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2021-05-16 Deal with a 'Bitter Root' 处理毒根

发表于 2024-01-08

Last Sunday we touched on the topic of fear, 上周日我们分享了惧怕的营垒,Fear stops us from reaching our destiny. 惧怕拦阻我们达成目标。We must deal with it. 我们必须处理它。Today, we’ll look at a warning about a ‘bitter root’. 今天,我们要来看关于毒根的警戒Hebrews 12 starts with encouraging us to run the race to maturity by throwing off sin, 希伯来书12章一开始就鼓励我们脱去罪,向生命成熟的路程奔跑,and calls us to fix our eyes on Jesus. 并呼召我们定睛耶稣。Then it goes onto a warning in v.15然后在15节警戒我们, “See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” 又要谨慎,恐怕有人失了 神的恩,恐怕有毒根生出来扰乱你们,因此叫众人沾染污秽。


1, what does a ‘bitter root’ mean? 毒根是什么意思?


It says, if anyone has a ‘bitter root’, 这经文说,如果有人有毒根it can cause trouble in the church community and defile many. 它会在教会会众中制造扰乱,污秽众人。For example, if one holds a grudge against someone else, 例如,如果一个人对某人怀恨在心,he spreads bitter gossip and judgement about that person,  他就会散布关于那个人的苦毒的流言蜚语和论断,“he is so bad because he did this and that 他是这样,那样的糟糕…” then, many who hear can be defiled 那么,许多听见的人就会被污秽,because they may hold the same bitter judgement about that person. 因为他们就会对那人存同样的苦毒和论断。 Jesus says, at whatever point, you judge others, you’re condemning yourselves. Then, many are defiled. 耶稣说,你在什么事上论断人,就在什么事上定自己的罪。But this verse is also quoted from Deut 29:18, to warn about people in the congregation who turn away from God, 但这节经文也引用了2918,以警戒神的会众中偏离神的人,Make sure there is no man or woman, clan or tribe among you today whose heart turns away from the Lord our God to go and worship the gods of those nations; make sure there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison.   29:18 惟恐你们中间,或男或女,或族长或支派长,今日心里偏离耶和华我们的 神,去侍奉那些国的神。又怕你们中间有恶根生出苦菜和茵陈来。


So here, a ‘bitter root” refers to some of the people of God whose hearts turn away from God to worship idols, 所以在这里,毒根指的是上帝的一些子民,他们偏离神去拜偶像, like money, power, the desires of the self, or whatever intangible idols. 比如金钱、权力、自我的欲望,或任何无形的偶像。This kind of person can bring a corrupting influence into the whole church, and defile many. 这种人会影响整个教会,污秽众人。Jesus also warned about this kind of person in Revelation 2.  耶稣也在《启示录2》中警戒这样的人。let’s read 我们一起来读Rev 2:20-23, 26-29. Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. 21 I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. 22 So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. 23 I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds 2:20 然而,有一件事我要责备你,就是你容让那自称是先知的妇人耶洗别教导我的仆人,引诱他们行奸淫,吃祭偶像之物。2:21 我曾给她悔改的机会,她却不肯悔改她的淫行。2:22 看哪,我要叫她病卧在床。那些与她行淫的人,若不悔改所行的,我也要叫他们同受大患难。2:23 我又要杀死她的党类(党类原文作儿女),叫众教会知道,我是那察看人肺腑心肠的,并要照你们的行为报应你们各人。26 To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations— 27 he ‘will rule them with an iron scepter; he will dash them to pieces like pottery’—just as I have received authority from my Father. 28 I will also give him the morning star. 29 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 启示录 2:26 那得胜又遵守我命令到底的,我要赐给他权柄制伏列国。2:27 他必用铁杖辖管他们(辖管原文作),将他们如同窑户的瓦器打得粉碎,像我从我父领受的权柄一样。2:28 我又要把晨星赐给他。2:29 圣灵向众教会所说的话,凡有耳的,就应当听。


We’re called to overcome. 神呼召我们要成为得胜者。 We’re called to rule with Christ in His Kingdom. 我们被呼召要在基督的国度里与祂一同作王。But on our journey to get there, 但在我们的旅程中,there’re so many testing of faith that we need to pass. 我们需要通过很多信心考试。The church is in Spiritual Warfare. 教会正在属灵争战中。Jesus here tells us that the enemy won’t just cause a bitter root to grow up in the church of Thyatira, 主耶稣在这里告诉我们,仇敌不仅会要让推雅推喇教会长出毒根,to cause trouble and defile many, 扰乱信徒,污秽众人。but also will do this to the church in the last days. 还要在末后的日子对神的教会做同样的事。We can’t be ignorant of God’s warning. 我们不可忽视神的警戒。Jesus warned that the woman Jezebel who called herself a prophet would defile God’s servant and lead them into sexual sin and to eat food which had been sacrificed to idols. 耶稣警告说,那自称是先知的妇人耶西别会污秽神的仆人,引诱他们行奸淫,吃祭偶像之物。What does that mean? 这是什么意思?


When Jezebel married King Ahab of Israel in 1 Kings 16:31, 在王上1631记载,耶西别与以色列王亚哈结婚的时间,it was around 874-853 BCE (before Christ), 大约是在公元前874-853(在基督出生前),and the book of Revelation was written about AD 95. 而《启示录》写于公元95年。It means, 这就是说,the Jezebel who controlled her husband and enticed the whole nation of Israel to worship the false god-Baal and kill the true prophets of God had been dead for nearly a thousand years.控制她丈夫,引诱整个以色列人敬拜假神巴力,杀死神的真先知的这个耶西别,已经死了近一千年了。Apparently, Jesus is not talking about the person Jezebel herself but the spirit of Jezebel. 显然,耶稣说的不是耶西别她这个人,而是耶西别的灵。Just as the bible says about John the Baptist that he had the spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:17).就像圣经中提到的施洗约翰一样,他有以利亚的灵(117)。


And in the same way, “sexual immorality” can also refer to being unfaithful to God. 同样行奸淫也指对神不忠And the eating of food sacrificed to idols means to teach about feeding the flesh or encouraging the flesh to do things, but not dying to the flesh. 吃祭偶像之物是指教导,喂养肉体或鼓励肉体去做事,而不是向肉体死。Because the flesh is in enmity to God (Romans 8:7). 因为肉体是与神为仇的(罗87)。


In other words,换句话说, your problems cannot be solved naturally, 你的问题不能用自然的方式来解决,that’s why Jesus died on the cross and sent his Spirit to lead us. 这就是为什么耶稣要死在十字架上,还要差祂的灵来引导我们。The Church is full of broken people, 教会里充满了破碎的人,but Jesus says,但主耶稣说, the Spirit of God has anointed me to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. 神的灵在我身上膏我,差遣我医好伤心的人,使被掳的得释放Only the power of the Holy Spirit can deal with the enemy and set people free. 只有圣灵的大能才能胜过魔鬼,使人得自由。If the controlling power is working through the flesh,如果操纵的力量借着肉体在教会运作, the broken remain broken,伤心人还是伤心人, and the blind remain blind,瞎眼的还是瞎眼,the church is spiritually dead,教会在属灵上是死的,because God says this, 因为神说,Revelation 2:23 I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. 2:23 我又要杀死她的党类(党类原文作儿女),叫众教会知道,我是那察看人肺腑心肠的,并要照你们的行为报应你们各人


See?看到吗? It’s always about a generational thing! 这是一个代代相传的事情!Not only are they dead spiritually, but the next generational of a church will also be affected. 不光是推雅推喇教会在属灵上是死的,她后来的世代也受其死的影响。We’re not only responsible for ourselves, but also for the next generation. 我们不仅要对自己负责,还要对下一代负责。What influence will we leave for them? 我们将给后代留下什么影响呢?When a church is spiritually dead,当教会在属灵的死中,the broken will put masks on when coming into and going out of the church.伤心人就会在进出教会时戴上假面具,people are afraid of talking about their real issues in their lives or in their families, 他们害怕谈论自己生活或家庭中的真实问题,because the transformative power of Jesus is no longer real to them. 因为耶稣改变生命的大能对他们不再是真实的存在。Religion and legalism reigns over them. 宗教和法律主义在他们身上掌权。They’re defeated. 他们被打败了。That’s what Jesus warns His Church about in Revelation 2: 18-29 in every generation. 这就是耶稣在《启示录》218-29中警戒每一个世代祂的教会


2, What kinds of bitter roots does Jezebel use to defile people? 耶洗别用哪些毒根污秽人?


In Israelite history, 在以色列历史上,during the time when King Ahab ruled, 当亚哈王统治时期,his wife Jezebel had a dominant influence over the nation. 他的妻子耶洗别对整个国家有着举足轻重的影响。There was idol worship, 有偶像崇拜,confusion, 混乱,killing of true prophets, 杀害真先知,financial turmoil, 经济遭殃,drought, 干旱,and the whole nation turned away from God. 整个国家离弃神。Then God raised up the prophet Elijah to confront the spirit of witchcraft. 神兴起先知以利亚来对抗这巫术的灵。 In 1 King 18, 在王上18章, we see what a great spiritual breakthrough Elijah brought to the nation through the power of God, 我们看到以利亚借着神的大能,给这个国家带来了极大的属灵突破。when Elijah prayed, 以利亚祷告,fire came down, 火就从天降下,and burned up the sacrifice, 烧尽了燔祭。and all the people saw that and turned to God. 众民看见了就转向神。 They fell on their faces and said, 他们俯伏在地,说: The Lord, he is God. 1 King 18:39”. 耶和华是神。”(王上18:39 And 450 prophets of Baal were killed, 巴力的450个先知被杀,then rain came down onto the land of Israel after 3 and half years of drought. 以色列这片土地历经三年半的干旱之后,终于有雨降下。What a victory in that Spiritual Warfare! 这属灵争战是何等的胜利!


But right afterwards, 但是那之后很快,in chapter 19, 在第19章,when Jezebel knew that Elijah had killed all the prophets of Baal, 当耶洗别得知以利亚杀了巴力的所有先知,she said this to Elijah, 她对以利亚如此说:2, May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like that of one of them.” 2明日约在这时候,我若不使你的性命像那些人的性命一样,愿神明重重地降罚与我。” She was saying, 她是在说: “I’m gonna kill you just as you killed those prophets of Baal.” “我要杀了你,如同你杀了那些巴力的先知一样。”Then v.3 says, 接着3说, Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. 以利亚见这光景就起来逃命。He exposed his heart to her threat. 他的心向她的恐吓开了门。


A, The first ‘bitter root’ is threat and fear. A第一个毒根就是恐吓和惧怕。What a great man of God Elijah was! 以利亚曾是何等大有信心的神人! who turned the nation around from worshipping Baal, 他使国民回转,不再事奉巴力,to bowing down to the Living God. 向永生神下拜。But now, 然而现在,when he had exposed his heart to Jezebel’s threat, 当他的心向耶洗别的恐吓开门时,he took his eyes off God, 他的眼睛转离了上帝,he was overwhelmed by fear, 他被惧怕淹没,and he ran for his life, 就起来逃命。he withdrew from the situation. 他逃离了那个环境。So the first ‘bitter root’ is fear. 所以第一个“毒根”就是惧怕。Fear is contagious so that it can defile many. 恐惧会传染,从而污秽许多人。Someone wrote this, 曾有人这样写道:Fear is a contagious disease, 惧怕是一种传染病,spreading from its first victim to others in the vicinity, 从它的第一个受害者传播到附近的其他人,until it is powerful enough to take charge of a group, 直到它强大到足以控制一个群体, in which event it becomes panic. 以致引发恐慌。”


We see this in Numbers 13, 这就像民数记第13章,except for Joshua and Caleb, 除了约书亚和迦勒以外,the other ten spies who had explored the Promised Land came back and expressed their fears, 其余十个探子回来后都传递了他们对应许之地的惧怕,after which the whole community was seized by panic, 之后全会众都陷入了恐慌,and they turned their backs on God. 并且离弃了神。


Don’t expose your heart to threat, 所以不要让你的心向恐吓开门。“You’ve failed so many times. 你失败那么多次,You won’t be able to overcome…”你是不可能得胜的 “Get behind me Satan, “撒但退我后面去!I have a powerful Saviour. 我的救主有大能!He is able to make me victorious in Him. 他能使我在他里面得胜。”We’ve gotta be very courageous! 我们需要刚强壮胆! We’ve gotta look beyond ourselves. 我们不要单顾自己。Your faith is not just about yourself, 你的信心不只关乎你自己,it’s always about the next generation. 你的信心关乎下一代。Because God said this to the Israelites who trusted their own feelings rather than God’s promises for 40 years in the wilderness: 因神对那只信自己的感觉却不信神应许的以色列人如此说: 33 Your children will be shepherds here for forty years, suffering for your unfaithfulness, until the last of your bodies lies in the wilderness. 你们的儿女必在旷野飘流四十年,担当你们淫行的罪,直到你们的尸首在旷野消灭 (14:33) Our faith affects the next generation. 我们的信心会影响下一代。What legacy are you leaving your children? 你要给你的孩子留下什么?As Christians, are you passing on faith or fear to the next generation? 作为基督徒,你传递给下一代的是信心还是惧怕?


B, the second ‘bitter root’ is to isolate oneself, be depressed. B第二个“毒根”是自我孤立,灰心沮丧。Under the spiritual attack of Jezebel, 在耶洗别的属灵攻击下,v.3 says,3节说When Elijah came to Beersheba in Judah, he left his servant there, 4 while he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness. He came to a broom bush, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. V. 9 There he went into a cave and spent the night.  3以利亚到了犹大的别是巴,将仆人留在那里, 4自己在旷野走了一日的路程,来到一棵罗腾树下,就坐在那里求死…9他在那里进了一个洞,就住在洞中。(王上 19:3-4,9)  Here, open to the attack of Jezebel, 这里,在耶洗别的攻击下having yielded to that fear, Elijah the great prophet who had just performed a great miracle and walked with God powerfully, 那位刚刚行了大神迹、与神的大能同行的大先知以利亚居然顺服了惧怕,now became isolated. 变得自我孤立.


He disconnected from people. 与人隔绝。 he left his servant there. 他将仆人留在那里。 Elijah sat down under a tree, 以利亚坐在一棵树下,isolated, 独处, feeling rejected, 感到被拒绝,unwanted, 感到被遗弃,depressed, 沮丧,overwhelmed with hopelessness, 被绝望淹没, and he made an agreement with death. 居然想去死。 “take my life, Lord, I wanna die.” “取我的命吧,主啊,我想死。” Then, he hid himself in a cave. 然后,他躲在一个山洞里。The spirit of Jezebel had attacked his identity and filled him with rejection. 耶洗别的灵攻击他的自我身份认知,使他充满了拒绝感。A great man of God at that time lived like an insecure person. 一个伟大的神人那一刻活得如同一个没有安全感的人。It can happen to us, 这也会发生在我们身上,When we feel deeply rejected,当人感到深深被拒绝,we isolate ourselves, 我们会把自己孤立起来, we draw away from the flock. 远离群羊。we don’t wanna connect to the flock. 也不想和群体联系。 we withdraw, 们退缩,we hide, 躲藏,and we don’t wanna communicate. 不想交流。In church, rejection defiles others. 在教会里,拒绝感会污秽他人。Repentance, 悔改、 forgiveness, 饶恕、trust in God 信靠神、and love heal. 和爱能医治。


C, The third ‘bitter root’ is bitter judgment and complaints. C, 第三个“毒根”是论断和抱怨。In Elijah’s battle, 在以利亚的争战中,God was there ready to strengthen him. 神在那里预备要坚固他。 In our battles, 在我们的争战中,God is also here, 神也在这里, ready to strengthen us. 预备加力量给我们。His mercy will never end. 他的怜悯不至断绝。 V.5-7, 5节至7节,God sent His angels to give Elijah food. 神差天使给以利亚食物。 And He also will give us food 祂也赐食物给我们,to strengthen us through His word.使我们藉祂的话语得坚固。


When Elijah went into the cave, 以利亚躲进山洞, God asked Elijah,神却问以利亚, “what are you doing here? Why are you isolating yourself here?” 你在这里做什么呢?为什么把自己隔离起来呢?Elijah replied,以利亚回答说, I have been very zealous for the LORD God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too." 他说:“我为耶和华-万军之 神大发热心;因为以色列人背弃了你的约,毁坏了你的坛,用刀杀了你的先知,只剩下我一个人,他们还要寻索我的命。” (王上 19:10) I’m called to serve Your people,你召我服事你的百姓, and lead Your people into Your presence, 把你百姓带进你的同在, now they’ve rejected You, 他们不但都拒绝我, and they’re trying to kill me, 还想杀我, why’re You calling me to do such a hard job?” 你为什么召我做这样的苦差事?”


I think this’s exactly what Elijah complained about, 我想这是以利真正抱怨的,coz I prayed that kind of prayer twice at different times when I was facing pressure, 因我自己也曾两次在面临压力的时候这样祷告过,although at the time God was still doing miracles in my ministry. 尽管那时在我的事工中神仍然在行神迹奇事。 “I’m alone, 就我一个人 the call is too hard for me, 你呼召做的实在太难了, they wanna kill me…他们想杀我……”2Tim 3:12 says, In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, 不但如此,凡立志在基督耶稣里敬虔度日的也都要受逼迫。 (提后312 In fact, all faithful Christian leaders will face the same kind of pressure. 实际上,所有忠心的基督徒领袖都会面对同样的压力。Yet God can pull us through if we trust in Him. 但只要我们信靠神,神就可以带我们安然度过。Twice, Elijah replied, 以利亚两次回答说, “I’m the only one left. .  只剩下我一个人。I’m the only one on Your side, the only one…”只剩下我一个人信你,只剩下我一个人……” Under attack by the spirit of Jezebel, 在耶洗别的灵的攻击下, the great man of God Elijah started to complain, 大有信心的神人以利亚开始抱怨,and make bitter judgments, 发出苦毒的论断, “they all betrayed You,他们全都背叛了你, I’m the only one who’s following You.” 只有我一个人跟从你。The power of Jezebel tries to threaten God people, 耶洗别的灵想恐吓神的百姓,and to cause fear, 让人惧怕、rejection, 感到被拒绝、isolation, 不与人沟通、 control, 想掌控、complaints, 发怨言、blindness, 眼瞎、and bitter judgements to defile God’s church用苦毒的论断污秽神的教会。


3, How to overcome the power of Jezebel?怎样胜过耶洗别的权势?


There’s another story written in 1 Kings 21, 王上21章还有另一个故事,King Ahab began to covet his neighbour, Naboth’s the vineyard. 亚哈王想要邻居拿伯的葡萄园。 Ahab offered a fair price for the vineyard, 他开了一个好价钱,but Naboth considered it an ancestral inheritance, 但拿伯因这是先人留下的产业,so he refused to sell it at any price. 就拒绝出售。Ahab was unhappy with that, 亚哈王因此闷闷不乐, he was very upset and sad, 他忧闷沮丧,and he refused to eat. 饭也不吃。 Then, his wife Jezebel mocked him, 王后耶洗别就奚落他, “Hey, are you the king of Israel “你还是以色列的王吗?are you the leader of the church 你还是教会的领袖吗?are you the leader of the family, 你还是家里的头吗,are you the leader of…你是领袖……you have the power to get what you want…你有权想要怎么做就怎么做……don’t be a timid man... 别那么胆小……I’ll get it for you.”我帮你弄到手。” Why could Jezebel incite king Ahab to abuse his power? How can we avoid being manipulated by the power of Jezebel? 耶洗别为什么可以激动亚哈王滥用权力?怎样避免被耶洗别的能力掌控?From king Ahab we see, 我们看到亚哈王, he coveted something God didn’t give him. 他贪神没有给他的东西,‘I want more…我想要更多...more money, money power…more…”更多钱, 更多权力...还要更多...” then the power of Jezebel will say to you, 于是耶洗别的灵就对你说, “Don’t worry, I can get it for you.”别担心,我可以为你弄到手。


But Paul says,但保罗说,I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.”我无论在什么景况都可以知足。(腓4:11 So firstly of all, learn to be grateful rather than to covet. 因此,第一要除去贪心学会感恩,Then, get rid of bitterness.然后再除去苦毒。When Ahab’s request wasn’t fulfilled, 当要求没得满足,he showed disappointment, 亚哈王就灰心,he became upset and bitter. 他变得沮丧甚至苦毒。He turned to unforgiveness rather than embracing God’s will and remaining grateful. 他转向不饶恕,却没有想神的旨意,也没有感恩, He was angry, he was sad.他生气,他不高兴。 A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22.喜乐的心乃是良药;忧伤的灵使骨枯干。( 17:22 )


Unforgiveness and bitterness can wither our souls and affect our physical bodies; 不饶恕和苦毒会使灵魂枯干进而影响身体健康,bitterness, anger and the sense of resentment open doors to a controlling power, 苦毒,愤怒,怀怨为想要掌控的灵开门, and then that power will teach us what to do. 于是那掌控的灵就教你该如何行事。 “You can do it this way…you can get it as you want…”你可以这样做...就可以得到你想要的....”Bitterness and insecurity teach us how to take control of things, 苦毒和不安全感教导人去掌控,rather than trusting in and waiting for God. 而不是信靠,等候神。 “You must listen to me, 你一定要顺我的意思,otherwise, I’ll make you feel guilty by speaking abusive words; 不然,我就骂人,或说一些让你内疚的话;I’ll cry; 我就又哭又闹, I’ll refuse to eat; 我就不吃饭,I’ll refuse to talk; 我就不说话 I’ll kill myself…我就自杀...I’ll beat you我就打你, I’ll put pressure on you until you listen to me.” 我就给你压力,直到你听我的That’s the work of the controlling spirit. 这是操纵控制的灵的作为。If your parents若你的父母, your spouse你的配偶, you children你的孩子, whoever don’t listen to you不管是谁不顺你的意, you’re unhappy你就不开心, and you tend to manipulate them in this way,你试图用这种方式掌控他们顺你的意, you’ll never be happy,你永不会开心, because you give yourselves in to the power of Jezebel to be controlled through unresolved covetousness, insecurity, fear, bitterness, etc. 因为你把自己交给耶洗别的灵,借着你里面的贪,不安全感,惧怕和苦毒来掌控你。


Why must he listen to me?为什么他要听我的?I must listen to God.我当听神的 My responsibility in Christ is to listen to God! 我在基督里的职责是要听神的and to deny the desires of the flesh and do what my Lord did, 去否定自己的私欲,行基督所行的,and to remain in His love to love those who don’t listen to me, 住在他的爱里去爱那些不顺我意的人,or who do things not my way去爱和我做事不一样的人…and wait for the Living God to reveal His reality to them,等候永活的神来显明祂自己,so that they also may see God.以至于他们也可以见到神。 I’m not gonna expose myself under the attack of the power of witchcraft.我不把自己暴露给巫术的灵来攻击 That’s what we need to fight with.  这是我们必须去争战的!


When Elijah had hidden himself in the cave, 当以利亚正躲在山洞,God said to him, 神却对他说, “what are you doing here? 你在这里做什么呢?Stand up and go on your journey.” 起来,继续前行。”God is also saying to us, 神也对我们说, “Rise up, don’t give in to fear, 起来,不要屈服于惧怕,don’t focus on the problem, 不要定睛在问题上,refocus on your identity, 重新定睛在你的身份上, refocus on who you are, 重新定睛在你是谁上, you’re called to do my task, 你蒙召要完成我吩咐你的使命,you’ve gotta finish it, 你必须完成它,and reach your destiny. 成为你所是的。You’ve gotta fix your eyes on Jesus, 你必须定睛于耶稣基督,Christ has already overcome. 基督已得胜。 Jesus Christ refused to expose his heart to the voice of the evil one. 耶稣基督绝不让自己的心向恶者的话敞开.


Under the spiritual attack at the Garden of Gethsemane, he says, 客西马尼园里祂受到属灵的攻击,他也说, “my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death”. “我心里甚是忧伤,几乎要死”,he was under the threat of losing his earthly life, 他受到失去地上生命的威胁, spiritual pressure tried to control him, 灵界的压力想要控制他, but the bible says, “he prayed earnestly”. 但经上说他祷告更加恳切 Christ the Son stood and prayed. 神儿子不妥协,并祷告说, “Father, not My will, but Yours be done.”父啊,不要成就我的意思,只要成就你的意思。 That’s what Jesus Christ was wrestling with. 这是耶稣基督在祷告里所争战的。The evil power tried to shut down the will of God, 罪恶权势想要阻止神旨意的成就, and it attempted to impose its way on Christ to do his own will, 想要把它的道强加于基督,去行他自己的意思, “I’ll get this for you, if you listen to me”.我都可以给你,只要你听我的。


The evil power tried to impose a human will on Christ, 恶者想要将人的意思强加于基督,and to prevent him from doing the Father’s will just like Elijah. 并阻止他行父旨意,就像阻止以利亚一样。There was great agony in Christ’s heart, 基督的心极其的伤痛, and there’s incredible pressure, 他承受着难以置信的压力, as all the powers of hell were unleashed onto Jesus, 因为阴间所有 全部的罪恶权势都压在他身上,Christ Jesus wrestled against that pressure. 耶稣基督用尽全力与那巨大压力来争战。 He prayed even more earnestly. 他祷告更加恳切, “Father, not My will, but Yours be done.”父啊,不要成就我的意思,只要成就你的意思。 Three times, he prayed earnestly, 他恳切祷告了三次,and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground. 汗珠如大血点滴在地上。Christ the Son stood against all the powers of hell. 基督, 神的儿子竭尽全力与阴间权势争战,Jesus has overcome! 耶稣得胜了! The same overcoming Spirit is in you and in me! 那同一个得胜的灵就在你我里面!


In the garden, 在客西马尼园, under that spiritual attack, 当面对属灵的攻击,his disciples fell asleep. 门徒们都睡着了。 How many churches and brothers and sisters are under the same spiritual attack? 有多少教会和弟兄姊妹正受同样的属灵攻击?they’re confused, 他们被迷惑,and they’re in a spiritual slumber, 他们灵里打盹, they’ve gone to sleep spiritually. 他们在属灵的睡着中。 This is not for us to complain or make bitter judgements. 这不是要我们去抱怨或苦毒地挑剔论断。 “What’re you doing here”?你在这里做什么?


Jesus said,主耶稣说,41a “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”总要警醒祷告,免得入了迷惑。( 26:41)  Jesus is also calling us to, rise up, and pray! 耶稣也在呼召我们,起来,祷告!Because our brothers and sisters are under spiritual attack, 你的弟兄姊妹正受到灵界攻击, They need you to intercede for them, 他们需要你的代祷 Rise up and pray! 要起来,祷告! God is able to change the situation! 神能改变环境Let’s just stand up now and pray!让我们现在就起来,祷告!


Elijah failed under the attack of Jezebel, 面对耶洗别的攻击,以利亚失败了, God called him to stand up and do his job! 但神呼召他起来,继续做工! Peter failed massively under spiritual pressure, 在属灵争战中,彼得惨败了, he wept over his failure, 他因失败就出去痛哭,but Jesus prayed for him that his faith wouldn't fail. 但耶稣为他祷告,叫他不至于失去了信心。 We were under the same pressure, we failed, 在同样的属灵恶势力压力下,我们也失败,Jesus prayed for us, 耶稣也为我们祷告, now with the same Spirit who is within us, let us cry out for mercy for our brothers and sisters who are under spiritual attack! 藉着我们里面的同一个圣灵,我们呼求主的怜悯!怜悯我们正倒在攻击下的弟兄姊妹。


God is listening!神在听 God is waiting for us to pray神在等我们祷告. Would you please pray for your pervious churches?你能为你过去的教会祷告吗 Pray for your pervious pastors?为你过去的牧师?Pray for otbc?OTBC教会祷告吗?  


You can say: 你可以这样祷告:Lord Jesus, thank You for wrestling against evil powers in the garden for me, 主耶稣,感谢你在客西马尼园为我与恶势力争战, Thank You for the drops of blood You shed for me, 感谢你为我争战到汗如血滴,which showed that You were under great pressure, 你是在何等大的压力下, but You didn’t compromise, 但你没有屈服, and You prayed earnestly, 你恳切祷告,You overcame the fear of death. 你胜过了死的恐吓。And You’ve done the Father’s will as the Son of God. 作为神儿子,你行完了天父旨意。 Thank You for setting this ultimate example for me to look to. 感谢你为我设定这终极榜样。 Lord, I thank You for Your sacrificial love.主耶稣,感谢你牺牲的爱。


Forgive me for my failure that I didn’t pray earnestly until You strengthened me to overcome the desires of the self…求你赦免我的失败跌倒,是因我没有那样的去恳切祷告,去胜过肉体的情欲,直到得着你来坚固……Forgive me for my failure求你赦免我失败跌倒,that I gave in to fear,因我顺从惧怕,and I tried to take hold of my life, 想靠自己来掌控我的生活, rather than committed it to You…却没有交托给你……forgive me that I judged my spouse or my parents or my boss or my previous pastors…for their controlling behaviours…求你赦免我,我因我的配偶、或我父母、或老板、或前牧师的操纵控制就论断了他们……because I did the same thing just as they did, 我和他们行的是一样的。

But You didn’t condemn us,但你没有定我的罪, rather, You fought for us,你反而为我争战,You resisted sin to the point of shedding Your own blood, 你与罪争战到流血的地步,and You didn’t blame Your people who didn’t listen to You.你却没有埋怨不听你的百姓, By this sacrificial love,借着牺牲的爱 I’m accepted我被接纳了, I’m loved我被你所爱. I’ve become Your child成为你的孩子…I give You thanks… 我感谢你


Now I receive the grace of Your forgiveness to forgive myself, 今天,我接受你饶恕的恩典来饶恕我自己,and I release the Grace of God onto them…我释放神的恩典在他们身上……I forgive those who didn’t listen to me, 我饶恕那些没有听我的人and I accept them just as You accepted me. 也接纳他们 如同你接纳我一样 ……I love them…我爱他们……In the name of Jesus, 奉耶稣基督的名, I disconnect myself from the power of Jezebel, 我断开我与耶洗别的灵的连接, I recommit myself to You…我再次把自己交给你……let You take control of my life让你来掌管我的生命 Fill me with Your fresh oil…求你用你的膏油充满我……with Your fresh love…用你的爱充满我……


Lord Jesus, we thank You for breaking all the powers of hell on the cross for our salvation. 主耶稣,感谢你为救我们在十字架上打破了一切阴间权势,Now no evil power can keep us under pressure如今再没有任何邪恶势力能把我们拘禁在压力之下,if we do Your will and take up our cross, 只要我们背起自己的十字架遵你旨意行,deny the desires of the flesh, 否定肉体的邪情私欲,and follow Your footsteps. 跟从你的脚踪。


We cancel any agreement with selfish covetousness, 奉主名撤销与自私自利、threats, 威胁、hatred, 仇恨、 control, 掌控、bitterness, 苦毒、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、resentment, 怨恨、witchcraft, 邪术、 and judgement, 论断的任何约定,we declare forgiveness over people, 我们宣告饶恕他人,and let go any hurt or sadness or sense of insecurity from our hearts. 并释放 我们心里的伤害、伤心和不安全感, 让他们出去并离开。Recommit ourselves to You. 再次把我们交给你。 God most High, let Your righteousness and love reign in our hearts.至高神,求你的公义和爱在我们心里掌权。


We pray for our brothers and sisters here and all over the world who are suffering attack under the power of Jezebel, 我们为世上受耶洗别的灵攻击的弟兄姊妹祷告, open their eyes to see spiritual warfare, 求主开他们的眼看到这是属灵争战,draw them near to Your love and Your truth, 求你吸引他们进入你的爱和真理, heal them from disappointment and rejection, 医治他们的灰心和被拒绝感,speak to their hearts just as You spoke the ancient days. 求你亲自对他们的心说话,正如你在古时的作为。 For You are the same yesterday, today and forever more. 因你昨日、今日直到永远,都不改变 Who still heals, delivers and restores 你仍然在做医治释放修复的工作。


Rise up, may the Church of Christ rise up, 兴起,耶稣基督的教会兴起,be strong in the Lord, 要在主里刚强, and put on the full armor of God and pray earnestly. 穿上神所赐的全部军装,恳切祷告。May all your enemies perish, Lord! 主啊,愿你一切仇敌灭亡!But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength. Amen!愿一切爱你的人如日头升起、光辉烈烈。阿门!


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