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2018-08-19 About Fasting 论禁食

发表于 2022-06-21

 (Matt 6:16-18) (太6:16-18

Last week we had a fantastic camp上周我们的营会很不错, people got to know each other more大家之间有更深了解, worship time, food, exercise有敬拜, 有食物, 有锻炼, making dumplings包饺子, and games together玩游戏, etc等等, kids were very excited小孩子特别开心. Now, we are going back to look at the book of Matthew让我们现在回到《马太福音》, after the Lord’s prayer, Jesus starts to talk about fasting主在教导了《主祷文》后再讲述禁食. Wow, after eating 5 meals a day during the camp在每天吃五餐的营会后, are we supposed to fast现在要不要禁下食啊? I didn’t say that我没有那样说哦! But fasting really has many benefits for people’s health但禁食对健康真的很有益, even secular studies have found that.连世界的研究都证明了这一点。

The Fast Diet books says《快速禁食》丛书这样说, “Studies of intermittent fasting show that not only do people see improvements in blood pressure and their cholesterol levels研究指,间断性的禁食不但改善血压和胆固醇状况, but also in their insulin sensitivity还改善人体胰岛素敏感度水平,” Another study shows 另一个研究指出,that 1 day of water- only fasting a week每周一天,只饮水不吃东西 – may reduce the risk of diabetes among people at high risk for the condition可减轻糖尿病高风险人士的发病风险. Another professional group of people from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles found that 一个来自洛杉矶南加州大学的专业研究团队的研究指出longer periods of fasting - 2-4 days 更长时间如2-4天的禁食 - may even “reboot” the immune system可重启人体免疫系统, clearing out old immune cells and regenerating new ones 清除旧免疫细胞,再生新细胞- a process they say could protect against cell damage caused by factors such as aging and chemotherapy这个过程可防止因年老或化疗造成的细胞损伤. In fact事实说明, the medical field has already discovered that the proper way of intermittent fasting has many benefits for people’s health医学界已经发现,正确实行间断性禁食,对健康很有益. This reminds me of the time when God brought His people Israel out of Egypt我想起神将自己的子民带出埃及, in the desert进入旷野, God didn’t give them meat and vegetables but manna to eat神只给他们吗哪吃,没给他们吃肉吃蔬菜, yet they still had the physical energy to walk in the desert for 40 years可以色列人仍有充足体力,能在旷野生存四十年, that’s God’s way这就是神的路!

Let’s read Matt 6:16-18我们来看(太6:16-18, 16 “When you fast你们禁食的时候, do not look somber as the hypocrites do不可象那假冒为善的人,脸上带着愁容, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting因为他们把脸弄得难看,故意叫人看出他们是禁食. Truly I tell you我实在告诉你们, they have received their reward in full他们已经得了他们的赏赐. 17 But when you fast你禁食的时候, put oil on your head and wash your face要梳头洗脸, 18 so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting不叫人看出你禁食来, but only to your Father, who is unseen只叫你暗中的父看见; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret你父在暗中查看, will reward you必然报答你.

1, Fasting with right attitude and motive 带着正确的态度和动机 禁食.

Our Lord Jesus teaches us主教导我们, “when you fast 你们禁食的时候”, he didn’t say他没有说, “if you fast如果你禁食”. It means that as His disciples and followers 他是说,作为他的门徒和跟随者”fasting and prayer” is not an option of the spiritual discipline that we can choose to do or not 操练禁食祷告可不是有选择性的,可选可不选. But it’s a necessary spiritual discipline that we must do而是必须的属灵操练. Otherwise不然, he would say他就会说, “if you fast如果你禁食.” Jesus said主耶稣说, “I tell you the truth我实实在在地告诉你们, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing我所做的事,信我的人也要做. John 14:12(约14:12 when people read these words人们读到这句话, they thought that they were referring to the miraculous signs and wonders they could do as Jesus did马上会想到主所行的神迹奇事,他们也要做. Yes, but there is a condition但有个前提条件! “anyone who has faith in me信我的人”, this faith is not according to our own interests这信不是照我们的喜好, “if I think I like it I will follow喜欢的话我就跟, but if I don’t like it, I will not follow不喜欢就不跟”. Jesus is talking about the action of faith of obeying and sharing in his cup of suffering and glory耶稣说的是信而遵行神旨意的行为,信一同受苦就一同得荣耀. So this passage is not about whether we should fast or not因此,这段话不在讲该不该禁食, but about what kind of motive or attitude we fast with讲的是禁食应抱有的动机和态度.

“When you fast你们禁食的时候,” then Jesus explains耶稣接着解释, “do not look somber as the hypocrites do不可象那假冒为善的人,脸上带着愁容, which is exactly the same when Jesus teaches us about prayer这和他教导我们祷告是一样的, “when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites你们祷告的时候,不可像那假冒为善的人. Matt 6:5(太6:5God expects us to fast with the same attitude and motive as when we pray祷告有正确的态度动机,神盼望我们禁食也一样. Therefore所以, we shouldn’t do it as a show to earn compliments by people禁食不应成为要得人称赞的表演. But it doesn’t mean if people know that we are fasting但也不是说,要是被别人知道我们在禁食, then we will lose our reward我们就得不着赏赐了. For in the bible因为从圣经里, we know that Jesus fasted 40 days我们知道耶稣禁食40昼夜. Anna又知道 亚拿, who was a widow and a prophetess她是寡妇和女先知, worshiped God day and night昼夜事奉神, fasted and prayed at the temple throughout her whole life 终生在圣殿中禁食祈求(see Luke 2:37,见 路2:37). In the early church还有早期教会, the bible tells us that people fasted and prayed圣经提到信徒禁食祷告事奉主 (see Acts 13:2-3, 14:23, 27:9,见 徒13:2-3,14:23,27:9). They will not lose their rewards他们不会失去神的赏赐, although we know that they fasted and prayed尽管他们的禁食和祷告被我们知道了. But some may ask但还有人会问, “Well好吧, what’s the purpose of a fasting禁食的目的是什么? Why should I fast and pray为什么要禁食祷告? Does God take pleasure in my starvation神是不是喜欢我挨饿?”

2, What’s the purpose of fasting and prayer禁食祷告的目的是什么?

We fast to long for God to fill our souls rather than for our stomachs to be filled我们渴慕神充满我们,胜过填饱肚子. In Matt 9: 14-15(太9:14-15, “Then the disciples of John came to him, saying那时,约翰的门徒来见耶稣,, ‘Why do we and the Pharisees fast我们和法利赛人常常禁食, but your disciples do not fast你的门徒倒不禁食,这是为什么呢?’”  Jesus answered耶稣对他们说, ‘How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while he is with them新郎和陪伴之人同在的时候,陪伴之人岂能哀恸呢? The time will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them但日子将到,新郎要离开他们, then they will fast那时候他们就要禁食.’” While Jesus the king was present耶稣这位君王还在地上时, his disciples didn’t need to fast门徒不需要禁食, but when the bridegroom (the King) was taken away但当新郎(这位王)离开后, His people needed to fast and pray祂的子民就需要禁食祷告, because they cry out that they longed for the second coming of the King to reign on the earth呼求神,盼望这位王再次在地上掌权!

Back to the original sin再讲到原罪, Adam and Eve desired the fruit rather than God and listening to His commands亚当和夏娃喜爱那果子,胜于喜爱遵行神的命令. Fasting is intentionally denying the desires of the flesh in order to be occupied and ruled by God Himself禁食是有意识地否定肉体肚子的欲望, 而渴慕让神来掌权. When we fast我们禁食时, we express our needs for God是表明我们对神的需要和渴慕, “I need you more than food我需要你,胜于饮食…I want you more than gold and silver我需要你,胜于金银…I want more of you and less of myself我需要得更多的你,更少的自己…” Like our Lord Jesus就如主耶稣, he had fasted 40 days in the desert before he started his ministry在公开传道前他在旷野禁食40, by which he demonstrated that his first desire wasn’t food以此表明 他的第一欲望不是食物, but God’s word to be exalted and obeyed而是举起神的话,遵行神的话, even though when he suffered the hunger and took risks即便是在饥饿难忍到有生命危险的时候.

Remember还记得吗? after he talked with the Samaritan woman他和亚玛利亚妇人说完, he said to his disciples就对门徒说, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work我的食物就是遵行差我来者的旨意. John 4:34(约4:34 You can see the different desires between our nature and Jesus由此就看到我们的本性与耶稣的不同. If you haven’t tried to practice fasting and prayer如果你没试过禁食祷告, you will never discover that our stomachs can be a powerful idol to hold us back from doing God’s commands就不能发现我们的肚腹可以成为何等强大的偶像,来阻止我们遵行神的命令

In the first 7 years of my ministry在服事的头七年, I was called to fast and pray regularly我被主呼召定期禁食祷告, basically every week基本上每周都禁食. When you fast你禁食时, you say “no” to your own desires是对自己的欲望说no, and say “yes” to God对神说 yes. But will it be easy但会不会很容易呢? It’s not easy一点也不! I remember many times很多次, when I was fasting当我禁食, I saw chicken and roasted ducks on different plates flying past my eyes in my dreams就梦到一碟碟烤鸭、烧鸡从我眼前飞过, I also saw steamed buns and dumplings appeared in my dreams还梦到过馒头饺子, which I even didn’t really like in my real life那些我并不喜欢吃的食物. And I tried to catch them and eat them up在梦里我拼命想抓来吃, but disappointingly, I caught nothing可惜就是抓不到. Of course当然, they weren’t dreams from God那都不是从神来的梦, but just because my stomach was in great needs of food仅仅是因为我的肚子太饿了. Then然后, I suddenly realised我突然醒悟过来, “Woo妈呀, who is the master in my life谁是我生命的主啊? God是神? or my stomach还是我的肚腹? How can I overcome it我怎么才能胜过肚腹?” That’s the question we all have to face这是我们都要面对的问题, because the devil knows how to defeat us by food因魔鬼知道怎样用食物打败我们, some people can get angry immediately有的人很容易生气, when they dislike the food因食物不合口味. But when we fast但当我们禁食, we express that we desire an intimate relationship with God more than food是在说,我们渴慕与神有亲密的关系,胜于饮食.

The prophet Jeremiah said先知耶利米说, “when your words came, I ate them我得着你的言语就当食物吃了, they were my joy and my heart’s delight你的言语是我心中的欢喜快乐, for I bear your name因我是称为你名下的人, O Lord, God Almighty耶和华 万军之神啊. Jeremiah 15:16(耶15:16Why could Jeremiah become the mouth of God and bring out the heart of God to the world耶利米为什么能成为神的口,向世界显明神的心意呢? Because he valued God’s words more than physical food or anything else因他看重神的言语,胜过食物或任何东西…How could Jesus overcome the temptation of food耶稣怎能胜过食物的试探? Because food was not the most important thing in his life因在他的生命里,食物不是最重要的. Jesus defeated the devil by acting on those words他靠着行出这句话打败魔鬼, “Man does not live on bread alone人活着,不是单靠食物, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord乃是靠神口里说出的一切话(太4:4下). “

I’m not saying that enjoying food is wrong 我不是说喜欢食物不好 God wants us to enjoy the food He has provided us神愿我们享受祂赐的美物. what I’ saying is that we have to subdue our stomachs in God’s grace when we are called to fast我说的是当神呼召我们去禁食,我们就当靠神的恩典去治服肚腹的欲望. So when you fast and pray in biblical way所以,当你照着圣经禁食祷告时, you value God more than the needs of your physical body 你是看神重于自己的身体需要and you feed your spirit and soul by God himself rather than just feeding your corrupted body你为你的灵、魂吃喝神自己,不再只为必朽坏的身体吃喝.

3, Fasting and prayer put you into the possibility of a breakthrough 禁食祷告可使你突破.

We all need a breakthrough我们都需要突破, don’t we对吗? That breakthrough might be in the realm of the spirit可能你需要属灵上的突破, and of your emotions或情绪上的突破? Or you maybe want a breakthrough in your relationships或许你需要关系上的突破? Or in your health or your finances或者是健康、财务上的?  Or a breakthrough in overcoming the bondage of a sin或是要胜过罪的捆绑, like unforgiveness如不饶恕, or lust or any addictions情欲,或上瘾等.

In the book of Ezra在《以斯拉记》, after the Babylonian exile was over当放逐巴比伦的日子满了后, King Artaxerxes allowed Ezra to lead the Israelites to go back to Jerusalem亚达薛西王准许以斯拉带领以色列民返回耶路撒冷. That’s a big task这是何等艰巨的任务! How could you make sure your people would have a safe journey你怎能确保你的人可以平安到达呢? The bible tells us圣经说, that Ezra didn’t only pray but also fasted以斯拉不仅仅祷告,而且禁食. It says经上说, “21 There, by the Ahava Canal, I proclaimed a fast那时,我在亚哈瓦河边宣告禁食, so that we might humble ourselves before our God and ask him for a safe journey for us and our children, with all our possessions为要在我们神面前克苦己心,求他使我们和妇人孩子,并一切所有的,都得平坦的道路. 22 I was ashamed to ask the king for soldiers and horsemen to protect us from enemies on the road我求王拨步兵马兵帮助我们抵挡路上的仇敌,本以为羞耻, because we had told the king因我曾对王说, “The gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to him我们神施恩的手必帮助一切寻求祂的, but his great anger is against all who forsake him但祂的能力和忿怒必攻击一切离弃祂的.” 23 So we fasted and petitioned our God about this所以我们禁食祈求我们的神, and he answered our prayer祂就应允了我们. Ezra 8:21-23,8:21-23”  Do you see看到吗? This man Ezra who knew God以斯拉认识神! and he knew how to ask for God’s provision and help when they were in need也认识在需要时怎样寻求神的供应和帮助!

A, Fasting humbles us before God禁食使我们在神面前谦卑. How did they humble themselves他们怎样谦卑自己? Ezra proclaimed a fast以斯拉宣告禁食. It was a public fast involving all the people这是一次所有人都参加的公开禁食, and he asked God for a safe journey以斯拉在此祈求得平坦的道路. How did Ezra know what to do他怎么知道要怎样做? Do you want to know what to do before God when you are in need在你需要的时候,你想知道在神面前要怎么做吗? Because Ezra took the promise of God from 2 Chronicles 7:14, 以斯拉抓住神在《代下7:14的应许,God promised神的应许这样说, “If my people, who are called by my name这称为我名下的子民, will humble themselves若是自卑, and pray and seek my face祷告,寻求我的面, and turn from their wicked ways转离他们的恶行, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land我必从天上垂听,赦免他们的罪,医治他们的地.”

God’s words are our assurance神的话是我们的保证! If you know God’s promises如果有神的应许, and kneel on God’s promises with humility并谦卑跪在祂的应许上, you will see God’s real work in your daily life你必看见神在你日常生活中真实地作工! And we will see God’s work in His church effectively我们也必看见神在祂教会的有效工作! Ezra and his people humbled themselves (8:21) 以斯拉和以色列民谦卑自己(21节)and sought God earnestly (8:23) 恳切寻求神(23节)and God heard神就垂听. The same for us对我们也一样! If we seek God with humility我们若谦卑寻求神, fasting and prayer禁食、祷告, when we are in need在一切需要中, God also will bring us into a breakthrough神也会带领我们大大突破! King David said in Pas 35:13《诗35:13,大卫王说, “humble myself with fasting禁食,克苦己心.” Why is our natural character is easily angered为什么我们本性很容易恼怒? While God’s nature is slow to anger而神的性情却是不轻易发怒? Because our fallen nature is full of pride without having unconditional love因人堕落的天性充满骄傲,没有无条件的爱, while God is so humble and full of love可神却是极其谦卑又满有慈爱! When Jesus came, the bible says经上说,主来到地上时, that he humbled himself and made himself nothing谦卑地成为无有. But for us可我们, like Jesus rebuked James and John就如主所责备的雅各和约翰一样, “you don’t know what kind of spirit you are of 你们的心如何,你们并不知道?(路9:55 because they were angry and wanted to destroy the Samaritan after being rejected因他们受了拒绝就发怒,想要灭掉那些撒玛利亚人.

We all need a breakthrough我们都需要突破, so that we can be free from any effects of rejection就从被拒绝感影响里释放得自由, like anger如发怒, unforgiveness不饶恕, and bitterness苦毒, and so on等等. If we pay a price to seek Christ-likeness by faith我们若因信而付代价来追求像基督, God will bring us into a breakthrough in His grace神必以恩典带领我们得着突破. I love the way, someone said我喜欢这道,曾有人说, “fasting enables the Holy Spirit to reveal your true spiritual condition禁食能让圣灵显明你真实的属灵状况, resulting in brokenness其结果是带出破碎, repentance悔改, and a transformed life和更新的生命.”

B, Fasting breaks the chains of sins and enables freedom in our ministry服事中,禁食可断开罪的捆绑,使人得自由. Isa 58:6-8(赛58:6-8

In Isaiah 58《以赛亚书》58, the Israelites asked God以色列人问神, “why have we fasted and You haven’t seen it我们禁食,你为何不看见呢? Why have we humbled ourselves and You haven’t noticed我们克苦己心,你为何不理会呢?’” (v. 3,3)” Remember请记住, our God is the God of blessing神是赐福的神! He never wants a religious fasting from us宗教式的禁食,祂不需要! Nor does He want to take pleasure in our starvation我们挨饿,也不会让祂开心! When we fast禁食时, He wants to bless us with healing and freedom是祂要赐祝福,结果是我们得医治,得自由, restoration 得恢复 and reconciliation彼此和好 and wholeness as a result成为完全! He is our loving Father who cares for us因祂是顾念我们、体恤我们的慈父! We can see the heart of God in Isaiah 58: 6-12在(赛58:6-12)我们可看到神的心,

a, Receive freedom from all kinds of bandage of sins and addictions 使我们断开一切罪和瘾的捆索. (v.6,6) “loose the chains松开绳子” …”untie the cords解开捆索” …”set the oppressed free使被欺压的得自由” …”break every yoke折断一切轭”., Fasting and prayer helps us to break the yoke of bondage禁食祷告使我们脱离捆绑, and to set us free from any addictions释放我们脱离一切的瘾, Something we would like to lay them down我们想要摆脱, but we can’t get over但又摆脱不了的, like smoking就象抽烟, or watching pornos看色情片, or any sexual sins各种性犯罪, or easily to be angered或是容易恼怒, or jealousy嫉妒, any problems等等任何问题. God promised us if we humble ourselves with fasting and prayer神的应许是,我们若以禁食祷告谦卑自己, He will set us free祂必使我们得自由. I’m not saying that God can be manipulated by our fasting and prayers我说的不是用禁食祷告来操纵神,神不会被操纵, I’m talking about looking for God’s help and provision in a humble and self-denial way of fasting and prayer而是以谦卑和自我否定的禁食祷告,寻求神的帮助和供应

Fasting must go along with prayer禁食必须与祷告同时进行. We’ve had lots of testimonies to testify that this is true我们有很多这样的见证. A sister in our home church, one day有一次,家里教会有个姊妹, she told me that she had booked a room in a hotel告诉我她订了三天的酒店房间, where she would stay in for three days to fast to break the addiction of smoking打算在那里禁食三天来戒烟. But only after one day’s fasting可是只过了一天, she came out and declared她就回来了,并且宣称, that she was free她自由了. She is free indeed她真的戒掉了!

b, Fasting to be transformed into God’s merciful heart使人的心转变为神怜悯的心. (v.7,7) You know that one of the heavenly characteristics is mercy怜悯是一种属天的性情. “Blessed are the merciful怜恤人的人有福了, for they will be shown mercy因为他们必蒙怜恤.” But in human nature但在人的天性中, we are free to count other’s faults我们在计算人的恶上很自由, but aren’t free to be merciful在怜悯上不自由. When people offend us by their words and actions别人以言语行为冒犯我们时, we hardly show mercy to them我们才不怜悯他们呢, even if they are our family members就算是自家人也不例外…But Mercy triumphs over judgment怜悯原是向审判夸胜. James 2:13b(雅2:13下)”.

God doesn’t condemn us神不定罪, but shows His mercy towards his enemies而是向仇敌发怜悯, when we were sinners against Him当我们还是罪人、做仇敌的时候, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to be our substitution to die for the forgiveness of our sins就差遣独生爱子耶稣基督,代替我们舍命,使我们罪得赦免. Now as we freely receive我们既白白地领受, we should freely give也当白白给出去! So v.77, is it not to share your bread with the hungry不是要把你的饼分给饥饿的人, to bring the poor and homeless into your house将漂流的穷人接到你家中, to clothe the naked when you see him见赤身的给他衣服遮体, and to not ignore your own flesh and blood顾恤自己的骨肉而不掩藏吗? Does it mean that if we give food to the poor这是不是说,我们施舍食物给穷人, we are showing God’s mercy to the world就是向世界表明神的怜悯呢? If merely so要是只是施舍, Buddhists do it佛教徒也施舍, Muslims do it穆斯林也施舍, even atheists give money to the poor无神论者也施舍钱财, are they showing God’s mercy to the world他们在向世界表明神的怜悯吗? They don’t even know who God is他们甚至连神都不认识! God doesn’t look at our outward actions alone神不是仅看外表, but also at our hearts还看我们的心!

13 years ago十三年前, when I was called to open our house to feed the people whom God brought them in我打开家门接待神带来的人,供应他们的吃喝, I was called to fast and pray as well神也呼召我禁食祷告. People asked me很多人问, “Why do you spend so much time praying你干嘛花这么多时间祷告? What do you pray every day干嘛每天都祷告?” I told them我告诉他们, “I have to ask for forgiveness我必须祈求饶恕…I have to pray for a merciful heart and for love祈求神赐给我怜悯和爱, so that I can treat people as my own flesh and blood from my heart让我真心地把别人当成自己的骨肉…” If you bring one stranger into your house to feed him freely and clothe him freely如果你带一个陌生人住在你家, 给他白吃,给他白穿, and if you experience what Jesus experienced 如果你经历过耶稣所经历的”he who eats bread with me has lifted up his heel against me吃我饭的用脚踢我”, you will know what is inside of your heart你就知道自己心里存的是什么! There is no unconditional love but unforgiveness and anger and all thoughts about the self里面没有无条件的爱,只有不饶恕、恼怒、和各种关注自己的想法. That’s why God calls us to fast and pray sometimes所以神有时会呼召我们禁食. Because He wants to set us free from all kinds of self-centred thoughts因他盼望释放我们,脱离各种自我中心的想法, so that our eyes may be opened to see His will clearly使我们可以看明白祂的旨意, and we may minister to others with the power of His love and mercy使我们带着主爱和怜悯的大能服事他人.

C, Rewards for fasting 禁食使我们得赏赐. Jesus promises that the Father will reward us主耶稣应许我们,父必报答我们, if we fast and pray by doing away with sin我们若禁食祷告,除罪, bitter judgements and all sinful desires of the self to love others除去苦毒的论断和各种肉体情欲,去爱他人. what kinds of rewards may we receive父会怎样报答我们? Isa 58:8-9(赛58:8-9, Then your light will break forth like the dawn这样,你的光就必发现如早晨的光, and your healing will quickly appear你所得的医治要速速发明; then your righteousness will go before you你的公义必在你前面行, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard耶和华的荣光必作你的后盾. 9 Then you will call那时你求告, and the Lord will answer耶和华必应允; you will cry for help你呼求, and he will say: Here am I祂必说:我在这里. 

Firstly首先, Christ and His righteousness may start to reign in you基督和基督的义开始在你里面掌权, and your light will start to shine before man你的光必开始显现在人前. In other words换言之, wherever you go and bring the gospel to people无论你去哪里传福音, people will repent and accept the light人们会悔改接受.

Secondly其次, “your healing will quickly appear你所得的医治要速速发明”.  Biblical fasting result in healing and deliverance照神要的禁食,就带出医治释放, and it prepares us to do ministry for God’s kingdom effectively为服事神国度预备我们. Remember记得吗? When the 12 disciples couldn’t cast the demons out from the mute boy十二使徒不能把哑巴鬼从孩子里面赶出去, Jesus replied耶稣说, “this kind can come out only by prayer and fasting非用祷告(有古卷在此有禁食二字),这一类的鬼总不能出来. Mark 9:29(可9:29 You know why为什么? We only can overcome the devil by dying to the self and its selfish desires我们唯有向己和私欲死,才能胜过魔鬼.

Thirdly第三, it produces intimacy with God禁食带来与神的亲密关系. “Then you will call那时你求告, and the Lord will answer耶和华必应允; you will cry for help你呼求, and he will say: Here am I祂必说:我在这里.”   What a wonderful promise is多美好的应许! Are you desiring such an intimacy with God that Jesus rules in you no longer the self你渴慕与神建立这样的亲密关系、不再是自己、而是耶稣在你里面掌权吗?  你渴望经历”you cry for help你呼求, and God will say ‘Here am I神必说:我在这里吗? Are you desiring a breakthrough in some area of your life你盼望生命得着某种突破吗? To break the yoke of bondage to any sins想断开一切罪的捆绑吗?  A breakthrough answers for a problem想在某个问题上得着答案的突破, a breakthrough in your health想在健康上有突破 In preparing your life for the service of God想为服事神预备生命吗? We ask that God will give us this desire to desire more of Him more than food我们求神赐我们渴慕祂胜于饮食.


In the end最后, I will show you a video给大家看个视频, in which I was called to fast and pray for 80 days那是我被呼召八十天禁食, to deliver a woman from the devil’s hand为一个姊妹赶鬼, when I was in the home church是在服事家庭教会时的事. During that 80 days在那八十天里, I only drank water and took one meal of thin porridge (a little rice with water) per day每天只喝水、吃一顿粥(稀饭). When it was just on the 40th day禁食到四十天时, I was about to give up because my body was very weak身体非常虚弱,我正准备放弃, that night, I had a dream夜里我梦到, in which, I saw a flood coming and it overwhelmed us一场大洪水要淹没我们, I cried out我呼叫, “Lord, save us.主啊,救我们” Because I was holding that woman’s hand因我紧抓着那个姊妹的手. I woke up, and I confessed to the Lord我醒过来,就向主承认, that I didn’t have such a loving heart as to lay down my life for her我并没有这样爱她,以至于可以为她舍命, thank God for His grace that He renewed my strength when I was about to fail感谢神的恩典,在我就要放弃时,祂使我重新得力…Let’s have a look我们来看视频



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