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2022-07-10 Spiritual warfare & strongholds 属灵争战& 坚固营垒(3)

发表于 2024-01-08

We’ve spent two Sundays on Spiritual warfare and the full armour of God through Eph 6: 10-17. 前面两个主日我们藉以弗所书610-17节讨论了属灵争战和神的全副军装。Now we’ll continue with this topic. 今天我们继续这个主题。 In the bible, 在圣经中,many time, 很多时候,Jesus healed someone and said, 耶稣医治了病人后,就说:Your faith has healed you.”你的信救了你。 Your faith is very important. 你的信很重要。Without faith we can’t please God, 没有信心我们就不能得神的喜悦,if we can’t please God, 我们若不能讨神的喜悦, we can’t receive good things from God. 就不能得从神来的好处。Where does faith come from? 信从哪里来? Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). 【罗10:17】可见信道是从听道来的,听道是从基督的话来的。

We all know that 3 week ago Ann was attacked by intimidation after having received a text message 我们都知道安在三周前因收到一个信息被恐吓攻击了. But this’s not a bad thing. 这不是坏事。God can turn bad things into something good上帝可以使坏事变好事.  After listening to the word of God听了神的话, she prayed她祷告了, and also came to me asking for deliverance也来找我做释放祷告. God revealed some of the root causes that were because of the traumatic experiences she had gone through in her childhood 上帝启示了一些根源是由于小时候的创伤经历. So I led her into a prayer of repentance and forgiveness我带她做了悔改饶恕祷告. Then, God showed her a sign that she was delivered at some level然后,神就赐凭据就是她在某种程度上得了释放. Yesterday昨天,Ann was so excited to testify that her chronic period pain was miraculously healed, 安很兴奋的见证她长期的经期疼痛消失了,we didn’t ask for that 我们没有为此祈求的。

Faith in the Word of God can change every aspect of our lives. 信神的话,可以改变我们生命的方方面面。When Jesus started his ministry, 当耶稣开始祂的事工时, He said, 他说: “The Spirit of God is on me, “神的灵在我身上,He has anointed me 他用膏膏我,to preach the gospel to the poor, 叫我传福音给贫穷的人,and another mission is to bind up the broken-hearted 另一个使命是使伤心的人得医治、and set the captives free.” 使被掳的得着释放。” Jesus wants us to be set free. 主耶稣愿意我们得着释放,Free to love and serve humbly. 可以谦卑的去爱和服事。 The word captives is used for people in prison, “俘虏是指人被被囚禁了,they’re not free, 他们没有自由, they’re kept under guard. 他们被看管着。

In my early ministry, 在我早期的事工中,God showed me in a dream, 上帝曾给我一个梦,I was walking along the street with Jesus, 我和主耶稣一同走在街上, I saw houses, 我看见一栋栋房子,but they were actually cages, 但它们其实是一个个的笼子,each family was in a cage fighting against each other. 每个家庭都关在一个笼子里互相争斗。They were captives in prison with guards. 他们就是被囚禁看守的俘虏。Family is a place where people should love one another. 家庭本当是人们彼此相爱的地方。But because of sin, 但是因着有罪,sin damages and causes wounds in our hearts. 罪使我们的心受伤。

For example, 比如, Pro 13:10a says, pride only breeds quarrels,骄傲只启争竞.  We quarrel with others我们和人争, “you’re wrong, I’m right” 你是错的,我是对的。”because there’s pride in our hearts.是因为我们心里有骄傲。The lamb of God, Jesus Christ didn’t quarrel with anyone else. 神的羔羊,耶稣基督从不与人争 。Quarrels happen in families. 争吵发生在家庭中。Some may be rejected; 有人可能被拒绝;some may be publicly shamed; 有人可能被当众羞辱;some may be abused verbally or physically. 有人可能受到言语或身体的打骂。All these things affect our emotions, 这些事都会影响我们的情绪,and cause us to build walls in our hearts, 让我们在心中筑起高墙: “What are you going to do? “你想干什么?Are you trying to hurt me?” 你想伤害我吗?” The walls around the heart keep us from loving freely. 心中的墙使我们不能自由地去爱。They  keep  us in spiritual prison. 那些墙把我们关在属灵的监狱里。Jesus told us  the parable of the strong man in 主耶稣给我们讲了这个壮士的比喻: Luke 11: 20-22 But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. 21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe (are in peace. nkjv). 22 But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up his plunder. 【路11:20-2220我若靠着 神的能力赶鬼,这就是 神的国临到你们了。21壮士披挂整齐,看守自己的住宅,他所有的都平安无事。22但有一个比他更壮的来,胜过他,就夺去他所倚靠的盔甲、兵器,又分了他的赃。

 1, God’s kingdom is a superior Kingdom. V.20  神国是一个至高的国度(20节)

Jesus said, 主耶稣说,the Kingdom of God is a superior Kingdom. 神国是一个至高的国度。 The kingdom of darkness is a defeated kingdom. 黑暗国度乃是失败的国度。 How do you know? 怎么知道? When you cast out demons by the Holy Spirit, 你们若靠着圣灵赶鬼,the Kingdom of darkness is cast out. 黑暗国度就必被赶出去。Jesus is telling us, 主耶稣告诉我们,the demons are easy to be dealt with. 对付魔鬼是容易的。In the bible, 在圣经中,whenever demons encountered Jesus, 当魔鬼遇到耶稣,they shouted, 就喊叫:“You’re the son of God.” “你是神的儿子。”and when Jesus commanded them to get out. 当耶稣吩咐它们出去,They listened. 它们就听从。

Demons know who Jesus is, 魔鬼知道耶稣是谁,while people don’t. 可是人不知道。 People are blind. 人是瞎眼的 the god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they can’t see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 2 Cor 林后4:4. 此等不信之人被这世界的神弄瞎了心眼,不叫基督荣耀福音的光照着他们。基督本是 神的像。 It says, 这里说,spiritual warfare is about our minds, 属灵战争是在我们的心和思想里,just casting out demons is ineffective. 单单把鬼赶出去是没有果效的。V.26 tell us 26节告诉我们,that evil spirits will come back if we don’t renew our minds  with the truth. 我们的心若不被真理更新,邪灵还要回来。For instance, 比如,if you leave the rubbish bin open, 如果你打开垃圾箱, flies will come in, 苍蝇就会进来,unless you clean the bin, 除非你清理了箱子,then they won’t come in again. 苍蝇就不再来了。So spiritual warfare is about our minds. 所以属灵争战是关乎我们的内心。 It’s about “who we love and serve.” 关乎我们到底爱谁、服事谁。

2, Recognize the strongman’s mission and his false peace. V.21 认出那壮士的使命和假平安。

v.21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace. 21壮士披挂整齐,看守自己的住宅,他所有的都平安无事。Clearly, this strong man refers to Satan. 显然,这个壮士是指撒但。Satan is fully armed. 撒但是披挂整齐的。Satan  has not just one weapon, a gun? 撒旦的武器不止一件,只有一把枪? He has been equipped with weapons. 它是全副武装的。He guards his own palace, 看守自己的住宅,He has territories, 它有领地,that is the soul. 就是人的心灵。Jesus said, 主耶稣说,Satan had  no hold on him. 撒但在祂里面毫无所有。There were no worldly views in Jesus’ heart. 耶稣的心里没有世界的观点。He was only connected to the truth. 他只与真理连结。Satan has nothing in Jesus. 撒但在耶稣身上毫无所有。

But for us, 但对我们来说,we have the whole world in our hearts. 我们的心却被整个世界充满。So we need the truth to change our thoughts and minds and guide our actions. 所以我们需要真理来改变我们的心思意念,并我们的行动作为。 But it’s interesting, 但有意思的是,his goods are in peace. 他所有的都平安无事。What is this peace? 平安是什么? When people are under Satan’s control, 当人在撒但的控制下,they feel nothing is wrong. 会觉得一切都正常。This’s the peace  when we think we don’t need God. 这平安让我们觉得不需要上帝。we think we can handle everything ourselves. 我们觉得自己可以处理一切。We don’t need to pray. 我们不需要祷告。Pro 14:12, there is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. 有一条路人以为正,至终成为死亡之路。Until one day, 直到有一天,something shocking happens to our hearts,发生了震动我们内心的事, then this peace will be shaken这平安就会被震动。 Someone said, 曾有个人说,when his unbeliever friend 他的一位不信主的朋友,who was young and wealthy suddenly died, because of a car accident, 年轻又富有,却突然发生车祸死了,the peace he used to rely on was shaken, 他曾经仰赖的平安被震动了,afterwards , he  began to call on Jesus’ name. 后来,他就开始呼求耶稣的名。

So the strongman is our spiritual enemy 所以,壮士就是我们属灵的仇敌,who has gained legal entry into people’s lives, 它得了合法的通道可以进入人的生命, and keeps people under his influence 使人在它的影响下,to steal, kill and destroy people’s relationships, emotions, finances, 被偷窃、杀害、毁坏人的关系、情感、财务,and ruin people’s lives. 以至毁掉人的生命。Satan is the deceiver. 撒但是迷惑人的。When people are deceived, 当人被迷惑时,they think everything is fine. 就觉得一切都很好。Problems come and go, 问题来了又解决了,which is how  life should be. 这就是生活本来的样子。But that’s not true. 但事实并非如此。 22 But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up his plunder. 22但有一个比他更壮的来,胜过他,就夺去他所倚靠的盔甲、兵器,又分了他的赃。

When Jesus, 当耶稣,the one who is stronger comes in, 那位更壮的进来了,He is the King of kings, 祂是万王之王、and Lord of lords. 万主之主。Jesus’ mission is to destroy the work of the devil, 耶稣的使命是摧毁魔鬼的工作,and bring the supreme Kingdom to us, 带给我们至高的国度and build His Kingdom principles in our hearts, 在我们心里建立祂国度的法则,so that we can be like Him, 使我们可以像祂,and represent Him on earth. 在地上代表祂。When Jesus comes in, 当耶稣进来,he attacks and overpowers Satan, 祂击打并胜过撒但,he takes away the armor (full armor) in which the man trusted. 就夺去他所倚靠的(全副)盔甲、兵器,What is this full armor the man trusted? 这个人所倚靠的全副盔甲兵器是什么?that gives Satan legal power to hold us? 以至于让撒旦可以有合法的权力管辖我们? Nothing but sin. 就是罪。Sin is the strongest armour the strong man trusts in. 罪是这壮士所仰赖的最坚固的盔甲兵器。Sin creates walls and strongholds within our hearts, 罪在我们心中筑起高墙和营垒,which gives Satan legal power to hold us. 使撒但有合法的权力可以辖制我们。That’s why repentance is necessary. 因此悔改是必须的。

3, Divides up his plunder by tear down strongholds. V.22 拆毁坚固营垒就分了他的赃

But when we repent of our specific sins但当我们在具体的罪上悔改,when we forgive others, 当我们饶恕他人,and tear down the walls and strongholds by the power of God,并靠神的能力拆毁隔断的墙和坚固营垒时,we divide up his plunder, 我们就分了他的赃,and give our thoughts back to Jesus. 并将我们的心思意念夺回归给耶稣。 2 Cor 林后10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 我们争战的兵器,本不是属血气的,乃是在 神面前有能力,可以攻破坚固的营垒, 5 casting down arguments (imagination, kjv) and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 5将各样的计谋,各样拦阻人认识 神的那些自高之事一概攻破了,又将人所有的心意夺回,使他都顺服基督。It tells us, 这里说,that we all are involved in warfare. 我们都处在争战中。And warfare is never with other people. 我们不是与人争战。

So the weapons are not worldly weapons, 因此争战的兵器不是属物质的,but the power of God. 而是神的能力。warfare takes place in the thought life. 争战发生在心思意念中,It’s to tear down strongholds of arguments, 为要拆毁各种争论、imaginations, 想象、and of everything that exalts itself against knowing God.和各种拦阻人认识神的自高之事的坚固营垒。All strongholds are against unconditional love. 所有坚固营垒都与无条件的爱为仇。For example例如 when you send a text message to someone当你发信息给某人but he doesn't reply to you但他不回你, how do you react你会怎么反应? When you smile at someone当你对某人笑, but he passes by and ignores you他走过没有理你. How do you react你怎么反应? If there’s a stronghold of rejection如果有坚固的营垒, people will tend to think你会想, “Why doesn’t he reply to me?为什么他不回我 Have I done anything wrong 我哪里做错了? Ok, you ignore me你不理我, I don’t wanna talk to you too我还不想理你呢.” The sense of rejection tells us to react to people拒绝感叫我们去和人斗, instead of to love people不再去爱人. If we embrace it若我们接受它, we ourselves will be attacked. 我们自己就会遭攻击 So we need to push back and say,我们需要抵挡拒绝伤害感并祷告说,

“Lord, 主啊I’m not responsible for what others’ think. 别人怎么想不关我的事,You’ll judge the wicked你会审判作恶的,I should be responsible for my own thoughts我只要管好我自己的思想I choose to forgive我选择饶恕, and I choose to love我选择爱. I choose life and blessing” 我选择生命, 我选择蒙福。

The English words 英文里的 arguments or imagination各样的计谋  are from the Greek word “logismos”, 来自希腊文logismoswhich means reasonings, 意思是推测,to calculate and reflect on the thoughts of the mind and to make a conclusion which isn’t from God. 心里反复算计、思想,并得出不符合真理的结论。All strongholds hinder us from knowing and experiencing God. 所有坚固营垒都阻挡我们认识神、经历神. All strongholds are rooted in pride. 所有坚固营垒都根植于骄傲,They are against love. 是与爱为仇的;They affect the way we think and behave. 它们影响我们的思想行为,They pull us away from God, 把我们从神面前拉开,and keep us in prison without freedom. 把我们关在监里不得自由.

Rejection is a major one. 被拒绝感的营垒是其中一种主要类型。When people have unresolved wounds, 若人内心有未被解决的伤害,it opens gateways for the enemy to come in and build strongholds of rejection, shame and whatever. 就会给仇敌开门,使之进入内心建立被拒绝、羞愧等等的坚固营垒。People may not realise who they’re listening to 人们未必意识得到自己内心听从的是谁,and why there’re so many problems in their lives. 或是为何生命中有如此之多的问题。

In 2 Samuel 6 there’s a story, 撒母耳下6章记载了一个故事。v.16 says, 16节说,as the ark of God was entering the City of David, 当神的约柜进入大卫城的时候,Michal, the daughter of Saul, saw her husband David leaping and dancing before the Lord, 扫罗的女儿米甲看到丈夫大卫在神面前踊跃跳舞,and she despised him in her heart. 她心里就藐视他。Michal once loved David, 米甲从前爱大卫,and David was Michal’s hero. 大卫是她心目中的英雄,Michal helped her husband David to escape from Saul’s pursuit. 她曾帮助丈夫逃离扫罗的追杀。But Michal was deeply hurt and rejected by her father, 米甲被父亲拒绝并深受伤害,because her father despised her as David’s wife, 因她父亲藐视她和大卫的婚姻and gave her to another man. 并且把她嫁给了另一个男人。

Rejection is rooted in emotional trauma or pain that people have experienced. 被拒绝感根植于人受到的情感创伤或伤痛,It forms judgements  like I’m not wanted, 在心里就形成论断,“我不被看重,or I’m not included. 我不被接纳”。I’m despised. 我被藐视了”。Michal’s love for David turned to contempt and judgement because of rejection. 因着受拒绝感,米甲由爱大卫转变为藐视并论断大卫,She didn’t bring the pain to God 她没有把伤害带到神面前,and receive forgiveness to be able to forgive her father. 接受饶恕并饶恕她父亲;Then, she became like her father and despised her husband.于是,她就变成和父亲一样,藐视了自己的丈夫。Romans 2:1tells us,  You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. 你这论断人的,无论你是谁,也无可推诿。你在什么事上论断人,就在什么事上定自己的罪。因你这论断人的,自己所行却和别人一样。

King David in contrast 大卫正好相反,was a man who loved God. 他是爱神的人,He chose to forgive Saul who had rejected him. 他选择了饶恕扫罗,尽管他被扫罗拒绝;So king David lived in the freedom of the Lord. 因此大卫王住在神的自由里,He was leaping and dancing to worship God before his people. 他可以在众人面前踊跃跳舞敬拜神。When David returned home and was about to bless his household, 当大卫回家要祝福家人时,Michal came out and mocked David,米甲出来迎接他并讥讽地说:“How glorious was the king of Israel today, uncovering himself today in the eyes of the maids of his servants, as one of the base fellows shamelessly uncovers himself!大卫回家要给眷属祝福;扫罗的女儿米甲出来迎接他,说:以色列王今日在臣仆的婢女眼前露体,如同一个轻贱人无耻露体一样,有好大的荣耀啊!” 2 Samuel撒下6:20 。She was saying, 她是在说:“You’re a king. 你是个王,Why do you dance like that? 怎么可以那样的去跳舞?You’ve been foolish before the people. 在你的百姓面前多丢人啊,What will the people say of you? 人会怎么说你呢?” Michal felt ashamed 米甲感到羞愧,and was afraid of what people would say, 她惧怕人怎么说,but she didn’t know what David did pleased God. 她却不知道大卫这样做 讨了神的喜悦。Let’s see how the stronghold of rejection ruined Michal’s life: 让我们来看看被拒绝的坚固营垒是怎样毁了米甲的生命:

A, Rejection produces bitter judgement and anger, A.被拒绝感产生苦毒的论断和怒气Michal bitterly judged David, 米甲苦毒论断大卫,which caused spiritual blindness, 导致了她自己属灵的眼瞎,she was unable to see what God was doing. 就看不到神在做什么,And it kept her from love and God’s blessing.  她也得不着爱和神的祝福;B, Rejection ruins relationships B.被拒绝感毁坏关系、and marriages 毁坏婚姻,and isolates people. 将人孤立Michal’s marriage was ruined, 米甲的婚姻被破坏了,there was no love, 这段婚姻里没有爱、no joy, 没有喜乐、no hope in that marriage. 没有盼望;All she had was overshadowed  by the feelings of shame and rejection and dishonour. 她的一切都被羞愧感、被拒绝感、耻辱感蒙上阴影。In the same way同样, if you think you’re not loved or despised by your mom or dad若你觉得你不被父母爱或被他们轻忽了, forgive them and honour them,要饶恕他们并尊重他们 so that your life won’t be like Michal but will go well with you.这样你的人生就不会像米甲,而会蒙福。

C, Rejection opens the door to a wide variety of bondages. C.被拒绝感为一系列其他捆绑开了门。There are often other bondages that result from rejection, such as self-worthlessness, 拒绝感还带给人其他的捆绑,比如认为自己没用、rebellion, 悖逆、disobedience, 不顺服、self-pity, 自卑自怜、hatred, 仇恨、performance orientation, 追求个人成就、shame drivenness. 羞耻感驱动去做事等等。It causes us to seek the approval and the love of man. 它导致我们去追求人的认同和爱,“you should love me你要爱我” which brings more pain and disappointment into our lives. 这就会更大的增加我们内心的失望和痛苦。

Michal felt ashamed when her husband danced before the people.当她丈夫在人面前跳舞敬拜神,米甲就感到羞愧,Because she was afraid of losing honour from man. 因她害怕失去人前的面子,But she was blinded to know that honour wasn’t from man but from God. 但她却不能明白尊荣来自于神,不来自于人。Rejection kept her from intimacy with God. 被拒绝感使她失去和神的亲密关系。D, Rejection results in disgrace. D.被拒绝感带来羞辱Michal had no children. 米甲没有生育,As an ancient Hebrew woman, 作为古时的希伯来妇女,she was hugely disgraced. 米甲大受羞辱。Michal rejected herself, 米甲拒绝自己、rejected her husband 拒绝丈夫,and rejected God. 也拒绝了神。As one of God’s people, 作为神子民,she lived a life with no joy and no freedom 她的生命里没有喜乐和自由,but in the bondage of sin. 反而是被罪捆绑。

Is this the life God wants us to have? 难道这是神要我们拥有的生命吗?No. we’re called to liberty. 不,我们蒙召为得自由,We’re called to freedom. 我们蒙召为得释放,We’re called to overcome. 我们蒙召为要胜过,We’re called to love and serve freely. 我们蒙召为自由去爱和服事。Rejection is our enemy. 被拒绝感是我们的仇敌。“He despises me; “他看不起我,they try to bully me…” 他们想欺负我……” Resist it. 抵挡这些声音。Everyone in this world is born to sin and rejection. 这世上每个人都生在罪和被拒绝感中,There’s no exception. 没有例外。We all have experienced the pain of rejection. 我们都经历过被拒绝的痛楚.

Both King David and Michal experienced it, 大卫王和米甲都经历了拒绝感,but David chose to forgive 大卫选择饶恕and leave room for God to judge 并让神自己去审判, David chose to follow Jesus Christ’s footsteps大卫选择跟随基督的脚踪 and he was exalted and honoured by God, 他被神高举了,得了尊荣,Michal chose to embrace the rejection and was dishonoured. 米甲选择接受拒绝感就受了羞辱。How we respond to rejection determines our destiny. 我们如何回应被拒绝感,决定了我们是否能完成命定。When we feel the pain of rejection, 当我们感受到拒绝伤害的痛 we need to pray我们当祷告,“Jesus, I thank You that You are my Father, “主耶稣,我感谢你,你是我的天父,You were rejected, 你被拒绝,I’m included. 我被接纳,You were flogged, 你受鞭伤,I can be healed. 我能得医治,I’m Your child. 我是你的孩子,I’m a member of the family of heaven. 我是天上大家庭的成员,Heaven is my home. 我的家在天上,Heaven knows my name 天上有我的名字I embrace the truth, 我拥抱自由,I resist lies.” Amen.我抵挡一切谎言。


Concluding prayer: 结束祷告:

Yes Lord, 是的,主耶稣,because of You, 因为你,our sins are washed away; 我们的罪被洗净;Because of You, 因为你,heaven knows our names. 天上知道我的名字, You love us, 你爱我们,You care for us. 你关心我们,Everything we go through, is for us to be promoted, 我们经历的每件事都为我们的生命被提升,not for us to be defeated. 不是要我们被打败。Because You want us to walk in Your freedom. 因你喜悦我们行走在你的自由里,Your freedom is for us to love and serve freely.你喜悦我们自由去爱和服事。

Today,今天 we’re standing before the throne of God我们站在神的宝座前, let’s meditate on the price Jesus has paid for us,让我们默想主耶稣 and bring us back to the family of God. 为把我们带回神的家所付上的代价。

The Son of God神的儿子, Christ Jesus went through a greatly painful night那夜耶稣基督经历了巨大的痛. He was arrested他被抓; he was flogged他被鞭打; he was mocked and insulted他被羞辱和耻笑; they spit in his face and struck him with their fists他们把口水吐在他脸上,用拳头打他; he was crowned with a crown of thorns他被戴上荆棘冠冕嘲弄; he was moved from one place to another他被带到这个地方又到那个地方, carried the heavy cross背负着沉重的十字架, and eventually was nailed on that cross最后他被钉在十字架上.

People cried loudly人大声喊着说, “crucify him crucify him. “钉死他,钉死他。He was rejected by His people他被自己的百姓拒绝. He was rejected by his own brothers他被自己的弟兄拒绝, and his followers他被门徒拒绝. Eventually, he was rejected by the Father最后他被天父弃绝. the Son of God,神的儿子 His body was like ours 他的身子和我们一样– nothing extraordinary没有特别. He didn’t have the power to not feel the pain.他和我们一样会感受痛。Lord Jesus, You felt the pain of rejection.主耶稣,你感受到被拒绝的痛 So you cried out,因此你喊着说 “My God my God, why have you forsaken me”. 我的神,我的神, 为什么离弃我。

You were forsaken,你被弃绝 I’m accepted.我被接纳 You were rejected,你受拒绝 I’m included 我得接纳. LordYour love is priceless. 主,你的爱是无价之宝。I receive Your love我接受你的爱, I receive Your acceptance. 我接受你的接纳。I belong to Jesus我属于耶稣, I’m no longer a slave of man, 我不再作人的奴仆。I don’t have to strive for approval from man. 我不再需要去求人的称赞。I wanna be set free 我要得自由.

If this’s the cry of your heart若这是你心中的呼声,  you may ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart, 你也可以求圣灵鉴察你的内心,and see if there’s painful feelings hidden in your heart, 是否有隐藏的痛楚,Michal accepted the feelings of rejection when her father despised her marriage, 米甲的婚姻被父亲藐视,她因此接受被拒绝感,if you experienced similar feelings of rejection,是否你经历过类似的拒绝感,when you felt you were despised, 当你感到被藐视,you were unwanted, 人不想要你,you were not cared for, 也不关心你,you were not included, 你被排挤了,no matter what you felt, 无论是什么,that wasn’t the truth. 那都不是真理。Ask the Holy Spirit what it is求问圣灵那是什么,and bring all the feelings of rejection to the cross to be dealt with, 并把所有的被拒绝感带到十字架上来处理and set yourself free. 叫你自己得自由……

You’re so wanted by God你是神所要的, you’re fearfully and wonderfully made.你的受造奇妙可畏 。“Yes, Lord, the cross speaks of God’s unconditional to me.是的主,这十字架是神对我无条件的爱 The cross is the place of exchange, 十字架是交换的地方,Jesus suffered for my sins, 耶稣为我们的罪受苦,I choose to forgive我选择饶恕, I choose to love我选择爱, I choose to leave room for God to judge我选择让神去审判, because You’re a just God因为你是公义的神.

Yes, I’m called to follow Jesus是的,我蒙召是跟随耶稣, I’m called to be like Jesus我被呼召像耶稣, I’m called to walk with Jesus我蒙召与主同行, I’m called to represent the Father on earth. 我蒙召是在地上代表天父 Holy Spirit圣灵,help me to meditate on Jesus’ love for me on that cross, 帮助我默想耶稣十字架上的爱,until the Holy Spirit releases faith into my heart.直到圣灵释放信心在我心里。

Thank You Lord, I’m free. 感谢主,我自由了I don’t have to cover myself with my own hands 我不需要用自己的手去做事来遮盖自己的羞耻,to struggle with who people say I am. 不必去挣扎人说我是谁。My exaltation is from my Father. 我的高举从天父而来,My glory comes from connection with Jesus, 我的荣耀来自于与耶稣联结,when I’m led by the Spirit of God to do things, 当我被圣灵引导做事,I’m honoured. 我就得荣耀了。Honour comes from my Father. 高举从天父而来,When I do things pleasing to Him, 我若做祂喜悦的事,I’ receive honour.我就得荣耀了。

Yes, we’re so wanted by our Heavenly Father. 天父如此渴望得着我们!You created us and love us unconditionally. 你创造了我们,无条件爱我们。You shed your blood in exchange for us to be back in a heavenly position. 你流血换回我们在天上的地位,We accept this truth. 我们接受这真理。Guide us to live in this truth, 求你用真理这样引导我们,and no longer desire love from people 使我们不再想得人的爱,but saturate ourselves in Your truth, 而是让我们沉浸在你的真理里,practice what we hear. 操练我们听到的道,Grow stronger in faith and in love.在信和爱上更坚固自己。And bring the hope of the gospel of Christ to reach this broken world. 并将这基督福音的盼望带给这个破碎的世界Let Your Kingdom come,愿你国度降临 and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  你的旨意行在地上如同行在天上。


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