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2017-02-19 New Vision, New Start, New heart 新的异象,新的开始,新的心

发表于 2023-03-19

New Vision, New Start, New heart 新的异象,新的开始,新的心


Praise the Lord! God is the God who makes everything new! 赞美主耶稣!我们的上帝是使一切更新的上帝,He is doing a new thing for OTBC in this new year, isn’t He? 祂在新的一年开始正在为 OTBC 做新事,是不是?

More than 100 years ago, 我们都知道,在 100 多年前,there was a Chinese Mission Hall in OTBC, we all have known about this. OTBC 里有一个中国福音 堂。 Now the story is continually developing and renewing, 现在,这个故事正在延续和更新,not only for Chinese 不单只是中国人,but also for all races that will hear the word of God and the gospel of His Son Jesus Christ in this place, 并且还要有各种种族,肤色的人群,要在这里听到上帝的话语,和祂儿子耶稣基督的福音, just as what He has revealed to us by sending His words, visions and dreams. 正像祂用的话,异像异梦向我们启示的那样。

I’ve remembered that 12 years ago, 我记得12年前,God sent forth His words and His visions to me, 上帝也发出祂的话语,therefore our home church in East Asia was founded, 异梦异像,因此我们在深圳家里的教会就这样成立了,and it has been established by His truth and His mighty power.并且被祂的大能和祂的真理所坚立。The Lord Jesus works with us and confirms His vision and calling by signs and wonders that has accompanied the church in East Asia. 主耶稣与我们同工,并用神迹奇事见证祂所赐的呼召和异像,并与深圳家里的教会同在。

Now, vision and calling comes again, where shall we go? 如今,异像和呼召再一次的临到,我们要往哪里去?What shall we achieve? 我们要想成就怎样的目标?We know all new beginnings begin with Jesus Christ!我们知道一切的新开始都在基督里面!

A new life? 一个新生命的开始?– must be born again in Jesus Christ. 必须要在基督里面重生!A new service? 一个新的主日崇拜聚会的开始,Must be initiated by the Lord! 必须要主耶稣自己来发起!A new vision? 一个新的异像?Must be given by our Lord Jesus! 必须要从主耶稣而来!Because He is the sovereign God! 因为祂是掌管万有的 主!Then a question comes up:这样,问题来了:

1, Why a vision is so important for the church? 什么异像对教会是那么的重要?

Proverbs 29:18 KJV says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. "NIV” says: “where there is no revelation, the people cast off restrain. 箴言 29:18)没有异象(或作 默示),民就放肆,惟遵行神旨意的,便为有福。

In these two different English versions, . 在这两个 不同的英文版本,there are two different words, vision and revelation. 用了两个不同的字,异像和启示。 In Chinese version, it has included these two words在中文版本,这两个字都包含 了。 Obviously, when God’s words talk about “vision” and “revelation”, 很显然,当神的话讲到异像和默示,that has nothing to do with human’s will and desires, 是和人的意愿和想法毫无关系的,but the will of God and His desires.异像只是从神的旨意而来The term “vision” is a translation of a Hebrew word (Hazon). 这个术语异像是从希伯来文 “Hazon”翻译过来的. This noun is used 35 times in the OT. 这个名词在旧约里被用了35次。It is related to a verb (hazah), 这个字与希伯来文的动词“hazah“有关,which means to “see” and to “receive by revelation”.意思是看见 接受启示

If you are interested, please look up some verses, (Isa 1:1, Isa 2:1, 13:1, Amos 1:1)  如果你感兴趣的话,可以查阅一些经文,(赛 1: 1, 2:1, 13:1, 1:1Isa 1:1, the vision concerning Juda and Jerusalem that Isaiah son of Amoz saw during the reigns of Uzziah, Jatham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, king of Judah. 1:1,当乌西雅,约坦,亚哈斯,希西家,作犹大王的时候,亚摩斯的儿子以赛亚得默示,论到犹大和耶路撒冷。

You see, here in English vision, 我们可以看见,英文版本,the verb is using a word of “saw”, that is the past tense of ‘see’. 这里动词用看见的过去式,It means that Isa sees something, 意思是以赛亚从神那里看见了什么,but in our Chinese version, 但中文版本,it is saying that Isa has received a revelation from God. 是以赛亚从神那里得了默示。It’s similar with the following verses:以下的经文,都有类似之处: Isa 2:1, This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judau and Jerusalem. 2:1 亚摩斯的儿子以赛亚得默示,论到犹大和耶路撒冷。 Isa 13:1 An oracle concerning Babylon that Isaiah son of Amoz saw 13:1 亚摩斯的儿子以赛亚得默示,论巴比伦。

There are more verses that indicate the word of “vision” that is referring to a person who sees or receives a revelation from God, 还有好些经文,可以表明异象这个词,是和人从神那里看见或得着默示有关,due to the limited time, today, we won’t go through all of them.因为时间关系,今天我们就不一一查考了。 However, in the OT, the word of “vision” is relevant to receiving God’s word, 在旧约,异象这个词和神启示祂的话有关,that God would reveal His word and His instructions by sending visions.上帝会用异象来启示祂要说的话和指示。 Nowadays the writing of the bible has been accomplished, 如今圣经的写作已经完成了,so the function of a vision is not to finish the Bible, 所以,异象的功用不再是为完成写圣经,but to make His will and His instruction clear to us.而是为向我们显明祂的旨意和指示。

We also can see this principle from the book of Acts, 我们从使徒行传也可以看见这个属灵原则,serval times, the Lord Jesus instructed His disciples to share gospel by giving visions,主耶稣几次用异象来指示祂的门徒们去传福音。For example, in Acts 16, 在使徒行转 16 章, Paul the Apostle and his companions tried to enter the region of Bithynia, 使徒保罗和他的同伴想要去庇推尼,but during the night Paul saw a vision, 但晚上保罗见到异像,then he was corrected by the Lord that God didn’t allow them to preach the word in the province of Asia, 主纠正他并不许他在亚细亚一带传道,rather, called them to leave for Mecedonia to preach the gospel.而是呼召他们去马其顿传道。

From this, we can see that one of the work of the Holy Spirit is to correct us, 从这我们可以看见圣灵的一个工作, and to direct us by sending visions and dreams, 借着异像异梦纠正我们, so that we may be able to lay down our own wishes and wills 以至于我们能放下自己的意思和期望,to follow His direction that He wants us to go.去跟随祂要我们行的方向。This is His grace that through Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose from death to bestow us! 这是神 借着基督耶稣在十字架上的死和复活,所赐 给我们的恩典。 Praise the Lord, who guides us in path of righteousness!赞美主,祂引导我们 走义路!Therefore, vision from God is very important to the new start, 因此,从神来的异象对一个新的开始是非常的重要,which gives us a goal and direction that we can seek and follow to carry out God’s will, 它给我们目标和方向,使我们能 寻求和跟随,同时行出神的旨意,not our own will. 而不是我们自己的意思。 So, we may glorify His name through our obedience.那样, 借着我们的顺服或 许可以荣耀神的名。

2, New Start with A Vision statement. 一个异像宣言来开始我们的新开始

Today I don’t have enough time to explain how and what kind of vision I have received concerning the generating process of the new service. 今天,我没有足够的时间来说明关于新主日崇拜的异像是怎样来的, But if you are interested in it, please come to see me after the church, 但是如果你有兴趣听,可以在聚会后来找我,and I’ll tell you the story about it.我会告诉你这个神启示异像的故事。 Well, as some of you have known that our church’s vision is “People, location, and renewal”, 在我们当中,有些人已经知道我们教会的异像,是关于人,地点 和更新so based on the big vision, a vision statement for this new service has been generated:基于这个 教会的大异像,一个为新主日崇拜聚会的异像宣言被宣告如下:

We are a group of people originally from local and overseas chosen by the Lord Jesus being trained as His true disciples 我们是一群被主耶稣拣选的,从本地到海外的神子民,要被训练成祂的真门徒– the new creation that is being led by the Spirit of truth to walk and to do His will. —是被 真理的灵所引导的新造的人,靠圣灵而行,并行在祂的旨意里。We will be like an instrument of righteousness to be His workers into His harvest fields 我们将会成为义的器 皿,成为祂的工人,进入祂的庄稼地,to sow and to reap from local to overseas; 本地到海外去撒种和收割;with the help of the power of the Holy Spirit, 从靠着圣灵大能, we will be fruitful 我们将是多结果子的一群,and able to make disciples of all nations to glorify Jesus’ name.并靠着圣灵使万民做主的门徒,荣耀主耶稣的圣名!

The vision statement points out where we are heading and what we are seeking to achieve. 这个异像宣言指出了我们要往哪里去,并且什么是我们所要追求去成就的。 Firstly, “We are group of people, chose by the Lord.... being trained as His true disciples....that is in relation to “people”. 首先,“我们是一群被主耶稣拣选的神子民正被训练成为祂的真门徒…“ 这是本教会异 像里的有关于 的部分。 It declares our identity that who we are- Yes, we are people, but we are people of God…we are being trained as His true disciples…we are new creation in Jesus… 它宣告了我们的身份,我们是谁?我们是人,当然,但我们是上帝的子民我们正 在被训练成为主的真门徒我们在基督里是新造的人

Secondly, “From local to overseas” that is relevant to “location”, 第二, “从本地到海外 地点这部分有关联,where the boundary is set that we can go for His harvest fields from local to overseas.就是神为我们所设定的边界,这地点是让我们传福音从本地一直到海外

Thirdly, “- the new creation that is being led by the Spirit of truth to walk and to do His will…” 第三, 我们 “-是被真理的灵所引导的新造的人,靠圣灵而行,并行在祂的旨意里…” until to the end… these are all talking about “renewal”.到最后, 这里是关于更新的部分。

It is not just a renewal outwardly by doing some new works, 这不是单单一个外在的更新,就是做一些新的事,but it is to be renewed inwardly 而是一个最重要的内在的更新,that we no longer to be led by the desires of the sinful nature, 内心不再是被旧人的欲望所引导,but by being led by the Spirit of truth to walk and to do His will in our daily life ‘s practice,而是被真理的灵引导而行事,并且在我们每天生命的 操练中行神的旨意。 for Jesus says that everyone who hears the words of God, 因为耶稣说那 听见祂的话就去行的,and puts them into practice that is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.就像一个聪明人建造他的房子在磐石上。

If we apply the word of God into our daily life, 如果我们在生活中操练神的话,our relationship with God will go deeper and closer, 我们和神的关系就会更深更亲近,and His words may literally be made alive to us, 祂的话在我们的生 命里就会成为活的带领,rather than studying the knowledge of Christ just in our head.认识基督不再是头脑里的知识。 Do you want to get a close relationship with God? 你想要和神有更亲近的关系吗?I’m not saying that something about selfishness and self-centredness. 我并不是指享受自私的,和自我中心的个人关系。It is an intimate relationship with the Father as what Christ Jesus has, 那是一种如同基督与父那样亲密的关系,which enables him to lay down his life for love.这合一的关系使他为爱舍命。

How many people desire this? 多少人有这样的渴望?Let’s commit to the New Vision! 我们委身在这个新异像里!Embrace the New Start by longing for being renewed inwardly day by day.让用渴望一天新似一天的内在更新,来拥抱这个新开始. We believe that if we are obedient to Him by denying to ourselves, 我们相信如果我们舍己来顺服祂,seeking the goal that is not what we live but He lives in us, 追求终极目标就不是我们活,而是祂在我们里 面活,He will fulfil the great thing for us!祂就能为我们成就大事!

3, New Start requires a New Heart 新的开始始于一颗新的心

2 Cor 4:16-18 says: 16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 林后 4:16-17:所以,我们不丧胆。外体虽然毁坏,内心却一天新似一天。17我们这至轻至暂的苦楚,要为我们成就极重无比的荣耀。18原来我们不是顾念所见的,乃是顾念所不见的,因为所见的是暂时的,所不见的是永远的。

What does it mean? 这经文在说什么?If Christians just focus on the things or jobs that to be done that are seen, 如果基督徒只是定睛在做事情或完成工作,这些看得见 事情上,it is just a temporary thing. 这只是一些短暂的事。Because the devil knows how to distract our focus from Jesus to the things that are seen.因为那恶者知道要怎样使诡计,使我们从定睛耶稣的旨意上转移到看得见的事上。

For example, when Christians confront a result where they didn’t get what they have expected, 就像当基督徒遭遇一些事,那结果和他们所期望的不同,or when they encounter troubles and suffering from injustice,或者他们遇到了患难和艰 难, If they value the things that are seen, they may get disappointed, and question God: 他们可能会因失望而质问上帝:“Why didn’t You help me… “为什么你不帮我…or why didn’t You listen to my plea…. 为什么你不听我的呼求…why…” too many “why” …为什 太多太多的为什么,that can cause us to lose heart.以至于会使我们失去信心,” But if we have a new heart to believe that what is unseen is eternal, 但若我们有一颗新心相信,那没有看见的是永存的,we will put our faith on God’s words, 我们就把信心放在神的话语上, by the time of trouble, we will be able to practice what we believe in, 借着难处来操练我们所信的,that is to exalt Christ in our body.就是让基督在我们身上显为大。

Ministering the church in China, 在中国牧养教会时,I heard such a testimony. It can always encourage me to seek the things that are unseen, when I face troubles.我曾听到这样一个见证,它总能鼓励我,在遇见难处时,去寻求那看不见的事。 A pastor was sent to a certain village in Africa to share gospel, I’m not sure who is from HK or from other places, 我忘了那个牧师到底是从香港还是从哪里,被差去非洲某个村庄传福音的, When he settled down, and opened his home to have a small Sunday service with the local people, 当他在那地住下来,打开家门,请当地的居民来他家听福音 做礼拜, he found that all the village had already heard the story of Jesus Christ, but nobody would choose to believe, 他发现这个村庄其实早已经听过耶稣的福音,yet they still came to listen to him.就是没有人来信耶稣, 但他们还是来他家听道。 Later, he found that people came, not for listening to the truth but for something else, 之后,他发现那些人来不是来听真理的,是为其他的事而来,because they asked him: 因为他们问他说:“Pastor, why don’t you tell us more about this truth on what Jesus says, “ 师,为什么你不和我们讲讲这个真理,就是耶稣说,if someone wants to take your tunic, 若有人夺你的外衣,let him have your cloak as well.”连里衣也给 他夺去。” The pastor didn’t answer them, 那牧师没有回答他们,because he knew that they would come up to rob all his possessions, when he mentioned this verse.因为他知道,要是他讲这节经文,他们会上来把他的财物全搬 走的 One day, the Lord strengthened his faith and he boldly preached on this verse with the power of God’s love, 一天,他的信心被主坚固,在主爱的大能里,放胆讲解这节经文 Just finished preaching, 刚讲完,his all possessions, and even his clothes in the wardrobe was taken away by the people who listened to the sermon, 他的全部财物,甚至衣柜里的衣服都被拿走了,because they said to him: 因为他们对他说,“This is what your Lord has commanded you, “这是你 的主,耶稣这样命令你的,if someone wants to take your tunic, 若有人想夺你的外衣,let him have your cloak as well.连里衣也要给他拿去。

That night, the pastor was very sad, looking around the empty house, 那天晚上,那牧师看着那空空的房子,就很难过,he prayed: 祷告说:“Lord, you see, I told you, “主啊,你看,我都说了,it’s not a proper time to preach on this verse, 讲这节经文还没到时间,but you said ‘yes’, 但你要我讲,now, what shall I do? ... ”现在,我该怎么办呢?…” He was too frustrated to continue opening his mouth to pray…他很沮丧, 以至于祷告也祷告不下去了…his heart filled with anger…心里充满了愤怒… When he was still quite before God, 当他还安静在神面前,the scriptures of how Jesus prayed earnestly with his sweat that was like drops of blood falling to the ground in Gethsemane turned up into his mind,耶稣在客西马尼园竭力祷告,汗滴好像血滴一样的掉到地上,的经文出现在他心里。 Jesus prayed, “if you are willing, take this cup away from me, yet not my will, but Yours be done.” 耶稣的祷告说:父啊,倘若许可,请将这杯撤去,但不要成就我的意思,只要成就你的意思。” Immediately, his heart was melted and strengthened, and able to turn to God, prayed: 即刻,他的心被主爱熔化和坚固了,转向神祷告说: “Forgive me, Lord, “求主赦免我,for I value the things that are seen, 因为我看重了那些看得见的东西,more than value the abundant life that you have promised me by offering your life to the Father…胜过你所应许的,那就是借着基督舍命交托父,所要给我的丰盛的生命…and you died on the cross for my sins…你在十字架上为我罪舍命…again, for the fulfilment of Your purpose, 为成就你的计划,I give all I have and all I am to You…我再一次献上我的一切在你手中…help me, whatever happens, 帮助我,无论发生什么事,let me live out a life worthy of Your gospel to glorify Your name…”使我能活出与你的福音相称的样子,荣耀你的名… ”

The next Sunday, 接下来的主日,the pastor still opened his house with joy to welcome the people, 那牧师仍然喜乐的打开了他的家,but all the people came with fear and with the stuff that they had taken away, saying:迎接那些人来听道,但所有的人都 战战兢兢的来了,并带了他们拿去的物品回来,说: “We want to believe in your God Jesus. “我们要来信你的上帝耶稣。Now, we give all your possessions back, 现在,我们把你的财物还给你,because since we took your goods to our home, 因为自从我们拿了你的物品到我们家,our sons and daughters and our fields inflicted serious problems during the week,在整个一周里,我们的儿女和田地都遭了秧。So, we believe that we have sinned against your God. 我们相信一定是得罪了你的上帝,The intention we came today is to repent and to accept Jesus as our saviour, 今天我们来的目的是要来悔改,和接受耶稣成为我们的救主,please tell us how shall we do?”请告诉我们,我们该如何做?” Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! 哈利路亚!赞美主! The pastor was stunned, what a wonderful God Jesus is! 那个牧师惊呆了,何等奇妙的主耶稣!

If we obey His commands even suffer loss in our hard time, 若我们在环境里,就算承受损失, and seek the things that unseen, 都愿遵行祂的命令,去追求那看不见的事,God will do something amazing beyond what we can think and imagine, 上帝就会做远超过我们所思所想的奇妙事!because He is the God who is Faithful!因为祂是信实的主! If we seek and focus on our inner life to be more Christ-likeness that is unseen, 如果我们在患难和受委屈时,我们追求和注重看不见的事,when we face troubles, and suffering from injustice,我们的内在生命就会更像耶稣, our hearts and minds will be renewed time after time by practicing what the truth has taught us,因着一次次的操练真理, 我们的心和思想就会被更新,that is to put off our old-self, and put on the new self, 那就是脱下旧人,穿上新人,which is like Him in true righteousness and holiness.这新人像主一样,有真理 的仁义和圣洁。

When we go for this way, 当我们走在这条路上,seeking to be renewed from inwardly to outwardly;追求从里面到外面的更新,allowing the Holy Spirt to do a circumcision of the heart within us,应许圣灵在我们的里面作割礼, we will grow up in His truth, 我们就会在祂的真理里成长,and will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirt, 并会被圣灵的能力充满,the Almighty God will work through us effectively and powerfully! 全能的神会借我们做大有果效和能力的工!Do you believe it?你相信吗?

Do you believe it? 你信吗? How many people really believe it? 多少人真的信这话,Please wave your hand! Thanks!请挥挥你的手,谢谢! May the Lord encourage all of us to practice His words daily, 愿主耶稣激励我们大家每天行祂的道,and renew us from inwardly to outwardly, 从里到外更新我们。so that though outwardly we are wasting away, 因此,外体虽然一天一天朽坏,yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day内里却一天新似一天。

This is what we are pursuing, 这就是我们要追求的,“We will be like an instrument of righteousness to be His workers into His harvest fields to sow and to reap, “我们将会成为义的器皿,成为祂的工人,进入祂的庄稼地, from local to overseas; 从本地到海外去撒种和收割;with the help of the power of the Holy Spirit, 靠着圣灵大能,we will be fruitful and able to make disciples of all nations to glorify Jesus’ name.我们将是多结果子的一群,并靠着圣灵 使万民做主的门徒,荣耀主耶稣的圣名!

Let’s pray: (让我们来祷告)

Lord, thank you for the pain of the cross that you bore for us, 主啊,感谢你为我们忍受十字架的苦楚,and thank you for the price that you have paid for our sins.也感谢你为我们的罪付上的代价。 Please help us to remember, 请帮助我们牢记,if we practice the truth of dying with You, 如果我们操练和你同死的真理,and we will live with Your also.我们就必与你同活。 Through this new start and new vision, 借着这个新开始和新异象,please give us a new heart!求你赐给我们一颗新心 A heart that would not to value the things that are seen, 求赐我们 一颗不再以看得见的事为念的心,but would value the things that are unseen, 只要顾念那看不见的事,which is the promised gift—Jesus Christ and His abundant life,就是神所 赐,应许给我们的耶稣基督,和祂丰盛的生命, it may ensure us to overcome the schemes of the evil one, 这生命能确保我们胜过那恶者的诡计,and for His divine love’s sake, 并且因祂大爱,we may stand firm for truth.使我们能为真理站立。 In Jesus name we pray! Amen 奉主耶稣的名祷告!阿门!


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