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2018-05-20 Giving Without Hypocrisy 不假冒的施舍

发表于 2024-01-08

Last Sunday we looked at the most difficult topic “love for our enemies”上周我们分享了最难的主题爱仇敌”, which our Lord preached这是主所传讲的, we may not really understand it我们可能不能真知道, until we apply it 直到我们实际应用它sharing in the suffering of Christ 先在基督的受苦上有份and then we may share in His victorious love然后在祂得胜的爱上有份. Receiving love is easier接受爱很容易, but to give love to those who oppose us is against the nature但去爱那些敌对我们的人却是背乎本性. It is harder for us to understand and apply this principle 理解和真行这道就不太容易, especially to those who constantly repay us with insults and hostility when we love them对那些给他们爱,他们却不住以辱骂、敌对回报我们的人,尤其是难上加难.

In NZ在新西兰, maybe it’s not common that you confront such hard situations这样的环境可能不太多, because people are nice因人们都很友善, and they respect others privacy very well也尊重隐私权. But it still happens if you try to go deeper in your relationship with the Lord.但我们若想和主的关系更深就一样会发生. I heard a story from a friend about her friend who is a kiwi Christian我听一朋友说她有个kiwi基督徒朋友, who seeks to grow in maturity in the Lord她热心追求主,盼望生命成长. In love she kindly opened her home to an international student在爱中她打开家门, and invited the student to live with her邀请一位国际学生来住, in love she tried to help her in many ways and treated this stranger nicely为她提供各种帮助和善待那学生. However可是, a half year later半年后, conflicts arose, and this student left her house with anger矛盾出现了,这位学生离开她家, insults and unforgiveness 带着愤怒、辱骂和不饶恕. She was hurt and couldn’t let it go她很受伤,不能释怀, because she had paid the price to love this stranger因她付了代价去爱这个寄居者, but was repaid with insults and hatred得到的却是辱骂和仇恨. How can we overcome if we apply God’s word to love those kinds of people我们可以怎样应用神的话胜过,来爱这样的人呢? Not Unless we really understand what God’s love (agape) is除非我们真正明白神的爱(agape)是什么, and continually put our trust in Him 并持续信靠祂 although it’s not easy虽然很不容易. Love (Agape) is not considered as the moment how we do good things to others. Agape的爱不是在我们做好人好事的时刻, but is a continual action in faith of forgiving those who receive our love but subsequently show no gratitude 而是一个持续的行动, 在信心中饶恕那些接受我们的爱却报以不感恩and even insult and hate us甚至还辱骂我们恨我们的人, and also of trusting in God’s just同时信靠神的公义. By applying this truth in faith over and over借着一次又一次在信心中行这真理, we may be promoted and blessed into the fullness of Christ我们就可以被提升,被祝福,进入基督的完全. For that’s what Jesus Christ did to us这就是耶稣基督向我们所行的.    

Today今天, we are going to look at the next topic我们分享下一个主题, “giving to the needy论施舍”.  Matthew 6:1-4 (太6:1-4)“Be careful not to do your acts of righteousness before men to be seen by them你们要小心,不可将善事行在人的面前,故意叫他们看见. If you do若是这样, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven就不能得你们天父的赏赐了. 2 “So when you give to the needy所以,你们施舍的时候, do not announce it with trumpets不可在你前面吹号, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets象那假冒伪善的人在会堂里和街道上所行的, to be honoured by men故意要得人的荣耀. I tell you the truth我实在告诉你们, they have received their reward in full他们已经得了他们的赏赐. 3 But when you give to the needy你施舍的时候, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing不要叫左手知道右手所作的, 4 so that your giving may be in secret要叫你施舍的事行在暗中. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret你父在暗中查看, will reward you必然报答你.

After we (Christians) have received salvation我们基督徒得救, and encountered God’s love经历神的爱后, practicing righteousness by giving money or material things is just a result of salvation给出财、物来操练义的生命,只是救恩的果子而已. For the God of generosity wants to give through us and to bless others因神的旨意是要借着我们,使祂的慷慨能施与他人. So that we may automatically want to give我们会自发地想要给予. Today we’re looking at the next passage the “acts of righteousness of giving”今天我们来看下一段话论施舍”, although many of you since the first time you joined the service我们很多人从第一次来聚会, have started giving your tithe to the church就开始十一奉献, I give thanks to God for His grace that is upon you我为神这样的恩典赐予你们而感谢神! And next week “our devotions in prayer”下周我们会分享论祷告”, later on再过一周, “acts of righteousness of fasting”就到论禁食”. 

From chapter 5从第五章, we’ve learnt that our Lord Jesus wants our hearts我们了解到主耶稣要的是我们的心. He is not looking for a mere outward act of worship祂不看重仅仅外在的敬拜行为, like the Pharisees did就象法利赛人那样. No, He is looking for a right motive and attitude in our hearts祂寻找的是我们里面的正确的动机和态度. We thank Jesus for his sermon here我们在此感谢主耶稣, which reveals a brand-new way for us 指示给我们一条全新的路to give that can surpass the Pharisees’ “acts of righteousness.” 使我们在施舍上胜过法利赛人所行的善。

1, The right motive before God for giving在神面前以正确的动机施舍

v.1, Be careful not to do your acts of righteousness before men to be seen by them你们要小心,不可将善事行在人的面前,故意叫他们看见. If you do若是这样, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven就不能得你们天父的赏赐了.

Have you noticed that our Lord is adjusting our motives of giving through this verse你留意到没有,主在这段话里,在更新我们施舍的动机? In other words换句话说, He is challenging us as to “why do we do it?”祂在问我们我们为了什么而给?”Have you asked yourself this question你有没有问过自己, “Why do I do it我是为了什么去给?” Some said these有人会说: “Because this is God’s way因为这是神的道.” “By doing it我这样做, I’ve received lots of blessings from God从神那里得到很多祝福, even my life has been changed by giving我的生命因付出而改变了…” Yes, you are right你是对的! But when we look at the verb here但我们来看这里的动词, “to be seen by men叫他们看见”, we know that our Lord Jesus is warning us through this verse that we have the same nature as the Pharisees主耶稣借着这节经文在警告我们,我们和法利赛人有一样的性情.

Don’t neglect the fact 请不要忽略一个事实 that in human nature we spontaneously crave compliments and affirmation from men就是我们的本性极度地贪恋从人而来的称许和肯定. Because once Adam and Eve had fallen亚当和夏娃一旦堕落, they immediately made coverings for themselves to cover their shameful sin by their own works他们立刻就用人手所做的工作为自己做裙子,来遮盖犯罪后的羞耻, and since then从那时起, in the fallen nature在堕落的天性里, people do anything just to please themselves or to please men spontaneously人做任何事情,本能就是为讨自己喜欢或者讨人喜欢. Because sin separates people from the presence of God因罪使人与神的同在隔绝. And a habit of doing things to be seen by others in order to earn praise (compliments) from others has been formed in the human nature人性里的习惯,就是做任何事都想为叫人看见,为得到称赞. That’s why since we’ve become Christian这就是为什么我们成为基督徒后, we automatically are in a battle就自动进入一场争战, where the mind of the flesh and the mind of the Holy Spirit fight against each other肉体和圣灵彼此相争. “yes, I want to do God’s commands and give我愿遵神旨意给出去!” “Why should I give to a local church为什么要我给我所在的教会呢? I want to我想給…” “Do they know it’s me who did this他们知不知道是我给的?” If we search our hearts如果我们鉴察自己的心, we probably can find similar sorts of struggling voices in our deep hearts sometimes有时可能会发现心深处这类似的挣扎的声音.

Our Lord knows us主耶稣认识我们, so He ware His disciples, including us祂警告门徒,包括我们, “beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be seen by them你们要小心,不可将善事行在人的面前,故意叫他们看见 What do you feel when people come to notice that you are doing something good and right要是有人注意到是你做的善事,,你感觉如何? We feel so good when people notice that we are doing something right我们就会感觉很好, don’t we对吧? But what Jesus is teaching here is that 但主耶稣在这里教导我们we shouldn’t have this tendency to practice righteousness in order to be noticed by men我们不当有为被人看见而行善的动机.

Have you experienced this你试过没有? When you were in your school你小时候上学, you and your classmates were assigned to do the cleaning work你和同学被分配做卫生. Some were working hard while the others were lazy有的人很卖力,有的人很懒, but when your teacher came但老师一来, they immediately turned around as though they had being working hard他们就马上变了,那样子好像一直都在卖力做卫生似的. I believe that everyone acts that way on some level我相信每个人不同程度都会这样, at home在家里, at school学校里, at work在工作单位, because we all want people to give us affirmation for what we do因我们都想以行为博得人的肯定. Nobody wants to receive criticism没人想被批评. But have you ever thought about it但你有没有想过? What would be the consequence of acting good before men without examining our motives我们若不鉴察自己行善的动机,会有什么后果? Obviously很显然, our emotions can be robbed as slaves of men我们的情绪会被掳成为人的奴仆, when people give us affirmation人们肯定我们, we are happy就高兴; when people criticise us人们批评我们, we are hurt and heart-broken就受伤. But now但现在, God says神说, “You were bought at a price你们是重价买回来的; do not become slaves of men不要做人的奴仆. 1 Cor 7:23(林前7:23 How to apply this truth in faith怎样在信心中应用这句话? Through Matt 6: 1-2借着《太6:1-2, we can apply like this我们可以这样应用:

·        Confess that once we were that way 承认自己曾经这样行过where we did things before our parents (our teachers, our bosses, or our leaders) to be noticed by them做一些事想得到父母、老师、老板、领导注意, so that we might gain compliments from them好让他们称赞我们. It is a natural habit that we need to fight against in faith这是我们天然习惯,需要在信心中争战.

·        Do we still do things to please God我们做事是否仍为讨神喜欢? Or to please the self or people或是讨自己喜欢?讨人喜欢? The right motive is to please God正确的动机是为讨神喜欢! God sees and rewards神看见、神赏赐! Although people may not see what we’ve done for them人虽可能看不到我们为他们所做的, God will have seen神会看见, and He will reward us one day祂有一天会赏赐我们!  Now we believe that the devil can rob us as slaves of men 我们信魔鬼会将我们掳去成为人的奴仆if we continue the old way of pleasing the self or people要是我们继续走老路,讨自己喜欢、讨人喜欢. And it’s not Christ’s way这不是基督的道路. So we turn to believe in Christ’s way因此我们转向信基督的道路. He has set the ultimate example for us祂为我们设立了终极榜样:

“The one who sent me is with me那差我来的,是与我同在; he has not left me alone他没有撇下我独自在这里, for I always do what pleases Him因我常作他所喜悦的事. John 8:29(约8:29”  “for I seek not to please myself but Him who sent me因为我不求自己的意思,只求那差我来者的意思. John 5:30b(约5:30下)
  “I am not seeking glory for myself
我不求自己的荣耀, John 8:50a(约8:50上)

·        How can we do things to please God我们怎样做事讨神喜欢? We need the Holy Spirit to examine our motives 我们需要圣灵鉴察我们的动机and guide us to turn to please Him by desiring reward from Him引导我们讨神喜欢,切慕从神而来的赏赐.

To be examined is a necessary step to turn to God鉴察动机是转向神的必需步骤. BecausePas 26:2 says(诗篇26:2)说, Test me, Lord耶和华啊,求你察看我, and try me试验我, examine my heart and my mind熬炼我的肺腑心肠;  David asked God to examine his heart大卫求神鉴察他的心, the motives in his mind心思意念的动机, then he said然后他说, “for your love is ever before me因为你的慈爱常在我眼前, I walk continually in your truth我也按你的真理而行.

David knew that God’s love was to correct him and guide him into all His truth and His eternity大卫认识神的爱,是要指正他,引导他进入真理和永生, so that he wouldn’t remain in darkness使他不再在黑暗里. Therefore因此, after David had been examined by God大卫被神鉴察后, he recognized that it was the result of being the presence of God’s love就意识到被指正监察是因神的爱总在他前面, so that he was able to walk continually in God’s truth使他可以不断走在真理的道中. In other words换句话说, if we want to walk continually in God’s truth我们若想持续走在神的真理里, it is necessary to be examined就必须被鉴察. (see 2 Cor 13:5,见 林后13:5)

2, Giving is God’s grace – joy and freedom给予(施舍)是神的恩,是喜乐和自由

It is impossible for us to love but not to give我们说爱若不付出是不可能的. James 2:15-16 says(雅2:15-16)说, suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food若是弟兄或是姐妹舍身露体,又缺了日用的饮食. If one of you says to him你们中间有人对他们说, “go I wish you well平平安安地去吧; keep warm and well fed愿你们穿得暖吃得饱” but does nothing about his physical needs却不给他们身体所需用的, what good is it这有什么益处呢? Faith without action is dead信心没有行为是死的, love without action is also dead爱没有行动也是死的. But how do we give但我们当怎样给予呢? V. 2 “So when you give to the needy所以,你们施舍的时候, do not announce it with trumpets不可在你前面吹号, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets象那假冒伪善的人在会堂里和街道上所行的, to be honored by men故意要得人的荣耀. I tell you the truth我实在告诉你们, they have received their reward in full他们已经得了他们的赏赐.

What does Jesus mean about “announce it with trumpets”耶稣说在你面前吹号是什么意思, and do giving on the streets在街道上所行的呢? A trumpet or “doing on the streets” is to cause people’s attention publicly吹号和在街上行善,是为了引起公开的注意, like saying就象在说 “Hi, I did this and that我做了这,我做了那…” We aren’t to be like hypocrites and seek people’s attention and applause我们不要象假冒伪善的人想要引人注意博取掌声 and to be honoured by men想被人尊重. Giving is a demonstration of love给出去是神的爱的表明! And also并且, the grace that God has given us是神所赐予的恩典. When we get a good job当我们找到一份好工作, earn an amount of money or buy a big house我们发了财,或者买了大房子, we say我们会说, “that’s God’s grace那是神的恩典!” But the bible teaches us但圣经告诉我们, “It is more blessed to give than to receive施比受更为有福. Acts 20:35(徒20:35 In 2 Cor 8在《林后》8, Paul the apostle taught the church of the Corinthians this使徒保罗这样教导哥林多教会: “And now, brothers and sisters弟兄们, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches我把神赐给马其顿众教会的恩告诉你们. 2 In the midst of a very severe trial就是他们在患难中受大试炼的时候, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity仍有满足的快乐;在极穷之间,还格外显出他们乐捐的厚恩.”

What kind of grace was Paul referring to here在这里保罗指的是哪种恩典? That’s not referring to receiving but giving那不是接受而是给予. From the words “a very severe trial” and “extreme poverty”从当中所说的大试炼极穷来看, we know that the Macedonian churches had almost nothing to spare我们就知道马其顿众教会几乎无财无物可给. Yet然而, they experienced the grace that God had given to them that was to give generously他们经历了神所赐的恩,就是慷慨给予他人, even beyond their ability甚至超出他们力所能及的. And it tells us that they experienced overflowing joy after they had given in the will of the Lord经上告诉我们,他们照主旨意给予后经历了满足的喜乐! It testifies that giving in the will of God can break the bondage of the spirit of fear and poverty表明照着主的旨意给予,可以破除恐惧和贫穷之灵的捆绑 which creates worries and anxieties and dissatisfaction and even greed in us 那惧怕和贫穷的灵的捆绑会在我们里面生出担忧焦虑不满足甚至贪婪. So that we may experience joy and freedom in the Lord 破除捆绑就可使我们经历基督里的喜乐和自由.

 I remember that hundreds of years ago我想起几百年前, lots of western missionaries brought the gospel into my country许多西方传教士将福音带进我的国家, alone with giving money and medicines to help people同时奉献金钱和药物帮助我的同胞, even giving up their lives to save souls甚至舍命拯救灵魂. They made God’s love visible to our ancestors他们将神的爱显明给我们的祖辈. By being encouraged by lots of those kinds of stories受许多这样的见证激励, our home church is like the Macedonian church相比这里的教会,我们那里的教会就象马其顿教会, compared to the church here, and they’ve given generously to help us to establish this afternoon service here但他们慷慨给予,帮助我们建立了这个下午聚会. And they have been supporting us financially and also with their prayers他们一直付出金钱和祷告来支持我们. That’s God’s grace towards them这是神赐给他们的恩, for they really experienced great joy in the Lord when the church here accepted their offering and allowed them to share in establishing God’s kingdom因这里的教会接受了他们的奉献,使他们可以参与一同建立神的国度,使他们得到了极大的喜乐!

Remember记住, giving is the grace and privilege that God gives us给予是神所赐的恩典和特权, so that we may experience His overflowing joy and freedom使我们可经历祂满足的喜乐和自由. For our Heavenly Father is much bigger than our financial problems天父比一切财务困难要大得多! And He will meet all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus 祂必照祂荣耀的丰富,在基督耶稣里使我们一切所需用的都充足 (see Phi 4:19,4:19).

Throughout these 13 years of serving Him在侍奉神的十三年中, by quitting my business我放下自己的事业, selling up all my investment stocks and funds出售了所有股票和基金, selling most of our properties卖掉了大部分物业, giving money away to the poor把钱财施舍给穷人, and supporting the needs of the home church there支持家庭教会的支出, my whole family thought that I had gone crazy 整个家族都认为我疯了and I would suffer starvation ten years later十年后一定会挨饿, because people don’t know how God can supply our needs因为人不认识神可以怎样供应我们一切所需. Especially in East Asia尤其在东亚, if you don’t have money你要是没有钱, you are going to die你就死翘翘了. Now 13 years later现在十三年过去了, am I suffering starvation我有没有挨饿? Absolutely, not绝对没有! Our God meets all our needs according to His glorious riches我们的神照祂荣耀的丰富,使我们一切所需用的都很充足! He promises us that祂应许说 “Give, and it will be given to you你们要给人,就必有给你们的. A good measure并且用十足的升斗, pressed down, shaken together and running over连摇带按、上尖下流地, will be poured into your lap倒在你们怀里. For with the measure you use因为你们用什么量器给人, it will be measured to you也必用什么量器给你们.” Luke 6:38(路6:38

Can you see God’s promise here你在这里看见神的应许了吗? If you give to others如你给他人, whether you give love or compassion or material things or any other good things不管是爱还是怜悯还是物质或任何什么好东西, God will also give to you with a good measure祂会用十足的升斗给你, to press down and shake together and run over连摇带按、上尖下流地, and pour into your lap倒在你们怀里but meanwhile但同时,if we give people our bitter judgement若我们给人苦毒的论断, criticism or hatred批评和仇恨, what will be given to us我们会得着什么? That will be terrible!那简直太可怕了 For with the measure you use因为你们用什么量器给人, it will be measured to you也必用什么量器给你们. So it’s a promise from God that we will receive more than we give这是神的应许,我们所得的多过所给的we will reap more than we sow所收的多过所种的! Im not saying that if you give God $100我不是说你给神100, and then God will pay you back $1000 or more神会给回你1000刀或者更多. No, what Im saying is that 我的意思是God will reward us in His way and His timing神会照祂的方式和所定的时间赏赐我们. And we believe that He is Jehovah-jireh our provider我们相信祂是耶和华以勒,是我们的供应者. If we give according to His will我们若照祂的旨意给予, He will reward us祂就要赏赐我们.

3, Giving but keeping it secret施舍要在暗中

But sadly可悲的是, if we receive honour from men because we deliberately give before men in order to earn their applause我们若为得到掌声而故意施舍在人前,受了人的荣耀, Jesus says耶稣说, “I tell you the truth我实在告诉你们, they have received their reward in full他们已经得了他们的赏赐.” How sad would it be到底有多可悲呢? If we seek men’s glory我们若求人的荣耀, the reward that lasts forever will become zero存到永远的赏赐就没有了. And the glory of men is like flower (a temporary glory) 人的美荣就象草上的花,是短暂的, the flower falls and the grass withers 草必枯干花必凋谢 (see 1 Peter 1:24,彼前1:24). Jesus our Lord wants us to give but keep it secret from men主耶稣希望我们施舍但不要叫人看见, so that we may be not honoured by men就不会从人那里得荣耀. How opposite is the way of God to the way of this world神的道与这世界的道何其相悖? Even when the king of the kingdom on the earth甚至地上列国的王, Christ Jesus wasn’t honoured by men耶稣基督也不被人尊崇, but was rejected而是被弃绝. “the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone匠人所弃的石头已作了房角的头块石头. 1 Peter 2:7,彼前2:7”

Our Lord wants us his people to follow His way of giving主耶稣希望祂的子民跟从祂去给, that giving is to honour our Father not the self是为荣耀神而不是荣耀自己. I don’t think it’s gonne be easy for us to always honour our Father in heaven我觉得凡事荣耀天父并不容易. It could cause suffering for the sinful nature可能会让老我受苦, when we’ve done something good比如当我们做了善事, but nobody notices却无人察觉, and nobody says, “thank you.” to us没有人对我们说谢谢. People may even misjudge us可能人们还会错怪我们. But if you believe that your Father in heaven who sees all and will reward you但你若信天父看见了、天父会赏赐, people may forget the good things you’ve done for them in faith信人会忘记你为他们的付出, but our heavenly Father will never forget但天父永不会忘记. If you believe this你若信, you won’t get upset or disappointed or hurt by people就不会沮丧失落受伤害. Rather相反, you will be happy你会喜乐, and say to the Father你会对父说, “Fortunately, nobody gave thanks to me还好没有人感谢我, and only You’ve seen只有你看见, may this glorify your name愿你的名这样得荣耀...” If we believe this truth我们若信这真理, even though people forget the good things you’ve done for them就算人忘记你为他们所付出的, and there will be no thanks to you就算没人谢谢你, you know that you have reward in heaven你知道你的赏赐在天上. That’s our hope那是我们的盼望! Because our God is faithful因神是信实的, and never tells lies祂永不撒谎! “God is not unjust因为神并非不公义; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him 竟忘记你们所作的工和你们为他名所显的爱心as you have helped His people and continue to help them就是先前伺候圣徒,如今还是伺候. Heb 6:10,6:10”

Our Lord therefore shows us the right way to give 因此主向我们指明正确的施舍,in verse 33, “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing不要叫左手知道右手所作的”, which means that we keep it secret就是说不要叫人知道, no body may know what we’ve given only God knows没有人知道我们的施舍,只有神知道! Then what happens然后会发生什么? Your Father, who sees what is done in secret will reward you你父在暗中查看,必然报答你

The last story最后一个故事, an old missionary had been working in Africa for 25 years有个在非洲服事25年的宣教士, he returned to America on the same ship with the president of America他回美国时正好和美国总统搭同一条船. When he was walking off the ship当他下船时, he saw the crowd welcoming the president with cheering他看见群众, trumpet and confetti用欢呼吹号五彩纸迎接总统, and nobody noticed him但却没有人注意到他. In his heart he complained to God他心里开始抱怨神, “The president didn’t serve you in Africa 总统没有在非洲服事你, but when he got back home但当他回来, the whole world turned out to welcome him整个世界都在欢迎他回家. I’ve given my life to You and served You for 25 years in Africa 我把一生都给你,在非洲25年都在服事你, but no one has greeted me却没有人问候我 and even noticed that I’m here.甚至没有人注意到我在这里” In his heart he heard the gentle loving voice of God whisper to his spirit, 在他心里,一个温柔爱的声音,轻声的说“My child我的孩子, you are not home yet 你还没有回家.”

Yes, we are not home yet!是的,我们还没有回家 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Gal 6:9 让 我们行善不可丧志, 若不灰心,到了时候就要收成。 加6:9

This week my heart was troubled这个星期我的心很难过, because our brother Louie was diagnosed with the fourth stage of nasopharyngeal cancer因我们的弟兄Louie被诊断为鼻咽癌4. Previous the doctor said, it was stage II之前医生说是2, but the specialists confirmed this Wednesday that it was stage four但本周三专家们确认是第4. What can we give when our brother is in affliction我们的弟兄困苦时我们可以怎样给予? The bible tells us经上说, that we are different parts in one body我们是一个身子上的不同肢体, “if one part suffers若一个肢体受苦, every part suffers with it所有的肢体就一同受苦; if one part is honored若一个肢体得荣耀, every part rejoices with it所有的肢体就一同快乐. 1 Cor 12:26 (林前12:26

We thank God for His blessing to this country我们为祂赐福这个国家而感恩, that cancer patients dont need to worry about money原来癌症病人都不需要担忧财务负担, and that all needs will be supplied freely所有的费用都是免费的. But what can we give但我们可以做些什么呢?We can give our prayers to support our brother我们可以祷告来支持我们的弟兄, so that he may experience Gods presence even stronger than during the time he was healthy以至于他在病中所能经历的神的同在会大过健康时神的同在. We can pray that he will find peace, hope and love in this hard time我们祷告在艰难中他有平安 盼望和爱, even more than in the time when he was healthy甚至比健康时还要多, so that his understanding of the knowledge of Christ and of the grace of God will be renewed因此他对基督的认识和对神的恩典的认识会被更新. We can pray for Louies faith我们可以为Louie的信心祈求, that his faith shall not fail,求主使他信心坚固 especially after he receives the treatment特别是在接受治疗的期间. We can also pray for healing, deliverance, salvation that will be found widely through his case我们也可以祷告借着这事使更多人经历医治释放拯救, and Gods name may be glorified并且使主名得着荣耀…Anything you give in secret,你在暗中做的任何事 your Father in heaven sees, will reward you.你父在暗中察看,必然报答你。


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