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2023-05-21 The Genealogy of Jesus 耶稣家谱 (一)

发表于 2024-01-08

Matt 太1:1-11

From this Sunday onwards,
从这周日开始,we’re gonna do a series on the book of Matthew on Sundays. 我们要在主日分享马太福音这卷书。I hope it can help us to understand more about who Jesus is, 我希望这可以让我们更多知道耶稣是谁, the Messiah King, 他是弥赛亚,the Son of God, 是神的儿子,and the Saviour of the world; 是全世界的救主;why he came and what he does. 他来做什么; what his Kingdom is like, 祂的国是怎么回事and our mission.和我们的使命。The book starts with the birth of Christ Jesus, 这卷书从基督耶稣的诞生开始,along with his message of “the kingdom of heaven”, 伴随着他传讲的关于天国的信息,and his ministry of setting people free from sin, 以及他将人从罪中释放出来的事工,and it finishes with his betrayal, his crucifixion, 到他被出卖,被钉十字架,his resurrection and His great commission.死里复活并颁下他的大使命结束。Today, we’re gonna look at 让我们来读 Matthew 1:1-17

1, Why is the genealogy of Jesus so important? 耶稣家谱为何重要?

How many of us think that this passage looks boring? 我们中有多少人认为家谱看起来很无聊?Well, it seems to be.看起来好像是, But hidden in it is the glory of God. 但其中却隐藏着上帝的荣耀Today we’ll look it at three points. 今天我们要从三点来看这荣耀。Firstwhy is the genealogy of Jesus so important?首先,耶稣家谱为何重要?v,1 says, the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham. 亚伯拉罕的后裔、大卫的子孙、耶稣基督的家 Matthew starts the book with the name Jesus Christ. 马太从耶稣基督的名字开始写这本书。The English word “Jesus” is from the Greek noun “Iēsou”, 英文单词“Jesus”来自希腊词“Iēsouwhich is also from the Hebrew word “Yeho'sua”, 也来自希伯来语“Yehosua”,meaning "Yahweh saves.”意思是“耶和华拯救”。V.21 tells us, 12节说, his name is Jesus for He will save His people from their sins.【太1:21】她将要生一个儿子,你要给他起名叫耶稣,因他要将自己的百姓从罪恶里救出来。 Have you ever wondered, 你有没有想过,“why does Matthew link Jesus with Abraham and David? 为什么马太把耶稣与亚伯拉罕和大卫联系在一起?Why is the genealogy of Jesus so important, 为什么耶稣的家谱如此重要 that it has become the introduction of the story to Jesus?” 以至于它成为耶稣故事的开场白? One of the points is to show us that God works through individuals. 这告诉我们上帝是通过个人来作工的。And God knows each of us by name! 上帝知道我们每个人的名字! God knows your name! 神知道你的名。The bible says that 圣经这么说In Exo 33:17b. God said to Moses, . 耶和华对摩西说:I know you by name “……我按你的名认识你。” Jesus said, “He calls his own sheep by name他按着名叫自己的羊,把羊领出来。John 10:3” Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name. “你不要害怕!因为我救赎了你。我曾提你的名召你,你是属我的。Isaiah 43:1

God calls you by name! 神提你的名字召你! After the fall of Adam, 亚当堕落后,God never stops calling people back to Him. 神从未停止呼召人们归向祂。In human history, 在人类历史上,God first called a person named Abraham, 上帝首先呼召了一个叫亚伯拉罕的人,and God made a covenant with Abraham,祂与亚伯拉罕立约, “…I will bless those who bless you…and all people on earth will be blessed through you. “……为你祝福的,我必赐福与他;……地上的万族都要因你得福。”Gen 12:1-3” And the covenant has been passed down to Abraham’s descendants. 这约也传给了亚伯拉罕的子孙。God also made covenants with the nation of Israel, the descendants of Abraham; 神又与亚伯拉罕的后裔以色列人立约。and through your offspring (your seed) all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me. “并且地上万国都必因你的后裔得福,因为你听从了我的话。”Gen 22:18.” We all know Abraham’s story that he gave up everything to God, 我们都知道亚伯拉罕的故事,他将一切交托神,even when his one and only son was about to be killed as an offering to God纵然在他的独生子将要被杀献祭的时候,he didn’t yield to fear, 亚伯拉罕也没有惧怕,instead, he believed that God was able to raise the dead to life. 相反,他却信神能叫死人复活。So God blessed him because He was pleased by Abraham’s faith. 神赐福给亚伯拉罕,因为他喜悦亚伯拉罕的信。Afterwards, God promised that在那之后,神应许了 your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies 你子孙必得着仇敌的城门,(Gen 22:17b)” This is talking about the possibility of overcoming. 这里说的是关乎得胜的应许,Then God said, 神又接着说,and through your offspring (your seed) all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me. “并且地上万国都必因你的后裔得福,因为你听从了我的话。” Who does this offspring (seed) refer to? 这里的后裔指的是谁?Apostle Paul explained this in 使徒保罗解释说,Gal 3:16, The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but  to your seed,” meaning one person, who is Christ. 所应许的原是向亚伯拉罕和他子孙说的。 神并不是说众子孙,指着许多人;乃是说你那一个子孙,指着一个人,就是基督。 The seed refers to Jesus Christ. 这后裔指的是耶稣基督。

So the reason Matthew mentions Abraham is: 所以 马太提到亚伯拉罕的原因是: Firstly God values His relationship with individuals. 首先,上帝看重祂与个人的关系。Like King David said,就像大卫说 “You are my Shepherd…你是我的牧者You are my God你是我的神…” It describes God’s relationship with individuals, 这在描述神与个人的关系 and by redeeming the individuals, 借着救赎一个个的个体, He saves the whole. 祂拯救全体。

Secondly, God's promises to Abraham are to be fulfilled in Jesus Christ. 第二,神对亚伯拉罕的应许要在耶稣基督里实现。The same with the promise that God to the King David of Israel through the prophecy of the prophet Nathan. 同样 神藉先知拿单的预言,向以色列的大卫王所应许的,也是如此。2 Samuel 撒下7:16,  Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be established forever.’” 你的家和你的国,必在我(原文作“你”)面前永远坚立。你的国位也必坚定,直到永远。Matthew also intends to tell the reader 马太也想告诉读者,that Jesus is the ultimate fulfilment of this covenant. 耶稣是这个立约的最终成就。So the genealogy of Jesus demonstrates that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, 因此 耶稣的家谱证实了耶稣基督是那应许要来的弥赛亚,who is the seed of Abraham, 他是亚伯拉罕的那个后裔,and the ultimate fulfilment of the OT promises. 是旧约应许的终极成就。Also, it shows how God’s blessings to individuals are passed on to their families, 此外,它还显示了上帝对个人的祝福是如何传递给他们的家族的,and how His blessings to families are lived out through individuals. 并上帝对家族的祝福是如何通过个人体现出来的。Now we are blessed as individuals through Jesus Christ, 现在我们是按个体借耶稣基督得了祝福, “have we passed the blessings we received to our children? 我们把所得到的祝福传递给了我们的孩子了吗? What blessings are lived out by us and our children?” “我们和我们的孩子们活出了怎样的祝福呢? We’ve gotta always check ourselves, 我们必须常查验自己,coz God’s blessings are generational, 因为上帝的祝福是世代相传的,we’re like relay race runners, 我们就像接力赛选手,we receive the baton (blessing), 我们接过接力棒(祝福)and we pass it on to the next generation. 然后把它传给下一代。During the race, 赛跑中,we have to check if the stick is still in our hands and can be passed. 我们当确保接力棒还在手上,可以传给后面的人。

2, Why are fourteen generations emphasized? 为何总强调是14代?

Something strange you may have noticed in v.17, 你可能在第17节注意到了一点奇怪之处,there’re three sets of fourteen generations which takes us from Abraham to Jesus. 就是从亚伯拉罕到耶稣,有三个十四代。From Abraham to David over 14 generations, 从亚伯拉罕到大卫,经历了14代,then from David to the Exile over 14 generations, 然后从大卫到以色列被掳,经历了14代,and finally, from the Exile to Jesus over another 14 generations. 最后,从以色列被掳到耶稣,又经历了14代。What’s the point? 有什么含义?Why are fourteen generations emphasized? 为什么要强调十四代? What I’ve found is interesting but maybe sounds weird to us. 我发现了一些有趣的东西,但对我们来说可能听起来很奇怪。Each Hebrew and Greek letter has a numerical value. 每个希伯来和希腊字母都有一个数字。For example, Re 13:18 tells us that the beast has a name which adds up to 666.  例如,13:18告诉我们,那兽的名字加起来是666Similarly, the letters in David’s name can also be added up to the number fourteen 同样,大卫名字中的字母可以加到14 (D = 4, W = 6, D = 4, see screen,(见屏幕)Taking this point of view, 从这个角度来看,Matthew attempts to show us that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah King – the son of David.马太试图向我们表明耶稣基督是真正的弥赛亚王—大卫的子孙。

But also, fourteen is twice seven which points to the perfection of God’s plan. 同时,十四是七的两倍,这指向上帝计划的完全。Israel grows greatly in influence from Abraham to David over 14 generations. 从亚伯拉罕到大卫, 经过14代的时间,以色列逐渐崛起。Then it declines from David to the exile during another 14 generations. 从大卫到以色列被掳,又经过十四代,以色列衰败了。Eventually, it submits to foreign rule completely, 最终,它完全被外国统治,then the kingdom of Israel falls.直至没落。But this is not the end of the story. 但这并不是故事的结尾。After 14 generations, the genealogy says there comes Christ – 14代之后,家谱说基督降生了——the Saviour of the world, the promised Anointed-One, 世界的救主,应许的受膏者,who will restore David’s throne, 他将恢复大卫的宝座,and His Kingdom will last forever. 他的国度存到永远。

Daniel from the OT prophesied this in Daniel 2:44, 旧约中先知但以理在但以理书2:44中预言了这一点,he said this, 他说,“after all the human kingdoms, "在所有的人间国度之后,there comes a Kingdom that will never be destroyed, 有一个国度将来到,永远不会灭亡,nor will it be left to another people. 也不会留给别的民族。It’ll crush all those human kingdoms and bring them to an end, 它会摧毁和终结所有人间的国度,but this Kingdom will last forever.” 但这个国度将永远长存。”This is the good news! 这是好消息! The good news Jesus has brought to us is not just for our sins to be forgiven. 耶稣带给我们的好消息不仅仅是让我们的罪得赦免。If you think this is only what gospel is about. 如果你认为这就是福音,“oh, my sins are forgiven, “噢,我的罪被赦免了,then I can go to heaven.” 我可以去天堂了……”That’s a poor understanding of the gospel. 这是对福音的误解,that’s not the gospel that Jesus preached. 不是耶稣所传的福音。He preached the good news of the Kingdom! 他传讲天国的好消息! Jesus is the King of this Kingdom. 耶稣是这个国度的王。He is bringing a Kingdom on earth. 他带来一个国度,We’re called into a Kingdom, 我们被呼召进入一个国,we’ve gotta learn the Kingdom values and principles. 我们当学习这个国的价值观和法则。That’s why in the four gospels, 这就是为什么在四福音书中,we see Jesus keeps talking about the coming and the reign of the Kingdom of God我们看到耶稣一直在谈论上帝王国的到来和统治,linked with his own arrival, 与他自己的到来联系在一起,coz He is not just to save people but to prepare people into full sonship to reign with Him when He returns. 祂不仅要拯救人,还要预备人成为成熟的众子们,在祂回来时与祂一同掌权。This is the good news for all nations! 这对万国万民乃是好消息! Jesus doesn’t only restore David’s Kingdom over the land of Canaan, 耶稣不仅要恢复大卫在迦南地的国度,but over the entire world. 乃要覆盖全地。You and I are included to receive the Kingdom and the benefit of it through Jesus. 你和我都借着耶稣得入神的国和神国的福利。This brings us to the third hidden glory of God, 这带我们进入第三个隐藏的神的荣耀,why are only four women mentioned? 为什么只提到四个女人?

3, Why are only four women mentioned? 为什么只提到四个女人?

If you read through the passage carefully, 如果你仔细阅读这段话, you’ll find that other than Mary, 你会发现除了马利亚,there are four women highly mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. 还有四个女人在耶稣的家谱中被特地提到,Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba. 他玛,喇合,路得,拔示巴。Who are they? 她们是谁? Why is Abraham’s wife, Sarah, the woman of faith, not mentioned? 为什么亚伯拉罕大有信心的妻子撒拉却没有被提起?From Genesis 38, 从创世记第38章,we see Tamar was the daughter-in-law of Judah, the son of Jacob. 我们看到他玛是雅各的儿子犹大的儿媳。From Judah came the tribe of Judah. 犹大支派从犹大而出,And Jesus is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah. 耶稣被称为犹大的狮子。Re 5:5, …See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed.” …看哪,犹大支派中的狮子,大卫的根,他已得胜。 So Tamar is in Christ Jesus’ lineage. 这样,他玛是基督耶稣的祖先。But was Tamar a good wife? 但是他玛是个好妻子吗? No, she wasn’t even a wife to Judah. 不,她甚至都不是犹大的妻子。Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute and she got pregnant with two children, Perez and Zerah from Judah, her father-in-law. 他玛装成妓女,和她公公犹大生了两个孩子,就是法勒斯和谢拉。It looks like a scandal that the father-in-law and daughter-in-law had children. 公公和儿媳有了孩子,看起来是件丑闻。

Think about it, if you were someone who wrote a family tree or a church history book, 你想想,如果你是一个写家谱或教会历史书的人,wouldn’t you just write good stories and omit shameful ones? 你会不会只写好的故事而忽略不光彩的故事呢? But the bible never hides the failures of God’s people and tries to makeup stories. 但是圣经从来没有隐瞒上帝子民的失败,去试图编造故事。 Yes, the action between Judah and Tamar was sinful. 是的,犹大和他玛之间的行为是有罪的,But the motives of Tamar were pleasing to God. 但他玛的动机却蒙神喜悦。So the lineage of Jesus carries on through Perez, the son Tamar bore to Judah. 耶稣成了她玛给犹大所生的儿子法勒斯的后裔。

The second female ancestor of Christ mentioned here is Rahab. 这里提到的基督的第二个女性祖先是喇合, We know that she was a Canaanite woman, 我们知道她是一个迦南女人,a gentile prostitute living in Jericho. 一个耶利哥的外邦妓女。 By faith she helped the Israelite spies, 因着信,她帮助了以色列探子,and she was married to David’s great-great grandpa Salmon 嫁给了大卫王的曾曾祖父撒门,and gave birth to Boaz, King David’s great grandpa. 生了大卫王的曾祖父波阿斯。The third woman is Ruth, the Moabite woman, 第三个女人路得,是摩押女人,by faith this gentile woman married to Boaz, 因着信,这个外邦女人嫁给了波阿斯,and she then became King David’s grandma.她后来成为大卫王的祖母。The last one, Bathsheba, 最后一个是拔示巴,who had been a wife to a Hittite, 她曾是赫人的妻子,and then committed adultery with King David, 后来与大卫王通奸 later became one of the wives of King David 成为大卫王的妻子之一,and the mother of King Solomon, 所罗门王的母亲,who was one of the ancestors of Christ. 所罗门王是基督的祖先之一。All these females were considered as problematic and sinful women, 所有这些女性都被认为是有问题的、有罪的女人、prostitutes, or gentiles. 妓女或外邦人。

Tamar was likely a Canaanite. 他玛很可能是迦南人,Rahab was a Canaanite. 喇合是迦南人, Ruth was a Moabite. 路得是摩押人,Bathsheba was married to a Hittite first.  拔示巴先嫁给了赫人 What’s the point here? 这里有什么含义? Both in the book of Matthew and the book of Luke, 在《马太福音》和《路加福音》中, whether in Jesus Christ’s adoptive father’s genealogy or in Mary’s genealogy, 无论是耶稣基督的养父的家谱,还是马利亚的家谱,we see the blood of Gentiles is running in the veins of the ancestors of the person Jesus Christ. 我们看到外邦人的血在耶稣基的祖先的血管中流淌。Gal 3:14 He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit. 这便叫亚伯拉罕的福,因基督耶稣可以临到外邦人,使我们因信得着所应许的圣灵。The genealogy shows that through this Seed of Abraham, 族谱表明,借着亚伯拉罕的那个后裔,the fulfilment of the promise of blessing to all nations is seen. 赐福给万国的应许成就了。This Seed of Abraham was built with Gentile blood – the Canaanites, the Moabites, and the Hittites,  这个亚伯拉罕的后裔是有迦南人、摩押人、赫人等外邦人的族谱下诞生的, yet he had no sin, 然而他并没有罪,and he became the sin offering, atoning for our sins, 他成了赎罪祭,为我们的罪赎罪, so that by Grace through faith in Him we could become the righteousness of God, 这样,我们因着信他的恩典,就得以成为神的义,and He can bring the blood of every tribe and family of the earth into His One Body. 他可以把地上各族,各家都融入到他的身体里。

Think about this, through our physical ancestors, 从我们的肉体祖先,we all inherited pride, 我们都继承了骄傲,disobedience, 悖逆,idolatry, 拜偶像,sins, 罪恶,and generational curses以及累代的咒诅,curses like poverty, 如贫穷continuing financial insufficiency持续的财务缺乏的咒诅. Like even though you earn a lot, it’s still not enough for your needs; 像,就算你赚了钱,仍然不够满足你的需要; some may be passed down as failure and defeat, 像有些可能是失败不成功的咒诅such as academic failure, 像学业总考不过,or career failure, 或事业失败,or marriage failure, or family breakdown; 或婚姻失败,或家庭破裂;

Others may inherit mental and physical chronic sickness; 对另一些人来说,它可能会遗传精神和身体上的慢性疾病; prone to personal accidents; 易发生人身事故; Or others may inherit a history of suicide or premature death. 有人或者家族里有自杀或过早夭的历史。Perhaps you have tried your best all your life to break through, 也许你一生都在努力寻求突破,but you still can’t reach your goal, 但你仍然无法达到你的目标,which makes you feel ashamed and helpless.这让你感到羞愧和无奈。But this is the good news hidden in the genealogy of Jesus Christ! 但是这好消息,它隐藏在耶稣基督的族谱里!  

Romans 4:17 says that God has made Abraham a father of many nations. 在罗417节说 神叫亚伯拉罕做多国的父。How? 怎样?Through faith in Jesus藉著信靠耶稣, if we repent and forsake the examples of our forefathers who worshipped fame or money or other idols out of fear, 若我们悔改,弃绝我们的祖先因惧怕就拜名利或其他偶像的样子,and if we choose to follow the example of Jesus若我们选择是跟随基督的榜样. We can come out of the influence of the iniquities of our forefathers, 我们可以从祖先的罪的影响下出来whether it is fear, 无论是惧怕or manipulation是操纵 or bitterness是苦毒, or lust是淫乱 or whatever,还是其他的; if we choose to follow Jesus to forgive若我们选择跟随耶稣去饶恕, love and live by His truth, 爱和靠真理活着the power of His forgiveness can truly break every chain of our family curses from us, 他赦免的大能就能破除 我们家族的累代咒诅的锁链,we then will truly become descendants of Abraham and the blessings given to Abraham will truly be experienced by us.  我们就可以真正的成为亚伯拉罕的后裔,亚伯拉罕的祝福也能真实的临到我们身上。Not only can we be blessed, but also, we can be blessings to all nations. 我们不仅可以得到祝福,也可以成为万国的祝福。This is God’s glory hidden in the genealogy. 这是隐藏在家谱中神的荣耀。 That the Lord Jesus came from Judah’s line to save sinner like Judah. 主耶稣从犹大的后裔出来,拯救像犹大一样有罪的人。

But through Judah’s repentance and changed life, 但通过犹大的悔改和生命的改变,all nations were blessed. 万国都蒙了祝福。Now we’ve received the same promise through Jesus Christ 现在我们因为耶稣基督同得了这应许。And in the last chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, 在马太福音的最后一章,we’re commissioned to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations. 我们被托付把天国的福音带到万国。Jesus’ coming changed human history. 他的到来改变了人类的历史。He wants to change our families’ history through our faith. 他想通过我们的信来改变我们家族的历史。He calls us into a Kingdom, 他呼召我们进一个国度,He calls us into obedience, 他呼召我们去顺服他,He calls us into blessings. 呼召我们进入祝福。Is this good news for you? 这对你来说是好消息吗?



Heavenly Father, we thank You so much for Your great love for us. 天父,感谢你对我们的大爱。Thank You Jesus for making the way to blessing for us感谢主耶稣为我们开辟了通往祝福的道路。We once lived a life without light and without hope, 我们过往活着没有光,没有盼望, all our hopes in the past were vain, coz they would go to the grave with death. 我们过去所有的盼望都是虚空的,因为他们会随着死亡而进入坟墓。 We thank You for giving us the good news! 谢谢你给我们这个好消息!That Jesus Christ came through a family tree where sinners and gentiles were found, 耶稣基督从罪人和外邦人的家谱中诞生,yet through their true repentance in faith, 但藉着他们在信心中的真悔改,the nations are blessed.多国蒙了祝福

And their names are written in God’s book to be remembered forever! 他们的名字被写在上帝的册子里被记念,直到永远! What good news to us! 这是何等的好消息! Life can become more meaningful in God’s hands. 生命因在上帝手中可以变得何等有意义。Our life is not just about us. 我们的生活不只是关乎我们自己。It can be part of a bigger story of God working through us. 我们的人生可以成为上帝的国度历史的一部分并借我们扩展。If you wanna respond to God’s call in this way, 如果你想回应神的呼召去那样活着,you can lift up your voice to respond to Him right now, 你可以现在就来回应祂,you can thank Him, you can praise Him, you can pray on your own. 你可以感谢祂,你可以赞美祂,你可以自己祈祷。

Now if you’re reminded of anything, any complaints, any offences or unforgiveness that you’ve held against your ancestors or your relatives, 如果你想起任何事,任何抱怨,任何冒犯,或你对祖先或家人的不饶恕,you need to forgive them, 你需要饶恕他们, you need to let go, 你需要放下它们,so that you can receive blessings from your spiritual ancestor Abraham through faith in Jesus Christ. 这样你就可以借着信靠耶稣基督,从你的属灵祖先亚伯拉罕那里得到祝福。“Lord, I confess my iniquity now. 主啊,我现在承认我的罪。I confess the iniquity of my family, that we have carried for generations我承认我的家族世代的罪,I used to pass iniquity on to the next generation我从前是承传罪给后代, but now through faith I wanna pass blessings on to the next generation但如今因信,我要承传祝福给后代. (Youth年轻人: I used to receive iniquity from my ancestors我从前接受祖先的罪, but now through faith I receive blessings in Christ如今因信我接受基督里的祝福. together 一起): I receive Your love, and the power of Your forgiveness to forgive them, 我接受你的爱,和你饶恕的大能去饶恕他们,coz they’re like me when I sinned against You I didn’t even know that I was sinning. 因为他们就像我一样,当我得罪你的时候,我也不知道自己在得罪你。You have mercy on me, and I have mercy on them。你怜恤我,我也怜恤他们。Now I hold the blood of Jesus against that iniquity and break the power of curses. 现在我求耶稣的宝血遮盖,抵挡那罪孽,打破咒诅的权势。I am dead to the self, I yield to Your Spirit。我向旧人是死的,我降服于你的圣灵。

Heavenly Father, 天父,we thank You for revealing Your heart to us through the genealogy of Jesus, 我们感谢你借着耶稣的家谱向我们显明你的心意,that the Messiah King, 弥赛亚the Saviour of the world who didn’t come from a perfect family 这个世界的救世主不是来自一个完美的家庭,but came from a lineage of broken people with broken stories, 而是来自一个有着破碎历史、破碎的祖先的家庭,it’s through Your Grace by their faith 是借着你的恩典和他们的信,that You turned the broken stories into salvation, 你把破碎变成了救赎,and their ordinary lives became a part of Your great story 他们的平凡生活成为你伟大拯救事件的一部分,and they will be remembered forever in Your Kingdom.他们将在您的国度里永远被记念。Lord, isn’t this what You call us to follow? 主啊,这不是你叫我们跟随的吗? Isn’t this the life You want us to live out? 这不是你想让我们过的生活吗? Help us to bring it on. 求你帮我们行在其中。Amen. 阿门。


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