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2022-06-12 Blessing or captivity again? (3) (Luke路 13:6-9)

发表于 2024-01-08

We’ve been taken to the topic “blessing or captivity again” twice through Rebeca’s testimony. 借着丽晔姊妹的见证,我们已经分享了两堂蒙福或再次被掳的主题信息。Today, we’ll continue to look at the purpose of blessing. 今天,我们将继续看蒙福的目的。Luke 13: 6-9, 路加福音 13:6 Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard, 耶穌講了這樣一個比喻:有一個人把一棵無花果樹栽在自己的葡萄園裡。and he went to look for fruit on it but did not find any. 他來到樹那裡找果子,卻找不到。7 So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, ‘For three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. 7 他對管園的說:你看,這三年,我來到這棵無花果樹那裡找果子,卻找不到,Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?’ 把它砍了吧!何必白佔地土呢?’  8 “‘Sir,’ the man replied, ‘leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilize it.  8 管園的說:主人,今年且留著它,等我把周圍的泥土挖鬆,加上肥料;9 If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’”  9 以後結果子就罷,不然,再把它砍了。’”

1, An illustration about blessings. 一个关于蒙福的说明。

This parable of the fig tree gives us an illustration about blessings. 这个无花果树的比喻给了我们一个关于祝福的说明 V.6, A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard. 6节,有一個人把一棵無花果樹栽在自己的葡萄園裡。Here, the man represents God Himself, 在这里,这个人代表上帝自己,and the vine-keeper represents Jesus Christ. 管理葡萄的人代表耶稣基督。People always plant grapes in a vineyard in order to produce wine. 为酿酒人们在葡萄园里种植葡萄。Why did the man plant a fig tree in the vineyard? 人为什么在葡萄园里种无花果树 In the OT, 旧约中,the fig tree represents the nation of Israel (Judges 9). 无花果树代表以色列国 (士师记9)In the NT, 新约we are fig trees planted in His vineyard. 我们是种在他的葡萄园里的无花果树。The fig tree is a mark of blessing, 无花果树是祝福的标志,coz our God is the Source of all blessings. 因为我们的神是一切祝福的源

V.6-7, Why did the man try to cut the fig tree down? 6-7节,为什么这个人要把无花果树砍倒? Because it didn’t bear fruit and was unable to bless people. 因为它没有结果,也不能祝福人们。In the same way, 同样地,we’re planted in His vineyard for a purpose, 我们被种在他的葡萄园里的目的that’s to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit to bless others (Gal 5:19-22). 就是借着圣灵在我们身上所结出的果子来祝福别人。Remember, Jacob’s prophecy over Joseph in Gen 49:22, 记得吗,在4922,雅各对约瑟的预言 “Joseph is a fruitful bough, A fruitful bough by a spring; Its branches run over the wall. 约瑟是多结果子的树枝,是泉旁多结果的枝子,他的枝条探出墙外。Joseph had been hurt deeply by his own brothers,约瑟曾被他的弟兄们深深的伤害 but he chose to forgive and bless his brothers但他选择饶恕和去祝福他们. And He eventually produced fruit in his life他最后成就了多结果子的生命. Just like a vine with much fruit就像多结果子的葡萄树, and its branches run over a wall他的枝子探出墙外, and all those who pass by can get enrichment and blessing of life所有经过的人都从它得生命的充实和祝福. This is what we’re called to be in Christ. 这就是神对我们在基督里的呼召。

Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 因為 神的國不在於吃喝,而在於公義、和睦,以及聖靈裡的喜樂。It says, 这是说the kingdom of God has nothing to do with the fruit of the flesh, 神的国与肉体私的果无关,but has everything to do with producing love, peace, joy, and all the fruit of the Holy Spirit. 而是与爱、喜乐、和平,和圣灵所结的一切果有关。For we’re designed to carry God’s image on earth. 因为我们受造,就是为彰显神的样子We see the fig tree first appear in the garden of Eden after Adam and Eve sinned. 我们看到,在亚当和夏娃犯罪后,无花果树第一次出现在伊甸园里。

Gen 3:7 says, “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made covering for themselves.”  创世记 3:7 他们二人的眼睛就明亮了,才知道自己是赤身露体,便拿无花果树的叶子,为自己编作裙子。After they had listened to the enemy, 听了仇敌的话后,they became aware that they were naked. 亚当夏娃他们意识到自己是赤身露体的。They started to compare themselves to others, 他们开始把自己和别人进行比较,and thought, “I don’t have what they have. 他们有的我没有。I must do something”. 我必须做些什么。So Adam and Eve took fig leaves not the tree’s fruit to cover the shame and fear which sin produces. 所以亚当和夏娃用无花果树的叶子,而不是果子来掩盖罪所产生的羞耻和恐惧。Shame and fear steal our identity, who we are. 羞耻和惧怕偷走了我们的身份认同感,我们是谁。Adam and Eve were created in God’s image. 亚当和夏娃都是按神的形象被造的。They once had been covered with God’s glory, 他们曾被神的荣耀所覆盖,full of God’s light, 充满了神的荣光,shining and bright, 光辉闪耀,fully of God’s image and majesty. 充满了神的样式和威严。Imagine that! 想一想! But now they were covered with rotten leaves from a fig tree. 但如今他们却用朽烂的无花果树叶子来遮盖。Would the leaves have any power to deliver them from the curse and torment of shame and fear? 这树叶能让它们摆脱羞耻和恐惧的诅咒和折磨吗?Nobut only made them feel better about themselves. 不能,只是让他们的自我感觉好一点。Yet, they lost the glory of God. 然而,他们却失去了神的荣耀。

God hates His people to be covered with fig leaves. 神憎恶祂的子民被无花果树叶子遮盖。The fig leaves represent our good deeds out of the sinful nature. 无花果树叶子代表了我们天然人的善行。That has nothing to do with the glory of the Creator, 这与造物主的荣耀毫无关系,which comes from yielding to the Holy Spirit and bearing fruit. 神的荣耀来自于降服圣灵并结出果子。Our own good deeds can’t really be a blessing to the broken world. 我们自己的善行不可能给这个破碎的世界带来祝福。What if you helped someone, 如果你帮助了某人,and instead of showing appreciation,而那人不单不感激你, the person judged you bitterly? 苦毒地论断你? Would you get hurt? 你会受伤吗?

Sin breaks relationships and everything. 罪破坏了彼此的关系和一切。That’s why God hates sin so much. 这就是为什么神如此憎恨罪恶。God sent His only Son Christ to the earth, 神差祂的独生子基督来到地上,and became a sin offering to deal with our sins on the cross. 在十架上成为赎罪祭,处理了我们罪的问题。Now we’re so blessed to have the Holy Spirit with us. 今天有圣灵与我们同在,我们是何等有福。We no longer need to cover our shame with our own hands. 我们不必再用自己手做的去掩盖羞耻。We can be restored to His image through obeying the Spirit of truth. 藉着顺服真理的圣灵,我们可以恢复祂的形像。This is how we’re supposed to be, 我们本当如此, to bear fruit to bless others 结出果子祝福他人love, joy peace, patience爱喜乐忍耐, like the fig tree the man planted in his vineyard. 如同那人在葡萄园栽种的无花果树。Imagine that, 想象一下when we’re covered fully with His glory and light, bright and shining in this dark world!  在这黑暗的世界,我们被神的荣光覆盖、光辉闪耀的样子!

2, The purpose of blessing is to be fruitful.   祝福的目的是为结出果子

Eph 2:10 says, For we are God’s handiwork (masterpiece, workmanship), created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. 我们原是他的工作,在基督耶稣里造成的,为要叫我们行善,就是 神所预备叫我们行的。 God didn’t create us to be selfish. 神创造我们不是为让我们自私地活着。Here says, 这里说,that we’re born again for a purpose, 我们的重生有一个目的,that God intends to do His work in us and through us, 就是神要在我们里面、也要藉着我们做成祂的工,and we’re gonna become partners with Jesus and be productive for Him. 我们要成为耶稣的同工,并为祂多结果子。

Because God made us to do good works. 因为神要叫我们做善工。But notice, good works are not for us to feel good, 善工不是为自己感觉良好,but for us to benefit others, 乃是为让我们去造福他人,just as the fruit of the tree doesn’t benefit the tree itself but blesses people. 正如树的果子不是为树木本身得益处,而是使人得祝福。v.8-9 tells us, 8-9节告诉我们,Jesus is full of mercy and patience. 主耶稣充满了怜悯和忍耐。 He offers us forgiveness. 祂饶恕我们。 “Wait.” “等等。”He said, 祂说,“don’t remove the fig tree. “先不要砍掉无花果树。 Let me fertilize it, 我要给它施肥,maybe it’ll bear fruit next year.” 或许它明年可以结果子。” God doesn’t treat us as we deserve. 神没有以我们所当得的待我们。He treats us with great compassion and love. 却以极大的怜悯和慈爱待我们。 Notice, 请注意, what does He say when we don’t yield to the Holy Spirit to produce fruit? 当我们没有顺服圣灵结出果子时,祂说了什么话?Jesus said, 主耶稣说:“Let me fertilize it.” “我要给它施肥。” “Let me give the tree more blessings, “我要更多祝福这棵树, let me show the tree lots of blessings”.我要给它许多祝福。” Then, 然后,you find that you’re so blessed. 你就发现你是蒙好多的福,You start to be greatly touched by the love of God; 你开始被神的爱深深触动;you start to have dreams and visions when you confess and pray; 当你悔改、祷告时,你开始得着异梦异象;You’re blessed in marriage, in your job, in your income, or in many aspects of life. 你在婚姻、工作、收入或生活的很多方面都得了祝福。

You say, “wow, God is showing me lots of blessings.” 你会说:哇,上帝给了我很多祝福。Then Luke 12:48b says, From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. 因为多给谁,就向谁多取;多托谁,就向谁多要。So in Jesus Christ 在基督里,you don’t have to be jealous of others 你不必是嫉妒他人, “ooh, he has been given much. 哦,神给他很多。” Yes, he has been given much是的,神是给他很多 but much will be demanded from him但要向他多多的要. That’s the principle of God 这是神的法则. When God has shown lots of compassion to you, 当神一次又一次怜悯了你,God wants you to pass lots of compassion onto others. 祂盼望你也将这怜悯传递出去。

When God has blessed me a lot, 当神多多地祝福了我,He waits for me to be a channel of blessing to others. 祂等候我也成为祝福别人的管道,That’s what the Son Christ Jesus looked like. 这就是儿子基督耶稣的样子。Christ was blessed with the Spirit of God, 基督被神的灵祝福,through the Holy Spirit He blessed the poor, the lepers, the paralyzed, the sinners. 藉圣灵他去祝福那些贫穷人、麻疯病人、瘫子和罪人。We’re called to be like Him我们蒙召为像祂. Blessing has a purpose, 赐福带着目的that is for us to fulfil God’s original design in faith. 就是让我们借着信达成神起初的计划。What is His original design for blessing? 祂起初对赐福的计划是什么? Last time, we looked at the promises God made to Abraham. 上周我们分享了神对亚伯拉罕的应许。Today, let’s turn to今天我们来看 Gen 1:28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” 【创1:28】 神就赐福给他们,又对他们说:要生养众多,遍满地面,治理这地;也要管理海里的鱼、空中的鸟,和地上各样行动的活物。

After God had created mankind in His own image, 当神照自己的形像造人之后, He blessed them. 祂就赐福给他们。 And then, 然后,God decreed the purpose of blessing: 祂宣布了赐福的目的:First of all, 首先, be fruitful and multiply. 要生养众多。God gave both man and woman a mandate for fruitfulness. 神给男人和女人同样的命令就是要生养众多。 Mandate means that someone in authority gives you a task to do. 命令是指有权柄的人给你一个任务去做。For example, 比如,the covid mandate, we’re to wear masks to stop spreading covid, that’s a mandate. “我们需要戴口罩阻止病毒的传播。这是一个关于新冠病毒的命令。

But here, 但在这里,God’s mandate for man and woman equally gives the authority to be fruitful and increase. 神的命令是,赐予男人女人平等的权柄来生养众多Secondly, 其次,to have dominion over the earth. 神赐给他们权柄治理全地。You may think that being fruitful is just to have many children. 你可能以为生养众多就是生很多孩子。It’s more than that. 不仅如此。Because God created people in His image. 因为神照着祂的形像造人。And His intention was to have more children in His image. 祂的心意是有更多孩子有祂的形像。 Adam and Eve sinned against God and lost their connection with God. 亚当和夏娃犯了罪,与神隔绝了。They listened to Satan; 他们听信了撒但; they lost their spiritual authority 失去了属灵的权柄,and were subdued by the evil spirits. 被邪灵制伏。They lost their ability to produce children in God’s image and bear  fruit of the Holy Spirit. 他们失去了照神的形像生养众多儿女的能力和结圣灵的果子。 So they lost their ability to fulfil the purpose of blessing. 因而也没有能力成就祝福的目的。God must provide another way to fulfil His original design for blessing. 神必须启用新的方案来成就祂起初对祝福的计划。That way is in Jesus Christ by grace through faith. 这方案就是:在耶稣基督里,靠恩典、凭信心。

John 1:12, But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: 13 who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.  【约1:12-13】凡接待他的,就是信他名的人,他就赐他们权柄,作 神的儿女。13这等人不是从血气生的,不是从情欲生的,也不是从人意生的,乃是从 神生的。Jesus Christ came to restore us. 耶稣基督来为要恢复我们。 Jesus demonstrated that he had the authority to heal the sick, cast out demons, subdue spirits, 主耶稣显明祂有权柄医病、赶鬼、制伏邪灵,and bring back to us the possibility of fulfilling the purpose of blessing. 并使我们再一次有机会成就祝福的目的。Now, we have the same Spirit that Christ Jesus had. 如今在我们里面住的和在基督耶稣里面住同是一位灵。God desires us to be fruitful. 神盼望我们多结果子。What's the key to being fruitful? 能多结果子的关键是什么? It is to obey the Spirit of truth. 就是顺服真理的圣灵。

3, Obedience to God brings blessing. 顺服神带来祝福。

Remember? 还记得吗?Jesus told us a parable about the Sower, 耶稣给我们讲了一个撒种的比喻, he said there were four types of soil, 祂说有四种土,which represent different conditions of the heart. 预表四种不同的内心状态。And three of them were unable to be fruitful. 其中的三种都不能结出果子。He tells us, 他告诉我们,one reason is because they have no root (Mark 4:17).  一个原因是他们心里没有根(4:17)Then, worry for this life, 并且又有世上的忧虑、the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things, 钱财的迷惑和别样的私欲,prevented them from becoming fruitful (Mark 4:19). 拦阻他们多结果子(4:19) In other words, 换句话说,they didn’t pay the price by risking their lives to obey the word of God in faith. 他们没有凭信心为顺服神的话而冒险付代价。They failed the purpose of blessing. 他们无法成就祝福的目的。If we disobey and fail to be fruitful, we’ll end up in captivity again. 但我们若悖逆不结果子,结局就是再次被掳。” We see this in the book of Judges, 从《士师记》可以看到,where six times the Israelites were corrupted and captured by the culture around them, 以色列民曾六次被四围的文化败坏、掳去,instead of being a blessing to the Gentiles, 他们不但没有成为外邦人的祝福,they committed the sin of idolatry and were oppressed by enemies. 反而拜了偶像、被仇敌压制。God allowed them to go into the hands of their enemies until they had suffered enough. 神允许他们落入仇敌的手中,直到他们受尽了苦难。They were so poor without joy. 他们没有喜乐何等可怜。But God didn’t forget them, 但是神没有忘记他们,He raised Judges to rescue them. 祂兴起士师拯救他们。But before deliverance, 但在拯救之前,He actually judged them first. 祂要先审判他们。He first of all dealt with the issue of disobedience 祂首先处理了悖逆的问题,and pointed them back to the purposes of God. 并将他们指向神的目的。We see this in Judges 2:1b-2, 我们在2:1-2看到,the angel of God appeared and said, 神的使者显现并说:‘I will never break my covenant with you, 2 and you shall not make a covenant with the people of this land, but you shall break down their altars.’ Yet you have disobeyed me. 【士2:1-2】我又说:我永不废弃与你们所立的约。你们也不可与这地的居民立约,要拆毁他们的祭坛。你们竟没有听从我的话,为何这样行呢?

The issue of disobedience, 因不肯顺服、not risking their lives to obey the word of God, 不肯冒险去遵行神的话,brought them into the repeated cycle, 使他们进入一个重复的循环,of being blessed but becoming captives again. 就是得着祝福却又再次被掳。But God is faithful. 但神是信实的。Time after time, 祂一次又一次God raised judges and anointed them to set the Israelites free. 兴起、膏立士师拯救以色列民。

The judges said 士师们说:“You need to repent and return to the Lord.” “你们当悔改、归向主。”  And when the people agreed, 当以色列民顺从了,God delivered them from their enemies. 神就救他们脱离仇敌。That’s our God! 这就是我们的神!He delivers us every single day, when we return to Him. 每天都得拯救只要我们转向祂His mercy and love endure forever. 祂的怜悯慈爱永远长存。

But don't go on their journey and repeat the cycle. 但我们不要继续他们循环的老路,We’re made for blessing not for captivity. 我们受造,为的是蒙福而不是被掳,We’re made for fruitfulness, subduing the spirits, 为的是结果子和制服魔鬼,and becoming overcomers with our King, the King of kings. 为的是与基督万王之王一同做得胜者。The key to blessing and fruitfulness is obedience to God. 祝福和结果子的关键在于顺服神,But the key to obedience is always involved in taking risks for the word of God. 但顺服的关键又在于为神的话冒险。

I wanna share a last story with you最后我想讲一个故事,It happened during the Judges period.它是发生在士师时期的事。A family shifted to Moab because of famine. 有一家人因为饥荒移居到了摩押地,Then, three of the men of the family died 后来,家里三个男人都死在那里,and only left three widows without children.只留下三个无儿无女的寡妇。

The story started with tears, suffering, tragedy, and curses. 故事的起头充满眼泪、痛苦、凄惨和咒诅,But that’s not the end. 但结局却相反,There’s always hope. 凡事总有盼望。Despite the cursing due to disobedience, 尽管人因不顺服受了咒诅,God is always looking for someone who can carry God’s blessing of productivity to their families. 神却一直寻找能将祂的生养的祝福带给那家人,To demonstrate that the gospel of Christ is to turn curses to blessings and turn tears to joy. 来显明基督的福音是将咒诅变为祝福,将流泪变为喜乐。

Despite having suffered poverty, the loss of her husband, and no children, 尽管活在贫穷、孤寡的境况中,the Moabite woman Ruth said to her mother-in-law, 摩押女子路得却对婆婆说:“Wherever you go I’ll go, where you stay, I will stay; your people will be my people, and your God my God” “你往哪里去,我也往那里去;你在哪里住宿,我也在那里住宿;你的国就是我的国,你的 神就是我的 神。(Ruth 1:16) This isn’t just a statement. 路得不仅这样说,This Moabite woman risked her live to trust in the God of Israel, the God of her mother-in-law 她还冒险来信靠以色列的神,她婆婆的神;

even though she hadn’t seen any blessings but discipline, 尽管只看见管教未见祝福来到,she committed herself to the God of Israel and obeyed God’s commands, 她却把自己交托给以色列的神,并遵行神的命令,“Honor your mother and father.” 孝敬父母 She lived by faith, not by sight. 凭信心,不凭眼见,Ruth committed to provide her mother-in-law as much as she could from her labour. 路得尽自己的劳力供养婆婆。God sees whenever you take risk for His words, 无论何时你若为祂的话冒险, and He’ll reward you. 神都看到,定会赏赐你。In Ruth 28-12, 28-12when Ruth was picking up leftover grain, 路得在拾取余剩的麦穗,the owner of the field Boaz said to Ruth,田地的主人波阿斯这样对路得说:“I’ve told the men not to bully you我已经吩咐仆人不可欺负你, and you can eat and drink as much as you want in my field.你可以在我的田里尽管吃喝。” Ruth said, “Why have I found such favor in your eyes, while I’m a foreigner? 我是外邦人,怎么蒙你的眷顾呢?

A foreigner was despised and bullied by the local people外邦人在当地是被藐视和受欺负的. Then Boaz replied波阿斯说, “Because I’ve heard about the good things you’ve done for your mother-in-law since your husband died因我听说你丈夫死后,你对你婆婆做的美事. how you left your father and mother and your homeland and came to live with a people you did not know before. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge. 并你离开父母和本地,到素不认识的民中,这些事人全都告诉我了。愿耶和华照你所行的赏赐你。你来投靠耶和华以色列 神的翅膀下,愿你满得他的赏赐。

 What he said is that you’ve left behind all sources of provision and protection from your own country, 他说的是,你离开了本家所有供应和保护 and have become a foreigner here to look after your mother-in-law and trust in God’s provision for you成为一个外国人来照顾你婆婆并相信上帝对你们的供应, the God of Israel would richly reward you. 以色列的上帝会厚厚的回报你Afterwards, the rich man Boaz married Ruth后来财主波阿斯娶了路得. God turned the sad story into joyful blessings上帝让伤心的故事变为喜乐祝福. This is what the blessing of the gospel brings to us. 这是福音要带给我们的祝福。But we can’t live by faith without taking a risk. 凭信而活,就不能不冒险。Ruth risked her life for her faith. 路得为信冒了险,But God rewards. 但神却奖赏了她。In fact, Ruth herself would never know what a blessing she brought to the people of Israel and all our Gentile believers 事实上,路得自己都不知道她带给以色列民和外邦信徒何等的祝福,from generation to generation through her obedience to God. 借着她顺服神,这祝福一代传一代。Ruth gave birth to a son 路得生了个儿子, who was King David’s grandpa, 他是大卫的祖父。And Jesus Christ is called the Son of David. 耶稣基督就被称为大卫的子孙。Ruth herself would never know 路得恐怕永远不知道,that she was involved in God’s great plan of salvation for the world. 自己竟被牵入神拯救世人的伟大计划中。

Brothers and sisters, 弟兄姊妹们,we can’t see the whole picture, 我们无法看到整幅图画,how God will use us if we risk ourselves to obey Him. 若我们舍命顺服神,神会怎样使用我们,It’s never just for yourself. 这绝不是只为了你自己,It’ll turn out a great story of salvation to benefit our own families and the people around us. 它必会成为我们全家和周围的人的祝福。

You’re the one God has called and chosen 你就是神拣选的那位,to bring hope and blessing to your family and the world. 为的是借着你把盼望和祝福带给你的家庭和这世界。This is why you’re blessed in Jesus. 在基督里你得祝福正是为此。Life is so meaningful in Jesus Christ! 在基督里生命充满意义!Don’t look back. 不要向后看,But look forward and live out who you are in Jesus Christ!但要向前看,活出你在基督里的身份!


Concluding prayer: 结束祷告:

Yes, Lord, You’re our living hope. 是的,主,你是永活的盼望,是You are our blessing, 我们的祝福,You’re our reward. 是我们的赏赐,You’re our Source of life. 你是生命的泉源,You made a way for us to be blessed. 你为我们蒙福开了道路。We thank You. We praise You. 我们感谢你,赞美你,We give You all the glory and honour.  一切尊贵荣耀归于你。

We don’t deserve it but You love us so much 我们不配得,但你何等爱我们Jesus, You paid the price for our debts to be cancelled, 耶稣,你为我们罪得赦免付上代价,and You paid the price for us to be blessed. 你为我们蒙福付上代价,We thank You. 主我们感谢你。But You don’t want us to stop here, 但你的旨意不是让我们停在这里,You want us to become productive, 你愿我们成为能结果子的,and carry Your love, joy, peace, hope, 能将你的爱、喜乐、平安、盼望、the power of forgiveness, 饶恕的大能、and Your mighty presence to bless others. 你威严的同在带给别人。Because we’re made in Your image. 因我们是照你的形象所造的。

How many people today, 今天,有多少人,feel you’re living a life of being unproductive, 你感到自己活出的是不结果子的生命,and you’re not really blessing others, 并没有真正祝福到他人,or giving others help, 也没有帮助到他人?but you don’t wanna live a life that is self-focused, 但你不愿继续活出这仅仅关注自己的生命,and fail to fulfil the purpose of blessing, 不愿继续活出无法完成神赐人祝福的旨意,and you need God to give you more grace, 你需要神赐你更多恩典,more blessing, 更多祝福,to set you free, 你需要神释放你,and to touch you with His mighty power of the Holy Spirit, 你需要神用圣灵的大能触摸你。you can cry out to Him for help:你可以大声呼求神的帮助:

“Lord, Jesus, Holy Spirit, 主耶稣,圣灵,come and set fire on my heart. 求你降临燃烧我的心。I need Your fresh blessing from on high to come upon my life. 我需要你从上而来的新鲜祝福,进入我生命。The power of the Spirit of God which raises the dead and heals the sick come upon my life. 求圣灵使死人复活、使病人得医治的大能临到我。Holy Spirit, I wanna be alive, ” 圣灵啊,我想要活过来,I wanna a revival in my heart. 我要我内心活过来,I wanna be productive, 我想要结果子, I wanna pay the price to surrender my life to You. 我要付代价向你降服。Holy Spirit, would you move my heart right now, 圣灵啊,求你现在使我心归正,and fill me with Your holy Spirit, 用你的灵充满我,to heal me and transform me, 医治我,更新我,使so that I may carry Your blessing to others.我能将你的祝福带给他人。

If there’s any area of your heart, 在你心里,如果有哪些地方,you’ve compromised, 你已经妥协了,and you allowed worldly values, or fear or worry or anger or unforgiveness.  让世界的价值观、惧怕、担忧、怒气、不饶恕,or whatever has happened to take away your joy, 或者任何发生的事,夺去了你的喜乐,bring them to the cross, 请把它们带到十字架上and deal with them来处理它。

Lord, I turn away from every compromise, 主啊,我愿转离每一个妥协,every disobedience and sin, 每一个不顺服,每一个罪,everything that has hindered me from being a blessing to others. 每一个拦阻我成为他人祝福的事。I recommit my life to You, Jesus. 我再次把生命献给你耶稣。Holy Spirit, disconnect me from every bondage of sin, 圣灵啊,求你断开我与罪的一切联结,deliver me from every oppressive spirit. 拯救我脱离每一个压制我的邪灵。I break my agreement with disobedience and self-centredness. 我奉主耶稣基督的名,断开我与不顺服和自我中心的每一个联结,I break the tie with every tormenting spirit. 断开我与每一个折磨人的邪灵的联结,I command you to go, in Jesus name. 奉主的名我命令你们离开,I release blessing from within me to my family, 我释放我内心的祝福,祝福我的家人,my neighbours, 祝福我的邻舍,and the people around me…. 祝福我周围的人……Now, you may pray for whoever that the Lord has brought to your mind right now…现在,你可以为主放在你心里每个人祷告……


Lord Jesus, we thank You for positioning us for blessing. 主耶稣,感谢你把我们放在祝福的位置上,Thank You for making Your purpose of blessing known to us, 感谢你让我们明白你祝福的旨意,so that we won’t be foolish in this evil generation 让我们在这邪恶的世代不再做糊涂人,but will understand what Your will is. 而是明白你的旨意。We give You all the thanks and honour. 献上一切感谢和尊崇, You’re so good. 你真好。Make us hungrier for the filling of the Holy Spirit. 求你使我们渴慕圣灵充满,We need Your Holy Spirit to come and fill us in power and strength. 我们需要圣灵的大能和力量充满我们,Come and make us new every single day 求你每一天更新我们,for fulfilling the purpose of blessing, 帮助我们完成神赐祝福的旨意,being fruitful and to multiply, 帮助我们结果子,生养众多, and to have dominion over the invisible world, 掌管那看不见的世界,so that we may carry Your presence to change the spiritual atmosphere 使我们带着你的同在改变属灵空气,wherever we go and win the souls back for the Kingdom of God. 无论我们往哪里去,可以为神的国度赢得灵魂,And become fruitful for the Kingdom of God. 为神的国成为结果子的。Amen.阿门!


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