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2022-06-26 Spiritual Warfare & Strongholds 属灵争战 & 坚固营垒(2)

发表于 2024-01-08

(Eph 6:13-18)

Last Sunday, 上个主日,we touched on why we experience Spiritual warfare, 借着弗610-13节,我们分享了属灵争战的原由、who our enemy is and how to fight through Eph 6:10-13. 我们的仇敌是谁、怎样打属灵争战。Today, we’ll look at the full armor from v.14-18, 今天我们来读14-18节,继续分享关于全副军装,10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 我还有末了的话:你们要靠着主,倚赖他的大能大力,作刚强的人。 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 要穿戴 神所赐的全副军装,就能抵挡魔鬼的诡计。12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 因我们并不是与属血气的争战,乃是与那些执政的、掌权的、管辖这幽暗世界的,以及天空属灵气的恶魔争战(两“争战”原文都作“摔跤”)。13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 所以,要拿起 神所赐的全副军装,好在磨难的日子抵挡仇敌,并且成就了一切,还能站立得住。14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 所以要站稳了,用真理当作带子束腰,用公义当作护心镜遮胸,15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 又用平安的福音当作预备走路的鞋穿在脚上。16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 此外又拿着信德当作藤牌,可以灭尽那恶者一切的火箭。17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 并戴上救恩的头盔,拿着圣灵的宝剑,就是 神的道。18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. 靠着圣灵,随时多方祷告祈求,并要在此警醒不倦,为众圣徒祈求,

1, Why should we put on the full armor of God? 我们为什么要穿戴神赐的全副军装?

How many of us put on clothes every single day? 我们有多少人每天穿衣服?Everyone! 当然所有人都会穿! But how many of us put on the full armor of God every single day?  但我们有多少人每天穿戴神赐的全副军装?We wear clothes because we need them to protect us. 穿衣服的目的是保护自己,In the same way, we need the full armor of God to protect us every single day. 同样,每天穿戴神赐的全副军装也是为了护卫我们自己。“so that you can take your stand.” 好能站立得住。The purpose of the armour is to stand. 穿戴军装的目的是为站立得住。 We’re called to stand, 我们蒙召为站立得住,not to lie flat. 不是为了躺平。Have you even thought about these questions: 你想过这些问题吗:“Why does the bible tell us that the baby Jesus was hunted down as soon as he was born?“为什么圣经记载耶稣一出生就被追杀?Why was Jesus led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted in the wilderness before his ministry? 为什么耶稣在开始事工前被圣灵带到旷野受试探?Why did Jesus come to cast out demons and heal the sick?”为什么耶稣来到地上医病赶鬼?” Because the Kingdom of light invaded the kingdom of darkness through Jesus, 光明国度借着耶稣进入黑暗国度,then, warfare started. 于是争战开始了,The two kingdoms are at war. 两个国度开始了交战。

But Jesus overcame temptation 但耶稣胜过试探 and was raised from the dead to show that the prince of the world had no hold on him. 从死里复活,显明世界的王在他里面毫无所有。Jesus cast out demons and healed the sick to tell the world that demons kill, steal, and destroy, 借着医病赶鬼,耶稣向世人显明魔鬼偷窃、杀害、毁灭的本质,you can’t see them. 虽然人看不到他们。But you can see that after the demons are cast out但是当鬼被赶出去,people are restored (Matt 12:28). 人就得了医治。Demons represent the kingdom of darkness邪灵代表黑暗国度。We’re citizens of heaven living in this dark world, 我们是天国的子民住在黑暗世界里,we’re already involved in spiritual warfare against the dark kingdom.  我们已卷入与黑暗国度的争战中。The battleground is in our hearts and minds (Gal 5:17). 而争战的战场就是我们的心思意念,That’s why we’re commanded to put on the full armor of God to submit to God. Let’s see: 因此神吩咐我们穿戴祂所赐的全副军装。让我们来看:

2, What they are军装是怎样的

From v.14-18, 14-18节里,Paul listed seven elements of spiritual armor to help us to stand. 保罗列出了7样能帮助我们站立得住的属灵军装。 A. The belt of truth. A真理的腰带。B. The breastplate of righteousness. B公义的护心镜。C. Feet protected by the gospel of peace.  C传平安福音的鞋,D. The shield of faith.  D藤牌。E. The helmet of salvation. E救恩的头盔。F. The sword of the Spirit. F圣灵的宝剑。G. Prayer.  G祷告。

The truth is about the Word of God. 真理就是神的话。The sword of the Spirit is about the Spoken Word of God. 圣灵的宝剑就是圣灵释放神的话语。The Gospel of peace and the helmet of salvation are all about Jesus and what he has done and offered for us. 平安的福音和救恩的头盔,都和耶稣,并他为我们所行,和在他里面所赐的有关,Righteousness is an essential attribute of  the character of God.  公义则是神性情的基本属性。O Lord, God of Israel, You are righteous. 耶和华以色列的 神啊,因你是公义的, (Ezra 9: 15)   Can a mortal be more righteous than God? Can a man be purer than his Maker? ‘必死的人岂能比 神公义吗?人岂能比造他的主洁净吗? (Job 4:17)  For He made him who knew no sin to be sin for us,  that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. 神使那无罪的(“无罪”原文作“不知罪”),替我们成为罪,好叫我们在他里面成为 神的义。 (2 Cor 林后5:21) Righteousness is to do with God’s purity, holiness, and sinlessness. 公义与神的清洁、圣洁和无罪相关。

Whatever we do, our own hands can’t make us pure and sinless. 我们凭自己手所做的,无法叫我们洁净,But Christ has made a way for us into God’s righteousness by faith. 但耶稣为我们开了一条路,借着信使我们得以进入神的义。So in short, the armour of God is all about faith in the Word of God, 简单地说,神赐的全副军装都关乎信神的话,and living a life of salvation through the Holy Spirit, 关乎靠圣灵活出蒙救赎的人生,and praying constantly, 关乎随时多方的祷告,to help us live out the reality of Christ’s victory. 以活出基督得胜的实际。

3, How they protect. 军装可以怎样护卫我们

Why do you wear a helmet while biking? 你骑车为什么要戴上头盔?The helmet protects our head. 头盔用来护卫头部, 1Thess 帖前5:8 says, “Put on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. 把信和爱当作护心镜遮胸,把得救的盼望当作头盔戴上。 In other words换句话说, the enemy wants to attack our hope仇敌要攻击我们的盼望, and accuses God and ourselves. Satan is an accuser (Re 12:10) 牠控告神,控告人,撒旦是控告人的。He was cast down from heaven and is clothed with shame. 从天上被摔下去,披戴羞愧。But he’s not willing to fail, 不甘心失败,he attacks people’s identity with shame, 于是用羞愧感攻击人的身份认知,to prevent us from being like our glorious Creator. 阻止我们成为荣耀创造主的样式。

Remember? 记得吗?he tempted Jesus, 他也曾试探耶稣,“If you’re the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.对他说:“你若是 神的儿子,可以吩咐这块石头变成食物。” If you’re the Son of God, threw yourself down; come down from the cross and save yourself. 你如果是 神的儿子,可以跳下去!”你如果是 神的儿子,就从十字架上下来吧!” If you…prove in your own way…若你你证明自己行啊!If you’re loved by God, 如果你是神所爱的 why doesn’t he do this for you…” 为什么不为你这那呢……”The devil attacks our identity by a formula like this: Self-worth (identity) = performance + other’s opinions. 魔鬼攻击我们身份认同感的方式:自我价值(身份)= 个人的成就+ 他人对我们的评价。When you fail 当你不成功, you’re worthless你没用. If you listen to and agree with these voices, 如果你听并同意这些声音,your enemy is empowered to operate in your life, 你的敌就有权在你的生中搞破坏then you’ll feel sorry for yourself, 于是你自卑自怜,you’ll feel guilty, 你会感到内疚,you’ll feel angry and ashamed, 你会发怒,感到羞耻感,and you try to do something to cover yourself 你就要去做事遮盖自己

Jesus said耶稣说,Luke4:4“man doesn’t not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” ‘人活着不是单靠食物,乃是靠 神口里所出的一切话。’  In other words, put the helmet of salvation on your head!  换句话说,把救的头盔戴在你头上!Your identity is in the salvation of Christ. 你的身份在基督的救恩In God’s kingdom the formula of our identity is: Self-worth (identity) = God’s love + transformation into Christlikeness. 的国度里,我们的身份是这样认同:自我价值(身份)= 的爱 + 变成基督的样子“I’m who God says I am.   惟有信 说我是谁我就是谁I’m redeemed and forgiven through the blood of Jesus.  是借着耶稣的血得救赎和赦免的I’m of the Kingdom of Christ. 是属于基督度的I’m loved. 我是 My value isn’t to be better than others 我的价值不是比他人好My value is being one with Jesus Christ. 我的价值是与耶稣基督合一。I’m called to be clothed in the glory of God; 我被召是要披戴神的荣耀and to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit and be a blessing to others.” 结出圣灵的果子,成为别人的祝福.The breastplate of righteousness and the shield of faith are all to protect our hearts and minds. 公义的护心镜和信牌,都是用来保护我们的心和灵In the ancient days, during a battle, 在古代战场上the Roman soldier’s used breastplates to protect the heart. 罗马士兵用护心镜来保护心脏。Why is the heart so important? 为什么心如此重要?We get concerned about people’s behaviour. 我们习惯于注重人们外在的行为。But behaviour is just the fruit that comes out of a hidden root in the heart. 任何外在行为只是从内心隐藏的根里成出的果子而已But what you see on the outside is just something reflected from the inside. 人的外在行为都从人心出来的真实反映If the heart is attacked, 如果心被攻击the person gets attacked. 这个人就被攻击了。

Last Sunday, 日,someone in our midst was attacked by intimidation, 有人被恐吓攻击了due to a text message she received from her sister,因为她收到了姐姐的短信,and she was afraid that the whole family would be against her if they knew she had become a Christian. 她担心全家人都会来反对她,若他们知道她已经成基督徒。However, what she was worried about didn’t happen. 然而她所担心的事情没有发生。But the fear attacked both her emotions and her body. 但这恐吓攻击了她的情和身体。

She started getting a sore throat and she coughed on Tuesday.  她开始喉咙痛,接着周二咳嗽Her Covid test was negative. 冠状病毒结果阴性。That’s spiritual warfare. 很明显属灵So I prayed day and night, 所以白天为她祷告,里也为她代求asking God to show his victorious power in her and increase her faith. 在她身上彰显基督胜,增加她对神的信心。And she also repented and prayed.  自己也在悔和祷On Wednesday afternoon周三下午,she texted me that the cough was gone,  她给我发短信说咳嗽消失了,On Thursday she went back to work again.   周四她去上班了。

If the heart is attacked, 如果心被攻击了,the person gets attacked. 这个人就会受到攻击。The heart represents a person. 心代表着人。Jesus Christ was a carpenter (Mark 6:3), 耶稣基督是一个木匠,but the earthly job he performed didn’t  signify who he was. 但在地上的工作并不代表他是谁。Rather, 相反, the divine nature of God, 的神性,the power of God神的大能Jesus revealed to us, 所有这些耶稣活出来向我们表明了reflected who he was, 是谁,the Son of God, 的儿子,the radiance of the Father’s glory. 荣耀所发出的光辉。So the heart is what God is concerned with所以心是神所的,and it’s also what Satan tries to defile.   也是撒旦试图玷污的。

Pro 3:5, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. 你要专心仰赖耶和华,不可倚靠自己的聪明。The issue of trust is in the heart. 不信或信都在于心。The heart is the place where sin or faith is conceived (James 1:13-15, Matt 5:28). 心是生发罪恶或信心的地方So we need to protect our hearts and minds by using the armour God gives to us through meditating on His Word and prayer.  所以我们需要通过和祷告,穿戴神所赐给我们的全副军装,保护我们的心。For instance比如When you’re angry, 当你生气的时候,turn to the Word of God, 转向上帝的meditate on Jesus’ righteousness, 想耶稣的公义,1 Peter彼前2:22-23 “He committed no sin,他并没有犯罪, and no deceit was found in his mouth. 口里也没有诡诈。When they hurled their insults at him, 他被骂不还口,he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. 受害不说威吓的话,Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.” 只将自己交托那按公义审判人的主。

“Jesus, my Lord, under pressure,  “耶稣,我的主,在压力下,you didn’t repay evil with evil, 你没有报恶you didn’t raise up your voice and try to justify yourself, 你没有大声说话,试图证明自己是义的you chose to forgive and love, 你选择饶恕和爱,because you remained true to the purpose why you were here, 因为你仍活出来到地上的目的you were here to fulfil all righteousness through your obedience to the Father’s will. 就是借着顺服父旨意尽诸般的义Then you overcame sin, death, and Satan, 然后你战胜了罪、死亡的权势和撒旦,all the power and authority that Adam lost have been given to you. 天父将亚当失去的一切权柄再重新赐给了你。This is what I’m called to follow这是我蒙召要跟随的路I turn to Your righteousness. 我转向你的公义。I choose Your way. 我选择你的道路I put the breastplate of righteousness in place. 要用公当作护心镜遮胸Let my heart reflect Your glory and be transformed into Your likeness with ever-increasing glory.”  让我的心思想你的荣耀,就不断被你更新像你的性情,并荣上加荣。”

We were created to have fellowship with our Creator. 我们被造是为了与我们的造物主相交But sin separated us from the presence of God. 但罪却使我们神的同在隔离Thank our Lord Christ Jesus, 感谢我们的主基督耶稣,through his death and resurrection, 的死和复活,we’ve been brought back to the heavenly position. 我们的位分已经被带回到天上。Eph 2:6, And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. 他又叫我们与基督耶稣一同复活,一同坐在天上。What are we supposed to do in the heavenly realms? 我们在天该做什么?We see a glimpse of heaven in Revelation 4, 我们在启4章得以看到天上一角John the apostle saw a door open in heaven before him, 使徒约翰看到天上的门在他面前开了and he saw the throne of God, 他看见神的宝座,there were four living creatures around the throne宝座周围有, and twenty-four elders seated on  twenty-four thrones around the throne of God神宝座周围有二十四位长老坐在宝座二十四个宝座上, day and night they worshipped God, 昼夜不住的敬拜神Rev4:8“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty,’ who was, and is, and is to come.” “圣哉,圣哉,圣哉,主 神是昔在、今在、以后永在的全能者!” As they were giving glory, honor and thanks to God当他们荣耀、尊贵、感恩归于神, the twenty -four elders also worshipped God who sat on the throne by laying their crowns before Him,这二十四位长老就他们的放在宝座前,敬拜坐在宝座上的神and saying说,Rev4:8 “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”  “我们的主,我们的 神,你是配得荣耀、尊贵、权柄的,因为你创造了万物,并且万物是因你的旨意被创造而有的。” The heavenly beings are showing us what we’re supposed to do in heaven. 这天上的被造物正在向我们展示我们在天上该做什么。 That is to love and worship God like the twenty-four elders. 就是如同那二十四位长老一般爱神、敬拜神。

In other words, 换句话说,Now God is training us to be heavenly worshippers on earth, 如今神正在地上训练我们成为天上的敬拜者,and when we worship God like the heavenly beings, 当我们像天上的使者一样的敬拜神时,God’s glory will cover us. 神的荣光要遮蔽我们。When our minds and hearts connect to Jesus through worship as a lifestyle. 当敬拜成为我们的生活方式,心思意念与耶稣连结。We’ll be able to bring the glory of heaven down on earth to shake the kingdom of darkness. 我们就能带下属天的荣耀来震动黑暗的国度。 

The greatest commandment calls us to最大的诫命如此呼召我们:Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. 你要尽心、尽性、尽意、尽力爱主你的 神。Mark 12:30.  Man was created as a living soul. 人是被造成有灵的活人。The soul consists of a mind, will, and emotions. 灵魂包括思想、意志和情感。So we’re called to love and worship God with all our hearts, 所以我们被呼召去用我们的全心、with all our will, all our mind and all our emotions and all our strength. 全部的意志、全部的思想、全部的情感和全部的力量去爱和敬拜神。Without the healing of our heart and emotions, we can’t fulfil the greatest commandment. 若没有让心和情绪得医治,我们就不能行出这最大的命令。

In Exodus12, 在出埃及记12章,when the Israelites said yes to God, 当以色列人向神说“是”,and they bowed down and worshipped God, 并且下拜、敬拜神,God delivered them with great power from the Egyptians. 神就以大能将他们从埃及人手中救出来。Right after that, 紧接着,when they came to Marah, 他们来到玛拉,because the water was bitter, 因那里的水是苦的,and they couldn’t drink from it. 他们不能喝。They immediately embraced bitterness with all their heart and emotions and strength. 他们就立刻用全心、全部的情感和力量去拥抱苦毒。They became bitter and blaming God and the leaders. 他们变得苦毒并且责怪神和领袖们。

Hebrew 12:15 See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many又要谨慎,恐怕有人失了 神的恩,恐怕有毒根生出来扰乱你们,因此叫众人沾染污秽。 A root of bitterness will defile ourselves and others. 心里有苦毒的根会使自己和他人沾染污秽。Because bitterness opens a door for evil spirits to attack you and your family苦毒打开门让邪灵来攻击你和你的家庭, your heath你的健康, your relationships你的人际关系, and your finances你的财物。

When your heart is bitter当你的心是苦的,you can’t be grateful你不能感恩, you always complain你总是抱怨, you blame others责怪他人的问题, or you’re jealous或是你就很会嫉妒 and you judge a lot你很会论断, “Because I’m not loved因为我没有被爱… I don’t have what you have他们有的,我没有…I should have got it我应该得到那些的.” Bitterness causes a whole lot of problems 苦毒导致很多问题。Bitterness speaks of abandonment苦毒在宣告被遗弃, “I’m abandoned我是被遗弃的, I’m treated wrongly我被苦待了, I’m bullied我被欺负了, I’m a victim我是受害者。That’s why I’m angry所以我发火, I’m an orphan我是孤儿, I don’t have a Father我是无父的, no one is for me没有人帮助我, so my heart is bitter所以,我心里很苦.” Is that true这是真的吗? That’s not true. 这不是真的,I was an Orphan我曾是无父的, I was bullied我曾经被欺负, but I wasn’t bullied by people但我不是被人欺负. I was bullied by my own sins我被我自己的罪欺负; I was bullied by Satan我被撒旦欺负 and the views of the kingdom of darkness that I embraced我被我自己所信的黑暗国度的观念欺负. But my faith can heal me我的信可以医治我. I take up the full armour of God我穿上神赐的全副军装, so that I can stand firm. 就得以站立The cross of Christ illustrated that I’m loved, 基督的十字架见证了我是被爱的 and I’m accepted我是被接纳的. The cross speaks the fact that the Son of God was despised and rejected by men including you and me, 那十字架说明一个事实,就是神的儿子被你,我,所有的人藐视和拒绝。

We treated him cruelly 我们苦待他 we abandoned him我们弃绝他, we turned our back on him我们转背离开他, yet he didn’t repay us with bitter judgement但他没有用苦毒的论断对待我们, rather相反, “he was wounded for our transgressions他为我们的过犯受害, He was bruised for our iniquities他为我们的罪孽压伤; The punishment that brought our peace was upon Him他受刑罚,使我们得平安, And by His stripes we are healed因他受的鞭伤,我们得医治.

The word of God is a strong weapon God gives us to renew our minds (Romans 12:2). 神的话语是更新我们思想的强大的兵器。You can you come out of your defeat and walk in the new Creation 你怎样才能走出失败,成为新造的人. Don’t think the same way as everyone else in this world does不要和这个世界的人一样去思想, if so如果那样, you’ll be no different from everyone else in this world. 就会和这个世界上的其他人没有什么不同。Then how can you come out of your defeat? 那样你怎么走出属灵的失败?You’re called to think differently, 神呼召你信祂的,活出与这个世界的人有不一样的思想speak differently有不一样的说话, and act differently because of the Word of God. 不一样的行为,What counts is walking in the new Creation! 重要的是活出新造的人!

Concluding prayer 结束祷告:

Yes, Lord Jesus, You’re our living hope. 是的,主耶稣,你是我们活泼的盼望。 Blessed be the King of kings and the Lord of lords. 赞美归与万王之王,万主之主。Jesus, You’re the anchor of our souls. 耶稣,你是我们灵魂的锚。You’re the Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith. 你是我们信心创始成终的耶稣。You have overcome. 你已经得胜了。You’ve brought the great hope of victory to us through Your death on the cross and Your resurrection. 借着你在十字架上的死而复活,给我们带来了得胜的极大盼望。You were rejected你被拒绝, we’re accepted我们被接纳, You were crucified你被钉十架, we now have the new life我们有新生命. We thank You for Your love and what You have done for us. 我们感谢你的爱和你为我们所做的一切。We give You all the glory and honor and thanks! 我们给你所有的荣耀、尊贵和感谢!We worship You. 我们崇拜你。

Jesus, You warn us about Spiritual warfare. 主耶稣,你警戒我们要打属灵争战。You’re calling us to put on the full armour of God. 你呼召我们穿上神的全副军装。We want You to awaken us, Holy Spirit, come and awaken our hearts. 我们要你唤醒我们,圣灵,来唤醒我们的心。Come down! 请你来!And revive our hearts to hunger for Your glory. 来复活我们的心,让我们渴望你的荣耀。

If you need a breakthrough, ask the Holy Spirit to wake you up. 如果你需要突破,让圣灵苏醒你。Jesus, we don’t wanna be numb to Your calling. 主耶稣,我们不想对你的呼召麻木。Wake us up. 叫醒我们。We’re called to spiritual warfare. 让我们被唤醒去打这属灵的争战。We need Your power to come upon us. 我们需要你的力量来降临到我们身上。

If you want a breakthrough, you need the Holy Spirit to show you who your enemy is? 如果你想要突破,你需要圣灵告诉你,你的敌人是谁?You need to address the issues of the heart before Him. 你需要在祂面前来解决的问题。

Perhaps it’s an identity crisis? 也许这是身份认同感上有问题?Shame? 也许有羞耻感 Who do you believe you are? 你相信你是谁?Perhaps it’s bitterness? 也许这是苦毒? You’ve allowed bitterness to root in your heart, when you feel angry当你感到愤怒的时候,你让苦毒在你心里扎了根, and you choose not to forgive other,那时你选择不饶恕别人。

Now you’re called to freedom. 现在,你被召得自由。 You’re called to liberty. 你被召得释放。Jesus paid the price for your freedom through the power of love and forgiveness on that cross. 借着爱和宽恕 主耶稣在十字架上位你的自由付出了代价。You can be free from shame and bitterness; you don’t have to live under the torment of that evil power anymore. 你可以摆脱羞耻感和痛苦;你可以不用再被那恶者折磨。

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what it is. 求圣灵告诉你它是什么。Repent of believing the lies that are from the world. 让我们可以悔改,不信来自世界的谎言。They belong to the kingdom of darkness苦毒和不饶恕属于黑暗的国度, they try to torment you with grief他们要折磨你,用悲伤, anger愤怒, rejection拒绝感, shame羞耻感, fear惧怕, panic恐吓, bitterness苦毒, complaint抱怨, all sorts of negative emotions各种负面情绪来折磨你

Lord, I’m who You say I am. 主耶稣,你说我是谁,我就是谁 I’m a child of God.我是上帝的孩子 I’m an ambassador of the Kingdom of light.我是光明的使者 I’m a fellow worker with the Holy Spirit.我是与圣灵同工的 I repent of believing who people say I am我悔改一切信人对我的判断. I trust I am who God says I am 让我单单信神你的判断.

Yes, I was hurt是的,我受了伤害. But everyone in this world is hurt because of sin. 但这个世界上谁又不是受伤害的呢We deserved what happened to us. 那些事发生在我们每个人身上都是该得的Yet, You’re sinless但你没有罪. You didn’t deserve to be crucified你不该被钉十字架. You chose to love但你选择来爱我们, You chose to die for the forgiveness of our sins为饶恕我们的过犯,你选择为我钉十架. Lord, I receive Your love and forgiveness right now, 主耶稣,我接受你的饶恕和爱I choose to forgive我选择去饶恕…I forgive my family members,我饶恕我的家人 they are not my enemy他们不是我的仇敌

Holy Spirit, deliver me! 圣灵,释放我 deliver me from all kinds of negative emotions, 释放我脱离各种负面情绪,I wanna love you with all my heart and all my emotions 我愿意用全心和全部的情感来爱你。 You’re worthy to be honoured你配得一切的尊崇……I break my agreement with the power of shame 我不要接受羞耻感, rejection拒绝感, bitterness苦毒, complaint抱怨, blaming责怪, unforgiveness不饶恕, I take the power and authority You give me.我拿起你给我的权柄能力。In the name of Jesus, I cast all evil spirits out of my life, out of my family. 我奉耶稣的名,命令一切的邪灵从我的生命,从我的家庭里出去。

Break those chains today. 奉主耶稣的名破除这些锁链。Thank You Jesus.谢谢你,耶稣。 Restore my relationship with You. 恢复我和你的关系。Fill me with the love and power of Your Spirit.用你的圣灵的爱和力量充满我。 Enable me to walk in Your love to love others. 让我能走在你的爱中,去爱别人。

Thank You Lord for teaching us about spiritual warfare主,谢谢你教导我们属灵争战, thank You for calling us to live in Your victory谢谢你呼召我们住进你的得胜. This is why we were made这是我们受造的原因. You made us to reflect the glory of our Creator你造我们为让我们彰显你的荣耀. Thank You for the weapon of the Word of God that You’ve given us to renew our minds. 谢谢你赐我们你的话为兵器Holy Spirit, continue to wake us up圣灵来苏醒我们. Make us hungry for the word of God使我们渴慕你的话, remind us to put on the armour of God every single day提醒我们批戴神的全副军装, to fight the good fight for Your Kingdom reigning in us来为你的国度打这美好的仗, Your Kingdom reigning in our church让你的国度在教会中掌权, reigning in our city在我们住的城市掌权, our country,我们的国家掌权 and reigning in the earth as it reigns in heaven.  让你的国度在全地掌权,如同掌权在天上。


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