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2024-06-23 The Kingdom Territory (2) 神国度的领土(二)

发表于 2024-06-23

Today, we’ll come back to our series topic – 今天,我们将继续探讨系列话题——The Kingdom Territory. 神国度的领土。Let’s read Luke 8:22-25, 我们来读8:22-25One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.” they got into a boat and set out. 22有一天,耶稣和门徒上了船,对门徒说:“我们可以渡到湖那边去。”祂们就开了船。So 23 As they sailed, he fell asleep. A squall came down on the lake, so that the boat was being swamped, and they were in great danger. 23正行的时候,耶稣睡着了。湖上忽然起了暴风,船将满了水,甚是危险。24 The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!” He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm. 24门徒来叫醒了祂,说:“夫子,夫子,我们丧命啦!”耶稣醒了,斥责那狂风大浪,风浪就止住,平静了。25 “Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement, they asked one another, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.” 25耶稣对祂们说:“你们的信心在哪里呢?”祂们又惧怕又希奇,彼此说:“这到底是谁?祂吩咐风和水,连风和水也听从祂了。” 

“Who is this Jesus? “这到底是谁?even the winds and the water obey Him.” 连风和海也听从祂。” Romans 11:36 says, 罗马书11:36:“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.” “因为万有都是本于祂,倚靠祂,归于祂。愿荣耀归给祂,直到永远。阿们!”Jesus is the Creator God. 耶稣是创造天地的神,He is the supreme King. 祂是至高的王。Yet he humbly took on the form of a mere man, 然而,祂谦卑地取了人的样式,enduring the scorn of man, 忍受人的嘲讽,and the shame of the cross, 担当十字架的羞辱,to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom to the world. 向世界宣扬神国的福音。Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, 藉着耶稣的死和复活,our sins can be forgiven, 我们的罪得赦免,our lost territory can be regained. 我们失去的领地可以被重新夺回。How many of us have experienced healing? 我们有多少人经历过医治? mentally or physically? 医治你的身体和情绪?Or in your marriage医治你的婚姻? Or in your relationships或他人的关系? Even in your finances或你的经济状况? Yes. All these are signs of regaining your lost territory! 他们都是重夺回领地的标志!

1, The King’s vision is to expand His Kingdom Territory. 王的异象是扩张祂国度的领地

V.22, Jesus said , “Let us go over to the other side of the lake. 耶稣说,“我们可以渡到湖那边去。” In the Four Gospels, 在四福音书中,14 times Jesus said, 耶稣十四次说:“let’s go to the other side.” “我们渡到那边去。”This is the King’s vision! 这就是王的异象!“Let’s go to the other side.” “我们渡到那边去。”Let’s increase the Kingdom territory. 让我们扩张神国的领地。Last time we learnt that due to disobedience, 上次我们学习到,由于不顺服,Adam lost the earth as his territory which God had given him to govern. 亚当失去了神赐祂治理的领地。But through Christ’s obedience to the Father, 但藉着基督对天父的顺服,he has brought us back to God’s Garden, 祂把我们带回神的园中,and put us through the process of maturing into the image of Christ, 并使我们逐渐成长为基督的样子,to fulfil our life purpose on earth. 在地上完成生命的目的。And when He returns, we can share in His kingship. 当祂再来,我们可以同享王权。

However, the battle is continuing. 然而,争战仍在继续。On both personal and missional levels, 无论是在个人层面还是使命层面,Satan tries to reduce the Kingdom territory we’re conquering 撒但都试图消减我们所要夺回的神国领地,by distracting us with self-centred thoughts, 藉自我中心的思想来分散我们的注意力,“You can’t do it… “你做不到……sharing the gospel and testimonies with others is their job…分享福音和见证是祂们的工作……But Jesus says, 但耶稣说:“follow me, let’s go to the other side.” “跟从我,我们渡到湖的那边去。”Let’s expand the Kingdom Territory! 让我们扩展神国领地!Let’s increase the Kingdom Territory 让我们增长神国领地,through sharing the gospel, 藉着分享福音、healing the sick, 医治病人、and setting the captives free. 释放被掳的得自由。This is the King’s heart and His vision. 这是王的心意和异象。

Our King reigns in justice and love, 我们的王在公义慈爱、righteousness and mercy! 公平与怜悯中掌权!He calls us to, 祂呼召我们,“go, and make disciples of all nations.” “去,使万民作我的门徒。”This call isn’t just for pastors or leaders of a church. 这个呼召不仅是给牧师或教会领袖的。It’s for all believes. 而是给所有信徒的。People live under cycles of family failure. 人们生活在各种家族循环的失败中,Only the gospel changes their fortune forever! 只有福音能永远改变祂们的命运!We’re called to take the gospel to all nations! 我们被呼召将福音带给万民!Now, instead of going out, 现在,不是我们出去,God has brought all nations to us! 而是神把万民带到我们这里了!

Over the past two Tuesday English classes在过去两次周二的英语课中 we’ve had more than 300 students from over 45 countries participating. 我们有来自45个国家的300多名学生参加。Students come and go. 学生们来来去去。God’s plan is through the English Class, 神的计划是藉着英语班,nations will hear the name of Jesus, 让各国听到耶稣的名字,those who are called by God will accept Him and stay. 那些被神呼召的人会接受祂并留下来。So being called into a task, 当被呼召去完成一项任务时,you can face lots of storms and challenges, 你可能会面临许多风暴和挑战,“I don’t have funds to do it…比如“我没有资金来做这件事……I don’t have people to help…” 我没有人来帮助……”Yes, I faced that challenges是的,我遇到这样的困境 but once the dream is from God,但只要这梦出于神,God provides funds, 祂提供了资金,and inspires people from our church to engage in His vision. 并激励我们教会的人参与祂的异象。

Once, during my prayers, 有一次,在我祷告时,I heard this, 我得到了这样的启示:“I’ll bring you resources even outside of the church.”  “我会带给你教会外的资源。”So far, 到目前为止,we’ve got seven teacher helpers who are not from our church. 我们已经有七位不是我们教会的教师助手。All this reminds me of the promise of God in Haggai 2:7, 所有这一切都让我想起神在哈该书2:7中的应许:And I will shake all nations, so that the treasures of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with glory, says the LORD of hosts. “我必震动万国;万国的珍宝必都运来,我就使这殿满了荣耀,这是万军之耶和华说的。” So don’t seek temporary human glory. 所以,不要追求转瞬即逝的人的荣耀。Whether people praise you or not, 无论人们是否赞美你,doesn’t matter. 都无关紧要。The matter is if you’re praised by God for what you think or do. 重要的是你的所思所为是否可以得到神的称赞。God will reward!神会赏赐 !He is the ultimate Rewarder!祂是最终赏赐者 !Let’s go to the other side, 我们渡到湖的那边去,to expand His Kingdom Territory through sharing the gospel. 借传福音来扩张神国领地。

2, Expanding the Kingdom Territory through pushing back the victim mentality. 藉着除去受害者心理来扩张神国的领地

Luke v.23-24, 路加福音8:23-24说,after the disciples had got into the boat and set out, 当门徒上了船并起行时,a windstorm came, 忽然起了风暴,the boat was filled with water, 船将满了水,they were in danger. 祂们处在危险之中。The disciples shouted, 门徒喊道:“Master, Master, we’re dying.” “夫子,夫子,我们要丧命了。”Does this sound familiar to us? 这听起来是否熟悉?Looking at a hard situation, 面对艰难的处境时,we say, 我们常常说:“Lord, I’m dying…“主啊,我快撑不住了……it’s too hard for me...” 这对我来说太难了……”A defeatist mindset hinders us from growing into Christ’s character. 这种被打败的心态阻碍我们成长为基督的样式。

In the OT, 在旧约中,we see the people of Israel were called into a real land to expand God’s kingdom, 以色列人被呼召进入一块实际的土地以扩张神的国度,not like us who are called into spiritual territory – 而我们被呼召进入属灵的领地——the soul. 得灵魂。In Numbers 14:1-4, 民数记14:1-4记载,the Israelite heard that the inhabitants of the land were like giants, 当以色列人听说那地的居民像巨人,and they felt themselves to be like grasshoppers. 祂们就觉得自己像蚱蜢一样渺小。Immediately they responded with three actions: 祂们立即做出了三种反应:Firstly, they cried bitterly (v.1). 首先,祂们哀哭(第1节). They felt they were like orphans, 祂们觉得自己像孤儿,they felt self-pity, 自卑自怜,“It’s too hard, !  “这太难了,it’s unfair, 这不公平,we’ll be bullied’ 我们会被欺负的。”They cried all night…祂们整夜哭泣……Secondly, they grumbled against the leaders (v.2), 其次,祂们抱怨领袖(第2节)complained about them. 抱怨祂们。As leaders, 作为领袖,you must be ready for people to grumble against you, 你必须准备好面对人对你的抱怨,even after all you've done for them. 即便你为他们做了所有的事。‘oh, that’s so hard’. “哦,这太难了。”That’s the old way of thinking! 这是旧的思维方式!The new way of thinking is: 新的思维方式是:“God wants me to grow! “神要我成长! God wants my attitude to be aligned with Christ’s, 神要我的心态与基督一致,He wants me to lead people to Him, 祂要我引领人们归向祂,He will manage the situation, 祂会控制局面,not me”. 而不是我。” If you practice this, 如果你操练这种思维方式,you’ll see miracles你会看到神迹!Thirdly, they complained about God (v.3). 第三,祂们抱怨神(第3节)。“We’re dying. “我们要死了。Why would God bring us here to become victims, 为什么神要带我们到这里来成为受害者 to be bullied?” 让我们被欺负?”Then, crying, 接着,祂们开始哭号、self-pity, 自怜、bitterness, 苦毒、anger, 愤怒、doubt, 怀疑、unbelief, and judgement. 不信和论断。They are all the fruit of a victim mentality. 这些都是受害者心态的果实。

This old way of thinking was passed down from Adam, 这种旧的思维方式从亚当那里传下来,who shifted responsibility after disobedience to God, 亚当在不顺服神之后推卸责任,“it’s not me, “不是我,it’s the woman whom You gave me who gave me the fruit to eat.” 是你给我的女人给我吃的果子。”“You make me angry…我们常说, “是你惹我生气……you make me upset.” 你让我难过。”Come on, you need to guard your own heart. 但你需要守护自己的心。Why didn’t Jesus feel rejected when people did terrible things to him? 为什么耶稣在别人对祂做可怕的事情时没有感到被拒绝?because he put his trust in the Father, 因为祂信靠天父,guarded his heart 守护自己的心and didn’t allow rejection and bitter judgment to enter his heart不让拒绝和苦毒的论断进入祂的心so he remined in the power and love of God因此他继续活在神的爱和能力里 to be able to defeat the enemy’s scheme 能去打败仇敌的计谋。

1 John 2:11, 约翰一书2:11But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them. “惟独恨弟兄的是在黑暗里,且在黑暗里行,也不知道往哪里去,因为黑暗叫祂眼睛瞎了。” The victim mentality is the enemy’s scheme. 受害者心态是敌人的诡计,It steals our identity 它偷走我们的身份,and puts us in a powerless position 使我们处于软弱的状态,and cause us to feel like orphans. 让我们觉得自己是无父的。It produces bitterness and unforgiveness,它产生苦毒和不饶恕,which blinds us 使我们眼瞎,and causes us to be bullied by sin and Satan.并让我们被罪和魔鬼欺负。

3, Develop a conqueror’s mentality. 培育征服者的心态

Luke v.24-25, He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm. 8:24-25,耶稣醒了,斥责那狂风大浪,风浪就止住,平静了。 Who is this? ‘这到底是谁?How can even the winds and water listen to Him? 甚至连风和海也听从祂?Jesus created the winds and everything in heaven and on earth! 耶稣创造了风和万物!He is the King over all. 祂是万王之王,万主之主。They listen to Him. 风和海都听祂的。But do we really know Who He is? 但我们真知道他是谁吗? 12 years ago 12年前,Susie and I joined a tour group to Korea. Susie和我参加了一次去韩国的旅行团。The guide said, 导游说:“unfortunately, it’s on a red alert, “很不幸,现在红色预警, it’s definitely raining.一定会下雨。You can’t go anywhere.” 你们会哪里也去不了。”I said, 我说:“While I’m still in Korea, “只要我还在韩国,it won’t be raining.”就不会下雨。” Terrible!太可怕了 !I had no idea where those words came from, 我不知道这些话从哪里来,and the whole group went quiet. 整个旅行团的人都安静了。Feeling panicked, 我感到恐慌,I prayed non-stop. 不停地祷告。To cut the story short, 长话短说,we experienced lots of dramas我们经历了很多要下雨的事件, but it didn’t rain,但却没下until we were on the plane, waiting for take-off. 直到我们登机等待起飞时,Someone yelled, “It’s raining.” 有人大喊:“下雨了。”The tour group clapped, saying, 旅行团掌声雷动,说:“Someone here is a friend of Jesus.” “这里有人是耶稣的朋友。” This was the first time, we experienced that Jesus is the Lord of rain. 这是我们第一次经历了耶稣是掌管雨的主。The result was cheerful, 结果是令人欢喜的,but the process was painful. 但过程却是痛的。There were lots of negative thoughts, 有很多负面想法,“Why did you…“为什么你……I didn’t say that…我没有这么说……what if…” 万一……” I kept pushing them back 我不断地拒绝它们and declaring who Jesus was with my little faith. 并凭借我微小的信心宣告耶稣是谁。Why does God allow storms to come to us? 为什么神会允许风暴临到我们身上?God is not gonna kill you or embarrass you. 神不会杀你或让你尴尬,He is gonna grow you. 祂要成就你。The message is very clear, 信息非常明确,Jesus asked, 耶稣问:“where is your faith?” “你们的信心在哪里?” Where do you set your faith? 你把信心放在哪里?On the situation? 在环境中?On the people around you? 在你周围的人身上?Or on the promises of God? 还是在神的应许上?Faith is not by sight. 信心不是凭眼所见,But by the Word of God! 而是凭神的话语!God wants us to push back our old ways of thinking. 神要我们抵挡旧的思维方式。He wants us to develop a conqueror’s mentality! 祂要我们培植征服者的心态!The victorious mentality, 得胜者的心态,the kingly mentality, like Himself!  如同祂自己的王者心态!

Paul the apostle said this, 使徒保罗这样说,‘Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?... “谁能使我们与基督的爱隔绝呢?是患难吗?是困苦吗?是逼迫吗?是饥饿吗?是赤身露体吗?是危险吗?是刀剑吗?……37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us37 然而,靠着爱我们的主,在这一切的事上,我们更是得胜有余了。”. (Romans 8:35)  You’re more than conquerors through Jesus who loves you. 靠着爱你的耶稣,得胜有余了。Death didn’t stop His love for us! 死亡并不能阻挡祂爱我们!He willingly chose to be crucified on the cross 祂甘心选择在十字架上被钉,for the forgiveness of our sins! 为了赦免我们的罪!And gave us His Spirit to help us regain our lost territory, 并赐给我们祂的圣灵,帮助我们重新夺回失去的领地,whether in our personal relationships with God, 无论是在与神的个人关系中,or in our marriages, 还是在婚姻、or our careers, or our ministries, 事业或事工中。He is calling you to go to the other side, 祂呼召你去到彼岸,to enlarge His Kingdom Territory through developing a conqueror’s mentality. 通过培养征服者心态来扩张神国领地。When we say conqueror, 当我们说到征服者时,there must be enemies that we need to conquer. 必然会有我们需要征服的敌人。Paul the apostle testified in 2 Cor 11:23-28, 保罗使徒在林后11:23-28中作证,that he encountered lots of hardships, 祂遇到许多患难,floggings被鞭打, stonings被丢石头, shipwrecks几次船坏在海里,during his journey with Jesus to expand God’s Kingdom on earth. 在和基督同去扩张神的国度。

In Acts, Paul cast out a spirit of fortune telling from a slave girl, 在使徒行转中,保罗赶出一个使女身上的邪灵and saved her soul. 拯救了她的灵魂。But instead of receiving praise, 但是,他没有得到赞扬,he was flogged severely, 反而被重重地鞭打,and put into jail by the girl’s owners, 并且被侍女的主人送进了监狱,coz they lost hope of making money from her. 因为他们不能再从她身上赚钱了。How will a victim mentality react? 一个受害者心态会如何反应?Cry bitterly, 会伤心地哭,‘God, where are you? “神啊,你在哪里?I saved a soul, 我拯救了一个灵魂,instead of thanking me, they bullied me...’ 他们不但不感激我还欺负我…” feeling resentment 感到怨恨?

No, in the prison, 不,在监狱里,Paul and Silas sang songs to praise God! 保罗和西拉唱歌赞美神!‘Who can separate us from God’s love! “谁能使我们与神的爱隔绝! Jesus, You died for sinners, 耶稣,你为罪人而死,You didn’t hate me, a sinner against You, 你没有讨厌我这个得罪你的人,but died for my ignorance 而是为我的无知而死,and give me a future并给了我未来。You’re in charge! 你在掌管一切!In Your unfailing live在你不止息的爱里, I choose the forgive. 我选择饶恕。Your plan is not for me for be a victim 你的计划不是让我成为一个受害者 but for me to be a conqueror like You.” 是要让我成为像你那样的征服者。”

Would God plan for you to be a failure? 神会计划你失败吗?No! 不会!God planned for you to be a conqueror in Jesus Christ!神已经计划让你在耶稣基督里成为得胜者!You need to push back the victim mentality! 你需要丢弃受害者心态!God never plans your failure! 神从不计划让你失败!That way of thinking gets you down! 你的思维方式叫你沮丧!As Paul and Silas were praising God in their hard situation, 正如保罗和西拉在困境中赞美神,miracles happened! 奇迹发生了!The whole prison was shaken, 整个监狱都震动了,the doors were opened! 牢门打开了!The story ended in salvation! 这故事以救恩告终!The Jailer and his family were saved! 看守和祂的家人也得救了!The Kingdom territory was increased on earth, 在地上神的国度领域得到了扩展, not in our ways, but in His ways! 不是用我们的方式,但是祂的方式. A kingly mentality shakes the doors of spiritual prison! 王者心态震动属灵监牢的门!You’ve been given this ability through the indwelling Holy Spirit. 借着内住的圣灵,你已经被赐予这能力。Jesus is calling, us 耶稣在呼召,“Follow Me, push back the victim mentality拆毁受害者心理, build a victorious mentality建立得胜者心态, let’s go to the other side!” 让我们一起渡到彼岸!

Prayer: 祷告:

Yes Lord, You’re Holy. 主啊,你是圣洁的。Your name is the Highest. 你的名至高, Your name is greatest. 你名为最大。All thrones and dominions, 所有执政掌权的,all powers and positions, 所有的权柄和地位,are Yours! 都属于你!Your name stands above all. 你的名超乎万名之上。Yet, the highest King became like the lowest servant, 然而,至高的君王却成为至卑微的仆人,You came to love, 你来爱,You came to serve, 你来服事,You came to defeat our enemies, 你来战胜我们的敌人,sin, death and Satan. 就是罪恶、死亡和撒但。You came to bring us back into this training process to be more like You, 你来带领我们重返这训练的过程,使我们更像你,for the future reward of sharing in Your kingship when You return. 为了将来在你再来时分享王的荣耀和奖赏。All things are just tools for us to learn how to push back the old ways of thinking 一切都是我们学习如何抵制旧的思维方式and putting our trust in You, 并且信靠你的工具,to be transformed to be more like You.  以改变更像你。


You can cry to the Lord, 现在,你可以向主呼求:“Lord, forgive me. . “主啊,求你饶恕我。When I fixed my eyes on people, 当我把眼光放在人身上,or on the situation, 或是情境上时,I responded like a victim, 我就像一个受害者一样回应,“the situation was like giant环境像巨人but I was like grasshopper 我像蚱蜢…I can’t do it…‘我做不到…they’re in power, they bully me他们占着权位,欺负我…they disrespects me…他们不尊重我…they reject me…” 他们拒绝我…’ This mentality traps me into a snare, 这种心态将我困在陷阱里,when I shift my focus from Jesus, 当我将焦点从耶稣、from Your will, 从你的旨意、Your plan, 你的计划、Your love, 你的爱、Your power, 你的能力、Your vision for me in situations, 你的异象转移到环境上The situation was like a giant, 环境如同一个巨人,I was like a grasshopper. 我却如同蝗虫。Then, Self-pity, 随之而来的是自卑自怜、complaint, 抱怨、blame, 责备、bitter judgement, 苦毒的评判、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、doubt, and unbelief came in. 怀疑和不信。

You can say, 你可以说:“Lord, today, I turn to You. “主啊,今天我转向你。It’s not because of his faults, 不是因为他的过失,or her faults, 或她的过失,it’s because I listened to the old ways of thinking, 而是因为我听从了旧的思维方式,I failed. 我失败了。But thank You for Your love. 但感谢你的爱。The covenant of your love is unbreakable. 你爱之约牢不可破!Your love never fails. 你的爱永不止息。I receive Your forgiveness. 我接受你的饶恕。I forgive myself…我饶恕自己…Again, I declare I forgive the people I once thought bullied me…再次,我宣告我饶恕曾经我认为祂们欺负我的人…I forgive You, Jesus, 我饶恕你,耶稣,the one who died on the cross for my sins, 你为我的罪而死,yet, once I thought You treated me unfairly…我却觉得你对我不公平…

In the name of Jesus, 奉耶稣的名,I ask Your Holy Spirit to tear down the victim mentality! 我求你的圣灵拆毁受害者心态!I break agreement with the victim mentality! 断绝我与受害者心态的协议!Holy Spirit, cast all these lies out of my body, soul and mind. 圣灵,求你将这些谎言赶出去。Break me free from the bondage of a victim mentality使我从受害者心理里得自由. I yield my thoughts to Your truth! 我将我的思想顺服于你的真理!In times of trouble, 在困难时刻,remind me that I need to turn to You. 提醒我我需要转向你。I turn to praise You! 我转向赞美你!And push back the negative thoughts, 我抵制负面的思想,I nail the proud self on the cross with You! 我与骄傲的自我与你一同钉在十字架上!I declare that You have a plan for me, 我宣告,你对我有计划,a plan not to push me down, 这计划不是要打击我,but to prosper me. 不是要使我不成功。A plan to enlarge The Kingdom territory in my personal life, 是要在我生命中扩展神国领土,in my preparation for service to God…” 为事奉神作准备……”Now, you can pray on your own…现在,你可以按照自己的方式祷告了…

Thank You, Jesus, 感谢耶稣,for calling us to go to the other side and expand Your Kingdom. 呼召我们去到那一边,扩展你的国度。Help us to understand more of Your greatness and power through Your indwelling Spirit. 求你藉着你住在我们里面的圣灵,帮助我们更深地认识你的伟大和能力。Open our eyes to see the vision You put before us: 开启我们的眼睛,看见你摆在我们面前的异象:"Go, make disciples of all nations." “去,使万民作我的门徒。”Make us conquerors 使我们成为征服者,for the sake of advancing the territory of the Kingdom into all nations. 为了扩展国度的领土到万国。May it be extended to its fullest extent. 愿这国度全然扩张,And bring glory to Your name!并将荣耀归于你的名!



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