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2023-09-24 Five-fold ministry & impartation五重职事与分赐恩赐

发表于 2024-01-08

 (Eph 4:11-13, 1 Cor 林前12:28, Romans 1:11)

Recently I’ve been thinking and praying about最近,我一直在祷告和思考,why God did so many marvellous works at MOLC为什么神在MOLC教会做了那么多奇妙的事,just as He did for the Acts church. 就像祂在使徒行传里所做的一样。God is just. 神是公义的,He doesn’t show any favouritism. 祂不会偏待人。Why don’t we see manifestations of God’s power operating regularly in modern churches? 为什么我们不能在当今教会中看到神的大能频繁彰显?What is missing in today’s Western or even Eastern churches? 今天西方甚至东方的教会缺少了什么?Then, Eph 4:11-17 stuck my heart. 411-17触动了我的心。Today, we’re gonna read今天我们来读 Eph 4:11-13, 1 Cor 林前12:28, Romans 1:11, Eph 4:11 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, 11他所赐的有使徒,有先知,有传福音的,有牧师和教师。12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 12为要成全圣徒,各尽其职,建立基督的身体,13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God 13直等到我们众人在真道上同归于一,认识 神的儿子,and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.  得以长大成人,满有基督长成的身量,1 Cor 林前12:28 And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, 神在教会所设立的:第一是使徒,second prophets, third teachers, 第二是先知,第三是教师,then miracles, then gifts of healing, 其次是行异能的,再次是得恩赐医病的、of helping, of guidance, and of different kinds of tongues.  帮助人的、治理事的、说方言的。Romans 1:11 I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— 因为我切切地想见你们,要把些属灵的恩赐分给你们,使你们可以坚固。12 that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith. 12这样,我在你们中间,因你与我彼此的信心,就可以同得安慰。

1, What is the five-fold ministry and its function? 1、五重职事的含义及功用

Paul lists the fivefold ministry gifts in Eph 4:11, 保罗在以弗所书 411 列出了五重事奉恩赐:apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. 使徒、先知、传道人、牧师和教师。Clearly, the five-fold ministry is God’s idea for the structure of His church. 显然,五重职事是神对祂教会结构的想法,And God wants the fivefold structure to be placed in His church. 神用五重执事来架构祂的教会。What’s the purpose here? 目的是什么 In v.12-15: A, Equip the believers for works of service (v.12a). 装备信徒去事奉12a);。B, Build up the Body of Christ (v.12b). 建立的基督身体(12b);C, Attain the unity of faith (v.13a). 达到信上的合一(13a);D, Mature the believers in their faith with sound doctrine (v.14). 以纯正确的教义使信徒在信仰上成熟v. 14);E, Disciple believers into ongoing growth through increasing in God’s divine love. (v.15).  训练门徒使他们在神的爱上成长。In short, 简而言之,the Fivefold Ministry is a framework to grow, build and mature the Body of Christ 五重执事是基督身体成长、建造和成熟的框架,to continue the works of Jesus through the lives of the saints.借着圣徒所做的去延续耶稣的工作。But look around the modern churches all over the world, 但环顾全世界当今的教会,how many churches welcome the structure that God designed for His church? 有多少教会欢迎神为祂的教会所设计的结构呢?We see evangelists, pastors, and teachers, 我们看到的是传道人、牧师和教师,but where are the apostles and prophets? 但使徒和先知在哪里?In the bible, genuine apostles and prophets are persecuted and rejected, 圣经里,真使徒、真先知受到迫害和排斥,coz they always call people to repent and turn back to God’s will to live. 因为他们总是呼召人悔改,转向神的旨意。

If people hate God’s correction, 若人们讨厌神的纠正,they won’t accept the ones God has sent to speak to them. 他们就不会接受神派来对他们说话的人. “If I don’t allow them to speak to me, 若我不愿他们对我说话, I won’t grow mature. 我就不能成熟成大。” coz God use people to shape us. 因为神借人塑造我们。So, when God’s idea for the structure of His church is missing, 因此,当神对教会结构的旨意被忽略时,the manifestation of His mighty work is absolutely missed out. 神大能工作的彰显就没有了。That causes the churches to remain immature. 这让教会停留在婴孩里。What does it mean to be immature? We see that the church in Corinth remained babies. 我们看到哥林多教会仍然是婴儿,Because they were jealous, 因他们还嫉妒、quarrelling, 争吵、and comparing themselves to one another.互相比较 (1 Cor 林前3:3) Jealousy and comparison are characteristics of spiritual babies, no matter how long you’ve been Christians. 嫉妒和攀比就是属灵婴孩的特征, 不管你信主多久。 So Paul the apostle who was the founder of the church wrote the epistle to correct and encourage them to turn back to God.作为教会创始人的使徒保罗写了这卷书信来纠正并鼓励他们归向神。The early church testifies that the fivefold ministry is God’s strategy for His church. 早期教会见证,五重执事是神对祂教会的策略。God's intention for His church is not for us to compete with other Christians or with other churches. 神对祂教会的意图不是让我们与其他基督徒或其他教会去比谁好。“oh I don’t feel I’m good enough, “我觉得我不够好,coz he’s better than me. ”因为他比我好"That’s a totally corrupt way of thinking coming from fallen humanity. 这完全是犯罪旧人的思维方式。Eph 3:10, His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.为要藉着教会使天上执政的、掌权的,现在得知 神百般的智慧。 It says, number one, 它说,第一,God’s all kinds of wisdom can be manifested through the Church. 神各种各样的智慧可以通过教会来彰显。Number two第二, our competitors are the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. 我们的竞争对手是天上的统治者和掌权者。In other words, 换句话说,the Church and Satan are in competition. 教会与撒但在竞赛:who is wiser? 谁更有智慧?The Church? Or Satan? 教会?还是撒旦?God’s intention is 上帝的旨意是,that with the given spiritual gifts the members of the Church, 教会成员借着所赐的各种属灵恩赐,can work together in unity under the Lordship of Jesus 可以在主耶稣带领下合一服侍, to discern and overcome the schemes of Satan去识破并战胜撒但的诡计,To testify that the ones who once were defeated are truly victorious in Christ. 去见证那曾经被打败的如今在基督里是真正的得胜者。This is because they no longer judge with their own eyes, 这是因为他们不再用自己的眼睛来判断,but judge through the wisdom connected to the Holy Spirit. 而是借着与圣灵连结得智慧来判断。Today I failed the testing of my faith. 今天我考试失败了。At lunch time, I was told that our worship leader wouldn’t come coz today was her wedding anniversary…在午饭时,我被告知我们的敬拜带领者今天不会来,因为今天是她的结婚纪念日,when I was trying to change the first song, 当我正准备改第一首诗歌时, she walked in. 她来了。 I immediately realised that I listened to what I heard with my ears instead of seeking God’s judgement - “what God say over this matter?” 我立即领受到我听了耳朵听见的去判断,却没有去寻求神,神在这件事上怎么说?I confessed and turned God, 我悔改了,并转向神,coz He doesn’t use perfect person, but use people who turn to Him humbly. 因祂不使用完美的人,而是谦卑回转向祂的人。Now let’s see: 现在让我们看:

2, What the five gifts really are 2、五种恩赐有哪些

1 Cor 林前12:28 And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers…神在教会所设立的:第一是使徒,第二是先知,第三是教师……So first, apostles. 首先是使徒。Someone has pictured the fivefold ministry as five fingers on a hand (see the picture). 有人把五重执事的服事描绘成一只手上的五根手指(见图)。The gift of Apostles is like the thumb. 使徒的恩赐就像大拇指。We see Jesus started his ministry with 12 Apostles. 耶稣开始传道时有 12 位使徒,Out of their relationship with Jesus they hugely influenced the world. 出于他们与耶稣的关系,十二使徒极大地影响了世界。We’ll come back to that in a moment. 我们回头再来看。

Number two, 第二,prophets, the index finger先知,像食指。

Like the function of the forefinger, 就像食指的功用一样,prophetic ministry involves uprooting and rebuilding, 先知的事工包括连根拔除、重建、correcting, and pointing out direction (Jer 1:10). 纠正和指明方向。It’s about calling people to turn and change hearts, mind-sets and attitudes towards God and His will, 呼召人们改变心思,意念,和态度,转向神的旨意而活,and help them to fulfil their God-given purpose 帮助他们实现神赐的人生目标 (Mal 4:5-6). God often speaks to them through dreams and visions according to His truth 神常常照祂的真理借着异梦异象对他们说话 (number 12:6).

Number three, 第三,evangelists, 传福音的,the middle finger, 像中指。every Christian is called to be an evangelist to share the good news to the people around them. 每个基督徒都蒙召成为向身边的人传好消息的人,But evangelists are gifted in the area of preaching the good news and witnessing about the resurrected Jesus. 但传福音的在布道和见证复活的耶稣里有恩赐,They have a strong passion to win lost souls for Jesus. 他们有强烈的热情为耶稣赢得失丧的灵魂。

Now comes the ring finger, pastors. 现在轮到无名指--牧师。The word “pastor” literally means “shepherd”. “牧师”一词的字面意思是 "牧人"Like the shepherd watch over their sheep, 就像牧羊人看守羊群一样,those who are called as pastors commit to pastoring, 有牧师恩赐的人致力于牧养、nurturing, 栽培、feeding, 喂养、protecting, and leading the flock. 保护和带领羊群。(John 21:17) .  The last gift, teachers, the little finger.

最后一种恩赐是教师,即小手指。Notice, it doesn’t mean that teachers are less important. 注意,这并不意味着教师不重要。The church needs teachers to teach the bible, train, and mentor believers in the word of God. 教会需要教师来教导圣经、培训和指导信徒。

God’s design for the Church is 神对教会的设计是,that individuals who have one or some of these five gifts work together in unity to help His Bride to grow. 拥有这五种恩赐的人合一服侍,帮助祂的新妇成长。Actually, Jesus holds all these five gifts! 事实上,耶稣拥有这五种恩赐!Heb 3:1 tells us that Jesus is our apostle! 3:1告诉我们耶稣是我们的使徒!Jesus is also a prophet 耶稣也是先知。 (John 4:44). Jesus is of course the great Evangelist 耶稣当然也是伟大的传道人,who proclaims the good news to the world. 他向世人宣讲福音。And Jesus is the good shepherd and teacher! 耶稣是好牧人和好老师!Jesus himself is the source of the gifts of the five-fold ministry! 耶稣本身就是五重执事恩赐的源头!

In terms of these five gifts, 关于这五种恩赐,the bible makes it clear, 《圣经》说得很清楚, first, apostles. 首先是使徒。Are you happy if someone next to you gets the apostolic gift? 如果你身边的人得了使徒的恩赐,你高兴吗?No. 不,Why? 为什么?coz you think that he would be more valuable than you. 因为你觉得他比你更有价值。But this word “first” doesn’t mean that those who have the apostolic gift are more valuable than others. "第一 "这个词并不意味着拥有使徒恩赐的人比其他人更有价值。You don’t feel your thumb is more valuable than your little finger, do you? 你不会觉得你的大拇指比你的小拇指更有价值吧?They’re both important, 它们都很重要,but they’re different in function. 但功用不同。In the same way, we’re equally valued by God. 同样,神也同样看重我们,But we have different functions in the body of Christ 但我们在基督的身体里有不同的功用。 The word “apostles” first appears in the Matt 10:1-2a, 使徒一词最早出现在10:1-2a Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. 耶稣叫了十二个门徒来,给他们权柄,能赶逐污鬼,并医治各样的病症。2 These are the names of the twelve apostles:  这十二使徒的名:……The original word “apostle” is apostolos, 使徒 "的原文是 apostoloswhich means “one sent forth” or “messenger”. 意思是 "被差遣的人 " "信使"In Jesus day, 在耶稣的年代,this word was used in the Roman empire. 这个词在罗马帝国中使用。When the Roman Empire sent someone out as an apostolo to a new territory, 当罗马帝国派遣某人作为使者前往新的领土,to establish the Kingdom of Rome, 在该地区建立罗马王国,or the rules or the governance of Rome in that area. 或建立罗马的规则或管理。

Here, Matthew tells us, 在这里,马太说,Jesus sent them out by giving them authority, 耶稣差遣他们出去并赐他们权柄,to drive out evil spirits, and to heal the sick. 去医病赶鬼。In other words, 换句话说,Jesus sent them out耶稣差他们出去, to establish God’s Kingdom and His rule in people’s hearts through deliverance ministry. 是要借着医治释放的事工在人们心中建立神的国度和神的统治。When people originally heard the word ““apostolic”, 人们一听到 "使徒 "这个词,they immediately though of conquering territory, 就会立刻联想到征服领土、gaining ground for the Kingdom of God. 为神的国度赢得地土。

When the bible talks about someone being apostolic or sent, 圣经中提到某人被使徒或被差遣时,it’s always about establishing a new church or a new ministry 总是指建立新的教会或新的事工,to expand God’s Kingdom in some area and bring lives into God’s order. 在某个地区扩展神的国度,将灵魂带到神命定的秩序。So the apostolic anointing enables people to break out of spiritual resistance, 因此,使徒性恩赐的恩膏能使人冲破属灵的阻力、spiritual limitations 属灵的限制,which are rooted in demonic lies而这些限制是源于扎根在信撒旦的谎言上,and help them into their God given purpose.以此帮助人们进入神所赐的人生目的。For instance, I’m not good enough” is one of them. 例如,“我不够好”就是其中之一。If I accept that, 若我接受它, I’ll be trapped in fear, shame, self-pity, or whatever, 我就会陷入恐惧、羞耻、自怜等等之中, which keeps me continuously relaying on the self, and rejects Jesus’ way of saving my soul.  从而让我继续依靠老我,拒绝耶稣救我灵魂的方式。We need to a fresh anointing to urge us to pray constantly 我们需要新鲜的恩膏督促我们不停地祷告,until the power of the Holy Spirit breaks down this demonic stronghold直到圣灵的能力打破这个魔鬼的营垒,and helps us build a new way of thinking which is in line with the truth. 帮助我们建立符合真理的新思维方式。

Yes, the Twelve apostles are different, 这十二使徒是不同的,They had a unique role in writing the NT. 他们有撰写新约圣经的独特作用。The church is built on the foundation of them with Christ as the chief cornerstone 教会建立在他们的根基之上,有基督为房角石(Eph 2:20). But Jesus didn’t just send the Twelve out. 但耶稣并没有只派十二个人出去。In Luke 10:1, we notice that Jesus’ had another 70 to send out. 我们注意到耶稣还派了另外 70 人出去。Here the word “sent” is also “apostello”, 这里的 "差遣 "也是 "apostello" which is the verb of “Apostolos”. 是使徒的动词。And these 70 people got the same commission. 70 人被授予同样的使命,They were also anointed with authority to cast out demons 他们也得了赶鬼的权柄,to gain territory for God’s Kingdom on earth. 为神的国度去赢得地土。In the book of Acts, 在《使徒行传》中,Barnabas wasn’t listed as one of the Twelve, 巴拿巴并没有被列为 "十二使徒 "之一,but he was called as an apostle 但他被称为使徒(Acts 14). In Romans 16:7, Junia was the only female who was listed among the apostles (see the picture).  中,犹尼亚是使徒中唯一的女性(图)。In the bible, 《圣经》中,we see those who’re given an apostolic gift are able to perform miracles, 我们看到有使徒恩赐的人可以行神迹,confront spirits through the power of God, 借着神的大能与邪灵对抗,establish a new ministry or a new church in some area despite risk to personal safety; 不顾个人安危在某个地区建立新的事工或新的教会;impart gifts, 传授恩赐,disciple, 对信徒进行门徒训练,and activate believers into their service for God. 激发他们进入服侍神。

In my last 18 years of ministry, 在我过去 18 年的事工中,I’ve seen all of these things happening. 我目睹了所有这些事情的发生。Last Sunday night, 上周日晚上,one of us texted me and said 我们中的一个人给我发了短信,that an irreversible disease has returned to normal. 说那不可逆转的病,居然检查出来指标正常了。But his GP suggested he wait for another few months, 但他的家庭医生建议再等几个月,and if the results continue to be normal, 如果结果继续正常, the medication he is taking can be stopped. 就可以停用药物。The medication he's taking can’t cure him but just prevent the disease from going worse. 他吃的这药不能医治他,只是让那病不要更恶化。Later he will do the testimony himself. 后面他会自己做见证。Who did this? 这是谁做的?The Holy Spirit, Who is apostolic. 圣灵,祂是使徒性的,He is sent to empower us to be powerful witnesses of Jesus Christ. 圣灵被差来使我们有能力为耶稣基督做见证。

3, Now what is spiritual impartation? How to receive it? 3、什么是属灵分赐?如何接受?

Romans 1:11-12, I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— . 因为我切切地想见你们,要把些属灵的恩赐分给你们,使你们 可以坚固;12 that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith这样,我在你们中间,因你与我彼此的信心,就可以同得安慰。 Paul the apostle didn’t say, 使徒保罗并没有说,I wanna see you 我很想见到你们,so that we can eat, drink, and have fun together 等见面了我们一起吃个饭、玩一玩。No, he said “I wanna impart to you some spiritual gifts to strengthen you”. 不,他说的是 "我想传给你们一些属灵的恩赐来坚固你们" The word ‘impart’ means to give or grant. “传授”一词的意思是给予或赐予。The purpose of impartation is not just to strengthen the faith of others 传授的目的不仅仅是为了增强他人的信心,but to encourage one another’s faith mutually. 更是为了相互得鼓励。We see impartation in the OT, 我们在旧约中看到了传授,Moses gathered 70 elders, 摩西聚集了 70 位长老,the Holy Spirit imparted spiritual gifts to the 70 elders, 圣灵将属灵恩赐传给了这 70 位长老,they all prophesied, 他们都开始说预言,Moses was encouraged. 摩西受到了鼓励。Elijah imparted his spiritual gift to Elisha. 以利亚把他的属灵恩赐传给了以利沙。In the NT, 在新约中,Timothy was imparted spiritual gifts through the laying on of the hands of the elders and Paul. 提摩太借着长老和保罗的按手得到了属灵的恩赐。 Jesus imparted spiritual gifts to the disciples, 耶稣将属灵的恩赐传给门徒,so that the disciples were able to do what Jesus had been doing. 使门徒能够延续耶稣所做的事。

It’s also happening among us. 这也发生在我们中间。The Holy Spirit is the Giver of spiritual gifts. 圣灵是属灵恩赐的赐予者。Some people who came to the 2pm service 有些人来参加2点的聚会,never dreamed they would start having divine dreams; 从来没有做过异梦的人开始做梦了,some people who had never experienced miracles started receiving miraculous healings. 有些从来没有经历过神迹的人开始接受奇迹的医治了。How to receive it? 如何领受呢? Through faith in Jesus! 借着对耶稣的信心!Becoming hungry for Jesus! 对耶稣充满渴望!Receiving spiritual gifts are not for our good, 接受属灵恩赐不是为了我们自己,but for the common good of the body of Christ – His church. 而是为了基督的身体,就是祂的教会的共同利益。The spiritual gifts we have are for us to serve one another! 我们所拥有的属灵恩赐是为了让我们彼此服侍!The more you give and serve humbly in the Spirit, 你越是靠圣灵谦卑地付出和侍奉,the more you’ll receive!  你就会得到越多!God has a specific call for the 2pm service, 神对下午的聚会有特别呼召,that is to inherit the history of this church 那就是继承历史,develop it 但要发展历史,and advance His Kingdom through Deliverance ministry – 并借着医治释放事工推进神的国度—proclaiming the good news, 传讲福音、binding up the broken-hearted, 缠裹伤心的人,removing the blocks from people’s lives through the power of the Holy Spirit 借着圣灵的大能除去人们生命中的拦阻,and helping them restore and develop intimacy with God 帮助他们恢复和发展与神的亲密关系,and equipping people for His use. 并装备人为神所用。How can you engage in God’s plan here without having your spiritual eyes opened to know what the enemy’s schemes really are? 若你属灵的眼睛没有开,不知道仇敌的诡计,你怎么能在这里参与神的计划呢? That’s why we need the spiritual gifts of dreams and visions, 因此我们需要异梦异象的恩赐,of distinguishing between spirits, 辨别诸灵的恩赐、of the word of wisdom and knowledge, the gift of miracles to help us fulfil our commission. 智慧的言语和知识的言语,行神迹的恩赐,来帮助我们完成使命。

If you’ve received a healing miracle or a deliverance in faith, 如果你经历过因着信病得医治的神迹,or whatever through a move of the Holy Spirit, 或不管什么,是借着圣灵的感动,or through the laying on the hands of a person. 或借着按手在身上,you’ve actually received a seed of supernatural power in your life. 你实际上已经接受了超自然力量的种子在你的生命中。But how can you move from a touch from the Holy Spirit to having your spiritual gifts imparted? 但是,你如何能从圣灵对你的触摸,到可以去分赐属灵的恩赐?

How can you move from receiving a touch of the power of God to getting people delivered through your prayers? 你如何能从得着神大能的触摸到去祷告叫人得释放? It’s to do with your attitude, pursuit, and preparation. 这与你的态度、你的追求和预备有关。You need to nurture the seed you’ve received, 你需要培育你所领受的种子,develop it and fan it into flame. 发展它,让它如火挑旺起来。God wants more to join His team! 神希望更多的人加入祂的团队!He wants you to encounter the reality of His powerful presence, 祂盼望你能真实地经历祂大能的同在,to confront the reality of the dark kingdom. 去挑战黑暗国度的真实, He wants you to experience how powerful His authority is! 祂要你们体验祂的权柄有多么强大!And how great a love He has for the lost! 祂对失丧之人的爱何等长阔高深!Let’s stand on our feet right now. 让我们现在就站起来。We’re gonna sing the last song 我们来唱最后一首歌,and we’re gonna receive what God has for us this afternoon! 我们要接受神今天下午为我们准备的一切!Are you ready? 准备好了吗?

 Concluding Prayer 结束祷告:

Yes Lord, Your name, Your name is victory! 是的,主啊,你的名,你的名就是得胜!Through the shedding of Your blood, our sins are forgiven! 藉着你的宝血,我们的罪得到了赦免! Through your resurrection from death, we have new life! 借着你从死里复活,我们得着了新生命!We thank You for loving us! 我们感谢你爱了我们!We’re Your representatives on earth! 我们是你地上的代表!We’re Your family on earth! 我们是你在地上的孩子!Now the pastor is going away on Sabbatical leave, but You won’t leave! 现在牧师要去休假,但你不会离开!You’ll carry on. 你会继续下去。You’re calling us to join Your team to expand Your Kingdom here through deliverance ministry.  你呼召我们加入你的团队,借着医治释放事工在这里扩展你的国度。

You’re looking for hearts that say, “Lord, I wanna join Your team, I wanna respond to Your call. 你在寻找这样的心:"主啊,我想加入你的团队,我想回应你的呼召。But I need Your power from on high to come on me. 但我需要领受你上头来的能力,I don’t wanna serve out of a religious obligation. 我不想出于宗教义务去服事,I just wanna serve because of love! 我想因爱而去服侍!I’m hungry to know You more, 我渴望更多地认识你,I’m hungry to be a part of where You want us to go. 我渴望成为你在这里事工团队里的一员,I’m hungry to empty myself and be filled with Your Holy Spirit. 我渴望倒空自己,被你的圣灵充满,I’m hungry to see the lame walk, 我渴望看到瘸子行走,the blind see, 瞎子看见,the mute speak, 哑巴说话,the brokenhearted heal, 伤心的人痊愈,demons cast out, 鬼被赶出去, lives changed through Your power! 生命因你的大能而改变!And I’m hungry to see Your Kingdom established into more territories like You made happen for the Acts church. 我渴望看到你的国度像你为使徒行传教会所做的那样,在更多的地方建立起来。Lord, I wanna be part of them. 主啊,我想成为他们中的一员。I wanna see your big picture in my life instead of me living in my selfish way…我要看见你对我生命中的蓝图,不要再自私自利的活着

If that’s you, I want you to come forward. 如果那是你,请你上前来。come, you can stand or kneel down before the Lord, 请上来,你可以跪在主的面前, He is here, 祂就在这里,He is watching, 祂在看,He is willing to touch You with a fresh anointing, 祂愿意用新的恩膏触摸你,You can cry out to Him, “Lord, I wanna a touch of Your love from on high;你可以向祂呼求:"主啊,我要你上头来的爱的触摸,I wanna receive a fresh encounter, 我要遇见你,a fresh touch from You, 要你新的触摸,a fresh visitation from You.你新的访问。I wanna breakthrough in my life!” 让我的生命有所突破!” Come, you just need to be hungry for Him. 上前来,你只需要渴慕他。

If there’s anything that hinders you from receiving a fresh visitation from on high, 如果有任何阻碍你接受从上头来的浇灌的障碍,you just need to turn to Him,你只需要转向祂, whether there’s feelings of rejection, 不管是被拒绝的感觉、shame, 羞耻感、abandonment, 被遗弃的感觉,or whatever it is, 还是其他什么,you just need to tell the Lord, 你只需要告诉主,“Lord, forgive me, "主啊,原谅我,I took my eyes off you, 我把我的眼睛从你身上移开了,when I fixed my eyes on people and my circumstances, 当我把我的眼睛盯在别人和我的环境上时,I failed, 我失败了,I allowed rejection, 我让拒绝、shame, 羞耻、fear, 恐惧、anger, 愤怒、condemnation and all sorts of bad feelings to come in 定罪和各种不好的感觉进来,and become my lord to control me. 成了我的主,来控制我。 I blamed others and felt bitter. 我苦毒地责怪他人。Lord, I don’t want my heart to be filled with Rubbish. 主啊,我不想让我的心被垃圾填满。 I turn to You, I fix my eyes on You, Jesus. 我转向你,我定睛在你身上,耶稣。I see the cross, the cross is before me. 我看到了十字架,十字架就在我面前。I see the scorn, the reproach, and the flogging, that You took for the punishment of my sins. 我看到你为我的罪所受的刑罚、蔑视、责难和鞭打。I see the spit on your face, 我看到你脸上的唾沫,the nakedness, that You took for my shame. 看到你为我的羞耻而赤身裸体。 I see the blood You shed for my redemption. 我看到你为救赎我而流下来的宝血。 You loved me so much that You poured out everything You had for me on the cross. 你何等爱我,你在十字架上为我倾倒你的一切。

I turn to You, I respond to You. 我转向你,我回应你。I break my agreement with lies! 我破除与谎言的约定!The sinful nature will never be good enough! It only deserves to be crucified. 这旧人永不会足够好,它只配得被钉十字架。I receive Your forgiveness freely. 我自由地接受你的赦免。I pass it onto others freely! 我愿意将它白白地去传递给他人!I forgive…我饶恕......I rebuke the evil powers behind all sorts of negative feelings to leave. 我斥责各种负面情绪背后的邪恶力量,让它们离开!I recommit my life to Jesus. 我重新将生命交托给耶稣。Fill me, Holy Spirit! 圣洁的灵,请充满我!Take me for Your use! 让我为你所用!You can pray on your own, I’ll come to lay my hands on you. 你可以自己向他祷告,我将放手交给你。 May God impart the spiritual gifts to you through a move of the Holy Spirit! 愿父神借着圣灵的感动,将属灵的恩赐赐给你们!


Lord, we thank You for what You’ve given us today. 主啊,感谢你今天赐予我们的一切。 May Your Holy Spirit continue to remind us that we need to nurture and develop what we’ve received from You. 愿你的圣灵继续提醒我们,我们需要去培植和发展从你那里得到的一切。 Let the fire of the Holy Spirit burn in us! 让圣灵之火在我们心中燃烧! and urge us to exercise our spiritual gifts in serving Your church passionately and diligently. 敦促我们去使用属灵的恩赐,火热地,殷勤地去侍奉你的教会。May Your power and authority be made tangible and visible through the group of people here to bring glory to Your name! 愿你的大能和权柄借着这里的这群人彰显出来,将荣耀归于你圣名!


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