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2022-07-17 Spiritual warfare & strongholds (4) 属灵争战和坚固营垒(4)

发表于 2024-01-08

We’ve been looking at spiritual warfare for a while. 我们分享了一段时间的属灵争战。Why do we need to be aware of it? 为什么需要认识它?Because two kingdoms are in conflict. 因为有两个国度在交战,The battleground is in our hearts. 这战场就在我们的心里。In the beginning, Adam failed, 一开始亚当就失败了,he lost everything. 他失去了一切。The gospel of the Kingdom of God is to restore man back to Sonship again (Romans 8:14-15), 天国的福音是让人再次恢复神儿子的名份,through the salvation of Christ, 藉着基督的救赎,we can be transformed into the image of God, 使我们可以改变有神的形象,and be able to reveal God’s nature and power to extend His kingdom on earth, 并彰显神的性情和权能,在地上扩彰祂的国度,and to fulfil God’s eternal purpose for our lives. 成就神对我们生命的永恒旨意。But we have spiritual adversaries. 但我们有属灵的仇敌,The enemy’s mission is to distract us, 这敌人的任务是分散我们的注意力,entice us, 引诱我们,tempt us, 试探我们,so that we may become unfruitful, 让我们不能结果子,and unable to share in His kingship as a reward when He returns (Re 3:21). 无法得着在基督再来时同享王权的赏赐。But God wants us to overcome through connecting with Jesus.但神盼望我们藉着连于耶稣而得胜。Today, we’ll continue to learn about spiritual warfare through 今天我们来继续分享属灵争战, Luke 11:24-26, “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ “污鬼离了人身,就在无水之地过来过去,寻求安歇之处。既寻不着,便说:我要回到我所出来的屋里去。’25 When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. 25到了,就看见里面打扫干净,修饰好了, 26 Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.” 26便去另带了七个比自己更恶的鬼来,都进去住在那里。那人末后的景况比先前更不好了。

1, The enemy wants to inhabit what belongs to God. 仇敌想要得神的居所

Last time, we looked at v.20-22, 上周,我们分享了第20-22节,the Kingdom of God is a superior Kingdom, 神的国度是至高的国度,deliverance ministry is not just about casting out demons, 医治释放的事工不仅仅是把鬼赶出去,but also helps people remove the walls within their hearts due to unresolved past hurts, 还要帮助人除去因过去未处理的伤害在他们心里筑起的墙, so that they may be able to grow in their relationships with God 因此他们可以在与神的关系中成长 and to love and serve freely并自由地去爱和服侍. v.24 Jesus tells us, 24节,耶稣告诉我们,that when an evil spirit comes out of a person, 当邪灵从一个人身上出来时,it searches for another person to inhabit. 它会寻找另一个人入住。Clearly, evil spirits don’t have bodies, 显然,邪灵没有身体,and they eagerly desire to occupy human bodies or animal bodies, 它们切切地想占据人的身体或动物的身体,to continue their mission to steal, kill, and destroy on earth. 继续它们在地上偷窃、杀害和毁坏的使命。

Once when Ace (Susie’s dog) behaved bizarrely, 艾斯(Susie的狗)有一次表现很怪异,I rebuked it, 我就斥责它:“In the name of Jesus, you evil spirit go out of Ace.” "奉耶稣的名,你这个邪灵从艾斯身上出去。" Ace fell on the ground, 艾斯倒在地上,and in just a few seconds, 就几秒钟时间,she became normal again, 她就恢复正常了,obedient, and lovely. 既听话,又可爱。In the bible在圣经中,Jesus allowed the evil spirits to go into the pigs, 耶稣允许邪灵进入猪的体内,and they immediately exposed their true nature by killing the pigs. 他们立即杀死了猪,暴露了自己的本性。So, that’s why we need to pray for our people, and our animals. 所以这就是为什么我们需要为人和家里的动物祷告。God’s word gives us wisdom. 神的话语给我们智慧。Jesus tells us that just casting out demons is ineffective. 耶稣告诉我们,仅仅赶鬼是没有果效的,Healing and blessing can be lost if we don’t renew our minds with the truth.若不以真理更新思想,我们还是会失去医治和祝福。V.24 The evil spirit says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 污鬼便说:‘我要回到我所出来的屋里去。’When you’re delivered from some degree of bitterness or unforgiveness or whatever after a prayer, 当祷告后你从某种程度的苦毒或不饶恕或其他方面得到释放时,you’re filled with the peace and joy of God. 你会充满喜乐和平安,You’ve gotta be aware 但你当意识到,that the enemy is actively looking for ways to come back to the place he inhabited. 敌人正在想方设法回到他所居住的地方. Because Jesus said this in v.24. 因为耶稣在第24节中这样说,v.25-26, When the evil spirit finds the house is swept clean and put in order.邪灵发现 里面打扫干净,修饰好了,  What does that mean? 这是什么意思?It means I only cleaned the house by saying a prayer, 这意味着我只是做个祷告洁净了房子,“Jesus is my Lord, "耶稣是我的主,forgive my sins, 祂赦免我,Your blood cleans my sins,宝血洗净我的罪,I’m clean.” 我得洁净了Yes, Jesus has cleaned me after a prayer. 是的,耶稣洁净了我. but I left the heart empty, 但我让心空空的,without connecting to Jesus and His truth. 并没有连于耶稣和真理, And I still live in my old ways of thinking, 但是,如果我仍然活在旧思维方式中,and I don’t practice spiritual discipline, 如果我不操练属灵约束,reading the bible, 不读经,meditating on the Word, 不默想神的话,acting on the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit 不藉着圣灵的能力去行神的话,then the enemy will come back那样仇敌会再来。Even if I’ve been delivered this time, 那么即使我这次被医治释放了,there will be a next time, 还会有下次要释放,a time after that, 下下次,and lots of times after that, 以及之后的许多次,until I’ve learnt to no longer live in the past, 直到我学会了不再活在过去的思想里,but live abiding in the truth and the Spirit of God. 而是活在真理和圣灵里。Otherwise the final condition of that person is worse than the first.” 否则 那人末后的景况比先前更不好了。”  You must have seen some Christians who became more and more grumpy as they got older. 你一定见过有基督徒,当他们年老时,反而变得越来越脾气怀。

Many years ago, 很多年前,my mom testified that 我妈妈见证说,when she was listening to my sermon tape, 有一次她听我的讲道录音,and following the prayer with her eyes closed, 并闭着眼睛跟着祷告时,suddenly a memory resurfaced. 突然有件事浮现出来。When she was three or four years old, 是她三四岁时的事,someone was practicing sorcery, 有个人在行邪术,a group of children including her were there playing. 她和一群孩子在那儿玩,The sorcerer asked the children to do something, 那跳大神的让孩子们做了些什么,and after that the children all got lollies. 孩子们做了后,每人都分到了糖果。When she was reminded of this, 当她想起这件事,her whole body couldn’t help shaking. 她全身不能控制地全身发抖。Actually she didn’t really believe in the existence of  evil spirits. 其实那时她并不真信有邪灵的存在,But at that moment, she immediately repented. 但就在那一刻,她马上悔改了。Then she felt something leave, 然后她感到有什么离开了她,and immediately she was filled with joy and hope. 喜乐和盼望立刻充满了她。Having heard her testimony, 听了她的见证,I told her, 我告诉她:“It’ll come back, 它还会再回来,that’s the spirit that caused you always to feel sorry for yourself. 这就是那个总是让你感到自卑自怜的灵。You need to renew the way you think with the truth.” 你需要用真理来更新思维方式。For more than ten years, 十多年来,mom was in that spiritual battle, 我母亲一直在这场属灵争战中,but by God’s grace it has made her stronger in Jesus. 但因神的恩典,她在基督里刚强了。The evil spirit has lost its habitation. 那个邪灵已经失去了它的住处。Praise God.赞美神。

2, the doorways of the evil spirit. 给邪灵敞开的门

In 2 Tim 提后2:24-26, And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 然而主的仆人不可争竞;只要温温和和地待众人,善于教导,存心忍耐, 25 Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 25用温柔劝戒那抵挡的人,或者 神给他们悔改的心,可以明白真道,26 and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will. 26叫他们这已经被魔鬼任意掳去的,可以醒悟,脱离他的网罗。 Paul is saying, there may be people in church who oppose sound teaching. 保罗说,教会里或许有人与纯正的教导作对。As servants of God, 作为神的仆人,we must not get irritated, 我们不要恼怒,or argue with them. 也不要与他们争论。We need to be patient, 我们需要有忍耐,and perhaps God will give them repentance. 或许神会赐他们悔改的心。Why do they oppose sound teaching? 为什么人会与纯正的教导作对?It says because the devil has taken them captive to do his will. 这里说,是因为魔鬼为了行自己的意思而俘虏他们,They’ve been taken captive. 他们成了俘虏。This’s not something that just happened in Paul’s time. 这不单是在保罗的时代才发生,It happens in every generation. 这在每个时代都会发生。When I was ministering to the home church in Asia. 我在亚洲的家里的教会服事时,One day, God gave me a message to preach against the religious spirit. 有一次,神赐给我与宗教的灵争战的信息。A brother who had heard the message was in a rage. 有位弟兄听完道后大大发怒,He came to argue with me. 和我争论起来。

Then God gave me this bible passage to let me know 后来神给我这段经文,that both he and his Christian wife had been taken captive to do the enemy’s will. 让我知道他和他的基督徒妻子都被仇敌任意掳去了。Later on, the family broke down, 没多久,这个家庭破裂了,his wife had an affair, 他妻子有外遇,the brother remarried. 这弟兄再婚,Their little child suffered. 他们的孩子因此受苦了。The enemy wants to recapture Christians by getting them in a snare, a trap. 仇敌想让基督徒重新陷入网罗,陷阱。Like with a bird trap, 就像捕鸟的陷阱,you give bait, 你放些诱饵在里面,and they’re captured. 鸟就会被逮住。The enemy wants us to be imprisoned by the worldly thoughts we hold on to. 仇敌希望我们被我们自己抓住的世界的价值观拘禁,That’s why we need to build our Christian foundations on the Word of God. 这就是为什么我们的信仰需要建基在神的话上。

Eph 4:26-32 In your anger do not sin: do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 生气却不要犯罪,不可含怒到日落, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold. 27也不可给魔鬼留地步28 Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need. 28从前偷窃的,不要再偷。总要劳力,亲手作正经事,就可有余,分给那缺少的人。29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 29污秽的言语,一句不可出口,只要随事说造就人的好话,叫听见的人得益处。30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 30不要叫 神的圣灵担忧,你们原是受了他的印记,等候得赎的日子来到。31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 31一切苦毒、恼恨、忿怒、嚷闹、毁谤,并一切的恶毒(或作“阴毒”),都当从你们中间除掉。 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. 32并要以恩慈相待,存怜悯的心,彼此饶恕,正如 神在基督里饶恕了你们一样。

It tells us sin gives the devil a foothold, 这段话说,罪给了魔鬼留了地步,a doorway, 打开了门,the legal right to come into our lives, 让魔鬼可以合法进入我们生命,to steal joy and make trouble. 偷走喜乐,制造麻烦事and grieve the Holy Spirit让圣灵担忧The consequence of sin is to hand over all we have to Satan, 罪的后果是把我们所有的一切交付给撒旦,the power of death, 交付给死亡权势,to be tortured. 来折磨我们。That’s why when Satan tempted Jesus, 这就是为什么当撒但试探耶稣时,he said, “他说:All the authority and splendour of the world has been given to me…” 世上所有的权柄和荣耀都给了我……”

Where did he get this authority from? 他是从哪里得到这个权柄的?From Adam, 从亚当得到,when he sinned, 当亚当犯罪, he handed himself and all the authority of ruling over the earth to Satan.就把自己和统治全地的权柄都给了撒旦。He lost everything. 他失去了一切。Jesus came to restore everything for us耶稣来为我们夺回这一切. In the Kingdom of God, 在神的国里,all operate based on God’s word. 所有的事都是照着神的话运行。No matter how nice a person you’ are, 无论你是多好的人,if you break the law, 如果你违背律法,you sin, 就是犯罪,you open doors for demons to come in. 你就会打开门让魔鬼进来。If we don’t deal with a little sin (anger, bitterness…), 若不对付一点小罪 (小怒气,小苦毒…)it’ll cost us much. 这代价将是大的。A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough. 一点面酵能使全团都发起来。Gal 5:9. Ignorance of the Word of God opens doors for evil powers 对神话语的无知会给邪恶势力开门,to ruin the blessings we have in Christ. 毁坏我们在基督里的祝福。So knowing God’s Word is crucial. 所以认识神的话至关重要。This bible passage tells us a couple of things  about  how demons enter our lives , 这段经文告诉我们哪些事可以给魔鬼进入我们生命来扰乱,anger, 诸如愤怒,unforgiveness, 不饶恕,sin like covetousness; 贪心的罪,stealing; 偷窃的罪,corrupting talk, 污秽的言语like telling lies, 如说谎、judging others,论断人、gossip, 闲言碎语等,bitterness, rage, etc. 苦毒,恼恨等等。They give the enemy legal right to enter, 这些事给仇敌进入的合法通道来入侵,and make big problems in our lives. 并给我们的生命生活带来极大的扰乱Anger and bitterness and unforgiveness can be caused by trauma and wounds, 创伤和伤害会导致愤怒、苦毒和不饶恕,when people are hurt, 当人被伤害时,when they feel they’ve been treated unfairly, 或当人觉得自己受到了不公平的对待时,they get angry, and they become bitter. 就会生气,生出苦毒。Jesus died on the cross to bring healing to the wounds through the power of forgiveness. 耶稣死在十字架上,藉着饶恕医治人的伤害,When we repent and forgive, 当我们悔改并饶恕他人,when the wounds are removed, 伤害被除去了,and we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, 我们就被圣灵充满,the entrance for evil spirits is closed. 给邪灵的入口就被关上了。

3 generational strongholds & blessings

家族的坚固营垒 &祝福

Generational stronghold or generational patterns are something else that we need to take notice of, 家族累代的坚固营垒和思维行事模式是我们需要注意的另一个问题,because that also involves spiritual warfare. 因为这也是和属灵战争有关。We’re called to be like Jesus, 我们被呼召要成为耶稣的样子,but you might have heard someone say to you, 但你可能听过有人这样对你说: “You’re just like your mum/dad.” “你很像你的妈妈/爸爸。” We do inherit generational iniquity through our genes, 我们都藉着家族基因传承了我们祖先的罪,which affect the personality, 这影响着我们的性格、behavioural tendencies, 我们的行为导向,even health. 甚至身体健康。When you go to a doctor, 当你去看医生时,he asks for your family medical history also他也会询问你的家族病史,because he knows the link between  family history, and your current problems, 因为他知道你的家族病史和你现在的健康问题之间的联系,and the problems you may have in the future. 以及你将来可能会出现的问题。If you have heart problems, 如果你有心脏病,he asks if your parents have the same problems. 他就会问你的父母是否也有同样的问题。He’s looking for genetic evidence in the family. 他在找家族里遗传的证据。When a generational stronghold enters a family, 当一个家族性的坚固营垒进入一个家庭时,it could be fear, 它可能是惧怕、anxiety, 焦虑、arrogance, 傲慢、rejection, 拒绝、 lies, 谎言,or some kind of addiction, 或某种瘾,like alcoholism, 比如酗酒、sexual sin, 淫乱,or other patterns of behaviour like divorce, 或其它行为模式如离婚、nervous breakdowns, 神经衰弱,poverty, 贫穷,which all can affect family generations. 这些都会影响到那家庭的一代又一代。Whenever there is a stronghold, 只要那里有坚固营垒,evil spirits find legal entrance to make problems. 就可以给邪灵找到合法的通道进来制造麻烦。

We see this in Abraham and David’s families, 我们从亚伯拉罕和大卫的家庭可以看到,they were godly people, 他们都是敬虔的神子民,but they were not perfect. 但他们并不完全。They passed down faith to their descendants, 他们传递信心给自己的后代,but also, they passed down strongholds of sin to their offspring. 同时也把罪的营垒传给子孙。Abraham passed down lying and fear to Isaac, 亚伯拉罕把谎言和惧怕传给以撒,Isaac lied, 以撒也说谎了,and Jacob cheated Isaac. 雅各又欺骗以撒。Then, 接着,Jacob’s sons cheated Jacob 他的儿子们也欺骗了雅各,and tried to kill their brother Joseph. 还想杀害他们的兄弟约瑟。 King David struggled with lust, 大卫王有淫乱,and his son raped his daughter. 他的儿子强奸了他的女儿。Sexual sin, family division, and sibling rivalry were also found in David’s descendants. 大卫的后代中也有淫乱、家庭分裂、和手足相争。So whether our ancestors, our mum or dad are Christians or not, 所以无论我们的祖先或父母是不是基督徒,they all  pass down generational iniquities. 罪都被一代代传下去。We’re not responsible for what they did, 我们不需为他们的行为负责,but we’re subjected to the consequences of what they’ve done. 但我们都承受了家族的罪的后果。”Heb 7:9 One might even say that Levi, who collects the tenth, paid the tenth through Abraham, 10 because when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor.  【来7:9-10】并且可说那受十分之一的利未,也是藉着亚伯拉罕纳了十分之一。10因为麦基洗德迎接亚伯拉罕的时候,利未已经在他先祖的身中(“身”原文作“腰”)。This verse tells us 这节经文告诉我们,that we’re subject to the consequences of what our ancestors did. 我们都承受了祖先的行为的后果。 When Abraham did the something good in God’s eyes, 当亚伯拉罕行了神眼中看为善的事, the bible says, 圣经说,his descendant Levi was there with him. 他的子孙利未也与他同行这善。At that moment, 而当时,even Levi’s grandpa Isaac hadn’t been born yet, 就连利未的爷爷以撒还没有出生, but God sees the whole family line. 但神已经看见了整个家族。

In the same way, 同样的,when our ancestors did something bad, like sexual sin, 当我们的祖先行了恶事,如淫乱、rebellion, 悖逆、 idolatry, 拜偶像、sorcery, 巫术、occult involvement, and so on, 沾染异端邪教等等,it immediately exposes the descendants to evil spirits. 就立刻把自己的后代暴露在邪灵面前。Once a legal doorway has been opened, 一旦合法的大门被打开, evil spirits can occupy the house for generation after generation 邪灵就会一代又一代的占据人的心房,until someone in the family repents and forgives to shut the door. 直到家族里有人悔改、饶恕,向邪灵关门。We’re called to be the people to shut the doors for our families. 我们是蒙召成为我们的家庭向邪恶势力关门的人。I had a young man, 有一个年轻人,a born again Christian, 是重生的基督徒,come to me asking for deliverance. 来找我,要我带他释放。He was tortured by a whole lot of unclean images in his mind. 他的脑海中会出现很多不洁的画面一直折磨他。But he had never committed any sexual sin. 但他从未犯过淫乱。When he read the bible, 他读经的时候,they were there, 那些画面在,when he worshipped他敬拜的时候, they were there. 那些也在干扰他,They were just there all the time. 它们就一直出现。During prayer, 我带他祷告的时候,I saw a pregnant woman sitting there, 看见一个孕妇坐在那里,missing and meditating on the relationship she had had with her ex-boyfriend. 正在思念、默想她和前男友之间的事。She made agreement with the spirits. 她与邪灵赐给她的意念连结。 I spoke it out 我将所看见的异象并说出来,and led this young man into a prayer of confession and forgiveness for both his mom and his dad. 带领这个年轻人为他的父母认罪,并且饶恕父母。Because he bitterly judged his parents. 因他苦毒论断了他父母, The young man wept and wept, 这年轻人就一直哭啊哭啊,the love of God deeply touched his heart, 上帝的爱深深地触动了他的心,and he was delivered from that torment. 他从那折磨中被释放出来。After the prayer, 祷告后,I asked him to ring his mum, 我让他给妈妈打个电话,to see if it was true. 证实这异象是不是真的。 He said, 他说:“no need, “不用了,my mum has told me this story many times.” 这件事妈妈给我讲过这事很多次了。” This is the spirit of lust being handed down from one generation to another, 这就是那淫乱的灵从一代又被传递到下一代,trying to build a generational stronghold of lust in the family and hold people down. 要在这个家族中建立淫乱的家族营垒来压制人。But when he confessed and received Jesus’ forgiveness to forgive his parents, 但当他悔改并接受耶稣的饶恕去饶恕自己的父辈,it was cast out. 那恶者被赶出去。 Because Jesus has won the battle for us因为主耶稣已经为我们争战得胜But how long does the effect of deliverance last? 但是释放的效果可以持续多久呢? If we don’t get our minds renewed with the truth, 如果我们不用真理来更新自己的思想,if we leave the heart empty, 而是让自己的心房空着,and ignore the Word of God, 轻忽神的话语,the evil spirit will come back 邪灵就会回来,and try to take the house again. 再次夺取我们的房子。

We all need to ask God, 我们需要求问神,what are the signs of defeat in my family line, 哪些是我的家族里属灵上失败的记号,signs like genetic diseases, divorce, a history of suicides or untimely deaths, poverty, etc.  记号如:遗传病,离婚,累代有自杀,贫穷等。What are the patterns of iniquity in my family genes, 哪些是我的家族里承传下来的罪,like rebellion, 如悖逆、rejection, 拒绝、 fear, 惧怕、worry, 忧虑、lust, 情欲、jealousy嫉妒, covetousness 贪婪or whatever that affect my personality, marriage, and relationships? 或任何影响我的性格、婚姻和人际关系的罪是什么? We have a wonderful God, 我们有一位奇妙的神,Jesus, 耶稣,who came to bear our sins in his body on the cross, 在十字架上舍命担当了我们的罪,“It is finished.” “成了。” Someone has paid the price for us. 祂为我们付了代价。We’re not called to blame anyone else but to forgive. 我们蒙召不是去指责他人而是饶恕,We’re called to be new creations, 乃是蒙召作新造的人,walking in Jesus’ resurrection power. 行在耶稣复活的能力中。Through Jesus, the living word of God, 藉着耶稣,这神活泼的道,we can bring an end to the old cycle of defeat, 我们可以终止旧的、失败的家族传递循环,and start a new cycle of blessing. 开启一个全新的、蒙福的家族传递循环。


Responding prayer: 回应的祷告:

Thank You Lord, 主啊感谢你,for raising up the broken to life. 使我们破碎的生命活过来。Thank You Lord for laying down Your life for us, 感谢你为我们舍命,to exchange our brokenness for Your fullness. 用你的完全替代我们的破败。We don’t deserve it, 虽然我们不配,but You love us unconditionally. 你仍无条件地爱我们。We give You all the honour and praise. 我们将一切的荣耀颂赞归给你。

Thank You for teaching us about spiritual warfare 感谢你教导我们如何打属灵争战,and letting us know that the evil ones are looking for an opportunity to come in. 并让我们知道那恶者正在寻找机会进来。Thank You for calling us to shut the door 感谢你呼召我们要关上门,and tear down generational strongholds, 攻破一切家族的坚固营垒,and close doorways to the evil ones. 关闭邪灵的入口。

Yes, Lord, 是的,主, I choose to believe Your words today. 今天我选择相信你的话。You’ reward those who seek You diligently in faith. 你必赏赐那些在信心里殷勤寻求你的人。We wanna good relationship with You, 我们盼望与你有好关系。Lord, have Your way in my heart. 主啊,愿你的道路在我心中。We want You to remove all the hindrances that we once were in agreement with. 愿你挪去我们从前所信的、拦阻我们的一切。Father, sanctify us today. 父啊,求你使我们成为圣洁。

Are you struggling with anger? 你常恼怒吗? Are you struggling with rejection? 你常感到受被拒绝的痛吗?Are you struggling with worry or fear? 你常忧虑和惧怕吗?Are you struggling with lust? 你常被淫乱干扰吗?Or whatever? 或者其它什么?

Holy Spirit, show me what is the cause of that anger? 圣灵,求你显明这怒气的原因是什么?Show me what is the cause of that worry? 求你显明引起我常忧虑的原因是什么?What is the cause that fear? 求你显明让我感到恐惧的原因是什么?What is the cause of that unbelief? 让我不信的原因是什么?What is the cause of that lust? 这淫乱的原因是什么?What is the cause of that arrogance? 造成我骄傲的原因是什么?Perhaps you see the same reactions in  your mom or dad? 或许你在你的父母身上也看到了同样的反应?Or you see the same reactions  in your grandma or grandpa? 或许你在你的爷爷奶奶身上也看到了同样的反应?It has been passed down  in your family genes from generation to generation. 它已经在你的家族基因中传了一代又一代,Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the root cause to you…求圣灵向你显明它们的根……

Now whatever comes to mind, 现在,无论你想到什么,bring it to the Lord. 把它带到主面前。If you’ve judged your ancestors over why they behaved like that, 如果你论断你的祖先为什么会那样做,you’ve blamed them, 你责怪了他们,ask the Lord to forgive your ancestors for whatever sins they committed, 求神赦免你的祖先所犯的任何罪,like idolatry, 如拜偶像、sexual sin, 性犯罪、lies, 谎言、gambling, 赌博、fear, 恐惧、anxiety, 焦虑、arrogance, 骄傲、rejection, 拒绝感、alcohol abuse, 酗酒,or whatever, 或者别的罪,ask the Lord to forgive them and forgive yourself.求神赦免他们,赦免你自己

You may pray, 你可以向主祷告:“Thank You Lord, for Your kind forgiveness. 感谢主,感谢你宽容赦免我,Thank You for not accusing me of doing wrong, 感谢你没有为我的过犯控告我,but dying on the cross for my wrongdoing. 而是为我的过犯死在十字架上。I receive Your forgiveness. 我接受你的饶恕,I choose to forgive my ancestors. 我选择饶恕我的祖先,For they’re like me, 因他们就和我一样,who didn’t know what they’d done. 他们所作的,他们不晓得。Forgiveness brings freedom.饶恕带来释放

In the name of Jesus, 奉耶稣的名,I cancel that agreement with demonic lies. 我撤销一切从前认同的魔鬼的谎言。I’m free, 我释放得自由,I bring my mind and thoughts back to obedience to the Word of God. 我把我的心思意念夺回顺服神的话,I’m in agreement with the Word of God. 我信神的每句话。I allow the Holy Spirit to renew my mind. 我求圣灵更新我的心思意念,Father, fill me with the Holy Spirit. 天父,求用圣灵充满我。I bless my family who are not saved yet…我祝福我那些还没有得救的家人……pray for them, 我愿为他们祷告,that the Kingdom of God may come upon them…..好叫神的国降临到他们身上


Father, thank You for touching us with the power of Your truth. 天父,感谢你用你真理的大能来触摸我们,Jesus, You have made a way for our victory through Your death and resurrection. 耶稣,藉着你死里复活,你为我们开辟了一条得胜的道路。The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 神儿子来为要除灭魔鬼的作为。Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us. 基督为我们受了诅咒,就赎我们脱离了律法的诅咒。Thank You for coming to free us from family ungodly ties. 感谢你来释放我们脱离家族捆绑,Continue to free us with Your truth. 求你继续用真理释放我们,continue to fill us with more of Your Holy Spirit. 求你继续用圣灵更多充满我们,We desire to have more of You. 我们渴望更多有你,Enable us to express Your life on earth and fulfil Your call in this life, 使我们能够在世上活出你的生命,今生成就你的呼召,and bring glory to Your name. 来荣耀你圣名。Let’s give Jesus our Lord a big clap.  让我们把大大的掌声归给主耶稣


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