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2023-04-23 Preparation for vessels of Deliverance (1) 预备成为医治释放的器皿(一)

发表于 2024-01-08

 (Judges 6:1-16, 25-32)

Last time we talked about how the Kingdom advances itself with deliverance. 上一次我们分享了神国度怎样借医治释放扩张,We’re called to be soldiers of the Kingdom. 而我们被呼召成为国度的士兵。As a soldier, you can't just turn up for war without preparation, 作为士兵,你不能毫无准备就上战场,and say, 然后说,“hi, give me a gun, “嗨,把枪给我,let me fight the enemy.” 让我与敌人作战。”Then you might die. 那你可能会被打死。The same with Spiritual battle. 属灵争战也是如此。So today, let’s see how to be prepared as vessels of Deliverance through Judges 6:1-32,  所以今天我们来读6:1-32看看怎样预备自己成为释放的器皿。

From v.1-6, we see that Israel the people of God suffered from financial curses, 在这段里神子民以色列遭受财务诅咒,and they were bullied by the enemies, whilst groaning. 他们因被敌人欺负而哀求神。In v.9-10, we’re told that it’s because the sin of idolatry and disobedience opened doors for the enemy to come in and bully them. 9-10节,告诉我们拜偶像和悖逆的罪为仇敌开门来欺负他们,So God first called them to repent. 神呼召他们先悔改。The same with us. 我们也一样。Afterwards, God raised a man called Gideon to deliver Israel from their enemy’s hands. 然后神兴起一个名叫基甸的人,拯救以色列人脱离仇敌的手。In the NT, 在新约里,Jesus came to deliver His people from the torture of sin, evil spirits, 耶稣来救他们脱离罪和邪灵的折磨, to set them free from entanglement with the evil kingdom从罪恶国度的捆绑中拯救出来,使他们得自由, and restore them as a holy priesthood of His Kingdom of Light. 恢复他们成为光明国度里的圣洁祭司。The two invisible Kingdoms are at war. 两个看不见的国度正在交战,Which laws of the kingdom people obey shows which kingdom they’re really from. 人遵从哪个国度的法则 就说明他们属于哪个国度。So God won’t stop looking for vessels of deliverance. 神不会停止寻找医治释放的器皿,He will prepare them, 祂会预备他们,and they’ll pay the price to their calling. 他们会为神的呼召付上代价。Let’s learn from Gideon’s story 让我们从基甸的故事中学习how God will prepare us for Deliverance ministry. 神如何预备我们去做医治释放的事工。

1, The need of fresh encounters with God frequently. 需要常遇见神 

v.11-12, the messenger of the Lord appeared to Gideon, and said, 11-12,耶和华的使者向基甸显现,对他说:The Lord is with you mighty warrior.“大能的勇士,耶和华与你同在。”What did that mean to Gideon? 这对基甸意味着什么?In Exo 15:3, The LORD is a warrior; Yahweh is his name. 出埃及记15:3,耶和华是勇士;耶和华是他的名。Our God is called a Mighty Warrior.我们的神被称为大能的勇士。In the OT, Yahweh Sabaoth is one of the popular names of the Lord, 耶和华万军之主是旧约中主最常用的名字之一,appearing about 300 times. 出现了大约300次。The name Sabaoth comes from the Hebrew word for 这名来自希伯来语,“that goes forth” and for “armies or hosts”, 意思是“前进的”,“万军之主”,meaning “the Lord of Hosts”, 意思是“万军之耶和华”,who controls the visible and the invisible Angelic Hosts of Armies. 祂掌管看得见的和看不见的天军。

In the OT when young David confronted Goliath, he said, 在旧约中,年轻的大卫面对歌利亚,说,you come against me with sword and spear… but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel…大卫对非利士人说:“你来攻击我,是靠着刀枪和铜戟;我来攻击你,是靠着万军之耶和华的名,就是你所怒骂带领以色列军队的 神。Sam撒上17:45  he understood the real conflict, 他知道真正的冲突在哪里,he knew that “the battle is spiritual”, “the battle is the Lord’s”. 他知道“这争战是属灵的”,“胜败乃在乎主”,Then God helped him defeat Goliath. 然后神帮助他打败了歌利亚。Here when Gideon encountered the Angel of the Lord这里当基甸遇见耶和华的使者时,immediately, the Angel said. 天使立刻说: “The Lord is with you, “耶和华与你同在,you’re a mighty warrior in Him.” 你在他里面是大能的勇士。” The Angel brought him back to who he is in God. 天使宣告他在主里的身份。This is what we need as we walk in our Christian life every single day! 这是我们基督徒每一天生活所需要的!Imagine, when you’re scared, 想一下,当你害怕的时候,you hide yourself behind something like Gideon did. 你像基甸一样躲在什么东西后面,But in times of trouble, the Holy Spirit moves in your heart, 但在难处中,若圣灵触摸你的心,and says this to you, 对你说: “the Lord is with you, “万军之耶和华的儿女,child of the Lord of Hosts.” 万军之主与你同在。” Will you still be scary? 你还会怕吗?

Recently, someone told me, 最近,有人对我说: “Yes, I know I’m a child of God, “我知道我是神的儿女啊,I know God is with me, 我知道神与我同在,but I still don’t have the strength to overcome fear and anger.” 可是我还是无法胜过惧怕和怒气。”True! 这是真的!Our head knowledge can’t even change us a bit. 我们的头脑知识一点儿不能改变我们,We need personally encounters with Jesus frequently. 我们需要有常遇见耶稣的个人经历。It should be something we experience quite often through our worship to Him in reading, praising, mediating on, and obeying His Word. 这当是借着我们的读经、赞美、默想和遵行祂的话,经常可以去经历的事。

Remember, the most powerful weapon Satan using against us is to get us to forget our identity in Christ. 撒旦用来对付我们最有力的武器就是让我们忘记在基督里的身份。When you forget who you are in Christ in the midst of your circumstances, 当你在环境中忘记在基督里是谁,you won’t be conscious of God, 你就不会意识到神,so you won’t turn to God你也不会转向神, all you behave will make you an orphan again, 你所行的只会让你又像个孤儿一样,“I’ve gotta figure it out…“我要想办法I’ve gotta prove that I can…“我必须来证明我可以……” then you’ll be entangled in the ways of the previous kingdom, 然后你就会被先前国度的思维方式缠绕,and continue to produce bad fruit, 不停结出坏果子,like comparison, anger, feelings of rejection, complaint, bitterness, and the like.比如比较,愤怒,被拒绝感,抱怨,苦毒等等。“The Lord of Hosts is with you!” “万军之耶和华与你同在!” We need to hear that in the midst of our circumstances! 我们需要在环境里听见这话!“Yes, the Lord of Hosts is with me, “是的,万军之耶和华与我同在 He is in Control, 祂掌管一切。nothing is more important than seeking and doing His will to please Him.” 再没有比寻求祂旨意,遵行祂旨意,讨祂喜悦更重要的事了。” See? A personal encounter with Jesus brings light into our lives. 与耶稣相遇的个人经历会给我们的生命带来亮光,It makes who you are in Christ alive to you. 它使你在基督里的身份变得活泼。Like Gideon, your purpose of this life will be clarified 像基甸一样,你的人生目的就会清晰起来,and you’ll receive the strength to do God’s will. 你会得着遵行神旨意的力量。

2. The need of tearing down idols. 需要拆毁偶像

In v.14-16 Strangely, God didn’t immediately send Gideon out to do the task after calling him,  14-16节,奇怪的是,神在呼召他后并没有立即派他去执行这项任务, Rather, in v.25, 相反,25God first commanded Gideon to tear down his father’s altar to Baal 神吩咐基甸先去拆毁他父亲为巴力所筑的坛,and cut down the Asherah pole beside it. 砍下坛旁的亚舍拉像,Then God asked Gideon to build an altar to the Lord. 又吩咐基甸为耶和华筑一座坛。Why? 为什么?Because God wants us to know that the battle between the two kingdoms on earth is spiritual. 因为神想我们明白两个国度在地上的争战是属灵的,What happens in the physical world is impacted by the realm of the spiritual world. 物质世界发生的事受到灵界的影响。In other words, the spiritual world dominates the physical world换句话说,属灵世界决定物质世界。God reveals this truth by Gideon’s victory over the enemy army of 135,000 with just 300 men (Judges 8:4,10), after the altar to Idols had been demolished. 在基甸拆毁偶像祭坛后,借着300人打败13.5万人的敌军,神揭示了这个真理That’s incredible! 实在难以置信!Last year, Russia also had sent 135,000 soldiers into Ukraine, 去年,俄罗斯也向乌克兰派遣了13.5万名士兵,and Ukraine needed more soldiers than Russia to defend itself. 而乌克兰需要比俄罗斯更多的士兵来抵挡,But God only used 300 men to defeat a great army. 但神只用300个人就打败了一支强大的军队。 God is in control! 神掌权!The key to bringing this victory was that Gideon listened to God and obeyed. 这场得胜的关键是基甸顺服听神的话。

God’s intention for the people He created is that they may become channels for heaven to come to earth. 神造人的目的是让他们成为天国降临的通道。Through their true worship, 借着他们真实的敬拜,accessing the spiritual realm, where God is, 进入神所在的灵界,they may bring His presence, goodness, healing, deliverance, love, joy, peace, and His victory to earth, 他们可以把神的同在、良善、医治、拯救、爱、喜乐、平安和胜利带到地上,and drive away the movements of the dark and invisible kingdom, 赶走那看不见的黑暗国度, and set people free from the oppression of poverty, 并使人可以脱离贫困、constant sickness, 不断的疾病、divorce离婚、 suicide and all sorts of bad luck.自杀和各种厄运的压制。

You may think, 你可能会想,“well, I don’t have such faith.” “我可没有这么大的信心。” God didn’t choose a great man, or wealthy men, or intelligent people. 神不拣选伟人、富人或聪明人,He looks for people after His own heart. 祂寻找合祂心意的人,He chose Gideon a fearful man, like us. 祂拣选了基甸,一个和我们一样胆小的人,But Gideon was willing to pay the price to fulfil his call. 但基甸愿意付代价去完成神的呼召。God chooses the least, the weakest to carry out His will. 神选择最渺小,最软弱的人来行使祂的旨意,Because His power is made perfect in weakness, 因祂的能力是在人的软弱上显得完全。Gideon didn’t yield to his own fear, 基甸没有顺从自己的惧怕而行,he chose to listen to God by destroying the altars of the idols and restoring the altar of God for the people to worship God. 他选择听神的话去拆毁偶像的祭坛,并恢复神的祭坛,让人们敬拜神。Then, God gave him victory over the huge army. 这之后,神让他战胜了庞大的军队。What have we learnt to get us prepared for Deliverance? 那么我们借此学了什么来为释放服事预备自己? Number one, frequent encounters with Jesus are needed, 第一,我们需要常亲身与耶稣相遇,when our identity will be made alive, 让我们在基督里的身份活画起来,our sense of mission will be clarified, 让我们的使命感清晰起来,and we’ll receive strength for our mission in life. 让我们得着完成使命的力量。

Number two, we need to tear down the altars of idols in our hearts which may have been passed down from our ancestors. 第二,我们需要拆掉自己生命中祖宗传下来的偶像祭坛。Years ago, I ministered to a sister, 多年前,我服侍过一位姊妹,who vaguely felt that there were evil powers at work both in her life and her family. 她隐约感到她的生活和家庭中都有邪恶的力量在起作用。Her mum told me that in a dream she saw an intangible ancestral altar in the Christian daughter’s house, 她妈妈告诉我,她做梦看到基督徒女儿的家里有一个看不见的祖先祭坛,from which incense ashes kept falling. 看见香灰不断地从祭坛上落下来。Incense Ashes are the outcome of burning incense as an offering on the ancestral altar. 香灰是烧香供奉祖先祭坛用的,However, the altar was invisible. 但祭坛却看不见。This meant that her secret place was bound by something which caused her to behave like her ancestors, 这意味着她的隐秘之处被某些东西束缚着,这些东西使她像她的祖先那样行事为人,not like Jesus. 不像耶稣。God’s judgement is true. 神的判断是真实的。An Altar has power because it interacts with the spiritual world. 祭坛之所以有能力,是因为它与灵界互动。Altars are places of worship, places of exchange. 祭坛是敬拜的地方,是交换的地方。That’s why God sent Gideon to tear down his ancestral altars first这就是为什么神让基甸先去拆掉他祖先的祭坛,before allowing him to fight for Israel. 然后才让他为以色列人而战。For there’re evil powers behind the altar to keep people in idolatry and bondage. 因为在祭坛后面有邪恶的力量束缚着人们拜偶像。If you go to Asia, 如果去亚洲,you see physical altars everywhere, 你会看到到处都是祭坛,in restaurants, on streets, everywhere. 餐馆、街上到处都是。I once judged that they were ignorant, 我曾论断那些人是无知的,but now I’ve realised that those people understand the spiritual world. 但现在我发现那些人认识灵界. They know that altars are places of worship, sacrifice, prayer, and exchange. 知道祭坛是敬拜、奉献、祈祷和交换的地方。They offer sacrifices to their gods in exchange for blessings. 他们向他们的神献祭以换取祝福,Yet they still live in bondage. 然而他们仍然生活在捆绑之中。An altar is a biblical idea, 祭坛是圣经中的概念,which appears 374 times throughout the bible. 在圣经中一共出现了374次。Even in the book of Revelation, we see a gold altar before the throne in heaven (Re 8:3).  即便是在启示录中,我们也看到天上宝座前有一个金坛(8:3)

Whenever there is an altar, there’re people offering something as a sacrifice to it. 有祭坛,就有人向它献祭。In Romans 12, 但在罗马书12章,we’re called to be living sacrifices, holy, and acceptable to God. 我们被呼召成为活祭,是圣洁的,是神喜悦的。What does that mean? 这是什么意思?In the NT, the real altar of God is the cross of Jesus, 在新约中,神真正的祭坛是耶稣的十字架,where the ultimate sacrifice was paid. 在那里终极祭物被献上。At the Cross, 在十字架上,Christ’s complete obedience defeated the power of sin and death 基督完全的顺服打败了罪和死亡的权势,and broke every chain of curses. 打破了每个咒诅的锁链。So don’t assume that you can carry God’s power to set people free that it won’t cost you anything. 所以,不要以为你可以不付出任何代价就拥有神的大能,使人得自由。No, we’re called to follow Jesus by taking up the cross, 断乎不会,我们被召唤来跟随耶稣背起十字架,the ultimate altar of God, 那是神的终极祭坛,where we’re gonna offer ourselves as living sacrifices, 我们要在那里把自己作为活祭来献上。It means that we are no longer masters of ourselves, 我们不再是自己的主, “all my money, 我所有的钱, all my time, 我所有的时间,all my energy belongs to Jesus. 我所有的精力都是属于主耶稣, I need the Lord of my life to show me 我需要生命的主指示我, where to spend my money我的钱要花在哪里 and where to spend my time我的时间要花在哪里。If we wanna offer ourselves as living sacrifices to be hands and feet of Jesus to deliver others, 若我们想献上自己为活祭成为主耶稣释放他人的器皿, God will say, 神会说: “first, you’ve gotta tear down your secret altars to idols in your hearts“首先你要拆除你心中隐秘的偶像祭坛, and build an altar to Me建立敬拜我的祭坛.”

3, The need of overcoming fear. 需要克服恐惧

v.28-30, 28-30节,In the morning when the people of the town got up, there was Baal’s altar, demolished, with the Asherah pole beside it cut down and the second bull sacrificed on the newly built altar! 城里的人清早起来,见巴力的坛拆毁,坛旁的木偶砍下,第二只牛献在新筑的坛上,29 They asked each other, “Who did this?” When they carefully investigated, they were told, “Gideon son of Joash did it.” 29就彼此说:“这事是谁作的呢?”他们访查之后,就说:“这是约阿施的儿子基甸作的。” 30 The people of the town demanded of Joash, “Bring out your son. He must die…”30城里的人对约阿施说:“将你儿子交出来,好治死他,……” What’s going on here? 发生了什么事? When people’s idols get touched, they get furious, they hated and wanted to kill Gideon. 当人们的偶像被碰触,他们就会愤怒,恨人,想要杀了基甸。Surely there’re evil powers hidden behind idols. 偶像背后藏着邪恶的力量,They seek to control people and fill people with anger, 他们想控制人,让人充满愤怒,fear, 惧怕,sense of being offended, and hatred被冒犯感和仇恨。Why did the people get angry with Gideon? 百姓为什么向基甸发怒呢?

They were offended. 他们被冒犯了。They were filled with fear! 他们充满了恐惧!And out of their fear they threatened to kill Gideon. 因为害怕,他们威胁要杀了基甸。So how do you know what invisible idols you’re serving?” 你怎么知道你在服事什么看不见的偶像呢?” It’s easy. 这很简单,When you flare up immediately. 当你立即发作的时候。For some people, 对一些人来说,when they’re told to chuck out their stuff, 当他们被告知要扔掉他们的东西时,they blow up, 他们就发火了,their old stuff or fear of lack of money has become idols they serve. 他们的旧物件,或对钱不够花的恐惧就是他们服侍的偶像。For others, 对另一些人来说,their idols are called stubbornness or arrogance or fear or rejection or offence. 他们的偶像是固执、骄傲自大、惧怕、拒绝感或冒犯。Whatever it is that triggers you, 不管是什么触动了你发作情绪,there’s an idol with a spirit hidden behind to flare you up. 都有一个邪灵在那偶像后面叫你发怒。In the last days, 在末后的日子里,we see that people in church tend to be ‘nice’. 我们看到教会里的人倾向于友善“I won’t correct you, “我不会指正你,I’m nice to your idols, 我对你的偶像好,please don’t touch my idols, 请你也别碰我的偶像,let’s be nice to each other’s idols”. 让我们对彼此的偶像友好

But if you wanna become vessels for deliverance in God’s Kingdom, 但如果你想在神的国度里成为释放他人的器皿,there’s always clashes and confrontations taking place. 总是会有冲突和对抗的事发生。We see when Moses destroyed the calf the people made as an idol, 我们看到,当摩西把百姓所造作偶像的牛犊杀了的时候,the people were agitated; 百姓都被激动;When Elijah tore down the idols, 当以利亚拆毁偶像的时候,the woman Jezebel was furious and threatened to kill him. 耶洗别大发雷霆,威胁要杀他。When Paul the apostle called people to not serve idols in the book of Acts, 当使徒保罗在使徒行传中呼召人们不要侍奉偶像时,people hated him and tried to kill him. 人就恨他,并试图杀了他。That’s not nice. 这不是友好的事。When you cast out demons, 你们赶鬼的时候,demons will say to you, “I hate you.” 鬼要对你们说:我恨你们。” I had people say to me “I hate you” many times, 有很多人对我说我恨你but after they were set free, they appreciated it. 但在他们被释放后,他们很感激。Deliverance is a confrontation between two kingdoms. 医治释放是两个国度之间的争战。It won’t be nice sometimes. 有时它不会很友好。It requires us to take an active part它需要我们主动行动, working with the Holy Spirit humbly谦卑的与圣灵同工, to confront sin and hidden spirits. 对抗罪和隐藏的邪灵。Eph 6 tells us that our warfare is not against people. 以弗所书6章告诉我们,我们不是与属血气的争战。Our warfare is against our own standards of the flesh with hidden spirits behind. 我们的争战是对抗我们自己的标准和背后隐藏着的邪灵。If you find that you can't stop judging or murmuring如果你发现你的论断或埋怨停不下来,or you can't stop talking to yourself, 或内心的叽里咕噜停不下来, or you can’t stop watching something you shouldn’t have watched… 你停不下来不看不该看的……You need to raise an awareness that you are not just dealing with the flesh, 你需要意识到的是你不只是在处理肉体的罪, but an invisible force which is seeking to control you. 而是一种无形的力量在试图控制你

You need to call on the name of the Lord immediately, 你当立即求告主名 “Lord Jesus, save me!”“主耶稣,救我!”Coz God has promised us that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (Romans 10:13). 因神应许我们求告主名的必得救。You need to pick up the bible, 你要拿起圣经,and ask the Lord, “send Your words to heal me! 求主说,“发出你的话来医治我! I repent of my old ways of thinking, 我悔改自己的旧思想路线, renew my mind with Your words.用你的话更新我的思想。” But don’t forget to rebuke the evil spirits to leave. 但不要忘记斥责邪灵离开, coz only the name of Jesus overcome Satan. 因只有主耶稣的名胜过撒旦。Now here is the thing, 这是我要说的,only when you’ve experienced deliverance yourself, 只有你自己经历了释放,can you be used by God to deliver others你才能被神使用去释放他人得自由。Gideon had experienced God’s deliverance before he was sent to set others free. 基甸在被派去释放他人之前自己经历了神的拯救, The people said 人说 “He must die.” “他必须死。” God said, 神说 “You’ll not die. “你不会死. “The Lord of hosts is with you.” “万军之耶和华与你们同在。” So don’t be threatening! 不要接受恐吓!The battle is the Lord’s. 胜败乃在乎耶和华。Gideon didn’t die but saved his family and his nation through God’s power. 基甸没有死,而是借着神的大能拯救了他的家人和他的国家。Christ didn’t draw back from fear. 基督没有因为恐惧而退缩,He died and was resurrected! 他死了又复活了!

Today, your life is not just about yourself. 今天,你的生命不仅仅是关乎你自己,You’re part of the Kingdom. 你是神国的一部分。 The Kingdom is coming in power and in glory. 神国正大有能力的荣耀地降临。God is calling you to participate in His glorious work to set people free. 神正在呼召我们参与祂荣耀的工作,使人得自由。He is calling us to prepare. 祂呼召我们要预备。He is calling us to tear down the altars of idols with the spirits of fear or anger or bitterness, 祂的呼召是要拆毁偶像祭坛,那背后有惧怕,怒气和苦毒 or whatever spirits are hidden behind, 或不管叫什么名的邪灵,and build an altar to God to live out His unconditional love over fear. 祂呼召我们为神建造祭坛,活出祂胜过恐惧的无条件的爱。Will you be that a person? 你是那个人吗?

Today, if any of you think that God is speaking to you this afternoon, 今天,如果你觉得神在对你说话, and you wanna respond to God and say, 你想回应祂,说: “Lord, I wanna worship You alone. 主啊,我愿单单敬拜你,I no longer want to worship idols, who gave me a false sense of security but kept me in fear, in anger, and in bitterness. 不再敬拜那些看似给我安全感,却让我惧怕、愤怒、苦毒的偶像权势,There’s no joy. 毫无喜乐。Today, I turn You, 今天,我转向你,today I wanna encounter You in a fresh way, 今天我要遇见你, Holy Spirit, give me the strength to tear down the altars of idols, 圣灵,求你赐我力量拆毁偶像的坛, and to build an altar of God to praise You alone.” 建造神的坛,单单赞美你。 If that is you, 如果这是你,I invite you to come forward and stand here to worship God in singing the last song, 我邀请你到前面来敬拜他,God is going to touch you with a fresh touch of His love this afternoon. 今天下午神要用祂新鲜的爱来触摸你…….

You can pray like this你可以这样祷告: “Jesus, You died on the cross for my freedom...“Jesus, You died on the cross for my freedom... 主耶稣,你为我得自由死在十字架上,I belong to You. 我属于你。Lord Jesus, 主耶稣, I bring my brokenness, 我带着我的破碎,I bring my sins, 带着我的罪,I bring my mistakes to Your cross. 带着我的过犯来到你的十字架上。 I come to Your altar, 我来到你的祭坛,the altar of the cross, 十字架的祭坛,the most powerful altar where Jesus Christ, 神大能的祭坛, the Son of God, shed his blood for me and brought me back to God, 就是神的儿子耶稣基督为我流宝血的坛、使我归向神。I belong to You Jesus. 我是属你的,耶稣, I worship You, 我敬拜你, I build an altar of worship to You in my heart. 我在心里筑一座敬拜你的坛。Holy Spirit, 圣灵啊,the fire of the Holy Spirit come, 求降圣洁之火, burn away the altars of idols in my heart.” 烧尽我心中一切偶像的祭坛。”

In some areas of your heart, 在你内心的某处,you might have served something for a long time, 你可能服侍某些东西很久了,you may have served fear for a long time,你或许服侍了惧怕很久了,you may have served rejection你或许服侍了拒绝感 or bitterness, or grief, or control, or judgement, or comparison, or whatever it is. 或苦毒、伤心、控制欲、论断、比较等等,It’s not a reason for you to be a slave of the evil one. 这不能叫你成为那恶者奴仆的理由,Jesus has paid the price for you to become sons of God. 耶稣为你成为神的众子付出了代价。

“Lord Jesus, You’re worthy to be worshipped! “主耶稣,你是配受敬拜的!I worship You alone.我单单敬拜你!” I’m determined to tear down the altar of fear or control or judgement…我定意拆毁恐惧、操控欲,论断的坛, I repent of my judgement towards my family, 我悔改我的罪,you accepted me just as I am, I need to accept them just as they are你接纳我的本相,我也接纳他们的本相… I forgive… 我饶恕I break the agreement of fear with the demons我奉主耶稣的名破除与魔鬼的惧怕的约定,which caused me to control over my life, my money, my time as I wished, 这使我随自己的意思控制自己的生活、金钱和时间,rather than allowing You to lead me in spending the money, time, and energy you graciously gave me 而不是让你带领我去花你所慷慨赐我的金钱、时间和精力。I bring it to the cross. 我把它带到十字架上,Every generational agreement, 每个累代的约定,every altar that was raised to evil spirits, 每个为恶灵所筑的坛, I bring that to the cross. 我都带到十架上。The power of the blood of Jesus breaks every bondage. 耶稣宝血的能力打破一切的束缚。I choose to yield to Your truth. 我选择降服于你的真理!In the name of Jesus, 我奉耶稣的名,I command every spirit that has accessed my life through secret altars to go, 命令每一个借着暗中的祭坛入侵我生命的邪灵离开,I surrender my life to Jesus. 我将我的生命主权交给耶稣。 Holy Spirit, 圣灵,help me to build an altar of praise and worship to God in my heart, 请帮助我在心中建立一个赞美和敬拜神的祭坛,I serve You alone. 我单单侍奉你。now you can pray on your own.现在你可以自己祷告了。

Lord Jesus, we thank You for Your presence with us this afternoon. 主耶稣,我们感谢你今天下午与我们同在。 Thank You for calling us to get prepared for Your use. 感谢你呼召我们为你所用做好准备。Holy Spirit, help us to seek a fresh encounter with You, 圣灵,求你帮助我们寻求你,再一次遇见你,make our understanding of who You are and who we are in You alive to us, 让我们明白你是谁,我们在你里面是谁, and clarify our purpose in life. 并使我们明白我们生命的目的。Continue to inspire us to acknowledge what secret altars of idols are still there 继续激励我们去认出那些生命中暗中的偶像的祭坛,that we need to continue to tear them down 认出我们需要继续拆除它们,and build an altar of God in our  hearts. 并在心中建立神的祭坛。We surrender to You, Lord. 我们向你降服,主,Use us and prepare us for the new season to come. 请使用我们,让我们为即将到来的新季节做好准备。In Jesus name we pray, Amen. 奉耶稣的名祷告,阿门。


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