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2021-06-13 Rest in Faith 因信得安息

发表于 2022-04-30

 (Matt 11:28-30, Heb 4:11)


During the last two weeks, we were in Brisbane visiting our daughter and son in law. 在过去的两周里,我们在布里斯班看望我们的女儿和女婿。They showed us around the city, their workplaces, and other places. 他们带我们参观了城市、他们的工作场所和其他一些地方。Life there is quite different to CHCH, 那里的生活和CHCH完全不同I could feel a bit of the hustle and bustle of city life there. 我能感受到一点那里城市生活的喧嚣。No wonder I heard a pastor say, 难怪我听到一位牧师说,just like other big countries正如其他大国家, everywhere in Australia people are facing similar problems, like anxiety, or worry, or stress about life. 澳大利亚各地的人都面临着类似的问题,比如焦虑、担忧或生活压力。 People in the city work very hard to achieve their goals, 市中心的人工作都非常努力,为要达到理想目标such as a successful business, 为了生意的成功,or a luxurious lifestyle, 或为豪华的生活方式,or a private education for kids. 或为孩子能上立学校A private education from pre-school to year 12 can cost parents half a million dollars. 一个孩子从学前教育到12年级的私立教育可以花费父母50万澳币。


People are not rested. 人们没有安息。What happens if we don’t know how to get the rest of faith? 如果我们不知道如何心里得到安息,那会怎么样呢We can be overwhelmed by stress, or worry, or anger, or guilt about our mistakes我们会压力、担、怒气搞得痛苦不堪、对我们所犯的错误到内疚, or striving to get somewhere in life. 或竭尽全力去得自己想得的。  Jesus invites us to rest in在马太福音11章:28-30节,耶稣邀请我们去祂那里得安息Matt 11:28-30, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  凡劳苦担重担的人,可以到我这里来,我就使你们得安息。29 我心里柔和谦卑,你们当负我的轭,学我的样式,这样,你们心里就必得享安息。30 因为我的轭是容易的,我的担子是轻省的。 We see three things Jesus pointed out here, 我们看到耶稣在这里指出三件事 1, A gift of rest can be received in faith. 安息的恩典可以在领受。2, Take His yoke upon us. 我们当背负耶稣的轭。3, Learn from Him. 学耶稣的样式


1, A gift of rest can be received in faith. (v.28)安息的恩典凭信领受


Jesus promised rest. 耶稣应安息。This rest is not about lying on a beach and doing nothing. 安息不是躺在海滩上歇着什么也不做。It’s about an internal rest, an internal peace in Jesus. 这是一个关乎的安息,一个关乎在耶稣的内平静安稳This rest is not about stopping from doing things, 息并不是停止不动、不做事情because we’re called to fulfil our tasks for the kingdom, 因为我们被呼召要完成神国度的使命so were busy and have a lot to do. 所以我们很忙,有很多事情要做。


But we’ve gotta believe that we’re no longer the designer of our future, 但我们必须信,我们不是未来的设计者,we’re invited to rest in the will of our future Designer; 我们被邀请安息我们未来设计者的旨意里So this rest is about stopping from striving to get somewhere in life, 所以息是停止为我们的未来去纠结挣扎it’s the rest from regretting past mistakes, 安息是停息对过去错误的懊悔 and the rest from worry, 从忧虑中出来得以安息,fear and anxiety, 从恐惧焦虑中出来得以安息,and internal stress. 从内心的压力中出来得以安息,This is the rest of faith. 这是因信而得的安息。No religion can offer you this rest, 没有任何宗教能给这样的安息not Muslim, nor Buddhism, nor Hinduism, and so on. 穆斯林,佛教,印度教等等都不能 This rest is a result of your relationship with the Creator God Jesus. 这安息是你与造物主上帝耶稣的关系结出的果子It comes from trusting in God. The Kingdom of God is about “Rest”, not “works”. 靠上帝的果子。上帝的国是关于安息,而不是作事


Heb 4:1 Therefore, since the promise of entering His rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it. 2 For we also have had the good news proclaimed to us, just as they did; but the message they heard was of no value to them, because those who heard did not combine it with faith. 我们既蒙留下有进入他安息的应许,就当畏惧,免得我们中间(我们原文作你们)或有人似乎是赶不上了 “entering His rest” means that we’ve gotta respond to His invitation进入祂的安息意味着我们要回应祂的邀请,and we’ve gotta connect to Him 我们必须去与神连结. When your phone connects to the wifi somewhere, 当你的电话和WiFi连结时,you can get into google and browse on it 你就可以上谷歌也可以浏览, and you can enjoy what is already there online你可以享用那里已有的资源. In the same way, 同样,when we connect to Jesus through faith,当我们凭信与基督连结, we enter His rest and peace我们进入祂的安息和平安。 There’s nothing we need to worry about在那里我们不需要忧虑什么, because He is our Father God who is always in control因为祂是我们的父神,祂在一切上掌权. This rest requires us to trust in Him. 这安息需要我们来信靠祂。

That’s why Jesus says, “Come to me…I’ll give you rest.” 这就是为什么耶稣说到我这里来,我可以使你得安息He gives rest, 祂赐安息and we receive rest.我们领受安息, It’s a gift.安息是白白礼物。 So how can we rest from internal stress or turmoil or anxiety or anger and enter into His peace? 怎样才能从内里的压力,翻腾,焦虑和恼怒进入到祂的安息里呢?First of all, 首先Jesus said, “come”, 耶稣说,来,we must go into the presence of Jesus.我们必须来到祂面前; Then, he said, 接着祂说 you will find rest for your souls.v.29 你们心里就必享(找到)安息 The word “find” means to seek, pursue. 找到的意思是需要我们去追求,去寻求; Heb 4:11 says, Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience. 411 所以,我们务必竭力进入那安息,免得有人学那不信从的样子跌倒了 To enter His rest, 竭力进入安息,is to pursue and to seek Jesus to rule in us through our faith. 是需要借着信而去追求和寻求基督在我们里面掌权。


Why are we weary and overwhelmed by internal turmoil? 为什么我们会被内里的翻腾压倒,感到疲乏?Why do we allow this internal turmoil to cause issues in our marriages? 为什么我们允许让这内心的烦躁去导致婚姻出问题?To cause issues with our children? 导致和孩子之间出现问题?To cause issues in our relationships? 让我们的关系出问题? We need to pursue this rest through faith. 我们需要借着信来追求这内里的安息, We need to pay the price to seek His peace to rule in our hearts需要付代价来追求让祂的平安掌管我们的心. It comes through the connection. 这安息平安是借连结而来, “Come to me, you’ll find the rest”. 来,我可以使你得安息 We’re invited to come into connection with a Person – Jesus, who is our Creator and able to give rest and peace. 耶稣邀请我们到祂面前来,祂是我们的创造主,祂能使我们得平安和安息。


What if we come into connection with the world? 若我们和世界连结会怎样?The world only gives us restlessness. 这个世界只能给我们不安息。I have a story to tell,我有个故事 the second night when I was in Brisbane,就是我在布里斯班的第二个晚上, our daughter Susie was watching a historical drama,女儿Susie在看一个历史剧, I sat beside her watching with her我坐在她身边和她一起看, I hadn’t watched TV for nearly 20 years.我近20年没有看过电视, That night I didn’t have time to pray. 那天晚上没有时间祷告。


The next morning when I woke up, 第二天醒来,lots of negative thoughts came up许多的负面思想进来了, my heart was angry after receiving those thoughts当我接受那些负面思想就很生气, I didn’t experience that for nearly 20 years我已经20年没有那样经历过, I started to question Susie于是就开始质问Susie, Susie was puzzled and said,她感觉很迷茫就说: “mum, where did these thoughts come from妈妈,你的想法是从哪里来的? They’re not true都不是真的.” Suddenly, I realised that it was as if God was telling me, 突然,我感到好像神在对我说: “There were too many ideas of suspicion, imagination and lies behind the drama you watched last night. 你昨晚看的那个历史剧后面全是想象,猜测和谎言,If you allow them to come in若你让他们进来, if you allow yourself to connect with them你和他们连结, you’ll lose the power to deliver evil powers你就会失去胜过仇敌的能力.” I repented 我悔改了,and told this testimony to our children就把这见证告诉孩子们, and they also learned a spiritual principle through my failure他们也从我的失败中认识了属灵的原则. God is merciful神是怜悯.


We really need to be careful about what connections we make我们实在需要小心 我们的思想和什么去连结. We really need to ask ourselves实在需要问我们自己, “how long do I make connection with Jesus daily?”我每天和耶稣连结有多久 If you make the connection with Jesus at particular times若果你只在某个时间和耶稣连结, you’ll only have the rest, the peace at that particular time, 那么你只能在那个特定的时间得着安息,but if you make the connection at any time若你在任何时候和耶稣连结, “Jesus, I come to You主耶稣,我来到你面前…I turn to Your truth我转向你的真理…”, you’ll find internal rest at any time. 你就在任何时候得着内里的安息。


2, Take His yoke upon us. (v.29-30) 我们当背负耶稣的轭。

29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 【太11:29-30】我心里柔和谦卑,你们当负我的轭,学我的样式,这样,你们心里就必得享安息。30因为我的轭是容易的,我的担子是轻省的。 The yoke is something that teaches or trains oxen to pull together on a load when working in pairs. 轭,是一种教导、训练两只牛一起工作拉重物的工具。here Jesus is calling us to follow His way of doing life on earth. 主耶稣在这里呼召我们效法祂在世上的生活方式。 When Jesus was on earth, 当主耶稣在地上的时候,there was lots of pressure on him, 祂肩负着许多压力,he was surrounded by people who were jealous of him. 嫉妒祂的人围绕祂,People rejected him, 人们拒绝祂, even his brothers dishonoured and distrusted him. 甚至祂的兄弟们也不尊重、不信祂。He was surrounded by hostility and accusation. 祂四围充斥着敌意和控告。 He was insulted and betrayed. 祂被讥诮、被出卖。He was surrounded by people who put pressure and unhealthy expectations on him, 祂身边围绕着给祂施压、对祂存有不良期望的人,but he never lost His peace and got agitated. 但祂从未失去平安而烦躁发火。How did he remain at peace? 祂如何能保守在平安里?


Jesus said, 耶稣说: “for I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.” John 6:38因为我从天上降下来,不是要按自己的意思行,乃是要按那差我来者的意思行。For I seek not to please myself but Him who sent me.” John 5:30 我凭着自己不能作什么,我怎么听见,就怎么审判。我的审判也是公平的,因为我不求自己的意思,只求那差我来者的意思。Take His yoke upon us” means to follow his way of trusting in the Father,负祂的轭在我们身上就是要效法祂来信靠天父, and believing in the Father’s arrangements and plans. 信靠天父的安排和计划。 When we trust in His plan without asking why, 当我们信靠祂的计划并不质问祂为什么,we enter into His rest. 我们就进入了祂的安息。


“Why do I feel stressed? 为什么我感到压力大? What is my own will? 我自己的意思是什么? What do I want the result to be? 我希望结果是什么? What do I want my future to be like? ... 我希望我的未来是什么样子? But what is the Father’s will? 但天父的旨意是什么?I align my will with His, 让我的意思与祂的旨意相合, because He is God…因为祂是神…I seek for His attitude to be my attitude, 我寻求以祂的心为心,I refuse to control the result, 我拒绝去操纵结果,I pray till Christ be exalted in my body 我祷告直到基督在我的身上被高举,and His peace rule in my heart, 直到祂的平安在我的心里掌权,I entrust myself to Him and I rest in His will 我交托自己给祂,就在祂的旨意中得安息。 That’s what we need to apply in every situation, if we want internal turmoil to cease. 我们若想要心里的翻腾止住,就当在任何环境中去操练这一点。


3, Learn from Him (v.29-30) 学耶稣的样式(29-30节)


Why can we find rest when we take His yoke upon us? 为什么当我们负祂的轭时就能得着安息?Because He says “I am gentle (meek) and humble”. 因为祂说我心里柔和谦卑 What is the opposite to gentleness (or meekness) and humility? 与柔和谦卑相反的是什么? Unkindness, 不仁慈、 anger, 发火、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、 and disobedience悖逆 (Heb 4:11). Jesus is talking about two internal qualities that we need to learn from Him. 主耶稣在说我们需要向祂学习两种内在的品质。 Gentleness or meekness means that Jesus is forgiving and kind, 柔和或温顺,是说主耶稣是宽恕和善待人,He is not easily angered. 祂不轻易发怒。Jesus’ humbleness means that he made himself nothing, 耶稣的谦卑是指祂使自己成为无有, and he obediently trusted the Father, 顺服信靠天父,even to the point of death (Phil 2:5-11). 以至于死在十字架上。 Following Jesus’ Humbleness means, 跟随耶稣的谦卑意味着,I only accept what God says about me in Christ, 我只接受神在基督里对我的评价,I don’t compare myself to anyone else at any time, 在任何时候我不和任何人比较,no matter what people say about me, 无论人怎么说我, whether people exalt me or despise (judge) me, 无论人高举我或轻看(论断), I only accept what God says about me, 我只接受神怎么说我, and I do what is aligned with my identity in Christ, 我只做与我在基督里的身份相合的事 because I trust God. 因我信靠神。


“I'm gentle (meek)” means that I’m willing to forgive those who offend me 我心里柔和(温顺)” 是指,我愿意饶恕那些冒犯我的人, because I also offend God, 因我也冒犯了神,I forgive as the Lord forgave me. 我饶恕人就如主饶恕了我。 I’ll pray in faith to deny the feelings of the self until the peace of Christ rules in me. 我要在信心里祷告,直到基督的平安在我里面掌权。


What keeps us from entering His rest (peace)? 是什么拦阻我们进入祂的安息(平安)? When we’re proud, 当我们骄傲、independent, 自己作主、and unwilling to forgive, 不肯饶恕的时候, when we try to dominate the outcome, or our tomorrow, 当我们想要操纵控制结果或掌控明天,we lose peace. 我们就失去了平安。 When we trust in our own feelings 当我们相信自己的感觉、or our own sight or imagination, 自己的眼见或想象, when we envy, 当我们嫉妒别人, “Why does he have more than I do?”为什么他得的比我多?” when rejection gets in, 当我们接受了被拒绝感,“I’m not accepted…I’m not respected…”, 我不被接纳我不被尊重…” we get angry, 我们就发怒了, we lose our peace. 失去平安。 God loves us equally, 神对每个人的爱是一样的, but “from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded, from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.但是多给,就向谁多取;多托谁,就向谁多要。  “why does he have so much while I just have a little?” 为什么他有那么多,而我只有一点点? God loves him more than me神爱他比爱我多…”


Don’t compare yourself with others, 所以不要和别人比较, Do you wanna receive more? 你想要更多吗? More money, 更多钱,more gifts, 更多恩赐,much more…更多…then You’re asked to give much more, 这样你也会被要求给出更多,otherwise, how can you stand when the King returns to settle accounts with you. 否则,当这位王回来与你算账时,你怎能站立得住? When we believe in the truth, 当我们信靠真理时,we enter His rest, 我们进入安息,but when we believe our own feelings, 但是当我们相信自己的感觉时,we get angry and bitter. 我们会因愤怒而苦毒。The opposite of gentleness is unforgiveness and anger. 柔和相对立的是不饶恕和愤怒。Psa 37:8 says, Anger leads only to evil. 诗篇37:8:愤怒导致作恶。


That’s why Colossians 3:8 teaches us, But now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips. 9 Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices 10 and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator. 这就是为什么歌罗西书38-10节教导我们说:但现在你们要弃绝这一切的事,以及恼恨、忿怒、恶毒(或作阴毒)、毁谤,并口中污秽的言语。9不要彼此说谎,因你们已经脱去旧人和旧人的行为,10穿上了新人,这新人在知识上渐渐更新,正如造他主的形像。What can cause us to lose peace 是什么使我们失去平安、and disconnect us from the rest of faith? 使我们离开信心里的安息?A couple of things are listed, 这里列出了几项, like anger, 比如恼恨、 rage, 忿怒、malice, 恶毒、slander, 毁谤,lies, 谎言and filthy language. 和污秽的言语。These are all issues of the heart. 这一切都是关乎内心的问题。Anger comes when you don’t get what you want, 当你没得到你想要的, or when you expect something to happen, but it doesn’t happen, 当你希望发生的事没有发生, when your rights or your expectations aren’t met. 当你的权利被剥夺或你所期望的落了空, You get angry. 你就会发怒。Eph 4:26 tells us, 4:26告诉我们, it’s ok to get angry, 你可以发火, but we must deal with it before going to bed. 但我们必须在睡觉之前把它处理干净。


We must pray and forgive 必须祷告饶恕,and close the door of our hearts 关好心门,to prevent the enemy from coming in. 不给仇敌留破口而入侵。 we must not sin with our anger. 不可顺着怒气犯罪。If we allow it to stay overnight, 如果我们让它过夜,the enemy will come in and create more anger, 仇敌就会进来制造更多的愤怒,when the anger goes deeper into our hearts, 当愤怒深入我们的心,bitterness is formed. 苦毒就生发出来。 When bitterness is rooted in our hearts, 一旦苦毒在我们心里扎根, malice, 恶毒、hostility, 敌意、judgemental thoughts, 论断的意念、 slander will follow 毁谤就会接踵而来,to separate us from the rest of God. 我们就与神的平安隔绝了。


In the wilderness, 当以色列人行在旷野时,the Israelites got angry, 他们很生气,because God didn’t give them what they wanted, 因为神没有给他们想要的, “the fish, the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic they ate in Egypt”, "他们在埃及可以吃的鱼、黄瓜、西瓜、韭菜、葱和蒜"they got angry, 他们就发怒了、they complained, 他们抱怨、they got upset, 难过,they didn’t deal with the issues of the heart, 却不肯对付自己的心,they felt they were owed. 他们觉得自己被亏欠了。 “You owe me.”你欠我的。” “Moses, you owe me. “摩西,你欠我的。 Leaders, you owe me, 领袖们,你们欠我的,God, you owe me.” 神,你欠我的。”Again, and again, 一次又一次, for forty years they didn’t put their trust in God by denying the desires of the self, 四十年之久,他们不肯死了自己的欲望去信靠神,they wasted time in the wilderness, 在旷野浪费光阴, because they didn’t grow in their relationships with God through the rest of faith. 因他们没有因信去与神建立更加亲密的关系 而得着安息。


Isaiah 30:15 This is what the Sovereign LORD , the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.”主耶和华以色列的圣者曾如此说:你们得救在乎归回安息;你们得力在乎平静安稳;你们竟自不肯。  When Isaiah received these words, 以赛亚领受这话的时候, Judah was under the threat of attack from the Assyrians. 犹大正面临被亚述人攻击的威胁。 King Hezekiah was frightened by the enemy, 犹大王希西家因惧怕敌军, so he looked to making an alliance with Egypt, 就寻求与埃及结盟,instead of seeking and waiting for God’s protection. 他没有寻求并等候神的保护。Isaiah directly pointed out以赛亚直截了当地指出,that relying on Egypt couldn’t help them out of the trouble. 埃及不能帮犹大摆脱患难,Only by returning to God can we find rest, 唯有转向神才能得安息, because He is able to save and restore us.因神有拯救的大能,神有复兴的大能。


Proverbs 21:31 The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD. 31马是为打仗之日预备的;得胜乃在乎耶和华。 Victory rests in the Lord, 得胜属于耶稣基督,Jesus Christ, not in our nature. 得胜不属于天然人。Whatever we do in our own strength在无论我们用天然人的力量做什么,can’t change the fact that we’re enslaved by Satan. 都改变不了我们被撒旦奴役的实际。What we’re called to do is to deal with internal problems after becoming Christian, 我们成为基督徒后是蒙召来对付自己里面的问题, so that we can be led by the Holy Spirit freely, 好让圣灵可以自由引导我们, to grow into full sonship, 成为长大成熟的儿子,and to be victorious over our enemies, 并可以胜过仇敌, in order that the power of the Kingdom may be manifested through us wherever we go. 让我们无论去哪里都可彰显神国的权柄能力。That’s why Jesus is calling us, 因此耶稣呼召我们, “Come to me, you who are weary and burdened, I will give you rest. 凡劳苦担重担的人可以到我这里来,我就使你们得安息。 Stop trying harder, 不是我要做的更好 but come to the connection with The Person Jesus, 而是来与耶稣建立个人的连接关系, because He desires to give you and me inner rest and peace. 因祂渴望赐我们内里安息平静。 He never wants us to be weary and burdened. 祂从不要我们劳苦重担。 Are you surrounded by rejection or accusation? 你感到被身边的人拒绝,或被罪控告? Are you surrounded by pressure or unhealthy expectation? 你感到身边的人给你压力?或对你有不当的期望? Jesus says, 主耶稣说,Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I’m meek and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 你们当负我的轭,学我的样式;我心里柔和谦卑这样,你们心里就必得享安息。   meekness and humility ensured him to overcome and rest in His Father’s peace.……柔和谦卑使主得胜并住在父的平安里。


Why don’t you allow Jesus to lead you to achieve the goal He has set before you? 为何不让祂引导你去实现祂为你设定的目标?Why aren’t you focused on dealing with the internal issues which stop you trusting in God? 你为什么不专注于对付阻止你信靠神, 进入安息的内里问题?What stops us from entering God’s rest is in the heart, the issue of trust. 使我们不能进入神的安息的是心的问题,是信的问题。Have you dealt with all the anger, or the bitterness, or the unforgiveness, or the envy in the bottom of your heart which opposes Jesus’ meekness and humility and hinders you from entering His rest? 你是否对付了所有的怒气、苦毒、不饶恕、或心底里的嫉妒?它们使你与耶稣的柔和谦卑为敌,阻挡你进入祂的安息。 Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience 所以,我们务必竭力进入那安息,免得有人学那不信从的样子跌倒了。(Heb 4:11).


Concluding Prayer 结束祷告 


Father, we thank You for speaking to our hearts and minds today. 天父,感谢你今天对我的心思意念说话, We thank You for this amazing invitation You made to us through Your Son Christ Jesus’ sacrificial love on the Cross. 感谢你藉着耶稣在十字架上牺牲的爱,赐下这奇妙的邀请。How much more You want us to be at rest from strife, fear, anger, anxiety and all forms of internal turmoil.你何等盼望我们能脱离纷争、惧怕、怒气、焦虑和内里一切的翻腾而得安息。


You said, 你说,Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls我心里柔和谦卑,你们当负我的轭,学我的样式;这样,你们心里就必得享安息。 


Holy Spirit, we ask You to bring a revelation to each of our hearts. 圣灵,我们祈求你赐给我们每一个人启示Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to bring a revelation to our hearts according to His invitation of rest…让我们祈求圣灵就关于安息的邀请赐启示给我们的心,


Lord, open up Your words to my heart主啊,对我心开启你的话语…let me really understand Your heart for me (Your love for me) 让我真知道你对我的心(对我的爱)…“Jesus wept”耶稣哭了…it says “Jesus wept” 经上说‘耶稣哭了“

Lord, You wept for the pain and grief of Your people, 主啊,你为你百姓的痛苦而哭泣Lord, You understand our sorrow 主啊,你知道我的难过 You feel our pain你感受到我的痛, and You weep with us when we’re weeping,当我流泪时,你也在和我一起流泪 because You’re our loving Father who made us因你是造我,爱我的父. How do You long for Your people to turn to You and be released from their burdens to enter your rest? 你何等的愿意你的百姓转向你,从重担中释放出来,进入你的安息?


You died on the cross to make this rest possible for me, Father, I turn to trust in You. 因你死在十字架上,赐下这安息,我要回转信靠你。You’re meek and humble in heart, You’re not easily angered. 你心里那么柔和谦卑,不轻易发怒。 Why am I angry so easily? 可我为什么那么容易发怒?


you can ask the Holy Spirit, Why? 你可以求问圣灵,是什么原因?


“Is there any anger because my expectations weren’t met? 是因为我的期望达不成而生气吗? Is there any anger because I received lies or imagination which gave the enemy opportunities to distort the truth? 是因我接受了谎言和不真实的想象, 给仇敌机会来扭曲事实,让我生气? Is there any anger because my pride was hurt? 是我因骄傲而受伤吗? Who am I angry at? 我在生谁的气?”


It might be your spouse? 这人可能是你的配偶 it might be your children? 或许是你的孩子 It might be your parents? 或许是你的父母 or even a country, or leaders of a country? 或许甚至是一个国家、或是一个国家领袖? or leaders of a church, etc. 或是教会的领袖,等等……


What do I think I was owed? 我觉得我被亏负了什么? What was taken from me? 我被剥夺了什么?Does that attitude align with Jesus’? 这态度和耶稣一致吗?Tell the Lord, you desire to deal with that, 你告诉主,你想要处理它, you wanna be free and rest in His peace.你想要得自由,你想要住在主的安息里。


Lord, I choose to forgive, 主啊,我愿选择饶恕, because You forgave me for my failure by grace, 因你无条件赦免了我的罪, I choose to learn from You, 我愿选择学你样式, I let the debt go, 我愿免去人的债, I choose to connect to Your meekness and humility, 我愿选择连接于你的柔和谦卑, I choose to release this grace to those who offended me, 我愿选择以恩典待得罪我的人,actually, it’s not others who offended me, 实际上,不是他人冒犯得罪了我, but my old ways of thinking hurt myself, 是我旧人的想法伤害了我自己, my pride hurt myself…是我的骄傲伤害了我自己…… I choose to crucify my old ways of thinking on the cross with You, 我选择将我旧人的思想与你同钉十字架, I choose to connect to Your truth, 我选择与真理连接, I put my trust in Your truth and I rest myself in You.我信靠你的真理,我安息在你里面。


Father, we thank You for the amazing invitation of Rest and Peace for each of us.  天父,我们感谢你赐下,要让每个人得着安息和平安 的邀请。This world is full of stress, fear, anxiety, and depression, 这个世界充满了压力、惧怕、忧虑和沮丧,but we thank You for Your grace to help us to come to a place of rest and trust in You, 但我们感谢你的恩典,让我们能在你里面因信而寻得安息,today Your words say, 今天你的话说, In returning and rest, our souls will be saved, 你们得救在乎归回安息; in quietness and trust, we find peace. 你们得力在乎平静安稳。 Holding on to our own rights, entitlements, 我们若抓住自己的权利,putting expectations onto others, 我们若把期望放在他人身上,leave us angry. 就会生气恼怒。 Let it go now from our hearts. 现在我们命令它从我们心里出去,we lay down what we want before You, 我们把我们所愿的交在你面前,and we take up Your yoke, 我们愿负你的轭, the yoke of obedience to the Father’s will. 就是顺服天父旨意的轭。 Teach us how to manage our inner lives according to Your example, 求你教导我们照你的样式管理我们内在生命,draw us to always connect with You and Your truth through the leading of Your Spirit. Let Your peace rule in our hearts.藉着圣灵的引导吸引我们时常连接于你和真理,让你的平安在我们心里掌权。Amen!   阿们!



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