you go and preach the gospel right now, and I’ll arrange right people to do the funeral.” 他像是在说,你只管去传扬神的道,我会安排人去做葬礼。Jesus is trustworthy! 耶稣是信实可靠!

what is your priority that hinders you from responding to the call of following Jesus? 什么是你的第一要做的?因此阻挡了你跟从耶稣的呼召?“first, Lord, let me finish my study…first, let me find girlfriend (boyfriend) to marry…first, let me raise my children…first, let me make more money…first, let me retire…” “主啊,先让我完成学业……”“先让我找个女朋友结婚……”“先等我孩子长大了……”“先让我赚多点钱……”“先等我退了休……” We have lots of “first priorities”.我们有太多第一要做的

I remember when I came to Jesus, I said to Him, “Lord, first, let me make 200 million a year, and when I retire, I will serve you…” 我还记得刚信主时,我对主说:”主啊,先让我一年赚2亿,等我退休了,就来服事你……” But within a month, I heard the call from the Lord, “Close your company, give the money to the poor, and follow me.” 可没过一个月,主就对我说话:”关掉你的公司,把你的钱分给穷人,并且来跟从我。” That’s extremely serious, I was being put into a situation where I had to choose “black or white”. 这件事太大了!我不得不做出 “跟和不跟”的选择!

Definitely, not everyone will be called to be a full-time pastor, but every Christian is called to be a full time follower. Do you agree? 当然不是每个人都会蒙召成为一名全职牧师,但每个基督徒都蒙召成为耶稣的全职跟从者。同不同意?

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” 耶稣说:「手扶着犁向后看的,不配进 神的国。」 What will persuade us to look back? Our own priorities! The things that we treasure most. 什么会使你向后看?就是我们自己先想要做的事!我们最看重的东西。

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be. Matt 6:21因为你的财宝在哪里,你的心也在那里。」(马太福音 6:21 )” If your treasure is money or whatever in this world, your heart is kept under the power this world. 若你财宝是在钱或任何地上的东西,你的心就被扣在地上!Then your sorrows will increase and be endless! 那样,你的愁苦就会加增还会无穷无尽!For the sorrows of those will increase who run after other gods. Psa 16:4a 以别神代替耶和华的,他们的愁苦必加增。诗篇164.

But Jesus comes to rescue us from the dominion of darkness of this world into His eternal kingdom of light! 但耶稣来拯救我们脱离这世界的黑暗权势进入祂的光明国度! The only priority we should have that can set us free is to keep Jesus – the King of light first in our lives! 在祂国度里,唯一的优先事项就是将耶稣摆在第一位!  For we are not just promised to be saved and to be forgiven, but also to be given a crown of glory! 因神应许我们:不仅仅是得救,不仅仅是被赦免,还有荣耀冠冕为你预备!

“Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.Re 2:10” 你将要受的苦你不用怕。魔鬼要把你们中间几个人下在监里,叫你们被试炼,你们必受患难十日。你务要至死忠心,我就赐给你那生命的冠冕。(启示录 2:10 )

It’s hard to be a faithful follower of Jesus. It’s far harder than people realize. 看到了吗?成为耶稣忠心的跟随者不容易,比想象的难得多! But God’s grace is far much powerful than all the difficulties! 但上帝的恩典远远超过困难!Yes, there is a cost to discipleship, it’s not just about attending a discipleship training class. 然而 成为门徒是有代价的,不只是参加门徒培训课程那么简单。

Following Jesus demands faith, 跟随耶稣需要信心,only faith can please God, but practicing faith is costly, it requires us to put our own desires, worries, concerns and the impatience of the self to an end at the cross. 惟有信 得神的喜悦,但行出信要付代价,需要我们将自己的欲望、忧虑、担心,以及老我的无忍耐钉上十字架。

“Lord, I’ve followed you, I still haven’t gotten a girlfriend…a boyfriend…a good job…” “主啊,我都跟从了你,但我还没女朋友……男朋友……我还没找到合适的工作……seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, other things will be added to you! (see Matt 6:33) He is faithful forever! And will never lie! 先求神的国神的义,其他一切都要白白给你了(6:33)神的信实存到永远!祂必不至说谎!

We see that after Jesus replied, 当耶稣回答fox have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” 「狐狸有洞,天空的飞鸟有窝,人子却没有枕头的地方。」 “follow me, let the dead bury their own dead” :「任凭死人埋葬他们的死人;你跟从我吧! These two people didn’t say anything to Jesus in reply, and nobody knows who they were. 这两人自此就不再回答,没人知道他们是谁。

But if they had said yes to the Lord at that time, and paid the cost like the other disciples, their names also would have been written down in the Bible, and be remembered forever! 但若是那时候他们回答主说我愿意跟随你,并象其他门徒那样付出代价,他们的名字可能就会被记在圣经中,永远被纪念! They would have received a rich reward from God, and they would have been made pillars in the temple of God when the City of God - the New Jerusalem comes (see Re 3:12) 他们本该从神那里领受到丰盛的奖赏,当新耶路撒神的城降下时,他们本该成为神殿中的柱子(启示录3:12)But now they have only become a warning to us, that if we miss the opportunity like them out of fear of paying the price to follow Jesus, we will miss the eternal reward just like them. That’s serious!  但现在却只是成了对我们的警戒——若是我们向他们一样,因害怕不去付代价,而失去跟从耶稣的机会,就会失去永恒的奖赏。这可是件严肃的事!

Jesus is still calling us, “follow me”, Jesus never looks for the good looking or the best educated or the intelligent to follow, rather, He is looking for someone who has A HEART to follow Him, no matter what the cost is. 耶稣仍在呼召我们来跟从我,祂从不寻找外貌过人、学历出众、机智聪明的人成为祂的跟从者,祂在寻找 一颗心,是不计代价衷心跟从祂的人。He is looking for the heart that is willing to say yes to him, no matter what the cost is. 祂在寻找那颗会说不管代价如何,我都愿意跟随的心。

Are you this person? 你就是那人吗?

When you say yes to Jesus, no matter what the cost is, He will be with you vividly, and will make you the person He wants you to be; 当你对主说不管代价如何,我都愿意跟随,祂就会活泼地与你同在,并塑造你成为祂喜悦的样式;When you say yes to Him, no matter what the cost is, He will go with you all the way through your journey, and He will turn the darkness into light before you, and you will taste His unlimited grace in a rich way; 当你对主说不管代价如何,我都愿意跟随,祂就一路与你相伴,并使你前面的黑暗成为光明,让你在付代价里品尝祂丰富无尽的恩典;when you say yes to Him, no matter what the cost is, He will be your strength to help you fulfil the call in your life, until you receive the crown of glory in His eternal Kingdom! 当你对主说不管代价如何,我都愿意跟随,祂就要成为你的力量,成就你生命里的呼召,直到你在神永恒国度里得着那荣耀冠冕!


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