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2023-02-19 Gratitude 感恩 (1)

发表于 2024-01-08

Coming into 2023 I asked the Lord, 2023年到来之际,我问主: “what do you wanna say to us during the first gathering?” “新年第一场的聚会,你要对我们说什么?” When I was praying, 当我祷告的时候,the English word “gratitude” appeared in my heart. 英文单词“感恩”出现在我心里。I realised that God wants us to be reminded to cultivate a grateful attitude from the beginning of the Year.神希望我们在新年的开始就去培植感恩的心。When we talk about gratitude, 当我们谈及“感恩”,we can’t ignore the problem of complaining, murmuring, and grumbling. 就不能忽视抱怨、嘀咕和发怨言。Complaint is a fruit of unforgiveness. 抱怨是不饶恕的果子。A habit of complain destroys everything. 抱怨的习惯会毁掉一切。

Studies tell us, 研究表明,when you complain, 当你抱怨时,you increase your levels of cortisol, 皮质醇的水平会增加, the stress hormone. 这是一种压力荷尔蒙。 Chronically high levels of cortisol can lead to lots of health problems, 皮质醇长期保持高水平会导致许多健康问题,including an increased risk of depression, 包括抑郁、digestive problems, 消化问题、 sleep issues, 睡眠问题、high blood pressure and even heart disease. 高血压甚至心脏病的风险。We’re called to be thankful just like the Son of God Jesus Christ. 我们被呼召成为如同神的儿子耶稣基督一样感恩的人. in Matthew chapter 11, 在马太福音11章,we see even when Jesus was rejected by his people, 我们看见纵然当他被他的子民拒绝,he wasn’t angry or complaining, 耶稣没有恼怒和抱怨说:“why? why did You allow me to experience this?” “为什么?为什么你让我经历这些?” No, Jesus said, 没有,耶稣却说: “I praise You, Father…” “父啊,我赞美你……” Gratitude means to be grateful, 感恩就是感谢,the quality of being thankful. 有感恩的品格。A grateful mindset leads to victory over negativity 感恩的心态使我们能胜过负面情绪,and shows a spiritual maturity more like Jesus. 彰显我们属灵的成熟,更像耶稣。In recent years, 近年来,even researchers have begun studying the benefits of practise gratitude. 甚至研究人员也开始研究操练感恩的益处。It says that gratitude helps relieve stress 说感恩有助于缓解压力,and improves physical health, 促进身体健康、mental health, and happiness. 心理健康和幸福感。For example,比如 when you keep thinking你不断的想, “he didn’t do this and that for me.”他没有为我做这那 and you get angry,然后你就生气 your cortisol level begins to increase,你的皮质醇水平上升 then you harm yourself. 你害了你自己But if you change your way of thinking like this,若你改变想法

 “Father,天父 I thank You that he didn’t do that for me, 我感谢你他没有为我做这事but I turn to You, 但我转向你I choose to forgive, 我选择饶恕because You want me to rely on you not on him,因为你不叫我依赖人而是仰望你 so that I may experience more of your reality and goodness.因此我可以更多经历你的美好和真实…” Then you can rejoice in the Lord again. 于是你可以重新靠主喜乐. A joyful heart is good medicine. 喜乐的心是良药。 So today, we’re gonna talk about being thankful to God今天我们要分享操练对神的感恩, next time we’ll touch on being thankful to people as we practise gratitude.下次我们分享操练对人的感恩。

God wants us to develop a grateful attitude in our lives and become joyful people. 神要我们在生活中培养感恩的态度,并成为喜乐的人。The history of God’s story on earth shows us 旧约的历史告诉我们,that complaining, murmuring, and grumbling lead to a downfall. 抱怨、嘀咕、发怨言会导致失败。In Deute 申命记1:2-3节the Israelites spent 40 years on a journey which should only have taken 11 days. 以色列人花了40年的时间走那段原本只需要11天的路程。Why? 为什么? because of disobedience and unbelief. 因为悖逆和不信。“what?” “什么?”they would argue just like us, 他们会像我们一样争辩: “Do you say that we don’t believe in God? “你说我们不信神? If we didn’t believe in God, 我如果不信神,we wouldn’t have followed Him and spent 40 years walking in the desert.” 就不会跟着祂在旷野走40年了。” But God’s judgment is very clear, 但是神的审判很清楚,that because of a self-centered attitude, 因他们自我中心的态度 expressed through grumbling, complaining and ingratitude, 发怨言、抱怨、不感恩,even though they spent 40 years walking with Moses, 即使他们与摩西同行40年,their ungrateful attitude led them to fail to enter into the promised land. 他们不感恩的态度导致他们不得进入应许之地。What a lesson! 这是何等的教训!We’re called to be thankful people. 我们被呼召成为感恩的人。In Eph 弗5:1-5,1 Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children 2 and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. 3 But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. 4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. 5 For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a person is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.  1所以你们该效法 神,好像蒙慈爱的儿女一样。2也要凭爱心行事,正如基督爱我们,为我们舍了自己,当作馨香的供物和祭物献与 神。3至于淫乱并一切污秽,或是贪婪,在你们中间连提都不可,方合圣徒的体统。4淫词、妄语和戏笑的话都不相宜,总要说感谢的话。5因为你们确实地知道,无论是淫乱的,是污秽的,是有贪心的,在基督和 神的国里都是无份的。有贪心的,就与拜偶像的一样。V.1 tells us that as Christians we don’t have any other example apart from Jesus himself. 第1节告诉我们,作为基督徒,除了耶稣自己,我们没有别的榜样。It means that in any situation, 这意味着在环境中,when we don’t know what to do, 当我们不知道如何行的时候,we’ve gotta ask ourselves, 我们当问自己: “What would Jesus do right now?” “耶稣会怎样行?and I’m gonna follow Him. 我要效法他”

v.2 tells us, 第2节告诉我们,what Jesus does is to walk in the way of love. 耶稣所走的是爱的道路。This love is agape love. 这是神的爱And it requires us to sacrifice our own rights, 圣爱需要我们牺牲自己的权利、our own timing, 自己的时间、our own money, 自己的金钱、our own this and that to God, 献上自己的一切给神,trust in His guidance and follow His commands. 信靠祂的引导,遵行祂的命令。Is that easy? 这容易吗? No, that’s hard. 不容易,很难。That’s why living out this faith is so precious in God’s eyes, 这就是为什么活出这样的信心在神眼中是何等的宝贵,and He will reward His faithful servants when He returns. 并且祂再来时要奖赏祂忠心的仆人。V.5 says, 第5节说,no greedy person has any inheritance in the Kingdom of God. 贪心的人在神的国里是无份的。What does it mean to be a greedy person? 什么样的人是贪心的人?Simply showing ingratitude. 很简单,就是一个不感恩的人。“I want more…“我要更多……you’ve gotta give me more…你得给我更多……I don’t have enough...” 我的不够……” To be honest, we all have the greedy old-self within us, 说真的,我们都有贪心的老我在我们里面,how can we overcome it?如何能胜过它?very simply, 很简单,v.4 tells us, 第4节告诉我们,to practise thanksgiving at all times. 就是一直操练感恩。Then go down to然后到了 v.15-20, 15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. 18 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit, 19 speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, 20 always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 【弗5:15-20】15你们要谨慎行事,不要像愚昧人,当像智慧人。16要爱惜光阴,因为现今的世代邪恶。17不要作糊涂人,要明白主的旨意如何。18不要醉酒,酒能使人放荡,乃要被圣灵充满。19当用诗章、颂词、灵歌彼此对说,口唱心和地赞美主。20凡事要奉我们主耶稣基督的名常常感谢父 神。  we’re called to live as wise not as unwise. 我们被呼召当像智慧人,不像愚昧人。How to live as the wise in God’s eyes? 如何能活出神眼中的智慧人? V.18 says, 18节说: be filled with the Holy Spirit. 乃要被圣灵充满。 Jesus showed us an example, 耶稣给我们做了榜样,that without being filled with the Holy Spirit, 若没有被圣灵充满,we’re unable to fulfil our calling. 我们就不能成就神的呼召。But being filled with the Spirit is a journey. 但是被圣灵充满是一个过程。It’s an everyday experience. 是每天的经历。How can we carry the filling of the Holy Spirit and be filled with Him continuously? 我们如何才能被圣灵充满并且一直被祂充满呢? v.19 tells us, 19节告诉我们,it depends on how we speak to others and how we speak to ourselves from the heart. 这取决于我们如何从心里发出对别人的说话、和对自己的说话。 Speaking with psalms, hymns and songs from the heart, always giving thanks to the Father for everything.  当用诗章、颂词、灵歌彼此对说,口唱心和地赞美主。 In other words, 换句话说,if you wanna stay full of the Holy Spirit, 如果你想持续被圣灵充满,you need to pay attention and get rid of a complaining, murmuring, and grumbling attitude, 你需要留心除去抱怨、嘀咕和发怨言的态度,and to cultivate an attitude of gratitude instead. 培养感恩的心态。Always Be thankful Col 西3:15. 总要存感谢的心 V.20 says, 20节说,give thanks to God the Father for everything.凡事……常常感谢父 神。Everything includes the good and the bad. “凡事”包括“好事”和“坏事”。When Job was sitting in the ashes suffering after the bad events in his life, 当约伯坐在炉灰中为“不好的事”受苦时,his wife said to him, 他的妻子对他说: “are you still holding on to your integrity? Curse God and die. Job伯 2:9” “你仍然持守你的纯正吗?你弃掉 神,死了吧!” She seemed to say, 她好像在说: “are you still listening to God, when everything you have has gone. “当你失去了一切,你还听神的话吗? You should complain and curse God, 你应该对神说抱怨和咒诅的话,and choose to die.” 然后去死吧。”But Job said, 但是约伯说: “don’t be like a foolish woman, “不要像愚顽的妇人一样,God is the only reason we give thanks, 神是唯一我们当感谢的,whether we’re in good or bad times, 无论环境是好是坏,God is blessed!” 神配得称颂!” Job didn’t allow his emotions to be controlled by the situation he was in. 约伯不让自己的情绪被他所处的环境所控制。And he didn’t allow his faith to be weakened by something outside of his heart. 不让自己的信心因身外的事物而削弱。

Jesus says, 耶稣说:“if you obey my commands, you will remain in my love.“你们若遵守我的命令,就常在我的爱里;” John 约15:10。We all wanna remain in God’s love. 我们都想持续在主爱里。Here the command of God is: 这是神的命令: always giving thanks to the Father for everything. 凡事常常感谢父 神。So what’s your daily practice of this command? 那么你每天是如何操练这命令呢? Number one, 第一,it says always, 这里说“总是”,at all times, 在任何时候,on all occasions. 在一切场合。 Number two, 第二,it says, 它说,thank God for everything, 为“凡事”感谢神,no matter what. 无论发生什么事。Years ago, 多年前,someone argued with me, 曾有人和我争论说: “If my son took drugs, “如果我儿子吸毒了,would I have to give thanks to God?” 我还要向神感恩吗?” I said, 我说: “Yes, “是的,but not for him taking drugs 但不是为他吸毒感恩,but for God who is faithful. 而是为神的信实感恩。We thank God because it’s us who messed up our lives, not God. 是我们自己把生活搞的一团糟,不是神。We thank God 我们感谢神,because we believe that God is able to redeem. 因我们信神能拯救。 Here, 这里, the English word “for” is translated from the Greek word “huper”, 英文单词“for”由希腊单词“huper”翻译而来,it means above, beyond. 意思是“在以上,超过”。Therefore, 因此,“for everything” can be translated to “above everything”. “为凡事”可以翻译为“超越凡事”。Always giving thanks to the Father above everything. 常常感谢天父超越一切。It’s about cultivating an attitude of gratitude. 这是关乎培养一种感恩的态度。 It’s about what we allow to get into our hearts first? 是关乎我们允许什么先进入内心? Are you putting yourself under the circumstance, 你是把你自己放在环境的控制下?and allowing your heart to be filled with negative stuff, 并让你的心被负面思想充满,like worry, bitterness, judgement, and complaints as the enemy wants you to? 比如忧虑、苦毒、论断和抱怨 正如仇敌要你做的? Or do you believe in God’s salvation and thank God for His good will for you ? 还是你相信神的救恩、感谢神在你身上有美好的旨意?and you also thank God for putting people around you to train you to be more like Him? 并你感谢神放一些人在你身边来训练你,让你更像祂?

Choosing to express thanksgiving lifts us up. 选择表达感恩会让我们被激励。When the prophet Habakkuk was in an extremely hard situation, he said this in 当先知哈巴谷在极其的困境中,他如此说 Habakkuk哈 3:17-19, 17 Though the fig tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, 18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior. 19 The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.  17虽然无花果树不发旺,葡萄树不结果,橄榄树也不效力,田地不出粮食,圈中绝了羊,棚内也没有牛;18然而,我要因耶和华欢欣,因救我的 神喜乐。19主耶和华是我的力量!他使我的脚快如母鹿的蹄,又使我稳行在高处。这歌交与伶长,用丝弦的乐器。 He is saying, 他是在说:“Even if my job isn’t successful, “就算我做的不成功,and things aren’t happening my way; 事情没按我的意思发展,even if I don’t have any possessions on earth, 就算我在地上什么也没有,I’ll still delight in God, 我仍然因神欢欣,I’ll still be joyful in God my Saviour 我仍因我神的救恩喜乐,coz Jesus paid the price on that cross for me, 因耶稣为我被钉在十字架上,付上了罪的代价,I then have eternal life in Him, 我在祂里面有永生,His fullness and inheritance that last forever are what I desire, 我渴慕的是祂的完全和祂永恒的产业,He is the source of my life. 祂是我生命的泉源。I trust Him in all circumstances.” 我在任何环境中都信靠祂。” The prophet’s joy wasn’t dependent on earthly blessings. 这先知的喜乐不依赖于地上的祝福,and on what he had,和他有什么 Even if he suffered from no food, 就算他受苦没饭吃,yet he was determined to praise God, 他也定了意起来赞美神,not to complain God. 绝不抱怨神。He counted God’s goodness in hard times 他在难处中数算神的恩典,and concluded that God was worthy of praise and thanksgiving, 并最后说神是配得赞美和感恩,so he still rejoiced in bad times, 因此他在困境中仍然欢欣喜乐,the enemy couldn’t touch him.仇敌攻击不到他。

The reason why giving thanks to God for all things 凡事感谢父神,isn’t because we have to thank God for the bad things. 不是我们要为不好的事感谢神,We thank God in the midst of all the bad things, 在不好的事中我们感谢神,because we believe that God is sovereign, 因为我们相信神掌权,and His goodness never changes. 信祂的良善永不改变。And giving thanks can turn our hearts from a self-focused mindset to a Jesus-focused attitude, 并且感恩可以让我们的心从自我中心,转向定睛耶稣,and it helps us look beyond people and circumstances, 帮助我们的眼目超越人和环境,and helps us avoid falling into the trap of worry, 帮助我们不掉进忧虑、fear, 惧怕、bitterness, 苦毒、unforgiveness, 不饶恕and all sorts of negative emotions,等各种负面情绪的陷阱, so that we can be kept safe 以至于我们可以得保全When you start to focus your mind and thoughts on the things and people around you, 你的心思意念若开始注视周围的人和事,your heart will be quickly overwhelmed by negativity, 你的心里很快就会被负面情绪充满,cos the enemy wants you to forget God’s command 因仇敌就想你忘记神的命令,and live according to the thinking of the self. 并且去照着旧人的思想活着。

But if you learn to look for reasons to thank God, 但你若找各种理由来感谢神,it’ll give you a different perspective. 就会得到完全不同角度来看问题。As long as you start looking for reasons to thank God, 只要你开始找理由来感谢神,your focus will shift from seeing things from your own narrow perspective to seeing something different with the eyes of the Holy Spirit. 你狭隘的眼光就会改变,就会从圣灵的眼光去看问题。By practising this, 因为借着操练感恩,the Holy Spirit will lead you into a new level of seeing things 圣灵会引导你进入新的层面来看事情, and changing you into a positive person more like Jesus. 并改变你成为更新耶稣的,积极正面的人。

This is my own story: 我自己的见证。Within these last three years, 过去三年,I experienced some similar “bad” things during my New Year holidays. 每次在放年终假时,我总是反复遇到相似的“坏事”。In 2020, as I had just started my holiday, 2020年,我刚放假,I was told that my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. 就得到通知说我老爸得了晚期前列腺癌;In 2021, just as I began my holiday, 2021年,我刚一放假,my mother was hospitalized我妈妈就住院了, first diagnosed with pneumonia最先说是肺炎, and then a heart problem.后来又说心脏有问题。In 2022到了2022年, as we had just arrived in Brisbane for our holiday,我们到布里斯班,刚开始放假,my parents and mother-in-law who were all nearly 90 were all tested positive for covid. 我父母和婆婆三位年近90岁的老人就都感染新冠,I wanted to take a breather coz I had been exhausted after a long time of serving. 那时我正想从长期服事的筋疲力尽中歇一歇。What is God’s will? 神的旨意是什么?How should I react? 我应该怎样应对?Looking back, 回望过去,I can’t image what would have happened 我无法想象会出什么状况,if I hadn’t obeyed the Holy Spirit 要是我没有遵圣灵带领,and practise God’s command to thank God above all the bad things. 操练为一切逆境感谢神。In 2020, after choosing to practise God’s command, 在2019年的那次,当我立志操练神的命令,I heard a small voice say, 就听到一个微小的声音说:“it’s a temptation.” “这是个试探。”Now four years later God has been proved true, 现在,4年过去了,事实证明神是真的,that my dad is healthy, 我父亲身体很健康,doesn’t have cancer, 没有得癌症,and he is about 90-years-old. 他马上就要到90岁了。In 2021, mum actually had been going through a spiritual battle, 2021年 我妈实际上是在经历属灵争战 after helping her to recognise God’s will,帮她认出神的旨意 she practised repentance and forgiveness,她操练了悔改和饶恕后 and she came out of the hospital healed.也得了医治.

This time, the three of them who are nearly 90 have all recovered from covid. 而今年这次,三位近90岁老人都从新冠康复。Thank God for putting brothers and sisters around them to look after them selflessly and carefully感谢神把弟兄姊妹放在他们身边无私和细心的照顾他们. We thank God for putting us in situations 感谢神把我们放在这样的环境里,where we can learn to lay down ourselves and practice God’s command, 可以放下自己,操练神的命令,and experience what a great God we serve! 并观看我们服事的神何等伟大! This time, I thank God for allowing Raymond and I to go into isolation for seven days due to catching covid. 这次我感谢神,因为感染新冠,神让我们有7天隔离期That was a real rest for us 那是一段真正的休息时间,after three weeks of “holiday” when I was still busy praying against the spiritual warfare 因在之前的三周“假期”里,我忙着祷告争战,and sharing the gospel with our son-in-law’s family members. 同时忙着给女婿的家人讲福音。Yet our labour wasn’t in vain, 但我们的劳苦没有白费,one of them asked for prayer before leaving for home including a prayer of confession and accepting Jesus as the Lord of her life. 其中一位在回国前请我带她做悔改祷告,称耶稣为生命的主。

I also thank God that during those seven days we were served by our family,我也感谢神,在那7天里,我们被全家人服侍,and the only thing we did was rest. 我们做的就是休息。Then, my low blood pressure due to extreme exhaustion was restored to a normal level. 然后,我的因极度疲劳导致的低血压恢复到正常水平。God’s ways are always higher than ours! 神的道路高过我们的道路!Why don't we praise God in all circumstances? 为什么我们不凡事感谢神呢?Why do we allow complaint, 为什么让抱怨、bitterness, 苦毒、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、fear, 惧怕、negativity to overwhelm us, so that we suffer? 负面情绪压垮我们呢?God’s commands are trustworthy, 神的命令是可信的,whoever walks in them will be blessed.  行在其中的必然蒙福。

How many people wanna receive blessing through walking in God’s commands? 我们当中有多少人愿意遵行神诫命得祝福?How many of us wanna say to God, 有多少人想对神说:“yes Lord, I’m gonna learn to thank You in all circumstances from today?” “是的,主,我今天愿意学习在凡事上感谢神”? Let’s stand up on our feet, 让我们站起身,now this is the time for you to reach out to God with your own thanksgiving. 现在就是借着感谢祂触摸到祂的时候了。You can look for reasons to thank God.你可以找各种理由感谢神。

Yes Lord, Jesus, I thank You for what You’ve done for me. 是的,主耶稣,我感谢你为我所做的一切。When I was a wanderer, You came to look for me. 当我是一个浪子时,你来寻找我。 When I messed up my life because of sin, 当我因为罪把我的生活搞得一团糟时, You shed your blood on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins. 你在十字架上流出你的宝血来遮盖我,让我的罪得以赦免。I thank You. 我感谢你。 all my sins, my failures, my mistakes which deserved punishment were put on You. 我一切的过犯,我的失败,我犯的错,都归在你身上。And You have given me Your eternal life and brought me into Your royal family, I give You thanks. 你将你的永生赐给我,又将我领进你的王室。我要称谢你。

Lord, I’m so grateful for giving me life, 主啊,我感谢你赐给我生命, I’m so grateful for the air I breathe, 感谢你,我们呼吸的空气是你所赐,for the clean water I drink, 饮用的清水是你所赐,and for the food I take each day.日用的饮食也是你所赐。There’s so much more to be grateful for, 有太多的事情值得我们去感恩,not just for things or people we think are good to us, 不仅仅是那些我们认为对我们好的人或事, but for the things or people we think are not good to us. 还有那些我们认为对我们不好的人或事。Because we’re not called to live a comfortable live on earth我们不是被召去过自己地上舒服的生活, we’re called to come out of our comfortable zone and surrender to God,我们是被召去脱离自我的满足,顺服神 so that we may become more like Jesus以至于可以更像耶稣

So now you can look for reasons to thank Him. 你可以找很多理由来感谢他。 Thank God for your enemies. 为你的对头来感谢耶稣。 It could be your children who don’t listen to you; 可能是你的孩子不听你的话; it could be your spouse who doesn’t do things your way; 可能是你的配偶不按你的方式做事;it could be anyone you don’t like. 可能是任何你不喜欢的人。

Thank God for using them to prune you, 感谢父神借他们来修剪你, just as the gardener trims every branch that doesn’t bear fruit, 就像园丁修剪不结果子的枝子,so that you may bear more fruit... 好叫你结出更多的果子……Thank God for His good intentions…感谢父神的美意,that He calls you to give thanks to God in all circumstances, which is to lift you up…祂呼召你去在每个环境里感恩,是为了提升你

Now, if you need to confess, you can confess…若你需要悔改,就可以悔改, “Forgive me Lord, 求主赦免我I didn’t practise your commands 我没有操练你的命令, I allowed my old way of thinking to control me through my circumstances,在环境中,我被旧人的思想道路辖制 so that I was overwhelmed by anger, bitterness, judgement以至于我被怒气,苦毒,论断所胜….it’s my way of thinking that gets me stumbled,是我自己的思想模式叫我自己跌倒 because I neglected Your commands…因我忽视你的命令I turn to Your way…我转向你…I receive Your forgiveness which Jesus Christ paid price on the cross for me,我接受你在十字架上为我付代价而赐给我的饶恕 to forgive myself 去饶恕自己and forgive those You have put around me to prune me和你放在我身边来修剪我的人….I thank Your for Your good will for me…感谢你对我的美好旨意….

 You may ask the Holy Spirit to change your way of thinking from being controlled by feelings from the self to become a thankful person…你可以求圣灵改变你的思维方式,不再受自我感觉的辖制,成为一个感恩的人, ask Him to help you see His good will in your circumstances rather than to react with your natural thoughts…求祂帮助你在你的环境中看到他的善意,而不是用你的天然人想法去应对环境…   Ask the Holy Spirit to tear down the stronghold of complaint, bitterness, and unforgiveness…你求圣灵拆毁抱怨、苦毒和不饶恕的坚固营垒…and put all those self-focused thoughts on the cross with Christ…把所有这些以自我为中心的思想一起钉在十字架上…ask the Holy Spirit to release power into your heart to help you cultivate a grateful attitude within you, 你求圣灵释放能力到你心里,帮助你培养感恩的心态,so that you may not just listen to the words, 这样你就可以不只是听道,but practise the words…而是操练行道…and through practising faith by thanksgiving, 借着感恩操练信心, when you make God bigger than your circumstances, 当你把神看得比你的环境更大时 God will lift you up above the circumstances…神必使你胜过环境……


Yes Lord, Jesus, 是的,主耶稣,You’re the King of kings and the Lord of lords.你是万王之王,万主之主。 You’re our heavenly Father, and our King, 你是我们的天父,我们的王, but You humbled Yourself to come and die for us. 但你却谦卑地来为我们而受死。 We thank You for Your sacrificial love, 我们感谢你牺牲的爱,which is not for us to take for granted. 这不是我们认为理所当然的。Thank You for calling us to become thankful people. 感谢你呼召我们成为感恩的人。The failure to thank You can cause a decline in our thinking, 不感恩会使我们的心无知,darkness can come into our hearts and become a king to rule over us again. 黑暗就进入我们的心,成为“王”,再次辖制我们。 But we thank You for the principle of gratitude, 但我们感谢你感恩的法则, the command to give thanks to God in all circumstances, which is for us to be lifted up over any situation. 就是这在一切处境中感谢神的命令,叫我们得以被高举,胜过自己和处境。

If we practice faith by expressing gratitude in our hard times, 如果我们在患难中的时候发出感恩,藉此操练信心, the spiritual atmosphere around us will begin to change 我们周围的属灵空气就会开始改变,and the power of Your presence will start to come 你同在的大能就会开始显现,and darkness will flee, 黑暗就会逃离,and our inner man will grow stronger in You.我们的新人就会在你里面变得更强大。What a great principle You’ve given us! 你所的法则何等有大能!Lord, remind us to not just listen to the words but carefully practise cultivating a gratitude attitude, 主啊,求你提醒我们,不单只听道,也要留心行道,培养感恩的心态,so that we may bring glory to Your name. 好叫我们荣耀你的名。


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