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2023-04-30 Preparation to be vessels of Deliverance (2) 预备成为医治释放的器皿(二)

发表于 2023-04-30

(Judges 6:15-40)

Last Sunday after sharing a message on how to prepare ourselves for Deliverance Ministry, 上周日在我们分享了关于如何为医治释放的事工预备自己的信息后,I laid my hand on some of your heads我按手在一些人头上。During the night, in a dream God showed me 晚上,神在梦中让我看到,what the major idol was that people served 人事奉的主要偶像是谁,what the root cause for those who were struggling with trusting in God in the midst of their circumstances 并人在环境中那么难信靠神的根源是什么?It was self-centeredness. 是自我中心。God still reveals the hidden things! 神仍在显明隐藏的事!Today, we’ll continue to look at the same topic through the same bible passage.今天,我们用同一段经文分享相同的主题,Let’s read 我们来读Judges 6:12-24… 

1, Be aware of Self-centeredness - the root of unbelief.  不信的根—自我中心

Last Sunday we learnt that idolatry made Israel live in poverty and defeat. 上星期天我们学到拜偶像使以色列生活在贫穷和失败之中。And before God sent Gideon out to confront the enemy army, 在神派基甸去对抗敌军前,He had asked Gideon to demolish the altars to idols 神先让基甸拆掉偶像的坛,and built a new one to God first. 建一个新的敬拜神的祭坛。Why? 为什么?Coz the battle was against spiritual forces not people. 因为争战的对象是属灵权势,不是人。The battle is the Lord’s. 胜败乃在于神。The same for us. 我们也一样。Gideon had been a fearful man like us, 基甸和我们一样充满惧怕,how did he become a man full of faith? 他又是怎样成了大有信心的人呢?Do you wanna learn from him? 你想从他身上学吗?From v.12 to v.15, 1214we see Gideon’s weakness我们看见基甸的软弱. the Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor.” “大能的勇士啊,耶和华与你同在!” “But sir,” Gideon replied, if the Lord is with us… ”“主啊,耶和华若与我们同在,我们何至遭遇这一切事呢?……” With a “but”, 基甸说了个“但是……”,Gideon responded with doubt. 表示怀疑。“If the Lord is with us, "耶和华若与我们同在,if God is good and alive, 如果神是良善的,活着的,why have all these bad things happened to us?” 我们为何遭遇这一切灾祸呢? " Does that sound familiar to us? 听起来很熟悉? But God continued His calling to Gideon, 但神继续呼召基甸, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?v.14” “你靠着你这能力去从米甸人手里拯救以色列人,不是我差遣你去的吗?”14 “strength” is the Hebrew noun kôaḥ, “力量”是希伯来名词kôaḥreferring to power, ability, might, capacity to act. 指的是能力、才干、力量和办事能力。God is saying, 神在说:“Don’t rely on yourself, “不要靠你自己,I’ll give you all the strength you need to deliver Israel.” 我会给你所需的力量来拯救以色列。” But Lord, how can I deliver Israel? “主啊,我有何能拯救以色列人呢?” See?  Gideon seemed to turn a deaf ear to God, 但是,基甸似乎聋了,he completely missed what God had said. 完全没有听见神说的话。Unbelief and fear seized his heart. 不信和惧怕抓住了基甸的心。

The first time he looked at the circumstances around him 他先是看周围的环境 and refused to believe what God had said. 就拒绝信神说的话。The second time he looked at himself, 然后又看自己,again he didn’t believe what God had said. 再一次,他拒绝信神说的话。Does that sound familiar to us? 听起来是不是很熟悉?Ever since Adam’s fall, 从亚当堕落开始,self-centeredness has become the true root of unbelief. 自我中心就成了不信的真正根源。We live in a world characterized by Individualism, 我们生活在一个以个人主义为特征的世界中, “my way…my rights…” “我的方式……我的权利……”“my life, my choice 我的人生我做主”; Selfishness自私自利,“it’s mine…my money, my house…” “这是我的我的钱,我的房子……”; Secularism世俗化, “God, You stay on Your side of the fence and I won’t bother You…”“上帝,你别管我,我也不麻烦你Narcissism自恋, “I’m the centre...I’m not happy, you must change.”“以我为中心我不开心,你得改变。” 2 Timothy 提后3:1-2 (NLT) , “In the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money…” 你该知道,末世必有危险的日子来到。 2 因为那时人要专顾自己,贪爱钱财. What does this people refer to? 这人是指谁?It refers to everyone, 这是所有的人。We’re all captured by self-centredness. 我们都是自我中心的俘虏。After Adam’s fall,亚当犯罪后, the sinful nature was passed down to each of us.这犯罪的旧人就传给我们每一个人。That’s why Romans 8:7 says, the sinful mind is hostile to God.肉体是与神为仇的。 It means that as Christians we face this choice every single day: 这是说,作为基督徒,我们每天都面临选择:run to God? or run to the self? 转向神?还是转向自我?If we run to God, we’re forgiven 我们若转向神,就得赦免,and covered by the Lamb of God, 被神羔羊遮盖,joy will flow; 喜乐涌流;If we run to the self, 我们若转向自我,and try to control our world, 试图自己掌管人生,sorrow will increase. 愁苦就加增。Self-centredness is the Source of all grief. 自我中心是所有愁苦的源头。

If you easily get upset or worried about a small thing, 如果你很容易为一件小事而心烦或担心,like, “I’ve just cleaned the house, you messed it up again.” 比如,“我刚打扫完房子,你又把它搞乱了。”Or if you easily become bitter in relationships, 若你在人际关系中很容易变得苦毒,or if you lack compassion and judge others easily, 若你缺乏怜悯人的心,很容易论断别人,you need to raise a self-awareness, 你需要意识到,that your peace is centred around circumstances and the self not on Jesus.你的平安是建立在老自己和环境里,不是在基督上。But there’s hope, 但他有盼望,Gideon changed! 基甸改变了!His faith made the weak strong! 他的信使软弱变刚强!Let’s see what the key is to go from doubt to complete trusting in God.让我们来看从怀疑到完全信靠神的关键步骤是什么。

2, Develop a mindset of seeking to know God first. 建立先要寻求认识神的思维方式 (v.15-24)

v.17 Gideon replied, “If now I have found favor in your eyes, give me a sign that it is really you talking to me.” 基甸说:“我若在你眼前蒙恩,求你给我一个证据,使我知道与我说话的就是主。Gideon didn’t remain in doubting;基甸没有停留在怀疑里, he didn’t reason with himself to believe; 他没有说服自己去相信,he didn’t ask people or google whether God was speaking or not. 也没有问别人或谷歌是否是神在说话。He took the initial step to seek God. 他迈出了寻求神的第一步,Gideon asked God for a sign to show him something, 基甸求神给他显出一个证据,so that he would be sure it was God. 好让他知道那就是神。I remember 17 years ago, 我记得17年前,I went to a conference where a pastor told us her incredible testimony, 我参加了一个特会,一位牧师分享了一个令人难以置信的见证,that when she was praying for someone, 当她为某人祷告时,God showed her the root cause of that person’s problem in a vision. 神用异象向她启示那个人问题的原因;At the moment she spoke it out, 就在她说出那原因时,the person repented and was immediately healed. 那人悔改了并马上得到了医治。I couldn’t stop questioning in my heart, 我忍不住在心里说:“can that be true? It was nonsense”. “怎么可能?简直是无稽之谈。” But I held my thoughts back, 但我勒住自己的思想,and started to seek God, 开始寻求神:

“Lord, forgive me that I doubted your servant’s testimony. “主啊,赦免我怀疑你仆人的见证。Who am I  to dare to judge your servant? 我是谁,竟敢论断你的仆人?I admit that my knowledge of You is limited by my own experiences. 我承认我对你的认识受限于我自己的经验,I’m blind in terms of the spiritual world. 对属灵的事我是个瞎子。Please let me know if it could be true in Your Kingdom.” 求你让我能明白这在你的国度里是不是真的。” Within a month, 不到一个月,God called me in a dream to do Deliverance Ministry. 神就在梦中呼召我去做医治释放的事工,And soon I experienced what that pastor had experienced. 很快我就经历了那位牧师的经历。Heb 11:6 says, only faith pleases God 11:6告诉我们,惟有信心讨神喜悦!Not only do we believe that God exists, 我们不仅相信有神,but also, we’ve gotta seek Him earnestly, 且当恳切地寻求祂,in return, we’ll be rewarded by a taste of His reality, 作为回报,我们将得到奖赏就是品尝祂的真实、His power, 祂的大能,and authority, 祂的权柄,His glory and His abundant life, 祂的荣耀,和祂的丰盛生命,so that we grow from faith to faith, 这样我们就在信上成长,and grow in the knowledge of Him.也得以在认识祂上得以成长。In Romans 3:11-12, “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. 没有明白的,没有寻求 神的;All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one.” 都是偏离正路,一同变为无用。没有行善的,连一个也没有。 It tells us that we who have been declared righteous through the blood of Jesus Christ need to seek God. 这是在说,我们这藉着耶稣基宝血得以称义的人,需要寻求神。If we don’t seek God, 如果不寻求神,we’re worthless to His Kingdom. 我们就对神国毫无价值。Why? 为什么?Coz the enemy can get us down anytime if we don’t seek God. 因为不寻求神,那恶者仇敌就可以随时把我们打倒。So to seek God means to turn to God, 寻求神意味着转向神,not to turn to self-talk or a problem fixing orientation.


If you only wanna get your to-do list done若你只是想做好事情, or get your problems sorted through your prayers, 或只想通过祷告来解决你的问题,you’ll feel frustrated 你就会灰心,and your problems will heap up. 你的问题也会越来越多。For seeking God means seeking an intimate relationship with God, 寻求神意味着寻求与神的亲密关系。 God seeks an intimate relationship with each of us, 上帝寻求的是一个和我们每一个人亲密的关系just like that with His Son, Christ Jesus. 就像祂和祂儿子基督一样亲密的关系。So through life circumstances, 藉着环境,God wants us to develop a mindset of seeking to know Him first神希望我们是去培植一种首先寻求认识祂的思维模式。

How did Gideon’s faith grow? 基甸的信心是怎样增长的?V.18-21 says, Gideon didn’t just ask for a sign, 18-21说,基甸不只是求神迹,he made a sacrifice to God, 他还向神献祭,he paid the price to seek God. 他为寻求神付出代价。And that pleased God, 这讨了神的喜悦,so God sent fire down to burn the meat. 所以神降下火来烧尽了那肉。Imagine that! 想一下!Fire came in front of you when you didn’t see anyone start the fire. 火从你面前冒出来,而你却没有看到有人点火。Isn’t that scary? 那不是很可怕吗?But exciting? 却又真实存在?Gideon was terrified and thought that he would die. 基甸很害怕,他想他会死。But God said, 但神说: “Peace be with you. You won’t die.”  “愿你平安。你不会死的。”Then Gideon built an altar to God, and said, 基甸为神筑了一座坛,说:“the Lord is Peace.” “耶和华赐平安。” The bible tells us that the Lord is our Peace. 圣经告诉我们,主是我们的平安。But nobody told Gideon that the Lord was Peace, 但是没有人告诉基甸耶和华是平安。Gideon had been filled with fear and other unsettled thoughts, 基甸原本是又惧怕又不安,yet through his personal experience of seeking God, 然而通过他个人寻求神的经历,God revealed to Gideon that He is Peace. 神向基甸显示祂自己是平安。

God wants us to know Him personally. 神要我们亲自认识祂。 Coz from knowing Him we gain wisdom, power, love, heavenly peace to overcome fear. 通过认识祂,我们获得智慧、能力、爱和属天的平安来克服恐惧。God never wants us to do things under the law, 神从不希望我们在律法之下行事,so that we’re filled with fear and condemnation and judgement. 以致于充满惧怕、定罪和论断。He wants us to develop a mindset of seeking to know Him first like Gideon. 祂要我们建立新的思维模式,像基甸那样把认识祂放在第一位。Hosea 6: 3, Let us acknowledge (Kjv: know) the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge (kjv: know) him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth. 我们务要认识耶和华,竭力追求认识他;他出现确如晨光,他必临到我们像甘雨,像滋润田地的春雨。

It’s saying, He is light shining along our path, 这是在说,祂是我们路上的光,so that we won’t fear darkness, 我们就不会害怕黑暗,and is like water quenching our thirst for love and for other desires, 就像水一样可以解了我们对爱和其他欲望的饥渴,so that we won’t be spiritually dry 这样我们属灵上就不会枯干,but will be full of joy and energy to fulfil our life purpose. 而是会充满快乐和能量来实现我们的人生目标。The English word “acknowledge”, or “know”, comes from the Hebrew word “yada”. 英语单词“承认”或“知道”来自希伯来语单词“yada”,It means to enter a covenantal relationship, 意思是进入一种契约关系,to know and to be made known. 了解和被了解,Knowing someone intimately and progressively. 亲密地、逐步地了解某人。Like with a married couple, 就像一对已婚夫妇, “I start to know Raymond, and I’m known by Raymond”. “我开始了解Raymond,我也被他了解。”It’s not a one-off act. 这不是一次性的动作,It’s an ongoing action. 而是一个持续的行动。For example, God knows us intimately. 例如,神非常了解我们,Like King David said, 正如大卫王所说: “You know when I sit and when I rise, you perceive my thoughts from afar...You are familiar with all my ways.” “我坐下,我起来,你都知道,你从远处知道我的意念……你也深知我一切所行的。”God knows us intimately. 神非常了解我们。But in return, God wants us to know Him intimately through our own personal experiences. 但是反过来,神希望我们通过自己的个人经历来亲密地认识祂。

So the journey of faith is a journey of knowing God better through everything we go through in life. 因此,信仰之旅是通过我们生活中的每一件事更好地认识神的旅程。You can do life just as the way the world does. 你可以像不信的世人那样生活。when you’re sick, 当你病了,you go to see doctors, 你就去看医生,when you face problems,你遇见问题, you get it sorted你就自己解决。 But if you seek God earnestly但若你起来寻求神,“Lord Jesus, “主耶稣 What does the root cause lie behind the problem是什么原因导致了这事? I wanna know it, 我想知道, I wanna repent…我愿意悔改…” And when you turn from the self to God当你从自己转向神, you experience God personally, 你就会亲自经历神, “Jesus is alive…耶稣活着…I’m healed…我得了医治…Yeah, He is my Healer…是的,神是我的医治者……Yeah, He is my peace, 祂是我的平安……He is my provider. That’s true! 祂是我的供应者,这是真的。” Then every day, 于是每一天through whatever you go through in life借着所发生的事,if you earnestly seek and follow God’s will like Gideon did, 你若去寻求并像基甸那样行在神的旨意里,you grow in your knowledge of Him by your personal experiences. 你就会在亲身经历的认识神上成长。Gideon walked this path of faith; 基甸走在这条信心的道路上,a weak man was made a mighty warrior. 软弱的人成了大能勇士。How about you? 你要怎样行?

3, Pay the price to seek to know God. (v.17-21)  付代价去寻求认识神(17-21)

The turning point for Gideon to grow in faith was, 基甸信心增长的转折点是,when he saw the fire burn the meat he had offered to God, 当他看到火烧了他献给神的肉,he acknowledged God personally. 他亲自经历了神。In other words, 换句话说,if we really wanna seek to know God, it will cost us something. 我们若要真正寻求认识神,需要付代价。v.18 Please do not go away until I come back and bring my offering and set it before you.” 18求你不要离开这里,等我归回,将礼物带来供在你面前。 Offering is the Hebrew noun minḥâ, “礼物”一词在希伯来语中是“minḥâ”,meaning meat offering, present, sacrifice. 意思是“祭品”,“礼物”,“牺牲”。

Gideon didn’t just ask God for a sign that didn’t cost him anything. 基甸不是求一个不需要付代价的凭据。In the beginning of Judges 6, 从士师记第6章的开头,we’re told that Israel was greatly impoverished. 我们得知以色列人非常贫困,They were very poor. 他们很穷。But in the midst of poverty Gideon made unleavened bread, 虽然贫穷,基甸仍然做了无酵饼,and he killed a young goat, 宰了一只山羊羔,cooked it, 煮了,and separated the broth and the meat as an offering to God. 把汤和肉分别出来献给神。That was a very costly offering. 这是昂贵的祭物。He could have eaten that himself because he lacked food. 他本来可以自己吃,因为他自己也缺乏食物。Yet, 然而,he brought that to God. 他把这一切献在神面前。At the moment God saw that, 当神看见的那一刻,He sent the fire down, 祂发出火来,He performed a miracle before Gideon, 在基甸面前行了神迹,to renew Gideon’s faith. 使基甸重拾信心。This ushered him into a new chapter in his life这引入他进入人生的新篇章。Coz God is all the source of blessings! 神是一切祝福的源头!He is our Provider. 祂是我们的供应者。 Proverbs 3:9-10 Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops; 10 then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine. 9 你要以财物和一切初熟的土产尊荣耶和华。10这样,你的仓房必充满有余,你的酒榨有新酒盈溢。God is the Source of our wealth. 神是财富的源头。We’re called to be faithful stewards over money, not slaves of money. 我们被呼召做金钱的忠实管家,而不是金钱的奴隶。If I say I wanna grow in faith, 如果我说我想在信心上成长,I wanna break the root of unbelief, 我想砍断不信的根,and I wanna seek to know God personally, 我想个人真正寻求认识神,God will first break the power of money in my life. 神第一就会要破除金钱在我生命中的捆锁。

Coz Jesus says, 因为耶稣说:““No one can serve two masters…You can’t serve both God and Money. “一个人不能侍奉两个主……你们不能又侍奉 神,又侍奉玛门(“玛门”是“财利”的意思)。”Matt 6:24. Here is the principle of experiencing God’s blessing in finance. 这是经历神财务祝福的原则。Honor the Lord with your wealth. with the firstfruits of all your crops. 你要以财物和一切初熟的土产尊荣耶和华。then your barns will be filled with overflowing10这样,你的仓房必充满有余. If I say, “I only earn $500 per week, 我若说,“我一周才赚500刀, I’ll wait until I earn $1000 per/week, 等我一周赚1000刀,then I’ll give a tithe (the first portion) to God.” 我就会把十一(初熟的)献给神。” God will say: No, no, this is the principle: 神会说:不是的。

这是原则: when you offer the first to God, 当你把十一献给神,God will bless the rest into abundance上帝会祝福其余部分进入丰盛。If you wanna experience His abundant joy and blessings, 如果你想经历神丰富的喜乐和祝福,you need to deny the fear of the self, or other desires, 你当弃绝老自己的惧怕和其他的私欲,and put the first portion of faith in God’s words.将献上十一的信心放在神的话语上。I testify that it’s so true, 我见证这是何等真实,since the first day we obeyed His call and gave our possessions, 自从第一天,我们听了祂的呼召,把我们的财产and our money where He wanted us to give我们的钱去给祂要我们给的地方, our family has been greatly blessed, 我们的家人蒙受了极大的祝福,now the blessing has extended to our next generation spiritually, mentally, physically, educationally, and financially   现在这祝福延伸到我们的下一代身上, 无论是属灵上的,智力上的,身体上的,教育上的,还是财物上的, and I believe that it’ll extend to more generations. 我相信还会延续到更多代。God is trusted. 上帝是配得信靠的。Jesus says, 耶稣说:24 Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. 24于是,耶稣对门徒说:“若有人要跟从我,就当舍己,背起他的十字架,来跟从我。25因为凡要救自己生命的(“生命”或作“灵魂”。下同),必丧掉生命;凡为我丧掉生命的,必得着生命。 Matt 16:24-25” From the whole passage, 从整段经文中,we know that it’s not talking about losing salvation, 我们知道这里不是指失去救恩,it’s talking about prioritising – who we put first. 而是在说当把谁放在首位。Whether by faith, I put God first? 我是否凭信心把神放在首位?Or in the flesh, I put material things or the old self first? 还是在旧人思想里把物质的东西或老自己放在首位?

We taste the fruit of our choice. 我品尝自己选择的果子。Joy or sorrow, you choose. 喜乐或是忧伤,你选择。God is calling us not to learn to do life from the world. 神呼召我们不要效法这个世界而生活,It’s fading. 它正在衰残。The eternal Kingdom is calling us to get prepared, 永恒的国度正呼召我们要做预备,deny the way of saving the self, 弃绝“救自己”的道路,put God first! 把神放在首位!

Jesus Christ, the image of the invisible God, 耶稣基督,那不能看见之神的像,the firstborn over all creation, 是首生的,在一切被造的以先,has become an ultimate sacrifice for you and me; 已经为你我作了终极的祭物;After the costliest offering made to God, 当这最昂贵的祭物献上之后,God performed the greatest miracle in human history, 神行了人类历史上最伟大的神迹,that He raised Christ up. 就是祂叫基督复活了。Christ was resurrected. 基督复活了。He is calling, 祂在呼召: “Whom shall I send? “我可以差遣谁呢? And who will go for us?” 谁肯为我们去呢? “Here I am, send me!”  “我在这里,请差遣我! Let’s sing the last song – “worthy of it all”. 我们来唱诗: “worthy of it all”. Prayer 祷告:

Yes, Lord, Youre worthy of it all. 是的,主啊,你配得拥有这一切,Youre worthy of all the glory, 你配得一切荣耀、the power, 权力、the honour, the Kingdom! 荣耀和国度!You’re Mighty King over all. 你是全能的王,The King of kings 万王之王,and the Lord of lords. 万主之主。We acknowledge that God You’re the Supreme ruler over all. 我们承认神你是至高主宰,Gideon’s God is alive! 基甸的神活着!You’re doing the same deliverance work in this generation. 你正在这时代做着同样的医治拯救的事。We desire to see the manifestation of Your presence and Your glory. 我们渴望看到你的同在和你的荣耀,You’re the God who never changes.你是神,你永不改变。Let’s praise Him on your own, 让我们自己来敬拜祂,you can also pray like this: 你也可以这样祷告:

“Lord Jesus, thank You for Your unfailing love. 主耶稣,感谢你永不止息的爱,I thank You for the ultimate sin offering You made to redeem me from sin, 感谢你为救赎我脱离罪而献上的终极赎罪祭,so that I can be set free. 使我得自由。Thank You for telling me that self-centeredness is the Source of all sorrow. 谢谢你告诉我,自我为中心是一切愁苦的根源。The sorrow of those who run after other gods will increase. 以别神代替耶和华的,他们的愁苦必加增。Who are the other gods that I’m serving in my secret parts? 在我的隐秘处,我所事奉的别神是谁?Who are those gods that I put ahead of You? 我把什么神是摆在了你之前?Perhaps there’s some area in my heart where there’s resistance to your words, 也许在我心里有对你的话有抵触的地方,resistance to someone correcting me. 对别人纠正我有抵触。Holy Spirit, show me what the cause of that resistance in my heart to being corrected, to being guided, to being given counsel is? 圣灵啊,求你告诉我,是什么原因使我心里抗拒被纠正、被引导、被忠告?Where does that come from? 那是从哪里来的?Is it because that someone hurt me and I haven’t resolved it and forgiven them?” 是不是有人伤害了我,而我还没有解决和饶恕?You can pray on your own, 你可以自己祷告,and forgive the people you once reacted resistantly, 原谅你曾经抗拒的人,and ask God to create in you a meek and humble spirit. 求神在你里面造一个温柔谦卑的灵。Today, you also can make a decision before God, 今天,你也可以在神面前作一个决定,like Gideon, what do you wanna offer to God, 像基甸一样,你想奉献给神什么,whether it is money, 是金钱,whether it is self-centeredness, 是自我中心,or pride, 是骄傲,or self-saving, 是自救,or sports 是运动,or whatever you put ahead of God, 还是任何你放在神之前的东西,today, if you say, 如果你今天说:“Lord, I wanna make it a sacrifice to You, “主啊,我想把它献给你,in exchange for Your fire, 以换取你的火,for the manifestation of Your presence, 换取你的同在,for a sign that can turn my faith around. 换取一个能改变我信心的神迹。I no longer wanna be lukewarm, 我不愿再不冷不热,I wanna be like Gideon, 我要像基甸一样,to be on fire for Your Kingdom’s use…” 为你的国而燃烧…" Now You may pray on your own…现在你可以自己祷告…

Yes Lord Jesus, thank You for telling us that the root of unbelief is self-centeredness. 是的,主耶稣,谢谢你告诉我们不信的根源是自我中心,Help us to develop mindsets of seeking to know You first, 帮助我们培养以认识你为先的思维模式,coz You value the transforming process of our hearts 因为你看重我们内心的转变过程,rather than our performance, 而不是单在外表的行为,guide us to grow in Your Character, in faith and in the true knowledge of You. 引导我们在你的品格、信心和对你的真认识中成长,For You are a Rewarder of those who earnestly seek You. 因为你必赏赐他们恳切寻求你的。The Battle is not ours but the Lord’s. 这场争战不在乎我们,争战乃在乎神。Prepare us, a group of people from the body of Christ 求你预备我们这一群来自基督身子的肢体,to advance the Kingdom gospel with Deliverance Ministry, 藉着医治释放来传扬国度的福音,to glorify Your name! 来荣耀你的名!Amen.阿们。


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