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2024-06-09 Understanding the Kingdom Concept of Territory (1) 明白神国领地意识

发表于 2024-06-20

I’m so excited to share this series of topic 分享这系列的话题令人兴奋, and I thank God for giving me a bit of time, 感谢神让我有点时间,to do some research on the animal Kingdom during the King’s birthday weekend.我研究了一下动物王国。I watched some “Lion documentaries”, 看了一些有关狮群的纪录片,coz I’m curious about我有点好奇 why God identifies Himself with animals,为什么神会用动物来比喻自己,like, an eagle, 比如,鹰、an Ox, 牛、a Lamb, 羔羊and a Lion. 狮子。Jesus Christ was called “the lamb of God”, 耶稣基督被称为神的羔羊and the “Lion of the tribe of Judah” 也被称为犹大支派中的狮子。(Re5:5).  The lion is the king of the Jungle. 狮子是丛林之王,Jesus is the King of kings! 而耶稣是万王之王!What qualities did God create in the lion to symbolize himself as a King? 神在创造狮子时赋予了它哪些特质来象征神自己王的身份呢?Let’s watch the video first…我们先来看视频……

1, Bringing back the Kingdom territory on earth through Christ’s salvation借着基督的救恩神国领土带回

There’re a whole lot of fascinating things to discover in the Lion’s kingdom, 在狮子王国中,有许多美妙的事值得探索,about how lions sacrifice themselves 比如狮子如何牺牲自己to protect their families, their territories. 来保护它们的家庭和领土。You can do your own research. 你可以自己去研究一下。Romans 1:20 says, For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. 自从造天地以来, 神的永能和神性是明明可知的,虽是眼不能见,但藉着所造之物就可以晓得,叫人无可推诿。 It says that God is invisible, 这是说,神是看不见的,but His qualities and his eternal power 但祂的属性和永恒的能力can be seen through the visible things He has made in the world. 可以借着祂在世上所创造的可见事物看见。We see lion kings in Jungles, 我们看到丛林中的狮王,they know who they are. 它们知道自己是谁,They’re fearless. 它们无所畏惧。As lion cubs, 作为幼狮,they’re trained and disciplined by adult lions, 它们被成年狮子训练和管教,even by bad circumstances. 甚至也被恶劣环境磨练。Some of them do not just survive有些幼狮不仅仅生存下来 but become the kings of Jungles. 还成为了丛林之王。They learn from their father kings, 它们从父辈狮王那里学习,to protect their families, 去保护家庭,and they rule their territory. 并统领自己的领地。When enemies invade their territory, 当敌人入侵它们的领地时,they fight to the death to protect their territory and their families. 它们奋战到死来保护自己的领地和家庭。This really makes me think about our King, 这让我想到了我们的王,the King of kings, Jesus, 万王之王耶稣,who came to save 祂来拯救我们,and proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom to us. 并向我们宣告天国的福音。What is God’s vision for the church regarding Kingdom territory?神对教会有关神国领地的异象是什么呢?What do we need to do to protect, 我们需要做什么来保护、defend 捍卫、and expand our territory? 和扩展我们的领地?In this series, 在这个系列中,we will explore these questions together. 我们将一起探讨这些问题。

In the NT, 新约里说,we’re told that Jesus came to share the gospel of the Kingdom with us. 耶稣来是要向我们传讲天国的福音。“Repent, the Kingdom of heaven is near.” “天国近了,你们应当悔改!”( Matt 4:17, Mark 1:15). Matt 4:23 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. 耶稣走遍加利利,在各会堂里教训人,传天国的福音,医治百姓各样的病症。 Jesus teaches us to pray: 耶稣教导我们祷告:“Your Kingdom come.”“你的国降临。”Heb 12:28 says, 希伯书12:28说,the Kingdom we’re receiving cannot be shaken. 我们所领受的是不能震动的国。The Kingdom is the key idea that God wants to bring to us through His Son Christ’s salvation. 神儿子耶稣基督的救赎,是为带下祂的国。Col 西 1:13-14 tells us, For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. 他救了我们脱离黑暗的权势,把我们迁到他爱子的国里,14我们在爱子里得蒙救赎,罪过得以赦免。It clearly says 这句话清楚地表明,that we had been dominated, ruled by the kingdom of darkness. 我们曾经被黑暗的国度掌权、统治。Why? 为什么呢?Because Adam listened to Satan instead of God, 因亚当听从了撒旦而不是神,he lost what God had given to him.就失去了神赐给他的一切。Satan became ruler over the territory God had given Adam. 撒旦开始统治神给亚当的领地。In this world在这个世界we see divorce我们看到离婚, genetic diseases遗传病, depression抑郁, poverty贫穷, and suicide自杀。These are the fruits brought by the demonic invader. 这些都是恶魔入侵者带来的果子。But because of Jesus’ death on the Cross to forgive our sins, 但因耶稣在十字架上的死,我们罪得赦免,we were rescued from the invader Satan, 得以从入侵者撒旦的手中被拯救出来,and brought into the Kingdom of Christ. 并被迁到基督的国度里。This Kingdom brings good news, 这个国度带来好消息、healing, 医治、deliverance…释放……and eternal life. 和永生。

That’s why in the four gospels, 这就是为什么在四福音书中,Jesus didn’t just preach the good news, 耶稣不仅仅传讲好消息,but demonstrated it through healing the sick, 还借着医病、casting out demons, 赶鬼、setting people free from the oppression of the invader 释放受入侵者压制的人,and training his disciples to do what he had been doing. 培训门徒做他所做的事来演示天国来临的实际。Why? 为什么?For they are signs that the King is taking back His territory from the hands of the demonic invader.因它们是这位王来到地上从魔鬼入侵者手中夺回他的领土的迹象。Have you thought about it? 你们有没有想过?

Jesus said, 耶稣说:“the Kingdom of God is within you.” “神的国就在你们心里(心里或作中间)。” Luke 17:21. It means that at this time Jesus came to restore His Kingdom territory in people’s hearts. 意思是,耶稣的到来是要在人的心中恢复他国度的领土。As a Kingdom, 作为一个王国,it must include a King, 它必须要有一位王、a territory, 有领土and a government that enforces laws and principles. 和一个执行法律法规的政府。Territory defines a King’s right to rule. 领土阐明了王权统治的地区范围。Jesus came to restore all Adam had lost. 耶稣来是要恢复亚当失去的一切。What was the territory God gave to Adam? 神给亚当的领土是什么呢?

2, Territory includes “areas and responsibility”  领土包括区域和职责

Gensis 1:1, in the beginning God created heavens and the earth. 起初,神创造天地。 God owns the heavens and the earth. -天地万物的主。 Psa 24: The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, 地和其中所充满的, the world, and all who live in it; 世界和住在期间的,都属耶和华。 2 for he founded it on the seas 他把地建立在海上,and established it on the waters. 安定在大水之上。 Psa 47:7, For God is the King of all the earth; 因为神是全地的王。God is the absolute King over all creations 神是万物的绝对的王,coz He Created all including the earth, 因为祂创造了万物和全地,and everything in it. 和地上的一切。But God’s idea is not just that He Himself be the King over the earth. 但神却并不只想自己去做地上的王。Psa 115:16 The highest heavens belong to the Lord, 天,是耶和华的天;but the earth he has given to mankind. 地,他却给了世人。 Our God is a just, loving and truthful King. 我们的上帝是公正、仁爱、真理的王。He gave the earth, 这是说,神将全地赐给人,the territory of His Kingdom’s rule on earth to people. 将神国在地上的领地赐给人管理。

In the beginning, 起初,God first had created the earth, 神先造了地球、the land, 这土地、the territory, 这领地then, He created mankind, 然后祂才造了人,and He said this 祂说,in Gen 1:27-28, “Be fruitful and multiply; 要生养众多,fill the earth and subdue it; 遍满地面,治理这地,have dominion over the fish of the sea, 也要管理海里的鱼、 over the birds of the air, 空中的鸟,and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” 和地上各样行动的活物。 Notice, 请注意,man wasn’t created to dominate men. 人被造不是为了控制人的。We’re not called to change or control other people. 我们的使命不是去改变或控制他人。Now the word 'kingdom' derives from the term 'king's domain.' 王国一词源于国王的领地'Domain' refers to the land or territory over which a king rules.领地指的是王所统治的土地或区域。 So 因此,God created the earth as a territory for man to govern. 神创造了地,作为让人去管治的领地。Adam was created to be God's representative亚当被造作神的代表,in fact to be a king实际上是作王, to take care of the earth去治理全地。

Gen 2;15, The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend it and watch over it. 耶和华 神将那人安置在伊甸园,使他修理看守。 God took Adam into a Garden,  神把亚当带到一个园子里,in other words, 换句话说,Adam first was given a territory, 亚当首先被赐于了一块领地,a Garden. 一个园子。Then, 然后,he had two primary responsibilities: 他得了两个主要职责:A, Work it (NIV), 耕种它tend it (NKJV). 照料它The original meaning is to serve it. 原意是服事它。B, Watch over it, to guard it. 看守它,守护它。This implies that there’re enemies in his territory, 要守护就意味着在他的领地上有敌人,and he needs to protect it from the invasion of the enemies. 他需要保护它不受敌人的入侵。

Similarly, 同样, we’re given a territory, 我们也被赋予了一块领地、an area, 一个区域、a garden,一个园子、the heart,  心田、a workplace, 工作场所、 a family, 家庭、 a church, 教会,some areas to guard and serve in 一些需要守护和服事的地方,as an act of worshipping God. 以此来侍奉神。So we’re given territories我们也被赋予了领地 and required to take responsibility.并被要求去负起自己的责任。

In the jungle, 在丛林中,lion kings don’t often stay with their families, 狮王并不经常与母狮子和小狮子在一起,because they have an important task to do. 因为他们有重要的任务要做。Lion kings patrol their territory to guard 狮王会去自己的领土到处巡逻,and defend it from invaders, 去守卫领土,抵御入侵者,ensuring that their families have a secure place to stay, 以确保整个狮群有一个安全的栖息地,and their cubs can grow safely. 幼狮能够安全成长。We are also given a similar task: 我们也有类似的任务:to pray, 祷告、to guard our hearts,保守我们的心,to pray for our families, 为家庭、our church, 为教会、our leaders, 为领袖,and our workplaces, 为工作场所、 and to pray in all circumstances, 凡事祷告守望,ensuring that our invisible enemies, evil spirits, 确保我们看不见的仇敌邪灵won’t invade our territory through our failure to guard what we need to guard, 不会因为我们疏于职守而入侵领地like Adam did.像亚当那样。

3, The consequences of failure to guard their territory不守护领土的后果

What are the consequences if a lion king fails to defend his territory? 如果狮王不能守护自己的领地,会有什么后果? The invaders will either kill him 入侵者要么杀了它,or make him an outcast. 要么把它赶走去流浪。And his cubs will be killed, 它的幼崽也都会被杀死,because the invaders wanna produce their own offspring. 因为入侵者想要从母狮子得自己的后代。What’s the similarity here with the events that happened after Adam’s fall?  这和亚当失守后有什么相似之处?The enemy took over Adam’s possession, 这撒旦得了亚当的一切,the kingdom, 这王国 the territory, 这领土、 the authority and power. 权柄和能力。Adam and his offspring’s spiritual life was killed, 亚当和他后代的属灵生命都被杀死了,and they were like outcast, 他们就像被赶逐的,their relationships both with God and people were broken. 他们与神与人的关系破裂了。 Satan became the ruler of this world 撒旦却成了这个世界的统治者。 (参考John 14:30, 2 Cor 林后 4:4)

Romans 5:12, Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, 这就如罪是从一个人入了世界,and death through sin, 死又是从罪来的, and in this way death came to all people, 于是死就临到众人, because all sinned. 因为众人都犯了罪。As offspring of Adam by nature, 作为亚当的后代,we were born as slaves to sin and death. 我们生来就成了罪和死的奴仆。Just as the invader deceived Adam into doubting and disobeying God’s word, 正如入侵者引诱亚当怀疑和违背神的话语一样,he does the same thing to us. 牠也这样对我们。In the sinful nature, 在自然人里,our thoughts and values我们的思想和价值观are under the control of the invader, 都被这位入侵者控制,Satan, the king of the kingdom of darkness.就是在黑暗国度之王撒旦的控制之下。The invader never blesses us这入侵者永不会祝福我们, but aims to steal, 而是要偷窃、 kill, 杀害、destroy us. 毁灭我们。 That’s why by nature every family on earth inherits cycles of failure from their ancestors, 这就是为什么全地上的每个家庭都从祖先那里继承了各种反复出现的失败咒诅, whether in health, 无论是在健康、 or marriage, 婚姻、 or finances, or other areas. 财务还是其他方面。 They’re all signs of lost territory. 这些都是失去领地的征兆。Humanity has suffered terrible consequences because of sin人类因罪而承受了可怕的后果even the land has been cursed甚至土地也受到了诅咒 and the animal kingdom has turned to killing and destruction对动物世界也造成杀戮和毁灭性后果. Humans began to be given animals for food人类开始被赐给动物为食, and lions in the jungle started to eat other animals丛林中的狮子也开始吃其他动物。Romans 8:22 tells us that the whole creation is groaning822节说一切受造之物都在叹息。

I’m not a vegetarian我不是素食者. I just don’t like meat naturally 我天生不爱吃肉。When I was watching animal documentaries当我看动物记录片, I wept 我哭了and prayed for God to hasten His Kingdom on earth我祷告祈求主加快祂国度的到来。I long to see the day when Messiah’s Kingdom comes我渴望看到弥赛亚王国到来的那一天 。As Isaiah 11 says正如赛11章所说,the predators will no longer prey吃肉的动物将不再捕食 but will eat straw like ox. 他们会像牛一样吃草 。Humans will no longer be against each other人不再互相为敌. There will be no more sadness不再有悲哀 coz God’s justice and peace will reign on earth. 神将用公义和平治理全地。What a hope we eagerly long for! 这是何等美好的盼望!

Romans5:19 For just as through the disobedience of the one man 因一人的悖逆, the many were made sinners, 众人成为罪人; so also through the obedience of the one man 照样,因一人的顺从, the many will be made righteous. 众人也成为义了。21 so that, just as sin reigned in death, 就如罪作王叫人死, so also grace might reign through righteousness 照样,恩典也藉着义作王, to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 叫人因我们的主耶稣基督得着永生。 This is the good news! 这是好消息The King of the universe, invaded earth!  这宇宙之王来入侵全地!Not by force nor by deception like the enemy did, 祂不是靠武力,也不像撒旦那样靠欺骗,but by His sacrificial love on the cross, 而是借祂十架牺牲的爱、 His truth,  祂的真理、and His supreme authority and resurrection power. 祂无上的权柄和复活的能力。He preached the good news to us! 祂向我们传讲好消息!He heals the sick, 祂医治病人、casts out demons, 赶逐污鬼、 restores and delivers! 祂恢复和拯救!They are all signs of regaining lost territory for the Kingdom on earth! 他们是夺回失地的表征!Are you experiencing such signs?你正在经历这些迹象吗?Is your lost territory being regained? 你的失地正在夺回吗?He is calling us to turn to Him, 祂呼召我们转向祂,to repent, 悔改、 forgive, 饶恕、 and pray, 祷告 to take back the lost territory! 夺回失去的领地 !We’re given a second chance! 我们得了第二次机会!A chance for us to be brought back into His garden! 我们有机会可以回到祂的园子!Because the battle isn't finished. 因这场争战还没有结束。It’s still going on! 它还在继续!

We have been brought back into God’s Garden! 我们被带回了神的园子!Where we’ve been given the Holy Spirit to help us. 在那里,我们可以有圣灵的帮助。 We’re like lion cubs put through a training process 我们就像幼狮进入训练的过程,to learn how to watch over the territory we’ve been given individually. 去学习如何看管我们各自的领地。The heart is a spiritual territory that we’re called to guard. 心,一块属灵的领地是神呼召我们去守护的。The family, 家庭、 the relationships, 人际关系、 the workplace, 工作场所、 the financial area, 财务领域、the church,教会 ,the great commission, 大使命,are all Kingdom territories. 他们都是神国的领地。Are you watching over the territory you’ve been given? 你正在看守你的领土吗?The enemy is still trying to invade it! 因为仇敌魔鬼仍在试图入侵!You’re in the process of being matured你正在一个成长的过程中 and trained to be more like the King,被训练更像这位王 ,so that when He returns, 以至于他再来时you’ll receive His reward你可以领受祂的赏赐 and reign with Him forever (参考Re 3:21).并与祂一同作王到永远。

From Adam’s lesson, 从亚当的教训中,we see there’re consequences if we fail to guard our gardens,我们看见若我们不守好自己的园子:A. Our relationships with God and people will remain broken. 我们与神和人的关系仍然破裂。B. Our spiritual authority over the enemy will be lost. 我们将失去战胜仇敌魔鬼的属灵权柄。Adam believed: “it’s her fault, not mine.” 亚当相信,‘这是她的错,不是我.As a result of not taking responsibility to guard his territory因他没有看守好自己的领地, he developed a victim mentality他生出受害者心理。If we continue to believe that it’s other’s fault若我们也继续信这是他人的错, blaming and not forgiving others继续责怪和不饶恕他人, such as husband, wife, etc.不饶恕丈夫,妻子等。We’ll suffer the attack from the invader我们也一样遭受恶者的入侵。The price of disobedience is huge悖逆的代价是巨大的,which affects us relationally, 它影响我们的人际关系、mentally, 情绪生病、 or physically, 身体生病or financially. 经济倒霉。They’re all signs of defeat. 这些都是被打败的征兆。And this defeat could affect us future generations. 而这种属灵的失败会影响我们的下一代。

The lion of the tribe of Judah has triumphed!  犹大的狮子已经得胜!Jesus has defeated the power of Satan and the grave! 耶稣已胜过了撒旦和坟墓的权势!He is calling His lion cubs to rise up! 祂呼召祂的小狮子们 起来!learn from the Lion King to roar and patrol, 去学习狮王那样宣吼和巡逻、watch and pray, 守望和祷告,to forgive and love, 去饶恕和爱,to guard your territory! 去守卫自己的领地! And also, to join the King并去加入狮王的行列 in expanding His Kingdom territory on earth去借着传讲好消息 by sharing and demonstrating the good news并带着神同在来见证好消息的实际 with the powerful presence of God! 来扩张神国的领地在全地! Are you hearing His calling?  你听到祂的呼召了吗?



Thank You, Jesus. 谢谢你,耶稣。Thank You for the price You paid on the cross 感谢你在十字架上付出的代价,to deliver us from the enemy's hand 把我们从敌人的手中救出来,and bring us into Your Kingdom of Light. 带入你的光明国度。You are the Lion of the tribe of Judah, 你是犹大支派中的狮子,the King of kings. 万王之王。You died and rose again 你死而复活,to declare that You are the King over sickness, 宣告你是胜过疾病、death, 死亡、and the power of Satan.和撒旦权势的君王。You are worthy of our praise! 你配得我们的赞美!Yours is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever! 因为国度、权柄和荣耀都是你的,直到永远!Psa 47:7,For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise. 因为神是全地的王,你们要用悟性歌颂。

Thank You for calling us to follow You, 感谢你呼召我们跟随你,to watch and pray, 警醒祷告,and to guard our territory. 守护我们的领土。Thank You for teaching us that territory includes both "an area and a responsibility." 感谢你教导我们,领土包括区域和责任Adam failed in his responsibility, 亚当在他的职责上失败了,and the consequences were generational. 累代都承受这后果。Holy Spirit, help us to acknowledge the specific areas圣灵,求你帮助我们认识到,在哪些具体的方面 where we have failed to guard, watch over, and serve... 我们未能守护、看顾和服事…..

'Yes, Lord, that’s me. 是的主,那是我。Now you can cry out to the Lord for help现在你可以向主呼求帮助, I failed to guard and watch over my heart我没有看守守护好己心; I neglected to protect the territory I’ve been given忽略了去保护你赐的领地; I didn’t pray for my children or my spouse consistently没有为孩子和配偶切切祷告; I didn’t serve the church and Your Kingdom passionately也没有那么热情的去侍奉教会和你的国度… instead of listening to Your Spirit of truth没有听你真理的灵的引导, I yielded to a victim mentality, blaming others反而听了受害者心理去怪他人 The flesh says这天然人说, “they owe me, they need to pay me back.他们欠我的,要他们偿还。” But Lord但主啊, I owe You我是欠你的, You cancelled my debt through the shedding of Your own blood你却用你流出的宝血来还我的罪债, in order to take back into Your blessing, 要把我带回你的祝福里。Lord Jesus, forgive me and renew me.主耶稣,求你赦免我,更新我。I choose to forgive我选择饶恕, and break the agreement with the enemy’s deceptive thoughts断开和撒旦的欺骗迷惑的思想, to set myself free from the power of curse释放我自己脱离咒诅的权势... guide me to obey Your truth, 引导我顺服你的真理,so that my family also can receive benefit from my faith.以至于我的家人也可以因我的信心得福。

Thank You Jesus,谢谢主耶稣 ,thank You for giving us territory and responsibility to guard感谢你赐我们领地和责任去看守。Thanks for forgiving us and renewing us through Your truth.感谢你赦免和更新我们 。Holy Spirit, 圣灵help us to guide our hearts to be aligned with Your love引导我们的心与你的爱、forgiveness, and truth.饶恕和真理一致。

Let the lion cubs rise up 让小狮们崛起,and advance the Kingdom territory with You, the King of kings, 与你万王之王一起推进天国的领土,and win more lost souls back to the Kingdom of Light. 把更多失丧的灵魂带回光明的国度。Let Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done. 愿你的国降临,愿你的旨意成就。阿们。


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