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2022-09-25 Responding to injustice 应对不公平感

发表于 2022-09-26

(Luke 18:1-8

We’re living in a world where people struggle with injustice. 我们生活在一个世界人们每天为不公平感挣扎。Injustice happens everywhere. 我们身边不公平的事屡屡发生。Every day the news tells us something about injustice. 每天的新闻会报道一些不公平的事件。Social injustice, 社会不公, racial injustice, 种族不公,personal injustice. 个人不公。 Someone was murdered, 有人被谋杀了,someone was raped, 有人被强奸了,which government did unfair things, 有政府做了不公平的事,people get stirred up, 人们被激怒了:“It’s unfair. “这不公平。It’s not right.” 这是不对的” How do we deal with the sense of injustice in a godly way,当如何以神的方式处理这种不公平感so that we won’t be overwhelmed by anger?以至于我们不至于被愤怒所胜?Let’s read我们来读Luke 18:1-8, Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 耶稣设一个比喻,是要人常常祷告,不可灰心。 2 He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. 说:某城里有一个官,不惧怕 神,也不尊重世人。3 And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justice against my adversary.’ 3那城里有个寡妇,常到他那里,说:我有一个对头,求你给我伸冤。’4 “For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, ‘Even though I don’t fear God or care what people think, 4他多日不准。后来心里说:我虽不惧怕 神,也不尊重世人; 5 yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won’t eventually come and attack me!’” 5只因这寡妇烦扰我,我就给她伸冤吧,免得她常来缠磨我!’” 6 And the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. 6主说:你们听这不义之官所说的话。7 And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? 7 神的选民昼夜呼吁他,他纵然为他们忍了多时,岂不终久给他们伸冤吗? 8 I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” 8我告诉你们:要快快地给他们伸冤了。然而人子来的时候,遇得见世上有信德吗?

1, Pray constantly due to the adversary. 为对头的缘故持续地祷告

In this parable, 在这个比喻中,Jesus tells us about a widow who kept asking for justice. 耶稣讲了一个寡妇一直请求申冤的故事。 Apparently, 显然,the widow had suffered an injustice, 这个寡妇遭受了不公平的对待,and the strong sense of injustice drove her to the judge, 强烈的不公平感驱使她去找法官,asking him to grant her justice. 请求他为自己伸张正义。Listen to the widow’s words, 来听听这寡妇怎么说,in the KJV version, it says, KJV译本这样说, “avenge me of mine adversary.” ‘我有一个对头,求你给我伸冤。 The word “avenge” means to get back on. “avenge”这个词的意思是报复“Judge, get back on my adversary, “法官,我要报复我的仇敌,I’m suffering from injustice. 因我遭受了不公的对待。My adversary oppressed me.” 我的仇敌欺压我。” Widows in the bible often refer to people who are powerless and have no one to defend them. 《圣经》里的寡妇通常是指那些没有能力、没有保护的人,Now the widow was seeking someone in power and authority to give her justice and get back on her adversary. 这时候寡妇在寻求有权势的人为她主持公道,报复她的对头。You may think Jesus was telling you a story about social justice, 你可能以为耶稣在讲关于社会公义的事,but if you study the original word  “antídikos” for “adversary”, 但如果你研究对头在原文里使用的词“antídikos”you’ll find it’s interesting. 你会发现它很有意思。Antídikos is the word for an opponent in a law case. Antídikos是指一个法律案件中的对手。It means someone who is against you in law, 意思是在法律上与你反对的人,someone who has a case against you. 指控你的人。Antídikos means accuser, enemy, Satan. Antídikos的意思是控告者、仇敌、撒但。

For instance, 例如, 1 Peter 彼前5:8, Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 务要谨守、警醒,因为你们的仇敌魔鬼,如同吼叫的狮子,遍地游行,寻找可吞吃的人。The original word “your adversary” is “Antídikos”. “你们的仇敌的原文就是“Antídikos”Apostle Peter was telling us 使徒彼得告诉我们,that every believer has an invisible adversary. 每个信徒都有一个看不见的仇敌。The kingdom of Satan is waging war against us. 撒但的国度正在与我们争战。The devil is against us, 魔鬼是反对我们的,he is looking for legal rights to be against us, 它在寻找合法的权利来反对我们,to weaken our faith, 使我们信心软弱,ruin our life, 毁坏我们的生命,ruin our relationships, 毁坏人际关系, destroy our health, 毁坏我们的健康,steal our joy, 偷走我们的喜乐,and to cause all kinds of problems for our lives. 并给我们的生命带来各种各样的问题。Don’t assume that Satan doesn’t exist or has gone. 不要以为撒但不存在或者已消失。 Jesus makes it clear that Satan will only be put into the Abyss when Jesus’ millennial reign comes on earth (Re20:2).  耶稣清楚地表明,只有当祂的千年国度在全地掌权时,撒但才会被扔到无底坑So in this life, 所以在今生,we’re told to be watchful. 圣经教导我们要警醒祷告。Coz our adversary is looking for legal ground to be against us, 因为我们的仇敌正在寻找合法的证据来反对我们,and to knock us back with cycles of problems. 把我们带进周而复始的老问题里。Because God’s kingdom works on the principles of justice and righteousness. 因为神的国是以公平和公义为法则运行的。If you don’t take God’s justice seriously 若你不严肃看待神是公义的you’ll suffer loss.你会遭受损失Psa 89:14, Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. 公义和公平是你宝座的根基;慈爱和诚实行在你前面。Psa 33:5 says, He loves righteousness and justice. 他喜爱仁义公平,遍地满了耶和华的慈爱。

Let me give you a picture of facing an accuser at court. 我给你一幅在法庭上面对控诉者的画面。If you break the law, 如果你犯了法,your adversary will take you to court 你的对头就会把你告上法庭,and win against you, 并打赢你。Because God the Judge is just因为审判者上帝是公正的. Even though He is our Father,即便祂是你的父 He can’t sin or show you any partiality or favouritism但祂不能犯罪或偏待你, if you sin若你犯罪, you’ll lose the case你就会输掉官司. Satan wins the case撒但打赢了官司, and you suffer loss,而你就遭受损失。

However, God is love, 是的,神是爱,Jesus died on the cross to become our advocate. 耶稣死在十字架上,成为我们的中保。An advocate is like an attorney at court, 中保就如同法庭上的律师,who speaks on your behalf. 代表你说话。If you believe that “through the law we become conscious of sin” 因为你信 律法本是叫人知罪。 (Romans 3:20),  and you read the bible every day你每天读神的话, through the Holy Spirit you acknowledge your wrong motives, 靠圣灵认出自己错误的动机、your wrong thoughts, 错误的想法、your wrong doings, 错误的行为,and you quickly bring it to the cross, 若你很快把它带到十字架面前,repent of it, 悔改,the blood of Jesus will cancel your debts. 耶稣的宝血就涂抹你的过犯。 Then, at court the Judge will say, 然后,在法庭上法官才会说:“the penalty has been paid, “债已经偿还no case to answer, 无需答辩,you’re free”. 你自由了。In my ministry, 在我的服事中,I’ve witnessed that some people get delivered from their past issues, 我亲眼看见一些人刚从过去的问题中被释放出来,but they quickly go back to where they were. 却很快又回到了原来的状态。Because they don’t take God’s justice seriously, 因为他们不严肃看待神是公义的,so if you don’t talk to your attorney, 所以若你不和你的律师沟通,your enemy will get the right to require a penalty from you. 你的对头就找到合法权要求你受罚。That’s why many Christians go around the same old cycles of problems, 这就是为什么许多基督徒会陷入周而复始的老问题中, suffer from depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts or other issues. 遭受抑郁、上瘾、自杀念头或其它问题的折磨。In this parable, 在这个比喻中,Jesus calls us to pray persistently耶稣呼召我们要坚持不懈地祷告, because the adversary is looking for the legal right to bring injustice upon us. 因为仇敌正在寻找合法的权利,要把不公理加在我们身上。

2, Holding a sense of injustice cause problems. 怀藏不公平感导致问题

Now we should understand what biblical justice means. 我们先来看看公理在圣经里的含义。We see in Matt 12:18,  “Here is my servant whom I have chosen, the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him,   and he will proclaim justice to the nations. “看哪,我的仆人,我所拣选、所亲爱、心里所喜悦的,我要将我的灵赐给他,他必将公理传给外邦。 What is “Just” in God’s eyes? 神眼里的公理公平是什么?Jesus came and lived under and subject to the Roman government, 耶稣来到地上,活在罗马政府权下,顺服罗马政权,which was a culture full of injustice, abuse, and oppression. 罗马文化是充满不公、欺凌、压迫的文化。 King Herod was killing people at will; 希律王可以任意杀人,John the Baptist was beheaded by him arbitrarily. 施洗约翰就被无端地砍头。But Jesus didn’t come to change the nation socially or politically. 但主耶稣没有来改变这国家的社会状况和政治状况,He came to deal with the root cause of injustice, 他来处理不公的根源,which is sin. 就是罪。All injustice is rooted in sin. 所有不公的根源都是罪。

Human beings betrayed their Creator人类背叛了他们的造物主, and they walked away from the original design of God for them他们偏离了神造人的最初目的, which is the root of all injustice. 这是所有不公平的根源. As a father作为爸爸, you feel unfair when your kids don’t respect you当你孩子不尊重你,你觉得不公平. Our God the Father has been treated terribly unfairly我们的父神被最大的不公平对待, because the people He created forsook Him因为祂造的人离弃了祂, and didn’t respect him也不尊重祂, so there’s no justice in this world所以在这个世界里没有公义. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. 公义和公平是你宝座的根基;No God, no justice. 没有神掌权,没有公平公义。

Through sin the whole world is under the control of the evil one. 借着罪全世界都卧在那恶者手下So Jesus came to set an example of being obedient to the Father因此,耶稣来设立顺服父的榜样, and bring justice to the earth through the gospel借着福音把公平公理带到世上. There is no other remedy for the problems of injustice than the heart-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. 对于不公平的问题,除了耶稣基督改变人心的福音之外,没有其他补救办法。

A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he leads justice to victory. 压伤的芦苇,他不折断;将残的灯火,他不吹灭。等他施行公理,叫公理得胜, A bruised reed means broken-hearted, 压伤的芦苇指的是伤心的人,people are caught up in depression, 人们落入沮丧、addictions, 上瘾、suicidal thoughts, 想要死的念头里,which is injustice in God’s eyes. 在神眼中是不公的。The problem of injustice is sin 不公平的原因是罪。 “It’s unfair I was born to sin.” “不公平,我生来是罪人” In our own eyes we can say that, 在你自己眼中你可以这么说But we’ve gotta know that we can’t see the whole picture what is wrong, what is right但我们当信,我们人看不到全景,什么是真的错, 什么是对. God is just, 唯有神公义 in His justice He must punish sin在祂的公义里,罪必须要刑罚. That’s why God sent His One and Only Son to die on the cross, 是,这就是神为什么差祂独生爱子死在十字架上,and give people a chance to repent, 使人可以悔改,to have eternal life. 得永生。This brings justice to sinners. 把公理带给罪人。Jesus healed the sick, 耶稣医治病人 cast out demons to set people free, 把鬼赶出去释放人the bible says, 圣经说,he was anointed with the Holy Spirit to bring Justice to the nations. 神用祂的灵膏他,差遣他把公理传于万邦。Jesus’ ministry of setting people free brought justice to the earth. 耶稣释放人的服侍就是把公平带到地上。Biblical justice isn’t to change a country socially or governmentally but to continue to do what Jesus did on earth. 圣经所说的公平,不是改变社会、改变政权,而是行耶稣所行的。

In v.8, Jesus promises us, 8节,耶稣应许我们,“Yes, you will get justice if you pray earnestly like this widow”. “你若像这寡妇一样恳切祈求,我就给你申冤。”But he said, 但祂又说, However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth? 然而人子来的时候,遇得见世上有信德吗? Jesus was talking about prayer. 主耶稣前面在说祷告,But now He starts to talk about His second coming. 但在这里开始说他第二次再来,What point is he trying to make here? 那么他到底想说什么呢? “At My second coming, 当我再来的时候,will I find faith on the earth? 遇得见地上有信德吗?

It implies that before Jesus’ second coming, 这里暗示,当主再来之前,there will be great injustice on the earth. 全地将有极大的不公。He was saying, 祂是在说,“Before my second coming, 当我再来的时候,will I find people with this level of faith, 我能遇见有这样信心的人吗?who pray constantly, 能遇见不停祷告, without being overwhelmed by injustice, 不被不公平感压垮、until they are answered by the Just judge?呼吁直到审判的主回应的人吗?

In other words,换句话说,If you don't want a sense of injustice to dominate you如果你不想让不公平感支配你, so that you become judgemental以至于你变得很会论断,you need to keep praying in faith 你需要不断的信心祷告until you’re filled with hope in God's justice.直到被信靠神公义的盼望所充满。Jesus tells us in Matt 24:12, because of the increase of lawlessness (kjv: iniquity), the love of most will grow cold. 只因不法的事增多,许多人的爱心才渐渐冷淡了。 The root of injustice is iniquity. 不公的根是罪,Injustice causes people to get offended. 不公平感让人感到受冒犯。Holding a sense of injustice weakens our faith. 感到不公会使人信心软弱。The feeling of injustice drives us to demand justice感觉不公平驱使我们要求正义, but that’s fine这是好的。 Because God wants us to speak out for justice. 因为神愿我们为公义发声。But the problem is 但问题是,that we all have sinned, 因为我们都犯了罪,and we don’t see the full picture with our own eyes. 我们用自己的眼睛无法看到全貌

If we speak out of a sense of injustice若我们说的是出于自己里面的不公平感, we’ll judge我们就判断, “He’s been mistreated,他被恶待了 they’re wrong,他们是错”, If we don’t respond to an injustice in a godly way若我们不用神的方式回应不公义感, we can get offended easily我们就很容易被冒犯, and we get angry easily,也很容易发怒 but love is not easily angered,爱是不轻易发怒。Self-righteousness and pride will grow自义和骄傲就会生长,Faith can be weakened. 信心就会软弱了。

In the parable, 在这个比喻里,Jesus is telling us that in the last days there will be great injustice on earth. 耶稣告诉我们,末后的日子地上将有极多的不公。The word injustice means that we’re treated unfairly. 不公的意思是我们受到不公平的对待, Our rights are violated. 我们的权力被冒犯。

For example, 例如,someone hits your car and runs away. 有人划了你的车,然后跑了。That’s an injustice. 这不公平。Our first reaction could be anger. 我们的第一反应就是生气,When you feel a sense of injustice, you say, 你感到不公就会说,“It’s not fair.” “那不公平。”When our rights are violated, we say, 当我们的权力被侵犯,我们会说, “It’s unfair.” “那不公平。”When we feel we’ve been rejected, 当我们感到被拒绝,“it’s not fair.” “那不公平。”When we feel we’ve been bullied, 当我们感到被欺负了, “It’s unfair.” “那不公平。”The sense of injustice tells us, 那不公平感会告诉我们, “It’s unfair, 不公平,I’m being treated badly, 我被恶待,I’m being treated wrongly.我被冤枉。” People's first reaction to injustice (unfairness) is anger. 面对不公平感,人的第一反应是生气,We get offended. 我们就被冒犯了。Then, 于是,we react it by bitter judgement, 我们就生出苦毒的论断,blame people, 怪责他人,“They’re bad.” “他们是坏人。”Or we blame God, 或者责怪神,“Why does God allow this to happen?” “你为什么让这事发生?

In marriage, 在一些家庭中,I saw angry and offended wives use anger or silence as weapons 我看见生气和被冒犯的妻子,用愤怒或沉默作武器,to manipulate their husbands, 去操纵丈夫,and drive their husbands crazy. 把丈夫逼的发狂。Then the adversary got legal rights to enter their homes to steal, kill and destroy. 敌人因此获得了进入他们家中偷窃、杀害、毁坏的合法权利。How much happiness can an angry wife and an offended husband bring into their family?”  发怒的妻子和被冒犯的丈夫,能给家庭带来多少幸福?

“I’ve been treated badly, “我被虐待了,I’ve got a right to be angry, 我有权生气,‘He’s lied to me他对我说谎, I have the right to judge, 我有权论断,I’m right, 我是对的,you’re wrong.” 你是错的。”That’s pride. 这是骄傲。See? 看到了吗?If we don’t address the problem, 如果我们不解决这个问题,if we allow a sense of injustice to produce anger, 如果我们允许不公平感产生愤怒、judgement, 论断、bitterness, 痛苦,or a victim mentality within us, 或者受害者心态,“It’s unfair, “不公平,it’s not my fault, 这不是我的错,it’s their fault.” 是他们的错。”That’s a big problem. 那就成了大问题。When you become offended and hurt, 当你被冒犯和受伤时,it doesn't just stop there, 它不会就此停止,it’ll create more problems. 它会产生更多的问题。When people say something, 当人们谈论的时候,you misinterpret what they’re saying, 你会误解他们说的话,you interpret it through the stronghold of injustice or offense, 不公平感或冒犯感会让你曲解人的话,“why have they said that?” “他们为什么这么说?”You’re easily stirred to anger, 你很容易被激怒,and you strive for your rights. 你竭力争取自己的权利。But we’re not God, 但我们不是神,we can’t see the whole picture why people do that. 我们不能看到人们为什么那样做的全貌。We ourselves are broken too. 我们自己也是破碎的。Only God knows the heart. 唯有神知道人心。We’re called to pray, forgive, and leave room for God to judge 我们被呼召去祷告,饶恕并让神判断。(Romans 12:19).

3, Responding to injustice in God’s way. 以神的方式回应不公

So how can we stand up justly and not be offended by injustice, 我们怎样才能站立得正直、又不因被别人的不公行为冒犯  so that our love for Jesus doesn’t grow cold? 叫我们对耶稣的爱心不冷淡?Frist, fix our eyes on Jesus and the cross 第一,定睛耶稣和十字架(Hebrews 12:2). Who is He? 他是谁?Deut 32:4, He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is He. 他是磐石,他的作为完全,他所行的无不公平,是诚实无伪的 神,又公义,又正直。 Jesus was perfect and just, 耶稣是完全的又正直。As a Father He rights was violated by our sins. 我们的罪侵犯了他作为父亲的权利. We forsook Him as our God the Father and the King. 我们离弃了他作为我们的神,父和王。He didn’t blame us for our wrongdoings他没有因我们的错而怪我们。Instead相反, He came to suffer injustice, 他来忍受不公的待遇,and to fulfil justice through his atoning for our sins on that cross. 他借着在十字架上为我们赎罪来成就公平公义,

The cross is a place where justice overcomes injustice. 十字架是公平战胜不公平的地方。Jesus laid down his rights to be God and came to the earth to be human, 耶稣放下了他作为神的权利,来到世上成为人的样式,his rights as a man were also violated. 他作为人的权利也被侵犯了。When he was born, 他出生时,Luke 2 tells us,2章说,there was no room for them in the inn. 因为客店里没有地方。 In such a big world, 这么大的世界里,there wasn’t even a room for him to be born in. 他却连出生的地方都没有,He was born in a manger. 他降生在马槽。He suffered injustice ever since he was born, 他从出生起就遭受不公待遇,the baby Jesus is hunted down by the desperate Herod 婴儿耶稣就被希律追杀。He actually carried the cross his whole lifetime on earth as a man. 事实上,他在世上的一生都背负着十字架。At the cross his rights were violated. 在十字架上,他的权利被侵犯,He was shamed, 他被羞辱,he was flogged, 被鞭打,he was ridiculed, 被讥笑,he was abused. 被虐待。

He suffered injustice at the cross. 在十字架上他遭受不公,But he entrusted himself to the Father, 但他把自己交托给天父,he didn’t respond to injustice with anger, or judgment, or blame, or self-pity. 他没有用愤怒、论断、责怪或自怜来回应不公。He took our injustice, 他担当我们的不公,he took our grief, 担当我们的忧患,he took our rejection, 他担当我们的拒绝,he took our pain 背负我们的痛苦,and the punishment of our sins on himself, 我们罪的惩罚落在他身上,so that we could have his peace, 使我们可以得平安,and we can have a new identity in Him.使我们在他里面有新的身份。

Secondly, pray persistently until forgiveness, humility, love, mercy, justice prevail in us. 其次,恒切祷告,直到饶恕、谦卑、爱、怜悯和公义在我们得胜。Micah 6:8. When I was mediating on God’s justice, 当我在默想神的公义时,I was reminded that throughout the bible there’re stories of injustice. 就想到贯穿圣经都是关于不公义的故事。Adam and Eve betrayed their Creator Father, 亚当和夏娃背叛了他们的造物主,that’s the root of all injustice. 这是所有不公平的起源。Joseph was treated wrongly by his brothers, 约瑟被兄弟们恶待,that’s injustice. 这是不公的事。The people kept blaming Moses 百姓不停责怪摩西说,for making them leave Egypt and bringing them into a wilderness where there was no food and no water, 是他使他们离开埃及,是他领他们到没有水没有食物的旷野。Injustice! 太不公平了!After David made military exploit killed the Giant, 大卫打胜仗杀了巨人,not only was he not rewarded, 不但没有得到奖赏,but he was hunted down for more than ten years. 反而被追杀十多年,Injustice!这是不公。Almost all of the prophets of God were either killed or beheaded. 几乎所有的先知不是被杀就是被斩首,That’s injustice. 这是不公。Almost all of the apostles were martyred,几乎所有的使徒都殉道了,Injustice!这也是不公。But despite injustice and mistreatment, 尽管受到不公和恶待,we didn’t see any of them become angry, 他们中没有一个人变得愤怒、depressed, 沮丧、bitter, 苦毒、rebellious against God, 悖逆神、or self-pitying. 自卑自怜。Yet, 相反,they administered justice through living out the heart of God to forgive and bless sinners. 他们通过活出神的心意来施行公义,饶恕和祝福罪人。

In Gen 50, 出埃及记50章记载,Joseph wept 7 times in Egypt, 约瑟在埃及哭了7次,and his tears weren’t from self-pity, 他的眼泪不是因为自卑自怜,but from forgiveness, humility, love, mercy and reconciliation. 而是因为饶恕、谦卑、爱、怜悯、和睦。The last time, 最后一次,after their father had die, 在他们的父亲死后,his brothers were afraid that Joseph would avenge them, 他的兄弟们害怕约瑟会向他们报仇,Joseph wept again, 约瑟又哭了,then he got the strength to do good, 然后他得着力量去行善,and he said 并说: Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? “不要害怕,我岂能代替 神呢?20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. 20从前你们的意思是要害我,但 神的意思原是好的,要保全许多人的性命,成就今日的光景。21 So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children.” 现在你们不要害怕,我必养活你们和你们的妇人孩子。Gen 50:19-20 In the midst of suffering from injustice, 在被不公平地对待时,we see all these people of faith responding to injustice with forgiveness and faith in God’s justice. 所有这些神信心的子民都以饶恕和信靠神的公义来回应。They laid down their rights for God. 他们信靠神就放下自己的权利,They overcame evil with good! 他们以善胜恶!They shut up the mouth of the adversary. 他们叫仇敌闭口不言,They administered justice. 他们行出公义,They lead justice to victory!并使公义得胜!

Would you please stand up on your feet right now? 请大家可以站起来吗?  We’re gonna respond to God’s word right now. 我们现在就会回应上帝的话。 Would you please close your eyes with your heart focusing on Jesus. 请你闭上眼睛,用心注视耶稣, And you tell Him, 并向他发出感恩, “Jesus, “主耶稣,my elder brother, 我的兄长, my advocate, 我的中保, my dear friend, 我的良友,and my Heavenly Father, 我的阿爸天父。You are my God, my King, 我的主,我的王,You’re the just King,你是公正的王, the King of kings,万王之王。I honour you 我尊崇你 I worship You 我敬拜你
I thank You for coming on my behalf to suffer injustice for me…”
感谢你来为我遭受不公……” Tell Him that you appreciate what He has done for you…请告诉他,你感谢他为你所作的一切……then, I’ll lead you in a prayer, 接着,我将带你做个祷告,then we’ll sing the last song and finish the service. 最后我们唱最后一首歌,结束今天的聚会。

Holy Spirit come, come to minister to Your people. 亲爱的圣灵,我们愿你来,求你亲自来服侍你的子民。

“Lord Jesus, 主耶稣, thank You for showing me how to overcome injustice through Your cross. 感谢你你告诉我如何通过十字架来战胜不公。It’s not fair, 这是不公平的,it’s not right to crucify the Son of God on that cross, 把你的爱子钉在十字架上是不公的, coz you had no sin. 因他原本无罪。But you humbly took all the injustice,但你谦卑承受了一切不公, all the unfair mistreatment,一切不公平的恶待, the shame,羞耻, the rejection, 被拒绝,the punishment of sin on your own body. 罪的刑罚都落到你身上。 You suffered most injustice for the forgiveness of my sins, 你为使我的罪得赦免而遭受了最不公正地对待,I receive this power of love into my heart. 我接受你这份爱的能力进入我的心。

 I open my heart to the Holy Spirit to go through 我向圣灵敞开我的心,and search my heart, 求你的灵监察我心, to see if there’s any sense of injustice within me, 让我知道我是否有存着不公平的感觉感受,which has been caused by past wounds. 这是由于我过去的伤害所引发的。At that time I felt mistreated, 在那时,我认为那是不对的, I felt it was not fair, 我觉得那是很不公平的,it was not right, 那是不应该的。I got offended, 我感觉被冒犯了,I was angry, 我很生气,I blamed the person who hurt me,我责怪那伤害我的人, I judged them, 我论断了他们。I felt a deep shame over what had been done to me. 我觉得那是对我深深的羞辱。There’s bitterness in my heart...我就心里有苦毒

Ask the Holy Spirit, if there’s any specific things that you need to bring to the cross to deal with 求问圣灵,是否有任何具体的事情,你需要带到十架来对付的

Heavenly Father, 阿爸父,I come to You,我来到你跟前, I repent of control over my rights and my life, 我为着自己牢牢地抓着我的权利和掌控自己的生命而悔改,I repent of reacting to people with anger, judgement, bitterness, and resentment, 我为着我以愤怒、论断、苦毒和怨恨来回应对我不公的人而悔改,I turn away from trying to control the pain and relationships in my own strength. 我愿转离靠自己掌控我的痛、掌控我的人际关系,I turn away from reacting to people and misinterpreting what is going on. 我愿转离靠自己去对抗人,并曲解论断人I ask Your precious blood to cover me. 求你的宝血厚厚涂抹遮盖我的过犯。I ask the Holy Spirit, 我请求圣灵,right now to release Your resurrection power into my heart to heal and restore the broken parts. 现在就释放死里复活的能力到我的心里,医治我和恢复我。

I break my agreement with the sense of injustice and unfairness. 我奉主的名破除与一切不公义感和不公平感的和我的联结;I break my agreement with shame, bitterness, resentment, fear, and self-pity, and control. 我奉主的名破除与羞愧、苦毒,怨恨、恐惧、自卑自怜、操纵和我的联结。

In the name of Jesus, 奉主耶稣基督的圣名宣告, I forgive and bless all those who have hurt me. 我愿饶恕并祝福所有伤害过我的人。I release them now. 我此刻就释放他们。 In the name of Jesus, 奉主耶稣基督的圣名,I command all evil spirits that have taken hold of me through injustice. 我斥责那因借着不公平感而挟制我的一切邪灵, I command you to go. 我奉主的名命令你们离开我。In the name of Jesus, 我奉主耶稣的圣名,

Now if you have any pain in your body,若你身体上有任何的疼痛 you can put your hand on that area你把你的手按在那地方, and say祷告, “In Jesus name,奉耶稣的名 I command any pain or sickness caused by demonic oppression to go.我命令这由黑暗权势压制的疼痛和疾病离开我…..loose in Jesus name. 奉主名释放。”…….


Yes, Jesus, 是的,主耶稣,You’re a friend to the weak, 你是软弱者的朋友, we give thanks to You because of Your righteousness, 我们因你的公义而感谢你,and we sing praises to Your name, the Lord Most High。我们颂赞你那至高主的圣名。 You administer justice for the fatherless and the widow. 你为孤儿和寡妇施行公义,A father to the fatherless,你作孤儿 的父,a defender of widows. 你为寡妇申冤。Lead us into Your righteousness because of our adversary, 因我们的仇敌的缘故,求你引导我们行在你的义中, help us to pray constantly in faith, 帮助我们在信心中不停祷告, act justly使我们行公义,and to love mercy,  好怜恤,and to walk humbly with You.存谦卑的心,与你同行。 Amen. 阿门!


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