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2018-07-22 The Lord’s Prayer (5) 主祷文之(五)

发表于 2024-01-08

Let me tell you a funny story first. 我说一个有趣的故事。A Christian couldn’t find a parking place in a large city,一个基督徒在一个大城市找不到停车位 so he parked his car in a no-parking zone所以他把车停在不能停的地方. And he put a note under the windshield wiper that said然后他放了一块牌子在车雨刮器上说, “I’ve circled this block 10 times我在这里兜了10. If I don’t park here找不到停车位, I’ll miss my appointment我就会错过约会. FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES请饶恕我的过犯." When he returned当他回来时, he found a fine from a police officer along with this note他发现警察给了他罚单,并说: "I’ve circled this block for 10 years我在这里兜了10. If I don’t give you a fine若我不给你罚单, I’ll lose my job我就会失去工作. LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION.不要叫我进入试探"

Forgiving our sins is not a legal excuse that God gives us to continue to sin赦免我们的罪不是一个合法借口我们可以继续去犯罪. “Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! By no means Romans 6:1-2a这样,怎么说呢?我可以仍在罪中、叫恩典显多吗?断乎不是 。罗6:1-2 We all have discovered that sin is not fun我们都知道罪不是好玩的. Although God forgives us if we confess虽然我们承认,神就赦免我们的罪, we all suffer the consequences whether it is a big sin or a small sin我们都会承受罪的大大小小的后果. For example, if an owner of a house left his house to you to look after就像主人把房子给你看顾,after you had allowed lots of mice to enter the house 你放了老鼠进去和你一起住you asked the owner to forgive you你要房主饶恕你, and he said “yes, I forgive you.” 他说,是的,我饶恕你but you still had to suffer the consequences that the mice had brought to you但你仍然会承受那老鼠给你带来的破坏, unless you cleansed the house直到清除老鼠 and you refused them to enter your house any more. 并拒绝他们再次进入.

Yes, we all are saved by grace是的我们得救在乎恩典, and we all live by grace我们活着在乎恩典, the Son of God Christ Jesus has paid the price for the forgiveness of our sins神的儿子为我们的罪付了赎价, so all sins can be forgiven罪得赦免. But God’s purpose for us is not just for the forgiving of our sins但神的旨意不是要单赦免罪. Then we go on sinning然后我们继续犯罪, and we get forgiven再得赦免...we sin and get forgiven继续犯罪,再赦免…or we go on sinning或者是继续犯罪, and we suffer a sense of shame or condemnation我们承受羞耻感和定罪感, we suffer and suffer受这羞耻感和定罪感的苦, and eventually when we repent of our sins然后有一天终于认罪悔改, we get delivered蒙释放. Then然后, we sin again继续犯罪, we suffer继续受苦, and get forgiven然后得饶恕释放.

Is God happy to see that we are busy going around this endless cycle神喜欢看见我们这样无尽的绕圈圈吗? No, God love sinners神爱罪人, but He hates sin但祂恨罪! He hates pride and lies! 恨骄傲和谎言的罪!He wants us to overcome sin祂要我们胜过罪, and to do His will行祂的旨意! Heb 10:7-9a, “Then I said, ‘Here I am—it is written about me in the scroll—I have come to do your will, my God.’” First he said, “Sacrifices and offerings, burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not desire, nor were you pleased with them” 9 Then he said, “Here I am, I have come to do your will.” 7 那時我說:『神啊,我來了,為要照你的旨意行,我的事在經卷上已經記載了。』」 8 以上說:「祭物和禮物,燔祭和贖罪祭,是你不願意的,也是你不喜歡的。」這都是按著律法獻的。 9 後又說:「我來了為要照你的旨意行。希10:7-9上。Christ Jesus said, I have come to do your will”,耶稣基督说,我来了为照你旨意行 the same for us对我们也一样, who are His followers我们是祂是跟随者. His purpose for us is to do His will祂的旨意是要照祂旨意行! And to live in a victorious life in Christ并活在祂的得胜里! That’s why Jesus our Lord continued to teach us to pray这就是主耶稣为什么要继续教导我们 “and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil.不叫我们遇见试探,救我们脱离凶恶” And in Matt 26: 41, 在太26:41 Jesus also said this,主耶稣说 “watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.警醒祷告,免得入了迷惑

1, What is temptation? Why does God permit temptation? 什么是试探?为什么神允许有试探?

We see from Matt 4从马太福音4章我们看见, the Spirit of God led Jesus into the desert where the devil tempted him神的灵引导耶稣进入旷野受试探. “if you are the Son of God若你是神的儿子, tell these stones to become bread就吩咐石头变成粮食 if you are the Son of God若你是神的儿子, throw yourself down就从这里跳下去, God will protect you神会保护你…” After Jesus refused him by holding to God’s command在耶稣遵行神的话去拒绝撒旦后, the devil bluntly exposed his intentions by asking魔鬼就直接的露出他的真意图, “If you want all these good things in the world若你想要世界上的好东西, if you bow down and worship me若你来拜我, I’ll give them to you我就可以把他们都给你.” Do you see? 看见吗What is temptation?什么是试探? “temptation is the work of the devil to drag us away from listening to God试探是撒旦要引诱我们不听神的, instead listening to the desires of the flesh叫我们去听肉体的邪情私欲, so that we do whatever we want引诱我们做自己想怎样就怎样去行.

Whenever we fall into his trap当我们掉进他的试探, he takes the opportunity to steal他就能在我们生命中偷窃 kill杀害 and destroy us和毁坏. But why does God permit it to happen? 但为什么神允许试探? When we ask this question当你问这个问题, we need to look back to Jesus就当回转来看耶稣, who is the author and perfecter of our faith他是信心创始成终的耶稣. As the Son of God作为神的儿子, Christ was led by the Spirit into desert to be tempted by the devil (see Matt 4:1) 耶稣被圣灵引导到旷野受试探. And He definitely showed his faith to the Father and to the world他向天父和这个世界彰显绝对的信心, by obeying the will of the Father借着遵行天父的旨意, even to the point of death顺服至死, he glorified the Father’s name他荣耀了天父的名. We are his followers我们都是他的跟随者! The cup Jesus drank他喝的杯, we also will drink我们也要喝! Whether it is the cup of sharing in his suffering 无论是和他一起喝受顺服的苦杯or the cup of sharing his glory还是荣耀的杯!

2 Tim 2: 11b- 12, says, “If we died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him.” 我们若与基督同死,就必与祂同活。12 我们若忍耐到底,就必与祂一同做王。我们若不承认祂,祂也必不承认我们。提后2:11-12

a, Die to what? 向什么死?Die to the desires of the sinful nature向旧人的私欲死 just as Jesus who died to the glory of his self就像耶稣舍下自己的荣耀 and did whatever God commanded行神的吩咐!

B, Endure what? 忍耐什么?If we endure temptation 若我们在试探中忍耐as Jesus who endured temptation and stood firm in truth像耶稣那样忍耐试探的苦并在真理里站立, we will also reign with him 我们就能和祂一同做王! Because James 1:12 因雅1:12 says Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him. 12 忍 受 试 探 的 人 是 有 福 的 , 因 为 他 经 过 试 验 以 後 , 必 得 生 命 的 冠 冕 ; 这 是 主 应 许 给 那 些 爱 他 之 人 的。Some versions say 有些翻译版本说, “after they have proved their faith在他们见证了他们的信心后”. Christ Jesus proved his faith when he defeated Satan by abiding in the truth after enduring temptation耶稣基督借着住在真理里,忍受了试探,击退了撒旦,见证了他的信心. Adam the son of God failed the temptation神儿子亚当失败了, he yielded to his self and failed他向自我屈服, he stretched out his hand他伸手, and ate what he was forbidden to eat去拿那被禁的果子吃. Israel, whom God also calls His son以色列,神称他为儿子, failed as well也失败了. Now, it’s our turn to prove our faith如今论到我们要来见证我们的信心! Without our actions to prove our faith若没有行为见证, our faith is dead信心是死的 (see James 2:17见雅217). For example, two people are arguing whether a cat is dead or not就像两个人为一只猫是否死还是活争论. One said一个说, “it’s dead它是死的.” The other said另一个说, “no, it just fell asleep不,它只是睡着了.” How would you judge你要怎么断定? Go and shake the body去摇一摇它的身体. That will prove if it is dead or not就能知道是死还是活. Same for our faith我们的信心也一样! We prove it by our actions我们的行动才能见证我们信什么!

We thank Christ Jesus我们感谢耶稣, who endured temptation and proved his faith祂忍受了试探并见证了他的信心! He destroyed the devil’s work他败坏了撒旦的作为! So now, through his blood如今借着祂的血, we - His Church我们-祂的教会, have received the Spirit of sonship by grace借着恩典领受儿子的名分, we are called sons and daughters of God被称为神的儿女! But this is just a position that God graciously gave us但这只是地位上的, practically实际上, we need to live lives我们需要去活出来 that prove we are real Christ’s followers by defeating the devil’s temptation借着我们也打败撒旦的试探来见证我们是基督的门徒! To show that we are no longer Adam’s followers. 来见证我们不再顺从亚当而活。

But it’s not going to be easy但这不容易! Because we have endless choices between “belief or unbelief我们有无尽的选择权,信与不信, humility or pride谦卑或骄傲, obedience and disobedience悖逆或顺服, “our wills” and “God’s will我们的意思和神的意思”. If we choose our own wills若我们顺服自己的意思, we can feel comfortable being carnally for a short moment我们就有霎时的肉体的畅快感. But the wages of sin is death!但罪的工价是死!

Jesus tells us in Re 2:10, Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life. 主耶稣在启示录2:10这样说,你 将 要 受 的 苦 你 不 用 怕 。 魔 鬼 要 把 你 们 中 间 几 个 人 下 在 监 里 , 叫 你 们 被 试 炼 , 你 们 必 受 患 难 十 日 。 你 务 要 至 死 忠 心 , 我 就 赐 给 你 那 生 命 的 冠 冕。

How do you feel when you read this当你读了这个你怎么想? Any fear? 怕吗?As a human being作为人, when you hear that you will suffer for His name当你听到还要为基督的名受苦, what do you feel你如何感受? Do you feel scared你怕吗? No!不要怕 Jesus said耶稣说, “Do not fear不要怕!” You are in the loving Father’s hands你是在天父慈爱的手中! Even when you are in difficulties即便是在受苦中! He is gonna make you a holy instrument for His good purpose! 他是要炼净使你成为祂圣洁的器皿! Remember记得吗? When the demons saw Jesus当邪灵看见耶稣, they shouted他们就叫, “what do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, don’t torture me! Luke 8:28” 他 见 了 耶 稣 , 就 俯 伏 在 他 面 前 , 大 声 喊 叫 , 说 : 至 高 神 的 儿 子 耶 稣 , 我 与 你 有 甚 麽 相 干 ? 求 你 不 要 叫 我 受 苦 !

They were so scared魔鬼和他的邪灵才好害怕受苦, and they used a word并且他们用一个, “torture” as if God was cruel like Pharaoh受苦折磨的字眼来形容神,好像祂是法老, because they never knew God’s love因他们从不认识神的爱! And they misinterpreted and twisted God’s good will at the time并且,他们一味的曲解神的美好旨意! So they never praise the righteous Creator God从不赞美公义的创造主! They should fear suffering他们当害怕受苦! Not us不是我们! They bring lies to mankind and try their best to put fear into people’s heart他们把谎言带给人,并竭力把害怕放进人心中, in order to create a stronghold of fear in people’s hearts就是为在人心里造坚固的营垒, so that we would misinterpret God’s good will like them叫人和他们一样去曲解神的美好旨意. No! If we seek to be useful instruments in God’s hand若我们追求要成为神手中有用的器皿, we must overcome temptation in faith我们必须在信心里胜过试探! The biggest enemy is ourselves这最大的敌人是老自己! During enduring temptations在试探中, we may fail我们可能会跌倒, but we may learn more about the corrupted self但我们会更多认识败坏的老自己, also同时, we may learn more about God’s grace并会更多的认识神的恩典!

Just as apostle Peter就像彼得, when he learnt how unfaithful his old-self was当他认识到自己旧人的不信实, although he had promised that he would never disown the Lord虽他信誓旦旦不会否认主 he still failed in his own strength在靠自己里他失败了. And after he had experienced the unconditional love and acceptance of Jesus当他经历了主耶稣的无条件的爱和接纳, who still called him to do His task因主仍然呼召他去完全祂的使命, he started to learn how faithful Jesus was他开始认识耶稣何等的信实, and how to follow Jesus by dying to the self (see Peter 4:1-2).并开始去认识死己跟随耶稣 (见彼前4:1-2). So in fact因此, 事实上temptation gives us a chance to prove试探给我们机会去见证 that in Christ we are able to defeat the devil by laying down our own desires就是在基督里借着向己死,我们可以得胜撒旦, while Adam and the Israelites were unable to但亚当和旧约的以色列民却不能. Because we have the Son of God Jesus Christ因为我们有神儿子基督耶稣, and His resurrection power in us, which makes us able!和祂的复活能力在我们里面,我们就可以得胜!

2, How do we fall into temptation?怎样落入试探?

James 1:13(雅1:13)“when tempted人被试探, no one should say不可说, ‘God is tempting me我是被神试探.’ For God cannot be tempted by evil因为神不能被恶试探, nor does he tempt anyone祂也不试探人. 14, But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own evil desire但各人被试探,乃是被自己的私欲牵引诱惑的. From these verses从这几节经文, we know that it is not God who tempts us我们看到 不是神试探我们, but our own evil desires而是我们的邪情私欲. But God does bring us into the presence of many trials and temptations但神的确将我们带到许多试炼试探中, like He did to Christ如同对基督一样. He is the sovereign God and always in charge祂是至高者,并永远掌权! In fact实际上, every moment we are facing the presence of temptation about what we’re gonna choose我们每时刻面临选择,就面临试探.

“belief or unbelief信还是不信…obey or disobey顺服还是悖逆…take pride in the self or humble our self自高还是降卑 …blaming others for the situation or forgiving怪责他人还是饶恕…looking at things we shouldn’t look at or not looking看或不看不该看的…spending time with somebody or something when we shouldn’t have看不不该看的人或事…worries or fears忧虑或惧怕…self-centeredness or Christ-centeredness自我中心或以基督为中心…” Lots of Choices太多选择! That’s why Jesus teaches us to pray所以主耶稣教导我们祷告, “lead us not into temptation不叫我们遇见试探, but deliver us from evil救我们脱离凶恶.” We need this prayer every day每天我们都要这样祷告! When was the last time that you prayed to God that you would not be led into temptation上一次你祷告神“不叫我遇见试探”是什么时候? When was the last time you prayed to God and said, "God, lead me! Not to fall into temptation. but deliver me from evil."上一次你祷告神“神啊,引导我!不叫我遇见试探,救我脱离凶恶”是什么时候? Yet this is something that we’re supposed to be praying是的,这是我们当不断祷告的. If we pray我们若这样祷告, God will listen quickly神会快快垂听, because it’s His will for us to pray this way祂的旨意就是如此! 2 Peter 2:9(彼后2:9The Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations主知道搭救敬虔的人脱离试探.

What can cause us to fall into temptation什么让我们落入试探? The bible tells us经上说, there are three things有三件事 – the lust of eyes眼目的情欲, the lust of the flesh肉体的情欲, and the pride of this life今生的骄傲. The NT teaches us《新约》里说, “For whatever things were written before were written for our learning从前所写的圣经都是为教训我们写的, Romans 15:4a(罗15:4上) So let’s look at what we can learn from the book of Judges那么我们来读《士师记》,看看从中可学到什么, which was written before for us它是“从前所写的圣经”.

It was like this那时的情况是, “then the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord and served the Baals以色列人行耶和华眼中看为恶的事,去事奉诸巴力…they followed and worshipped various gods of the people around them去叩拜别神,就是四围列国的神…they were in great destress他们便极其困苦…then the Lord raised up judges耶和华兴起士师, who saved them out of the hands of these raiders士师就拯救他们脱离抢夺他们人的手…But when the judge died及至士师死后, the people returned to ways even more corrupt than those of their father他们就转去行恶,比他们列祖更甚…Judges 2:11-19(士师记2:11-19” Judges 6:6-12(士师记6:6-12) “Midian so impoverished the Israelites that they cried out to the Lord for help以色列人因米甸人的缘故,极其穷乏,就呼求耶和华.7 When the Israelites cried out to the Lord because of Midian以色列人因米甸人的缘故,呼求耶和华, 8 he sent them a prophet耶和华就差遣先知到以色列人那里, who said对他们说, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says耶和华—以色列的神如此说: I brought you up out of Egypt我曾领你们从埃及上来, out of the land of slavery出了为奴之家. 9 I rescued you from the hand of the Egyptians就你们脱离埃及人的手. And I delivered you from the hand of all your oppressors并脱离一切欺压你们之人的手; I drove them out before you and gave you their land把他们从你们面前赶出,将他们的地赐给你们. 10 I said to you又对你们说, ‘I am the Lord your God我是耶和华—你们的神; do not worship the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you live你们住在亚摩利人的地,不可敬畏他们的神.’ But you have not listened to me你们竟不听从我的话.”


It says that这里说, the Israelites forsook God with disbelief and worshipped false gods以色列人不信神并叩拜别神—> the people were disciplined and had trouble神子民被管教,麻烦不断-—> the people cried out for God’s help他们向神呼求—>God raised up a judge to deliver them神兴起士师拯救他们—> the people repented and turned back to God神子民悔改转向神 —> the people fell back into sin and the cycle repeated 7 times他们又跌倒犯罪,如此循环七次. (look at the screen看屏幕)



What kinds of temptation did they fall into以色列人落入哪种试探? When God brought them into the land of Canaan神带他们进入迦南时,the Israelites were influenced by the culture and religion of the Canaanites他们就被迦南文化和宗教影响了. You know why为什么呢? Because we all want our stomachs filled因为我们想要吃饱. No one wants to suffer starvation没人想饿肚子. Don’t forget that the Israelites were a desert people while the Canaanites were good farmers不要忘记,以色列人是沙漠民族,迦南人是善耕种的农夫. Think about it想想看, if you were them你要是以色列人, what would you have done你要怎么做呢? Learn from the Canaanites how to farm学迦南人,耕种养殖! In the eyes of the Canaanites在迦南人眼中, Baal was their god who could give rain and grant them a harvest巴力是他们的神,带来雨水和丰收. Slowly and surely缓慢但毫无疑问的是, the Israelites turned to worshipping their gods for food以色列人转向叩拜迦南的神,求吃, for sex求性, and for all worldly desires求满足各种肉体私欲. Then, they forgot who they were然后就忘了他们是谁, and who the Creator God was创造主是谁. Their lives became so tough after they had forsaken the almighty God他们离弃全能神后,日子很艰难. But when they cried out for help to the Creator God但一呼求创造主, God raised up a judge to deliver them from their enemies主就兴起士师,拯救他们脱离仇敌的手.

Let’s think about ourselves想想我们自己, it happens in our daily lives as well我们的生活也是如此! We are too busy to spend time with God in prayer and reading the bible我们忙得没时间读经祷告, for we are interested in doing lots of other things instead因我们喜欢干很多别的事, until our lives get tough直到患难来到, we turn to God and cry就向神呼求, “help me, Lord主啊,救我”, God delivers us from our troubles当神救了我们脱离患难, we go back to enjoy a happy life again我们又回到享受快乐的生活中. And we go onto our ways again然后又从头走一次老路…troubles come again患难又来到…we call on God’s name又呼求神…again and again重复又重复…we are also in a cycle我们也在循环中…We need to break this cycle of sin我们需要打破这个犯罪的循环! Now we are able to break through Christ Jesus藉着耶稣基督,我们可以打破循环!

3, How? Through the Spirit by praying and abiding in the truth in faith.如何打破循环?靠着圣灵,凭着信心,祷告并住在真理中

Jesus has given us the perfect example主耶稣是完全的榜样! When the devil came close to tempt Jesus当魔鬼上前来试探耶稣, he refused the devil by responding with the truth主用真理抵挡, “Men does not live on bread alone人活着,不是单靠食物, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God乃是靠神口里所出的一切话. Matt 4: 4(太4:4 We also should follow this way我们也要这样行, to practice and strengthen our spiritual muscles by living on God’s word every day每天信靠神的话,操练强化我们的属灵肌肉! Jesus promises主耶稣应许说, “Remain in me你们要常在我里面, and I will remain in you我也常在你们里面”. As a result其结果是, if the resurrection power of Christ reigns in us基督死里复活的能力若掌管我们, who can defeat us谁能抵挡我们?

Martin Luther once said that every night he would pray the petition有一次,马丁路德说到他每晚这样祷告祈求 – “forgive us our debts免我们的债” and then each morning he would pray然后第二天早上他祷告 – “lead us not into temptation不叫我们遇见试探”. Have you practiced this prayer every day你有没有每天这样操练? That’s very important非常重要! Because we all wrestle with temptation every day因我们每天都要与试探摔跤, and we all need to be delivered from evil也都需要被救脱离凶恶! But on the other hand但在另一方面, the bible teaches us圣经这样教导我们, “flee the evil desires of youth你要逃避少年的私欲, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart同那清心祷告主的人追求公义、信德、仁爱、和平. 2Timothy 2:22(提后2:22

Flee逃避! Run away from temptation从试探跑开! Resist evil抵挡邪恶! When the woman tried to sleep with Joseph当妇人想要与约瑟同寝, he ran away quickly约瑟快速跑掉了! It is also very important for us to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses认识自己的强项和弱点也很重要. If we have a problem with gambling我们若有赌博方面的问题 – we should run away from casinos quickly就当快快离开赌场, and pray 并祷告“lead us not into temptation不叫我们遇见试探, but deliver us from evil救我们脱离凶恶”. If we have a problem with alcoholism我们若有酗酒问题 – we should run away from bars. And pray就当快快离开酒吧,并祷告…If we are addicted to computer games or other things我们若沉迷电子游戏或其他, we should run away from sitting in front of the computer, and pray就当离开电脑,并祷告…If comparison is our problem若比较是我们的问题 – we should run away from any conceited conversations就当避免自夸的讲论 and turn to Christ, and pray转向基督,并祷告…If overeating is our problem若有暴饮暴食的问题 – avoid eating at buffets, and pray就避免吃自助餐,并祷告

When we pray当我们祷告, “Lead us not into temptation不叫我们遇见试探, but deliver us from evil救我们脱离凶恶.” we are admitting our own weaknesses and saying我们是在承认我们的软弱说, “Lord, by myself I can’t overcome it主啊,我自己胜不过…By myself I can’t do it我自己做不到…by myself I will be devoured靠自己我就被吞吃了our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour1 Peter 5:8)因你们的仇敌魔鬼,如同吼叫的狮子,遍地游行,寻找可吞吃的人(彼前5:8… I humble myself to rely on You我谦卑倚靠你! and have faith in Your mighty power to deliver me相信你的大能可以拯救我…” The first half of the prayer expresses our own weaknesses这个祷告的前半部分表达承认我们的软弱. The second half expects the power of God后半部分仰望神的能力. How important it is that we can be purged from our pride by every trial and temptation借着每个试炼试探除去骄傲是何等重要, so that we no longer rely on ourselves我们才能不再依靠自己, but rely on the power of God而是依靠神的大能! So we cry out因此我们呼求: “Father亲爱的父, lead us not into temptation不叫我们遇见试探, but deliver us from the evil one救我们脱离凶恶.” 


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