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2022-05-15 Intimacy with Jesus 3 和耶稣建立亲密关系 (3)

发表于 2024-01-08

The last two messages, we talked about the oneness and the intimate relationship Christ Jesus had with the Father, 前两周我们分享了基督耶稣与天父合一亲密的关系,and the closer relationship with God which King David pursued in his lifetime. 以及大卫王用一生时间来寻求与神建立亲密关系。We too long for a closer relationship with God, don’t we? 我们也渴慕与神有亲密的关系,是不是?That’s why we spend time with Jesus through studying, reading, praying His word, and applying what we’ve heard. 这就是为什么我们要花时间亲近耶稣,去学习祂的话,祷读祂的话并且操练我们听见的道。Intimacy brings growth in Jesus. 与神的亲密关系使我们在耶稣里成长。So today, 所以今天,we’ll continue our topic how to cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus. 我们将继续讨论如何与耶稣建立亲密的关系。

1, The key to intimacy is to grow in knowing God 建立亲密关系的关键是在认识神的过程中成长

First of all, 首先,once again we’ll look at the word “know”, 我们再来看"认识"这个词,last time we looked at it in the NT, 上周我们在新约中查考,this time we’ll look at it in the OT. 今天我们来查考旧约。Daniel 11:32, Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. 【但11:32】作恶违背圣约的人,他必用巧言勾引;惟独认识 神的子民必刚强行事。 The book of Daniel tells us 但以理书告诉我们,that God is sovereign over all, 神是万有之主,His Kingdom reigns forever and forever. 祂的国权直到永远。It also warns us against the temptation to worship something other than God. 但以理书也警戒我们要抵挡敬拜别神的试探。This verse says, 这节经文说, “the people who know their God shall be strong.” “认识 神的子民必刚强。” The word “know” is “yada” in Hebrew, “认识”这个词在希伯来文中是“yada”,which means to know and to be known and to respect. 意思是“认识、被认识和尊敬”。 It’s not referring a casual relationship, 不是指一个随意的关系,like turning up to a Sunday church service once a week to know Jesus. 好像每周去主日聚会了就是认识耶稣。No. 不是的

The word “yada” also appeared in Gen 4:1 yada”一词也出现在41 Adam knew (niv: lay with) his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain有一日,那人和他妻子夏娃同房,夏娃就怀孕,生了该隐(就是的意思)。 It can be used to describe an intimate relationship between a husband and a wife. 它可以用来形容丈夫和妻子之间亲密的关系。 But the biblical meaning of ‘yada’ is much deeper than that. 但是“yada”在圣经中的含义远深过于此。In fact, 事实上,the word “yada” is used more than 900 times in the OT.  yada”一词在旧约中出现了900多次。 “Be still and know (yada) that I am God.” Psa诗上 46:10a 你们要休息,要知道(yada)我是 神!

It implies that God should be known and deeply respected and worshiped. 这话的含义是,神当被认识,并且当受极大的尊敬和敬拜。So the word “yada” in Hebrew indicates a passionate intimacy due to knowing God and His ways所以 希伯来语“yada”是指,与神之间热切亲密的关系是因着认识神和祂做事的法则,which produces faith to enable us to obey God in whatever does. 这种关系产生出信心可以使我们在凡事上遵祂命令而行。Now, we may get a better understanding of what this verse means, 现在我们可以更好地理解这节经文的意思,the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. 惟独认识 神的子民必刚强行事。It means, 换句话说,that the people who deeply know, respect and worship God 那些深深地认识、尊敬并敬拜神的人shall become strong, 必能刚强,and carry out great, brave, and wonderful deeds to glorify the Lord. 并行出伟大、勇敢又奇妙的事来荣耀主。In the book of Daniel 在但以理书里 we witness the reality of this truth in the life of Daniel and his three friends. 我们看到但以理和他的三个朋友就在他们的生命中活出了这真理的见证。Because of deeply knowing who God is 因着他们深知神是谁,and what His ways are, 深知祂的道,they stayed strong for the Lord in times of trouble. 就在患难之时为主刚强站立。Even when they were facing the threat of being thrown into the lions’ den and the blazing furnace.  甚至当面临被扔进狮子坑、烈火窑的威胁。They didn’t become afraid 他们没有惧怕,and try to save themselves, 也没有自救,instead, they surrendered themselves to God. 乃是全然降服在神手中。And God delivered them from their enemies’ hands神拯救了他们脱离了仇敌的手, the blazing fire couldn’t harm them 烈火不能把他们烧坏, and the Lions’ mouths were shut by God狮子的嘴巴被神封住了and they were unable to hurt Daniel 他们不能伤害但以理all those who hadn’t known God acknowledged that the God of Daniel was the King of kings所有不认识神的都赞美但以理的神是万神之神 and all those who had tried to harm Daniel and his friends harmed themselves.那些想法要害但以理和他朋友的人却害了他们自己。Our God is a just Repayer 神是公义伸冤者。He said, “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” Romans 12:19 亲爱的弟兄,不要自己申冤,宁可让步,听凭主怒;因为经上记着:“主说:申冤在我,我必报应。 God will repay justly, if we rely on Him to judge. 若我们信靠交托神,祂会公义审判。

Isa 55:9, As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. 【赛55:9】天怎样高过地,照样,我的道路高过你们的道路,我的意念高过你们的意念。 It says, 这里说,God’s ways are higher than our ways. 神的道路高过我们的道路。How can we really know this? 我们怎样才能真知道? Unless we really practice giving up our own way, 除非我们真的去操练放下自己的道路,and seeking and following His way. 寻求并跟随祂的道路。In other words, 也就是说,growing in the knowledge of His ways by giving up our own way, 我们越多放下自己的道路、去认识祂的道路,can help us to know Him more deeply and intimately. 就会更多认识祂,与祂更亲密。

2, The key to intimacy is worship 亲密的关键是敬拜

In the bible, we see there’re very few places where it says that God seeks something or someone. 圣经中讲到神在寻找什么事或什么人的地方并不多。In John 4:23-24, 4:23-24Jesus himself said, 耶稣亲自说,that God seeks true worshippers, 神在寻找真正敬拜祂的人,who must worship God in Spirit and in truth. 他们必须用心灵和诚实敬拜神。The Hebrew word for worship is “proskuneo”. 希伯来语“敬拜”这个词是proskuneoIt means to bow, kiss, and serve. 意思是下拜、亲吻和服事。The original meaning is to describe a dog which kisses his owner’s hand. 本意是指狗亲吻主人的手。So worship is not just turning up at a Sunday service, or singing songs to praise God. 所以敬拜不是单去主日聚会,或只是唱诗敬拜神。

The original word “proskuneo” calls us to bow down before God. proskuneo这个词的本意是呼召我们要在神的面前下拜。It is not about a physical posture. 不是单指一个身体的姿势。It’s all about submission and obeying God in spirit and in truth, 这是关乎我们在圣灵和真理里降服、听命,to live and serve the One True God. 去在生活里,服事这位独一的真神。In Exodus 4:23, 出埃及记第423节,When God asked Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt ,当神呼召摩西把以色列人从埃及领出来,and give these words to Pharaoh, 并这样对法老说,He said, 他说 “Let my son go, so he may worship (serve) me.“容我的儿子去,好侍奉我。”

The word worship also is translated as “serve". “敬拜”一词也译为“服事”。God’s purpose in bringing the Israelites out of Egypt ,神把以色列人从埃及领出来的目的,was to bring worshippers to Himself. 是要把人带回来可以敬拜祂。People may think negatively, 人可能会有负面的想法:“oh, God wants us to serve Him and worship Him alone, “哦,神只想让我们单服事祂、敬拜祂,He is selfish.” 他是自私的。”No, no, 不是这样的。we’ve gotta believe that God is good, 我们当信神是良善的,and the goal of His commands is love. 祂命令的目的乃是爱。 God is a God of blessing; 神是赐福的神;and He is the source of all blessings. 祂是一切祝福的源头。His desire is to love and bless His people. 祂的心意总是爱和祝福祂的子民。Why did He long for the Israelites to worship (or serve) Him? 为什么祂渴望以色列敬拜(侍奉)祂?Because 因为God heard their groaning and remembered his covenant with Abraham (Exo 2:24). 神听见他们的哀声,就记念他与亚伯拉罕、以撒、雅各所立的约。 And He wanted to deliver them from the curse of their slavery. 祂是要把他们从被奴役的咒诅中拯救出来。 God’s intention was that through walking and talking in truth with His worshippers 神的旨意是,藉着在真理里与祂的敬拜者同行,对他们说话,and through His worshipper’s surrender to His Spirit and truth, 并且藉着他们向圣灵和真理降服,they could practice intimacy with God, 使他们能与神建立亲密的关系,He could deliver them from the yoke of the slavery to sin, 祂可以救他们脱离罪恶捆绑的重轭,and break the curse of disobedience, 破除悖逆的咒诅,and bring them into blessings (see Duet 28). 带他们进入祝福(参申命记28章)。

True intimacy with Jesus through worshiping in the Spirit and in truth 藉着在圣灵和真理里的敬拜,我们与耶稣建立真正亲密的关系,brings blessings to us, 使我们得着祝福,and also makes us blessings to others. 也使我们成为别人的祝福。That’s part of the covenant God made with Abraham, 这是神与亚伯拉罕立约的一部分:“I’ll bless you…and all people on earth will be blessed through you. Gen 12: 2b,3b) “【创12:2下】我必赐福给你……【创12:3下】地上的万族都要因你得福。 True intimacy with Jesus through worshiping in the Spirit and in truth 藉着在圣灵和真理里的敬拜,我们与耶稣建立真正亲密的关系,brings the fulfilment of who we are. 来成就我们的呼召。We’ll touch on this in more details later on. 我们后面会再细说这话题。

In the bible, 在圣经中,we see Jesus rebuked the Pharisees harshly. 我们看到耶稣严厉地斥责法利赛人。Why?  为什么?Jesus said in耶稣说: Matt 15:8, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. 9 They worship me in vain; their teaching are merely human rules.” 10 Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand. 11 What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” 【太15:8-11】‘这百姓用嘴唇尊敬我,心却远离我,9他们将人的吩咐当作道理教导人,所以拜我也是枉然。’10耶稣就叫了众人来,对他们说:“你们要听,也要明白。11入口的不能污秽人,出口的乃能污秽人。” 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. 20 These are what defile a person; but eating with unwashed hands does not defile them.”【太15:19-20】因为从心里发出来的,有恶念、凶杀、奸淫、苟合、偷盗、妄证、谤讟,20这都是污秽人的。至于不洗手吃饭,那却不污秽人。” Here, we see three things: 这里我们看到三件事: A, What will happen? 会发生什么? If we worship Him just with our lips not with our hearts, 如果我们只是用嘴唇敬拜祂,却不用心,Jesus judged 耶稣说: “their hearts are far from me” (v.8).  他们的心远离我(8)It means that we’ll be blocked from cultivating an intimate relationship with Jesus. 这表明我们就无法与耶稣建立亲密的关系

B, What will we end up with?  结果会怎样?It’ll be all in vain, if we worship Him just with our lips. 如果我们只用嘴唇敬拜他,这一切不过是枉然。“In vain” means to receive no blessings, “枉然”意味着得不到祝福,no benefits, 得不到益处,no life changes. 没有生命的改变。I’ve had believers asked me, 曾有信徒问我:“Why am I still suffering from the bad things my ancestors suffered from, since Jesus died on the cross to cancel the curses from my sins?” “既然耶稣死在十字架上,除去我罪中的咒诅,为什么我还在经历祖先所遭遇的倒霉事呢? Yes, Jesus has made access for us to every spiritual blessing through his death, ascension, and resurrection. 是的,藉着主耶稣受死、复活、升天,使我们可以进入一切属灵的祝福。But how can we gain this access? 但是怎样才能进入呢?

By Faith. 靠信心。Faith is not just saying a word, 信心不是只说一句:“Lord, I believe in You.” “主啊,我信你,” Faith without action is dead. James 2:26b. 【雅2:26下】信心没有行为也是死的。We need to live in alignment with the word of God. 我们当照着神的话去生活。We need to deny what we think is right, 我们当否定自己认为对的事,and seek Christ’s heart before we act. 并在行事之前寻求基督的心。Moving from curse to blessing doesn’t happen to us automatically. 脱离诅咒、进入祝福不会自动的发生在我们身上。It requires our acts of faith. 需要我们有信心的行为。For instant, 比如,your daddy has already prepared Christmas gifts for you at his room, 父亲已经在他的房间里为你预备了圣诞礼物,but you must exercise faith 但你必须操练信心,to walk into his room to get all of them 走进他的房间去拿这些礼物。If you just get one of them如果你只拿了一个, the others are still there for you 你的礼物仍在那里,but you can’t have them. 但你却得不着。 We must exercise faith 我们必须操练信心,to get to the blessings Jesus has already put there for us. 才能得着耶稣为我们预备的祝福。Next Sunday 下周日,Rebecca will give us her testimony about her recent experience with this truth. Rebecca将与我们分享她最近经历这真理的见证。That’s outstanding非常精彩。We’re looking forward to that.  我们很期待。

So, if we just confess with our lips, 所以,如果我们只用嘴唇认罪:“Lord, You’re my God, I praise you. “主啊,你是我的神,我赞美你。 Lord, forgive me for being afraid of men…主啊,赦免我惧怕人了…for worrying…我忧虑了…for judging others...” 我论断人了 But after the prayer 但是祷告后,if we keep going on in our old ways 我们若继续行在自己的老思想里,and we don’t pay attention to what’s going on in our hearts, 却不注意己内心的意念,we can still be hindered from becoming true worshippers of God 我们就无法成为真正敬拜神的人,just like the Pharisees, 如同法利赛人一样,who paid attention on things outwardly, 只关注外在,but ignored the pride, the jealousy, the greed hidden in their hearts. 却忽视内心隐藏的骄傲、嫉妒、贪婪。 What happened to them? 他们的果子如何?They lost intimacy with God, 他们失去了与神的亲密关系, become hypocrites in God’s eyes. 成为神眼中假冒伪善的人。

C, How to change? 如何改变Dealing with the sins from the heart helps us to restore intimacy with Jesus. 对付内心的罪使我们恢复与主的亲密关系。(v.10-11, 17-20). Jesus says worship from the heart is what God seeks. 主耶稣说神寻找发自内心的敬拜。From v.10-20, Jesus calls His believers to deal with the problems of the heart, 10-20节,他呼召信徒对付内心的问题,so that they can be praised by God as His true worshippers. 这样就能被神称赞为敬拜神的人。

One morning, 有一天早上,I was in hurry to get my socks, 我急着找袜子,having opened the drawer 一打开抽屉,I saw Raymond’s socks were there, 却看到Raymond的袜子在那儿,“Hey, where’re my socks?” “嘿,我的袜子呢?” my heart murmured, 我心里嘀咕起来,“Who put these socks in my drawer?” “是谁把这些袜子放这儿的?”Funnily, there were only two of us, 滑稽的是,屋子里只有Raymond和我两个人,either Raymond or I, there wasn’t a third person in our bedroom. 不是他就是我,再没有别人。“Stop. Enough.” “停下来,够了。” I said in my heart, 我在心里说,“Who am I muttering about? “我在抱怨谁?Give thanks in all circumstances. 凡事谢恩,that’s God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.”是神在基督耶稣里向我们所怀的旨意。”

I became alarmed. 我开始警觉起来,Whoa, in just a few minutes, 哇,就几分钟,without worshipping God from the heart, 只要内心的敬拜一停止,evil can come to tempt our thoughts 恶念就来试探我们。And our hearts can be occupied by ingratitude 我们的心就被不感恩、murmuring, 抱怨、judgement, 论断、unforgiveness, 不饶恕,or whatever selfish, self- centred thoughts, 或各种自私自利、自我中心的意念占据,if we nourish these kinds of thoughts without turning to God. 我们若滋养这样的意念而不转向神,James1:15, said, “Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. 【私欲既怀了胎,就生出罪来;罪既长成,就生出死来。 Here, death means that we’re blocked from coming into the presence of God 这里,死的意思是我们与神的同在隔绝,coming in and going out like a spiritual dead走进走出像个属灵的死人, then, Satan can do anything he wants to steal, kill and destroy in our marriages, in our finances, and in our families. 这样,撒旦可以在我们的婚姻里,在我们的经济上,在我们的家庭中做任何偷窃杀害毁坏的事。Sin hardens the heart and causes us to continue to bow down to so many intangible idols. 罪使心刚硬,并导致我们继续去拜各种无形的偶像。They’re all about “Me, I, my reason, my order, my standards are…” 围绕的全是“我,我的理由,我的规矩,我的标准是……”。That’s why Jesus calls us to deal with the heart, 因此耶稣呼召我们对付心,for God seeks worshippers who obey Him from the heart, 因神寻找那些内心遵从祂命令的敬拜者,so that He can heal their broken hearts 以致于神可医治他们受伤的心,and dwell in them as King to bless them and manifest blessings on earth through them 住在他们里面掌权祝福他们并借着他们彰显祝福。

3, The key to intimacy is what we put first 亲密关系的关键是什么在第一位

There is story in Luke9:57-60, 路加福音里有个故事,v.57 As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” 他们走路的时候,有一人对耶稣说:“你无论往哪里去,我要跟从你。”  We all have this experience我们都有这样的经历, when the love of God touches us,当被神的爱摸着,we say, 我们说:“Lord, I wanna develop a closer relationship with you, “主啊,我愿和你建立更亲密的关系,wherever You go, I’ll follow You.” 无论你往哪里去,我都要跟随你。” How many people once said this to Jesus? 我们有多少人这样说过?How do you think Jesus responds to your devotions? 你觉得主耶稣会怎样回应你的献上?Does He say 祂会说““Good, I’ll make you happy…I’ll make you rich, if you follow me.”好啊,我将让你快乐……使你富有,只要你跟从我。” No 不是的.   

v.58, Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” 耶稣说:“狐狸有洞,天空的飞鸟有窝,只是人子没有枕头的地方。” What did Jesus mean here? 耶稣是什么意思?Did He mean, 他是说“I’m Your Lord, “我是你的主,I don’t have a place to stay, 连我都没有地方住,so you who are following Me will all lose your houses?” 所以 你们这些跟从我的人会没有房子的?Of course, that isn’t what Jesus meant. 耶稣当然不是这个意思。But Jesus never hides the cost from us 但耶稣从不向我们隐瞒付代价这件事, when we try to develop our intimacy with Him to follow Him, 当我们想要和祂建立亲密关系并来跟从祂时。He told His disciples that there was a cost they needed to pay. 祂告诉门徒要付代价。That is to take up their crosses, 就是背起自己的十字架,and deny their own desires, 否定(舍)自己,and follow Him every single day. 天天跟随祂。Then, His peace, love, protection, freedom, and resurrection power will be with us wherever we go如此,无论我们去哪里,祂的平安、慈爱、保守、自由、复活的大能就要与我们同在了。V.59 He said to another man, “Follow me.” But he replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” 又对一个人说:“跟从我来!”那人说:“主,容我先回去埋葬我的父亲。”60 Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” 耶稣说:“任凭死人埋葬他们的死人,你只管去传扬 神国的道。”  Jesus called the man to build intimacy with Him by following him. 耶稣呼召那人来借着跟随与他建立亲密关系。The man said yes to Jesus这人对主说 是的,we’re quite like him, “Yes, Lord.” aren’t we? 我们也和他很像,是的,主, 是不是这样?But he had one request, 但他还有一个请求,he wanted to first go and bury his father. 他想先回去埋葬自己的父亲。Is that a reasonable request? 这个要求合不合理?Yes, it is 很合理,we all wanna attend our father’s funerals one day 我们有一天都要参加父亲的葬礼,Some already have. 部分人已经参加过了。

Why was Jesus so hard on this young man? 可耶稣对这位年轻人为啥那么严厉?Why didn’t Jesus allow this young man to do a reasonable thing? 为什么祂不让这位年轻人做这件合情合理的事?Let’s read it carefully, 再仔细读一读,here, the focus of the conversation 原来这段话的焦点,is not around the funeral but around the word “first”. 不在葬礼而在“先” 这个字上。“Yes, Lord, I’ll follow you. But first, let me go and bury my father.” “是的,主啊,我愿跟随你,但请先让我回去埋葬我的父亲。” The bible doesn’t tell us圣经没有说, whether his father had already died or not 是否他爸爸已经死了没有or how long it would take for his dad to die或还要等多久他父亲会死, or perhaps something would happen while he was waiting或许有事情会发生在他等待时 and preventing him from following Jesus阻止了他来跟随耶稣。Let’s think about ourselves, 想想我们自己,we are a “yes” flock, aren’t we? 我们很会向主说,“是的”,不是吗?When Jesus calls, 当耶稣呼召我们,we always say, 我们总说,“Yes, Lord.” “是的,主”,But we’re so busy with going about our own lives, 可是我们每天忙于过自己的日子;When Jesus calls us to develop one mind with Him, 当耶稣呼召我们 去追求与祂同心,we say, “Yes, Lord, 我们就说 “是的,主,I’ll develop intimacy with You.” 我愿与你建立亲密关系”,But in our actions, we go like, 可是我们的每天行动却是 “But first, let me go and earn more money.” “但 先让我去挣多点钱”;

And when Jesus calls us again, 当耶稣再次呼召我们,“Come, and build a relationship with Me.” “来,与我建立关系We say, “Yes, Lord, 我们说,“是的,主,I’ll worship You in Spirit and in truth, 我愿用心灵诚实敬拜你,but first, 但首先 let me finish my job and raise my children.”  让我先忙完我的工作和养大孩子”;Then, when Jesus calls us again, 此后,当耶稣又再呼召我们,“Come and let Me change your inner man to be more like my Son.” “来,让我更新你的内心,好让你更像我儿子”,We say, “Yes, Lord, 我们说,“是的,主,I desire intimacy with You, 我渴慕和你有亲密关系,but first但首先, let me go and look after my children’s children让我把孙子带大……Yes, Lord 是的,主 but first, but first, but first…” 但首先,但首先 让我……” We have so many firsts to fulfil in life 我们有太多的首先,要去做,but think about it 但请想想看,just because of these two little words, “but first 就因这不起眼的小词,“首先让我…… when we come to the end of life 当我们到了生命终点时,we would find that we haven’t yet been set free from the bondage of self-centredness 我们会发现,我们还没有摆脱以自我为中心的捆绑,and we haven’t yet grown into the fullness of Christ 还没有基督丰盛的生命 and we would never have fulfilled the purpose God has for our lives. 我们永不能完成神对我们今生的呼召。What a shame! 太可惜了!What is the first that you’re pursuing? 你正在追求的首先是什么呢?

Jesus is calling. 耶稣在呼召,He is calling us to spend time with Him every single day; 呼召我们每天花时间和祂在一起;He is calling us to lay down our intangible idols and worship Him alone; 祂在呼召我们放下无形的偶像,单单拜祂,so that He can heal and bless us richly因此祂可以大大的医治和祝福我们;He is waiting for us to grow in the knowledge of Him intimately. 祂在等候我们在亲密的认识祂里成长。He is the source of life. 祂是生命的泉源。He has all the answers to life. 祂有一切关乎生命的答案。What’s your response to Him? 你对祂的回应是什么?Let’s sing the last song.  来,让我们来唱最后一首诗歌。


Concluding prayer: 结束祷告:

Yes Lord, You’re worthy of our praise. 是的,主啊,你配得我们尊崇。You’re worthy of our worship. 配得我们敬拜。You’re worthy of it all.你全都配得。because You did all of it for us on the cross因你在十架为我们成就了一切。You stepped down from heaven and came to the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. 你从高天降下,为我们罪得赦免走上十字架。You were resurrected in three days 三天后你复活了。You’re the King of kings and Lord of lords. 你是万王之王,万主之主。We thank You for Your sacrificial love. 感谢你牺牲的爱。We thank You for what You have done on our behalf. 我们感谢你为我们所做的一切。Thank You for making us Your sons and daughters through the shedding of Your own blood. 感谢你流出宝血,使我们成为神儿女。Lord Jesus, You owe us nothing, we owe You 主啊,你没有欠我们的,我们欠了你。Let us thank Him on our own. 让我们各人来感谢祂。

Lord, in these last days, we need You. 主啊,在末后的日子我们需要你。We need Your peace to rule in us, 我们需要你的平安掌管我们,and we desire to be the people of faith who know (yada) their God, 我们渴望成为深深认识神、大有信心的一群,so that they may stay strong when temptation comes. 以致于在试探来临的时候可以刚强站立。Yes, Lord, draw our hearts near to You. 是的,主啊,求你吸引我们的心靠近你。You’re seeking worshippers who worship from their hearts not just from their lips. 你在寻求以心灵敬拜你的人,而不是口头敬拜的人。Holy Spirit, wake us up. 圣灵啊,求你使我们苏醒,Let Your light shine on us, wake us up. 让你的光照到我们,苏醒我们的心。Let’s cry out to Him for help, 让我们呼求神帮助我们。

“Jesus, I turn to You, “主耶稣,我转向你,I repent in my heart of not being intimate with You. 为我的心不与你亲近向你悔改,I repent in my heart of not worshipping (bowing down) to You. 为我的心不敬拜你向你悔改,Lord, I need You to soften my hard heart”. 主啊,求你柔软我的心。” “Touch me with Your power, “求你用大能触摸我心,touch my heart in the places where it has become callused because of disappointment, unforgiveness, or fear, or my own standards, or other sins that I’ve committed. 触摸那因失望、不饶恕、惧怕、或自我的标准,或其他的罪而麻木的部分。Lord, touch me with Your power in the places where I’ve compromised. 主啊,求你用大能触摸我内心向罪妥协的地方。

I wanna worship You in Spirit and in truth. 我愿在圣灵和真理中敬拜你,I wanna make You and Your commands first in my life. 我愿把你和你的命令放在我生命的第一位;Lord, let Your Holy Spirit come upon our lives, to recharge us with fire! 主啊,求圣灵临到我,用火烧着我们!And to recharge us with passion, 用你的热情充满我们,and to recharge us to worship You in a new way, 让我们可以有全新的敬拜,that is to serve Your Holiness, 从心里事奉你的圣洁、Your righteousness, 你的公义、Your mercy, 你的怜悯、Your love, 你的慈爱、Your peace 你的平安,in the heart through our everyday life connecting to Your truth. 借着每天与真理联结。In the name of Jesus, 奉耶稣基督的名,I break very form of bitterness, 藉着饶恕的大能,我断开苦毒、anger and frustration though the power of forgiveness. 怒气和灰心沮丧的捆绑。I receive Your forgiveness 我接受你的饶恕,and I declare forgiveness over all who have offended me. 我宣告我饶恕一切得罪我的人。Thank You Jesus for the power of forgiveness to set me free. 感谢你耶稣饶恕的大能使我得自由。We worship You Lord. 我们敬拜你主耶稣。

“Yes, Lord, 是的,主,in Your name we declare blessing upon every person in this place this afternoon. 我奉你的名宣告祝福今天每个在这里的人。The blessing that inspires us to change our priorities 愿这福激发我们去改变我们的首先,and crucify all the intangible idols on the cross with You; 并将一切无形的偶像与你同钉十字架,The blessing that draws us near enough to You, 愿这祝福吸引我靠近你,and to enable us to know more about You 让我们更多认识你,and to walk in a deeper level with You intimately and freely; 让我们与你更加自由、亲密地与你同行;The blessing that we may be blessed in every aspect of our lives. 愿这祝福使我们在生命的方方面面蒙福;And the people around us may see the manifestation of Your blessings through our lives.” 让身边的人都看见这祝福借我们的生命彰显出来祝福他们!


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