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2022-08-14 The Parable of the Sower 撒种的比喻

发表于 2022-08-14

 (Matt 13:3-9) 133-9

We’re in the season of “Renew Together”, 我们正处于 "共同更新 "的主题期,which is the new name for “Prayer & Self Denial”. 这是 浸信会"祷告与舍己"节期的新名。During this Month, 在这个月,we’re going to support what the NZ Baptist Missionary Society is doing through our prayers and our giving. 我们将通过我们祷告和奉献来支持新西兰浸信会的工作。When you give whether online or by envelope, please write down “NZBMS” as a reference. 请大家在网上或用信封奉献时,标上"NZBMS "The Gospel has been preached from Jews to Europeans and from Europeans to Asians. 福音从犹太人传到欧洲,从欧洲传到亚洲。Now we’re together responding to the call of Mission.现在我们正在一起回应宣教的呼召。In our church, 在我们教会,MOLC has participated in our church building project by their giving and prayers. 爱的使团通过他们的奉献和祷告参与了我们的建堂计划。

Last Sunday, 上周日,we witnessed how God had been using the kiwis and the Chinese all the way to guiding Kayla to her baptism. 我们见证了神在同时使用新西兰人和中国人,一路引导凯拉直到受洗。God’s heart is satisfied, when we the people from all nations work together under the lordship of Christ, to sow and reap for the Kingdom in the world. 当万民以基督为主,彼此同工,在世界范围内为神国度撒种和收割时,神的心就得到了满足。So this month we’re preaching on three appointed bible passage from NZBMS. 所以这个月我们要分享NZBMS指定的三段经文。

Today, we’re looking at the first passage for week one:今天,我们要看的是第一周的第一段经文。Matt 13:3-9, Then he told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. 他用比喻对他们讲许多道理,说:有一个撒种的出去撒种。4 As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. 撒的时候,有落在路旁的,飞鸟来吃尽了;5 Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. 有落在土浅石头地上的,土既不深,发苗最快,6 But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. 日头出来一晒,因为没有根,就枯干了; 7 Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. 有落在荆棘里的,荆棘长起来,把它挤住了;8 Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. 又有落在好土里的,就结实,有一百倍的,有六十倍的,有三十倍的。9 Whoever has ears, let them hear.” 有耳可听的,就应当听。

In this parable we see three different elements, 这个比喻中出现三个不同的元素:the Sower, the seed, and the soil. 撒种的人、种子和土壤。The Sower represents Jesus himself. 撒种的人代表耶稣本人。The seed is the word of God. 种子是神的话语。What is the Sower like in this parable? 这个比喻中的撒种的人是什么样的人?It tells us that God is generous and merciful. 经文告诉我们,上帝是慷慨和仁慈的。He sows equally into the different types of soil. 祂向不同的土壤一视同仁地撒种。Although He already knew there were hearts, like hard ground, rocky ground, and thorny ground. 虽然祂预先知道有些人的心像硬土、石头地、荆棘地,They might have wasted his seed, 他们可能会白费种子,and probably wouldn’t have given the Sower a joyful harvest 可能不会给撒种的人带来欢喜快乐的收成,as the result of His labour, 并让祂劳而无获,yet the Sower equally and generously spread His seed everywhere. 然而撒种的人却一视同仁地且慷慨地把种子撒在各种土里。We may think, 我们会想:“If I knew it was wasting time, 要是我早知道是白费时间,I wouldn’t do that.” "我才不去做这事。"

But Jesus shed his blood for the purpose of saving all who can repent. 但耶稣为拯救所有能悔改的人而流出宝血,So He sowed the seed everywhere. 所以祂把福音种子撒到各种土里。He is a generous Giver. 祂是一个慷慨的赐予者,He generously gives us His life, His Spirit, His blessing, and His Kingdom. 把祂的生命、祂的灵、祂的祝福和祂的国度白白赐给我们。His Kingdom works on principles based on His Word. 祂的国度照着祂话语的法则运行。Believing in Jesus isn’t about going to heaven. 信耶稣不仅是为了上天堂,It’s more than that. 远不止于此,Jesus is saying that the Sower will sow the word of the Kingdom equally, 耶稣是在说,撒种的人会一视同仁地播撒天国的道,but how we respond to the word, 但我们如何回应这道、whether we can be fruitful affects us eternally.我们是否结果子,将对我们产生永恒的影响. Because you wouldn’t give all your money to your kids to manage, would you? 你不会把你所有的钱给你小孩去管理,对吗?No, you wouldn’t. 你不会The same for God. 神也一样 unless they become adult sons. 除非他们成熟长大。Romans 8:14 tells us, only those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God. 因为凡被 神的灵引导的,都是 神的儿子。

The word “sons” is from the Greek word, Huios, “儿子这个词来自希腊单词Huioswhich means full grown, mature sons, 意思是成熟长大的儿子,who have the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience…etc. 结出圣灵的果子,有仁爱、喜乐、和平、忍耐等等,Re 21:7, He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son. 得胜的,必承受这些为业。我要作他的 神,他要作我的儿子。Here my son is the Greek word “Huois”. 这里的“儿子用的就是希腊文的 "Huois"

Jesus is calling his people to listen carefully, 耶稣在呼召祂的子民仔细来听,not to miss out. 不要错过。Adam didn’t listen, 亚当没有听,he missed out,他错过了,he didn’t become mature 他没有成熟长大,and he lost his spiritual authority 他失去了权柄and the opportunity to reign with Jesus. 并与耶稣一同做王的机会。After baptism, 我们受洗后,we come into the maturing process, 就进入生命成熟长大的过程,our goal is to become fruitful and mature in the image of the Son of God, 我们的目标是结果子,生命成熟长大,更像神;and to do what we’re called to do. 去做成神呼召我们做的,so that we may be given the authority to reign with Christ as a reward when He returns 当基督再来时,我们可以得着与基督一同执掌权柄的奖赏(Re 3:21, 21:7). Here, four types of soil represent four conditions of the heart.  在这里,四种类型的土代表了人心的四种状况。

1, Pathway路边的土

The man went out to sow the seed, 那人出去撒种,some fell along the path, 有的撒在路边,the birds came and ate it up. 飞鸟来把它吃了。This is easy to understand. 这很容易理解。The birds represent the work of the kingdom of Satan. 飞鸟代表撒旦国度的工作。God sends His people to share His message with everyone, 神差派祂的子民向每个人分享祂的信息,but not everyone will accept it. 但不是人人都接受。Some hear it, but immediately reject it. 有些人听了道,却马上拒绝了,Because their hearts and minds are controlled by the ways of the world, 因他们的心思意念被世界的方式掌控,and the enemy snatches away what has been sown in their hearts. 那恶者夺去了播撒在他们心中的道。So what can we do in this season of Renew together? 那么,在这个一同更新的主题期,我们能为此做什么呢?We can pray that God would soften their hearts to bring them to a point 我们可以求神软化他们的心,where they realise that they need the salvation of Christ.  使他们认识到他们需要基督的拯救。

2, Rocky ground石头地

Jesus gives us more explanations about what rocky ground looks like. 耶稣进一步向我们解释石头地是怎样的。In v.5-6, there appears three times the word “not”. 在第5-6节,出现了三次 " "字。“They did not have much soil. "他们的土不多,They did not have deep earth. 他们的土不深,They did not have any roots.” 他们没有根"The word “roots" is the key. " "这个词是关键。 v. 20, Jesus explained why to have our roots in the word of God is so important. 20节,耶稣解释了为什么在神的话语中扎根是何等重要。20,The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. 撒在石头地上的,就是人听了道,当下欢喜领受, 21 But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. 只因心里没有根,不过是暂时的,及至为道遭了患难,或是受了逼迫,立刻就跌倒了;

In other words, 换句话说,He is asking, 他是在问,do you have roots in the word of God? 你在神的话语里扎下根了吗?The point Jesus makes is not about whether we love going to a bible study, 耶稣的意思不是关乎我们是否喜欢参加查经小组,or love listening to the message. 或者喜欢听讲道。What He saying is whether you put the Word of God first after hearing it, 祂说的是,你听完后是否把神的话语放在第一位,if you allow it to heal your heart, 如果你允许它医治你的心,and lead you to think and to act, 引导你的思考和行动,you’ll become strong in Him.你的生命就会在祂里面强壮起来。Because Jesus said因耶稣说 if you obey my commands, you’ll remain in My love. 你们若遵守我的命令,就常在我的爱里;John 15:10.

Why could Christ overcome Satan’s temptation? 为什么耶稣可以胜过撒旦的试探?because he remained in the Father’s love by obeying His word. 因为他顺服神的话就住在神的爱里What will happen when you remain in God’s love? 若你住在神的爱里会发生什么事?You’ll have the same power to overcome fear, anger, greed, and lust,你将大有能力去胜过惧怕,怒气,贪婪,和情欲 and bring a huge influence on the people around并会带给身边的人巨大的影响力. But if you only love hearing the word and don’t obey it但若你只喜欢听道却不去行, you can be enslaved by sins again. 你就会被罪再次捆绑。

In Mark 6:20 because Herod feared John and protected him, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man. When Herod heard John, he was greatly puzzled; yet he liked to listen to him. 因为希律知道约翰是义人,是圣人,所以敬畏他,保护他,听他讲论,就多照着行,并且乐意听他(多照着行有古卷作游移不定)。Although King Herod respected John the Baptist as a godly man, 虽然希律王尊敬施洗约翰是个义人,and he liked to hear John the Baptist’s preaching, 他也喜欢听施洗约翰讲道,yet he didn’t repent. 他却没有悔改。

One day, 有一天,during his birthday banquet, 在他的生日宴会上,the daughter of Herodias danced, 希罗底的女儿跳舞,she pleased Herod and his guests; 让希律和客人们都很高兴;and the king said to the girl, 王对那女孩说:“Ask me for whatever you wish, "随你向我求什么,and I will give it.” 我必给你。" The girl’s mom wanted her to ask for John the Baptist’s head. 女孩的妈妈希罗底让她求施洗约翰的头,Because Herodias hated John the Baptist for pointing out that Herod was wrong to put his brother in jail in order to marry his brother’s wife.因她恨施洗约翰指出希律为了娶兄弟的妻子而把兄弟关进监狱是不合理的。The bible says, 圣经说, “the king was exceedingly sorry; yet, because of the oaths and because of those who sat with him, he did not want to refuse her. 王就甚忧愁,但因他所起的誓,又因同席的人,就不肯推辞, “Exceedingly sorry” means sorry to a very great degree. "甚忧愁"的意思是极为忧愁,He was very, very, sorry. 他非常、非常地发愁,He sensed the burden of sin, 他感到罪的重担压逼着他,yet he still sinned against God.可他还是做了得罪神的事。“I know I shouldn’t have done that, but I did it. "我知道我不应该那样做,但我做了。”I shouldn’t yell at him, I shouldn’t have got angry and hurt him, but I did that.” “我不应该吼他,我不应该一生气就伤害他,但我还是做了。" Everyone in this world is born to be a slave of sin, 这个世界,人人生来都是罪的奴仆,separated from God. 与神分离。Our flesh is rooted in rejection, 我们的肉体根植于拒绝感、shame, 羞耻感、bitterness, 苦毒、pride, 骄傲、anger, 愤怒、fear, 恐惧、greed, and lust. 贪婪和情欲之中,we can show good behaviour outwardly, 你的外在可以表现很好,but ours heart can still be tortured by anger and rejection,可你的心仍然会被怒气和被拒绝感折磨, and we build walls around our heart and make it become rocky ground. 你筑起心墙,使它成为石头地。

How do we change our hearts from rocky ground to becoming good soil? 我们如何把我们的心从石头地变成好土?We must believe that the Word of God is not for us just to hear and make us feel good. 我们需要相信,神的话不是只为了让我们听了感觉好些,The Word of God is for our healing and wholeness.神的话语是为了让我们得医治、得完全。“He sent His Word and healed them.” 他发命医治他们 Psa 107:20. But How? 但怎样医治?You must believe, turn and root your identity in the Word of God, 转回并将你的身份认同感根植于神的话语,not in what you have or what you do. 你的身份不在于你拥有什么或你做什么。I believe that “I’m loved, " 信我是蒙爱的,I’m redeemed 我是被拯救的,I’m forgiven 我得赦免 I’m adopted. 我被收纳为神儿女"The Word of God reveals who we are and why we’ve been made. 神的话语告诉我们,你是谁,以及你为何被造。“I don’t have to compare myself to you, “我不需要把我自己和你比,but I do need to compare my attitude and my thoughts to Christ’s, 但我要把我的思想意念与基督对比,and get ready to repent of my own thinking, 并预备悔改我自己的意念,and turn to Him humbly at any time. 并随时谦卑、归向祂。

When my mind is renewed by the Word of God, 当你的心灵被神的话语更新时,I can be protected from being hurt by lies. 神的话语可以保护你不被谎言所伤害。In Christ, 在基督里,we don’t have to remain bitter or angry, 我们不必在苦毒、生气里、tormented by bad feelings. 被负面的情绪折磨。We can make a choice every day, 我们可以每天做这样的选择:“I choose to embrace Grace and Christ’s forgiveness, “我选择拥抱恩典和基督的饶恕,I choose to read the word of God, 我选择读神的话、pray about it, 祷告这话、meditate on it, 思想这话,and allow my mind and thoughts to be transformed, 让我的心思意念被更新,so that I can grow in the image of the Son 使我长成儿子的样式 and serve to please the Father every single day. 每天有讨父的喜悦的服事。

3, thorny ground 荆棘地

Jesus went on to say another condition of the heart was like thorny ground. 耶稣接着讲道,另一种心就好像荆棘地。He hears the word, 他听了道,but his heart  is entangled by the worries of this life, and the deceitfulness of wealth, 心却被世上的思虑和钱财的迷惑缠住,so he can’t grow and become fruitful. 以至于不能成长、结实。 In other words, 换句话说,he can’t become a mature son like Jesus, 他不能成为像耶稣那样成熟的儿子,he remains immature, 总不成熟,and eventually he is unable to share in Christ’s kingship as a reward when He returns (Matt 19:27-28). 最终主再来时,他得不着奖赏、与基督的王权无份。(太19:27-28Re 12:17, says, Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus. 龙向妇人发怒,去与她其余的儿女争战,这儿女就是那守 神诫命,为耶稣作见证的。那时龙就站在海边的沙上。

The Kingdom of darkness is waging war against God’s people. 黑暗国度正与神的子民争战。Who is the dragon? 龙是谁?The devil, Satan. 魔鬼,撒但。He deceives the whole world (Re 12:9). 它是迷惑普天下的(启12:9)。The woman represents God’s people from the OT to the NT. 妇人预表从旧约到新约神的子民。In the past, 过去,both Adam and the chosen people of God - Israel failed the spiritual battle. 亚当和神的选民以色列都在属灵争战中失败了。Now the dragon is waging war against the church. 现今龙正与教会争战。He can’t hinder you from being saved, 他无法阻止人得救,because salvation is a gift from God, 因为得救是神给人的恩赐,but he can hinder you from becoming mature 但他可以阻止你长大成熟、and being rewarded as faithful followers. 使你不能成为忠心的信徒而得着奖赏。

So we’re in spiritual warfare. 因此我们正处于属灵争战中。Jesus calls Satan the prince of this world (John 12:31). 耶稣称撒但为“这世界的王”(12:31)The world is shaped by the media, culture, values, and so on, 这世界是由媒体、文化、价值观等塑造,which are all under the influence of Satan. 都在撒但的影响之下。If you always follow the media, 若你总是看新闻,you’ll be bound by fear你就会被惧怕捆绑. You’ll have lots of worries, 你就会有很多的忧虑,but where is the joy of the Holy Spirit? 圣灵的喜乐在哪里呢?We’re Kingdom people, 但我们是属神国的人, we’ve gotta build the Kingdom principles in our hearts. 我们要在内心建立神国的法则。This parable tells us 这个比喻告诉我们,that one of Satan’s missions is to choke the word of God. 撒但的使命之一就是要挤住神的道。The word of God has the power to change us. 神的话有能力改变我们。It has the power to change your relationships, 能改变人际关系、your health, 健康、your marriage, 婚姻and your finances. 和财务状况。It has the power to bring us into eternal blessing, if we act on it obediently. 如果我们顺服去操练神的话,它有大能带我们进入永恒的祝福。

However, 然而,the parable warns us, 这个比喻警戒我们,that you can start the journey well, 你或许开头很好,but no longer grow freely in Christ, 却不能持续在基督里自由成长,because the cares of this world can choke the word. 因为这世界的思虑会挤住神的话。The word “care” means to be worried, anxious, and to fear. “思虑”这个词意味着忧虑、焦虑和惧怕。The prince of this world will get you worried about lots of things of this life. 这世界的王会让你忧虑很多今生的事。It gets us to worry about tomorrow, 它让我们忧虑明天,worry about our jobs, 忧虑工作、our families, 家庭,and so many other things. 和许多其它的事。There’s power behind the push. 在这种压力的背后有权势。It pushes people in a lot of subtle ways that you’re not good enough 它以很多不易察觉的方式让你觉得自己不够好,unless you have this, you get that. 除非你有了这、你有了那。

It pressures people, 它压制人、and drives people to be ambitious 驱使人有野心and seek position, power, wealth 去追求地位、权力、财富and the glory of man. 和人前的荣耀。And it pressures you to conform to this culture. 它迫使你去随从这文化。This is spiritual warfare. 这就是属灵争战。 Missionaries can fail in their missionary work, if they don’t recognise spiritual warfare and push it back through God’s power. 如果宣教士不能识别属灵战争并靠神的大能去抵挡,他们的宣教事工可能会失败。

Years ago, 几年前,an Asian pastor told me, 一位亚洲的牧师告诉我,that a lot of missionaries went there with passion and expectations, 很多宣教士带着热情和盼望去他们那里,they started well, 开始时很好,but later on, 但后来,some ended up running their own businesses to earn more money, 一些人开始做起生意来为赚更多的钱,some ended up in divorce and family breakdown; 一些人离婚了、家庭破裂;and some even felt mentally unwell and left disappointed. 一些人甚至得了情绪病,失望地离开了。

1 Peter 彼前1:24-25 says, “All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, 因为:“凡有血气的,尽都如草,他的美荣都像草上的花。草必枯干,花必凋谢;25 but the word of the Lord stands forever.” 惟有主的道是永存的。” The Word of God stands forever. 神的道是永存的。It means that “if I live in alignment with the word of God, “我若照神的话语而活,I’ll stand forever, 就必永远立定,and nothing can push me down.” 没有什么能把我击倒。” Why are they pushed down easily and remain immature? 为什么他们很容易被击倒、不能成熟?The problem is not the seed. 问题不在乎种子。It’s not because the word of God is not powerful enough. 不是神的话不够有能力。The problem is the heart. 问题乃在乎人的心。We’ve gotta deal with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life within our hearts. 我们当用心去处理肉体的情欲,眼目的情欲,并今生的骄傲。

When we feel pressure, 当我们感到被压制,we need to push it back by running to God’s word, and saying, 就当转向神的话去抵挡,说: ‘Get behind me. Satan, “撒但,退我后边去!I’m a child of God, 我是神的孩子,my Father is the King of kings, 我的父是万王之王,who cares for me. 祂看顾我。The purpose of my life isn’t to become like someone else in this world. 人生的目的不是要成为像这个世界里某人的样子。I’m called to become like Jesus. 我被呼召要成为耶稣的样子。My Father has a plan for me to be blessed, 父对我有计划,为叫我蒙福、prosper, 昌盛、and to be promoted. 被提升。But only through the cross of Christ  can I get there. 唯有藉着基督的十字架,我才能得着这一切。I choose humility instead of pride, 我选择谦卑而不是骄傲,I choose meekness instead of being angry, 我选择温柔而不是愤怒,I choose trusting in my Father’s plan instead of struggling, 我选择信靠父的计划而不是挣扎,I let go the old ways of doing life, 我愿放弃过去的生活方式,and I embrace a kingdom lifestyle… 拥抱天国的生活方式……Father, 父啊,make my heart like good soil for the seed of Your Word.” 让我的心成为承受你话语的种子的好土吧。”


Concluding prayer结束祷告:

Yes, Lord, Jesus, we honour You as our God, our King.是的,主耶稣,我们尊崇你,你是我们的神,我们的王。we honour You as our life Giver, and the Source of our life. 我们尊崇你,你赐给我们生命,是我们生命的源泉。You are our source of Provision. 你是我们一切的供应者。Thank You for calling us to be a part of Your Kingdom. 感谢你呼召我们成为你国度的一部分。You paid the price  to enable  us to be soil for the seed of the Kingdom. 你付上重价,使我们成为神国度的种子的土壤。

Father, You sow love in our hearts, 父神,你在我们心中播种了爱,we’d like to respond to Your love with love. 我们愿意用爱来回应你的爱。We thank You for searching for us when we’ were lost. 我们如羊走迷,感谢你寻找了我们。Thank You  for being patient with each of us, 谢谢你忍耐等候我们,when we still had  rocky and thorny hearts, 当我们的心里仍然有硬土和荆棘时,which choked the word, 它挤住了这道, and did not allow Your Kingdom worldview to dominate our thoughts and minds. 不让你真理的价值观来支配我们的心思意念。

You weep for us, 你为我们哭泣,You intercede for us你为我们代求,and never condemn us. 你不定我们的罪,But today, 但今天,You warn us你警诫我们,that we reap what we sow, what we choose will have consequences. 我们选择种什么,将来就必收什么。

Father, we wanna be fruitful. 父啊,我们想要结果子。We wanna fulfil the purpose You have for us in this life.我们想要你的旨意在我们生命中显明。 We wanna be like  good soil to yield the fruit of the Spirit,我们渴望成为好土,结出圣灵的果子 love, 仁爱,joy, 喜乐,peace,和平,patience, 忍耐,goodness, 良善,gentleness,温柔,kindness, 恩慈,faithfulness, 信实,and self-control,节制,and carry Your life to go into the mission field,并带着这生命进入宣教工场,it could be our family, 它可能是我们的家庭,it could be our workplace, 它可能是我们的单位,it could be any place we’re called to produce a crop它可以是我们任何所到之处,神要结果子的地方 —a hundredfold,-100sixtyfold, 60倍,or thirtyfold, 30倍,and bring glory to You. 可以荣耀你名。

If this is your desire,
如果这是你的心愿, cry out to God on your own, 请你自己向神祷告,God is listening, 神此时正在垂听, He is waiting for your response. 祂在等待你的回应。

Yes, Lord, awaken Your people. 是的,主啊,求你苏醒你的儿女,Awaken our hearts.苏醒我们的心。We seek a revival of the heart. 我们寻求神的灵在我们内里的复兴。Father, we embrace Your love, 父神,我们拥抱你的大爱, Are there any roots of rejection in your heart? 你内心有什么被拒绝的根源吗?The Father says, 父神说, “I love you and I'm not ashamed of you.” “我爱你,不以你为耻。”You’re forgiven, 你被赦免了, and You’re loved, 你是蒙爱的,I welcome you just as you are. 我按照你的本相接纳你。I cover you with My Son.” 我将我的独生子披戴在你身上。”If there’s pain of rejection, “如果你因被拒绝感到痛苦, bring it to the cross, 把它带到十字架面前,Jesus experienced betrayal, 耶稣曾经经历了背叛,rejection, 被拒绝,pain for your healing.这份恩典可以治愈你的伤害。Forgive those who hurt you and bless them. 饶恕那些伤害你的人,并祝福他们。You’ll be free and be blessed. 你自己会得自由得祝福……

“I break my agreement with spirits of rejection and abandonment, 我断开与被拒绝和被弃绝的灵的连结,I break agreement with the evil powers of worry断开与忧虑势力的连结,and lies of the world that drive me to strive for more wealth, power, recognition and the glory of man. 断开与驱使我在世界中去求更多财富、权力,人的认可和虚荣的谎言的连结。I bring my thoughts and mind back to obedience to the word of God. 我的心思意念顺服神,I decree freedom over my life.” 我宣告我的生命得自由

Holy Spirit, guide me to read the Word of God every day, 圣灵,求你引导我每天读神的话,pray about it, 祷告神的话,mediate on it, 默想神的话,and help me to walk abiding in the word of God. 帮助我住在神的话里面。 By being obedient to the authority of the word of God, 操练顺服神话语的权能,I’ want to live out the authority of the word of God to be able to overcome.” 我渴望活出神话语的大能,去得胜。

Thank You Lord, “感谢父神,for calling us to see through the evil of the present age 感谢你呼召我们去看穿识别这邪恶的世代,and get us ready for the hope of future glory. 预备我们为将来的荣耀做准备。Thank You for planting the seed of Your Kingdom in us through Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love. 感谢你藉着耶稣基督牺牲的爱在我们里面播下你天国的种子。You’re the living word to us. 你是永活的话语。 You’re the bread of life. 你是我们生命的粮。We treasure You Lord. 我们宝贵你,主。Holy Spirit, 亲爱的圣灵,help us to value the Word of God more than our daily bread. 帮助我们看重神的话语过于日用的饮食。

Help us to build a prayer life. 帮助我们建立起一个祷告的生活。 Awaken us, 苏醒我们,awaken our hearts,苏醒我们的心, until we become good soil for the seed of Your Kingdom to grow freely. 直到我们成为让你天国的种子自由生长的好土。We cry out, Lord, 我们呼求你,阿爸父,awaken Your church all over the world, 苏醒全地的教会,turn the rocky and thorny soil to become  good soil,  除去一切的硬土和杂质,成为好土,so the seed of the Kingdom may flourish. 使神国的种子得以复兴兴旺。 May Your Kingdom come, 愿你的国降临,Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 行在地上如同行在天上。


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