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2023-09-17 回应呼召,效法跟随 Respond to the Calling, Follow and Imitate

发表于 2024-01-08

弟兄姐妹,平安!Brothers and sisters peace be with you!很高兴来到这里,I am so excited to be here,今天我不讲道,Today I won’t preach,和大家分享一些我自己的经历和见证,but will share with you some of my own experiences and testimonies.圣经说,The Bible says,圣灵来是为耶稣作见证的,the Holy Spirit is here to witness for Jesus,我们也是为耶稣作见证的。and we are also here to witness for Jesus.在联合聚会上,At the combined serviceChris问我为什么作牧师,Chris asked me why I became a pastor,今天我想跟大家分享一下,today I want to share with you我自己被神呼召作牧师的见证。the testimony of how I was called by God to be a pastor.

2008年我刚住进Jane家里,In 2008just after I had moved into Jane's home,做了第一个从神来的梦。I had the first dream from God. 夜间很奇妙的,It was very wonderfulat night,就像放电影一样,just like watching a movie,一个场景在我面前展现:a scene unfolded before me:我跟JaneRaymondI was serving with Jane and Raymond,还有一个外国牧师一起在服侍。along with a foreign pastor.梦结束后,When the dream ended,又像电影一样啪的关掉了,it was abruptly turned off like a movie,我就醒过来。and I woke up.这个梦非常清晰,This dream was very clear, 使我这个非常理智,making me a very rational person相信科学,who believed in science,做会计的人,and worked as an accountant,不得不重视这个梦。to take this dream seriously. 后来Jane告诉我,Later Jane explained to me,我们是国度性的服侍,that our home church was called to serve将来会跟国际人士一同服侍。with international people to advance the Kingdom of God worldwide. 经历了15年的预备、等候,Now after 15 years of preparation and waiting,神把我带到这里,God brought me here,我看到神的应许开始成就。and I saw God's promise begin to be fulfilled.

神把Jane带到新西兰,God brought Jane to New Zealand,并在OTBC服侍,and served in OTBC.曾经我们心里有太多不解,Initially we had too many questions in our hearts,我们祷告说:We prayed and said:中国也有那么多的人需要被服侍,“There are so many people in China who need to be served神啊,你为什么把Jane带到那么远的地方?”God why did you bring Jane to such a distant place直到OTBC建立下午的国际堂,Until after God established the international service at OTBC,神也赐下异象,and we heard that God had given a vision,两棵参天大树要结出果子,that two big trees would bear fruit,神有更加长远、广阔且美好的心意,we surrendered ourselves to God because we believed虽然现在看到的还有限,我们当行的就是顺服神。that God’s plan was out of His good will even though we still can’t see the whole plan of God we should obey.

一、我的原生家庭I. My Original Family

请允许我再次自我介绍,Let me introduce myself a little bit, 我来自中国河南的一个小乡村,I come from a small village in Henan China. 从前我的家人都是拜偶像的,In he past my family worshipped idols,家中没有平安,there was no peace at home,生活常在窘迫中,life was often in distress,家人也常常生病。and family members frequently fell ill. 我的姑父是牧师,My uncle was a pastor, 后来我的父母也信了耶稣,and later my parents also believed in Jesus, 并把他们头生的孩子——就是我,献给了上帝。and they dedicated their firstborn child — that is me to God. 那时我才十几岁,也跟着信了耶稣。At that time I was only in my teens and I believed in Jesus. 妈妈教我任何时候都可以呼求:“耶稣,救我!"My mother taught me that I could call out Jesus at any time saying “Jesus save me"我只是心里这么相信 I just believed this in my heart, 却从未读过圣经, 也没有参加聚会,更不晓得什么是罪,but at that time had never read the Bible nor attended any church meetings and of course I didn't know what sin was. 只知道祈求神帮助我,I only knew to pray and ask God for help, 让我学业顺利,asking Him to help my studies go smoothly让家人健康平安。and to keep my family healthy and safe. 事实上,我的学业也真的挺顺利,In fact my studies did go very well, 家里的经济,家人的健康都有很大的改变 and there was a significant improvement in our family's financial situation and in the health of my family members. 我惊奇地发现:I was astonished to discover that原来信耶稣有这么大的好处!I was amazed to find out that believing in Jesus has so many benefits!这是我最初对耶稣的认识。This was my initial understanding of Jesus.

从师范学校毕业以后,After graduating from a teacher training college,我在学校做了一年的教师,I worked as a teacher at a school for a year,又考了会计类的证书,and then obtained a certificate in accounting. 后来神把我带到了深圳从事会计的工作。Later God brought me to Shenzhen to work as an accountant. 那时开始我有聚会了。Then I started to attend church services. 2007年,那时我24岁,In 2007when I was 24 years old, 因为乙肝病毒爆发,due to a hepatitis B virus outbreak, 肝功能指标严重超标my liver function indicators greatly exceeded the standards, 我所有的积蓄都变成了医药费。all my saving were turned towards medical expenses. 工作上因为有假账,我也辞掉了. Additionallybecause the boss required me to make false accounts to avoid taxes I resigned. 不信主的男朋友也分手了。Meanwhile I broke up with my boyfriend who did not believe in the Lord. 我正处在生病,没有钱,没有工作,也没有婚姻的低谷中,At that time I was ill without money without a job and without a marriage. 那时,神把我带到了Jane家里的教会中,God brought me to the church in Jane's home and I lived in her house. 那是我真正经历神,认识神的开始。That was the true beginning of my experience with God and getting to know God.

二、经历恩典,献上自己 Experiencing Graceoffering myself

Jane信主后,After Jane became a believer打开家门接待了许多像我一样的肢体。she opened her home and welcomed many members like me. 我们在Jane家里,一同吃住。We lived together in Jane's homeeating food at her home. 每天早上七点和中午一点,,我们会一起祷告,We prayed together at seven in the morning and one in the afternoon daily,一起经历神的爱。experiencing God's love collectively. 敬拜时,祷告时,During worship and prayer,我们常常被圣灵浇灌,we were often filled with the Holy Spirit,被主耶稣十字架上的大爱感动,moved by the immense love of Jesus on the cross,悔改自己的罪,饶恕得罪我们的人,repenting of our sins and forgiving those who had wronged us,愿意献上自己。willing to dedicate ourselves to God.

刚到MOLC的时候,When I first arrived at MOLC,我心里有很多的论断、不饶恕,I was judgmental and unforgiving,自己当时对罪是很无知的。largely ignorant about sin. 那时Jane在台上讲道,或是在台下分享见证,Whenever Jane preached on stage or shared testimonies off stage, 我心里就止不住地嘀咕:“真的吗?不可能吧!你是在自夸吧?……”I couldn’t help but murmur and doubt in my heart “is that true It’s impossible. Are you boasting about yourself 但是后来,我发现她不是在高举自己,Howeverlater I discovered that she wasn't elevating herself而是不断地在为耶稣作见证,but continuously bearing witness to Jesus把人带到耶稣面前,bringing people to Jesus并且神借着她说的话,都成就了。and the words spoken through her by God always came true.

后来听到真理说:【罗144】你是谁,竟论断别人的仆人呢?After hearing the truth in Romans 144"Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another" 我的心蒙了光照,My heart was enlightened by the word of God,向神悔改,并且向Jane承认我对她有许多论断,and I repented to Godconfessing that I had a lot of judgment of Jane. Jane说她都知道,并一直在为我祷告。She said that she knew that I had judged her in my heart and she had been praying for me. 借着我每一次认罪悔改,Through my continuous confessions and repentance,经历神的医治和修复,I experienced God's healing and restoration,使我不仅是风闻有主,not just hearing testimonies about the Lord,更是亲身经历他是又真又活的救主。but personally experiencing Him as a true and living Savior.

20071021日,我已经到MOLC教会聚会一个月了,On October 212007after attending gatherings at MOLC for a month. 那个主日的讲道主题是:堵上破口。I heard a sermon that Sunday which was "Repairing the broken walls." 当时Jane在最后呼召有谁愿意献上自己,被神所用时,Jane made an Altar call after the sermon she called people if they would be willing to offer themselves for God’s use. 我有感动上前,却又害怕,心里很挣扎,I felt moved to step forward but was also fearfuland I was struggling to move forward. 最后我没有到前面去。In the end I didn't go forward. 聚会结束后,回家的路上我一直在思想:世界与神,我更爱什么?On the way home I pondered what I loved more the world or God? 当时我觉得最爱的是父母,At that time I thought I loved my parents most. 可是神却让我读到【1037-39but God led me to read Matthew 1037-39爱父母过于爱我的,不配作我的门徒,which says that loving parents or children more than God makes us unworthy to be His disciples. 不背着他的十字架跟从我的,也不配作我的门徒。And not taking up our cross and following Him also makes us unworthy. 神的话扎了我的心,which struk my heart with the realization 人只有先把神放在第一位,才能领受无条件的爱去爱父母,儿女。that to truly love one’s parents and children one must first place God at the forefront 我被圣灵感动,愿意放下一切,把父母交给神,把自己的一切都交给神。This understanding moved me to surrender everything to God. 我跪在神的面前,哭着跟主说:我愿意成为那个修补墙的人,愿意成为那个堵上破口的人!I knelt before God crying and said to the Lord "I want to become a person who would go to repair the broken walls" 那是我第一次主动地真心实意地献上自己。That was the first time I genuinely and willingly offered myself to God.

刚到MOLC的时候,When I first arrived at MOLC, 我是乙肝大三阳的病人,肝功能不正常,I was a patient with severe hepatitis B with abnormal liver functions 病毒数量达到400万,and a viral load reaching 4 million. 我吃了一年的抗病毒药,已经没钱吃药了。After a year of taking medications I could no longer afford the treatment. 到了MOLC,知道JaneRaymond变卖家产,At MOLC I learned that Jane and Raymond had sold their properties,帮助了许多穷人,生病的人,困苦的人,to help many the poor the sick and the distressed people. 但是她却因从主领受了对我未来的预言, However Jane received prophetic words about my future from the Lord, 就对我说,“我不会给你钱吃药的,你在这里跟从耶稣,神就会医治你。” So she told me that she would not provide money for my medication but assured me that if I followed Jesus in His way he would heal me.出于神的恩典, 我也没有惧怕,By God's graceI stayed without fear, 就留下来作了门徒跟随耶稣。stopping my medication to follow Jesus.

那时我也不知道这个病是不能随便停药的。At that time I didn’t know that I couldn’t stop the medications for this disease casually. 直到最近我看到深圳协和医院的文章,Until recently I read an article from Shenzhen Union Medical College Hospital, 再次强调乙肝病人吃抗病毒药是不能随便停药的,it emphasized that patients with hepatitis B cannot stop taking antiviral drugs at will, 因为会引发病毒反弹,后果严重到甚至会引发肝衰竭!because it will cause the virus to rebound and the consequences are serious enough to even cause liver failure!而一直吃抗病毒药的人,有不少人会产生耐药性,However many patients who have been taking antiviral drugs will also develop drug resistance, 导致药物无效,病毒反弹,病情加重。causing the drugs to be ineffective the virus to rebound and the condition to worsen. 所以,其实无论吃药或不吃药,都不能叫这个病得医治。Therefore in fact no matter whether you take medicine or not you cannot cure this disease. 长期吃药会产生耐药性。Taking medicine for a long time can lead to drug resistance. 不吃药会引发病毒数量格外增加。Not taking medicine can cause an extra increase in the number of viruses.

感谢主,我十几年来没有再吃药,Thank the Lord I have not taken medicine for more than ten years. 加上常常熬夜,In addition I often work late, 饮食结构上也没有注意高蛋白饮食,and do not pay attention to a high-protein diet. 常常我担心肝会不会出问题,I was worried about whether there would be problems with my liver. 但是每一年检查,However every year I check, 肝功能等各项指标都正常,my liver function and other indicators are all good. 而且病毒数量降到100以下,几乎是检测不出来。and the number of viruses have dropped below 100 making it almost undetectable.

我记得当时Jane告诉我,I remember Jane told me at that time, 神有时候不是一下子医治,that sometimes God didn’t heal people immediately,乃是叫人学习遵行他的命令。because He wanted people to follow His commands. 1526Exo 15 26 He said,你若留心听耶和华你神的话,又行我眼中看为正的事,“If you listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what is right in his eyes,留心听我的诫命,守我一切的律例,if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees,我就不将所加于埃及人的疾病加在你身上。 I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians,因为我耶和华是医治你的。for I am the Lord who heals you.” 神的目的不是单单为了我们的肉身得医治,God’s purpose is not just to heal our physical bodies,乃是为叫我们因遵行他的话,可以得着灵魂的医治。but to heal our souls through us obeying His word.

在生孩子前,Before I gave birth, 我以前的医生知道我自作主张停了药,很生气,my previous doctor was furious because he learned that I had stopped taking medication on my own. 并且告诉我,孩子出生后不能吃母乳。He insisted that I couldn't breastfeed after childbirth. 因为神是掌权的主,我一直祷告求问主,I prayed to God for guidance coz I believed that God was in control如果在孩子出生前,Raymond能帮我从香港带奶粉回来,我就给孩子吃奶粉。 So I prayed “If Raymond could help me buy infant formula milk from Hong Kong before I give birth I would use it.” 如果孩子出生了,还没有买到奶粉,If the child was born and we hadn't bought formula yet, 我就给孩子吃母乳。I would breastfeed the child. 结果Raymond一直没有时间去香港,Howeverit turned out that Raymond didn’t have time to go back to HK. 孩子出生后,after Anna was born, 我就凭着一点点的信心给孩子吃了母乳。I chose to breastfeed with a small measure of faith. 但我心中仍有担心和忧虑,But there were still worries and fears within my heart. 一直不敢给孩子做检查,直到孩子两岁的时候。I didn’t dare to give Anna a blood test until she was two years old. 有一天Jane让我给孩子抽血做检查。One day Jane encouraged me to have the child tested 结果出来后,医生告诉我,孩子不单没有感染到乙肝,The results showed not only was Anna free from hepatitis B, 并且她的抗体很高,不会被传染上乙肝。but also she had high antibody levels protecting her from future infections. 我当时哭得跟泪人一样,I was so emotional at that time. 并向主悔改,求主赦免我是小信的人,不知道神的恩典、能力有多浩大。I repented for my little faith that I hadn’t known how vast the grace of God is and how great the power of God is.

三、蒙神呼召,进入服侍Responding to God’s call entering service

2010530日,On 30 May 2010, 牧者Jane讲了一篇道:守望争战!Pastor Jane delivered a sermon called “Watch and Pray那时Jane的讲道在中国许多教会传播,At that time Jane’s sermons were being circulated to many churches in China, 甚至有基督徒书店都在暗暗发放Jane的讲道录音碟,even Christian bookstores were discreetly distributing audio disc’s of Jane’s sermons. 各个省有不少牧师带着他们的同工们来到深圳寻求遇见神的医治和释放。Many pastors from various provinces came to Shenzhen with their teams to seek God’s deliverance and healing. MOLC也有各种需要服侍的,There were also various needs to be served at MOLC, 当年能参与服侍的同工却很少。yet there were not so many co-workers that could join her at that time. Jane累得身体极度疲劳,Jane was extremely exhausted, 常年声音沙哑,声带水肿,甚至讲不出话来,suffered from chronic hoarsenessvocal cord swelling to the point of being unable to speak, 但是面对各种需要,她仍把自己全然摆上。but faced with various needs she still gave herself fully. Jane在讲道后面的祷告中呼召:That Sunday after the sermon Jane called out during the prayer: “你愿意成为神国度守望的人吗?"Do you want to be a watchman for the kingdom of God? 你愿意起来警醒祷告,分担从神来的负担吗?Do you want to rise up to be vigilant prayer warriorAre you willing to share the burden from God?神国需要不怕死的勇士!The kingdom of God needs fearless warriors! 起来祷告服侍,会成为仇敌攻击的对象,If you get up to pray and serve you will become the target of the enemy’s attacks 会面临更大的属灵争战,但神的恩典会帮助你,and face greater spiritual warfare but God’s grace will help you, 你还愿意献上自己吗?”are you still willing to dedicate yourself" 那一刻,想到神多年来给我的恩典,医治和预备,At that moment I thought of the grace of God in my life healing and preparing me, 不就是要成为主手中的器皿吗?Doesn’t God want to make me as a vessel for His use? 我心里很感动,I was deeply moved, 冲到了最前面,哭着把自己献上,求主来使用我!and I rushed to the front crying and dedicating myself asking the Lord to use me! 虽然看自己是一个五音不全,唱歌都跑调的人,Although I am tone-deaf and I sing off-key, 但我愿意献上自己参与服侍!I am willing to dedicate myself to service20106月份,我开始参与带敬拜的服侍。In June 2010I began to participate in leading worship service.

在接下来的服侍中,不是证明我能做什么,In the following services it wasn't about proving what I could do to fit this role. 而是经历了许多的软弱、失败和跌倒。but I experienced failures and setbacks. 有两次周六晚上我带祷告会时,脑子里一片空白,There were two times on Saturday nights while I was leading prayer meetings my mind went blank, 一个多小时中,一句话也讲不出来,unable to speak a word for over an hour, 让我真实地认识到耶稣说【约155which caused me to truly realize what Jesus said in John 155 我是葡萄树,你们是枝子;常在我里面的,我也常在他里面,“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, 这人就多结果子。因为离了我,你们就不能做什么。you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” 离了主,我连话都讲不出了!Without the Lord I couldn't even speak!我相信换了任何一个人有主权,看到我的服事如此糟糕,都会把我撤换下来!I believe anyone in charge would have removed me seeing how terrible my service was. 所有人在我身上看到神是何等的谦卑,自隐,宽容,忍耐,满有恩慈…Through my case all people from MOLC witnessed how humble and patient our God was and He was full of Mercy for me...当我看到自己何等是不配,When I saw how unworthy I was,神还不放弃我,还愿使用我,心被恩感,真的谦卑承认接纳自己的无有,yet God did not give up on me and was willing to use me my heart was moved by grace,从心里呼求说:主啊,求你来做!I humbly accepted my inadequacy crying out to the Lord from my heart "Lord please you do it through me" 就看到圣灵自己做工,浇灌感动众人。And I saw the Holy Spirit working pouring out and touching everyone.

20121025日,我一直记得这个日子,25 October 2012I always remember this day, 因为神把Jane带到新西兰,虽然她买了往返机票,because God took Jane to New Zealand. Although she bought a round-trip ticket. 为了使我们不再依赖Jane,而是要靠主成长起来 ,God’s purpose was for us to be no longer dependent on Jane but to grow up in Him. 神竟然把Jane留在了新西兰。God kept Jane in New Zealand.

201310月,就是十年前, In October 2013 ten years ago, 我和MOLC的一位弟兄一起起来讲道。I started preaching along with a brother from MOLC. 但是我从来没有讲过道,讲什么呢?But I had never preached before what should I talk about?我跟神祷告:主啊,我愿意顺服你的呼召。I prayed to God "Lord I am willing to obey your call. 但我不知道讲什么,若是出于你的,But I don't know what to speak about if it is from you, 求你让我经历你,让我有道可讲!please let me experience you let me have something to preach"感谢主,神很快回应了我的祷告,Thank the Lord God responded to my prayer quickly. 在一个绝境上,神让我经历了凭着自己的能力不可能完成的事情,In a dead-end situation God allowed me to experience something impossible to accomplish in my own strength, 所以我的第一篇讲道叫《认定神》,so my first sermon was titled “Acknowledging God”,在一切所行的事上认定他,他必指引我们当行的路。acknowledging Him in all our deedsand He will guide our path. 有了这次的经历,我确知这是出于神的呼召。With this experienceI knew this was a call from God.

我起来讲道以后,慢慢被神训练要带领整个教会,After I started preachingI was gradually trained by God to lead the entire church, 但是自己都还时常在软弱中,许多时候总想改变身边的弟兄姐妹,but I was often weak in myself. Many times I wanted to change the brothers and sisters around me,忘了神是要借着服侍改变我自己更像耶稣!forgetting that God wanted to change myself to become more like Jesus through my serving humbly.

2015年底,我对一位行为反常的姐妹,At the end of 2015I disliked a sister who was behaving abnormally, 有看不惯和讨厌,觉得她就是来教会捣乱的,添麻烦的,thinking she was there to cause trouble in the church I judged she as a troublemaker. 我自己也与神隔绝。 Then I became disconnected from God. 借着年底Jane从新西兰回来,带大家悔改祷告,Jane came back from New Zealand at the end of the year to lead everyone in repentance and prayerJane说那位姐妹比我们受的伤严重,需要我们一起去帮助她,去爱她,Jane said that the sister was more severely hurt than us and we needed to help and love her. 我们几个同工都流泪祷告悔改,站起来彼此拥抱,和好!I and my co-workers wept and prayed for repentance we stood up to forgive and hug each other and we reconciled before the Lord

正在这时,Jane说:神让我对你们说:你牧养我的羊!” At this moment Jane said "God wants me to tell you 'Feed my sheep'" 我的眼泪一下子掉了下来!Immediately tears fell down from my cheeks! 这原是主对彼得所说的话。This was originally what the Lord said to Peter. 神知道我的内心:我这样的伤害神的羊,是何等的不配服侍,God knew my heart I didn’t deserve to be called the Lord’s servant coz I hurt His sheep 可是主还说:你牧养我的羊!yet the Lord still said "Feed my sheep" 本以为该要受罚时,神却怜悯医治我们,差Jane回来帮助我们,鼓励我们!Just when I thought I should have been punished God mercifully healed us. He sent Jane back to help and encourage us. 后来每次在最软弱想退后时,想到主的话:你牧养我的羊!Later every time I wanted to draw back when I was in weakness thinking of the Lord’s words "Feed my sheep" 心中就很感动,因为这作牧人的托付,不是从人来的,I was very moved because this pastoral entrustment is not from people, 是从我的恩主耶稣来的。我心深知道,这是神呼召我做牧师的凭据。but from my gracious Lord Jesus. I know deeply that this is the evidence that God called me to be a pastor. 神也继续与MOLC同在。And God also continues to be with MOLC.

四、跟随耶稣,前赴后继Following Jesus keep moving forward

每一次我讲见证,必定会讲到Jane,曾有不明真相的肢体,说:不要高举人!” Every time when I share my testimony I definitely mention Jane. There have been members who didn’t understand the true situation saying “Don’t exalt people然而我跟神建立关系的过程,是在Jane被圣灵带领的引导下。However my process of building a relationship with God was under Jane's guidance through the Holy Spirit. 当我信了她的话去祷告,悔改而行时,就经历了神的大能和恩典的同在。When I believed the words that she said through the Holy Spirit to pray and repent I experienced God's great power and the presence of His grace. 在我的服侍中,遇到很多问题,我发现都是Jane遇到过,走过,经历过的,In my service I encountered many problems and I found that all were ones Jane had encountered walked through and experienced, 神也一再告诉我要跟随。God told me over and over to follow. 保罗说【林前111】你们该效法我,像我效法基督一样。Paul said in 1 Corinthians 111 “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.” 这不是保罗的骄傲,而是保罗走过这路,知道这是何等蒙福的路,他愿更多人来跟随。This was not Paul’s pride but his experiences of following Jesus and he wanted more people to come and follow.

有一次在敬拜中,Once during a worship service,我听到主在问我:“跟随主,若要像叶葱这样,你还愿意跟吗?”I heard the Lord asking me “To follow the Lord if it means to be like Jane following Jesus are you still willing to follow神叫我要效法Jane,如同她效法了基督!God told me to imitate Jane’s footsteps as she imitates Jesus Christ’s footsteps.这些年,我是亲眼看到Jane怎么走过来的,全是高山低谷,经历许多的十字架,Over the years I have eye witnessed the servant of God how she has come this far through highs and lows experiencing many crosses, 赔上生命,精力,时间,钱财,爱心,被人误会,被人论断,被人排挤,被人诽谤,sacrificing life energy time money and love being misunderstood judged criticized and slandered by people, 她却喜乐跟随主,主也与她同在。yet she joyfully followed the Lord and the Lord was with her.当我看到主耶稣的道路是那么又真又活的借走在前面的人显明,When I saw that the way of the Lord Jesus was so real and living through the example of someone before me那一刻我的眼泪再也止不住,我哭了起来,说:”主啊,我愿意,我愿意跟随到底,求你帮助我。at that moment I couldn’t hold back my tears and started crying. I cried out “Lord I am willing I am willing to follow to the end please help me.”

耶稣舍己的脚踪,众多宣教士佳美的脚踪,很令人感动。The self-sacrificing footsteps of Jesus and the beautiful footsteps of many missionaries are very touching. 神国的道路,就是这样前赴后继,代代相传,This is how the path of the Kingdom of God is passed on from generation to generation, 从过去到现在,从西方的宣教士,到如今我们面前的各种信心的榜样,from the past to the present from Western missionaries to the various examples of faith before us today. 神在我们的面前摆放了如云彩般的见证人,God has placed a cloud of witnesses before us. 今天你准备好回应主的呼召了吗?

Are you ready to respond to the Lord’s call today



主啊,我们赞美你的救恩! Lord we praise Your salvation! 唯有在基督,我们找到人生的意义和盼望。 In Christ only do we find the purpose of life and hope. 你是复活的主,你掌权直到永远! You are the Lord of resurrection and You reign forever! 你的国没有穷尽。 Your kingdom has no end. 让我们一起来感谢祂! Let us come together to thank Him! 这是你和主交流的机会,请大家闭上眼睛,自己来赞美祂,来感谢祂…… This is your opportunity to communicate with the Lord; please close your eyes and praise Him thank Him... 

是的,主,感谢你,为着我们今天可以站在你面前,我们感谢你。 Yes Lord we thank You that we can stand before You today; we are grateful. 这是何等的恩典,那得罪你的人,你把我们救赎; what grace it is that you redeemed us,这伤害你的人,这出卖你的人,这悖逆你的人,the ones who offended You, and disobeyed you你一次又一次的用宝血把我们洗净。 yet You washed us clean with Your precious blood time and time again. 这总是负面想放弃的,眼瞎看不见咒诅与祝福的道路的,又不知道未来审判和赏赐的真实的,For those of us who were blind and couldn’t see the path of curses and blessings,你不放弃,你因着爱一次又一次的来呼召我们来跟随你。 yet You did not give up on us. You called us to follow You again and again because of Your love. 这是何等的大爱!What great love it is!叫我们不再跟随黑暗,乃是跟随光明,得祝福。 You led us away from darkness and into the light of your truth to be blessed. 我们向你献上感恩! We offer our gratitude to You! 主,我们感谢你,你以恩典为年岁的冠冕, Lord we thank You for crowning the years with Your goodness, 带领我们走过的路径,都滴下了脂油, and every path You have led us on has been filled with abundance. 你永远良善,你的旨意实在美好。 You are forever good and Your will is truly beautiful.

主耶稣,我们一代一代地拜偶像,拜玛门, Lord Jesus generation after generationour ancestors worshipped idols worshipped Mammon, 随从心中的苦毒、怒恨、论断、贪婪, 各种的私欲,followed bitterness anger judgment greedself-centered desires,被撒旦欺压,落在各种咒诅之下,在黑暗死亡中没有盼望…… and were oppressed by Satan fell under various curses without hope and light... 耶稣,是你道成肉身来到地上, Jesus it was You who came to earth in the flesh, 你担当我们的罪,代替我们受咒诅, You bore our sins took our place under the curse, 你救赎了我们,并呼召我们来跟从你, You redeemed us and called us to follow You, 因为你要把你的国赐给我们,使我们与你同享王权。 because You want to give us Your kingdom and share Your reign with us.

不是我们选择了耶稣,而是耶稣来寻找我们,选择了我们! It’s not that we chose Jesus but Jesus came to look for us and chose us! 耶稣说:来,跟从我,我要叫你得人如得鱼!” Jesus said "Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men" 当年的门徒们,听到你的呼召, The disciples of that time when they heard Your call, 立刻舍了网,跟从了耶稣! immediately left their nets and followed You! 求你开我们的眼,救我们脱离愚昧! May You open our eyes and deliver us from ignorance

弟兄姊妹,你可以自己祷告, Brothers and sisters you can pray for yourselves, 是什么拦阻你侍奉主呢? What is hindering you from serving the Lord? 是什么拦阻你不跟随耶稣,却还在暗中跟随自己的私欲呢? What is preventing you from fully following Jesus while secretly following your own desires? 以别神代替耶和华的,他的愁苦就加增。 If we run after other godsour sorrows will multiply. 是什么导致你在环境里愁苦?没有喜乐? What is causing you trouble and lack of joy in your circumstances What is making you lack joy? 是什么让你去和别人比,导致离开神的面, What is making you compare yourself to others leading you away from the presence of God, 就心里充满嫉妒,比较,难过,伤心,自卑自怜? and filling your heart with jealousycomparison sadness self-pity? 就埋怨神,埋怨人呢? What is causing you to complain against God and people? 让我们自己来祷告! Let us pray on our own...

当耶稣呼召我们的时候,祂知道我们的一切过去和将来! When Jesus called us He knew everything about our past and future! 耶稣知道我们的软弱、我们的失败和成功! Jesus knows our weaknesses our failures and successes! 三次不认主的彼得,跟从了主,成为教会的柱石; Peter who denied the Lord three times finally became a pillar of the Church; 迫害基督徒的保罗,接受耶稣的呼召,成为神国度中最有影响力的圣徒之一。 Paul who persecuted Christians accepted Jesus' call and became one of the most influential saints in the Kingdom of God.

若你愿意,可以这样跟着我祷告,if you want to pray after me please do it now. 主啊,我来到你的面前,求你赦免我, Lord I come before You and ask for Your forgiveness. 这些年,忙着在世界中打鱼,Over these years I have been busy fishing in the world,劳苦重担,随从世界的思想观念,carrying heavy burdens following worldly ideologies,贪图地上的钱财、房屋、人前的荣耀,抓着我想要的,coveting earthly wealth houses and honor from men grasping for what I desire,心中依然贫穷,愁苦,没有喜乐,没有满足。yet my heart remains impoverished troubled joyless and unsatisfied...主啊,你有永生之道,我还跟从谁呢? Lord You have the way to eternal life; who else should I follow

耶稣说,来跟从我!我不是走一条新路,而是耶稣走过的路,是一条胜过罪恶,得自由得释放的路。Jesus You said “Come follow Me” not on a new pathbut on the path You’ve walked througha path that conquers singrants freedomand releases us from bondage. 主耶稣在前面走,成为我们的榜样!You walk ahead of ussetting an example for us! 主,我是效法你的脚踪而行,你怎么行,我也要怎么跟随效法。 Lord I follow in the footsteps of Your example; I want to walk as You walked.

主,你从来没有向我们隐瞒跟随你要付的代价,Lord JesusYou never conceal the cost of following You; 你说:若有人要跟从我,就当舍己,背起他的十字架来跟从我。You said "If anyone would come after Me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me."

主啊,感谢你兴起各种环境,为要让我背起自己的十字架,。 Thank You for creating various circumstances to help us carry our crosses,钉死我的贪婪,嫉妒,争竞,钉死我的懒惰、自私、惧怕,nail our greed jealousy competition laziness selfishnessand fear on the cross,钉死我的判断善恶,and also nail our judgment of good and evil with You on the cross,天天否定自己的意思,denying ourselves daily,来寻求你的旨意and seeking Your will. Your will is always good,你的旨意永远良善,我愿顺服你的旨意,紧跟你的脚步and we’re willing to obey Your will and follow in Your footsteps.

主,你从死里复活,永远得胜,Lord You rose from the dead and You’re Victorious forever我们把生命交在你的手中,不再需要惧怕和挣扎,We surrender our lives into Your hands we don’t have to be afraid and struggling.因我们信靠你。Because we put our trust in You. 我们属于你,你属于我们。We belong to You and You belong to us.主,感谢你救赎我们,Lord thank You for redeeming us,医治我们,for healing us; 你是坚固磐石,You are the firm rock,你是我们的安慰,z our comfort,我们的盼望,our hope,我们的一切,and our everything,谢谢你为我们预备了美好的家乡,所以再次来呼召我们。Thank You for preparing a beautiful home for us and now calling us to follow. 感谢主的呼召,奉主耶稣的名祷告,阿门。Thank You Lord in Jesus name we pray, Amen


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