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2018-09-23 Don’t Judge 不要论断人

发表于 2022-05-26

 (Matt 7:1-6) (太7:1-6 

Today, we are going back to look at the book of Matthew again我们今天又回到《马太福音》, as we have been studying this book from the beginning of this year 我们从年初开始分享这本书and will go on until we finish it会直到全部过一遍为止. So let’s read Matthew 7:1-6, 我们来读(太7:1-6): 

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged你们不要论断人,免得你们被论断. 2 For in the same way you judge others因为你们怎样论断人, you will be judged也必怎样被论断, and with the measure you use你们用什么量器量给人, it will be measured to you也必用什么量器量给你们.  

We are watching a short video first先看一个短片…  

Was it touching是不是挺感动的? How can we make our lives more beautiful怎么才能让生活更美好? Don’t judge with our own eyes quickly不要凭眼见就急急地下判断, misjudging only messes up our own lives and breaks up relationships错断人会破坏关系搞砸生活, because we don’t know people’s intentions因我们不了解别人的动机. That’s why Jesus continues his sermon on the Mount to teach us因此主耶稣继续讲山上宝训, “Don’t judge不要论断人”.  

1, Why should we not judge?为什么不要论断人  (v.1-v.2) 

Why为什么? Because 因为for in the same way you judge others因为你们怎样论断人, you will be judged也必怎样被论断, and with the measure you use你们用什么量器量给人, it will be measured to you也必用什么量器量给你们。It’s telling us that a judgmental attitude is dangerous这是在说论断人的态度是危险的. Why为什么? because God will treat us exactly how we treat others因为我们怎样对待人神也怎样对待我们. David in the Holy Spirit speaks out the way of the Lord and the judgment of God大卫被圣灵感动讲述神的道和神的审判, Psalm 18:25-27, To the faithful you show yourself faithful慈爱的人,你以慈爱待他, to the blameless you show yourself blameless完全的人,你以完全待他, 26 to the pure you show yourself pure清洁的人,你以清洁待他, but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd乖僻的人,你以弯曲待他. 27 You save the humble困苦的百姓,你必拯救, but bring low those whose eyes are haughty高傲的眼目,你必使他降卑.

In David’s walk with God大卫经历神, he noticed what a sinful man he was才发现自己是何等的罪人, even since he was in his mother’s womb甚至在母腹中就有了罪 (see Psa 51:5,诗51:5),  and he found that he was completely unable to do anything good in his own strength才发现凭自己不能行义, for he realized that his sins were more than the hairs of his head 因他发觉他的罪比头发还多(see Psa 40:1240:12), that’s why he said this所以他才说, “I love You, O Lord, my strength耶和华我的力量啊我爱你… and my deliverer我的救主啊…(see Psa 18:1-2,诗篇18:1-2)” This reveals that mature Christians come to a place where they are totally dependent on Jesus’ mercy and salvation to live 这显明了成熟基督徒行事完全依靠耶稣的恩典和救恩and continually focus on repenting in their own lives持续地行悔改否定自己的道路. They feel not unashamed to confess their sins他们承认自己有罪并不觉羞耻, and they stop trying to judge others when they see others who have done wrong看到别人做错事也不再去论断, because they understand the weakness of the flesh因他们真知道肉体是软弱的.

We also can see this from Paul the apostle使徒保罗就是如此, when he became a spiritual father to many作为许多人的属灵父亲, he wrote this to Timothy他在给提摩太信中这样说, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners 基督耶稣降世,为要拯救罪人-of whom I am the worst在罪人中我是个罪魁. 1 Timothy 1:15(提前1:15”  Paul is not judging himself or making a self-condemnation保罗没有论断自己或定罪自己, his intention is to tell us而是想要告诉我们, not to look at ourselves or keep lists of the wrong doings of others to remind ourselves that we are not that bad不要看自己也不要数算别人的错处安慰自己说我没那么差, or continue to make ourselves feel better than others或继续觉得自己比别人强. That’s the way of the sinful nature这是旧人的路. What Paul tries to say is that even if the worst of sinners was shown mercy and forgiven保罗想说即便对罪人中的罪魁神仍然显明极大的怜悯和赦免, and made as a noble vessel of God使他成为神尊贵的器皿, we also can experience such great mercy in Christ你也可以经历基督里这极大的怜悯! If we stop playing God’s role by judging若我们不去做神去论断人, but rely on God’s mercy and His grace to be merciful to others而是信靠神的怜悯和恩典去怜悯人 

2, Why do we judge为什么会论断? and what will we suffer from being judgemental论断人的后果如何

Romans 2:1-4(罗2:1-4, You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else你这论断人的,无论你是谁,也无可推诿, for at whatever point you judge another你在什么事上论断人, you are condemning yourself就在什么事上定自己的罪, because you who pass judgment do the same things因你这论断人的,自己所行却和别人一样. 2 Now we know that God’s judgment against those who do such things is based on truth我们知道这样行的人,神必照真理审判他. 3 So when you, a mere human being你这人哪, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things你论断行这样事的人,自己所行的却和别人一样, do you think you will escape God’s judgment你以为能逃脱神的审判? 4 Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness还是你藐视他丰富的恩慈, forbearance 宽容and patience忍耐, not realizing that God’s kindness leads you toward repentance不晓得祂的恩慈是领你悔改呢?

God loves us神爱我们, and He knows the horrible consequences of being judgmental祂知道论断的后果很可怕, so He strictly warns us to not to judge others就严严地警戒我们不要论断人. God’s words say祂的话说, “for at whatever point you judge another你在什么事上论断人, you are condemning yourself就在什么事上定自己的罪, because you who pass judgment do the same things因你这论断人的,自己所行却和别人一样”. It tells us that a judgmental attitude and words 就是说那种论断别人的态度和言语can cause our own behaviours to be more like the one we’ve judged会导致我们的行为和那人更相似. If we judge others with anger or bitterness我们若以怒气和苦毒论断人, “you are selfish你很自私…you are lazy你好懒…you are stupid你真蠢…he is a bad person他这人太坏了…” We are condemning ourselves我们就在定自己的罪, for people will say the same thing about us因人也会这样说我们

During 13 years of deliverance ministry在十三年医治释放的服事中, I’ve seen numerous cases我遇到大量案例, in which people say人们会说, “I’d never be like my dad (or mum) if I get married我结婚后一定不要象我爸我妈.” But later on可后来, they do exactly the same as their parents do他们所行的和自己父母一样. Although they hate being yelled at or being physically abusive虽然他们讨厌被吼被打, when they get married可结了婚, they yell at their children or physically abuse their children as well却一样打骂自己的孩子; they hate their parents drinking alcohol他们讨厌父母醉酒, they drink as well自己也喝醉酒; they hate and judge their parents for being adulterous他们讨厌父母淫乱论断父母, they are unfaithful to their spouses just the same as their parents自己也和父母一样对配偶不忠. For at whatever point you judge another你在什么事上论断人, you are condemning yourself就在什么事上定自己的罪, we reap what we sow种什么就收什么 

Criticism and a judgemental attitude are strong weapons for Satan to control Christians’ minds撒旦用批评论断这有力武器来控制基督徒思想, so that he can continually keep Christians from the freedom and the abundant life of Christ使基督徒不能进入基督自由丰盛的生命, and also continually keep them under the influence of their family’s generational curses不断将他们至于家族咒诅的权势之下. Even our enemy Satan knows how God’s word works on earth撒旦很明白神的话在地上如何运行, and he knows what family curses were written in the book of Deuteronomy for those who are disobedient to God’s commands也知道对不顺服神命令的人,《申命记》所写的那些家族咒诅. And how to trap us into temptation of disobedience by bitter judgement还知道怎样引诱我们去不顺服, so that we suffer loss叫我们遭受损失. So the following is from Deuteronomy 28: 15-68下面抄录的是(申命记28:15-68)中记录的, “family curses for disobedience悖逆的后果”, which goes out over the face of the whole earth就是发出行在遍地的咒诅 (see Zechariah 5:2-3,亚5:2-3), let’s have a look at what sort of family curses were written我们来看看有哪些: 

·         Emotional Instability情绪不稳 (see Deuteronomy 28:28,申28:28). Like mental problems就如精神问题, depression and confusion抑郁和混乱, Fear惧怕, suicidal tendencies自杀倾向, a family history of insanity家族遗传精神病 

·         Family Genetic Diseases家族遗传疾病 (see Deut 28: 21,申28:21). All kinds of strange fevers and inflammation caused from different reasons各种原因导致的热症炎症, like cancer or bacterial and viral infections如癌症、病菌感染、病毒感染, it can be all kinds of sicknesses 等各种疾病 

·         Chronic Wounds 长期性创伤(see Deut 28:35,申28:35). Some chronic diseases that can’t be healed部分不可治愈的长期性疾病, like haemorrhoids or scabs or itches如痔疮、疥廯、痕痒等。

·         Barrenness, Impotence, Female Problems男女不育、妇科疾病 (See Deut 28:18,申28:18). Like hormonal problems如荷尔蒙问题, menstrual problems月经问题, miscarriages流产, cysts囊肿, tumors肿瘤, fibroids纤维瘤, bladder problems膀胱疾病, kidney stones肾结石, and so on等等。 

·         Family Breakdowns, Divorces家庭破裂、离婚 (See Deut 28:30,申28:30). Children are affected by this family curse儿女也因此受害 (Deut 28:32,申28:32). This curse manifest in many ways including divorce这咒诅彰显在很多方面,包括 离婚, family divides家庭分裂, fights among relatives,亲戚间的不和睦families that scatter家庭分居, no fellowship没有团契, jailed children孩子被囚, and estranged relationships关系疏远。 

·         Lack, Poverty, Debts缺乏、贫穷、欠债 (See Deut 28:17,29, 47-48,申28:17,29,47-48). This is a curse on the finances财务方面的咒诅. A person under this curse will squander, waste and get further into debt and bondage该咒诅下的人会大肆挥霍、浪费资财,导致欠债,受人奴役。 

·         Bondage and Slavery受捆绑被奴役 (see Deut 28:43-44,申28:43-44). People under this curse are easily controlled and manipulated into loss of identity该咒诅之下的人很容易被控制操纵,导致自我身份的迷失, and to look to other gods for provision and protection并因寻求供应和保护而拜别神。 

·         Hopelessness with no vision or direction无异象无方向无盼望 (see Deut 28:29,申28:29). Those under this curse lose hope about tomorrow这个咒诅之下的人失去对未来的盼望, they “grope” as “blind men” with no direction好像瞎子在暗中摸索. How can Christians be trapped into this curse基督徒怎会被咒诅捆绑? When we judge others我们若论断他人, we allow unforgiveness to enter our hearts就是让不饶恕进入心中, we ourselves are blinded眼睛就瞎了.  I John 2: 9-11 (约一2:9-11says, Anyone who claims  

to be in the light but hates a brother or sister[a] is still in the darkness人若说自己在光明中,却恨他的弟兄,他到如今还是在黑暗里. 10 Anyone who loves their brother and sister[b] lives in the light爱弟兄的,就是住在光明中, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble在他并没有跘跌的缘由. 11 But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness惟独恨弟兄的,是在黑暗里,且在黑暗里行. They do not know where they are going也不知道往哪里去, because the darkness has blinded them因为黑暗教他眼睛瞎了That’s why we should quickly go to the Lord to ask forgiveness因此我们要快快求主赦免, and also forgive others也饶恕他人. 

3, What are the most common judgemental traps that we are easily captured by最容易落入的论断陷阱有哪些?  

God wants us to be obedient to His words神希望我们顺服祂的话, so that we can experience the fullness of His blessings就可经历祂丰盛的祝福. Jesus Christ came as the Son of God who set a perfectly submissive example for us神儿子耶稣基督降世给我们做了全然顺服的榜样, although he was despised and killed他虽然被藐视被钉死, he was resurrected and lifted on high and has become the Lord of lords, and King of kings却死里复活被高举成为万王之王万主之主. But Satan wants us to be disobedient by judgement and criticism但撒旦想要我们论断批评悖逆神, so that he can steal, kill and destroy through our disobedience借着悖逆来偷窃杀害毁坏. Let’s see how Satan traps us to be disobedient to God’s words我们来看看撒旦有哪些让我们悖逆神的诡计? he entices us to be disobedient to God’s delegated- authorities他让我们不顺服神赐的权柄. Because all authorities belong to God凡权柄都出于神, in the bible God has set four basic structures of His delegated-authority in this world圣经说,神在世界中授立了四种权柄: Family家庭, Government政府, Church教会, Business职场 

A, In a Family家庭里. The wife is to submit to her husband as to the Lord妻子顺服丈夫就如顺服主, and the children are to be subject to their parents儿女当顺服父母. “Wives你们做妻子的, submit yourselves to your husbands当顺服自己的丈夫, as to the Lord这在主里面是相宜的.” Ephesians 5:22(弗5:22, “Children你们做儿女的, obey your parents in all things for this pleases the Lord要凡事听从父母,因为这是主所喜悦的” Colossians 3:20(西3:20 

The husband is the God-appointed head of his wife丈夫是妻子的头这是神所立的, but he is not to be a dictator丈夫不应当独断专行. He is to love his wife and his children as Christ loves his church and sacrifices himself for his church他当爱妻子爱孩子就如基督爱教会为教会舍己 (Eph 5:25,弗5:25). Jesus set this example主耶稣设了个榜样, In Luke 22:25(路22:25Jesus said to them耶稣说, “The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them外邦人有君王为主治理他们; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves Benefactors那掌权管他们的称为恩主. 26 But you are not to be like that但你们不可这样. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest你们里头为大的,倒要象年幼的, and the one who rules like the one who serves为首领的,倒要象服侍人的. So the father in a family is to love and serve humbly before God家庭中父亲的角色就是在神面前爱家人谦卑服事家人. And the wife is to submit to the husband, and the children are to be subject to their parents. 

B, Government政府. The government is God’s delegated authority政府是神授立的权柄, whether school teachers, police officers, local officials, or judges, we should obey them无论是老师警察地方官员法官我们都要听从. In Romans 13:1(罗13:1Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities世上有权柄的,人人当顺服他, for there is no authority except that which God has established因为没有权柄不是出于神. The authorities that exist have been established by God凡掌权的都是神所命的. 1 Peter 2:13(彼前2:13Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority你们为主的缘故,要顺服人的一切制度: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority或是在上的君王。

C, Church教会. Christ is the head of His church基督是教会的头, those who are God-appointed leaders神所设立的领袖, such as elders, pastors, deacons, and teachers如长老牧师、执事、教师, we are to subject to in a church我们都当听从. Heb 13:17(来13:17Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority你们要依从那些引导你们的,且要顺服, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account因他们为你们的灵魂时刻警醒,好像那将来交账的人. Do this so that their work will be a joy你们要使他们交的时候有快乐, not a burden不至于忧愁, for that would be of no benefit to you若忧愁就与你们无益了. God also has words for those leaders论到这些领袖神的话说, 1 Peter 5:2-3(彼前5:2-3Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care务要牧养在你们中间神的群羊, watching over them按着神的旨意照管他们—not because you must不是出于勉强, but because you are willing乃是出于甘心, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain也不是因为贪财, but eager to serve乃是出于乐意; 3 not lording it over those entrusted to you也不是辖制所托付你们的, but being examples to the flock乃是作群羊的榜样

D, Business职场. Our employers or “bosses” represent God’s delegated authority at our work places职场上雇佣者或老板是神所立的权柄. “Servants你们做仆人的, be subject to your masters with all fear凡事要存敬畏的心顺服主人; not only to the good and gentle不但顺服那善良温和的, but also to the harsh就是那乖僻的也要顺服.” 1 Peter 2:18(彼前2:18.  It tells us that employees are to submit to their bosses雇员当顺服老板, not only to those who are kind and gentle不但顺服那些善良温和的, but also to those who are hard to get along with就是难相处的也要顺服. Why should we bear those who are harsh为什么要顺服那乖僻的? Col 3:23-24(西3:23-24tells us, “And whatever you do无论作什么, do it heartily都要从心里作, as to the Lord and not to men像是给主作的,不是给人作的, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance因你们知道从主那里必得着基业为赏赐; for you serve the Lord Christ你们所侍奉的乃是主耶稣。”  

Now, some may ask有人问, “If they (husbands, parents, leaders, government, bosses) are right如果他们(丈夫、父母、领袖、政府、老板)对, I will obey them我就顺服. But if they aren’t要是他们不对, if they have made wrong decisions要是他们做错决定, and they have bad personalities and I don’t like them而他们人也不好让我讨厌. Do I still have to obey them我还要顺服他们吗?” 

Don’t struggle with obeying God’s commands顺服神的命令不要为难, but believe in and pray to receive the power of the forgiveness and obedience of Christ to obey God’s word相信并靠祷告得着饶恕和顺服基督的能力来遵行神的话, and present your worries to God向神陈明你的担忧, God will not hold you responsible if you obey His commands你若遵行神命令神就不会要你去负责, Instead相反, He will hold the one in authority responsible for the mistake祂会要决策者去承担责任. But if we judge those delegated-authorities要是我们论断神设定的权柄, we lose God’s protection 就会失去保护and expose ourselves to Satan’s attacks 把自己暴露在撒旦的攻击下and the influence of our family curses和家族咒诅之下 

4, How to avoid being judgemental Christians怎样避免成为论断的基督徒?    

James 2:12-13(雅2:12-13, Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom你们既然要按使人得自由的律法受审判,就该照这律法说话行事, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful因为那不怜悯人的,也要受无怜悯的审判. Mercy triumphs over judgment怜悯原是向审判夸胜In the light of this verse按照这段经文, I conclude with a simple way to practice how to avoid being judgemental Christians我总结一条简单的操练方法,我们操练就不至于成为论断的基督徒 

Knowing who you are and who God is认识你是谁,神是谁.  Be merciful怜悯他人.  Be forgiving饶恕他人.  Be acceptable接纳他人.  Be loving爱他人. 

Jesus Christ showed an example to us耶稣基督给我们一个例子, in John 8在《约翰福音》8, we see that the Pharisees caught a woman who was committing adultery and they brought her to Jesus文士和法利赛人带着一个行淫时被拿的妇人,来到耶稣跟前, for in the Law of Moses因照着摩西的律法, this woman ought to have been stoned这样的妇人当用石头打死. Knowing their intentions to be judgemental耶稣知道他们所怀论断人的心, Jesus said to them就说, “ok, you can stone her行,你们可以拿石头打死她, but let those who have never sinned throw the first stones你们中间谁是没有罪的,谁就可以先拿石头打她! (See John 8:7,约8:7)”. These words reminded them of who they were这些话提醒众人他们是谁! and also remind us也在提醒我们, “if I had never sinned我若没有犯过罪, if I didn’t need Jesus’ forgiveness我若不需要耶稣的赦罪之恩, I would be right to hold up others faults and judge them就可以抓住别人的错,可以审判他, but I’ve also sinned但我也犯了罪, Lord, forgive me主啊,赦免我…” According to the Law照着律法, this woman deserved judgement这女人该被审判, but Jesus showed mercy to her by giving her an opportunity to repent and didn’t condemn her但耶稣给她悔改的机会,不定她的罪,显明神的怜悯. We all like this woman have sinned我们和这妇人一样,都犯了罪, our God didn’t stone us神没有拿石头打死我们, but sent His Son Christ Jesus to suffer and die for the forgiveness of our sins而是差了爱子耶稣基督,替我们受罪,为罪得赦免流血舍命. Shouldn’t we do away with judgmental attitudes and malicious talk 我们岂不该除去论断和谗言and be merciful to the people like us who have sinned以恩慈待那些和我们一样犯罪的人吗 

Last story最后是一个见证, during the week这个星期, someone who is not among us came to see me and asked for help有个人(不在我们当中)来找我, because she knew that she needed to forgive her father因为她知道她需要饶恕她父亲, who was the God delegated-authority over her父亲是她的权柄. But she couldn’t但她饶恕不了 because her dad made a bad decision years ago因父亲几年前决策错误, which caused a terribly huge loss to the family both mentally and financially造成全家精神和财务上的巨大损失. Her mum also suffered and couldn’t accept his mistake她母亲也非常痛苦,无法接受父亲的错误. After a talk我和她交谈后, I started to lead her in a prayer就带她做祷告. When I was leading her in a prayer of forgiveness我正带着她祷告饶恕, the Holy Spirit started to reveal the intentions of her father to my heart圣灵就在我心中启示出她父亲为什么这样做的原因, so I led her to say于是我带着她说, “Lord主啊, my dad is such a poor sinner我父亲是个可怜的罪人, he is a non-believer他不信主, who is totally kept under the control of the devil完全在恶者的掌控之下, and was impacted by worldly values受这世界价值观的影响, his identity is based on what he has他的身份认同感是基于他拥有什么, he thought if he had more money他觉得只要他更有钱, he would be respected别人就会尊重他, and our family would be respected by our relatives亲戚也会尊重我们家, he doesn’t know the truth他没有真理, because of believing in lies所信的都是谎言, there are lots of wounds of rejection inside of him他心里饱受被拒绝伤害, but his intentions in that business was to love us and to give his family a better life可他做那生意,是因他爱我们,想带给我们更好的生活…but he failed because he listened to the evil one who is to kill, steal and destroy因他听从那恶者,失败了,恶者就是来偷窃、杀害、毁坏, he is a victim of his own sins and of the scheme of Satan like I was 他是罪和撒旦诡计的受害者,和我从前一样,he can’t escape in his own strength他靠自己不能逃脱…forgive me求你赦免我, Lord主啊, I didn’t understand him我不理解他, and when he failed and suffering from the failure当他承受失败的沉重打击时, I didn’t show the mercy that you freely gave me我没有象你怜悯我那样怜悯他, rather, I stoned him with blame and unforgiveness反而责怪他、讨厌他,用石头打他…” She started to cry她开始流泪, tears coming down from her cheeks满脸泪水, the power of God touched her heart神的能力触碰到她的心. When God revealed her dad’s intention and his powerless situation to the evil one to her当神向她启示她父亲的动机,以及面对恶者无能为力的景况时, she was immediately convicted by the Holy Spirit她马上被圣灵光照, and repented her own faults to Jesus向主认自己的罪, and also was filled with God’s mercy to forgive her dad神的怜悯也充满她,使她可以爱自己的父亲 

Bothers and sisters弟兄姊妹, we all make mistakes in our lives我们都犯了许多罪, nobody makes mistakes on purpose没有人故意想去犯罪. You will not make mistakes intentionally你不是有意犯错, same for your parents你父母也不是, your children孩子, your spouses配偶, your colleagues同事, and all the people around you周围的人都不是. Only God knows the reason behind the mere appearance惟有神了解现象背后的原因. We really need the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the Cross of Christ to us我们实在需要圣灵开启基督十字架, so that we may truly understand that it’s all about God’s grace and mercy 就知道这全是神的恩典和怜悯that He forgives our sins through His Son Christ Jesus’ blood藉着儿子的血赦免我们的罪. Surely he born our griefs他诚然担当我们的忧患, and carried our sorrows背负我们的痛苦; yet we esteemed him stricken我们却以为他受责罚, smitten by God, and afflicted被神击打苦待了. But he was pierced for our transgressions哪知他为我们的过犯受害; he was crushed for our iniquities为我们的罪孽压伤.By his stripes we are healed因他受的鞭伤我们得医治. Don’t judge不要论断人, but be merciful怜悯他人, Let our world will be more beautiful世界会更美好 


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