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2023-05-28 The birth of Jesus 耶稣的诞生(一)

发表于 2023-05-29

 (Matt 118-21)

Last time we learnt that Christ Jesus was the promised Messiah King, 上周我们看了基督耶稣是应许的弥赛亚王,the son of David, 他是大卫的子孙。Today, we’ll touch on Matthew 1:18-25...我们来看118-25.......the birth of Jesus! 耶稣的诞生! We often hear this bible passage at Christmas. 我们经常在圣诞节听到这段圣经经文。Today we’ll look at it in three points, 今天我们将从三个点来看它,firstly let’s look at首先我们来看,

1, The divine birth of Jesus involves more disgrace than glory. 耶稣神圣的诞生受羞辱多过荣耀    

V.18 tells us that Mary was pregnant as a virgin. 18节告诉我们,马利亚还是处女就怀了孕。The conception of a virgin was absolutely a miracle. 处女的受孕绝对是一个奇迹,Weve never heard of anyone having such an experience in human history other than in Mary. 在人类历史上,除了玛利亚,我们从未听说过任何人有过这样的事。In Luke 1, the Angel of God said to Mary, 在路加福音1章,上帝的天使对马利亚说,“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God. Luk135 “圣灵要临到你身上,至高者的能力要荫庇你,因此所要生的圣者,必称为 神的儿子(或作所要生的必称为圣,称为 神的儿子)So Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God. 因此耶稣基督是完全的人,完全的神。And he must be birthed by a virgin. 他必从童女而生,Because it had been prophesied 700 years ago before Christ was born, 这在他诞生前700年先知已经预言了,In Isaiah 7:14, Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. 因此,主自己要给你们一个兆头,必有童女怀孕生子,给他起名叫以马内利(就是 神与我们同在的意思)。 It sounds like, 这听起来像是: “hi, you’ve gotta take notice, “嗨,注意了,when you hear a virgin has conceived and given birth, 当你们听到童女怀孕生子的时候,the era of Immanuel has come! Immanuel means God is with us” 以马内利时代就来到了!以马内利的意思是神与我们同在!! God took the initiative, 上帝采取了主动,this was not Mary’s idea, 这不是玛利亚的主意,it was God’s idea. 这是上帝的主意。Salvation is completely by God’s grace through faith! 救恩完全是出于神的恩典,藉着人的信! Now think about it, 想一下,why Jesus chose to remain in Mary’s womb for more than nine months? 你有没有想过为什么耶稣选择在马利亚的子宫里待了九个多月?What happened then? 那时发生了什么?Actually, the bible doesn’t mention that. 事实上,圣经并没有提到这一点。But 1 John 约壹3:8 says, the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 神的儿子显现出来,为要除灭魔鬼的作为。

In other words, 换句话说,the reason the Son of God appeared in Mary’s womb was to destroy the devil’s work 神的儿子在马利亚腹中显现是为了除灭魔鬼的作为,and bring us healing and restoration. 给我们带来医治和恢复。v.19 tells us, 19节说,Joseph was about to reject Mary and the unborn Jesus before marriage 约瑟要在婚前拒绝马利亚和未出生的耶稣。We see in the bible, 我们在圣经中看到,from Jesus’ birth to his death, 从耶稣出生到被钉死,rejection prevalent throughout Jesus’ life. 被拒绝贯穿了耶稣的一生。His life on earth was characterized at every point by rejection. 他的人生在地上到处都是被拒绝。Even when he was in Mary’s womb, 甚至当他在玛利亚的子宫里时,he was rejected 他被拒绝了,and suffered the pain of rejection and shame, 遭受了拒绝和羞辱的痛,yet he didn’t receive the rejection. 但他没有接受被拒绝。Now this is the point I’m gonna highlight: 我要强调的是: rejection can start from within the mum’s womb. 就是拒绝可以从母亲的子宫开始。

In Luke 1:41, when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb. 伊利莎白一听马利亚问安,所怀的胎就在腹里跳动,伊利莎白且被圣灵充满,Babies can leap with joy because of influences from their external environment, 婴儿因受到外部环境的影响而高兴地跳动,or they can feel rejection and frustration. 也会感到被拒绝而沮丧。This affects the formation of kids’ future personalities. 它们影响孩子未来个性的形成。Why? 为什么? Because behind fear, 因为在恐惧的背后,there’s the spirit of fear; 是恐惧的灵; behind rejection, 在被拒绝的背后, there’s the spirit of rejection. 是被拒绝的灵。The enemy tries to conform us to be like him not like our Creator God. 敌人试图让我们像他,而不像创造我们的主。

In Gen 16, 在创世记第16章,when pregnant Hagar was mistreated and running away from Sarai, hurting. 当夏甲怀孕时,被苦待受伤,从撒莱面前逃走了。The angel of God came to meet her, 神的使者来遇见她,and foretold her that the son in her womb would be an angry and violent person, 向她预言,她腹中的儿子是个暴怒要打人的人. (Gen 16:12)

In other words, 换句话说,if your pregnant mum receives rejection or hurt, 如果你怀孕的妈妈受到拒绝或伤害,you’ll get hurt and angry too. 你也跟着受伤发怒。Anger can result in violence. 愤怒会导致暴力。In Hebrews 7, we’re told, 希伯来书第7章说,after Abraham had defeated five kings, 亚伯拉罕战胜五王之后,he gave a tithe to Melchizedek.他把十分之一献给麦基洗德。 In v.9-10, One might even say that Levi, who collects the tenth, paid the tenth through Abraham, 10 because when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor. 并且可说那受十分之一的利未,也是藉着亚伯拉罕纳了十分之一。因为麦基洗德迎接亚伯拉罕的时候,利未已经在他先祖的身中(原文作)。 Notice, at the time Abraham gave a tithe to Melchizedek, 注意,当亚伯拉罕把十分之一奉献给麦基洗德的时候,he didn’t even have a son, 他还没有儿子,where was Levi his great grandson? 他的曾孙利未在哪里?But it says when Abraham was doing good things before God, 但圣经说,当亚伯拉罕在上帝面前行善时,his great grandson Levi was there with him even though he hadn’t been born yet. 他的曾孙利未与他同在,即使他还没有出生。Likewise, if our ancestors were doing sinful things against God, 如果我们的祖先做得罪上帝的事,we were doing them with them. 我们就会和他们一起做。Get the idea? 明白了吗? The Thursday before, a sister came to me with a weird headache. 前一个星期四,一个姊妹来了,她头痛得很奇怪。That night I led her in prayers of confession for six times, 那天晚上,我领着她做了六次悔改祷告,coz it disappeared for a while after the prayer, 因为祷告后头痛消失了一段时间,and it came back again. 然后头又痛了。

Finally, I got a word in my heart during a prayer, 最后一次祷告中,我心里得了启示,so I asked her if she had been involved in idolatry所以我问她介入拜偶像之类的事。Then she was reminded that her foster grandma used to prickle her head with a sewing needle 然后她想起她不舒服的时候,她的继姥姥就用缝纫针扎她的头,and blow on her head if she felt sick, 还在她头上吹气。Then, she felt comfortable. 然后她就觉得舒服了。For more than 20 years, even when she was pregnant, 20多年来,即便在她怀孕的时候,she had sought help from her grandma through witchcraft. 她都在向姥姥寻求巫术的帮助。

After prayer she felt fine, 祷告后,她头不痛了,but later the headache came back again. 但不久头痛又来了。And her son also started to feel sick and had a fever. 她的儿子也开始感到不舒服,开始发烧。The next evening, I had a conversation with her son, 第二天晚上,我和她的儿子谈话,he agreed to repent from and renounce witchcraft, 他同意做悔改祷告弃绝巫术,even though he hadn’t known what was going on when he was in his mum’s womb. 尽管他不知道还在妈妈子宫里的时候发生了什么。Praise the Lord赞美主,he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. 他接受了耶稣成为他的救主。God turned the bad thing into salvation. 神让坏事变成了救恩。He then was healed from cold like symptoms. 第二天他的感冒症状也好转了,Now the whole family is waiting for baptism. 现在全家都要接受洗礼了。We again eye-witnessed that a dark power can be passed on to a baby through a pregnant mum. 我们再次亲眼目睹了黑暗权势可以通过怀孕的母亲传递给婴儿,But only Jesus saves但只有耶稣能拯救!

Studies also prove that rejection starts from the womb. 科学研究也证明,拒绝感从在子宫里就开始了,The fetus senses their mother's emotions through chemicals released in the mother's body. 胎儿通过母亲体内释放的化学物质来感知母亲的情绪。With agreement, 借着连结,the feelings of rejection, shame, anger, fear can be passed to the fetus in mum’s womb. 被拒绝、羞耻、愤怒、恐惧的感觉就会传递给母亲子宫里的胎儿。If your pregnancy resulted from rape, or was an unexpected, or unwanted pregnancy; 如果你是因强奸、不想怀孕或意外怀孕而怀孕, if you made resentful statement during pregnancy, 如果你在怀孕期间说了一些怨恨的话,like, “I didn’t wanna get pregnant, …”“我不想怀孕……” or whatever curse words out of frustration you spoke over your baby in your womb, 或者你出于沮丧而对子宫里的孩子说了一些咒诅的话,the child will be affected by rejection. 孩子就会受到拒绝伤害。Rejection is a root problem, 被拒绝是问题的根,from which many destructive emotions can grow. 许多破坏性情绪会由此滋生。Rejection produces a deep sense of shame, 拒绝生出很深的羞耻感, “I’m not loved…“他们不爱我……I’m unwanted…”我是多余的……” Rejection causes you to get angry easily; 接受拒绝感让你易怒,and to get jealous easily, 很容易嫉妒; You feel afraid, 你惧怕 you wanna run away, 你想逃走,you bluff and bluster; 你要装自己多厉害, you are disobedient; 你就悖逆; you judge bitterly, 你苦毒地论断,you feel self-pity, disappointed, hopeless, and even suicidal. 你感到自怜、失望、绝望,甚至想自杀。This’s how rejection works and tries to destroy our health and relationships. 被拒绝就是这样要试图破坏我们的健康和人际关系。Jesus sees and He understands! 耶稣看见了,他明白! He came into Mary’s womb, 他来到玛利亚的腹中,He deliberately choose to suffer rejection for us. 他故意选择为我们遭受拒绝。Jesus didn’t deserve any rejection or shame, 耶稣不应该受到任何拒绝和羞辱,but he willingly lived a life that was to be rejected by people, 但是他愿意过被人拒绝的生活,until we killed him with our rejection, 直到我们用我们的拒绝杀死了他,yet He overcame rejection with love. 然而他用爱战胜了被拒绝。The divine birth involves more humiliation than glory, 神圣的诞生却受了羞辱而不是荣耀,in order to destroy the power of sin and rejection 这是为了除灭罪和拒绝感,and redeem us and heal us from sin and rejection. 救赎我们,医治我们脱离罪和拒绝感。“It’s done.” “成了。” He showed us what love is. 他向我们彰显了什么是爱。Abiding in His love overcomes rejection. 常在祂的爱中就胜过被拒绝。

2, The birth of Jesus involves self-denial and sacrifice. 耶稣的诞生带着否定自己和牺牲

v.24, After Joseph got told that the baby in Mary’s womb was from the Holy Spirit, 约瑟得知玛丽亚腹中胎儿是从圣灵而来后,He didn’t doubt the dream he received, and say, 他没有怀疑他得到的梦,说: “what? Can the Holy Spirit impregnate Mary? “什么?圣灵能使马利亚怀孕吗? I can’t understand, 我无法理解,so I don’t believe it.” 所以我不相信。” No,没有,Joseph immediately did what he was told to in the dream. 约瑟立即照那梦的指示去做, And gave the boy the name Jesus. 给孩子起名叫耶稣。Think about it, 想想看,what price did Joseph pay to believe in God’s words? 约瑟为信神的话付出了什么代价? It wasn’t just a one-off sacrifice, to marry a pregnant woman. 娶一个孕妇并不是一次性的牺牲。V.25 says, he didn’t had union with Marry until she gave birth to Christ. 只是没有和她同房,等她生了儿子 In other words, 换句话说,in obedience to God's command, 为了服从上帝的命令,Joseph gave up his rights as a bridegroom, 约瑟放弃了他作为新郎的权利,he didn’t have his honeymoon, 他没有度蜜月,Mary remained a virgin until she gave birth. 马利亚在生孩子之前一直保持着处女身。Joseph took on the responsibility of being a husband and a foster father 约瑟承担起丈夫和养父的责任,to care for and provide for and raise up Christ. 照顾、供应、抚养基督。Later on, Joseph was told to take Mary and Jesus to flee to Egypt. 后来,约瑟被告知带着马利亚和耶稣逃往埃及。

Joseph’s life wasn’t easy, 约瑟的生活并不容易。 Christ willingly denied himself by laying down his glory, 我们看到基督甘心舍己,放下他的荣耀,he stepped into Mary’s womb and became like us 进入马利亚的腹中,和我们一样,to suffer the pain of rejection and death for us. 为我们承受被拒绝和死亡的痛苦。Joseph was a man like us, 约瑟是一个和我们一样的人, he also chose to deny the self. 他也选择舍己。The sacrifice he made to his mission lasted a lifetime. 他为他的使命所作的牺牲是一生。Because someone sacrificed his rights to welcome Jesus into this world, 因为有人牺牲了他的权利来欢迎耶稣来到这个世界,we then could have Jesus to redeem us. 我们才有耶稣来救赎我们。The mission of God always involves self-denial and sacrifice. 神的使命总是涉及着舍己和牺牲。

Was Mary’s life easy? 玛丽的生活容易吗? During those days, 在那年代里,Mary’s pregnancy could have been stoned to death, 马利亚的怀孕可以被石头砸死,for it could have been taken as evidence that she had committed adultery. 因为这可以作为她犯奸淫的证据。But Mary chose the hard way, 但玛丽亚选择难的道路, she chose obedience to God.  她选择顺服神。Life is short, 人生是短暂的, She chose a short life to serve an eternal purpose她短暂的人生服侍永恒的目的。Mary risked her own life bringing Jesus into the world. 马利亚冒着生命危险把耶稣带到世上,She didn’t lay herself down just for the 9 months of pregnancy, 她不只是为了9个月的怀孕而放弃自己,she chose self-denial and sacrifice over a lifetime for God’s call. 她选择了否定自我,为神的呼召献上了一生。

Is it easy for people like us who have a sinful nature to follow Jesus? 像我们这样有原罪本性的人跟随耶稣容易吗? No! 不! Coz The sinful mind is hostile to God. 原来体贴肉体的,就是与神为仇With a sinful mind, 随着原罪的心,we can’t understand and even live at peace with a Holy and selfless God. 我们无法理解,甚至无法与圣洁无私的神和平相处。Immanuel, God with us requires us to deny the self, 以马内利的神与我们同在,要求我们舍己,so that we can be untied with Him 这样我们才能与祂合一,and enjoy His wonderful presence like Christ did. 像基督一样享受祂奇妙的同在。

Later on, Mary followed Jesus travelling the countryside preaching and healing; 后来,马利亚跟随耶稣到乡间传道和医治; at the cross she had to watch her Son to be rejected, flogged and crucified. 在十字架上,她不得不看着她的儿子被拒绝、鞭打和钉死在十字架上。Just as the prophet Simeon prophesied to her, 正如先知西缅对她所说的预言,a sword will pierce your own soul too.” 234“你自己的心也要被刀刺透。 Mary might have understood that Jesus would be the Savior of the world and the coming King, 马利亚可能明白耶稣是世界的救主和再来的王,but she didn’t understand that the way to its the fulfilment was through the cross. 但她不明白必须通过十字架应许才能成就。At the cross, she was there to watch Christ’s crucifixion, 在十字架前,她看着基督被钉十字架,just as Simeon had told her, 正如西缅告诉她的那样,a mother’s soul was pierced through. 一个母亲的心被刺透了。Mary may not have had as much knowledge as those Bible scholars did, 马利亚可能不像那些圣经学者知道的那么多知识,but her obedience and self-sacrificing faith changed the course of human history. 但她的顺服和舍己的信改变了人类历史的进程。

3, Self-denial the only way to victory. 舍己是得胜的唯一途径

The birth of the Son of God didn’t amaze people with his glory, 神的儿子的诞生并没有让人惊奇他的荣耀。actually, the divine birth was involved more rejection and shame than welcoming and glory. 事实上,神圣诞生得着的更多是被拒绝和羞辱,而不是欢迎和荣耀。 Yet, When Jesus came into the world, 但耶稣来到世上的时候,he said this, 他曾说过:Sacrifice and offering you didn’t desire, but a body you prepared for me.” Hebrew 10:5 祭物和供物、不是你所愿意的,乃是你为我预备了身体。 Jesus never used his body for his own earthly pleasure, 耶稣从来没有用他的身体来满足世俗的快乐,so that when he wasn’t happy, he complained, blew up and acted like Adam. 以至于当他不顺心,就抱怨,发怒,像亚当一样。Never! 从来没有! The birth of Jesus was for the cross. 耶稣的诞生是为了十字架。The Cross calls us to reject the natural human inclination towards selfishness. 十字架呼召我们拒绝天然人的自私的天性。Through the cross, he defeated rejection, hatred, and the powers of hell. 通过十字架,他战胜了被拒绝、仇恨和地狱的权势。 Jesus was rejected, we’re accepted. 耶稣被拒绝,我们被接纳。God’s forgiving love shines through the cross. 神饶恕的爱在十字架上闪耀。Where do you go to find love and acceptance? 你要去哪里寻找爱和接纳?Where can you heal your wounds of rejection? 哪里可以治愈你被拒绝的伤害? Nowhere else but the cross of Jesus! 除了耶稣的十字架,别无拯救!Nothing else to do but take up the Cross and follow Him! 别无他法,只有背起十字架来跟从他! Joseph and Mary were people just like us, 约瑟和马利亚也是和我们一样的人,they experienced huge rejection, 他们经历了巨大的拒绝,yet by faith, they didn’t yield to fear, but submitted to God. 但因着信,他们没有屈服于惧怕,他们顺服了神。

By living in the reality of Jesus’ cross, 借着活在耶稣十字架的舍己里, they overcame the persistent fleshly demands of the body, 他们胜过了肉体不止息的欲望,so they overcame rejection 所以他们胜过了被拒绝,and fulfilled their earthly purpose in life. 完成了在地上活着的目的。And through them the Messiah came, 借着他们弥赛亚来到世上, and the world is greatly blessed. 他们极大地祝福了这世界。Now the crown of life awaits them. 现在,生命的冠冕在等着他们。

What kind of life are you pursuing? 你追求什么样的生活? A selfish lifestyle? 自私地活着? Or abundant life in Christ? 还是追求在基督里得丰盛的生命? The birth of Jesus changed the course of history! 耶稣的诞生改变了历史的进程! Christ Jesus has prepared a body for God to use to save the world. 基督耶稣为神预备了身体来拯救世界。Mary has prepared her womb as a living sacrifice for God to use. 马利亚预备了自己的子宫当作活祭为神使用。Joseph has prepared a sacrificial foster father role for God to use. 约瑟为耶稣预备了养父的角色当作活祭被神使用。What have you prepared for God to use? 你预备了什么给神来使用?


Prayer: 祷告:

Yes Lord, You’re worthy of it all. 是的,主啊,你配得这一切。You’re worthy of all praise, glory, and honour. 你配得所有的赞美、荣耀和尊崇。We thank You Lord Jesus, 我们感谢主耶稣,You’re the King of kings, 你是万王之王,yet You humbly came to suffer rejection for us. 但你谦卑地来为我们忍受拒绝。From your birth to your death, in Your whole earthly life time, 从你的出生到你的死亡,在你活在地上的日子里, you came to love, 你来爱,but were treated with rejection because of our sins. 但被我们的罪所弃绝。You were despised and rejected by men, 你被人藐视厌弃、You were mocked and struck on your face; 讥诮你、打你的脸,you were falsely accused, 你被诬陷,and tortured and sentenced to be crucified as a criminal between two thieves. 被严刑拷打,被当罪犯,钉十字架上。But You said, “Father, forgive them.” 但你却说,父阿,赦免他们。How did you overcome rejection? 你是如何胜过拒绝的?

Jesus, you never reacted to people, you never took offense. 主耶稣,你从来没有对人做出反应,你从来没有向人发私怒,You never tried to justify yourself. 你从不为自己辩护,You remained in the Father’s love. 你住在父爱中,You and the Father are one. 你与父原为一,You lived a life to demonstrate what God is like. 你用生命彰显神是怎样的一位神,You stayed true to Your call. 你忠心于你的呼召。“By Your wounds we’re healed.” 因你的鞭伤,我们得医治! You desire healing in us. 你渴望医治我们。Father, we thank You for Your mercy. 天父,我们感谢您的恩慈,You call us to follow You by denying the self. 你呼召我们舍己跟随你,You call us to be like You. 你呼召我们效法你,“Whoever see me have see the Father.”人看见了我,就是看见了父。

Who people see in you? 人们从你身上看到了什么? the Father? 天父吗?Yourself? 自己吗?Let’s ask the Holy Spirit. 让我们求问圣灵。If there’s emotional turmoil in your heart, 如果你内心有情绪上的动荡,if the turmoil links to your birth? 这种动荡是否关联到你的出生? If your mum told you that you were unwanted when you were in your mum’s womb, 如果你妈告诉过你,当你还在母腹里时,你是不被期望来到这个世界的,If your mum wanted an abortion, 或是想要堕胎,or if she made resentful statements, 或者她说过怨恨的话,like: 像:“I didn’t wanna get pregnant…我不想怀孕I wanted a boy, or a girl instead of a boy…”我想要一个男孩而不是女孩,或一个女孩而不是男孩…”Or maybe you’ve done this to your child when you were pregnant或者你怀孕时也这样对待你的孩子,so that you or your child are sensitive and often misinterpret people’s words, 所以你或你的孩子很敏感,经常误解别人的话说;often sense that people reject you, and get angry easily…常感觉人在拒绝你,和容易发怒;or you experienced domestic violence due to rejection, now you also tend to act the same way…或者你因为被拒绝而经历过家庭暴力,现在你也倾向于这样做;or you have physical manifestations in your digestive systems or nerve systems, 或者你的消化系统或神经系统有身体上的表现;or it has caused any other physical disease. 或者引起了其他身体疾病。Jesus is able to heal!  耶稣能医治!

Let’s come to the Lord, and say, 让我们来到主面前,

“Jesus, I come to You. 对他说:耶稣,我来到你面前。Thank You for becoming a substitute for my sin and my emotional hurts. 谢谢你为我的罪和伤害成了替罪羔羊。I don’t wanna let the past wounds to control and ruin my future life anymore. 我不想再让过去的伤害掌控和毁了我未来的生活。I confess that in the natural I and my parents and my ancestors all tend to react to people and our circumstances. 我承认,在天然人里,我、我的父母和我的祖先都是对人和环境做出反应,We've been so busy blaming someone else for why our life is like pretty much like that of fallen Adam, 我们都是忙着去指摘别人,和堕落的亚当一样,yet haven’t realised we’re carrying inside unhealthy expectations, 却没有意识到因我们内心带着对人的期望,so that we receive rejection, fear, 因此就接受被拒绝、惧怕,we become angry and bitter, trying to control and hurt others.我们变得愤怒和苦毒,试图控制和伤害他人。

Lord, I’m not better than my ancestors as I used to think I was. 主啊,我并不像我从前认为的那样比我的祖先好。I thank You for dying on the cross to forgive me. 我感谢你死在十字架上赦免我,Lord, I ask You to forgive me for whatever I received in my mum’s womb主啊, 我请求你赦免我在我母腹里所接受的一切,and I declare forgiveness over my mum我奉主名宣告我愿饶恕我的妈妈。for all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory因为世人都犯了罪,亏缺神的荣耀。I bless those who hurt me我祝福那些伤害过我的人。Now in the name of Jesus, 现在奉耶稣的名, I break the agreement with rejection from when I was in my mum’s womb, 我破除从我母腹里就接受的被拒绝感,break the agreement with bitter judgement, 砍断苦毒的论断的捆绑,abusive words, 骂脏话的捆绑,unforgiveness, 不饶恕人的捆绑,complaint, 抱怨的捆绑,manipulation, 操纵,witchcraft, 巫术,fear, idolatry…恐惧,偶像崇拜的捆绑……I nail that rejection and bitterness…on to the cross…我把这些拒绝和苦毒与主同钉在十字架上。

In the name of Jesus, 奉主耶稣基督的圣名,I command the spirit of rejection, fear, witchcraft, control…to go…我命令被拒绝、惧怕、巫术、控制的邪灵离开我,I release the areas of my heart once occupied by evil powers now be filled with the Holy Spirit. 我释放我心中曾经被邪恶力量占据的地方,现在求圣灵来充满。 Holy Spirit, come into that prat of my heart and bring healing from that rejection and shame I once carried. 圣灵,请进入我的内心深处,医治我曾被拒绝感和羞耻感占据的心。

Jesus, thank You for Your presence with us this afternoon. 耶稣,感谢你今天下午与我们同在。 Thank You for your birth and your crucifixion, 感谢你的降生,感谢你被钉在十字架上,which are all for one purpose that is to save us and restore us to Your original plan that we may have life and have it abundantly,这一切都是为了一个目的,就是拯救我们,恢复你起初的计划,使我们可以得生命,并且得得更丰盛,so that we may follow Your footsteps to represent the Father on earth, 以至于我们可以跟随你的脚踪,在地上代表天父而活,when people see us they can see the Father, 当人们看见我们的时候,如同看到父, and we may also powerfully bring the blessed good news to the broken world, 我们也可以大有能力地把这好消息带给这个破碎的世界,and to get ready to share with You in Your kingship when You return.  为你再来 预备自己与你同享王权。


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